Summit Foundation Spring Newsletter

The Spring 2024 Newsletter from the Summit Foundation is a vibrant collection of stories and updates highlighting the organization's ongoing efforts to create positive change. From inspiring stories like "Going Above and Beyond" to celebrating 40 years of impactful trailblazing, each article offers insight into the Foundation's commitment to fostering brighter futures. Explore how donor support is fueling transformative programs, investing in tomorrow's leaders, and building a stronger community. Join us in reflecting on our journey and envisioning the next chapter of collective impact.

The Spring 2024 Newsletter from the Summit Foundation is a vibrant collection of stories and updates highlighting the organization's ongoing efforts to create positive change. From inspiring stories like "Going Above and Beyond" to celebrating 40 years of impactful trailblazing, each article offers insight into the Foundation's commitment to fostering brighter futures. Explore how donor support is fueling transformative programs, investing in tomorrow's leaders, and building a stronger community. Join us in reflecting on our journey and envisioning the next chapter of collective impact.


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<strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> 2024

A Bright<br />

Future for All<br />

In celebration of our 40th<br />

Anniversary, we have established<br />

the Bright Futures Fund with a<br />

goal to raise $2 million or more to<br />

continue our work in education<br />

and help working families in our<br />

community. The Fund is focused on<br />

two important initiatives:<br />

• Larger college scholarships for<br />

low-income students<br />

• Expansion of hands-on Career<br />

Tech (vocational/trades) training<br />

and programming at <strong>Summit</strong><br />

High School in conjunction with<br />

Colorado Mountain College<br />

The Bright Futures Fund is a rapid<br />

response fund that will provide<br />

support for short-term needs<br />

with a long-term impact. Grants<br />

will include capital, equipment,<br />

programming, apprenticeships, and<br />

scholarships.<br />

Please consider going above and<br />

beyond with your giving this year<br />

by making a one-time donation to<br />

the Bright Futures Fund in addition<br />

to your annual gift. You will be glad<br />

you did, and you will truly make a<br />

difference.<br />

For more information or to schedule<br />

a tour of the programs<br />

at the high school, please contact<br />

our Development Director<br />

Kristin Williams at Kristin@<br />

<strong>Summit</strong><strong>Foundation</strong>.org<br />

or (970) 453-5970.<br />

MAKE A DONATION to the<br />

Bright Futures Fund by visiting<br />

our website.<br />

One thing we know about our<br />

community is that we always go<br />

above and beyond.<br />

Perhaps it’s the nature of the people<br />

who live here, with our extreme sports,<br />

the highest mountains to climb, or<br />

the steepest trails to ride. We know<br />

for sure that we always have the<br />

willingness to bend over backwards<br />

to help each other and make sure our<br />

neighbors have everything they need,<br />

even if it means a sacrifice on our part.<br />

As the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> celebrates<br />

40 years, we reflect back on the many<br />

times that our community has come<br />

together to help, which are numerous<br />

and wide-ranging.<br />

During the pandemic in 2020 when<br />

so many people were suddenly out<br />

of work, the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

launched the <strong>Summit</strong> County Cares<br />

Fund and became the main repository<br />

for donations and coordinating fastpaced<br />

financial distributions back out<br />

to the community for people in need.<br />

Our community partners immediately<br />

helped those in need with food, mental<br />

health assistance, childcare, hot spots<br />

for remote education, and so much<br />

more. Our donors willingly stepped<br />

up to help their fellow neighbors in<br />

need—without even being asked.<br />

Those donations ranged from $10 to<br />

thousands of dollars, and in the end<br />

it all added up to over $1.6 million<br />

of relief and assistance for people in<br />

our community during the pandemic.<br />

Above and beyond indeed.<br />

GOING<br />

ABOVE<br />

AND<br />

BEYOND<br />

Dr. Isa Cirrilo and Dr. John Warner<br />

A few years ago the <strong>Summit</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> heard about an amazing<br />

woman who was a dentist in her<br />

home country of Mexico but had since<br />

moved here and was required to go<br />

to dental school again in the United<br />

States in order to practice dentistry.<br />

Generous donors came together to<br />

help her put a dent in her student<br />

loans and the expensive cost of her<br />

university education in the US. People<br />

did this without ever meeting her,<br />

without asking any questions, and just<br />

knowing that she needed assistance in<br />

building a life here in <strong>Summit</strong> County<br />

for her and her family. She graduated<br />

last December and although her<br />

entire university bill wasn’t paid off,<br />

the generosity of our community did<br />

make a dent in her expenses. We are<br />

proud to report that Isa Cirillo is now a<br />

dentist here in <strong>Summit</strong> and feels very<br />

supported by the community, most of<br />

whom she has never even met.<br />

Our community always goes above<br />

and beyond in helping others and<br />

donating generously, sometimes above<br />

their annual donation. It’s one of the<br />

many beautiful things about <strong>Summit</strong><br />

County, and we thank you for that. We<br />

are asking once again for you to go<br />

above and beyond your normal annual<br />

giving and make an additional onetime<br />

donation to our Bright Futures<br />

Fund in honor of our 40th Anniversary.<br />

You will make a difference in the lives<br />

of our local students and you can feel<br />

good about going above and beyond<br />

to help others.




The <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>’s Long-term<br />

Commitment to Education<br />

As the largest provider of scholarships in <strong>Summit</strong> County, the <strong>Summit</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> takes great pride in its role as a catalyst for change and a<br />

champion of educational access and opportunity.<br />

In a world where the demands of education constantly evolve, we are committed<br />

to investing in tomorrow’s generation and shaping the future workforce.<br />

Just days before the release of this newsletter, the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> awarded<br />

$360,000 scholarships to 160 <strong>Summit</strong> County seniors, empowering them to<br />

pursue their dreams and aspirations. These scholarships represent diverse<br />

dreams, from first-generation students blazing a trail for themselves and their<br />

families, to students passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,<br />

and Math) education and its transformative potential in our world. We also<br />

support students drawn to hands-on vocational careers.<br />

The <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

is proud and thankful to<br />

manage 33 Scholarship<br />

Funds on behalf of<br />

generous donors in our<br />

community in addition<br />

to our own. This year<br />

marks an exciting chapter<br />

as we announce three<br />

We understand that education is<br />

not a one-size-fits-all journey. That’s<br />

why we work tirelessly to ensure<br />

that our scholarships meet the<br />

diverse needs and aspirations of<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> County students.<br />

new Scholarship Funds, each designed to nurture and support the aspirations<br />

and ambitions of deserving students in <strong>Summit</strong> County. These scholarships<br />

represent more than just financial assistance; they embody the enduring<br />

legacies of our donors, who recognize the importance of investing in the future<br />

and leaving a lasting impact on future generations.<br />

We understand that education is not a one-size-fits-all journey. That’s why we<br />

work tirelessly to ensure that our scholarships meet the diverse needs and<br />

aspirations of <strong>Summit</strong> County students. From traditional academic pursuits to<br />

vocational training, we believe every path has value and potential.<br />

To view the full list of the 2024 scholarship recipients, we invite you to visit our<br />

website. Together, with the support of our generous donors and the dedication<br />

of our scholarship recipients, we are building a future where every individual has<br />

the opportunity to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the world.<br />


Albert-Krainz Scholarship<br />

Community Collegiate Scholarship<br />

Copper Mountain Play Forever<br />

Scholarship<br />

Drue <strong>Foundation</strong> Career Technical<br />

Education Scholarship<br />

Drue <strong>Foundation</strong> Engineering<br />

Scholarship<br />

FirstBank Scholarship<br />

Gavenda Family Scholarship<br />

Gould Family Scholarship<br />

Gray Family Scholarship<br />

Grotemeyer Family Scholarship<br />

Kathy Hagan Memorial Scholarship<br />

David & Jill Hughes Scholarship<br />

Lenzmeier–Williams Scholarship<br />

Live Your Dreams Alumni Scholarship<br />

Lundin Family Scholarship<br />

Dick Masica Engineering Scholarship<br />

McIntosh Arts Scholarship<br />

McIntosh Business Scholarship<br />

Merriman Family <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Scholarship<br />

Brad Odekirk Memorial Scholarship<br />

Peak One Surgery Center Scholarship<br />

Paul & Beth Schroeter Scholarship<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> County Government<br />

Scholarship<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> County Rotary Scholarship<br />

Snyder Family Scholarship<br />

Joe & Gene Swedish Scholarship<br />

Fred & Eileen Terens Scholarship<br />

Theobald Women in Engineering<br />

Scholarship<br />

Marty & Lori Trisler Memorial<br />

Scholarship<br />

Tyler Updegraff Memorial Scholarship<br />

Vail Health Scholarship<br />

Westerland Family Scholarship<br />

Wright Family Scholarship<br />

Lee Zimmerman Scholarship<br />

SPRING 2024 | 03






Over 1,000 ducks sold.<br />





THE<br />

GOOD<br />


GRANT<br />


1984<br />

1989<br />

1991<br />

1995<br />

1999<br />

2000<br />

2008<br />




(Breckenridge<br />

Development<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>)<br />

FIRST<br />





OPENED<br />



Honoring those who<br />

name the <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

in their will.<br />

As the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> commemorates its 40th<br />

anniversary, it is a time to reminisce and celebrate<br />

our profound journey together.<br />

Established in 1984 by Art Bowles of the Breckenridge<br />

Ski Area, the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> embarked on a mission<br />

to enrich the well-being of <strong>Summit</strong> County through<br />

support in arts, health, education, environment, and<br />

recreation. This humble beginning laid the groundwork<br />

for what would become a transformative force in local<br />

philanthropy. The <strong>Foundation</strong>’s impact has grown from<br />

supporting six local nonprofits in 1985 to now reaching<br />

nearly 100 organizations annually, with $2.1 million<br />

granted to nonprofits in 2023. The <strong>Foundation</strong>’s impact<br />

on local nonprofits transcends financial assistance.<br />

With a core value of providing more than just monetary<br />

support, the <strong>Foundation</strong> emphasizes leadership,<br />

collaboration, and education, empowering nonprofits to<br />

achieve their missions more effectively. This includes the<br />

NRG program (Nonprofit Resources for Grantees), which<br />

pairs local professionals with nonprofit organizations<br />

to provide temporary expertise in strategic planning,<br />

executive coaching, financial training, and more.<br />

In 1991, the first <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> Scholarships were<br />

given to <strong>Summit</strong> High School students, underscoring<br />

our commitment to nurturing the next generation. These<br />

scholarships encouraged students to pursue their<br />

dreams despite challenges. Now, we are launching a new<br />

initiative that recognizes that not all dreams come from a<br />

4-year college degree and that the future of our workforce<br />

requires an investment in vocational education.<br />

Recognizing first-generation students’ challenges in<br />

accessing higher education, the <strong>Foundation</strong> introduced<br />

the Pre-Collegiate Program in 2010. This initiative<br />

provides mentorship and resources, empowering<br />

first-generation students to graduate from high school<br />

and pursue their post-secondary educational goals.<br />

04 | SPRING 2024

TOGETHER, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE <strong>Summit</strong><strong>Foundation</strong>.org<br />



HOPE<br />


Providing the<br />

resources to<br />

support our<br />

mental health.<br />


THE NRG<br />


Nonprofit<br />

Resources for<br />

Grantees<br />



Saving millions of<br />

dollars on health<br />

insurance premiums.<br />



Commits $750,000<br />

to improving access<br />

and enriching after<br />

school activities.<br />

2010<br />

2016<br />

2018<br />

2019<br />

2020<br />

2022<br />

2024<br />





To help first<br />

generation<br />

students graduate<br />

and be ready for<br />

college.<br />

LAUNCH<br />



Empowers first generation,<br />

low-income, students to<br />

complete a four-year college<br />

degree by providing financial<br />

and academic support and<br />

one-on-one mentoring.<br />

COVID<br />


$1,561,000<br />



To elevate<br />

access<br />

to postsecondary<br />

education<br />

no matter<br />

the path.<br />

In 1999, the <strong>Foundation</strong> elevated local charitable giving<br />

by introducing Donor Advised Funds. This innovative<br />

approach continues today, empowering local donors<br />

to learn about local issues and fostering a culture of<br />

generosity and community engagement.<br />

Throughout its four-decade journey, the <strong>Summit</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> has remained proactive, agile, and responsive<br />

to <strong>Summit</strong> County’s evolving needs. From addressing<br />

the soaring costs of health insurance to providing<br />

critical COVID relief and support, the <strong>Foundation</strong> has<br />

consistently demonstrated its commitment to the<br />

community’s well-being.<br />

After the tragic suicide of local philanthropist Patti Casey,<br />

the Casey family worked with the <strong>Foundation</strong> and other<br />

critical community partners to lay the <strong>Foundation</strong> for<br />

Building Hope, the community mental health initiative.<br />

Building Hope continues to reduce stigma, raise<br />

awareness, and expand access to mental health services,<br />

ensuring everyone in <strong>Summit</strong> County has the support<br />

they need to succeed.<br />

The <strong>Foundation</strong>’s partnerships with ski resorts through<br />

the Ski Medallion Program have been instrumental in its<br />

success. This program provides a sustainable financial<br />

resource that allows us to go above and beyond for<br />

the community. Last year alone, this program raised<br />

an impressive $1.7 million, furthering the <strong>Foundation</strong>’s<br />

impact in the community.<br />

The <strong>Foundation</strong> has grown to over 3,500 donors that<br />

contribute through our 26 employee giving business<br />

partners, purchase of the ski medallions, and generous<br />

individual donations. It adds up, and over $53 million<br />

has been invested in the community over the past four<br />

decades. This incredible achievement speaks volumes<br />

about the community’s generosity and care in supporting<br />

one another. Here is to the next 40 years of making a<br />

difference together.<br />

SPRING 2024 | 05



with the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Are you searching for a meaningful way to support<br />

the community and your favorite charities while<br />

optimizing your tax benefits?<br />

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), such as those managed by<br />

the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>, offer donors a tool for strategic<br />

and impactful philanthropy.<br />

DAFs allow you to make<br />

tax-deductible contributions<br />

now and recommend grants<br />

to your chosen charities at<br />

a later date whenever<br />

you see fit. The <strong>Summit</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> manages<br />

over 35 DAFs at no cost to<br />

the donor, allowing you to<br />

align your giving with your<br />

financial circumstances<br />

and charitable goals<br />

while enjoying substantial<br />

tax advantages.<br />

Contributions to a DAF are immediately tax-deductible,<br />

potentially reducing your taxable income through a<br />

charitable deduction. This tax efficiency magnifies<br />

the impact of your donations and allows you to<br />

support causes dear to your heart while lessening<br />

your tax burden.<br />

Furthermore, DAFs streamline the giving process by<br />

providing administrative support and expertise from<br />

the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>. You can trust our experienced<br />

team to manage the due diligence on the charitable<br />

organizations and provide the investment management<br />

of your funds, freeing you to concentrate on supporting<br />

organizations and initiatives aligned with your interests.<br />

With a DAF at the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>, you can make a<br />

significant difference in our community while benefiting<br />

from strategic and tax-efficient philanthropy. Whether<br />

Having a Donor Advised Fund with the <strong>Summit</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> has been such a pleasure. The <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

makes my charitable giving so easy, and their staff is<br />

knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. I’m so glad that my<br />

husband and I made the decision to open a Donor Advised<br />

Fund, and now we also have a Scholarship Fund at the<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> to assist local students. It’s a great partnership<br />

that has worked very well for us. - Joan Hutchinson<br />

your passions lie in the arts, education, health, and<br />

human services, or the environment, a local DAF<br />

provides the flexibility and support needed to achieve<br />

your charitable goals and support local organizations.<br />

Consider establishing a DAF with the <strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

today and continue to make a difference for the local<br />

causes closest to your heart.<br />

Interested in starting a Donor Advised Fund, contact Jeanne@<strong>Summit</strong><strong>Foundation</strong>.org to learn more.<br />

06 | SPRING 2024

40 YEARS<br />


AND FUN<br />

Since our founding, our events<br />

have been more than just dates<br />

on the calendar.<br />

They’re opportunities to get<br />

involved in the community, give<br />

back, and, above all, have a good<br />

time. Our philosophy on events<br />

embodies the belief that bringing<br />

people together in celebration can<br />

spark profound impacts and lasting<br />

change.<br />

At the core of each event lies<br />

the simple yet powerful idea<br />

of community. Whether it’s the<br />

laughter shared on the golf course,<br />

the excitement of a rubber duck<br />

race, or dancing the night away<br />

at a soirée, our gatherings serve<br />

as catalysts for connection. They<br />

create spaces where neighbors<br />

become friends, newcomers<br />

find belonging, and bonds are<br />

strengthened.<br />

Over four decades, our event<br />

lineup has evolved, adapting to<br />

shifting trends and community<br />

needs. Some events, like the<br />

beloved Great Rubber Duck Race<br />

and the spirited Golf Tournament,<br />

have stood the test of time,<br />

becoming cherished traditions<br />

woven into the fabric of our<br />

community. Yet, just as seasons<br />

change, so too have our events.<br />

Some have made way for new<br />

experiences, while others have<br />

been transformed to meet the<br />

ever-changing preferences of our<br />

supporters.<br />

While our events are undeniably<br />

enjoyable, their purpose extends<br />

beyond mere celebration. They<br />

provide fundraising mechanisms,<br />

enabling us to continue our mission<br />

of serving our community. Through<br />

sponsorships, ticket sales, and<br />

generous donations, each event<br />

fuels our charitable endeavors,<br />

empowering us to make a tangible<br />

difference in the lives of others.<br />



JUN<br />

7-8<br />

JUL<br />

26<br />

AUG<br />

31<br />

SEPT<br />

5<br />

SEPT<br />

21-22<br />

AND<br />

28-29<br />

THE 36TH<br />



GOLF<br />


Breckenridge<br />

Golf Course<br />

40TH<br />


SOIREE<br />

Copper Mountain<br />



Downtown<br />

Breckenridge<br />


MINE<br />

Country Boy Mine<br />


HOMES<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> County<br />

Historical Facts<br />

The Steve Watson Golf Tournament hosted sports<br />

celebs from the NFL and NBA including John<br />

Elway, Doug Moe and Leonard “Truck” Robinson as<br />

well as astronauts like Alan Shepard.<br />

In 1990, the Great Rubber Duck race had over<br />

1,900 ducks swim down the Blue River. Which<br />

isn’t bad, considering Breckenridge only had<br />

1,300 residents.<br />

SPRING 2024 | 07

Post Office Box 4000<br />

Breckenridge, CO 80424<br />

Non Profit Org<br />

U.S. Postage<br />

PAID<br />

Denver, CO<br />

Permit #4924<br />

Address Service Requested<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> 2024<br />

What’s Inside<br />

02 Going Above and Beyond<br />

02 Bright Futures Fund<br />

03 Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders<br />

04 Celebrating 40 Years of Trailblazing<br />

06 The Power of Donor Advised Funds<br />

07 40 Years of Community, Impact,<br />

and Fun<br />

Calendar of Events<br />

June 7 & 8, 2024<br />



Breckenridge<br />

July 26, 2024<br />


Copper Mountain<br />

August 31, 2024<br />


Breckenridge<br />

September 5, 2024<br />


Country Boy Mine<br />

September 21 – 22<br />

and 28 – 29, 2024<br />


<strong>Summit</strong> County<br />

<strong>Summit</strong><strong>Foundation</strong>.org<br />

<strong>Summit</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

PO Box 4000<br />

103 S Harris St, Ste 204<br />

Breckenridge, CO 80424<br />

970.453.5970<br />

Jeanne Bistranin Executive Director<br />

Megan Adamson Community Programs Manager<br />

Fran Blumenfeld Scholarships Manager<br />

Kelly Cochran Administrative Associate<br />

Chad Covell Finance Director<br />

Kate Cowdery Development Programs Manager<br />

Suzanne Lifgren Marketing Manager<br />

Kristin Williams Development Director<br />

Ashley Zimmerman Events Manager

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