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<strong>EN</strong><br />


OF THE ALPS AT 1,500 M<br />


CONT<strong>EN</strong>TS<br />

General information Page 3<br />

Site map Page 4<br />

Facial treatments Monte Silva Cura Page 6<br />

Monte Silva Cura Page 8<br />

Facial treatments Gertraud Gruber Page 11<br />

Treatments in the Soft-Pack ® bed Page 13<br />

Massages Page 15<br />

For your back Page 18<br />

Body Care Page 20<br />

Detox - treatments Page 22<br />

Vitalpina - treatments Page 23<br />

Belvita - treatments Page 23<br />

Monte Silva Fitness Page 24<br />

Monte Silva Skyroom Page 26<br />

Belvita - Sauna Guide Page 28<br />

Special reductions Page 31<br />

Picture sources: Tratterhof archive, H. Niederkofler, Günter Standl,<br />

Andreas Marini, Marika Unterladstätter, Udo Bernhard,<br />

Sascha Russotti, Moving Pictures, GA Service, Gertraud Gruber,<br />

Shutterstock<br />

A detailed description<br />

of our sauna world can<br />

be found on our<br />

website in the form of<br />

3D panoramas.


With the Monte Silva Mountain Spa we have<br />

created a place for you that fulfils all your wellness<br />

desires: A dreamlike sauna area with daily<br />

changing show sauna infusions, plenty of space<br />

for relaxation in the various rooms and the Bistro<br />

Monte Silva for a little chat in between. We<br />

are happy to serve hot and cold drinks as well<br />

as dishes from our Bistro menu at the hotel bar<br />

(not included in the hotel price).<br />

The sauna area is a place of peace and relaxation.<br />

We kindly ask you to speak quietly and to<br />

consider that this is a mobile phone-free zone.<br />

Please leave valuables in your room, as we do<br />

not assume liability for personal items. Don’t<br />

miss our daily sauna infusions. For the respective<br />

times and themes please refer to the morning<br />

post.<br />

Swimming pools<br />

Indoor pool: 10,5 x 5 m temperature: 32° C<br />

Infinity pool: 12,5 x 5 m temperature: 32° C<br />

Skypool 4th floor: 20 x 7,5 m temperature: 31° C<br />

Whirlpool Adults Only temperature: 34° C<br />

Monte Silva Fitness<br />

Panorama fitness room and exercise room on<br />

the 4th floor. Both rooms are open from 6 am to<br />

8 pm, accessible with your room card. Activities<br />

on the 5th floor Monte Silva Skyroom with yoga<br />

and movement sessions we organize. (see the<br />

weekly programme for details)<br />

Beautyfarm Monte Silva Mountain Spa<br />

Our beauty department is open daily until 7<br />

pm. We kindly ask you to inform us of any restrictions<br />

(pregnancy, allergies, etc.) when making<br />

an appointment. We will be happy to advise<br />

you so that we can plan the treatments for<br />

you. Please report punctually 5 minutes before<br />

the start of your treatment at the reception of<br />

the SPA (-1, next to the indoor swimming pool).<br />

Should you be late, please let us know and understand<br />

that your treatment will be shortened<br />

accordingly. For information and bookings,<br />

please contact hotel reception.<br />

Clothing<br />

Feeling good is our highest motto ... please<br />

come to the treatments in a cosy bathrobe. For<br />

the Dorn-Breuss treatment please wear comfortable<br />

casual clothes. We ask you to keep jewellery<br />

and valuables in the room.<br />

Cancellation<br />

Our massage and cosmetic team will prepare<br />

your treatment with care and love. If you are<br />

unable to keep your appointment, please inform<br />

us at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise<br />

we will have to charge the full treatment price.<br />

Your Monte Silva Mountain Spa Team<br />

Beautyfarm: 457<br />

Reception: 9<br />



Floor<br />

1<br />

Floor<br />

0<br />

Organic herbal sauna<br />

Finnish sauna<br />

Infrared sauna Relaxation rooms Garden terrace Ice room<br />

Floor<br />

-1<br />

Infinity pool<br />

Monte Silva bistro<br />

Garden terrace<br />

Beautyfarm<br />

Family sauna Relaxation room Relax beauty Indoor pool

Floor<br />

5<br />

Monte Silva Skyroom<br />

Floor<br />

4<br />

Infinity sports pool<br />

Garden terrace<br />

Monte Silva Fitness<br />

Exercise room<br />

Floor<br />

2<br />

Show infusion sauna<br />

Steam sauna<br />

Relaxation room Panorama whirlpool Cold pool with waterfall Panorama terrace





FACIAL TREATM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Facial treatment MSC large<br />

Complete facial treatment with specially<br />

formulated Monte Silva Cura<br />

products for your skin: Deep cleansing,<br />

mask, serum, facial massage,<br />

eyebrow correction, final care.<br />

80 min. Euro 125,00<br />

Facial treatment MSC small<br />

Cleansing, mask, serum, facial massage,<br />

final care.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

MSC freshness kick for in between<br />

Cleansing, massage, serum<br />

20 min. Euro 46,00<br />

Facial treatment MSC Fine Aging<br />

Lifting effect, deep penetration and<br />

relaxation. The firming facial treatment<br />

with extracts of wild rose, propolis<br />

and evening primrose shows<br />

effects that can be seen and felt immediately.<br />

In just 80 minutes, the<br />

skin is is plumped up from the inside,<br />

wrinkles are smoothed and the facial<br />

contours are remodelled. A thorough<br />

cleansing is followed by a professional<br />

facial massage, which revitalises<br />

and tightens the skin, while our highly<br />

efficient active ingredients penetrate<br />

deep into it. There they counteract<br />

the loss of moisture of the skin. The<br />

facial contours are redefined, the skin<br />

appears rejuvenated and tightened.<br />

80 min. Euro 135,00<br />

Refreshing Toner<br />

Eye Cream<br />

Purifying Line<br />

Fine Aging Line<br />

Natural Peeling<br />

MASK<br />

SERUM<br />

CREAM<br />

Cleansing Milk<br />

Hydro Line<br />

Calming Line<br />

Eye Gel<br />

Lip Balm<br />


8<br />

The inspiration behind our new, innovative<br />

Monte Silva Cura line of skin products is based<br />

on age-old wisdom: “Connecting with nature<br />

keeps us healthy.” It’s not only in traditional<br />

Chinese medicine that forests are synonymous<br />

with growth and regeneration—since<br />

time immemorial, we too have been familiar<br />

with the healing properties of greenery. Forests<br />

have been scientifically proven to have a<br />

beneficial impact on our health: Just one look<br />

at the greenery and we feel our strength returning<br />

to us and our fatigue melting away. Our<br />

Monte Silve Cura products are packed with all<br />

the power of the forest, fresh spring water and<br />

locally-sourced herbs.

• Cleansing Milk -<br />

Cleanses deeply<br />

• Calming Peeling<br />

Cleanses gently<br />

• Fine Aging Serum<br />

Toned skin<br />

• Hand Care Cream<br />

Intense care<br />

• Natural Peeling<br />

Primeval stone mineralisation<br />

• Calming Serum<br />

Regenerative care<br />

• Fine Aging Cream<br />

Regenerates and protects<br />

• Foot Care Cream<br />

Relaxing care<br />

• Refreshing Toner<br />

Fabulously fresh skin<br />

• Calming Cream<br />

Strengthening care<br />

• Fine Aging Mask<br />

Glowing skin<br />

• Sun Cream<br />

Protects and nourishes<br />

• Eye Gel<br />

Revitalising and refreshing<br />

• Calming Mask<br />

Soothing care<br />

• Bee Venom Cream<br />

Regenerating night cream<br />

• Aftersun<br />

Refreshes and soothes<br />

• Lip Balm<br />

Intense care<br />

• Hyrdo Serum<br />

Moisturises intensely<br />

• Hydro Cream<br />

For lasting freshness<br />

• Hydro Mask<br />

Revitalises dry skin<br />

• Purifying Serum<br />

Intense care<br />

• Purifying Cream<br />

Rebalancing, for a pure<br />

complexion<br />

• Purifying Mask<br />

Sensationally clean skin<br />

• Snake Venom Cream<br />

Smoothing and revitalising<br />

• Intense Anti Aging Serum<br />

Skin renewal<br />

• Fine Aging Eye Cream<br />

Visible reduction of wrinkles<br />

• Sportcream<br />

Warms and soothes<br />

• Incense Balm<br />

Revitalise<br />

• Hair & Body Wash<br />

The scent of South Tyrol<br />

• Body Lotion<br />

The nourishment of pine<br />

• Hair Conditioner<br />

Shiny and soft hair<br />




FACIAL TREATM<strong>EN</strong>T (MSC)<br />

KIDS & TE<strong>EN</strong>S<br />

Hydro Man Balance Monte<br />

Silva Cura<br />

Deep cleansing facial treatment<br />

especially for sensitive male skin.<br />

The combination of various herbs<br />

strengthens the skin and gives it<br />

new vitality.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

Intensive care for men<br />

Monte Silva Cura<br />

Enjoy this extraordinary facial<br />

treatment, specially designed for<br />

your sensitive and demanding<br />

male skin. A moisture-retaining<br />

and regenerating intensive care<br />

refines the pores and tightens<br />

men’s skin.<br />

80 min. Euro 125,00<br />

„Children’s eyes shine“<br />

(8-12 years)<br />

Cleansing, massage or mask and<br />

individual care.<br />

25 min. Euro 49,00<br />

„Pure teen skin“<br />

(10-15 years)<br />

Cleansing, peeling, brow shaping,<br />

massage, mask, care.<br />

50 min. Euro 79,00<br />



FACIAL TREATM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Hydrowellness Plus treatment<br />

This treatment focuses on relaxation<br />

and well-being in the foreground.<br />

The skin becomes more<br />

elastic and noticeably firmer. Algae<br />

tiles are applied. By adding<br />

water they dissolve and unfold<br />

their effect.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

Facial care Symphony<br />

Symphony is the complete care<br />

series from Gertraud Gruber in<br />

the premium range. The compositions<br />

of the high-quality care<br />

products are based on pure active<br />

ingredients from nature. Intensively<br />

firming and deeply effective<br />

facial treatment with special anti-age<br />

massage according to the<br />

„Symphony“ method by Gertraud<br />

Gruber Cosmetics. Selected natural<br />

essences enhance the effect<br />

against premature formation of<br />

wrinkles. Individually selected for<br />

your skin, this treatment is an experience<br />

with a visible and noticeable<br />

effect.<br />

80 min. Euro 125,00<br />

Eyelash tinting<br />

Euro 24,00<br />

Eyebrow tinting<br />

Euro 20,00<br />

Plucking eyebrows<br />

into shape<br />

Euro 18,00<br />

Eyelash and<br />

eyebrow tinting<br />

Euro 49,00<br />




TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS IN THE SOFT-PACK® BED<br />

The Soft-Pack® bed is a warm waterbed in which you float softly and relax muscles and spine alike. The<br />

full-body pack can penetrate deep into the skin through the warmth and improve the skin‘s structure. Choose<br />

between the following treatments:<br />

Herbal bath<br />

The herbal mixture relaxes body<br />

and soul.<br />

Swiss stone pine bath<br />

Acts on the respiratory tract,<br />

strengthens the immune system,<br />

relaxes muscles and relieves joint<br />

pain.<br />

Healing earth bath<br />

Has a purifying and detoxifying<br />

effect, promotes blood circulation<br />

and has an exfoliating effect.<br />

Calendula camomile bath<br />

Cell regenerating, soothes irritated<br />

skin and smooths dry skin.<br />

Arnica-John’s wort bath<br />

Reduces stress and relieves tension.<br />

Alkaline bath<br />

Deacidifies and detoxifies the<br />

body.<br />

20 min. each Euro 49,00<br />

Tratterhof’s Classic<br />

• Swiss stone pine bath in the<br />

Soft-Pack® bed<br />

• Partial massage<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

Relaxation package<br />

• Calendula-camomile bath in<br />

the Soft-Pack® bed<br />

• Relaxing massage with<br />

herbal oil<br />

75 min. Euro 119,00<br />

TIP<br />





Tratterhof Time-out massage<br />

This special massage is made up of proven<br />

techniques. The back, shoulders and neck are<br />

specially massaged. Then the main joints of the<br />

body and at the end special relaxation points<br />

on the head and face are treated. As a result,<br />

the entire back is strengthened, the joints are<br />

loosened and restful deep sleep is guaranteed.<br />

This massage is ideal for stress reduction, awakens<br />

vitality and provides excellent services in<br />

burnout prevention.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

80 min. Euro 122,00<br />

Tratterhof Time-out massage +<br />

Freshness kick for the face<br />

Peeling, mask, serum<br />

80 min. Euro 125,00<br />

Monte Silva Swiss Pine Oil Spine Massage<br />

The spinal column plays an important role in<br />

our lives, because it is a central structure in<br />

the body that is in daily use. Along the spine<br />

the nerves connect with all our organs and<br />

then with the brain, our control centre. It only<br />

takes small discrepancies to throw important<br />

functions out of balance or block important<br />

functions. Your tensions along the spine up to<br />

the coccyx are massaged with high quality pine<br />

oil and massaged with special techniques. In<br />

addition the head, the hands and the feet are<br />

massaged. This massage enables to „put everything<br />

back in its place“ without overstraining<br />

the body.<br />

• The essential pine oil removes toxins and<br />

waste products from our body.<br />

• Tensions are released not only in the entire<br />

musculoskeletal system, but also the entire<br />

organ system is reactivated.<br />

At the end of this massage there is a feeling of<br />

being more complete again.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />


Revitalised from head to foot, with Boswellia<br />

A targeted, energising back massage with a<br />

unique energy treatment to stimulate the<br />

supply and flow of the main energy channels,<br />

and a joint-therapy treatment with traditional,<br />

top-quality Boswellia frankincense balm. This<br />

dual massage eases and prevents inflammation,<br />

activates central lymphatic drainage, and<br />

stimulates regeneration on a holistic level.<br />

A gift for the kings of ancient times, Boswellia<br />

frankincense was believed to be the ”sweat of<br />

the Gods,” the “scent of God,” and a sacred substance<br />

with healing properties.<br />

At one time as precious as gold, frankincense<br />

was rediscovered around 20 years ago. It eases<br />

chronic inflammation, depression, bronchitis,<br />

colitis, bleeding and skin conditions, and improves<br />

the memory.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

Classic partial massage<br />

Massage for the back, legs, head and neck area<br />

or the feet.<br />

20 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Classic full body massage<br />

Supports stress relief, activates the metabolism<br />

and relaxes cramped muscles.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />

Individual massage<br />

During the individual massage you discuss with<br />

your wellness therapist the combination of different<br />

massage techniques that you need at the<br />

moment. In the sense of holistic health and spiritual<br />

support.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

Relaxation massage with herbal oil<br />

This full body massage has a profoundly relaxing<br />

effect and reduces stress and lulls the body<br />

into a state of inner peace. Individual choice of<br />

herbs adapted to you.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />

Couples massage - time for two<br />

Treat yourself to a relaxing time-out and experience<br />

how relaxing it is to really switch off<br />

together. Pamper yourself as a couple with a<br />

soothing full-body massage and feel how stress<br />

and hecticness disappear.<br />

50 min. for 2 persons Euro 159,00<br />

Our product reccomendation:<br />

Monte Silva Cura Incense Balm<br />

TIP<br />


Foot zone massage with foot bath<br />

All organs, joints and parts of the body have<br />

reflex zones on the foot. By a special pressure<br />

massage they can be stimulated to self-healing<br />

disorders such as for example spinal problems<br />

and digestive disorders.<br />

50 min.<br />

with short foot bath Euro 86,00<br />

Energetic Stone Ritual<br />

This special ritual with rock crystals and warm<br />

volcanic stones will give you new strength<br />

for your everyday life. The body can get new<br />

energy through the rock crystal and the warm<br />

volcanic stones melt away tensions.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

Sports massage<br />

No matter whether for professional, competitive<br />

or recreational athlete, sports massage aims<br />

to achieve the best possible regeneration and<br />

thus makes an important contribution to the<br />

achievement of peak performance. It is suitable<br />

for all those who prefer a somewhat firmer<br />

massage.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony<br />

The singing bowl ceremony is a highly effective<br />

relaxation method. Physical and mental tensions<br />

and blockages are loosened by the vibrations<br />

and self-healing powers are stimulated.<br />

It is based on ancient knowledge about the<br />

effect of sounds which were used in the Indian<br />

healing arts more than 5000 years ago. Singing<br />

bowls are placed on the clothed body and<br />

struck. The vibrations penetrate the body and<br />

release blockages.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />

Ayurveda: Abhyanga full body massage<br />

During this massage the body is treated with<br />

warm, specially prepared sesame oil. The<br />

hands, together with the oil, wrap the body, invigorate<br />

it, promote detoxification and have a<br />

balancing effect on the skin and hair. The massage<br />

relaxes, nourishes the tissues, alleviates<br />

sleep disturbances and promotes endurance<br />

and concentration.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

80 min. Euro 124,00<br />

TIP<br />

Our tip: Before the massage, we recommend<br />

a treatment in the Soft-Pack® bed<br />

or a visit to the infrared cabin to loosen<br />

the muscles.<br />




Dorn Impulse Treatment<br />

The Dorn impulse treatment offers the possibility<br />

to bring almost all joints of the body into<br />

their original healthy position in a gentle way.<br />

It can be used to give support in case of diseases<br />

which are directly or indirectly related to<br />

the spinal column. Many years of experience<br />

show that adjusting the spine can have a positive<br />

influence on the internal organs as well<br />

as the psyche. This treatment is free of side effects,<br />

harmless and yet very effective.<br />

50 min. Euro 92,00<br />


Breuss massage with St. John’s wort oil<br />

With this gentle and energetic massage of the<br />

spine, the back is carefully stretched to relieve<br />

physical tension. In addition, the regeneration<br />

of undersupplied intervertebral discs is supported<br />

and muscles along the spine are loosened.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

„Free spine“ - Dorn-Breuss massage<br />

This is a combination of the Dorn impulse treatment<br />

and the Breuss massage with St. John’s<br />

wort oil.<br />

80 min. Euro 129,00<br />

Intensive back treatment<br />

with deep relaxation<br />

That gets under your skin. Well-tried methods<br />

are used for this massage. This activates the<br />

body’s self-healing powers and a change of<br />

mood is achieved. Another very pleasent effect<br />

is the release of tensions and adhesions in the<br />

sacrum, back and neck. The ideal combination<br />

of massage, Gua Sha and cupping increases the<br />

metabolism and improves the blood circulation<br />

of the entire back as well as its mobility, which<br />

results in a greater quality of life.<br />

50 min. Euro 86,00<br />

There is power in calmness -<br />

The power of gentle touch<br />

In this gentle form of body massage, gentle<br />

movements of the hand activate the natural regulation<br />

of the body or stimulate it to re-establish<br />

itself. The two poles skull and sacrum play<br />

an important role as they form a unit with the<br />

brain and spinal cord membranes , in which the<br />

fluid pulsates rhythmically. Various complaints<br />

can be specifically alleviated by these treatment<br />

techniques, e.g. headaches and migraines, back<br />

pain, whiplash injuries, chronic whiplash, chronic<br />

pain, dizziness, digestive problems, sleep<br />

disorders, muscle and joint diseases.<br />

50 min. Euro 95,00<br />


R<strong>EN</strong>EWAL THROUGH B<strong>EN</strong>EFICIAL CLEANSING<br />


Dead skin cells are gently loosened, the skin is nourished and receives a<br />

new glow. We also recommend a peeling before every massage.<br />

Peeling with Dead Sea Salt<br />

for supple skin<br />

20 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Peeling with alkaline salt<br />

to deacidify and detoxify the body<br />

20 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Peeling with stone pine and<br />

alpine marble dust<br />

20 min. Euro 48,00<br />

Peeling with hay flowers and<br />

apricot kernels<br />

20 min. Euro 48,00<br />






KIDS<br />

Depilation<br />

Legs to knee Euro 36,00<br />

Legs complete Euro 46,00<br />

Bikini line Euro 24,00<br />

Armpits Euro 22,00<br />

Legs to knees, armpits<br />

& bikini line Euro 73,00<br />

Aesthetic manicure<br />

without varnish<br />

approx 40 min. Euro 49,00<br />

with varnish to go + Euro 10,00<br />

with semi-permanent polish<br />

approx 80 min. Euro 84,00<br />

Pedicure aesthetic<br />

without varnish<br />

approx 50 min. Euro 59,00<br />

with varnish to go + Euro 10,00<br />

Pedicure intensive<br />

Manicure with varnish to go<br />

(8–15 years)<br />

25 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Pedicure with varnish to go<br />

(8–15 years)<br />

40 min. Euro 59,00<br />

Back Euro 19,00 – 32,00<br />

Upper lip Euro 12,00<br />

Chest/belly Euro 19,00 – 32,00<br />

Arms Euro 25,00<br />

without varnish<br />

approx 80 min. Euro 99,00<br />

with varnish to go + Euro 10,00<br />

„Suddenly a Princess“<br />

(8–15 years)<br />

Small manicure + small pedicure<br />

with varnish to go, facial massage.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />



DETOX TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS<br />

22<br />

Through the following treatments, stored acids<br />

can be eliminated in a targeted manner exactly<br />

where they manifest in the body. Many describe<br />

the feeling after the Detox treatments<br />

as follows: „My tissue feels lighter, freer, more<br />

flowing.“<br />

Alkaline bath<br />

Deacidifies and detoxifies the body.<br />

20 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Peeling with primal rock<br />

The effect of valuable herbal oils in combination<br />

with primary rock from our mountains immediately<br />

beautifies the skin, makes it velvety<br />

soft and refines the skin texture. Ideal as a supplement<br />

before any further care, which, thanks<br />

to the peeling, develops a deeper effect.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />

Honey massage<br />

A deep cleansing of the connective tissue. The<br />

honey massage is a Russian folk remedy that<br />

has proven its positive effects for a long time.<br />

Through a special tapping technique on the<br />

back, the honey is worked deeper and deeper<br />

into the connective tissue. The reflex zones can<br />

thus again comunicate with the organs via the<br />

nerve, blood and lymphatic channels. The massage<br />

acts on the connective tissue and draws<br />

waste toxins and other waste products from<br />

the body tissues. In addition, disturbances are<br />

balanced and various pains influenced in a positive<br />

way.<br />

50 min. Euro 84,00<br />

The Salt-Honey Massage<br />

In combination with a special alkaline salt this<br />

type of honey massage supports your acid-base<br />

balance. Through a special technique, the<br />

honey and base salt are worked deeper and<br />

deeper into the connective tissue. With the<br />

salt-honey massage, you can enjoy the same<br />

positive effects of the honey massage. In addition,<br />

it achieves beneficial effects on rheumatic<br />

disorders, arthritis, arthrosis, food intolerances,<br />

allergies, diabetes, migraine, hypertension<br />

and high blood pressure.<br />

50 min. Euro 87,00<br />

Alkaline package:<br />

· Alkaline bath<br />

· Honey massage<br />

Consiglio<br />

75 min. Euro 132,00


VITALPINA & BELVITA TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS<br />

KIDS<br />

Massage with almond oil<br />

(6-12 years)<br />

This massage has a soothing and relaxing effect<br />

on the legs and back of the child. It relieves<br />

muscle tension, increases well-being and promotes<br />

the child’s inner calm.<br />

20 min. Euro 45,00<br />

Full body massage<br />

(10-15 years)<br />

40 min. Euro 62,00<br />

Vitalpina® package<br />

· 1 Vitalpina® hay brush<br />

peeling<br />

· 1 Vitalpina® full body<br />

massage with juniper and<br />

apple extracts<br />

Treat your body to a luxurious pampering<br />

session with this ritual. A hay brush<br />

peel primes your skin for a relaxing<br />

massage, while a special extract leaves<br />

your skin deeply moisturised and silky<br />

soft.<br />

80 min. Euro 129,00<br />

Belvita Premium Spa<br />

full body massage<br />

This treatment can be used as an activating<br />

or relaxing massage. Both<br />

rituals serve to reduce stress and lead<br />

to a better night’s sleep. The St. John’s<br />

wort oil is used for relaxation after a<br />

quiet day in the spa, while Swiss stone<br />

pine oil has an activating effect after<br />

a strenuous day of sport. We recommend<br />

30 minutes of rest in the Monte<br />

Silva Beauty Relax room.<br />

50 min. Euro 89,00<br />




Our modern fitness studio with adjacent exercise<br />

room on the 4th floor was born with the idea<br />

of being equally suitable for both performance<br />

and figure training. Accordingly, it has been<br />

equipped with new equipment from Technogym,<br />

which leaves nothing to be desired.<br />

The studio offers beginners as well as advanced<br />

ones great possibilities of modern fitness. Everyone<br />

will find a full optional performance world<br />

to let off steam.<br />

Open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.<br />

24<br />

A detailed description of the<br />

devices can be found on our website<br />

in the form of 3D panoramas<br />

with photos and videos.




With its magnificent location and spectacular<br />

views of the Dolomites, our Skyroom on the 5th<br />

floor is ideal for a wide variety of group training<br />

sessions: Movement, meditation and yoga could<br />

almost be unconsciously embedded within the<br />

very DNA of this room.<br />

The Tratterhof offers a variety-packed weekly<br />

program and regular events weeks with experienced<br />

trainers who provide precious inspiration<br />

for a healthier life even after your holiday<br />

has come to an end, offering participants an invaluable<br />

impetus to live a more mindful lifestyle.<br />

Take a look online to find out more about our<br />

extensive weekly program.<br />

We will be delighted to offer you the opportunity<br />

to rent our Skyroom for your private yoga<br />

sessions. For more information, please contact<br />

reception.<br />

Private coaching: Yoga or Qi Gong<br />

Rediscover your inner balance through personalised<br />

coaching, high-energy movement and<br />

correct breathing techniques.<br />

Yoga:<br />

1 person ca. 75 min. Euro 134,00<br />

2 persons ca. 75 min. Euro 150,00<br />

Qi Gong:<br />

1 person ca. 50 min. Euro 89,00<br />

2 persons ca. 50 min. Euro 105,00




The effect of the sauna<br />

Sweating in the sauna trains the body’s thermoregulatory<br />

system. Through the interplay of<br />

warmth and cold the blood vessels in the skin<br />

and in the mucous membranes of the respiratory<br />

tract are stimulated. In this way the body<br />

learns to adapt to different temperatures. As a<br />

result, flu infections are prevented.<br />

The steam sauna<br />

The steam sauna and cabins with particularly<br />

humid air mainly have an effect on the respiratory<br />

tract and mucous membranes. In conjunction<br />

with the aromas and oils used, an antibacterial<br />

and metabolism-stimulating effect is gained.<br />

In addition, a visit to the wet cabins has a noticeable<br />

beauty effect. Especially in combination<br />

with peelings and re-fattening, the uppermost<br />

layers of skin are rejuvenated and cared for. After<br />

a visit to the steam bath, a lukewarm shower<br />

and a long resting phase is recommended.<br />

The Finnish sauna<br />

Finnish saunas are dry, hot-air baths with intermediate<br />

cooling stimuli and have proven to<br />

have a positive effect on health. The interaction<br />

of heat and cooling stimuli promotes the blood<br />

circulation of the skin and mucous membranes,<br />

gently trains the cardiovascular system, adjusts<br />

blood pressure and blood distribution, increases<br />

the defence forces against infections, helps<br />

to cleanse the skin and to regenerate cells and<br />

has a relaxing effect on the psyche and musculature.<br />



• Take your time for your visit to the sauna! You need at least two hours to<br />

enjoy the sauna.<br />

• Avoid exertion, rushing and stress! Do not visit the sauna hungry or with a full<br />

stomach! Two hours should have passed between the sauna and your last<br />

large meal.<br />

• Take a cleansing shower and dry yourself before entering the sauna. Dry<br />

yourself thoroughly before entering the cabin.<br />

• Only enter the sauna when you are warm! A warm foot bath beforehand<br />

will also promote sweating.<br />

• Never enter the sauna dressed, as the heat should reach your skin unhindered.<br />

This also prevents sweat from remaining on your body and prevents<br />

skin irritation.<br />

• Avoid physical exertion! Any activity such as gymnastics can lead to unnecessary<br />

strain on the circulation and breathing.<br />

• We recommend between 10 and 15 minutes per sauna session depending<br />

on your personal well-being. Leave the sauna if you no longer feel well.<br />

• Cool down after the sauna session! Breathe deeply in the fresh air and then<br />

rub yourself with cold water or ice: first the arms and legs, then the back<br />

and torso - from the extremities to the heart - and finally the head. To cool<br />

down completely, you can use the plunge pool. Before going into the plunge<br />

pool always take a cooling shower!<br />

• After cooling down, a light warming of the feet with a warm foot bath and<br />

putting on socks will have a soothing effect on the whole body.<br />

• Take a break and relax! Between sauna sessions we recommend a rest period<br />

of at least 30 minutes.<br />

• Repeat the sauna session no more than three times. Even in summer a<br />

visit to the sauna is good for your health, strengthens your immune system<br />

and has a cooling effect on the body.<br />

• Ask our competent staff for more information. They will be happy to advise<br />

you on the treatments on offer and on the effects of the sauna and the daily<br />

infusion programme.<br />

• After the sauna, drink enough water/tea again.<br />




• The Monte Silva Adults Only sauna area (1st and 2nd floor) including whirlpool<br />

and cold pool is a nude area and reserved for guests aged 16 and<br />

older.<br />

• The sauna is a nude area and may therefore only be entered unclothed.<br />

No T-shirts or similar clothing may be worn outside the saunas either. Bath<br />

towels, bathrobes or sauna kilts are permitted.<br />

• The entire sauna area may only be entered with bathing shoes. In the<br />

saunas themselves - in the wet, steam and dry saunas - bathing shoes<br />

must be removed.<br />

• Before using the sauna, each guest must shower and then dry off well.<br />

• In the sauna, a sufficiently large bath towel should be placed on the benches<br />

as a seat pad. Exceptions are the wet and steam saunas, in which the<br />

designated towel should be used. The seats in the steam sauna must be<br />

rinsed with water before and after the sauna session.<br />

• Swimming and plunge pools as well as whirlpools may only be used after a<br />

thorough shower.<br />

• It is not permitted to change the technical settings of the sauna. Changing<br />

the temperature, performing infusions, the operation of ventilation<br />

devices and fans etc. are reserved for the hotel staff.<br />

• The use of mobile phones, cameras, tablets, watches, glasses with cameras,<br />

etc. is prohibited in the sauna area.<br />

• Every guest should be aware of the effects of the high temperatures and<br />

humidity on their organism. If you have any health problems, we recommend<br />

that you consult a doctor before visiting the sauna.<br />

• As the sauna area is a nudist area, correct and respectful behaviour towards<br />

other guests is indispensable.<br />

• The Dress-on family sauna is located next to the indoor pool and the beautyfarm<br />

(floor -1).<br />

In order not to disturb other guests, we kindly ask you respect the pleasant<br />

peace and quiet in our sauna world.<br />



%<br />

(valid<br />

FROM 3 TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS 5 %<br />

FROM 5 TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS 10 %<br />

FROM 8 TREATM<strong>EN</strong>TS 15 %<br />

per person and stay)<br />


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