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<strong>Baling</strong> & <strong>Wrapping</strong> <strong>Technology</strong><br />

For <strong>Industrial</strong> Applications<br />

Professional BALING and WRAPPING TECHNOLOGY from Austria.<br />


MASCHIN<strong>EN</strong>BAU GMBH<br />

The name Göweil has been synonymous with the highest quality product range in the bale wrapping and baling technology sector since 1988.<br />

Other core areas include the production of bale opening and transport devices, high lift buckets as well as blade sharpeners.<br />

Company locations in Kirchschlag (above) and Rainbach (below)<br />


Professional solutions from the agricultural sector for industrial applications<br />

As an exceptionally high portion of its products are exported, GÖWEIL machines have become renowned and are widely used throughout the world.<br />

The company originally specialized in the production of agricultural machines, although nowadays the machines have also been optimized for the<br />

industrial sector.<br />

GÖWEIL is characterized by the following four values:<br />

Quality.<br />

Efficiency.<br />

Know-how.<br />

Service.<br />

All products are designed, developed,<br />

and produced at the company's sites<br />

in Kirchschlag and Rainbach (Upper<br />

Austria).<br />

By constantly refining our<br />

product range, we able to supply cutting-edge<br />

solutions that offer premium<br />

quality<br />

and superior efficiency.<br />

Years of experience, as well as close<br />

cooperation between design and<br />

manufacturing, are the keys to our<br />

well-thought-out solutions.<br />

Even the best machine needs maintenance.<br />

Our service team is there for<br />

you and will take care of your request.<br />


Our solutions:<br />

Mobile wrapping machine (SMF)<br />

IW300-C 4 - 7<br />

Roll-off container with integrated square bale wrapper and automatic<br />

program control. Maximum bale length: 1.40 meters.<br />

Stationary wrapping machine<br />

IW400 8 - 13<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> machine for stationary operation. Loading and wrapping<br />

square bales with automatic program control. Individually adjustable<br />

due to modular system.<br />

Baler-wrapper combination<br />

VARIO-MASTER V140 14 - 19<br />

Bale and wrap a range of different materials in a single process. Including<br />

automatic program control with remote control.<br />

Pallet wrapper<br />

G1010 20 - 23<br />

Transport, wrap, and load palletized goods in a single process. All work<br />

cycles are carried out fully automatically.<br />


IW300-C<br />

Mobile wrapping machine (SMF)<br />

The container wrapping machine has been specially developed from SMF (synthetic mineral fibers). In order to release as few health-endangering<br />

fibers as possible, the wrapper was enclosed in a roll-off container and equipped with an extraction system.<br />

Workflow<br />

Reference project<br />

The SMF waste is transported to a bale press, where the material is pressed<br />

and bound into square bales measuring up to 75 x 105 x 140 cm. The bale<br />

is then pushed directly into the container wrapper.<br />

As soon as the bale is recognized by the bale manipulator, it grips and<br />

raises the bale onto the wrapping table. Once the manipulator is back in its<br />

starting position, the wrapping process begins.<br />

When the wrapping process is complete, the continuous conveyor belt of<br />

the wrapping table is tensioned and the finished bale is transferred through<br />

the roller shutter to the bale conveyor belt in the removal position. Processing<br />

the next bale starts automatically.<br />

Fully wrapped square bale on conveyor belt<br />

IW300-C docked to an ABBA bale press during loading<br />


PROFI plus L terminal<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> unit<br />

Bale manipulator<br />


IW300-C<br />


3<br />

2<br />

1<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

1 Closed roll-off container with transfer lock and<br />

extraction system:<br />

The sealed container with transfer lock ensures minimal fiber leakage. An<br />

extraction system is optionally available. The container can be easily transported<br />

using a hook attachment. Cleaning the interior is straightforward<br />

thanks to three hinged doors.<br />

2 Bale manipulator:<br />

The bale manipulator automatically detects the bale, measures it, and grips<br />

it in the middle. The bale is lifted and placed on the wrapping table (likewise<br />

in the middle) by a chain drive. It is positioned using reed switches. The<br />

wrapping process only starts once the manipulator is back in its starting<br />

position.<br />

3 Extension:<br />

In the working position, the extension is driven out to ensure the radius<br />

required for straightforward wrapping. It is easy to change the film thanks<br />

to an integrated door in the extension, whereby the wrapping arm is in the<br />

starting position.<br />

4 <strong>Wrapping</strong> arm with wrapping table:<br />

GÖWEIL's long-term tried and tested wrapping technology guarantees clean<br />

bale wrapping. The single wrapping arm with 750 mm film pre-stretcher<br />

and film cutter also has a film monitoring system that switches off the<br />

wrapping process if the film tears or runs out. Once the wrapping process<br />

is complete, the bale conveyor belt of the wrapping table is tensioned and<br />

the bale is transferred to the bale conveyor belt.<br />

5 Roller shutter and bale conveyor belt:<br />

The roller shutter opens automatically as soon as the bale is removed from<br />

the wrapping table. The finished bale is placed on the hydraulically rotatable<br />

conveyor belt for removal. To transport the wrapper, the conveyor belt<br />

is retracted into the container via the roller shutter.<br />

6 Control system, drive, and main control cabinet:<br />

Control is realized by a specially developed fully automatic control system<br />

PROFI with user-friendly PROFI plus L terminal. The central main control<br />

cabinet with integrated control system and rotating field monitoring is integrated<br />

in the base machine. The central hydraulic oil supply is provided by<br />

a hydraulic unit with a 30 l tank including tank heating and level monitoring<br />

and has an oil cooling system in the return line. Pressure and return flow<br />

filters are also installed as standard.<br />


IW300-C<br />

EQUIPM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Basic model<br />

• Roll-off container for hook lift<br />

• Hydraulic extension<br />

with integrated door for film change<br />

• Double wing door<br />

for cleaning or bale removal in the event of binding errors<br />

• Transfer lock<br />

with safety query to the baler<br />

• Bale insertion<br />

for positioning the last bale for the bale manipulator<br />

• Bale manipulator including bale monitoring<br />

• <strong>Wrapping</strong> unit<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> table with continuous bale conveyor belt; single wrapping arm<br />

with 750 mm film pre-stretcher and film monitoring<br />

• Hydraulically rotatable bale conveyor belt<br />

and automatic roller shutter for bale ejection<br />

• Program control PROFI<br />

All work cycles are fully automatic<br />

• PROFI plus L terminal<br />

on the bale ejection side<br />

• Main control cabinet<br />

with rotating field monitoring<br />

• Fully automatic central lubrication for grease<br />

• Connection for extraction system (Ø 150 mm)<br />

Technical data // Basic model<br />

Dimensions<br />

Weight<br />

Drive output<br />

Cycle time<br />

Bale size<br />

Bale weight<br />

Safety technology<br />

6,500 x 2,550 x 2,750 mm<br />

8,000 kg<br />

7.5 kW (32A / 5-pin)<br />

approx. 4 min / bale<br />

max. 75 x 105 x 140 cm<br />

400-700 kg (max. 900 kg)<br />

24V DC<br />




FROM THE<br />


TO THE<br />


SYSTEM<br />


IW400<br />

Stationary wrapping machine<br />

The IW400 wrapping machine is the ideal choice for wrapping square bales. It is used to film-wrap bales produced by industrial balers, so that bales<br />

can be optimally stored. It provides an ideal temporary storage solution for daily waste, especially during plant maintenance periods. Thanks to the<br />

modular system, the industrial wrapper can be perfectly adapted to every customer requirement.<br />

IW400 with front loading and safety fence<br />

LxWxH: 5500 x 4700 x 3700 mm<br />

3700 mm<br />

5500 mm<br />

4700 mm<br />

IW400 basic model<br />

• <strong>Wrapping</strong> unit<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> table with bale conveyor belt<br />

Feed cut-off<br />

Single wrapping arm with film pre-stretcher for 750 mm<br />

Film cutter<br />

Film monitoring<br />

• Electro-hydraulic drive<br />

Power supply 32A (400V)<br />

• Main control cabinet<br />

with rotating field monitoring<br />

• Automatic central lubrication for grease<br />

• Platform for film change<br />

• Safety fence according to customer requirements<br />

Optionally with doors<br />

(billing in running meters)<br />

• Program control with graphic terminal<br />

Technical data // Basic model<br />

Dimensions LxWxH<br />

Drive output<br />

Bale size<br />

Bale weight<br />

5,500 x 4,700 x 3,700 mm<br />

400V / 32A<br />

80 x 80 cm to 120 x 400 cm<br />

max. 1,500 kg<br />

IW400 additional equipment<br />

• Weighing system<br />

with weighing table, weighing terminal, and label printer<br />

• Twin wrapping arm*<br />

with single-film mode and second platform for film change<br />

IW400 auxiliary modules*<br />

• RFB60<br />

Remnant conveyor belt – removes remnants beneath the wrapping<br />

machine<br />

• BFB42<br />

For single use, for loading and unloading on one side<br />

For double use, for conveying the bales through<br />

• BFB15<br />

Bale conveyor belt – for depositing two bales<br />

(only in combination with at least one BFB42)<br />

• AB400<br />

Automatic bale feeding<br />

with bale manipulator, bale monitoring, and safety fence<br />

* only with side loading of the IW400<br />


IW400<br />


Stationary wrapping machine<br />

Layout of the fully equipped IW400 wrapping machine<br />

including all modules with description:<br />

1<br />

6<br />

5<br />

2<br />

3<br />

1<br />

IW400 wrapping machine<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> table with bale conveyor belt<br />

The roller tubes arranged on both sides are connected to each other by<br />

control rods. This results in forced control which, in conjunction with the<br />

conveyor belt, produces a clamping effect on the bale. This means that the<br />

wrapping table ensures reliable bale guidance, especially with rectangular<br />

bale dimensions. Once the wrapping process is complete, the conveyor<br />

belt of the wrapping table is tensioned and the bale is transferred to the<br />

conveyor belt.<br />

<strong>Wrapping</strong> arm with film pre-stretcher<br />

Both the single and twin wrapping arms are equipped with 750 mm film<br />

pre-stretchers and film cutters. The wrapping units also have a film monitoring<br />

system that switches off the wrapping process if the film tears or<br />

comes to an end. The optional twin wrapping arm with single-film mode<br />

also finishes wrapping bales with one roll of film. GÖWEIL's long-term tried<br />

and tested wrapping technology guarantees clean bale wrapping.<br />

Platform for film change<br />

A fixed platform is installed behind the wrapping unit for changing the film,<br />

allowing the wrapping film to be changed at a comfortable working height.<br />

A second platform is included with the optional twin wrapping arm. This<br />

makes it easier to change film on the second wrapping arm and also serves<br />

as a transfer aid for the RFB60 remnant conveyor belt auxiliary module.<br />

Main control cabinet and hydraulic oil supply<br />

The central main control cabinet with integrated control system and rotating<br />

field monitoring is integrated in the base machine and gives users the<br />

option of expanding the system with all optional modules.<br />

The central hydraulic oil supply is provided by a hydraulic unit with a 30 l<br />

tank including tank heating and level monitoring and has an oil cooling<br />

system in the return line. Pressure and return flow filters are also installed<br />

as standard. Connections for the automatic bale feeding are provided.<br />

Safety fence<br />

The safety fence can vary depending on the equipment of the wrapping<br />

unit and the customer's local conditions and is offered in meters. Optional<br />

access doors can also be integrated, complete with door locking. This<br />

makes changing the film easier, and also simplifies maintenance and servicing<br />

work. A light grid for the bale loading and unloading zone can be<br />

installed as a safety precaution if required.<br />

Program control<br />

The entire machine or system is controlled fully automatically via the program<br />

control developed specifically for the required program sequences.<br />

Navigation, work sequences and maintenance processes are displayed<br />

simply and clearly on a graphic terminal. The operating terminal can be<br />

installed at several positions around the system.<br />


7<br />

3700 mm<br />

10500 mm<br />

8700 mm<br />

LxWxH: 8700 x 10,500 x 3700 mm<br />

4<br />

IW400 auxiliary modules<br />

IW400 additional equipment<br />

2 Weighing system<br />

The weighing system consists of a weighing table, weighing terminal, and<br />

label printer. Four bending beam weighing cells are directly integrated into<br />

the wrapping table. The weighing process for the wrapped bales runs automatically,<br />

ensuring that there are no time delays in the workflow. The bales<br />

can be weighed individually or even analyzed as a complete batch. The<br />

label printer depicts information such as the bale weight, date, and time.<br />

3 Twin wrapping arm<br />

The standard single wrapping arm can be optionally upgraded with a twin<br />

wrapping arm, which allows the bales to be wrapped simultaneously with<br />

two rolls of 750-mm wrapping film. The patented plastic rollers ensure<br />

that the film is evenly pre-stretched. Single-film mode is integrated into<br />

the twin wrapping arm so that wrapping bales can be completed without<br />

interruption, even if one film tears or comes to an end. If both wrapping<br />

films run out or tear, the film monitoring automatically stops the wrapping<br />

process.<br />

4 RFB60 remnant conveyor belt<br />

A 6 m long remnant conveyor belt can be optionally positioned beneath the<br />

wrapping table. This transports remnants that come loose from the bale<br />

during bale transfer or the wrapping process out of the fenced system,<br />

thereby simplifying cleaning work and enabling baled material remnants to<br />

be returned to the baling process.<br />

5 BFB42 bale conveyor belt<br />

Up to two 4.2 m long bale conveyor belts can be adapted for simple and<br />

faster loading and unloading of the wrapping unit, making it possible to<br />

load and unload the conveyor belts during the wrapping process. This<br />

works both directly with a forklift and with the AB400 (automatic bale feeding;<br />

see point 7).<br />

6 BFB15 bale conveyor belt<br />

To speed up the process of loading and unloading bales, an additional 1.5 m<br />

long conveyor belt can be placed upstream of a BFB42 for the intermediate<br />

storage of bales that have already been wrapped.<br />

7 AB400 Automatic bale feeding<br />

The AB400 is an automatic bale feeding system that can take the bale<br />

directly from the waste compaction system. The unwrapped bale is then<br />

picked up by a bale manipulator and placed on a BFB42 bale conveyor belt<br />

for transport to the wrapping table.<br />


IW400<br />


Stationary wrapping machine<br />

List of further possible versions<br />

IW400 with side bale loading and single wrapping arm<br />

LxWxH: 5900 x 5100 x 3700 mm<br />

3700 mm<br />

5900 mm<br />

5100 mm<br />

IW400 with side bale loading, twin wrapping arm, and RFB60 remnant conveyor belt<br />

LxWxH: 7000 x 5100 x 3700 mm<br />

3700 mm<br />

5900 mm<br />

7000 mm<br />

5100 mm<br />


IW400 with side bale loading, twin wrapping arm, RFB60 remnant conveyor belt, BFB42 & BFB15 bale conveyor belts<br />

LxWxH: 7000 x 9100 x 3700 mm<br />

7600 mm<br />

1500 mm<br />

IW400 with side bale loading, twin wrapping arm, RFB60 remnant conveyor belt, and 2x BFB42 bale conveyor belts<br />

LxWxH: 7000 x 10,500 x 3700 mm<br />

10500 mm<br />



Baler-wrapper combination<br />

GÖWEIL's VARIO-Master is the number one baler-wrapper combination for round bales. Originally designed for agriculture, the applications of the<br />

VARIO-Master have expanded enormously over time. A wide range of finely chopped materials can be processed into perfectly pressed and wrapped<br />

round bales. The robust design and durability of the baler-wrapper combination speak for themselves, consequently our customers include both<br />

contractors and large-scale agricultural and industrial enterprises from all over the world.<br />

Advantages of the baler-wrapper<br />

combination<br />

High compression<br />

The high bale density compresses the material to a minimal volume, saving<br />

valuable storage space.<br />

Machine set-up<br />

A major plus! The machine is ready for use in around three minutes.<br />

Optimum control<br />

The "PROFI" program control checks the entire process sequence fully automatically<br />

by means of the bus system. The operator is merely required<br />

to monitor the machine.<br />

Fast and agile<br />

The pivoting drawbar can swivel up to 30° on either side. This provides a<br />

tight turning radius and allows the machine to be powered from either side.<br />

Well lubricated<br />

The central lubrication continuously supplies the main lubrication points<br />

with grease and oil. This ensures a very long service life and minimal wear<br />

and tear.<br />

No distance too far<br />

The 80 km/h chassis allows you to reach any job site quickly, whether by<br />

tractor or truck (80 km/h chassis only when using the dual-line air brake<br />

system, including ABS).<br />

Brake system<br />

A dual-line air brake system or a hydraulic dual-line brake system is fitted<br />

as standard.<br />

Never run short<br />

With a hydraulically folding film storage unit holding up to 18 rolls of film,<br />

the VARIO-Master is ideally suited to long workdays.<br />

Perfectly lit<br />

The LED lighting system provides perfect illumination when using the<br />

VARIO-Master at night.<br />


Materials suitable for baling<br />

The VARIO-Master offers a quick and easy solution to the problem of having to store and transport various kinds of material. The materials are<br />

chopped prior to baling. The round bales are ideal for temporary storage as well as compact transport. Pressed into a bale, the material stays clean<br />

and dry.<br />

Compaction rates of between 30% and 70% can be achieved depending on the size and structure of the material.<br />

RDF / substitute fuels:<br />

The storage of garbage and waste is an ever-growing problem. Some materials<br />

are prepared for further processing and used as substitute fuels.<br />

Plastics:<br />

Plastic films and solid residues with a grain size of up to 50 mm<br />

Wood / wood shavings:<br />

Wood shavings, chopped brushwood, wood wool, bark mulch or sawdust<br />

Other materials:<br />

Grain, sugar beet pulp, bagasse, miscanthus, horse manure, compost,<br />

shredded carpet, and many more.<br />

Chopped brushwood<br />

Sugar beet pulp<br />

RDF – solid waste material<br />

Shredded carpet<br />

Horse manure<br />




2<br />

3<br />

1<br />

Feeding system / dosing<br />

Low-profile design:<br />

The low profile design and 3.50 meter width of the feeder make the filling<br />

process quick and easy – whether you use a dump trailer, push-off trailer,<br />

truck, or direct feeding.<br />

Large-capacity Multicrop feeder:<br />

The Multicrop feeder provides a large buffer with a volume of around 13 m³.<br />

This large capacity keeps the VARIO-Master V140 running during feeding.<br />

In order to better process the many different materials, the feeder has<br />

been equipped with a dosing drum. This and the feed screws ensure the<br />

even flow of materials on the elevator and also optimally process fibrous<br />

material.<br />

Scraper floor:<br />

The speed of the scraper floor adapts to the quantity of material and is automatically<br />

self-regulating. The galvanized, die-forged scraper floor chains<br />

from Rübig used on the elevator and feeder are almost indestructible.<br />

2 Baler<br />

Hydraulically powered variable bale chamber:<br />

Two bale chamber belts permanently ensure high compression of the material.<br />

Bale diameter and bale density are set on the terminal. The round<br />

bales can be pressed with a diameter from 80 to 140 cm, adjustable in 5<br />

cm steps. The hydraulic drive allows the speed of the bale chamber to be<br />

adjusted to the baled material in four stages.<br />

Long service life:<br />

Large, sealed bearings and a perfectly adapted lubrication system guarantee<br />

a long machine service life.<br />

Net or film:<br />

An efficient binding system is needed to keep a bale in perfect condition.<br />

The VARIO-Master V140 is equipped as standard with a combined dual binding<br />

unit for net and film.<br />

Refeed belt:<br />

The refeed belt running underneath the entire length of the machine prevents<br />

loss of material; stray material that escapes during the baling process<br />

is caught and fed back to the elevator without getting dirty.<br />

Water injection unit:<br />

Adds water to dry materials during baling.<br />


1<br />

3<br />

Wrapper<br />

Mobile wrapping table:<br />

The wrapping table slides under the bale chamber and picks up the bales<br />

directly, quickly and gently.<br />

Twin wrapping arm:<br />

The wrapper always stays one revolution ahead, thanks to its standard<br />

twin wrapping arm including 2 x 750 mm film pre-stretchers. The patented<br />

plastic rollers mean more bales per roll of film.<br />

Film monitoring and single-film mode:<br />

If the film runs out or tears, the feed rate of the wrapping table is reduced<br />

until a 50% overlap is guaranteed once more. This allows bale wrapping to<br />

be completed without interruption. If both wrapping films run out or tear,<br />

the film monitoring stops the wrapping process.<br />

Bale delivery ramp:<br />

The hydraulically lowerable bale delivery ramp ensures a gentle bale deposit.<br />

Film cutter:<br />

The stainless steel cutting knife guarantees precise cutting of the film. The<br />

standard float position of the film cutter ensures easy release of the film,<br />

which means that no remnants are trapped.<br />

Control system<br />

Program control PROFI with PROFI plus L terminal<br />

The VARIO-Master is operated with the PROFI plus L terminal. The user interface<br />

is structured intuitively and enables easy operation of the machine.<br />

The entire work process as well as the machine settings are depicted via<br />

the display. Via the terminal's USB port, the language and customer logos<br />

for the weighing system with label printer can be imported with ease and<br />

customer account data exported in CSV format.<br />



EQUIPM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Fast, simple, and fully automatic. Every last detail contributes to an optimum material flow, ensuring that the VARIO-Master delivers top-class<br />

throughput performance. Here is an overview of all the equipment of the baler-wrapper combination:<br />

Basic model<br />

With EU type-approval for up to 80 km/h<br />

• Twin wrapping arm<br />

• Hydraulically powered variable bale chamber for bale diameters<br />

from 80 - 140 cm<br />

• Dual binding unit for net and film<br />

• On-board hydraulic system with oil cooler<br />

• Two belts for high compression of the material<br />

• Refeed belt to prevent possible loss of material<br />

• Integrated Multicrop feeder (working width 3.50 m)<br />

• Hydraulic mobile wrapping table<br />

• 4 bale conveyor belts with belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers<br />

• Bale deposit towards the front via hydraulic bale delivery ramp<br />

• Height-adjustable drawbar<br />

• Film pre-stretcher 500 mm and 750 mm combined with overlap<br />

adjustment<br />

• Film cutter<br />

• Film monitoring<br />

• Single-film mode<br />

• Tandem axle chassis with suspension and 385/55 R22.5 tires<br />

• Hydraulically lowerable film storage for up to 18 rolls of film<br />

• LED work lights<br />

• Dual-line air brake system<br />

• Camera system<br />

The four cameras are positioned so as to allow a clear view of the top of<br />

the bale chamber, the elevator, the wrapping table, and the rear of the<br />

machine (on the right in the direction of travel).<br />

• Water injection unit for bale chamber<br />

Consists of a solenoid valve, tubing, and adjustable nozzles. For adding<br />

water to dry materials<br />

• Remote control for bale deposit<br />

• Fully automatic central lubrication system for oil and grease<br />

• Program control PROFI<br />

All work cycles are fully automatic<br />

Additional equipment<br />

• Electric drive<br />

Comprises a 90 kW electric motor with soft starter. Complete with<br />

control cabinet, wiring, base with forklift slings, emergency shutoff, and<br />

main switch<br />

Required connections for electric motor: 400V/50 Hz, CEE 125A, protection<br />

class IP55<br />

• Weighing system uncalibrated<br />

Consisting of weighing table, weighing terminal, and label printer with<br />

GÖWEIL logo or customer logo<br />

• Weighing system calibrated<br />

Consisting of weighing table, weighing terminal, and label printer with<br />

GÖWEIL logo or customer logo<br />

• Bale delivery ramp with bale tipper<br />

The bale can be set down gently on the face side (left or right) or deposited<br />

towards the front<br />

• Silage additive dosing<br />

Dosistar control unit, pump with filter, electronic flow meter, various<br />

nozzles, suction hose for external container<br />

Important! Tank not included<br />

• Silage additive tank<br />

450 liter stainless steel tank mounted on the machine<br />

• ABS voltage transformer<br />

12V to 24V<br />

• 24V lighting system version<br />

Consisting of spiral cable with 15-pin to 13-pin and<br />

2x 7-pin to 13-pin<br />

• Drawbar eye types: A, B, C, D, E, G<br />


1<br />

2<br />

Required connections<br />

• 1 double-acting and 1 single-acting control device for the pivoting<br />

drawbar<br />

• 7-pin socket for the entire lighting system, except work lights<br />

• Power is supplied to the machine via the ISOBUS socket or the cable<br />

harness provided<br />

3 4<br />

Technical data // Basic model<br />

Transport position Work position<br />

Weight<br />

15,800 kg<br />

Length 11,780 mm 14,170 mm<br />

Width 2,550 mm max. 6,130 mm<br />

Height 4,000 mm max. 4,375 mm<br />

Round bale diameter<br />

from 80 to 140 cm<br />

Image description<br />

1) The pressed bales are air-tight packaged with a twin wrapping arm<br />

2) Bale delivery ramp with bale tipper<br />

3) The weighing system generates printed labels<br />

4) 90 kW electric drive – ideal for operating in sheds<br />

Power requirement of the towing vehicle<br />

Oil requirement pivoting drawbar<br />

Power requirement<br />

10 l at 200 bar (2.5 gal 200 bar)<br />

at least 90 kW (at least 120 hp)<br />

Area for the drive:<br />

Tractor<br />

Electric motor 1,773 x 1,323 mm (blue)<br />

16000 mm<br />

Required work area:<br />

Bale delivery ramp<br />

30°<br />

3500 mm<br />

6700 mm<br />

Area for<br />

bale deposit<br />

Bale delivery ramp with<br />

bale tipper<br />

Area for feeding:<br />

Dump trailer, push-off trailer, truck, wheel<br />

loader or telescopic loader, etc.<br />


G1010<br />

Pallet wrapper<br />

The G1010 pallet wrapper is the perfect device for transporting, wrapping, and loading palletized goods. The wrapping machine is the ideal tool for<br />

packaging rolls of grass sod. Several elements from the tried and tested round bale wrapping technology were used in the design. What is more, a<br />

wide selection of loader attachments is also available for the wrapper.<br />

1 Control system<br />

The wrapper is equipped with the user-friendly program control<br />

PROFI. The operator conveniently performs all work cycles and<br />

functions from the cab. All steps can be controlled manually or fully<br />

automatically.<br />


2 Pick-up and transport<br />

With the G1010 pallet wrapper, loaded pallets can be transported,<br />

wrapped, and loaded, all with a single tractor. The pallets are picked<br />

up with ordinary pallet forks. During transport, the film cutter is<br />

folded up and out of the way. The forks can be inserted all the way<br />

under the pallet, until the pallet rests against the back of the forks.<br />

The load is therefore very close to the tractor. Furthermore, thanks<br />

to the side-positioned upper frame section, the driver always has a<br />

clear view of the pallet.<br />

3 Hydraulic mobile film pre-stretcher<br />

The hydraulic mobile film pre-stretcher is a unique feature. It moves<br />

600 mm up and down during the wrapping process and can therefore<br />

completely wrap a pallet with a height of 1,350 mm with a 750<br />

mm film.<br />

4 Hydraulically foldable film cutter<br />

The hydraulically foldable film cutter folds down before wrapping<br />

starts. The pallet is lowered to the pallet stop and wrapping can begin.<br />

After the last wrapping revolution, the film cutter folds upwards,<br />

cleanly cuts the film, and firmly clamps it. The film cutter is folded<br />

up again for transporting the pallet.<br />

5 Forks<br />

The G1010 pallet wrapper is equipped with the standardized ISO<br />

3B mount for the forks. The 1,400 mm long forks make it easy to<br />

pick up and transport pallets. Forks with a length of 2,200 mm and<br />

telescopic forks (length: 1,300 mm with 950 mm extension) are also<br />

optionally available.<br />


G1010<br />

EQUIPM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

The G1010 pallet wrapper combines three work processes in one machine: transport, wrapping and loading. Here is an overview of the basic model,<br />

technical details, and additional equipment:<br />

Basic model (without attachment)<br />

• Load sensing<br />

Can also be operated with tractors without load-sensing pump<br />

• Single wrapping arm<br />

• Hydraulically foldable film cutter<br />

• Combined film pre-stretcher<br />

For film widths of 500 mm & 750 mm; the overlap can be adjusted as<br />

well<br />

• Film monitoring<br />

Stops the wrapping process if the film tears or runs out<br />

• Hydraulic mobile film pre-stretcher<br />

Height adjustment: 600 mm<br />

• Standardized mount for the forks: ISO 3B<br />

• Forks<br />

Length: 1,400 mm<br />

• LED work lights<br />

• Program control PROFI<br />

All work cycles can be carried out manually or fully automatically.<br />

Additional equipment<br />

• Radio remote control<br />

required connection: 3-pin socket for the electrical supply of the<br />

terminal (12V/10A)<br />

• Forks<br />

Length: 2,200 mm<br />

• Telescopic forks<br />

Length: 1,300 mm extending by 950 mm<br />

• Battery supply cable<br />

5.3 meters 2x6 mm² with 3-pin socket<br />

• Camera system<br />

For a better overview in the area of the forks and film cutter<br />

required connection: 12 volt hybrid connector DIN ISO 4165<br />

• Splash guard<br />

Especially designed for operation with wheel loader or telescopic loader<br />


1<br />

Possible attachments (without installation)<br />

Euro-attachment, three-point linkage Cat. I and II<br />

SMS, MX<br />

Dieci/New Holland, Amkodor, Manitou, JCB Q-Fit, JCB Compact Tool<br />

Carrier, Weidemann hydraulic, Kramer, Schäffer up to 3550, Schäffer<br />

3550T or higher, Atlas, Claas Scorpion, Zettelmeyer 602, Volvo BM, CAT<br />

907H/Liebherr L507, Liebherr L514, Faresin, Faucheux, Bobcat, Skit Steer,<br />

Fendt Cargo T955/Sennebogen<br />

Other attachments on request<br />

2<br />

Required connections<br />

• One pressure connection and one depressurized return for supplying<br />

the wrapping machine<br />

• Load-sensing connection (for LS operation)<br />

• 3-pin socket for electrical supply with direct supply to the battery<br />

(12V/30A) - wire cross section 2x6 mm²<br />

3<br />

Technical data // Basic model<br />

Weight<br />

Length<br />

Width<br />

Height<br />

Maximum pallet size<br />

Maximum pallet height<br />

Oil requirement<br />

Pallet weight<br />

760 kg<br />

2,000 mm<br />

14,000 mm<br />

2,240 mm<br />

1,350 x 1,350 mm<br />

1,700 mm<br />

from 25 l/min. at max. 190 bar<br />

max. 2,000 kg<br />

Image description<br />

1) Especially suitable for loading a trailer<br />

2) The pallet is driven down to the pallet stop<br />

3) Pallets can be wrapped with net and film<br />


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