Beaconsfield Together May June 2024

A local #community magazine containing community, business and charitable editorial in the Beaconsfield, Knotty Green, Seer Green and Forty Green area. 8,300 copies printed and hand delivered by Royal Mail to residences and businesses in the HP9 -1 and HP9 -2 businesses in these areas. Copies available at Waitrose Supermarket in Beaconsfield

A local #community magazine containing community, business and charitable editorial in the Beaconsfield, Knotty Green, Seer Green and Forty Green area. 8,300 copies printed and hand delivered by Royal Mail to residences and businesses in the HP9 -1 and HP9 -2 businesses in these areas. Copies available at Waitrose Supermarket in Beaconsfield


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<strong>Together</strong><br />


A J Dunlop Open Day 15th <strong>June</strong><br />

Read <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town Council News<br />

Centre Pull Out Community Bus Timetable<br />

Charity Open Garden at Hall Place 9th <strong>June</strong><br />

Mail delivery to 8,300 homes<br />

le at Waitrose in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

8,300 community magazines printed & hand delivered by Royal Mail in the<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> area with copies available from Waitrose and throughout the town.<br />

Online: www.beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



<br />

Private GP with a difference<br />

0330 088 2020<br />

www.yourthyme.com<br />

March EARLY / April SUMMER 2023 EDITION Issue 34<br />

<strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2024</strong> Issue 41<br />

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Sponsored by<br />

2 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

In a global hair removal market<br />

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However, in partnership with your electrologist, you<br />

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In 1875 an ophthalmologist discovered that he<br />

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electrolysis continues to be both a safe and<br />

reliable method of treatment.<br />

Electrolysis is a truly unique solution and can be<br />

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however methods which involve the forcible yanking<br />

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As shown by the image below, ultimately we are left<br />

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Hormones may run the show, but we can fight back<br />

Hormones act as chemical messengers and we<br />

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Poggenpohl Marlow<br />

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To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Useful Numbers<br />

Age UK’s Befriending Service<br />

Matches older people with volunteers who<br />

have similar interests. t: 01296 431911<br />

e: age@ageukbucks.org.uk<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous<br />

Call confidentially on: 0800 917 7650<br />

Better Connected <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

hello@betterconnectedbeaconsfield.org.uk<br />

01494 919 232<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Advisory Centre<br />

t: 01494 672987<br />

e: contact@beaconsfieldadvisorycentre.org.uk<br />

The Christian Eye Foundation<br />

support@thechristianeye.co.uk<br />

07568 135 308<br />

Victim support line - help after a crime<br />

t: 08 08 16 89 11<br />

www.victimsupport.org.uk<br />

Be Amazing & Volunteer<br />

Bus drivers needed to run <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Community Bus.<br />

Call 01494 675 173 for more details.<br />

Bucks Mind in Buckinghamshire<br />

Volunteers over 18 years needed<br />

t: 01494 463364or w: www.bucksmind.org.uk<br />

Meet the Team<br />

Publisher, Editor & Sales<br />

Therese Cooklin - 07786 735711<br />

Magazine Designer<br />

Mathew Peet, Digital Bear Design - 01949 839206<br />

Content is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

<strong>Together</strong> part of <strong>Together</strong> Magazines Limited cannot be held liable for<br />

loss or damage, caused by errors or omissions. Inclusion of advertisers<br />

does not indicate our endorsement of their products or services.<br />

Hall Place, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> - Photo taken by CTRT - see p8 and p25<br />

Hello & welcome!<br />

Have you wondered why there are wars, why there is<br />

conflict in our country, why people are spiteful on social<br />

media?<br />

You may have reflected on this already but I believe<br />

it’s because there is a lack of love. If there was love in<br />

a person’s heart then why would they want to harm or<br />

hurt another human life? Remember the saying, “sticks<br />

and stones may break my bones but words can never<br />

hurt me” ? Well that’s not exactly true, hurtful words<br />

could hurt someone for the rest of their life.<br />

Children who are at their most impressionable, need<br />

special care when it comes to conversations with carers<br />

and mentors. When we are tired or busy words can<br />

come out without careful thought. It’s not easy but with<br />

awareness we can get better at it.<br />

Some traditions have the philosophy of harming no<br />

other. Be it human, animal or insect. The most powerful<br />

full moon happens every April and this year it fell on the<br />

23rd April. This time of year is called Wesak. You may<br />

like to research it for yourself.<br />

Energy fluctuations can bring out the worst or good in<br />

people - that’s why full moons can be associated with<br />

werewolf’s and other spooky creatures! If we try and<br />

make ourselves better human beings, then when the<br />

full moon comes round we can magnify all of our<br />

goodness!<br />

Try and find goodness and gratitude in your life.<br />

Criticism and judgement are all forms of unkindness.<br />

See the good in people and try and view it from their<br />

perspective even if we don’t agree. None of us are<br />

perfect but we can always keep learning, growing and<br />

evolving.<br />

Sending you all love,<br />

Therese<br />


July/August <strong>2024</strong><br />

Editorials: 29th <strong>May</strong><br />

Advertisers: 30th <strong>May</strong><br />

t: 07786 735 711<br />

e: therese@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />

w: www.beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk

Shaun Guard<br />


■ Aerials - supplied & repaired also poor reception solved<br />

■ Satellite - Sky Q dish upgrades, discreet dish installs<br />

■ Internet / WiFi - blackspots cured, internal & external data cabling<br />

■ TVs - wall mounted or set up & tuned<br />

www.oxfordaerials.co.uk<br />

shaun@oxfordaerials.co.uk<br />

Call <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> 01628 439115<br />

Local Calor Gas<br />

supplies<br />

Large stocks,<br />

all sizes available<br />

t: 01494 874505<br />

Open<br />

7 days<br />

w: www.highclerefarmpark.co.uk<br />

/calor-gas<br />

Highclere, Newbarn Lane, Seer Green, HP9 2QZ<br />

Experienced, Friendly<br />

& Professional Internal<br />

& External Decorators.<br />

We have been<br />

working in & around<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>,<br />

Gerrards Cross,<br />

Amersham &<br />

surrounding areas<br />

since 1993.<br />

Please call to discuss<br />

your requirements.<br />

Call Nigel:<br />

01494 681 794 or 07771 521 263<br />

www.ngilliedecoratingservices.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


A Toast to the Town -<br />

Enjoy 25% Off Dinner<br />

and Drinks at Crazy<br />

Bear <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>!<br />

A warm Invitation to <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Residents!<br />

In the lively core of our beloved town sits the<br />

Crazy Bear Hotel, a place where lavish luxury<br />

intertwines with layers of rich history. You<br />

are all invited to bask in midweek luxury and<br />

revel in 25% OFF food and drink while dining<br />

in either of our distinguished restaurants<br />

for dinner. Available Monday to Thursday,<br />

5:30pm-7:00pm<br />


Our English restaurant serves modern British<br />

cuisine with originality and provenance.<br />

Our head chef Marc Petit presents delicious<br />

seasonal menus that combine theatre and<br />

flavour. Our grass-fed Black Angus 1000g<br />

Tomahawk steak, cooked over live fire on the<br />

Josper, is an undeniable crowd pleaser.<br />


Our Thai Kitchen has been wowing guests<br />

with authentic regional recipes handed-down<br />

through generations. From fiery green curries,<br />

sticky Gloucestershire pork ribs, or miso<br />

marinated black cod, you’ll find outstanding<br />

dishes that bring the taste Bangkok’s Yaowarat<br />

Road to Buckinghamshire.<br />


Mark your calendars for the Bank Holiday<br />

Sunday. We’re bringing old school Ibiza to<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> with legendary performances,<br />

including DJ Brandon Block, promising an<br />

afternoon and evening brimming with poolside<br />

fun and funky-house beats.<br />

Tickets £69.50 including a<br />

delectable banquet. Scan the<br />

QR to follow us on instagram.<br />


C RAZY<br />

AR<br />

We would love to see you,<br />

our <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Neighbours!<br />


Monday to Thursday, 5:30pm to 7pm<br />

crazybeargroup.co.uk<br />

6 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Providing electrical<br />

services for over<br />

15 years<br />

Services provided;<br />

• 24/7 Emergency call out<br />

• Fault finding<br />

• Electrical inspection and maintenance<br />

• Fuse box replacement<br />

• Full or partial rewiring<br />

• EICR<br />

• Security lighting<br />

• Smoke alarm installation<br />

• Car charger installation<br />

• Smart Control<br />

• Landscape lighting design<br />

and installation<br />

• Heating and hot water wiring<br />

inc air source heat pump<br />

Fully insured<br />

Free quotations please call:<br />

Ross - 0778 8787 828<br />

ross@envisage-sparks.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Fundraising event at<br />

Hall Place, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

in aid of The Cancer<br />

Treatment and<br />

Research Trust<br />

The stunning gardens of Hall Place,<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> are opening to the public<br />

for a special fundraising afternoon on<br />

Sunday 9th <strong>June</strong> <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

From 2-5.30pm, visitors can enjoy the<br />

peaceful grounds of this Grade 2 listed 18th<br />

century home. The origins of the gardens<br />

themselves date from the 16th century and the<br />

current owners have sympathetically restored<br />

the gardens to reflect their Tudor heritage.<br />

The event is in aid of The Cancer Treatment<br />

and Research Trust (CTRT), to support the<br />

research studies carried out by Professor Marcia<br />

Hall and her colleagues at Mount Vernon<br />

Cancer Centre in Northwood. All funds raised<br />

from the Open Garden will go towards funding<br />

the charity’s gynaecological cancer research<br />

projects.<br />

With live music, afternoon tea, a raffle and<br />

plants for sale from Smith’s Garden Centre it is<br />

set to be a fantastic day for an excellent cause.<br />

Tickets can be purchased in advance online<br />

or on the door. Advance price is £7.00 and<br />

£9.00 on the door. You can buy your tickets<br />

by clicking the QR code below or visiting:<br />

https://buytickets.at/cancertreatmentand<br />

researchtrust/1181496<br />

For more information, please see the CTRT<br />

website www.cancertreatment.org.uk/<br />

opengardens<br />

Providing Outstanding<br />

Home Care<br />

Call for a friendly chat on 01494 917344<br />

or visit ashridgehomecare.co.uk<br />

Ashridge Home Care specialises in providing highly<br />

personalised one to one care that enables people to remain<br />

in the comfort of their own home. We are one of the few<br />

care companies to offer both around the clock live-in care,<br />

as well as daily visiting care. Whatever your situation, we<br />

believe everyone should be able to stay in their own home<br />

with just the right amount of help and companionship to<br />

remain safe and independent.<br />

You may only need help for a couple of hours a week<br />

with light housework and to keep on top of chores or<br />

you may require more specialist 24 hour support from a<br />

professionally trained live-in carer. Ashridge Home Care<br />

can arrange for qualified carers to help in any situation.<br />

8 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

AJ Dunlop Car Servicing<br />

Free<br />

Entry!<br />

are delighted to once again present their<br />

Classic Cars<br />

Live Music<br />

Motorbikes<br />

Pimms Bar with<br />

Rebellion Ales<br />

Teas, Coffees<br />

& Cakes<br />

OPEN DAY <strong>2024</strong><br />

BBQ<br />

Sports Cars<br />

Competitions<br />

and Prizes<br />

Raising money<br />

for charity<br />

Children's<br />

Games<br />

Saturday 15th <strong>June</strong>, 11am - 4pm<br />

www.ajdunlop.co.uk/open-day<br />

All profits to<br />

London End, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old Town<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Special offer<br />

Celebrate this <strong>May</strong> and <strong>June</strong> with<br />

a glass of Fizz on arrival<br />

from Riwaz!<br />

QUOTE '<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong>'<br />

when booking.<br />

Celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday 16th <strong>June</strong><br />

Treat him to a 3 course menu for £30pp<br />

T's and C's apply see below<br />

riwazrestaurants.co.uk<br />

@riwazbucks<br />

Riwaz by Atul Kochhar<br />

41 Aylesbury End<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, HP9 1LU<br />

Parking: Off street &<br />

at Travel Lodge car park<br />

T's & C's<br />

To qualify for a complimentary<br />

glass of champagne you must<br />

order a minimum of 2 courses,<br />

not available on special days.<br />

Only valid when dining off the<br />

a la cartemenu or the tasting<br />

10<br />

menu.<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong><br />

Reservations: 020 3667 9990<br />

Takeaway: 01494 417 941

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



COAM Campfire<br />

Story Time<br />

A rich and diverse history of the people<br />

of the Chilterns was the theme for this<br />

year’s Campfire Heritage Stories event at<br />

Chiltern Open Air Museum.<br />

Dozens of families braved the chilly weather<br />

to cram into the 16th Century barn to hear<br />

tales told by community representatives<br />

whose families settled in our area from far<br />

warmer climes - Jamaica, Barbados, Kenya<br />

and Uganda.<br />

Their stories painted a vivid picture of their<br />

experiences of moving to a new home,<br />

how they struggled and adapted to a new<br />

culture, and how they had enriched their new<br />

communities with the flavours, colours, and<br />

wisdom from the homes they left behind.<br />

Among the speakers, Elizabeth Dench, one<br />

of the first black women to ever work as cabin<br />

crew for British Airways predecessors BOAC,<br />

impressed the audience with her experience<br />

representing Jamaica at the Miss World<br />

contest in 1970; the famous one that was<br />

disrupted by women’s liberation protestors.<br />

She came to settle here with her family later in<br />

the decade.<br />

The stories were all told with the use of<br />

everyday objects from the Museum’s<br />

collection that evoked strong memories.<br />

Karen Bonner, Chief Nurse of Buckinghamshire<br />

NHS Trust, told how her parents came from<br />

Jamaica and Barbados and kept the memories<br />

of the islands alive through their cooking and<br />

by having one room spick and span and only<br />

for visitors. Karen confessed that she and her<br />

brother had often snuck in to play despite<br />

the strict rule. Her mother, who was in the<br />

audience, seemed genuinely shocked.<br />

Following the event, more stories were shared<br />

and connections made between visitors and<br />

Storytellers whilst toasting marshmallows<br />

around the roaring campfire.<br />

Recordings of COAM’s Campfire Heritage<br />

Stories will be available via the Museum’s<br />

website. The project is supported by The<br />

Rothschild Foundation.<br />

Museum General Manager, Helen Light said,<br />

“It was a great, heart-warming afternoon. We<br />

have twenty more special events at COAM to<br />

look forward to this year. We hope to see you<br />

all soon.”<br />

Ear, Nose &<br />

Throat Problem?<br />

See an Experienced Private<br />

ENT Specialist<br />

at<br />

Millbarn Medical Centre<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Call: 07718 233 033<br />

Insured / Self-funding -<br />

No referral needed<br />

12 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Inheritance Tax<br />

Protecting your assets<br />

for the next generation<br />

The number of individuals caught by Inheritance<br />

Tax (IHT) is at an all-time high, so it is worth<br />

understanding the main exemptions.<br />

Marital Status: Transfers between spouses or civil partners<br />

made both during life and on death are exempt from IHT.<br />

Nil-Rate Band (NRB): The value of assets that, on death, can<br />

be passed to beneficiaries free of inheritance tax. Since 2009<br />

the NRB has been frozen at £325,000. For married couples<br />

and civil partnerships, any allowance that remains unused on<br />

death can be transferred to the surviving partner, meaning<br />

qualifying survivors can pass up to £650,000 to beneficiaries<br />

free of IHT.<br />

Main Residence Nil-Rate Band (RNRB): Property price<br />

inflation is one of the key reasons IHT is now applicable<br />

to more individuals than ever. To help counter this the<br />

Government introduced a RNRB in 2017, which provides<br />

married couples and civil partners an inheritance tax-free<br />

allowance of £1m when combined with their existing NRB.<br />

The allowance is tapered away on a 2:1 basis for estates<br />

with a value of over £2m.<br />

Annual Exemption: Individuals may make transfer exempt<br />

from IHT up to £3,000 in any one tax year with the ability to<br />

carry forward the previous year’s allowance for one year if not<br />

already utilised.<br />

Small Gifts: Individuals may gift up to £250 to any number<br />

of parties (other than an individual in receipt of the annual<br />

exemption) in any one tax year.<br />

Normal Expenditure: An often-overlooked exemption, if a<br />

transfer is part of a donor’s normal expenditure, is made out of<br />

income and doesn’t affect their usual living standard, it will be<br />

exempt from IHT. This area of planning can be quite complex<br />

so financial guidance should be sought.<br />

Wedding Gifts: Donors can gift £5,000 if parent to either party,<br />

£2,500 if grandparent and £1,000 if any other person.<br />

Business Relief (BR): A tax relief provided by the UK Government<br />

as an incentive to increase investment in certain types of<br />

trading businesses.<br />

Pensions: There is a common misconception that assets left in<br />

an individual’s pension will be free from tax when passed to their<br />

beneficiaries. Whilst true for IHT, it is important to consider the<br />

wider tax implications such as the type of pension and when the<br />

proceeds can be passed without the beneficiaries having to pay<br />

income tax.<br />

We spend our days helping clients with estate planning and<br />

Inheritance Tax.<br />

Contact us or book an initial consultation here at Penn Barn to<br />

find out how we can help you.<br />

Philip Harper, Financial Planner<br />

phil@fmifa.com | 01494 817151<br />

www.fmifa.com<br />

fm<br />

30<br />

YEARS<br />

Inheritance Tax<br />

Planning<br />

Protecting your<br />

assets for the next<br />

generation<br />

Financial Management<br />

Independent Financial Advice<br />

Contact us: 01494 817151<br />

advice@fmifa.com | www.fmifa.co.uk<br />

Financial Management is a trading style of Philip Harper LLP which<br />

is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority<br />

14 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

What’s been happening at<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town Council?<br />

April saw the start of our new<br />

civic year <strong>2024</strong>-2025. The Annual<br />

Town meeting took place on 18th<br />

April where speakers from local<br />

community groups have been invited<br />

by the <strong>May</strong>or to address the town<br />

about their achievements over the<br />

last year.<br />

On the 16th <strong>May</strong>, the Annual Town Council<br />

meeting will take place. This is the meeting<br />

where the <strong>May</strong>or and Deputy <strong>May</strong>or for the<br />

forthcoming civic year <strong>2024</strong>-2025 will be<br />

elected, known as <strong>May</strong>or Making.<br />

The Town Council manages a number of<br />

woodland areas and work has started on<br />

the renewal of our 10-year woodland<br />

management plan. We undertake this work<br />

with a specialist and guidance from the<br />

Forestry Commission. It enables us to<br />

manage woodland areas in a sustainable and<br />

controlled manner, to recognised industry<br />

standards.<br />

The Friends of Holtspur Bank and Butterfly<br />

Conservation are doing great work on our<br />

Nature Reserve and Butterfly Reserve. We<br />

are currently working with these teams to<br />

ensure regular maintenance continues and<br />

are exploring funding opportunities to<br />

continue the environmental and conservation<br />

work that takes place on these reserves.<br />

Our grounds service is going from strength<br />

to strength and we hope to expand our<br />

capability as we move from winter to<br />

summer work.<br />

Neighbourhood Plan Update<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Neighbourhood Plan is<br />

Planning Policy that would come into force<br />

for just the parish of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> with local<br />

policies in addition to the National Planning<br />

Policy and the Buckinghamshire Local Plan,<br />

which is expected in <strong>2024</strong>/25. It is entirely<br />

separate from the withdrawn SBDC draft<br />

Local Plan.<br />

The planning authority, Buckinghamshire<br />

Council started the Regulation 16<br />

consultation on our <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) in the last<br />

quarter of 2023. Since then, they have<br />

appointed an independent examiner<br />

to review and ensure that the Plan is<br />

appropriate and meets the various<br />

conditions specific to a neighbourhood plan.<br />

Once the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Neighbourhood Plan<br />

has met the conditions it will be proceed<br />

to a referendum which residents may vote<br />

on. Take a look at our website to see how<br />

the policies are designed to affect our town.<br />

https://beaconsfieldtowncouncil.gov.uk/<br />

beaconsfield-town-council-neighbourhoodplan/<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



mins<br />

past ROUTE 1<br />

HOUR<br />

:00 B Waitrose/Town Hall<br />

:05<br />

:08<br />

:13<br />

:16<br />

:19<br />

:25<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

Holtspur School<br />

St Thomas’s Church<br />

Heath Road Shops<br />

Medical Centre<br />

Old Town Roundabout<br />

(Wycombe End)<br />

Library<br />


HAIL &<br />




mins<br />

past ROUTE 2<br />

HOUR<br />

:28 B Waitrose/Town Hall<br />

:30<br />

:32<br />

:37<br />

:39<br />

:41<br />

:43<br />

:49<br />

:51<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

Sainsbury’s<br />

The Curzon Centre<br />

Candlemas Mead<br />

St. Mary & All Saint’s<br />

Church (Wycombe End)<br />

Garden Centre<br />

Medical Centre<br />

Heath Road Shops<br />

St Thomas’s Church<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />

B<br />


16 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


RIDE<br />

DAY 10am – 1pm<br />

Y & FRIDAY 10am – 3pm<br />



BUS<br />


One Tree<br />

Meadow<br />

B<br />

B<br />

Waitrose/<br />

B<br />

B<br />

Sainsbury’s<br />

B<br />

Ronald Road<br />




CENTRE<br />

B<br />

GARDEN<br />

CENTRE<br />

Newsagents<br />

B<br />

B<br />


St Mary & All Saints<br />

C of E Ch<br />

/The Fitzwilliams Centre<br />


Rugby Club<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Welfare of older people<br />

March/April <strong>2024</strong> Issue 3<br />

Turn peddle power<br />

into vital funds for<br />

charity!<br />

Buckinghamshire’s Biggest Charity Bike<br />

Ride is back on Sunday 9th <strong>June</strong> <strong>2024</strong> and<br />

everyone’s invited.<br />

Organised and run by Aylesbury based<br />

WheelPower, the Bucks Radio Tour de Vale<br />

Bike Ride is celebrating its 20th birthday<br />

this year. With something for everyone, there are<br />

three beautiful countryside routes, with exclusive<br />

access to the picturesque Eythrope Park.<br />

Starting and finishing at Stoke Mandeville<br />

Stadium, birthplace of the Paralympic<br />

movement, come together with family, friends<br />

and work colleagues to experience a unique<br />

ride and raise money to transform the lives of<br />

disabled people. With full support along the<br />

way, you’ll have marshals cheering you on,<br />

regular water stops, first aid, support vehicles<br />

and a medal waiting for you at the finish line.<br />

After the ride you’ll find entertainment from<br />

Bucks Radio, sports massages ready to tend to<br />

any aches and pains, alongside a BBQ and bar<br />

to re-fuel and enjoy with family and friends.<br />

Find out more and sign up by visiting<br />

www.tourdevale.com<br />

Hooray<br />

Gerrards Cross<br />

<strong>Together</strong> is<br />

now online!<br />


<strong>Together</strong><br />

Learn a new skill<br />

GX Fun Run need volunteers<br />

Win a family ticket to Bekonscot<br />

March planting tips for spring success<br />

View ONLINE: GerrardsCross<strong>Together</strong>.co.uk<br />


01753 917241<br />



Sunday 18th <strong>May</strong><br />

For help or food donations<br />

office@onecantrust.org.uk<br />

Tel: 01494 512 277<br />

www.gerrardscrosstogether.co.uk<br />

advertise for as little as £23.40 + vat<br />

18 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Find us at <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Market<br />

every Tuesday 8am until 2pm<br />

We stock shrubs, perennials, spring bulbs,<br />

seasonal baskets and bedding plants<br />

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram<br />

finest_plants<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Children and Divorce<br />

The impact of divorce/separation on children<br />

cannot be understated. It impacts each<br />

child differently and often the extent of that<br />

impact may not be immediately evident.<br />

The welfare and needs of a child are the Court’s<br />

primary concern. This is in relation to both their<br />

financial needs (e.g. having somewhere to live) but<br />

also their physical, emotional, developmental and<br />

educational wellbeing.<br />

The Court does not want to make an Order in<br />

respect of children if it does not have to. It would<br />

prefer for parents to agree matters themselves. Only<br />

if an agreement cannot be reached and one person<br />

feels it necessary to issue an application, will the<br />

Court become involved.<br />

It is, however, always important to consider whether<br />

it is in a child’s best interests for the matter to be<br />

litigated through Court as the children will likely<br />

become involved in that process. The Court will<br />

want to try to ascertain their wishes and feelings,<br />

which may require them to meet with a Court<br />

appointed Social Worker. This therefore puts<br />

significant pressure on children and places them<br />

Beacs A5 half page edited 1.pdf 1 30/01/<strong>2024</strong> 16:18:13<br />

in a position they would likely rather not be.<br />

At Rayden Solicitors, we can help guide you through<br />

all issues relating to a divorce/separation including<br />

the arrangements for your children and how best to<br />

manage matters where there is disagreement. Going<br />

to Court should be a matter of last resort as it is not<br />

always in the best interests of the child to do so.<br />

Points to consider prior to engaging in Court Proceedings<br />

1. Attend Separated Parents groups or talks to learn<br />

how best to parent a child separately;<br />

2. Inform the child’s school about the divorce so<br />

they can help to support the child as needed;<br />

3. Consider what the child wants rather than what<br />

either you or your former partner would want;<br />

4. Get legal advice early on the law with regards to<br />

children to ensure any negotiations or discussions<br />

are based on the law and child-focussed;<br />

5. Try alternative ways of resolving matters such as<br />

mediation or arbitration<br />

For further information,<br />

contact Rayden Solicitors<br />

on 01494 350333<br />

Robert Micklem, Partner<br />

Rayden Solicitors<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

MY<br />

K<br />

20 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

We help our clients build<br />

realistic and sustainable<br />

financial plans around<br />

the life they want to live<br />

Our services will help you to:<br />

Evaluate what’s possible with your money<br />

Plan for life events like retirement<br />

Deploy suitable investment strategies<br />

Be tax efficient<br />

Keep your investments on track<br />

Manage your income in retirement<br />

Protect your family financially for ill health<br />

Plan for the next generation<br />

Find out more and get in touch at www.walter-partners.co.uk<br />

Investments and the income from them can go down in value. Walter & Partners Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.<br />

Registered in England and Wales No.09259743. Registered office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.<br />



Tel: 01494 578040<br />

Email: enquiries@leighduncan.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


EYE NEWS<br />

Suffering from<br />

digital eye<br />

strain?<br />

Do you struggle with sore eyes, headaches,<br />

eye strain, dry or gritty eyes or blurred vision?<br />

Have you noticed this after using your pc or<br />

laptop at work or leisure, or after looking at a<br />

tablet or mobile?<br />

Regular eye tests are an essential part of maintaining<br />

your eye health and ensuring optimum vision and<br />

comfort. If you have any of these symptoms you may<br />

be experiencing digital eye strain. If you currently wear<br />

glasses you may benefit from ‘Anti fatigue’ (also known<br />

as ‘Relax’) lenses. These lenses can help your eyes if<br />

you spend hours on a mobile phone or tablet as near<br />

tasks involve extra effort from your eyes.<br />

If you wear glasses for reading ask about ‘Office’ (also<br />

known as ‘Occupational’) lenses. These have a longer<br />

working distance so that screens and near text are<br />

both in focus. These lenses are also good for other<br />

hobbies where you may need to see detail at arms<br />

length.<br />

Another option is a ‘Blue control’ filter on your lenses.<br />

Early research suggests that the shorter wavelength<br />

of blue light emitted by electronic devices can cause<br />

fatigue and eyestrain. This filter absorbs the blue<br />

light before it reaches the eye. You may also find that<br />

comfort eye drops recommended by your optician<br />

can also help to relieve dry or gritty eyes.<br />

Whatever you feel ensure that if you have any<br />

concerns regarding the health of your eyes or<br />

vision ask your optician.<br />

Helen Gilbert FBDO<br />

Dispensing Optician<br />


opticians & audiologists<br />

2 for 1<br />

Kids & Teens<br />

glasses<br />

Make your digital world easier<br />

... Ask about office lenses<br />

Polarised prescription<br />

sunglasses<br />

£179<br />

Complete with single vision lenses. Ask for details.<br />

Eye tests are free for kids<br />

* When you buy a frame for £18 or more. Excludes other offers. Assumes Free NHS eye test and NHS voucher subject to NHS guidelines. Ask for details.<br />

The health of your eyes is as important as your vision. With renal photography as standard<br />

and the opon of OCT , you can be assured you’re doing the very best for your eyes. We have<br />

office lenses to help with screens and tablets, lenses to protect from UV and lenses that reduce<br />

glare when you drive. Our team are ready to help and advise.<br />

To book an appointment call 01494 672193<br />

www.harroldopticians.co.uk 26 Gregories Rd <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> HP9 1HQ<br />

22 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Our Services include:<br />

Wills & Trusts<br />

Lasting Powers of Attorney<br />

Estate Planning<br />

Administration of Estates<br />

Court of protection<br />

Johanna Jones<br />

Associate Solicitor<br />

Rachelle Moore<br />

Solicitor<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Will Power to<br />

support Rennie<br />

Grove Peace<br />

Hospice Care<br />

Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care has<br />

announced the return of its annual Make<br />

Your Will Month event this <strong>May</strong> and is<br />

encouraging Buckinghamshire residents<br />

to think about their affairs, and whether<br />

their wishes are clear.<br />

The charity’s annual Will-writing event sees<br />

local solicitors offer appointments for people<br />

to write or update their Will, free of charge.<br />

The participating solicitors waive their basic<br />

Will-writing fee in return for a donation to<br />

Rennie Grove Peace. Participants are asked to<br />

make a suggested minimum donation of £175<br />

for a single Will, or £275 for a pair of mirror<br />

Wills.<br />

Participating solicitors are located across<br />

Buckinghamshire with practices in High<br />

Wycombe, Gerrards Cross and <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

taking part.<br />

Tracey Hancock, Director of Fundraising at<br />

Rennie Grove Hospice Care, says: “Taking part<br />

in our Make Your Will Month event is a great<br />

way to make sure you have made plans for<br />

your own affairs, while supporting vital hospice<br />

care for local people living with a life-limiting<br />

illness. In the last year, gifts that were left to<br />

Rennie Grove Peace in Wills generated enough<br />

income to cover a third of the total cost<br />

of running our services. This support is<br />

absolutely crucial to the charity so this Make<br />

Your Will Month we’re encouraging everybody<br />

to consider whether they could leave a gift in<br />

their Will to support a charity in the future.”<br />

Sue updated her Will through the Rennie<br />

Grove Peace Make Your Will Month scheme<br />

last year. She says: “My husband and I already<br />

had Wills but it’s a long time since we made<br />

them and we knew we wanted to bring them<br />

up to date. Our grandchildren have all been<br />

born in the time since we originally wrote our<br />

Wills. The whole process was so smooth. We<br />

made an appointment with a local solicitor and<br />

went in person to discuss our circumstances<br />

and requirements. The solicitor we worked<br />

with was wonderful – so approachable and<br />

knowledgeable. She didn’t just make simple<br />

changes, she really informed us about our<br />

options and gave us information on lots of<br />

things to consider that we hadn’t previously<br />

thought of. “<br />

Visit www.renniegrovepeace.org/mywm for full<br />

details, including participating solicitors, and to<br />

make your appointment today.<br />

Participating Solicitors<br />

Hine Solicitors – Gerrards Cross<br />

Wendy Flawn/ Adam Bragg<br />

01753 48 24 00<br />

wendyflawn@hinesolicitors.com<br />

adambragg@hinesolicitors.com<br />

Hine Solicitors – <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Sam Stafrace<br />

01494 68 55 88<br />

samanthastafrace@hinesolicitors.com<br />

Kidd Rapinet – High Wycombe<br />

Gurvinder Sehra<br />

01494 52 10 21<br />

gsehra@kiddrapinet.co.uk<br />

24 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

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Ashford Kitchens<br />

& Interiors 40th<br />

Anniversary<br />

Celebrating their 40th anniversary,<br />

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors reflects on<br />

their remarkable journey, filled with<br />

gratitude for the continued support over<br />

the past four decades.<br />

Founded in 1984, their journey began<br />

with a commitment to serving the local<br />

community from their showroom in Ashford,<br />

Surrey. Driven by a passion for design and<br />

dedication to friendly customer service, they<br />

embarked on transforming the homes of<br />

their valued customers. In 2014, a second<br />

impressive showroom opened in Farnham<br />

Common, Buckinghamshire. They are proud<br />

to see that their family-owned business has<br />

grown and become a renowned name for<br />

quality and first-class service in the South of<br />

England.<br />

At the heart of their success lies their<br />

incredible team, whose passion, creativity,<br />

and commitment have been the driving force<br />

behind every project they undertake. They<br />

extend their heartfelt thanks to each member<br />

of the Ashford Kitchen & Interiors team who<br />

have been part of their family since 1984!<br />

Continuing their commitment to innovation,<br />

they consistently refresh their expansive<br />

showrooms, offering vibrant spaces with<br />

working displays showcasing the latest<br />

appliances and designs. In their showrooms,<br />

discover a world of wonders, from the<br />

convenience of a Quooker instant boiling<br />

water tap with sparkling and chilled water<br />

to the practicality of breakfast pantries,<br />

venting hobs, and steam ovens. Don’t<br />

miss the luxury of integrated worktop wine<br />

chillers, smoothly blending functionality and<br />

elegance. With cutting-edge technology<br />

seamlessly integrated, they create captivating<br />

displays that can enhance your everyday life.<br />

Additionally, they are thrilled to introduce<br />

exciting new kitchen and bedroom displays<br />

at both of their showrooms, further enriching<br />

their offerings. They warmly invite customers<br />

to visit both their showrooms and encourage<br />

them to explore firsthand the latest<br />

designs and solutions to inspire their home<br />

improvement projects.<br />

As they raise a toast to 40 years of Ashford<br />

Kitchens & Interiors, they look forward to<br />

continuing to serve their customers with the<br />

same commitment that has defined them<br />

since day one.<br />

“Since 1984, we’ve strived to make every<br />

interaction straightforward and every project<br />

a pleasure. Throughout our incredible 40-year<br />

journey, our dedication to seamless service<br />

and genuine customer care has been at the<br />

heart of our business. This commitment isn’t<br />

just a business principle—it’s a deeply rooted<br />

part of our family’s beliefs, shaping every<br />

aspect of who we are.” Stephen & Grace<br />

Flower (Co-Owners)<br />

Ready to start your home improvement<br />

project? Visit one of their showrooms and<br />

let their expert team bring your visions to life!<br />

Schedule your complimentary design<br />

consultation today.<br />

26 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Let us help you find your perfect kitchen, bedroom or home office.<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


BEACONSFIELD <strong>Together</strong><br />



Each four-letter word can be found in a diamond<br />

shape in the grid (one has already been entered,<br />

as an example), and every word will start at the top<br />

of the diamond and flow in either a clockwise or<br />

anticlockwise direction.<br />

BEDS<br />

BULB<br />

FORK<br />

LAWN<br />

LILY<br />

LIME<br />

LOAM<br />

MOLE<br />

MOSS<br />

PEAR<br />

PINK<br />

PLUM<br />

ROSE<br />

SLUG<br />

SOIL<br />

Digging for Diamonds<br />

Each four-letter word can be found in a diamond shape in the grid (one has alread<br />

entered, as an example), and every word will start at the top of the diamond and fl<br />

clockwise or anticlockwise direction.<br />

M<br />

O P S<br />

F M S L P<br />

P S K U R A E<br />

I G K L S Q A T L<br />

M X N U O Y L B E N I<br />

E V O L G F I S F E M A N<br />

Spot the Difference<br />

L Y B I Q K K D O N I<br />

U L B O S L R P I<br />

L D S M E O O<br />

S V L A S<br />

A P N<br />

W<br />

There are eight differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />


the Difference<br />


There are eight differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />

e eight differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them? BULB LOAM<br />

Answers on p31<br />

PINK<br />

PLUM<br />

FORK<br />

LAWN<br />

LILY<br />

MOLE<br />

MOSS<br />

PEAR<br />

ROSE<br />

SLUG<br />

SOIL<br />

Answer:<br />

O<br />

F M<br />

P S K<br />

28 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong> I G K L<br />


Safe & gentle ear wax<br />

removal at a clinic<br />

near you<br />

Microsuctioning<br />

At Hearwego Clinic we provide instant and effective ear wax removal treatment. Microsuction is the gold<br />

standard method of ear wax removal.<br />

Unlike traditional ear syringing or irrigation, which uses water, microsuction uses gentle suction to remove<br />

ear wax. This is a safe, gentle and effective method of ear wax removal and, in the majority of cases, provides<br />

instant relief and immediately restores full hearing. Our Audiologists are trained in all methods<br />

of ear wax removal, microsuction, ear irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing) and<br />

instrumentation.<br />

What to expect at your appointment<br />

At Hearwego our practitioners will use a microscope to see a detailed view of your<br />

ear canal and examine the potential build-up of ear wax. Ear wax and debris are<br />

removed using a gentle device. Our appointments include an examination of your<br />

ears and removal of ear wax using microsuction, which typically lasts between 10-30<br />

minutes. Depending on the consistency of the wax, we may need to revert to ear<br />

irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing) or instrumentation. In rare cases, a<br />

follow-up visit may be required to remove particularly stubborn ear wax.<br />

FREE<br />

Hearing<br />

Test with<br />

every Wax<br />

Removal<br />

Are you experiencing any of the following?<br />

• Pressure in the ears<br />

• Blocked feeling in the ears<br />

• Need to pop your ears but can’t<br />

• Sudden loss of hearing or muffles sound<br />

• Hearing aids whistling<br />

• Underperforming hearing aids<br />

Call for more information on<br />

Call: 07903 013 123 / 07535 603 744 or<br />

01494 590 860<br />

Email: hearwego.beaconsfield@gmail.com<br />

New website: www.hearwegoaudiology.co.uk<br />

The Studio, 37 Station Road, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> HP9 1QG<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Stepping Stones<br />

with Chiltern<br />

Rangers CIC and<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

School<br />

Nurturing a profound connection with<br />

nature and learning, Chiltern Rangers<br />

CIC and The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> School have<br />

formed a dynamic partnership through<br />

the Stepping Stones to Employability<br />

program, igniting a passion for<br />

conservation and learning in students.<br />

Students at The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> School have<br />

been actively engaging with their local<br />

environment through hands-on activities led<br />

by Chiltern Rangers. From removing invasive<br />

species to monitoring rivers, these young<br />

conservationists have been making a tangible<br />

difference. They’ve cleared laurel from<br />

Walkwood, coppiced hazel at Holtspur Bank<br />

Nature Reserve, carried out chalkstream<br />

monitoring in the River Wye, managed scrub<br />

at Woodoaks Farm, and planted hedgerows<br />

to create vital nature corridors.<br />

Some students have had the opportunity<br />

to delve deeper into conservation through<br />

work experience placements with Chiltern<br />

Rangers. This experience not only exposes<br />

them to various aspects of environmental work<br />

but also instills a sense of responsibility and<br />

pride.<br />

For some students, this partnership offers more<br />

than just a chance to connect with nature; it’s<br />

a lifeline that allows them to rediscover their<br />

potential and re-engage with education in a<br />

meaningful way. The nurturing environment<br />

provided by Chiltern Rangers enables these<br />

students to thrive, unlocking talents and<br />

passions they may not have realised they<br />

possessed.<br />

Archie, a work experience student,<br />

encapsulates the spirit of the program with his<br />

enthusiastic words: “It’s good and really fun.<br />

30 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

d will start at the top of the diamond and flow in either a<br />


We always have lots of work to do and visit<br />

many M places clearing rivers, building hedges<br />

and so much more. I work with lots of<br />

O P S<br />

different rangers and have learnt so much.<br />

F MWorking S Loutside P in the fresh air is what I<br />

S K<br />

enjoy<br />

U<br />

and<br />

R<br />

all<br />

A<br />

the<br />

E<br />

other volunteers. Everyone<br />

is so kind and we get hot chocolate and<br />

K Lbiscuits!”<br />

S Q A T L<br />

U O Y L B E N I<br />

The collaboration between The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

G FSchool I and S FChiltern E MRangers A Nis enriching the<br />

I Qschool K environment K D O Nitself. I <strong>Together</strong>, they are<br />

transforming the school grounds into a haven<br />

B Ofor wildlife S L and R students P I alike, with ambitious<br />

D Sprojects M Esuch Oas Oplanting a native hedgerow<br />

around the school and creating a kitchen<br />

S Vgarden. L AThis Snot only enhances biodiversity but<br />

Aalso Pcreates N spaces where students can learn,<br />

explore, and connect with nature on a daily<br />

basis. W<br />

As this partnership continues to evolve, it<br />

serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating<br />

the transformative power of education, nature,<br />


and community action. The success of the<br />

program hinges on funding. Chiltern Rangers<br />

is LOAM actively seeking partnerships PLUM with local<br />

businesses of all kinds to join them in their<br />

mission, MOLEnot only by ROSE providing financial<br />

support but also by collaborating to further<br />

develop MOSSstudents and SLUG prepare them for the<br />

workplace.<br />


Interested parties are encouraged<br />

to contact project lead Paul Stack via<br />

info@chilternrangers.co.uk or learn more<br />

here: [https://chilternrangers.co.uk/steppingstones-to-employability/].<br />





ADVERTS, WEBSITES, LEAFLETS, car livery,<br />

clothing designs<br />

PUZZLE<br />


Answer:<br />



M<br />

O P S<br />

F M S L P<br />

P S K U R A E<br />

I G K L S Q A T L<br />

M X N U O Y L B E N I<br />

E V O L G F I S F E M A N<br />

L Y B I Q K K D O N I<br />

U L B O S L R P I<br />

L D S M E O O<br />

S V L A S<br />

A P N<br />

W<br />

Answer:<br />

SPOT THE<br />


Congratulations to our competition winners.<br />

Teresa Priest (Bekonscot Family Ticket)<br />

Nicky Keighley (Journey to the<br />

t the Difference.indd 2 04/06/2021 Name 11:12:10 Maker)<br />

06/08/2021 9:42:51<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Book online<br />

today<br />

See a GP in<br />

person or via<br />

videocall from<br />

just £59<br />

yourthyme.com 0330 088 2020

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