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A guide to cleaning<br />

products<br />



Develop your<br />

knowledge<br />

and improve<br />

your sales<br />

performance<br />

Adding a sparkle to<br />

your sales pitch<br />

With 100 years of manufacturing cleaning<br />

products, <strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong>’s range is huge and it is<br />

sometimes difficult to focus on the basics. We<br />

hope this will help.<br />

Whether you are already a cleaning expert or new<br />

to the world of janitorial supplies this brochure<br />

features some of our most popular products,<br />

supported by key features and general cleaning<br />

tips to help expand your knowledge while<br />

providing a focus for sales training.<br />

We also provide in-depth product training on<br />

individual lines, and we can tailor this to specialist<br />

sectors such as healthcare, education, HORECA or<br />

more broadly to general cleaning.<br />

What we cover<br />

For more information, access to our entire range<br />

of cleaning products, literature, videos and news<br />

then please visit www.robert-scott.co.uk.<br />

Traditional mopping<br />

Flat mopping<br />

Trolleys<br />

Floorcare<br />

Surface cleaning<br />

High-level cleaning<br />

Waste equipment<br />

Washroom<br />

04<br />

09<br />

11<br />

12<br />

14<br />

16<br />

17<br />

18<br />

Colour coding is key to hygiene<br />

Based on industry best practice, many of our<br />

products are colour coded for use in designated<br />

areas. When ordering simply provide the product<br />

code and select your colour preference.<br />

Blue: general lower risk areas (excluding food<br />

areas).<br />

Green: general food and bar use.<br />

Red: sanitary appliances and washrooms.<br />

Yellow: washbasins and other washroom<br />

surfaces.<br />

2<br />



PY YARN<br />

Suitable for smooth floors<br />


Suitable for uneven floors<br />

A traditional absorbant mop yarn that<br />

is thicker and suitable for more smooth<br />

surfaces such as lino or laminate.<br />

A thinner mop yarn that is suitable for<br />

more uneven, profiled floor surfaces<br />

such as safety flooring or quary tiles.<br />

Mopping<br />

Absorbent<br />

Made in<br />

Britain<br />

Mopping<br />

Absorbent<br />

Colourcoded<br />

Colourcoded<br />

Made in<br />

Britain<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

PY Yarn Socket Mop<br />

PY Exel ® Socket Mop<br />

Twine Yarn Socket Mop<br />

Twine Exel ® Socket Mop<br />

A traditional yarn mop suitable for general purpose mopping with RS1 fitting.<br />

Absorbent recycled PY yarn is suitable for smoother floor surfaces. Available in<br />

various weights, colour coded plus white. A metal socket is also available.<br />

101870 No.12 101872 No.14 101876 No.16<br />

A traditional yarn mop with our Exel push fitting, designed to avoid the mop<br />

slipping on the handle whilst wringing. Available in various weights with four<br />

colour coded sockets plus white.<br />

102266 200g 102268 250g 102271 300g<br />

A traditional socket mop made from thinner twine recycled yarn which is more<br />

resistant to abrasion.With RS1 fitting. Twine yarn does not lint as much as PY<br />

yarn. Available in various weights and four colour coded sockets, plus white.<br />

Also available in a metal socket.<br />

101852 No.12 101856 No.14 101858 No.6<br />

Made from thinner twine recycled yarn which is more resistant to abrasion.<br />

Twine yarn doesn’t lint as much as PY. Available in various weights with four<br />

colour coded sockets plus white.<br />

102254 200g 102257 250g 102259 300g<br />

Cleaning tips<br />


Socket mops: Perfect for use in smaller areas.<br />

Kentucky mops: Perfect for use in larger areas.<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

Kentucky Clip fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Kentucky Clip fits Hygiene Handle<br />




EXEL MOPS:<br />

PY Exel ® Prairie Mop<br />

Kentucky style mop with Exel fitting attached to avoid user contact with soiled<br />

mop when changing heads. Made from recycled PY yarn in two weights, with<br />

four colour coded fittings plus white.<br />

102234 340g 102235 450g<br />

PY Yarn Kentucky Mop<br />

Absorbent recycled PY yarn Kentucky mop for larger floor areas. PY yarn suitable<br />

for wood, laminate and other smooth floor surfaces. Various weights available,<br />

and flagged for easy colour coding. Use with our Kentucky mop fittings.<br />

100922 340g 100923 450g<br />

Twine Yarn Kentucky Mop<br />

A kentucky mop for use on larger floor areas, made from low-linting, thinner<br />

recycled twine yarn. Suitable for rougher surfaces like safety flooring. Available<br />

in various weights and flagged for easy colour coding.<br />

100931 340g 104449 450g<br />

Carefully turn and tighten screwthread<br />

handle into mop head -<br />

either Socket or Kentucky mop.<br />

Carefully twist the screw-thread<br />

Hygiene handle into the Exel<br />

socket, or push-fit the Exel handle<br />

into the Exel mop head.<br />

Hygiene & Exel ® Handles<br />

Hygiene handle features the T1D screw thread and can be used with mops,<br />

washable brushware and squeegees. Available with handle grip in five colours<br />

for easy colour coding.<br />

Exel handle has a push fitting which can only be used with Exel sockets. Both<br />

handles available with handle grip in six colours for easy colour coding.<br />

103132 Hygiene 125cm 103131 Hygiene 137g<br />

103171 Exel 137cm<br />

4<br />




Suitable for smooth floors<br />


Suitable for all floors<br />

A super-absorbent mop yarn made<br />

from non-woven recycled waste fabric<br />

strips. Suitable for more smooth<br />

surfaces such as lino or laminate.<br />

These mops have looped ends with a<br />

‘stayflat’ sewn in band which enables<br />

machine washing. Suitable for surfaces<br />

such as safety flooring or quary tiles.<br />

60º<br />

Highly<br />

absorbent<br />

Disposable<br />

Made in<br />

Britain<br />

Ecofriendly<br />

Stayflat<br />

looped<br />

Absorbent<br />

Washable<br />

Made in<br />

Britain<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

Big White T1D Socket Mop<br />

A lightweight, super-absorbent mop made from non-woven waste fabric strips.<br />

Ideal for smaller areas and available with colour coded sockets plus white. Push<br />

fits onto alternative handles, as well as our own.<br />

102209 87g 102211 102g 102213 137g<br />

Big White Exel ® Socket Mop<br />

A lightweight, super-absorbent mop made from non-woven waste fabric strips,<br />

with the extra-secure Exel push fitting to avoid the mop slipping in the handle<br />

whilst wringing. Ideal for smaller areas. Colour coded sockets plus white.<br />

102199 117g<br />

Hygiemix Socket Mop<br />

A circular mop head with a T1D screw thread socket. Suitable for larger floor<br />

areas. The looped end prevents linting and yarn tangling in use. Made from a<br />

unique blend of recycled cotton and polyester yarn for improved strength and<br />

absorbency. Available in various weights and four colours.<br />

103062 200g 103064 250g 103065 300g<br />

Exel ® Revolution Mop<br />

A circular mop head with the Exel push fit socket. Suitable for larger floor<br />

areas. The looped yarn prevents linting and yarn tangling in use. Made from a<br />

unique blend of recycled cotton and polyester yarn for improved strength and<br />

absorbency. Available in various weights and colours.<br />

103074 200g 20 103075 250g 103076 300g<br />

Competes with the SYR Freedom Mop<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

Refill Mop<br />

Big White Exel ® Prairie Mop<br />

The Big White Refill mop offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to<br />

traditional mops and comprises of two parts: the replaceable mop refill and a<br />

detachable socket and clip (sold separately). When the mop is old and dirty the<br />

unique, patented socket simply unclips for easy disposal, reducing plastic waste<br />

and saving you money.<br />

A lightweight, high performance Prairie mop made from highly absorbent,<br />

low-linting, non-woven waste fabric, with an Exel push fitting attached. Ideal for<br />

high traffic areas as floors dry faster after cleaning. Colour coded fitting plus<br />

white.<br />

102245 Exel Stubby 197g 102246 Exel Large 247g<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Hygiemix T1 Prairie Mop<br />

Fits Hygiene & Exel Handle<br />

Hygiemix Exel ® Prairie Mop<br />

102214 Big White Refill Mop 85g 101835 Refill Socket & Clip<br />

Hygiene & Exel ® Handles<br />

Produced from a unique 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and synthetic yarn for<br />

absorbency and strength. These mops have looped ends with a ‘stayflat’ sewn in<br />

band which enables the mop to be machine washable thus hygienic.<br />

103006 340g<br />

Hardwearing mop made from a unique blend of bleached recycled cotton and<br />

polyester yarn, with an Exel fitting attached to avoid user contact when changing<br />

heads. The stayflat band keeps the yarn flat on the surface covering a larger<br />

area, whilst the looped end yarn prevents tangling.<br />

103008 340g<br />

Hygiene handle features the T1D screw thread and can be used with mops,<br />

washable brushware and squeegees. Available with handle grip in five colours<br />

for easy colour coding.<br />

Exel handle has a push fitting which can only be used with Exel sockets. Both<br />

handles available with handle grip in six colours for easy colour coding.<br />

103132 Hygiene 125cm 103131 Hygiene 137g<br />

103171 Exel 137cm<br />

Cleaning tips<br />

With their ability to be washed and reused, the Hygiemix and Revolution mops are a cost-effective, durable and hygienic<br />

cleaning solution for any space.<br />

6<br />




BUCKETS &<br />


For traditional mopping<br />


KIT<br />

Ideal for multi-site<br />

mobilisations of contracts<br />

Durable<br />

Colourcoded<br />

Mopping<br />

Microfibre<br />

cleaning<br />

Use damp<br />

or dry<br />

Innovation<br />

Time<br />

saving<br />

14 Litre Recycled Great British Bucket & Wringer<br />

The UK made Recycled Great British bucket with colour coded handle and<br />

wringer. The bucket is made from 70% recycled plastic and features a solid,<br />

compact design, wringer with high neck sieve, handle, mop holder and overspill<br />

holes.<br />

104888 14L<br />

Microspeedy Break-Frame<br />

It is designed to be used with our highly effective and easily fitted 40cm<br />

microfibre flat mops, which use the minimum amount of water for fast drying,<br />

and do not need chemicals to give excellent cleaning results.<br />

The break-frame ensures easy fitting and removal of mop heads which are<br />

flagged with four colours. The kit comes complete with the 125cm colour coded<br />

Hygiene handle and the wheeled 20l Speedy mop bucket, a combination bucket<br />

and wringer with a built-in water divider for better hygiene.<br />

Microspeedy Microfibre<br />

Flat Mop<br />

101284 Microspeedy Kit: Bucket &<br />

Wringer, Flat Mop,<br />

Break-frame, Hygiene Handle<br />

101248 Microspeedy Bucket & Wringer 20L 1<br />

1<br />

104773 Microspeedy Break-Frame 40x11cm 1<br />

Ideal for Twine or PY Yarn Socket Mops<br />

100662 Microspeedy Microfibre Flat<br />

Mop<br />

Flagged 45x16cm 10<br />

100655 Scrub Microfibre Flat Mop Flagged 43x15cm 10<br />

Scrub Microfibre Flat Mop<br />

104341 Micro-fringe Microfibre<br />

Flat Mop<br />

Flagged 43x13cm 10<br />

15 Litre Recycled Professional Bucket & Wringer<br />

103131 Hygiene Handle 137cm 20<br />

A sturdy eco bucket made from 97% recycled plastic with a high profile clip on<br />

wringer to reduce spillage. Printed with ‘Caution wet floor’ on two sides and<br />

features internal graduation marks. Available in five colours.<br />

102946 15L<br />

Micro-fringe<br />

Flat Mop<br />

Cleaning tips<br />

Ideal for Hygiemix or Revolution Mops<br />

Here are a few tips on flat mopping from <strong>Robert</strong> <strong>Scott</strong>’s Clean Team.<br />

• For general floor cleaning, start mopping in the furthest corner of the room away from the<br />

doorway and backwards towards the exit so you don’t walk over your clean, wet floor.<br />

25 Litre Buffalo Kentucky Bucket & Wringer<br />

Made from hardwearing polypropylene with dirt retaining sump and unique<br />

curved shape to avoid spillage. Sturdy, effective handle-operated wringer<br />

suitable for use with Kentucky mops 300-450g. Colour coded.<br />

101253 25L<br />

• Mop in a figure of eight and each should overlap to make sure you have cleaned properly.<br />

This not only helps you to keep track of where you’ve cleaned, but also prevents cross<br />

contamination.<br />

• If mopping wooden flooring, mop in the direction of the grain for a cleaner finish, and because<br />

you’re using a flat mop you’ll also be using less water so the floor will dry faster.<br />

• Let the floor dry completely before walking on it and good ventilation helps towards this.<br />

• You should also regularly clean your mop head to make sure you are mopping as hygienically<br />

as possible.<br />

How to use microfibre<br />

• Dry: the combined cleaning of the microfibre filaments and static pick up all dust, dirt and liquid.<br />

Ideal for Kentucky Mops<br />

• Damp: Using the mop damp reduces friction and allows the mop to move smoothly over the<br />

floor. The microfibre filaments microscopically scour the floor, effectively removing dirt.<br />

8<br />





SYSTEM<br />

Ideal for quick response,<br />

multi-purpose cleaning<br />

TROLLEYS &<br />

CARTS<br />

Ideal for housekeeping<br />

Microfibre<br />

cleaning<br />

Antibacterial<br />

Innovation<br />

Time<br />

saving<br />

Durable<br />

Quick<br />

response<br />

Easy clean<br />

Lockable<br />

Nano-Ag Microfibre Flat Mop<br />

Mi-mop Disposable Flat Mop<br />

The Pro-mist features a removable bottle and spray<br />

trigger, and delivers a fine mist of solution directly<br />

to the cleaning surface, helping you to clean and<br />

dry floors quickly. The mop’s break-frame also has a<br />

built-in release system to avoid user contact with the<br />

soiled mop. The Nano-Ag mop is also available as a<br />

scrub mop.<br />

It is available in two kits: with an antibacterial Nano-Ag<br />

silver microfibre mop to prevent bacterial growth; or<br />

a 10pk of disposable Microfibre Mi-mops which are<br />

ideal for hygiene-critical areas such as restaurants<br />

where there is no access to laundry facilities.<br />

An innovative microfibre flat mop kit, which combines the new ergonomic<br />

Pro-mist spray handle and microfibre pads for effective, rapid response floor<br />

cleaning without the need for buckets or constant wringing out.<br />

104281 Pro-mist Microfibre<br />

Antibacterial Mop Kit<br />

104280 Pro-mist Microfibre<br />

Disposable Mop Kit<br />

44x14x138cm 1<br />

44x14x138cm 1<br />

104303 Nano-Ag Microfibre Flat Mop 43x14cm 5<br />

103274 Nano-Ag Microfibre<br />

Scrub Flat Mop<br />

Flagged 43x14cm 10<br />

104327 Mi-Mop Microfibre Flat Mop 41x12cm 50pk<br />

Ideal for heavy duty areas<br />

Large Housekeeping Trolley<br />

A commercial grade housekeeping trolley featuring a large storage cabinet with<br />

adjustable shelf and lockable doors to secure supplies when unattended. It also<br />

features ergonomic handles, under cabinet storage, vacuum holder, hooded top<br />

for easy access and equipment slots.<br />

Ideal for smaller areas, uneven flooring & steps<br />

Small Housekeeping Cart<br />

The Small Housekeeping Cart is designed to make cleaning, room servicing and<br />

maintenance easier and more discreet. The rugged two-wheel design is also<br />

suited for use in areas of uneven flooring and steps. The compact size, many<br />

features and wheels make this a versatile cart to transport cleaning equipment.<br />

103373 Uniko Break-frame 40x11cm 5<br />

104222 Pro-mist Handle & Bottle 6x7x130cm 1<br />

104807 Trolley 51kg 56x152x127cm<br />

104808 Vinyl Bag 90L 42x84cm<br />

104964 48x55x58cm<br />

Cleaning tips<br />

Here are a few tips on flat mopping from <strong>Robert</strong><br />

<strong>Scott</strong>’s Clean Team.<br />

mop, spray a fine mist of water onto the floor. This isn’t<br />

required if using the Microspeedy or a pre-soaked system.<br />

• Reduce the amount of debris brought into the facility by<br />

placing floor matting at door entrances.<br />

• Flat mopping is very different to traditional mopping.<br />

Do not press down on the handle, ensure you mop with<br />

a straight back and lightly glide the mop over the floor<br />

• Always pre-sweep the floor before mopping to prevent<br />

surface. The static charge and capillary action will lift the<br />

spreading surface debris.<br />

dirt and dust into the microfibre, not pressure.<br />

• Place a wet floor sign in the area being cleaned, ideally<br />

• The general cleaning guides apply to mopping and so it’s<br />

preventing any access by the public, and ensure adequate<br />

best to start in the cleanest areas first and work towards<br />

ventilation.<br />

the dirtiest areas last. This also prevents spreading dirt<br />

• If using a bucket-less system like the Pro-mist or Microtex too.<br />

Washing guidelines<br />

• Microfibre products can be washed at medium temperatures, but avoid bleach and fabric conditioner as this can block the<br />

microscopic filaments.<br />

Ideal for catering, offices and education areas<br />

Exel Multipurpose Trolley<br />

A compact and flexible cleaning trolley that’s packed with useful features<br />

to accommodate a wide range of cleaning products. This includes both tub<br />

vacuum and mopping equipment, and comes with a 45L waste bag, checklist<br />

holder, accessory rail, two 7L lockable containers, two handle/equipment<br />

holders and rubber-lined hose clip.<br />

105140 58x24x98cm<br />

Ideal for janitorial cleaners<br />

Eco Jolly Trolley<br />

A compact cart made from 73% recycled hardwearing plastic, designed for use<br />

in confined areas. It has three levels of shelving for storage and transport of<br />

cleaning items, and a built-in hanger for waste bags. Comes complete with a 60<br />

litre vinyl bag. Lockable box to store chemicals safely is sold separately.<br />

101272 Jolly Trolley 49x113x98cm<br />

101274 Jolly Trolley Vinyl Bag 60L<br />

101273 Jolly Trolley Front Wheel 10x10cm<br />

101275 Jolly Trolley Rear Wheel 20x20cm<br />

104384 Jolly Trolley Lockable Box 28x36x34cm<br />

10<br />





Perfect for indoor floorcare<br />



Perfect for indoor floorcare<br />

Durable<br />

Colourcoded<br />

Floorcare<br />

General<br />

cleaning<br />

No chemicals<br />

required<br />

Floorcare<br />

Octopus Scrub Pad System<br />

A flexible scrubbing tool which is ideal for cleaning both floors and skirting.<br />

Made from tough plastic, with a swivel head to reach into corners and a choice<br />

of four grades of abrasive pads for light, medium, heavy-duty and extra heavyduty<br />

use. While it fits most of our handle range, we recommend our Aluminium<br />

and Hygiene handle. Can also be used with the Maxi Erase-all Floor Pad, which<br />

removes stubborn dirt, scuff marks and stains without the need for chemicals.<br />

101106 Starter Pack + 3 Pads<br />

101105 Cleaning Tool Only 23x4x10cm<br />

102688 Scrub Pad Light-duty 25x11x2cm<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Heavy-duty Floor Squeegee<br />

A professional plastic squeegee with two foam rubber blades, ideal for fast<br />

cleaning and drying of all hard floors. Available in a range of sizes to suit all<br />

needs, and in five colours for easy colour coding. Fitting suitable for handles<br />

with 25mm diameter. We recommend the Hygiene handle 103131 (p49).<br />

101499 45cm 101500 55cm 101501 65cm<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Washable Broom<br />

Polypropylene broom head with soft or stiff bristles, suitable for both indoor and<br />

outdoor sweeping. Washable to ensure better hygiene. Made from 20% recycled<br />

plastic and fully colour coded. Suitable for use with the Hygiene handle.<br />

104947 Soft 30cm 104949 Soft 45cm<br />

104948 Stiff 30cm 104950 Stiff 45cm<br />

Fits Hygiene and Aluminium Handle<br />

102522 Scrub Pad Medium-duty 25x11x2cm<br />

102503 Scrub Pad Heavy-duty 25x11x2cm<br />

102461 Scrub Pad Extra Heavy-duty 25x11x2cm<br />

103144 Aluminium Handle 137cm<br />

103132 Hygiene Handle 125cm<br />

102431 Maxi Erase-all Pad 23x10x3cm<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Fits Hygiene Handle<br />

Washable Deck Scrub<br />

A sturdy scrub head with stiff plastic bristles, ideal for tough scrubbing tasks.<br />

Washable to ensure better hygiene. Made from 20% recycled plastic and fully<br />

colour coded. Suitable for use with the Hygiene handle.<br />

104945 23cm<br />

Washable Grout Brush<br />

Multi-swivel brush head with stiff, angled bristles, ideal for thorough cleaning of<br />

tiled floor areas. Colour coded and machine washable to ensure better hygiene.<br />

T1 screw thread fitting.<br />

102856 23cm 6<br />

No assembly needed, folds flat for easy storage<br />

Eco Wet Floor Sign<br />

A great value double sided A-frame sign made from 100% post-consumer<br />

recycled plastic. The sign warns against potential hazards from wet floor<br />

surfaces during and after cleaning or spillages. Made from recycled yellow<br />

plastic with bright red/black graphics.<br />

Kit includes a handle, frame and mop head<br />

Sweeper Mop<br />

Colour coded dust control sweepers with aluminium handles, frame and acrylic<br />

sweeper heads. Lightweight for ease of use, the mop heads are available in a<br />

range of sizes for efficient and effective dust control. Replacement components<br />

are available. The kit comprises a handle, frame and mop head.<br />

Cleaning tips<br />

After use, simply rinse the brush under running water or wrap in a laundry bag and place in the washing machine for a<br />

thorough clean.<br />

105050 62x30cm<br />

Wet Floor Sign Printing<br />

Advertise your company on every floor sign. We can custom print safety signs<br />

with your company name, logo and any special safety message. There is a<br />

minimum order quantity of 100 signs for this service.<br />

102313 Sweeper Mop Kit 40cm<br />

102317 Sweeper Mop Kit 60cm<br />

102321 Sweeper Mop Kit 80cm<br />

102314 Sweeper Mop Head 40cm<br />

102318 Sweeper Mop Head 60cm<br />

12<br />




Ideal for quick and<br />

effective cleaning<br />



Absorbent, food safe<br />

cleaning<br />

40°<br />

Microfibre<br />

cleaning<br />

No chemicals<br />

required<br />

Washable<br />

Time<br />

saving<br />

Hygienic<br />

Food contact<br />

safe<br />

Semidisposable<br />

Rinse after<br />

use<br />

Exel ® Microfibre Cloth<br />

Exel is our most popular knitted microfibre cloth,<br />

which is ideal for quick and effective cleaning.<br />

101157 40x40cm<br />

Microglass ® Microfibre Cloth<br />

A professional quality microfibre cloth designed for<br />

the smear-free cleaning of glass and stainless-steel<br />

surfaces. Now made from 97% recycled material.<br />

101216 40x40cm 101221 76x70cm<br />

Hi-shine Microfibre Cloth<br />

Hi-shine microfibre cloth is designed to give a fast,<br />

smear-free clean on glass, steel and shiny surfaces.<br />

A thick, semi-disposable cloth which can be used<br />

damp or dry, it is highly absorbent but easy to wring<br />

out and dries quickly after use.<br />

101172 40x40cm<br />

Competes with the Vileda Evelon Cloth<br />

Handy Wipes<br />

A great value, lightweight, food safe and disposable<br />

wipe that is perforated so it provides good<br />

absorbency and dirt collection. Large size made<br />

from a viscose and polyester blend, and standard<br />

made from polyester with a hydrophilic agent.<br />

104390 Standard 42x35cm<br />

104023 Large 60x30cm<br />

Velette Wipes<br />

A general purpose, heavyweight, absorbent and<br />

food safe wipe that contains an antibacterial agent<br />

inhibiting germ growth and odours on the wipe.<br />

Can be washed many times. Made from a viscose,<br />

polyester and antibacterial blend.<br />

100245 50x35cm 6x25pk<br />

Maxi Wipes<br />

A heavyweight professional quality cloth for general<br />

purpose cleaning on all surfaces. Super absorbent<br />

and extra strong, it’s ideal for tougher cleaning<br />

tasks. Made from a viscose and polyester blend.<br />

100229 40x38cm 20x5pk<br />

Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloth<br />

Hi-absorb is a heavyweight microfibre<br />

cloth made from a knitted blend of<br />

polyester and polyamide yarns, which<br />

are coated with polyurethane (PUR) to<br />

give it a soft and strong chamois-like<br />

feel. This means the fabric is effective<br />

at surface cleaning and is especially<br />

suited to high gloss surfaces requiring<br />

a streak-free finish such as glass and<br />

chrome.<br />

103986 38x35cm<br />

Competes with the Vileda PVA<br />

Cloth<br />

Mi-cloth Microfibre Pack<br />

& Roll<br />

Available as individual sheets in a<br />

pack or a perforated roll, Mi-cloth<br />

is a disposable microfibre cloth for<br />

general cleaning. Ideal for use to<br />

prevent cross-contamination, it is<br />

a low linting, lightweight and food<br />

contact safe cloth.<br />

103216 Cloth 38x32cm<br />

103217 Roll 31x26cm<br />

Competes with the Vileda<br />

Micron Solo<br />

Micro-box Microfibre Cloth<br />

This cost-effective and semidisposable<br />

cloth perfectly fills the<br />

gap between disposable non-woven<br />

and reusable microfibre. Comes in<br />

a handy dispenser; simply pull, use<br />

and reuse. The cloth is made using an<br />

innovative, edgeless technology which<br />

means instead of being sewn the<br />

edges are ultrasonic-cut and fused to<br />

prevent fraying.<br />

104123 30x30cm<br />

Handy Microfibre Mitt<br />

The microfibre effectively picks up<br />

dust and dirt, while the conventional<br />

mitt style helps the user to quickly<br />

clean flat or shaped surfaces. Made<br />

with an elasticated cuff for comfort.<br />

103996 24x17cm 10<br />

All-purpose Wipes<br />

This handy antibacterial roll in a box keeps wipes<br />

clean and accessible. Containing a roll of 200<br />

perforated, food safe and lightweight tear-off<br />

wipes, it’s ideal for single use to prevent crosscontamination.<br />

The antibacterial agent inhibits<br />

bacterial growth and odours on the wipe. Made<br />

from a viscose and polyester blend.<br />

100247 37x22cm<br />

Hi-PUR Sponge Scourer<br />

Hi-PUR is a sponge scourer with a polyurethane<br />

(PUR) coating that scrubs away stubborn dirt and<br />

stains while being gentle on hard surfaces. It is<br />

backed with an absorbent sponge.<br />

104448 6x14x4cm<br />

Competes with the Vileda PUR Active<br />

Magic Erase-all Sponge<br />

A multi-surface cleaning sponge which quickly<br />

removes stubborn marks from most surfaces<br />

without the need for chemicals. Ideal for removing<br />

stains and marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery,<br />

paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces - just wet<br />

and wipe. Not suitable for high gloss and polished<br />

surfaces.<br />

102428 6x10x3cm<br />

14<br />






Ideal for hard reach areas<br />

BINS, BRUSH &<br />


Ideal for litter/waste<br />

disposal<br />

Microfibre<br />

cleaning<br />

No chemicals<br />

required<br />

Ergonomic<br />

Hardwearing<br />

Litter<br />

equipment<br />

Easy clean<br />

60 Litre Recycling Dolly Bin<br />

A quality, efficient and easily managed recycling system which is ideal for use in<br />

office environments. Colour coded bins can be used alone or linked as a set – a<br />

bolt mechanism joins wheeled dollies securely together for stability and easy<br />

movement.<br />

101733 Kit of 3 Bins, 3 Dollies, &<br />

1 Blue, Red & Yellow Lid<br />

60L 99x48x73cm 1<br />

105162 Bin with Lid 60L 33x45x65cm 1<br />

101728 Bin 60L 58x46x32cm 1<br />

101723 Slotted Lid 33x45cm 1<br />

Alternative to Rubbermaid Slim Jims<br />

101734 Holed Lid 33x45cm 1<br />

101732 Single Bin Dolly 1<br />

Duop Cleaning Tool<br />

Flexi Cleaning Tool<br />

105168 English Recycling Stickers 1<br />

Duop Reach is a versatile, extendable cleaning tool which features a unique<br />

ergonomic ball and socket joint, making cleaning easy and strain-free for the<br />

user. You can use the Duop with the handle for easy access to hard to reach<br />

areas or grip the ball directly for detailed cleaning.<br />

104094 Duop Reach Kit 96-162cm<br />

104097 Cleaning pad 17x17cm<br />

104100 Glass pad 17x17cm<br />

A handheld tool which bends into shape to clean the trickiest places. The<br />

microfibre sleeve attracts and holds dust, and can be used dry for dusting or<br />

damp for tougher cleaning tasks. Chenille microfibre and disposable sleeves are<br />

also available. Can be used with cone fitting telescopic handles.<br />

103368 Cleaning Tool 72x6cm<br />

100684 Microfibre Sleeve 52x7cm<br />

104285 Chenille Microfibre Sleeve 52x7cm<br />

Litter Picker Jaws<br />

A good quality and lightweight aluminium litter picker with a trigger action,<br />

comfortable hand grip and grooved jaw which makes it ideal for picking up litter,<br />

bottles, cans and more awkwardly shaped waste and rubbish.<br />

105009 85cm 5<br />

104181 Disposable Microfibre Sleeve 60x7cm<br />

103164 Ergo-Globe Handle With Cone Fitting 90-162cm<br />

Contract Lobby Dustpan & Brush<br />

Sizes in the range:<br />

6 Metre «<br />

3 Metre «<br />

1.4 Metre «<br />

1 Metre «<br />

Handheld «<br />

Cleano Range<br />

Save time and safely clean smooth indoor surfaces and windows without the<br />

need for buckets and ladders. Cleano is an innovative telescopic tool, which has<br />

been designed to enable easier, faster and safer cleaning of larger and hard to<br />

reach window and flat surfaces.<br />

The Cleano Kit includes your choice of handle plus one microfibre glass pad<br />

for the 1m option and three pads for the 1.4, 3 and 6m models. The Cleano<br />

Bambino includes a spot and glass microfibre pad.<br />

Good value dustpan and brush set for everyday litter and dust clearing. Dustpan<br />

has rubber lip to keep it flush to the floor, and swing-up action to collect debris<br />

efficiently. Lightweight brush clips to dustpan handle, and the set hangs up for<br />

easy storage when not in use.<br />

101051 Dustpan & Brush 29x28x103cm 10<br />

101043 Brush 23x4x89cm 10<br />

101053 Dustpan 30x26x92cm 10<br />

101554 Bambino Cleano Kit. x1 Bambino, x1 Glass Pad, x1<br />

Spot Pad<br />

23x11x49cm<br />

101557 Cleano 1m & x1 Glass Pad 1m<br />

Bambino Cleano Kit<br />

40cm Cleano frame and pads<br />

101559 Cleano 1.4m & x3 Glass Pad 2x0.7m poles<br />

101558 Cleano 3m & x3 Glass Pad 2x1.5m poles<br />

101560 Cleano 6m & x3 Glass Pad 2x3m poles<br />

101562 Glass Microfibre Pad 26x11cm<br />

104886 Glass Microfibre Pad 40x11cm<br />

101563 Spot Microfibre Pad 25x14cm<br />

104887 Spot Microfibre Pad 40x11cm<br />

104885 Cleano Frame 40cm<br />

105040 Cleano 10 28x23x7cm<br />

Professional Lobby Dustpan & Brush<br />

A professional quality tough plastic dustpan and brush set. The dustpan has a<br />

rubber lip designed to fit flush to the floor and collect waste more efficiently.<br />

The soft bristle brush can be clipped to the dustpan for easy storage.<br />

101045 Dustpan & Brush 30x13x92cm 1<br />

101055 Dustpan 30x27x92cm 6<br />

101042 Brush 30x8x90cm 6<br />

101047 Universal Snap-on Clip 1<br />

Competes with the Unger Stingray<br />

16<br />





Perfect for use in<br />

washrooms<br />


Ideal for eliminating<br />

odours<br />

Hardwearing<br />

Antibacterial<br />

Hygienic<br />

Easy clean<br />

Odour<br />

neutraliser<br />

Air & surface<br />

disinfection<br />

Fast<br />

acting<br />

Mini PowerZone<br />

A powerful and environmentally friendly odour and germ control system that<br />

uses UVC light to treat airborne contaminants passing through the unit, as well<br />

as producing purifying PhotoPlasma, to effectively remove germs and odours at<br />

source in any room.<br />

As it’s lightweight and portable, it’s a fast and effective way to deodorise and<br />

disinfect any room quickly so they can be reopened for use.<br />

104932 2.7kg 53x13x10cm 1<br />

Loowy<br />

No clogged bristles, no unwanted drips, no painstaking scrubbing! Loowy has<br />

antibacterial and water-repellent blades with an innovative wave shape for<br />

cleanliness right up to the edge. Loowy can be used with any standard toilet<br />

cleaner.<br />

104508 Loowy 14x17x39cm 1<br />

104506 Loowy Blade 8x37cm 4<br />

104507 Loowy Holder 14x17x15cm 4<br />

Closed Toilet Brush Set<br />

A fully enclosed toilet set featuring a gloss white stylish and modern cylinder<br />

along with a matt grey stiff brush with an antibacterial coating to prevent germs<br />

growing on the bristles. Brush rests above the base of the cylinder for better<br />

hygiene. Made from 30% recycled materials.<br />

105063 43x10cm 12<br />

BSG AirCare<br />

BSG AirCare air and surface purifier is a chemical-free way to destroy odours<br />

and germs at source, improve air quality and reduce organic matter both on<br />

surfaces and airborne. Using advanced UV light technology, it kills airborne<br />

respiratory viruses, removes nasty odours, and destroys bacteria, fungi, algae<br />

and more. It can be used in a range of areas including washrooms.<br />

104972 AC10 13x41x9cm 1<br />

104973 AC20 13x41x9cm 1<br />

104974 AC30 13x41x9xm 1<br />

Deodoscreen Urinal Screen<br />

Deodoscreen scented urinal screen suitable for use in most urinals, available in<br />

three fragrances to give up to 30 days odour control. Available in floral (black),<br />

mint (green), and cherry (red). It is made from 75% recycled plastic so colours<br />

may differ and include flecks.<br />

104481 18x18cm 12<br />

Gel Urinal Screen<br />

An anti-splash and fragranced gel urinal screen that eliminates unpleasant<br />

odours for up to 30-days. Made from an antibacterial 75% recycled material,<br />

it is flexible enough to fit different urinals. VOCs, PAHs and Reach compliant.<br />

Available in apple & cinnamon (pink), citrus (orange), ocean (blue) and mango<br />

(yellow) fragrances.<br />

104749 17x17cm 10 104748 17x17cm 10x10<br />

Oxygen-Pro Air Freshness System<br />

Oxygen-Pro is a continuous fresh scent and odour control system that is<br />

reliable, effective, safe and eco-friendly. Oxygen-Pro is the only technology that<br />

delivers fragrance into the air continuously, consistently and accurately for the<br />

entire duration of the cartridge life.<br />

It can be programmed to work for 30 days for high intensity, 60 for normal<br />

intensity or 90 days for low intensity, and is available in four fragrances of Glow,<br />

Spa, Adore and Neutra-lox.<br />

104993 Dispenser 12x10x14cm 6<br />

105001 Dispenser 12x10x14cm 1<br />

104994 Cartridge Glow. Spa. Adore Neutra-lox 11x6x12cm 6<br />

18<br />


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