Preneur World June 2024

In this issue: actor Stanley Tucci, TV presenter Alison Hammond, Olympic athlete Daryll Neita, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, polo player Nina Clarkin, Ask The Experts, Luxury Beauty & Skincare, Techtastic Treats (Consumer Technology), Active Affluent (Outdoor), Summer Fragrances, Kitchen Companions, Home & Garden, Minipreneur (Children's Fashion, Toys & Books), Family Days Out, Food & Drink, London Restaurants, Auberge du Lac at Brocket Hall, Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa, The Cumberland, Native Kings Wardrobe St Pauls and lots more.

In this issue: actor Stanley Tucci, TV presenter Alison Hammond, Olympic athlete Daryll Neita, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, polo player Nina Clarkin, Ask The Experts, Luxury Beauty & Skincare, Techtastic Treats (Consumer Technology), Active Affluent (Outdoor), Summer Fragrances, Kitchen Companions, Home & Garden, Minipreneur (Children's Fashion, Toys & Books), Family Days Out, Food & Drink, London Restaurants, Auberge du Lac at Brocket Hall, Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa, The Cumberland, Native Kings Wardrobe St Pauls and lots more.


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<strong>June</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Features<br />

Nina Clarkin: The <strong>World</strong>’s<br />

Top Female Polo Player<br />

In this issue:<br />

Alison Hammond<br />

Daryll Neita<br />

Jamie Oliver


<strong>June</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

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<strong>Preneur</strong> <strong>World</strong> is the lifestyle magazine for those with the <strong>Preneur</strong><br />

Mindset featuring celebrity interviews, hotels & travel, fashion,<br />

interiors, luxury cars, health & beauty, fitness & sport, food & drink,<br />

restaurant reviews, product round ups, expert articles and much more<br />

2 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com



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Minipreneur<br />





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ZONE<br />


CORNER<br />


Food & Drink<br />









Luxe Beauty<br />


Effective hydration is essential for combatting lacklustre skin, nails, and hair. This<br />

ultra-pure water is enriched with glycine (a key player in collagen production)<br />

and meticulously crafted with a perfect blend of electrolytes including potassium,<br />

magnesium, chloride, and calcium. It’s calorie-free and also free of sugar, salt, caffeine.<br />

£12 for first tray of 12 cans (on subscription) then £39 thereafter from natgloweu.com<br />

4 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Made with 98% of natural ingredients,<br />

Masque À L’Orchidée is a vegan conditioning<br />

mask that works as a powerful treatment for<br />

thick, very dry or frizzy hair. It is formulated<br />

with organic shea butter that strengthen the<br />

hair, vanilla extract for unparalleled shine and<br />

organic jojoba oil with softening properties. It<br />

also reduces hair breakage.<br />

€53 from www.leonorgreyl.com<br />

ELLA & JO<br />

Glow Up Enzyme Mask contains<br />

gentle exfoliating fruit acids, hydrating<br />

hyaluronic acid and brightening<br />

vitamin C. Brightens and rejuvenates<br />

the skin, unblocks pores and accelerates<br />

cell renewal for smooth, radiant skin.<br />

£32 from www.ellaandjo.co.uk<br />


Elasticizer Therapies pre-shampoo<br />

conditioning hair mask brings<br />

frizzy, tangled strands back to life<br />

instantly with a dramatic reduction<br />

in breakage.<br />

£40 from philipkingsley.co.uk,<br />

M&S, John Lewis, Look Fantastic,<br />

Cult Beauty and Boots<br />

CETUEM<br />

The SCR Gold Eye Cleanser and Lash & Brow<br />

Strengthener is an all in one eye cleanser, lash & brow<br />

strengthener to remove eye make-up, strengthen and<br />

thicken eye lashes and eye brows and treat skin around<br />

the eye. It also contains 24 carat colloidal gold, proven<br />

to protect skin from harmful environmental factors.<br />

£25 from www.cetuem.com<br />


Rich in shea butter and jojoba oil,<br />

Éclat Naturel is a texturizing, frizz<br />

control and conditioning styling<br />

cream that improves and conditions<br />

even the driest hair types.<br />

€35 from www.leonorgreyl.com<br />


Frizz Fighting Gloss smooths and<br />

controls unruly hair and frizz, leaving hair<br />

luxuriously glossy, soft and silky, with<br />

brilliant reflective shine.<br />

£25 from philipkingsley.co.uk<br />


Watermelon Milk is a lightweight prewash<br />

treatment that promises an intense<br />

nourishment, deep conditioning for enhanced<br />

radiance, prompted growth & enriched lengths.<br />

£31.50 for 300ml from hairsyrup.co.uk<br />

AVON<br />

ANEW Skin Renewal Power Cream<br />

uses Protinol and Niacinamide to<br />

transform your skin in just 7 days.<br />

£16 from avon.uk.com<br />


Dressed Up adds lightweight<br />

volume & hold protects hair from<br />

damage by hot styling tools (up to<br />

450°) and colour-fading UV rays.<br />

£39 from uk.hairstory.com

expert<br />

advice<br />

How To Dress For<br />

Confidence In Any<br />

Stage Of Life<br />


Jennifer Jones is the founder of<br />

Your Stylist by Jennifer Jones<br />

Styling, a UK-wide team of<br />

talented stylists who all share<br />

the same passion - empowering<br />

women to be confident in their<br />

style.<br />

For women who are in the<br />

corporate world, Jennifer can<br />

advise on what to wear for work<br />

to combine comfort, versatility,<br />

and professionalism. For new<br />

mums and mums-to-be, Jennifer<br />

can help with comfortable and<br />

stylish maternity and postnatal<br />

wear, clothing for ease when<br />

breastfeeding, and how to adapt<br />

your wardrobe to the changes in<br />

your shape, size, and lifestyle.<br />

No matter where you are in your<br />

journey, Jennifer can help you<br />

rediscover you, feel amazing<br />

every day, and find your style<br />

confidence.<br />

Everyone can<br />

wear most colours,<br />

it’s the shades and<br />

tones that really count<br />

Everyone has their own style and<br />

style can be personal but there are<br />

some very helpful tips that can<br />

give women confidence at any<br />

stage of life. Allowing women to<br />

choose clothes that complement<br />

their colouring, body shape and<br />

personality. Style starts with<br />

you, how you’re feeling now<br />

and what you want to achieve,<br />

because every woman deserves to<br />

feel confident, comfortable and<br />

stylish all of the time wherever<br />

you are on your womanhood<br />

journey.<br />

Using the following style<br />

tips can allow you to become<br />

confident with choosing the right<br />

silhouettes for your body shape,<br />

the best colours for your skin<br />

tone and the styles that suit your<br />

personality & lifestyle. It’s all<br />

about your style and what’s best<br />

for you!<br />




1. When you discover your best<br />

colours, it’s truly empowering!<br />

You’re no longer second guessing<br />

whether your colour choices are<br />

right for you - you’re getting it<br />

spot on every time! Discovering<br />

your best palette means you<br />

no longer feel overwhelmed by<br />

all the choice out there - you’re<br />

confident in what you need and<br />

how to spot it!<br />

2. When you wear your best<br />

colours, your skin illuminates<br />

and you instantly look healthier<br />

and youthful - and that’s why you<br />

walk taller, command the room<br />

and ooze confidence!<br />

3. Identifying your seasonal<br />

palette is all about matching<br />

the colours to the undertone of<br />

your skin and your features. For<br />

example, opt for cool colours<br />

if you have a cool undertone<br />

or warm if you have a warm<br />

undertone to your skin. Then<br />

choose soft, clear, light or deep<br />

colours to match your features!<br />

4. Colour is most important when<br />

it’s near your face, so consider<br />

introducing your best colours<br />

via your tops, as well as your<br />

accessories such as jewellery<br />

and hats. And don’t forget<br />

makeup - a lipstick in one of your<br />

best colours can be your best<br />

accessory! Another thing you can<br />

do is go through your existing<br />

wardrobe and see what you need.<br />

Once you know where the gaps<br />

are, start with adding in those<br />

items in your best colours. Over<br />

time, you’ll start to see a lot more<br />

of your palette and everything<br />

will blend effortlessly!<br />

5. Everyone can wear most<br />

colours, it’s the shades and<br />

tones that really count. But try<br />

to avoid your opposite colour<br />

family, for example, stick to<br />

warm colours if you’re an autumn<br />

or spring, and cool colours if<br />

you’re a winter or summer.<br />

I see lots of people trying to<br />

match colours to swatches when<br />

they’re shopping… this can be<br />

restrictive!<br />

Instead of trying to match them<br />

exactly, really take the time<br />

understand the theory of colour,<br />

and this way you’ll seek them out<br />

with ease and be able to have lots<br />

of fun with it!<br />

6 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


When it comes to your style, it’s important to<br />

recognise that it’s ever evolving, and so the key is<br />

to be mindful of what’s working for you – what you<br />

love, what fits you well, what feels good and what is<br />

or isn’t serving you.<br />

Keeping on top of your wardrobe and ensuring it<br />

grows with you is so important – you stylist will help<br />

you rediscover what’s right for you right now, how<br />

you’re feeling and make sure your wardrobe makes<br />

you feel your best at all times.<br />


OF LIFE<br />

With peri/menopause, as well as body shape changes<br />

(a time to re-visit body shape analysis), we can<br />

have lots of practical requirements too, such as hot<br />

flushes, which requires a need for mastering layering<br />

as well as choosing fabrics that will help you feel<br />

comfortable. At this point of your life, you might find<br />

that you feel more anxious and less decisive, which<br />

again, your wardrobe needs to be made easy and<br />

effortless to help you through this time.<br />

To find out more about Your Stylist by Jennifer Jones Styling, please visit jenniferjonesstyling.com<br />


Luxury Skincare<br />

1<br />


Multi-Action Cream harnesses powerful PTT-6® into a daily<br />

skin treatment, boosting collagen and elastin production, effectively<br />

lifting and firming skin. The cream repairs and restores all layers<br />

of skin for a healthy, supple, and radiant complexion. When used<br />

as a daily moisturizer or corrective treatment, Multi-Action Cream<br />

supplies the skin nutrients that aids and boosts the restoration of<br />

your skin’s renewal cycle back to 28 days. This process is known as<br />

the skin-cycle reset and may take two to four weeks for results to<br />

take effect. Optimal results can usually be observed after 90 days.<br />

£175 for 50g from calecimprofessional.com<br />

2<br />

Meder Beauty<br />

Resveratrol based concentrate Arma-Lift is a powerful<br />

age-defying skincare solution helping to slow down and control<br />

skin ageing. Arma-Lift is a scientifically backed, innovative<br />

skincare solution formulated with resveratrol to combat and<br />

control the signs of skin ageing. This highly concentrated<br />

formula is designed to restore skin structure, visibly diminish<br />

lines and wrinkles, and brighten and tighten the skin.<br />

£115 from Meder Beauty<br />

3<br />

Ceteum<br />

The SCR Gold Golden Glow Gel – Skin Luminosity was<br />

developed to give the skin an instant natural, healthy glow while<br />

moisturising, nourishing and keeping it soft and smooth. A light,<br />

non-greasy gel, enriched with Niacinamide, vitamin C, 24 carat<br />

colloidal gold and natural minerals. The Golden Glow Gel also has<br />

powerful anti-ageing, anti-oxidant properties, helping to promote<br />

cell renewal, improve skin elasticity and diminish fine lines.<br />

£40 from www.cetuem.com<br />

4<br />

Ceteum<br />

The SCR Gold Illuminating Skin Cleanser is a<br />

rich, creamy skin brightening lotion to cleanse, refresh,<br />

hydrate, nourish and brighten the skin. It contains natural<br />

ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins C and E as<br />

well as 24 carat colloidal gold, proven to have protective<br />

properties against the harmful effects of the environment.<br />

£30 from www.cetuem.com<br />

8 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

5<br />


Eye Contour Lifting Cream addresses above and<br />

undereye aging such as thin and crepey skin, discoloration and<br />

puffiness, while restoring thinning skin around the eyes with<br />

powerful PTT-6® technology. It contains over 3,000 proteins,<br />

including growth factors, cytokines and collagen-activating<br />

exosomes that signal cells to regenerate helping to strengthen<br />

the skin responsible for maintaining youthful eye contour and<br />

shape. Expect visible differencesafter 7 weeks and improved<br />

results with continued use.<br />

£135 from calecimprofessional.com<br />

6<br />

Meder Beauty<br />

Discover the power of niacinamide with NRJ-Net.<br />

This gentle micellar revitalising cleanser effectively cleanses<br />

the skin while protecting its natural lipid barrier. Regular<br />

use of NRJ-Net cleanser helps enhance skin resilience,<br />

prevent the formation of wrinkles, brighten pigmentation,<br />

and maintain a smooth and youthful appearance. This<br />

Revitalising Cleanser can also be used as a mask.<br />

£51 from Meder Beauty<br />

7<br />

Ceteum<br />

The SCR Gold Illuminating Mask is a powerful clay mask<br />

rich in minerals and packed with an organic brightening complex<br />

of botanical extracts, vitamins C and E, without the addition of any<br />

harmful chemicals. Its regular use will help to brighten sallow skin,<br />

eliminate open pores and promote an even skin tone. It contains 24<br />

carat colloidal gold, proven to have antioxidant properties, as well<br />

as facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients.<br />

£35 from www.cetuem.com<br />

8<br />

Ceteum<br />

The SCR Gold Skin Toner is an alcohol-free cooling<br />

and active toner containing plant and marine extracts,<br />

enriched with antioxidants and 24 carat colloidal gold. It<br />

will help to refine the skin texture and restore balance to<br />

the skin without stripping its precious protective barrier.<br />

£30 from www.cetuem.com<br />


Unlocking Summer Hair<br />

Secrets with Anabel Kingsley<br />

Join us as we dive into the world of luxurious<br />

haircare with Anabel Kingsley, a leading Consultant<br />

Trichologist who is a luminary in the realm of hair<br />

and scalp health.<br />

As the Brand President of the esteemed Philip<br />

Kingsley Clinics and product ranges, Anabel’s<br />

expertise transcends mere beauty; it’s a fusion of<br />

science and passion inherited from her legendary<br />

father, Philip Kingsley.<br />

After graduating from Kent University, Anabel began<br />

her career at Philip Kingsley in 2006, managing the<br />

Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, New York.<br />

In 2009, she returned to London to join the Philip<br />

Kingsley Marketing and New Product Development<br />

Team.<br />

Since qualifying as a Trichologist in 2013, Anabel<br />

has garnered several accolades, including the<br />

prestigious ‘Award of Excellence’ from The Institute<br />

of Trichologists and a Cordon Bleu Degree. With an<br />

innate understanding of hair and scalp intricacies, she<br />

specialises in post-partum hair loss, nutrition and the<br />

psychology of hair health.<br />

Anabel’s influence extends beyond the clinic walls.<br />

She has written thousands of articles about hair<br />

and scalp health for elite UK and international<br />

magazines, newspapers and websites.<br />

Her discerning eye and expert knowledge has also<br />

earned her a seat as a judge for the Marie Claire UK<br />

Hair Awards on two separate occasions. She has<br />

presented for Philip Kingsley on-air at QVC, and<br />

has spoken at esteemed industry events for brands<br />

including Cult Beauty and SheerLuxe.<br />

Anabel has also written four bestselling books about<br />

health and wellness, as well as sharing her wisdom<br />

in the Guide to Managing Hair Loss during and after<br />

cancer treatment published by leading cancer charity<br />

Look Good Feel Better.<br />

Here are Anabel’s four top tips on how to look after<br />

your hair this summer.<br />



During the summer, our hair has three main elements<br />

to contend with: the sun, sea and chlorinated water.<br />

Alone, each of these can be damaging, but when you<br />

combine them, which is often the case, hair can be<br />

left incredibly dry, brittle, dull and riddled with split<br />

ends. One product that protects the hair from all of<br />

these elements is the Swimcap, acting as a water<br />

resistant mask to all of these problems.<br />


Time in the sun, sea and pool can decrease the hair’s<br />

moisture content – and hair that is dry is less elastic<br />

and breaks far more easily than it should. The most<br />

effective way to improve elasticity and strength is to<br />

use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment.<br />

We make one called Elasticizer, (new fragrance<br />

Lemon and Bergamot). You apply it to damp hair<br />

at least 20minutes before shampooing and then<br />

shampoo and condition as usual, or you can keep it<br />

on overnight!<br />



When blow-drying, straightening or styling in<br />

another way, help guard strands from heat damage<br />

with a heat protective conditioning spray (Perfecting<br />

Primer or Daily Damage Defense). However, no<br />

matter how good the heat protective product is, it<br />

will only protect your hair to a certain extent – so be<br />

careful. Keep the styling tools on a lower heat and<br />

turn off once the hair is just about dry enough.<br />


Removing split ends will improve the overall<br />

appearance of the hair; it will help make the midlengths<br />

and ends look thicker and more substantial. If<br />

ignored, split ends can split further up the hair shaft,<br />

causing even more damage. Make sure to get regular<br />

trims throughout the summer months to ensure that<br />

your hair stays in the best condition possible.<br />

To uncover the world of luxury haircare products,<br />

please visit www.philipkingsley.co.uk<br />

10 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


How To Live Your Best Life<br />

Adaptogenic Apothecary<br />

Organic ashwagandha root powder for relieving stress<br />

and anxiety, improving sleep, balancing hormones and<br />

more. Relieves anxiety, stress & stabilises mood. Reduces<br />

cortisol. Aids relaxation & Improves sleep. Helps to balance<br />

hormones. Reduces inflammation. Increases positive energy.<br />

Improves stamina & strength. Improves male fertility.<br />

£16.99 or £15.29 monthly subscription from<br />

adaptogenicapothecary.com<br />

VOW Nutrition<br />

Sparklean is the UK’s first vegan<br />

high protein sparkling drink.<br />

It combines the goodness of a<br />

new type of pea protein with a<br />

sparkling twist and is a completely<br />

clear drink that is visually<br />

appealing to athletes and fitness<br />

enthusiasts. It is specifically<br />

designed to support muscle<br />

growth, repair and recovery to<br />

help you achieve your fitness<br />

goals more effectively.<br />

£8.99 for 4 x 330ml from<br />

vownutrition.com<br />

The Northumberland<br />

Candle Company<br />

Transform your space into a<br />

sanctuary of serenity with The<br />

Northumberland Candle Company’s<br />

Coco & Patchouli 100ml Reed<br />

Diffuser. Infused with a warm blend of<br />

comforting aromas, including incense,<br />

cedarwood, and patchouli, it evokes a<br />

sense of tranquility. Enhanced with 8 x<br />

3.5mm fibre reeds, it ensures optimal<br />

diffusion without clogging, offering a<br />

long-lasting and immersive olfactory<br />

experience. Indulge in the subtle hints<br />

of aromatic wood smoke and crystal<br />

amber, as this luxurious diffuser envelops your<br />

room in a cocoon of relaxation and elegance, setting<br />

the perfect ambiance for moments of unwinding<br />

and rejuvenation.<br />

£19.50 from thenorthumberlandcandlecompany.com<br />


Discover refined allure with the COEUR DE<br />

LION Dancing Crystals & Pearls necklace.<br />

Each intricately woven strand boasts lustrous<br />

freshwater pearls entwined with dazzling<br />

Swarovski® Crystals, offering a harmonious<br />

blend of sophistication and sparkle. With an<br />

adjustable length ranging from 30 to 70 cm,<br />

it’s a versatile statement piece, perfect for both<br />

formal events and everyday elegance. Complete<br />

the ensemble with the matching bracelet and<br />

earrings for a cohesive look that exudes timeless<br />

glamour. Presented in a premium designer case,<br />

accompanied by a certificate of authenticity,<br />

this exquisite set elevates luxury to new heights,<br />

ensuring an unforgettable experience.<br />

£165 from coeur-de-lion.org<br />

12 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

NAD+ Optima Max<br />

NAD+ is a natural co-enzyme that energises, structures, and repairs every cell<br />

in the body. However, as people age, NAD+ levels decline resulting in reduced<br />

skin health increasing wrinkles, texture and reducing skin firmness.<br />

NAD+ works by protecting and maintaining the health of collagen producing<br />

cells! Increasing NAD+ levels through supplementation therefore boosts<br />

collagen ensuring your skin is healthy and glowing every day of the year!<br />

NAD+ Optima Max Supplements are perfect for those looking to invest in<br />

their skincare with an inside out approach. The supplements are vegan friendly.<br />

£74.99 from naddirect.com<br />

Healing Through The Vagus Nerve<br />

Written by Amanda Armstrong, founder & CEO of Rise as We, this book walks you<br />

through how the nervous system and the vagus nerve function, with approachable, nonacademic<br />

language and helpful illustrations. Amanda teaches all about vagal tone and<br />

the impact it has on your mental health and everyday life. Then, a variety of exercises<br />

and practices provide an adaptable approach to improving nervous system function.<br />

£17.99 (paperback) published by Fair Winds Press<br />

Heal Your Nervous System<br />

Dr. Linnea Passaler has helped thousands globally in her digital health program address<br />

a wide range of symptoms associated with nervous system dysregulation—from mental<br />

symptoms, including anxiety, burnout, and brain fog, to physical symptoms, such as<br />

digestive issues, chronic inflammation, and fatigue. In Heal Your Nervous System, Dr.<br />

Passaler presents her 5-stage plan, developed over the last decade, to equip you with<br />

the knowledge to understand and regulate your unique nervous system.<br />

£19.99 published by Fair Winds Press<br />

Doing It All<br />

In this book, Dr. Whitney Casares, author, pediatrician, and mother of two, shares<br />

the step-by-step plan she developed as a modern working mom to help her stop overfunctioning<br />

at work and home, stop blaming herself for everything that went wrong, and<br />

start living a balanced and intentional life. The book features Dr. Whitney’s complete<br />

step-by-step plan to achieving your Centered Life as well as over forty targeted exercises,<br />

prompts, and activities.<br />

£14.99 published by Fair Winds Press<br />

Dad Truths<br />

Written by Mike Julianelle,founder of Dad and Buried, Dad Truths is your antidote<br />

to the aspirational parenting craze; this collection of laugh-out-loud stories and nonadvice<br />

provides much needed real talk and commiseration for parents everywhere.<br />

It provides the help that every fed-up and exhausted parent needs to survive another<br />

day, including short essays, funny illustrations, and jokes on topics including<br />

Surviving Disney <strong>World</strong> and The Ultimate Dad Pep Talk. This hilarious book will<br />

remind you to cut yourself some slack. Parenting is no easy feat and if you’re reading<br />

the book, you’re quite likely to be a pretty great dad already.<br />

£12.99 published by Rock Point<br />


Why Your Business Podcast Needs<br />

Video And How To Get It Right<br />

Michael Olatunji shares his top tips for making high-quality video<br />

podcasts that attract audiences and increase engagement. Michael<br />

is co-founder of Outset Studio, a full-service podcast and video<br />

production studio in London and Manchester.<br />

As an entrepreneur you are always<br />

looking for new ways to boost<br />

your business. Podcasting is an<br />

ideal way to do this. In the UK<br />

alone, roughly 40% of adults listen<br />

to a podcast regularly. That’s a<br />

huge market. Only video content<br />

has a bigger audience. So why not<br />

combine the two? That way you’ll<br />

capture your audience’s attention<br />

whether they have a preference for<br />

listening or watching.<br />

Of course, video content is<br />

more suitable for platforms like<br />

YouTube where videos rank higher<br />

than audio podcasts on search<br />

results. Another incentive for<br />

entrepreneurs is that advertising is<br />

often cheaper on YouTube than on<br />

platforms like Spotify and Apple<br />

Music.<br />

So, if you are recording an audio<br />

business podcast and are not<br />

shooting video alongside, you are<br />

missing out on a huge opportunity<br />

for reaching your potential<br />

audience. Given this let’s look at<br />

how you can make the transition<br />

from audio only to audio plus<br />

video and amplify your reach.<br />


Lighting is the single most<br />

important element to consider for<br />

high-quality video. Good lighting<br />

can make a huge difference<br />

in the overall look and feel of<br />

your video. Mimicking daylight<br />

or natural light as closely as<br />

possible is a good way to go.<br />

A temperature of 5500k (the<br />

purest white colour temperature<br />

available) is generally considered<br />

best for video lighting.<br />

Though natural daylight can work,<br />

film lights provide much more<br />

control over the lighting setup. It<br />

is advisable to have at least one<br />

light per subject and one light<br />

per background to ensure proper<br />

illumination.<br />

It is crucial to consider the<br />

diversity of your guests when<br />

it comes to lighting. Different<br />

skin tones respond differently to<br />

lighting, so it’s important to have<br />

a setup that can accommodate<br />

everyone. You may need to adjust<br />

the intensity and positioning of the<br />

lights to ensure that each person<br />

looks their best on<br />

camera.<br />

If you are doing a remote guest<br />

interview, it’s a good idea to send<br />

them some lights and provide<br />

them with tips to help them set up<br />

their lighting properly. Another<br />

option is to book them into a local<br />

studio where a technician can<br />

professionally control the lighting.<br />

This will ensure you will have a<br />

consistent and visually appealing<br />

video.<br />



Using a camera that can capture<br />

footage in 4k resolution is<br />

recommended as it provides<br />

greater editing flexibility. It also<br />

allows you to crop or zoom in on<br />

specific parts of the frame without<br />

sacrificing quality. However, 4k<br />

will result in larger file sizes, so<br />

you’ll need enough storage space<br />

and sufficient processing power to<br />

handle the editing.<br />

For your camera settings, it‘s<br />

usually best to set the white<br />

balance to a neutral value to<br />

ensure accurate colours. It’s also<br />

important to use a fixed focus,<br />

rather than relying on autofocus,<br />

and large/deep depth of field to<br />

keep everyone in focus, even if<br />

they move around. Then, if you<br />

shoot in high resolution with a<br />

good camera, you can fix any<br />

issues in post-production, e.g.<br />

adjusting colour grading or<br />

exposure, or adding depth-of-field<br />

effects.<br />


When appearing on camera for<br />

your video podcast, it’s essential<br />

to consider your appearance and<br />

14 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

clothing. For example, if you wear<br />

glasses you will need to be aware<br />

of potential reflections caused by<br />

the lighting setup. Adjusting the<br />

angle of the lights or having antireflective<br />

coatings on your glasses<br />

can minimise this.<br />

It’s best to avoid clothing with<br />

stripes or patterns as they can<br />

cause distortion or distractions on<br />

camera. If you are using a green<br />

or blue screen for background<br />

replacement, avoid wearing<br />

clothes that match those colours.<br />

You don’t want to blend into the<br />

background. It’s also a good idea<br />

to consider coordinating with<br />

your guests to create an appealing<br />

visual contrast (and you won’t<br />

clash!)<br />

Use a separate microphone for the<br />

best audio quality<br />

To ensure the best audio quality<br />

for your video podcast, use a<br />

separate microphone and camera<br />

setup. While some cameras have<br />

built-in microphones, they may<br />

not capture audio with the same<br />

clarity and depth as dedicated<br />

microphones. By using separate<br />

audio and video devices, you can<br />

achieve higher-quality sound and<br />

sync them together during the<br />

editing process.<br />

For accurate synchronisation<br />

between the audio and video<br />

tracks, it’s useful to setup a<br />

reference point during the<br />

recording. Before starting the<br />

podcast, have everyone involved<br />

remain silent for five seconds,<br />

then clap their hands. This creates<br />

a distinct audio spike that can be<br />

easily identified during the editing<br />

process. This will make it easier to<br />

align the audio and video tracks.<br />



When framing your video podcast,<br />

consider the composition and<br />

placement of your subjects within<br />

the frame. If you have two people,<br />

it is generally recommended to<br />

have close-up shots of each person<br />

from shoulder level upwards.<br />

This means that the audience can<br />

see facial expressions/emotions<br />

clearly. Also include one or two<br />

wide-angle shots that capture both<br />

individuals in the frame to show<br />

their reactions as well as to help<br />

with editing.<br />

If you have guests participating in<br />

your podcast remotely, you have<br />

the advantage of choosing where<br />

to position their video within the<br />

frame. This allows you to keep the<br />

video engaging while minimising<br />

any issues with video quality or<br />

poor lighting. Experimenting<br />

with different arrangements will<br />

help you to find the most visually<br />

appealing setup that enhances the<br />

overall viewing experience.<br />




While you don’t need to blow<br />

your budget on an extravagant<br />

background setting, it’s important<br />

to consider the aesthetics of your<br />

podcast’s set. This element plays<br />

a significant role in branding<br />

and creating a visually engaging<br />

experience for your audience.<br />

Take some time to think about the<br />

look and feel you want to achieve,<br />

considering elements such as<br />

colours, props and background<br />

visuals.<br />

A great example of effective yet<br />

low-cost set design is the series<br />

Between Two Ferns with Zach<br />

Galifianakis, where the set was<br />

simple yet memorable. Whether<br />

you know the show or not, it<br />

demonstrates how the basic set<br />

design creates the branding and<br />

fits perfectly with the humorous<br />

tone of the show, creating a<br />

visually entertaining experience<br />

for the viewers. Consider how<br />

you can incorporate elements<br />

that align with your podcast’s<br />

identity and make it more visually<br />

appealing and memorable for your<br />

audience.<br />




One effective strategy for<br />

engaging your audience is to break<br />

up your podcast episodes into<br />

segments. By releasing teasers<br />

from each episode, you can build<br />

anticipation and tap into shorter<br />

attention spans.<br />

This approach allows you to cater<br />

to different audiences who may<br />

prefer shorter, bite-sized content.<br />

Additionally, having a separate<br />

clips channel where you showcase<br />

the best moments from your<br />

podcast can attract new viewers<br />

and improve your search engine<br />

optimisation (SEO) efforts, as you<br />

can target different keywords in<br />

each clip’s description.<br />

What’s more, video clips are<br />

already the most popular form of<br />

content on social platforms, like<br />

Facebook and X, making these<br />

clips an essential tool for reaching<br />

your social media audience.<br />



Editing your video podcast may<br />

well take longer than you expect.<br />

Even experienced editors can<br />

spend up to three hours editing a<br />

single hour of video footage.<br />

The process involves tasks such<br />

as removing unnecessary content,<br />

adding transitions, colour grading,<br />

and synchronising the audio and<br />

video tracks. You can also add<br />

effects to create a unique look and<br />

feel for your content. You could<br />

add zooms for reactions or shallow<br />

depth of field for a more intimate<br />

effect.<br />

Incorporating video into your<br />

business podcast can significantly<br />

expand your audience reach and<br />

engagement. But it’s not as simple<br />

as setting up a camera or webcam<br />

to record while you talk. Video<br />

content needs to be considered and<br />

high-quality if it is going to truly<br />

engage your audience and boost<br />

your business.<br />


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www.outsetstudio.com<br />



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Daryll<br />

Neita<br />

When you<br />

are your true<br />

authentic self and<br />

chase what you<br />

love, ultimately<br />

you will be happy<br />

and love what<br />

you are doing<br />

Intervi<br />

18 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Olympic medallist & model Daryll Neita talks<br />

about her life on and off the podium following her<br />

swift rise to the international athletics scene<br />

ew<br />

P<br />

What or who inspired you to start<br />

athletics? Who do you look up to as a<br />

role model or mentor?<br />

My biggest inspiration growing<br />

D up was Shelly Ann Fraser Price.<br />

Watching her run the 100m and<br />

winning in Beijing was the first memory<br />

I have of watching the Olympic Games. It<br />

was the first time I thought wow I could<br />

actually do this one day. At the time I was<br />

training not very professionally twice a<br />

week. I was in secondary school and I<br />

didn’t really understand the magnitude<br />

of track and field. Watching her win that<br />

medal was very inspiring.<br />

Then having the London Olympics<br />

come along and seeing the impact on my<br />

hometown really made me think wow<br />

this is something that I want to be a part<br />

of. So 2008 is my first ever memory of<br />

watching the Olympic Games and being<br />

inspired by an athlete. By the time the<br />

Olympics came to London in 2012, my<br />

thoughts were that I had to go to the next<br />

one. Then to make the team for the Rio<br />

2016 Olympics and come home with a<br />

medal was just amazing.<br />

With the Paris Olympics looming,<br />

P how are you preparing for it and<br />

are you doing anything differently<br />

compared to previous Games?<br />

With the Paris Games coming up,<br />

D preparation is going very well, I<br />

wouldn’t say I’m doing anything<br />

differently as consistency is key, but it’s<br />

been important for me this year to be on<br />

my A game and really leave no stones<br />

unturned. Whether that’s my nutrition<br />

and my recovery or just anything that<br />

will give me the best chance for success<br />

in Paris. I focus a lot on staying happy<br />

mentally because I think the physical side<br />

is important but mentally you need to<br />

be in good spirits as well. On a personal<br />

level, I’ve really tried to take time with<br />

both family & friends and keeping in<br />

the loop with what’s going on at home.<br />

Because I’ve been in Italy, some previous<br />

years I’ve found myself becoming pretty<br />

secluded and disconnected so this time<br />

I’ve made an effort to stay in touch<br />

with family & friends and build on my<br />

personal relationships. When you’re a<br />

happy athlete is when you perform your<br />

best.<br />

P<br />

Reflecting on your journey, what’s<br />

your favourite Olympic memory<br />

relay and why?<br />

My favourite Olympic memory in<br />

D the relay is definitely 2016. I went<br />

to that Olympic Games in Rio not<br />

even expecting to be picked to run in the<br />

team, certainly not to come home with<br />

a bronze medal! I remember getting that<br />

baton and thinking “This is it. I have to<br />

get to this finish line” and I ran as fast as<br />

I could. To cross the line in third place<br />

and get a medal, everything changed. It<br />

was such a significant part of my career<br />

because after that is when I said to myself<br />

“I have to come to the next Olympics and<br />

do the individual events and do well.” I<br />

went on to make the Olympic final in the<br />

following Olympic Games, so I would say<br />

that’s definitely my favourite Olympic<br />

relay memory.<br />

P<br />

Please share some insights into the<br />

mental toughness required for elite<br />

sprinting at the Olympic level?<br />

Mental toughness is really key. There<br />

D are times that aren’t always what you<br />

hoped for with obstacles, injuries and<br />

setbacks, These are things that we all face<br />

as athletes and it really is more about how<br />

you come out of these situations and how<br />

you handle them rather than what these<br />

things can do to you. Having that mental<br />

toughness is really important. For me<br />

what really helps is having an amazing<br />

support network behind me and around<br />

me. People that love and care for me no<br />

matter how I perform on the track. There<br />

are many days when I’ve run a race and<br />

it’s straight on FaceTime to a member<br />

of the family because I’m not happy. It’s<br />

those moments that mean you are able to<br />

face the world again. Mental toughness<br />

is really important and overall I do like<br />

to meditate on that and make sure my<br />

mental state is the best it can be. As I’ve<br />

already said, the physical is important but<br />

the mental side is key. It’s 90% of this<br />


game. As athletes, we know what we are capable of.<br />

Not everyone can see the vision and not everyone<br />

around you always gets it. You do get subjected to<br />

hate sometimes so you need to be tough enough to<br />

ignore the negative energy or things that aren’t as<br />

helpful and stay focused on your goals.<br />

P<br />

What has been the biggest challenge you have<br />

faced in your career, and how did you overcome<br />

it?<br />

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my<br />

D career was a couple of years ago when I had to<br />

leave my training camp in Florida. There was a<br />

lot going on in that camp. At the time I had just had<br />

my most successful moment making an Olympic<br />

final at the height of my career. Being faced with so<br />

much controversy in a group where I could no longer<br />

stay was affecting my mental state and it wasn’t<br />

going to be somewhere that I felt comfortable to<br />

progress in. It was a difficult time because there was<br />

a lot of media and negativity surrounding what I was<br />

doing and ultimately I wasn’t actually involved in<br />

any of it, so that was quite tough. However, I just did<br />

my best to dig deep and stay on a positive note. I had<br />

great people around me at the time and I was able to<br />

move and start working with a new coach in a new<br />

environment. I’m thriving in Italy now. It taught me<br />

a lot. How track and field can be and how sports can<br />

turn into the enemy in some respects. I was able to<br />

get through that and understand that I really do have<br />

a voice. You need to keep hold of the narrative in all<br />

situations.<br />

P<br />

What motivates you to keep pushing yourself to<br />

new heights in your athletic career?<br />

I’ve been doing track and field since I was so<br />

D young. For me, it’s all about how fast can I go.<br />

I really believe in the unknown and that excites<br />

me. I turn up every day to training and I push my<br />

body to its limit. I do everything I can to see how<br />

great I can really be. Don’t get me wrong, there are<br />

some days when I’m exhausted, tired and thinking<br />

can I make it out of bed today. But ultimately, the<br />

thing that keeps me going is how many people<br />

actually support me and believe in me at the same<br />

time. It ends up being an end goal - not only just for<br />

me but there are so many people involved in this<br />

journey that I want to make them proud. I want to<br />

make myself proud and prove to myself that I can do<br />

it. I love the unknown. It’s so exciting and there’s no<br />

better career than seeing how fast you can run. It’s an<br />

amazing thing to do and I’m very grateful for that.<br />

P<br />

How do you maintain focus and stay grounded<br />

amidst the pressures of competition and fame?<br />

Staying grounded is pretty simple for me. I was<br />

D raised to be grateful, humble and appreciate<br />

the things that are given to you. Because I’m<br />

so focused on how fast can I go, the celebrity and<br />

fame side of things are not relevant to me. It’s about<br />

staying focused to my goals, staying true to who I<br />

am, not getting sidetracked and enjoying the journey<br />

for what it is.<br />

P<br />

How would you like to be remembered in<br />

the world of athletics, beyond the medals and<br />

records?<br />

I’d like to be someone who is remembered as a<br />

D great athlete. Yes that ran great times. Yes that<br />

won medals but also somebody that created a<br />

legacy and was able to inspire the next generation,<br />

who did something different and actually was<br />

inspirational in a way that can live forever. That’s<br />

how I want to be remembered. Ultimately, I’d love<br />

to have that legacy and help the future. There’s no<br />

greater gift than being able to give back and it’s why<br />

I’ve started my Daryll Neita Athletics Community<br />

which I’m so excited about. We held our first ever<br />

Sports Day on May 13th in London. VOW Nutrition<br />

kindly supported the event by giving Team GB<br />

drinks bottles for all the attendees. We had 96 pupils<br />

from 5 primary schools come to the event. It was<br />

amazing. I was scouted at a primary school sports<br />

day and that was the beginning of my athletics<br />

journey so if I was able to inspire just one child out<br />

of 96 to fall in love with the sport and try something<br />

new then I feel like that’s job done.<br />

P<br />

What advice would you give to young aspiring<br />

athletes who look up to you as a role model?<br />

Be yourself. In this world there is so much to<br />

D consume that it can leave you feeling like you<br />

aren’t doing enough or that everyone else is<br />

doing more than you. However when you are your<br />

true authentic self and you chase what you love,<br />

ultimately you will be happy and love what you are<br />

doing. so whatever it is that you want to do, be that<br />

person and don’t look back.<br />

P<br />

As a brand ambassador for VOW Nutrition,<br />

how do you incorporate their products in your<br />

training regimen?<br />

I use their products every day from the drinks<br />

D bottle to the protein powders to the electrolytes.<br />

The one thing I love about VOW products is<br />

that they are so tasty which can be hard to find with<br />

nutrition supplements. If I have a double day of<br />

training, I’ll have a track session in the morning and I<br />

will have a protein shake in the afternoon with lunch.<br />

Then I’ll have gym and if we have to go straight<br />

there I will have my protein shake after. It means I’m<br />

full and makes sure I’m fuelling my body in the right<br />

areas. It’s been amazing being part of a brand that<br />

wants to support so many athletes and I’m so happy<br />

to be part of a nutrition family who care so much<br />

about their products being safe and tasting good.<br />

VOW is a really good brand to be associated with so<br />

I’m really happy.<br />

P<br />

What do you like the most about modelling? Can<br />

you also share what you like the least about the<br />

modelling industry?<br />

20 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

The Daryll Neita Athletics Community<br />

held its first ever Sports Day on May<br />

13th in London with 96 pupils from 5<br />

primary schools taking part in the event<br />

Olympic Bronze medallist sprinter Daryll<br />

Neita is a VOW Nutrition ambassador. For<br />

more information and all your nutritional<br />

needs, please visit www.vownutrition.com<br />

What I love about modelling is that it’s<br />

D something completely different that’s away<br />

from athletics and what I do every day. When<br />

I’m at Milan Fashion Week, it’s such an out of body<br />

experience because I’m used to doing push ups<br />

every day in the gym, sweating and really going<br />

hard. The fashion industry is just as exciting as<br />

sport but so different. It’s all about getting dressed,<br />

putting make up on, being seen. It’s a very different<br />

world and the things that people value in that world<br />

are very different. I like it because it gives me a<br />

chance to switch off and ultimately it’s a lot of fun.<br />

I also love how freeing modelling is and how much<br />

you can express yourself in front of a camera with<br />

different fashion brands.<br />

One thing I don’t like so much about it is the things<br />

that are prioritised in that industry and how much<br />

goes into it.<br />

P<br />

Tell us about your pet chihuahua. How does<br />

Melon bring joy into your life?<br />

This is the best question! Melon is my absolute<br />

D rock. I’ve had him since 2020 and I got him<br />

during the pandemic. At that time, I think a lot<br />

of us were struggling and it was a hard time for the<br />

whole world. I thought this was the right time to get<br />

a dog that I’ve always wanted. The best thing about<br />

getting a puppy was the whole world was closed and<br />

I was literally in the park 4 or 5 times a day with<br />

my dog. It gave me a lot of time to meditate and<br />

become at one with myself and actually he’s just<br />

incredible. He’s lived in Florida with me. He comes<br />

out to Italy with me. He travels on planes. He is just<br />

the best dog ever. He keeps me company. Being in<br />

Italy, sometimes it can be difficult as I’m away from<br />

my family and everything that I know, so when he’s<br />

here with me it’s like a piece of home. If I ever have a<br />

tough day, I just come home to his little tail wagging<br />

at the front door. It’s just the best thing ever.<br />

P<br />

When you’re not training, what interests and<br />

hobbies do you enjoy doing outside of athletics?<br />

When I’m not training, in all honesty, I’m just<br />

D sleeping and recovering. I might sometimes go<br />

out into the city centre with friends, having a<br />

coffee, and out for walks with my dog but I’m pretty<br />

much a home girl, I like to rest. I do often go to<br />

the local Spa just to be able to chill, have a change<br />

of scenery and relax. I’m someone that likes to<br />

just recover and get ready for the next day because<br />

training is so hard. I struggle to do much outside of<br />

that really!<br />

P<br />

D<br />

What are six things you couldn’t live without?<br />

My chihuahua, VOW Nutrition, athletics,<br />

aeroplanes (because I love travelling), lip gloss<br />

and music - I love music!<br />


Active Affluent<br />

Here are our picks of the best outdoor<br />

gear & clothing for full-on outdoor<br />

enthusiasts and urban adventurers<br />

Helly Hansen<br />

Designed for professional sail racers, the Men’s<br />

Ægir Race Sailing Jacket 2.0 stands up to the<br />

elements and gives you the freedom of movement<br />

you need to manoeuvre when out on the water.<br />

Built using the tried-and-trusted, durable HELLY<br />

TECH® Professional technology, it is highly<br />

waterproof, breathable and windproof making<br />

it the perfect sailing jacket for your sailing<br />

adventures.<br />

The jacket features an ergonomic cut with<br />

adjustable cuffs and hem to give you freedom of<br />

movement when you need it most. Professionalgrade<br />

details include a neon yellow, packable<br />

hood, a protective face mask, SOLAS reflectives,<br />

a hangar loop, drainage seams, and more.<br />

The Helly Hansen Men’s Ægir Race Sailing<br />

Jacket 2.0 is £725 from hellyhansen.com<br />

Merrell<br />

The Merrell Women’s Moab Speed 2 GORE-TEX® hiking shoe is an<br />

excellent choice for avid hikers seeking reliable performance and comfort.<br />

Designed for trails with moderate obstacles and debris, these shoes excel in<br />

variable conditions requiring occasional speed, direction, and vertical changes. The<br />

GORE-TEX waterproof membrane ensures exceptional breathability and waterproof<br />

performance. Cleansport NXT treatment provides natural odour control, keeping the shoes<br />

fresh during extended use. The lightweight FlexPlate technology offers torsional rigidity,<br />

lateral stability, and forefoot flexibility, crucial for tackling diverse terrains. The Vibram TC5+<br />

outsole is specially formulated for Merrell, delivering superior traction for multi-sport activities.<br />

Its Vibram traction lugs are designed to increase grip and efficiently shed debris with each step.<br />

£150 from merrell.com<br />

KEEN<br />

The KEEN WK450 sandal features a modified full-length nylon plate<br />

specifically tuned to maintain constant curve geometry for a smooth,<br />

rolling feeling during everyday walking and leisure on and off the trail.<br />

Whether hot footing it to the station, scooting out for a coffee or taking<br />

the dog for a quick stroll, comfort has been optimised, with a generous<br />

toe spring giving a smooth and easy transition from heel strike through to<br />

toe off, promoting gait efficiency. Designed to be comfortable from the first<br />

step with a padded tongue and collar, a contoured fit hug and has plenty of room<br />

for toes to splay and move through the unique rolling sensation of the WK450.<br />

£120 from tiso.com<br />

22 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Craghoppers<br />

The CompressLite VIII Hooded Jacket offers excellent insulation<br />

throughout the year and is available in an array of multi-seasonal colours.<br />

Made in part with recycled materials, the CompressLite VIII Hooded<br />

Jacket has been finished with plant based H2OShield DWR to keep dry<br />

with and part recycled synthetic down for a planet friendlier, warming<br />

jacket. The jacket is elasticated to the hem, cuffs and face of the hood to<br />

help the jacket fit comfortably on the go, and three zipped pockets will<br />

help keep trail essentials secure and at the ready on the move. A full-length<br />

zip to the centre front helps to trap body heat when in use and the jacket<br />

can be stored in its stuff sack for easy carrying when it is not being worn.<br />

£95 from craghoppers.com<br />

Keela<br />

With its classic styling combined with a longer cut, the Kintyre<br />

Jacket from Keela is waterproof, windproof and breathable,<br />

making it perfect for leisurely hikes and country walking. The<br />

regular fit is designed to allow a Skye fleece to be zipped inside<br />

for added warmth, so you can take on any conditions. With<br />

adjustments at the hood, waist, cuffs and hems, you can make the<br />

Kintyre fit just the way you want. With fleece lined handwarmer<br />

pockets and an OS map pocket, the Kintyre is designed to meet all<br />

your trekking needs.<br />

£94.95 from keelaoutdoors.com<br />

Keela<br />

The Men’s Merino Hoody from Keela is an ideal mid or base layer, designed<br />

to balance warmth and breathability while on the move. Ideal for trekking or<br />

mountain hiking, the 260gsm Merino hoody naturally resists odour making it<br />

the perfect base layer (especially if you’re planning to wear it multiple days on<br />

the trot!). Merino wool also helps regulate body temperature in all conditions,<br />

keeping you warm in cooler temperatures, while remaining breathable to help<br />

you cool down during hot weather. Flatlock stitching means no uncomfortable<br />

rubbing against your skin and the active fit makes it the ideal baselayer.<br />

£99.95 from keelaoutdoors.com<br />

Vivobarefoot<br />

The Sensus nurtures rooted barefoot movement. The upper features<br />

expertly designed perforations for extra breathability, complementing its<br />

natural functionality. Its sole pattern pays homage to the earliest recorded<br />

human footprint. Supple, naturally water-resistant wild hide leather<br />

fits like a foot glove. Modern footwear inspired by ancestral wisdom.<br />

Drawing inspiration from the earliest foot coverings crafted by humans,<br />

this moccasin fits and feels like a glove for your feet. Embodying<br />

simplicity and craftsmanship, the Sensus features a 3mm sole for a closer<br />

connection to the earth and is made with premium wild hide leather. Its<br />

unique design enables you to walk in our ancestors’ footsteps.<br />

£140 from vivobarefoot.com<br />


Active Affluent<br />

Here are our picks of the best outdoor<br />

gear & clothing for full-on outdoor<br />

enthusiasts and urban adventurers<br />

Ultimate Summer Family Tent<br />

The Vango Harris Air 500 AirBeam® tent is the<br />

ultimate 5-man inflatable retreat for your summer<br />

adventures. Combining innovative design with robust<br />

materials, this tent is perfect for families seeking<br />

comfort and convenience.<br />

Crafted from Sentinel Fabric, the Harris Air 500 is<br />

both lightweight and durable, featuring a 3,000mm<br />

HH waterproof rating and ColourLok Eco technology.<br />

This eco-friendly process ensures long-lasting colour<br />

retention and UV protection, using 60% less water in<br />

dyeing.<br />

The inflatable AirBeam® structure allows for rapid<br />

pitching in just minutes, thanks to Vango’s<br />

decade of expertise. The included AirBeam<br />

pump ensures hassle-free inflation and<br />

deflation, while the AirSpeed Valve simplifies<br />

the process further. Pre-angled beams and the<br />

TBSII Tension Band System provide extra<br />

stability in windy conditions.<br />

Inside, the Midnight Bedrooms feature<br />

darkened fabric for a restful night’s sleep, with<br />

queen-sized sleeping areas and clear access<br />

entrances. The integrated AirZone panels and<br />

large mesh vents keep the tent cool and reduce<br />

condensation. Diamond Clear windows flood<br />

the living area with natural light, creating a<br />

bright and airy atmosphere.<br />

Practical touches include the pre-attached<br />

front canopy, ideal for dining and relaxing, the<br />

waterproof PE groundsheet, and a covered entrance<br />

to prevent rain ingress. High visibility guylines,<br />

lantern hanging points, and adjustable pegging ensure<br />

a secure and user-friendly setup.<br />

The Harris Air 500 also boasts a fully sewn-in<br />

groundsheet, convenient bedroom pockets, a cable<br />

entry point, and SkyTrack II for flexible lighting and<br />

storage. With fire retardant fabrics meeting European<br />

standards and fully taped seams, you can camp with<br />

confidence in any weather.<br />

We think this tent is the perfect choice for families<br />

seeking a reliable, comfortable, and spacious outdoor<br />

experience when camping this summer.<br />

£600 from vango.co.uk<br />

Perfect For Cooler Days<br />

The Montane Women’s Anti-Freeze Down Gilet acts as a warm,<br />

lightweight and packable mid or outer insulated layer that will keep<br />

you warm and comfortable on those cooler, dry days. This extremely<br />

versatile mid-to-outer layer is suitable for a wide variety of activities,<br />

from walking the dog to exploring in the mountains. Featuring<br />

lightweight, recycled materials and high quality water resistant down,<br />

this versatile vest also comes with its own stuff sack so you can pack<br />

it away easily when it’s no longer needed.<br />

£160 from montane.com<br />

24 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Support Saving Lives At Sea<br />

Celebrating the bicentennial anniversary of the RNLI, the Helly Hansen<br />

RNLI Cotton Hoodie is a testament to quality and style. Crafted from fine<br />

French terry, this super-soft hoodie ensures you stay cosy whether you’re<br />

lounging at home, braving the high seas, or navigating the urban jungle. The<br />

jersey-lined hood provides added warmth and comfort on breezy days. The<br />

kangaroo pocket is perfect for stowing essentials or warming your hands,<br />

while the ribbed hem and sleeve cuffs provide a snug fit, keeping the chill at<br />

bay. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a landlocked enthusiast, this RNLI<br />

Cotton Hoodie is an essential addition to your summer wardrobe and shows<br />

your support of the RNLI who have been saving lives at sea for two centuries.<br />

£85 from hellyhansen.com<br />

Must-Have Deck Shoes This Summer<br />

The Kayak II is a canoe-fronted lace up deck shoe in Chatham’s<br />

bestselling G2 collection, which is famed for its long-lasting, high<br />

quality shoes. Crafted from premium chestnut nubuck leather, these<br />

two-eyelet deck shoes are moccasin-constructed and handstitched on<br />

the last. They feature matching leather lacing, rot-proof thread and<br />

rust-proof eyelets, a tan enhanced grip sole and our sole spring poron<br />

performance cushioning, which is anti-bacterial and offers maximum<br />

comfort and shock absorption. These must-have deck shoes are also<br />

covered by Chatham’s unique 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.<br />

From £125 at chatham.co.uk<br />

Stay Warm & Dry Outdoors<br />

This Kids’ Shelter Outdoor Jacket 2.0 is a trans-seasonal<br />

jacket that does exactly what it says: provides shelter.<br />

Made to keep your child warm and dry when they are<br />

playing outside in chilly and damp weather, the jacket’s<br />

HELLY TECH® Performance technology means it is<br />

waterproof, windproof and breathable. The taffeta interior<br />

and tricot collar linings are comfy and soft. The neon<br />

yellow hood is removable and a reflective print on the<br />

sleeves keeps kids extra safe with high visibility.<br />

£90 from hellyhansen.com<br />

The Ultimate Weatherproof Outdoor Pants<br />

These Kids’ Sogn Outdoor Pants keep kids warm and dry in any weather. Built using<br />

HELLY TECH® Performance technology, these pants are waterproof, breathable and<br />

windproof for long-lasting comfort. The little details make a big difference. These<br />

pants are fully seam-sealed for extra waterproofing. They have a soft, quick-dry mesh<br />

lining and feature reflective elements for 360 degrees of visibility. Articulated knees<br />

and secure boot straps give kids the maximum freedom of movement to do their thing<br />

and the waist and cuffs are elastic for easy on and off.<br />

£60 from hellyhansen.com<br />


expert<br />

advice<br />

How To Incorporate<br />

Slow Fitness Into<br />

Exercise Routines<br />

Slow fitness is an approach to exercise<br />

that emphasises mindfulness, deliberate<br />

movement, and a focus on quality rather than<br />

quantity. Personal Trainer Georgie Spurling<br />

explains how slow fitness achieve great results<br />


Georgie Spurling is a<br />

experienced Personal Trainer<br />

and founder & CEO of<br />

ARVRA Wellness.<br />

Georgie specialises in low<br />

impact, low stress but high burn<br />

workouts. Her method keeps<br />

stress hormones balanced whilst<br />

getting getting strong and<br />

supple. Georgie is passionate<br />

about lowering inflammation<br />

in the body and resolving<br />

musculoskeletal problems.<br />

Georgie founded ARVRA to<br />

make expert wellbeing advice<br />

available to anyone.<br />

To find out more about her<br />

work and how you can benefit<br />

from adding slow fitness to<br />

your outdoor exercise routines,<br />

please visit www.arvra.co.uk<br />

Slow exercise doesn’t<br />

equate to ineffectiveness;<br />

in fact, it can often yield<br />

superior results<br />

Unlike traditional high-intensity<br />

workouts that prioritise speed and<br />

intensity, slow fitness encourages<br />

individuals to slow down and<br />

pay attention to their bodies,<br />

movements, and breathing.<br />

At its core, slow fitness promotes<br />

a more conscious and deliberate<br />

approach to physical activity,<br />

allowing individuals to connect<br />

with their bodies and engage in<br />

movements with intention and<br />

awareness. This can include<br />

exercises such as yoga, tai chi,<br />

Pilates, and slow-paced strength<br />

training routines.<br />

Slow fitness workouts often<br />

involve controlled movements<br />

performed at a slower pace,<br />

allowing individuals to fully<br />

engage their muscles and improve<br />

strength, flexibility, and balance.<br />

By slowing down, participants<br />

can also reduce the risk of<br />

injury and develop a deeper<br />

understanding of their bodies’<br />

capabilities and limitations.<br />

These exercises typically involve<br />

one foot remaining in contact<br />

with the ground at all times,<br />

reducing the force exerted on<br />

weight-bearing joints such as the<br />

knees, hips, and ankles. Lowimpact<br />

exercises are suitable<br />

for people of all fitness levels,<br />

including beginners, older adults,<br />

individuals recovering from<br />

injury, or those with joint pain or<br />

arthritis.<br />

In addition to the physical<br />

benefits, slow fitness can also<br />

have mental and emotional<br />

advantages. The focus on<br />

mindfulness and being present<br />

in the moment can help reduce<br />

stress, improve mental clarity,<br />

and enhance overall wellbeing<br />


This is also known as “zone 2,<br />

heart rate training”. In fact elite<br />

performers spend approx 80%<br />

of their training in this zone as it<br />

helps build a strong foundation<br />

which in turn helps you train<br />

harder when you want or need<br />

to. You’re likely burning fat as<br />

a primary energy source which<br />

if you continue to repeat on a<br />

regular basis will help your body<br />

always select fat as an energy<br />

source. Also, the low intensity<br />

means you’ll flood your body<br />

with oxygen so any injuries,<br />

aches and pains can receive a<br />

delivery of oxygen & nutrient<br />

rich blood to aid recovery.<br />

There’s a wide range of lowimpact<br />

exercises and programmes<br />

you can choose from and these<br />

include walking, swimming,<br />

cycling, yoga, Pilates, using<br />

elliptical machines and classes<br />

such as BodyPump. What’s great<br />

is that ALL of these activities can<br />

be modified to suit individual<br />

preferences, fitness goals, and<br />

physical abilities, making them<br />

accessible to people of all ages<br />

26 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

and fitness levels.<br />

Despite being low-impact, many of these exercises<br />

still provide significant cardiovascular benefits.<br />

Activities like brisk walking, swimming, and cycling<br />

can improve heart health, increase endurance, and<br />

help manage weight when performed regularly as part<br />

of a balanced fitness programme. In fact, research<br />

published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement<br />

Therapies indicates that regular Pilates practice can<br />

lead to significant improvements in dynamic balance<br />

and functional mobility.<br />



Incorporating slow fitness into outdoor exercise<br />

routines can be both enjoyable and beneficial for fat<br />

loss, endurance, and overall fitness. It’s also really<br />

quite easy too which makes slow fitness incredibly<br />

accessible and effective. Walking is a great form of<br />

slow exercise and for anyone interested in this can<br />

start here.<br />

Slow exercise doesn’t equate to ineffectiveness; in<br />

fact, it can often yield superior results. By engaging<br />

in slower-paced workouts, you can better balance<br />

cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body, promoting<br />

overall wellbeing.<br />

Among the most effective slow exercise modalities is<br />

Pilates – and it’s my favourite too! It offers a versatile<br />

approach to best suit the exerciser – encompassing<br />

mat exercises, the use of dumbbells, or utilising<br />

specialised equipment like a reformer. The key is<br />

to explore various options and find what best suits<br />

your preferences and fitness goals. Here are some<br />

examples of different slow exercise outdoor workouts<br />

and exercise ideas:<br />


Take a purposeful stroll through a park, forest, or<br />

nature trail. Focus on being present in the moment,<br />

observing your surroundings, and connecting with<br />

nature. You can vary your pace, slowing down<br />

to appreciate the scenery or speeding up for brief<br />

intervals to elevate your heart rate.<br />


Whether this is through an organised instructor or on<br />

your own – find a nice quiet spot in a park or open<br />

space and practice yoga outdoors. Flow through a<br />

series of gentle, slow-paced yoga poses, focusing on<br />

deep breathing and mindful movement. Yoga not only<br />

improves flexibility and strength but also promotes<br />

relaxation and stress reduction.<br />


Bring along a resistance band and perform a series<br />

of slow, controlled resistance exercises in an outdoor<br />

setting. Exercises may include bicep curls, tricep<br />

extensions, shoulder presses, and squats. Focus on<br />

maintaining proper form and engaging your muscles<br />

throughout each movement.<br />


Create a circuit of bodyweight exercises to perform<br />

outdoors. Examples include push-ups, squats, lunges,<br />

planks, and mountain climbers. Perform each<br />

exercise slowly and with proper form, focusing on<br />

muscle engagement and control.<br />


Dedicate time to a slow, deliberate stretching routine<br />

in an outdoor setting. Focus on stretching major<br />

muscle groups, such as the hamstrings, quadriceps,<br />

calves, back, and shoulders. Hold each stretch for at<br />

least 20-30 seconds, breathing deeply and allowing<br />

your muscles to relax and lengthen.<br />

Incorporating these slow exercise outdoor workouts/<br />

exercise ideas into your routine can not only enhance<br />

fat loss and endurance but also provide opportunities<br />

for relaxation, mindfulness, and connection with<br />

nature. Remember to listen to your body and adjust<br />

the intensity as needed to suit your fitness level and<br />

goals.<br />


Active Minipreneur<br />

PO.P<br />

The UV Kids Swim Top (£24) and UV<br />

Kids Swim Shorts (£20) from PO.P have<br />

a UPF 50 rating to protect young skin<br />

from 98% of harmful UV sun rays and<br />

keep play the main focus of the day.<br />

The UV Legionnaires Kids Hat (£16)<br />

with neck protection is ideal for those<br />

extra sunny summer days to make sure<br />

your little one is protected from harmful<br />

UV rays. This summer essential gives a<br />

great extra layer of UV protection.<br />

So if it’s a day at the beach, playing<br />

in the garden or out and about in the<br />

countryside, you can be rest assured<br />

they are protected with PO.P.<br />

It’s also worth mentioning that the<br />

swimwear is made from quality,<br />

recycled fabrics making them good for<br />

your kids and the planet.<br />

All available from polarnopyret.co.uk<br />

Head<br />

The new HEAD IG Speed Junior <strong>2024</strong> Tennis Racket<br />

allows juniors to play with precision and control. Made<br />

with a lightweight graphite composite, and 23 inches<br />

long, the Speed Junior is designed for juniors aged<br />

between 6 and 8 who like to play with speed and control.<br />

With its weight, excellent playability and modern<br />

design, this is an ideal first racket that will let kids have<br />

fun on court. Innegra technology provides shock<br />

absorption and improves stability. The racket’s DampPlus<br />

technology absorbs impact vibration before it can reach<br />

the handle for exceptional comfort and a better feel.<br />

£50 from tennishq.co.uk<br />

Start-Rite<br />

These Sandy Beach red canvas shoes (part of Start-<br />

Rite’s SS24 collection) get your kids ready for fun<br />

summer days out and about. Getting ready is easy with<br />

double rip-tape fastenings for seamless adjustability<br />

and a precision fit. All-day cushioning and comfort<br />

is assured with padded insoles and feet stay fresh in<br />

breathable 100% cotton. The non-slip, flexible soles are<br />

designed for superior traction. These cool easy-to-lookafter<br />

canvas kicks are machine washable at 30 degrees.<br />

£27 from startriteshoes.com<br />

28 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Craghoppers<br />

The Kids Kiwi<br />

Cargo II Convertible<br />

Trousers are rugged<br />

and hard-wearing –<br />

ready for the rough<br />

and tumble of the<br />

trail.<br />

The insect biteproof<br />

fabric helps<br />

protect tender skin<br />

from bug bites and<br />

is fast drying and<br />

splashproof for easycare<br />

maintenance.<br />

£50 from<br />

craghoppers.com<br />

BadmingtonHQ.co.uk<br />

The Yonex GR303 is a<br />

badminton set complete<br />

with 4 durable steel framed<br />

rackets, 2 nylon shuttles, net<br />

and net posts. Perfect for<br />

hours of fun in the garden,<br />

or anywhere you can find to<br />

dig in the posts.<br />

£43 from badmintonhq.co.uk<br />

Bling2o<br />

The Nanobot Navy Prismatic<br />

swim goggles have a wide, shield<br />

shaped frame offering a futuristic<br />

aesthetic. The easy-to-use back clip<br />

makes these stylish swim goggles<br />

suitable for children aged 6 years+.<br />

£19.99 from bling2o.co.uk<br />

Chatham<br />

Designed especially for kids, these Chatham Oliver<br />

Velcro Boat Shoes are an easygoing take on the<br />

traditional boat shoe, making them perfect for the<br />

young marine adventurer who hasn’t got time to fiddle<br />

with laces. Crafted from premium navy blue nubuck<br />

leather, these Velcro fastening deck shoes feature<br />

contrast white stitching and a non-slip rubber sole.<br />

A stylish addition to your child’s summer wardrobe,<br />

they’re ideal for junior crew members. Available in sizes<br />

UK infant 7 - adult 6.<br />

From £55 at chatham.co.uk<br />

Bobux<br />

The Riley trainer is an understated<br />

classic with pared back styling,<br />

and a contrast heel tab and racing<br />

stripe. Featuring double strap<br />

closures and perforated detailing<br />

for breathability, this shoe is made<br />

for great looking play. Shown here<br />

in white+navy and available in<br />

numerous colourways and sizes.<br />

From £50 at bobux.co.uk<br />


How Footwear Affects Child<br />

Health & Development<br />

Wayne Lubbock, Technical Development & Fitting Manager at<br />

Start-Rite Shoes, shares his expert advice on kids footwear<br />

As parents and carers, we’d do anything to protect<br />

the little ones we love but one area which can<br />

be overlooked is the importance of feet. Did you<br />

know, the bones in our feet don’t stop growing until<br />

between 16 and 21 years old and our gait doesn’t fully<br />

develop till the same time? What’s more, ill-fitting<br />

shoes can encourage an unnatural walking pattern<br />

and this sends signals to the brain to compensate. It’s<br />

therefore vital to support our growing feet to avoid<br />

injury or develop issues that can lead to future health<br />

problems, including foot, back and hip problems.<br />


According to the Children’s Foot Health Register,<br />

over £30 million is spent annually on chiropody<br />

services for the over 60s and most of these foot<br />

problems (around 70%) can be attributed to badly<br />

fitting or unsuitable footwear in childhood. The<br />

answer is to support growing feet with fitted<br />

footwear.<br />


Fitted footwear is designed specifically with<br />

children’s developing feet in mind. It’s shaped<br />

specifically for a child’s foot to fit comfortably, while<br />

offering all-important growing room to support the<br />

feet as they develop. Available in whole and half<br />

sizes, with a choice of width fittings, means fitted<br />

footwear provides the best possible fit for a child.<br />

In addition to selecting fitted footwear, there’s a<br />

number of things to consider when it comes to<br />

protecting little feet, so to help, here’s some of my top<br />

tips.<br />

1<br />

FIT<br />

Never put your child in shoes that are too<br />

big or too small, make sure the shoes are the<br />

right shape for the foot, for example, there are styles<br />

for wider or narrower feet, or to support high or low<br />

arches. Ensure that all footwear, including trainers,<br />

are properly fitted. There should be built in growing<br />

room around the toes. By this we mean ‘wiggle<br />

room’ which contributes to the healthy development<br />

of the foot’s supporting structures - the muscles,<br />

ligaments and bones. It’s important to measure your<br />

children’s feet accurately before buying them each<br />

pair of shoes, to ensure healthy foot development for<br />

years to come.<br />

Getting expert advice will ensure that your child is<br />

measured and fitted with the correct size and style<br />

of shoe for their feet, through every stage of their<br />

development. To do this, you can either measure<br />

your child’s feet at home using a measuring gauge<br />

or visit an independent shoe retailer where trained<br />

staff will measure and fit. Remember, shoe sizes<br />

30 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

are not universal and there are differences between<br />

manufacturers, much like with clothing. So using<br />

the right measuring gauge or visiting a professional<br />

fitter is vital.<br />

2<br />



It’s important to select shoes with the right<br />

fastening to suit a child’s age and development<br />

stage. Buckle and rip-tape fastenings are both<br />

simple to do up and, importantly, allow precise<br />

adjustment to help shoes fit the feet properly. Slip on<br />

styles should only be considered for older children.<br />

3<br />

SOCKS<br />

Socks are an everyday staple for most of<br />

us, but don’t overlook the importance of<br />

them fitting correctly. If they’re too tight they will<br />

cramp the foot and can even deform it in very young<br />

children, if they’re too big they can bunch up and<br />

cause blisters.<br />

4<br />



Once you’ve got the right pair of shoes,<br />

you need to make sure the shoes are always in<br />

good condition, so they continue to support little<br />

feet. This includes each and every part of the shoe.<br />

One key element to check is the tread pattern. Is it<br />

worn down? Soles are designed to give underfoot<br />

protection, and are important not only for grip<br />

but to protect the child from the harsh everyday<br />

environments. Fastenings, have they loosened? Is<br />

the Velcro intact? Will they be capable of holding<br />

the foot in place inside the shoe without toes<br />

needing to grip the shoe down?<br />

5<br />



Sandals are a great choice for the summer<br />

months, as open designs allow for plenty of<br />

ventilation when it’s warm but if a child is being<br />

more active, then trainers or a closed toe shoe are<br />

a better option. Fitted school shoes are designed<br />

to support the feet for the full school day, while<br />

keeping little ones comfortable.<br />

But whatever the occasion, it’s key children are<br />

in fitted footwear which supports their healthy<br />

development. This footwear will have unique<br />

biomechanical soles developed to support children’s<br />

feet, as well as features like airflow, rugged riptape,<br />

rubberised leather and moulded toes for all round<br />

protection and durability.<br />

Start-Rite is proud to be Britain’s oldest shoemaker,<br />

caring for children’s feet (and bodies) since 1792.<br />

For more information on protecting growing<br />

children with the right footwear, please visit<br />

www.startriteshoes.com<br />

Wayne Lubbock<br />


Minipreneur Style<br />

Sweatshirt Snugness<br />

Made from soft brush-back cotton, this PO.P vehicle print kid’s<br />

sweatshirt is extra cosy for games at the park, plus, the rib-knit hem and<br />

cuffs lock in the snugness - so there’s no need to stop play. You might<br />

also want to buy the matching leggings for the perfectly coordinated look.<br />

£28 from polarnopyret.com<br />

Look The Part Pitch Side<br />

This classic long sleeve polo style rugby shirt<br />

from PO.P is made in soft organic cotton with<br />

a bold block colour design great for pairing<br />

with your favourite jeans for smart spring style.<br />

£30 from polarnopyret.com<br />

Beep Beep<br />

Make way for this PO.P long sleeve blue kid’s top.<br />

Crafted from pure cotton for a supersoft feel, simply<br />

lift the flap to reveal hidden secrets - we’re going on a<br />

fishing trip. Comfy for all their adventures it also washes<br />

really well time and time again - play, wash, fold, repeat.<br />

£28 from polarnopyret.com<br />

Stig Lindberg Scandi Style<br />

After a busy day’s adventuring, these PO.P apple print kid’s<br />

pyjamas are just the thing to slip into for a blissful nights rest.<br />

Featuring Stig Lindberg’s classic apple print these organic<br />

cotton kids pyjamas have an elasticated waist for a supercomfortable<br />

fit, as well as clever grow-with-me arm and ankle<br />

cuffs for valuable growing room before handing down.<br />

£30 from polarnopyret.com<br />

Bear Necessities<br />

Get your little lad ready for Paddington bedtime<br />

stories with these M&S Pure Cotton Paddington<br />

Waffle Pyjamas. In a comfy regular fit, these soft<br />

waffle fabric summer PJs feature a playful allover<br />

print of everyone’s favourite bear, perfect for<br />

snuggling up after watching the Paddington movie.<br />

£14 from marksandspencer.com<br />

32 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Passion For Fashion<br />

This highly water-resistant BOSS hooded<br />

windbreaker (£129-£159) lets you face the rain in<br />

confident style. It is made of 100% polyester and<br />

designed with a zip fastening, flap pockets and<br />

elasticated cuffs. An iconic label is featured on the<br />

back.<br />

This BOSS soft fleece sweatshirt (£85-£109) is<br />

versatile enough to wear for any occasion. It is made<br />

of cotton, polyester and elastane for optimal comfort,<br />

with a loose, relaxed fit. It features the BOSS logo<br />

embossed on the front.<br />

Every young surfer will adore these striped BOSS<br />

swim shorts (£75-£85). They feature pockets and<br />

an elasticated waist with a drawstring. The logo is<br />

printed on one side. An iconic stripe stands out on the<br />

back of the waist.<br />

Available in sizes 4Y to 16Y from uk.kidsaround.com<br />

Polo Perfection<br />

This M&S Pure Cotton Polo Shirt is a practical<br />

addition to your child’s weekend wardrobe. Cut in a<br />

regular fit, it’s made from textured jersey fabric that’s<br />

soft and breathable. A smart casual open-collared<br />

neckline and chest pocket add stylish touches.<br />

£7 from marksandspencer.com<br />

Varsity Dreams<br />

These Marks & Spencer 3-Pack Pure Cotton Varsity<br />

Print Pyjamas combine comfort with a touch<br />

of sporty flair. Featuring varsity-style slogans,<br />

the regular-fit tops pair perfectly with stretchy<br />

elasticated bottoms for a cosy nightwear ensemble.<br />

£36 from marksandspencer.com<br />

Suit Up!<br />

This Mini Me Suit Jacket (£36-£38) is the perfect piece<br />

for smart occasions. It’s designed in a slim fit, with<br />

added stretch for comfort. Button fastening at<br />

the front, as well as two neat flap pockets and<br />

notched lapels. The matching Mini Me Suit<br />

Trousers (£18-£20) cut in a regular fit, with<br />

added stretch for all-day comfort. Adjustable<br />

hems on the legs make it easy to get the perfect<br />

length. Available in sizes 6-16 Years from<br />

marksandspencer.com<br />


Alison Hammond<br />

34 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com<br />


Alison Hammond is preparing to set tails<br />

wagging as she steps into her latest role as<br />

the new presenter of the award-winning ITV<br />

series, For The Love of Dogs<br />

ew<br />

Alison Hammond is preparing to dish<br />

out the dog treats and set tails wagging<br />

as she steps into her latest role as the<br />

new presenter of the award-winning ITV<br />

series, For The Love of Dogs.<br />

In this brand new six-part series, Alison<br />

heads to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home<br />

to help the animals in their care look for<br />

a new place to live, following the sad<br />

passing of much-loved presenter Paul<br />

O’Grady last spring.<br />

With more abandoned and stray dogs<br />

in need of care than ever, Alison tells<br />

the stories of some of the latest arrivals<br />

at Battersea before rolling up her<br />

sleeves and helping the expert staff and<br />

volunteers to take care of the animals<br />

and get them ready for their potential<br />

new owners.<br />

P<br />

What appealed to you about hosting<br />

For the Love of Dogs and what has<br />

filming been like so far?<br />

I used to watch For the Love of<br />

A Dogs when Paul O’Grady did it. He<br />

was incredible and I absolutely fell<br />

in love with all the stories and always<br />

wanted to know what was going to<br />

happen to the dogs. I didn’t have a dog<br />

growing up because my family was a<br />

Caribbean family and they just didn’t<br />

want to have a dog around the house,<br />

but I always loved dogs and used to go<br />

and play with them at my mates’ houses.<br />

So, when I got this opportunity, I was so<br />

flattered to be asked to follow in Paul’s<br />

footsteps and I really wanted to help<br />

the charity, get stuck into knowing the<br />

dogs and let people know about all the<br />

amazing work that goes on at Battersea.<br />

It’s like therapy. Every time I know I’m<br />

going to Battersea it’s like I’m having<br />

a therapy day because it’s one of the<br />

most beautiful days that you could<br />

ever imagine to have. It’s so much fun<br />

because you don’t know which dog<br />

you’re going to get. Some days you get<br />

different dogs that you weren’t expecting<br />

to get and it’s just lovely finding out<br />

the stories and what happens to these<br />

dogs. Sometimes it’s sad news and they<br />

lose limbs or face other life-changing<br />

surgeries, but seeing how they thrive<br />

afterwards and that they’re okay and<br />

how much love and attention that the<br />

Battersea staff put into these dogs is just<br />

incredible.<br />

It’s just a lovely place to be. I didn’t<br />

realise how wonderful that place is, and<br />

if I ever did get a dog in the future when<br />

I’m older, it would be from Battersea.<br />

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, because<br />

they’re all gorgeous.<br />

P<br />

Which of the dogs or their stories<br />

has touched you the most would you<br />

say?<br />

Oh gosh, they’ve all touched me in<br />

A some way but there’s a little dog<br />

called Pluto, which was left at a<br />

cemetery. And he had a broken leg. We<br />

don’t know how long he was left at the<br />

cemetery for but he was found and then<br />

he was brought to Battersea. The poor<br />

thing, I just instantly felt so sorry for<br />

this little dog. They did an operation and<br />

it went on for five hours – it was a long<br />

operation - to try and save the leg. And<br />

he was doing really well and then it all<br />

went wrong and then in the end Pluto<br />

had to have his leg off and I haven’t seen<br />

him yet. I’m going to see him tomorrow<br />

to see how he’s getting on.<br />

So, they all touch your heart in some<br />

way. Nelly is the most beautiful spaniel<br />

you’ve ever seen. She’s red. She’s got this<br />

brown, red fur. Just absolutely gorgeous.<br />

And she’s just beautiful. When I met<br />

her, I did notice something was wrong<br />

with her eye. Something was wrong<br />

with the left side of the nose, the left<br />

eye and the left side of her mouth as<br />

well. She had to have her eye removed<br />

but she’s thriving now! She’s just like,<br />

‘No problem!’ She’s just the nicest dog.<br />

When I was off work for a month doing<br />

stuff in the house, I actually asked if I<br />

could have Nelly at home with me but<br />

they said, ‘Unfortunately Nelly’s got a<br />

home now.’ I think I’ll probably go into<br />

fostering the dogs, although I’ll probably<br />

be a rubbish fosterer and end up keeping<br />

them, but that’s what I’m going to look<br />


towards. When I’ve got time off, I’ll foster dogs from<br />

Battersea.<br />

P<br />

Was there anything that surprised you about<br />

Battersea that you didn’t know before?<br />

How well it works. How much attention that<br />

A these dogs get and the medical attention. Seeing<br />

the medical side of things and how much they<br />

put into the dogs. You know, those surgeons who<br />

worked on Pluto, they worked for five hours. They’re<br />

just so dedicated. The amount of hard work there that<br />

goes into getting these dogs to a stage so that they<br />

can find their forever home. I was quite impressed<br />

with that. I was impressed with the cattery; each cat<br />

is in a hotel-style room. Each cat has toys, blankets,<br />

a bed, something to climb on. I was so impressed<br />

with how it’s run. How clean it is. The volunteers that<br />

come and give their time. It’s just incredible. They<br />

read to the dogs. They sit in the kennel and read to<br />

the dogs, and the dogs love it. They absolutely love it.<br />

They’re played classical music and the dogs calm<br />

down. It’s amazing. When they go for their groom<br />

and their little bath. It’s lovely. It’s like a spa for<br />

them!<br />

P<br />

Are there any funny stories that have happened<br />

so far that you can share?<br />

There’s been a lot of unsolicited snogging of me<br />

A during my time at Battersea! There’ve been a<br />

couple of wees to clean up. And some poos, but<br />

I don’t mind, I’m in there sorting it out. And I took<br />

Nelly for a bowl of spaghetti!<br />

What sort of issues are being faced by Battersea<br />

P<br />

at the moment? Why do they need people’s<br />

support?<br />

I think money is the big thing really. I tell you<br />

A another thing that really surprised me, the<br />

amount of people that leave money in their wills<br />

to Battersea, because there’s no government help<br />

or anything like that, it is just literally donations<br />

and people raising money. So, they need money<br />

more than anything, all of this costs a lot of money.<br />

The medication the dogs need, the operations, all<br />

the staff. But, on the plus side there are so many<br />

donations and people are so generous. We’ve only<br />

just seen Paul O’Grady, how much money he’s<br />

donated to the charity. There’s a lot of people who do<br />

that who are just incredible.<br />

P<br />

Are you going to have a strategy for how you’re<br />

going to stop yourself from taking all the<br />

gorgeous dogs home?<br />

I’ve already come up with my strategy. I mean,<br />

A I started off saying, ‘I’m going to get a dog.’ But<br />

as time went on, I realised how much actually<br />

goes into having a dog and a how, to be a responsible<br />

owner is to recognise your own circumstances and<br />

see that maybe this isn’t the time to have a dog,<br />

however, you know, there’s always the future.<br />

I like the ones who are not perfect. Because I’m not<br />

perfect myself. I have an affinity for the dogs where<br />

there’s something wrong with them or they might be<br />

a bit chubby or they’ve got one eye or one leg. I don’t<br />

know what it is. I just feel so sorry for them. And I<br />

just want to take care of them.<br />

Watch every episode of For The Love of Dogs With<br />

Alison Hammond on ITVX<br />

36 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Minipreneur’s<br />

Playroom<br />

1<br />


The Photo Creator Instant Pocket<br />

Printer offers hours of fun and<br />

creativity, allowing users to send<br />

photos from their phones to print using<br />

the app. Personalise prints with stickers<br />

and marker pens for a truly unique touch.<br />

£34.99 Smyths and Amazon<br />

4<br />

JANOD<br />

Building up the roarsome fun,<br />

nothing says weekends indoors<br />

quite like getting stuck into<br />

puzzles and Janod certainly will keep<br />

creative tweens and teens inspired for<br />

hours of crafting fun!<br />

The Janod 3D Triceratops Puzzle, will<br />

be a hit with little ones as they see the<br />

ferocious dino come to life! All the family<br />

will want to get involved – the perfect<br />

crafty activities to undertake and display<br />

in the playroom or bedroom.<br />

£20 from kidly.co.uk<br />

2<br />


Children join the number adventure and build<br />

their own train with this MathLink® Cubes<br />

Activity Set Numberblocks® Express Train. Based<br />

on the popular Numberblocks Express episode, children use<br />

MathLink Cubes in<br />

official Numberblocks<br />

colours to build a train<br />

as well as One to Five.<br />

Then they use the set’s<br />

5 double-sided activity<br />

cards to complete 10<br />

maths challenges to<br />

stop the Numberblocks<br />

Express. As they<br />

play, children practise<br />

counting, adding and<br />

subtracting, and more.<br />

£20 available from<br />

learningresources.co.uk<br />

3<br />


The MathLink® Cubes Activity Set<br />

Numberblocks® Sheep Farm combines the<br />

hands-on learning of<br />

our MathLink Cubes with the<br />

numbery fun of the Numberblocks<br />

Counting Sheep episode, in an<br />

interactive set for learning in the<br />

classroom or at home. Children use<br />

the included MathLink Cubes in<br />

official Numberblocks colours to<br />

build Numberblocks One to Six and<br />

make a sheep pen to count and keep<br />

the friendly sheep as they follow the<br />

set’s 10 fun maths activities.<br />

£20 from learningresources.co.uk<br />

5<br />


The Numberblocks® Rainbow Counting Bus<br />

is ready to depart on lots of imaginative play<br />

adventures in Numberland. The included Seven<br />

figure is driving so choose your destination and join him<br />

on a fun-filled journey where you’ll share 12 songs and<br />

sounds from the series. There are fun numbery features at<br />

every turn – discover them all! Open the drop-down back to<br />

find the hidden rainbow and count the colours. Then, count<br />

the friendly Numberblocks<br />

on the side of the bus.<br />

What’s more, there’s room<br />

for Numberblocks Friends<br />

One to Six (sold separately)<br />

to join you on the ride, so<br />

invite them along! Batteries<br />

are included, so your<br />

Numberblocks fan can get<br />

playing right away.<br />

£25.95 available from<br />

learningresources.co.uk<br />

38 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

6<br />

JANOD<br />

The Janod Crazy Boy Face<br />

Magneti’book looks like a<br />

book when closed, but once<br />

opened it displays a smart<br />

board – allowing little ones<br />

to carefully place their<br />

magnets all over in order<br />

to create fun faces! The<br />

perfect size for travel,<br />

it’s the perfect<br />

companion for<br />

long car journeys.<br />

£19 from kidly.co.uk<br />

8<br />


Your child will be spellbound<br />

as they enter the enchanted<br />

realm of the Magic Mixies<br />

Pixlings and create a magic<br />

potion that reveals their magical<br />

Pixling. To create their potion, combine<br />

water with the included magical<br />

ingredients in the Potion Bottle. The<br />

potion will swirl and mix to become<br />

a deep dark blue colour within the<br />

bottle. Then they say the magic words,<br />

“Magicus Mixus”, while turning and<br />

then pressing the Crystal Gem. Before<br />

their eyes the blue potion becomes<br />

clear, magically revealing the Pixling<br />

inside. The enchanting Pixling doll is<br />

easily removed from the<br />

bottle and is completely dry<br />

and ready for your child to<br />

play with.<br />

£19.99 from Selfridges,<br />

Amazon and<br />

Smyths<br />

7<br />

HIT GAME<br />

HIT is a fast-paced<br />

game for 2-4 players<br />

that combines classic<br />

board game play and deckbuilding.<br />

Similar to Ludo, the aim<br />

is to get the play pieces around the<br />

board and over the finish line first<br />

– but in Hit, there are no dice but<br />

players use cards instead. Play the<br />

right cards to be the first to the<br />

finish line. Suitable for ages 8+.<br />

£19.99 from ravensburger.co.uk<br />

9<br />


The Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set enables kids<br />

to create one of two sharks - Havoc Hammerhead or<br />

Mayhem Megashark. Each Shark Beast is 19cm tall,<br />

fully articulated and features light and sound effects.<br />

The Beast Lab is equipped with more than 80 light and sound<br />

effects, bringing the experiment to life. Your child is tasked<br />

with the ultimate responsibility and will need to add the<br />

correct measurements of key ingredients: Attack Serum, Roar<br />

Rocks, Fossil Fragments and Skin Scrapings into the vessel.<br />

The final and most powerful ingredient, the Pandemonium<br />

Crystal, contains chaotic energy, causing the Beast Creator to<br />

sound its warning alarms and build with intensity. WHen the<br />

emergency lever is pulled down, the liquid drains to reveal the<br />

shark beast inside!<br />

Kids will be left amazed<br />

as a Shark Beast appears<br />

surrounded by a cloud of<br />

real “Bio Mist”. Now it’s<br />

time for wild battle action!<br />

The Shark Beasts can<br />

activate a swinging Power<br />

Strike Attack using their<br />

Pandemonium Weapon and<br />

scare away enemies with<br />

their Ferocious “Battle<br />

Roar” and light-up Power<br />

Crystal Core. But the<br />

mission is not over. Reset<br />

the Beast Creator and repeat<br />

the experiment again and<br />

again.<br />

£89.99 from Smyths, Argos,<br />

Amazon and John Lewis<br />

10<br />


The perfect gift for creative kids, this Airbrush Art Activity Case contains<br />

everything needed to create unique airbrush designs. Inside the case is a<br />

battery- operated airbrush gun, 8 paint markers, 10 stencils, 10 drawing<br />

sheets and an instruction manual with helpful tips. The practical case serves as a base for<br />

storing and transporting your kid’s works of art. The simple to follow instructions allow<br />

children to create beautiful artwork using this cool creative technique.<br />

£17.99 from Smyths<br />


Minipreneur’s<br />

Playroom<br />

11<br />


The CONNETIX 120 Piece<br />

Pastel Creative Pack is designed<br />

to encourage hours of limitless<br />

creativity, fun and learning through play,<br />

as the CONNETIX magnetic tiles bring<br />

children’s imagination to life.<br />

It’s a brilliant pack for building bigger<br />

CONNETIX creations, and featuring<br />

eight beautiful earthy pastel colours -<br />

pink, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon,<br />

violet and sapphire – it expands the range<br />

of colours preschoolers will recognise.<br />

The tiles are made with strong magnets<br />

and the CONNETIX signature bevel<br />

design for increased durability and<br />

beautifully clear light refractions.<br />

£99 from connetixtiles.com<br />

12<br />


Step into a world of knowledge, trivia, and fun<br />

with Orboot Earth! Just scan the Interactive AR<br />

Globe with the app to transform your tablet or<br />

smartphone into a magical gateway to explore the world<br />

in 3D. Interact with and visualise 400+ highlights and<br />

1000+ cool facts across 6 categories - cultures, cuisines,<br />

monuments, inventions, animals and<br />

maps. Explore a world beyond<br />

borders through story-based<br />

challenges and quizzes. Scan,<br />

interact, and learn with this<br />

multi-award-winning, ARpowered<br />

interactive globe that<br />

teaches you about the Toucan,<br />

Himalayas, Chinese New<br />

Year, and so much more.<br />

£29.99 from Smyths Toys<br />

13<br />


Ignite your child’s love of reading - one sound<br />

at a time - with the latest character to join the<br />

EDURINO learning family: Mika the fox.<br />

Guided by Mika, let your little learner dive into the exciting<br />

world of words and phonics, with<br />

EDURINO Phonics Skills with<br />

Mika Starter Set. It consists of a<br />

digital learning app that’s used<br />

offline, a magical pen and a fox<br />

figurine that unlocks a world of<br />

games and character stories to help<br />

teach children aged 4 to 8yrs how<br />

to recognise words, write letters and<br />

build the foundations<br />

of literacy skills.<br />

£44.99 from<br />

Amazon &<br />

edurino.co.uk<br />

14<br />


With Marvel Snapbands<br />

kids can now wear<br />

cute plushie versions of<br />

their favourite characters<br />

on their wrist or attached<br />

to their backpack strap as<br />

pictured here. There are<br />

four characters to collect<br />

from Spidey and Ghost<br />

to Ironman and our<br />

personal favourite,<br />

Groot.<br />

£9.99 from Asda &<br />

Smyths Toys<br />

15<br />


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Wars:<br />

A Phantom Menace with this amazing new<br />

collection of Star Wars Doorables. There are both<br />

Galaxy Peek packs and Galactic Cruisers to discover in the<br />

range. The former offers<br />

25 figures based on iconic<br />

moments from the saga,<br />

each packed in a Death<br />

Star-inspired capsule,<br />

whilst the latter takes<br />

collectors on a ride through<br />

the galaxy, with characters<br />

piloting a cruiser, speeder<br />

bike, or starfighter!<br />

From £14.99 at Smyths<br />

Toys & The Entertainer<br />

40 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

16<br />


The Slida Sphere 3D<br />

Puzzle is a sequential,<br />

interlocking, brain teaser<br />

toy. To solve this puzzle, your<br />

child must slide and interlock the<br />

pieces in the correct sequence<br />

but it might not be as simple as<br />

they think! A great toy to develop<br />

problem solving skills.<br />

£9.99 from Smyths Toys & Argos<br />

17<br />


The Decora Girlz are the<br />

bright, colourful, and<br />

super-quirky group of<br />

tween friends who love to decorate<br />

themselves in the bright and<br />

expressive Decora Kei style from<br />

Japan. These collectable dolls inspire<br />

creativity and come with stickers and<br />

accessories to customise them, as well<br />

as a comb to brush-out their hair.<br />

£12.99 from Smyths Toys<br />

18<br />


With Crystalverse, your<br />

child can customise their<br />

own unicorn characters<br />

to make them shine and sparkle.<br />

After the crystal art makeover,<br />

your child can enjoy interactive<br />

play with these enchanting<br />

Crystalcorns! Ideal for creative<br />

kids aged 6 to 9, this kit combines<br />

diamond painting with a galactic<br />

toy for hours of fun. Perfect for<br />

both boys<br />

and girls who<br />

love unicorns<br />

and art.<br />

From £6.99<br />

at Hobbycraft<br />

19<br />


Perfect for fans of<br />

Frozen, with its icy blue<br />

colours represent Elsa’s<br />

iconic outfit, this ChillFactor<br />

Slushy Maker helps make delicious<br />

slushies in seconds! First freeze<br />

the cup then add the preferred<br />

chilled drink and squeeze to make<br />

a slushy in seconds.<br />

£12.99 from Smyths Toys<br />

22<br />


Characters from<br />

Disney’s Lilo and<br />

Stitch are now<br />

available as adorable 25cm Disney<br />

Stitch Flopsies. These soft toys<br />

are perfect for snugging and for<br />

taking on fun out of this world<br />

adventures.<br />

£14.99 from The Entertainer<br />

20<br />


The Care Bears are<br />

a group of lovable<br />

characters dedicated<br />

to spreading positive emotions. Just<br />

launched are three new squishy<br />

25cm plushies: Cheer Bear, Good<br />

Vibes Bear and Grumpy Bear. They<br />

are soft and squeezable, making<br />

them perfect for cosy snuggles.<br />

£14.99 from Very.co.uk<br />

24<br />


Phlat Ball Junior is<br />

a disc that magically<br />

turns into a ball!<br />

Squash it flat and throw it to a friend<br />

to enjoy the multi-action game.<br />

Perfect for the whole family to get<br />

outside as the sun starts to shine.<br />

£7 from Smyths Toys<br />

21<br />


Kids will love diving<br />

into aquatic adventures<br />

with these interactive<br />

plush fish. Battery-powered and<br />

able to swim on land without<br />

water, they provide endless fun.<br />

The first series includes six<br />

tropical fish and fun accessories.<br />

Perfect for sparking imaginative<br />

play!<br />

£12.99 from<br />

Smyths Toys<br />

25<br />


The incredible Wubble<br />

Bubble Ball looks like a<br />

bubble and moves like<br />

a bubble but don’t worry it won’t pop<br />

like one! This squishy ball is great<br />

for throwing, kicking and bouncing<br />

to enjoy outside for family fun!<br />

From £12 at major toy retailers<br />


Ask The Expert<br />

Gardening With Children: Ten<br />

Top Tips From Leading Experts<br />

Gardening with kids can be a wonderfully enriching<br />

experience, fostering a love for nature, teaching valuable life<br />

skills, and teaching children about where their food comes from<br />

Whether you have a small balcony or a garden space,<br />

there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands<br />

dirty and cultivate a thriving garden with your little<br />

ones.<br />

Here are ten top tips from gardening experts Lucy<br />

Hutchings and Kate Cotterill of She Grows Veg<br />

on how to make gardening with kids a fun and<br />

educational adventure.<br />


When selecting vegetables to grow with kids, opt for<br />

varieties that are easy to grow, quick to mature, and<br />

are different from what they normally eat. Some kidfriendly<br />

veggies include tomatoes, carrots, lettuce,<br />

peas and radishes. These fast-growing crops provide<br />

almost instant gratification, keeping kids engaged<br />

and excited about the gardening process. Choose<br />

varieties in fun colours that break from the normal<br />

ones they may eat from the shop.<br />


Invest in child-sized gardening tools to make the<br />

experience safe and enjoyable for little hands. Look<br />

for lightweight, sturdy tools with brightly coloured<br />

handles that are easy for kids to grip and manoeuvre.<br />

Essential kid-friendly tools include trowels, hand<br />

rakes, watering cans, and gloves.<br />


Designate a dedicated garden space that’s easily<br />

accessible and inviting for kids to explore. Whether<br />

you have a small plot, raised beds, containers, or pots,<br />

make sure the gardening area is at a comfortable<br />

height for children to reach and work comfortably<br />

without straining.<br />


If space is limited, consider gardening in containers<br />

or pots. Get creative with container choices by<br />

repurposing old buckets, wheelbarrows, or even old<br />

wellies. Let kids personalise their containers with<br />

paint or stickers to add their own stamp to their<br />

gardening space. There are seed varieties which are<br />

ideally suited to small container spaces such as micro<br />

tomatoes, lettuces and radishes.<br />


Encourage children to be part of the planning process<br />

by letting them help choose which vegetables to<br />

grow, selecting seeds or seedlings, and designing the<br />

layout of the garden. Let them express their creativity<br />

by drawing garden plans or creating plant labels.<br />

42 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Use gardening as an opportunity to teach valuable<br />

life skills such as nurture and patience. Assign ageappropriate<br />

tasks to children, such as watering plants,<br />

weeding, or harvesting ripe vegetables. Encourage<br />

them to observe the growth process and marvel at the<br />

wonders of nature unfolding before their eyes.<br />

7. EAT THE FOOD<br />

Make a big deal of their first harvest by encouraging<br />

them to present their produce at the dinner table.<br />

This is a great way to encourage children to eat more<br />

vegetables and, of course, to try new things.<br />


Use gardening as a hands-on learning experience to<br />

teach children about plant life cycles, soil health, and<br />

the importance of pollinators. Explore concepts like<br />

photosynthesis, composting, and biodiversity through<br />

fun, age-appropriate activities and experiments.<br />


Foster a sense of wonder and curiosity by<br />

encouraging kids to explore the garden and discover<br />

the fascinating world of insects, worms, and other<br />

garden creatures. Create habitats for beneficial<br />

insects like ladybirds or butterflies and teach<br />

children about the important role they play in a<br />

healthy ecosystem.<br />


Celebrate every milestone, whether it’s the first<br />

seedling sprouting or the first ripe tomato harvested.<br />

Use gardening as an opportunity to teach resilience<br />

and perseverance, embracing failures as valuable<br />

learning experiences. Encourage kids to reflect on<br />

what went well and what they can do differently next<br />

time.<br />

Gardening with children is not just about growing<br />

plants; it’s about nurturing a love for nature, fostering<br />

creativity, and creating lasting memories. By<br />

following these ten top tips, you can create a fun and<br />

educational gardening experience for your children<br />

that inspires a lifelong passion for gardening and<br />

appreciation for the natural world.<br />


Lucy Hutchings and Kate Cotterill started their<br />

Heirloom seed company, She Grows Veg, in <strong>June</strong><br />

2023 with a mission to bring the very best Heirloom<br />

seeds to the UK.<br />

Kate’s spent 25 years working in marketing and<br />

events, organising music festivals and working for<br />

many famous brands and is very much the business<br />

brains of the operation! Her market research saw<br />

a clear opportunity for an heirloom seed company<br />

in the UK and to create a brand with a different<br />

approach.<br />

Instagram star Lucy, otherwise know as<br />

@shegrowsveg has a huge instagram following and<br />

has written a book and featured on TV. Lucy’s design<br />

pedigree began in her past as jewellery designer to<br />

celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue.<br />

Lucy is well known for growing all kinds of unusual<br />

veg from heirloom and rare seed. Her interest in<br />

edible gardens has seen her create beautiful garden<br />

designs with entirely edible plants within them. She<br />

Grows Veg will be exhibiting at RHS Chelsea Flower<br />

Show this year in the Great Pavilion. Find out more at<br />

www.shegrowsveg.com<br />


Minipreneur’s Fun Zone<br />

1<br />


Numberblocks® Playing Cards are<br />

54 playing cards with colourful<br />

Numberblocks character images<br />

and a Game Guide for six games.<br />

The cards are sized for little hands<br />

and made from durable materials.<br />

£9.95 from learningresources.<br />

co.uk<br />


Build Your Own’s new ecofriendly,<br />

STEM-inspired Gromit<br />

kit has cardboard parts that easily<br />

slot together to build Gromit<br />

with clever mechanics that<br />

make him move. £14.99 from<br />

buildyourownkits.com<br />

3. AIRBRUSH<br />

The squishy Airbrush Plush<br />

Bucket Neon is the ultimate<br />

sensory experience for kids. Each<br />

plush character is a blank canvas<br />

waiting to be brought to life with<br />

vibrant neon colours. £15 from<br />

Argos<br />

4. T-RACER<br />

T-Racer Mix ‘N Race Cars uses<br />

a unique system where kids<br />

simply interchange the pieces to<br />

customise their own racing cars.<br />

There are 36 new super-detailed,<br />

cool car designs. £2.99 from The<br />

Entertainer<br />


The Misfittens Kittens Fishbowl<br />

Edition is a comical group of cats<br />

with an irresistible passion for<br />

fishbowls. Break them free for<br />

2<br />

cosy cuddles. £6 from Tesco<br />


Peter Rabbit Don’t Wake Mr.<br />

McGregor! is a fun new board<br />

game where Peter Rabbit and his<br />

friends race to collect the most<br />

fruit and vegetables without<br />

waking up Mr. McGregor. £12<br />

from orchardtoys.com<br />


Peter Rabbit 4-in-a-box Puzzles<br />

teach children about the seasons in<br />

a set of progressive puzzles from<br />

12-piece and 16-piece to 18-piece<br />

and 24-piece jigsaws. £10 from<br />

orchardtoys.com<br />


Fluffie Stuffiez are ultra fluffy,<br />

huggable cuddly toys like no other.<br />

Kids can experience the joy of<br />

unboxing, collectability, ASMR<br />

and fidget with this all-in-one<br />

plush. £18.99 from Amazon and<br />

The Entertainer<br />


Pole Position is a unique 3D tin<br />

travel game with 48 nail-biting<br />

challenges on all 6 tracks. £12.99<br />

from smarttoysandgames.co.uk<br />

10. SMART TOYS & GAMES<br />

Zoo Yatzy is creative, simple,<br />

and child-friendly take on the<br />

original game. Playing Yatzy<br />

helps to develop a range of skills<br />

including language, decisionmaking,<br />

problem solving,<br />

strategising and maths. £6.99 from<br />

smarttoysandgames.co.uk<br />

11. SMART TOYS & GAMES<br />

Body MiMiQ is a fun and<br />

educational party game for<br />

children and adults Move your<br />

body into the correct positions<br />

to win the game. £7.99 from<br />

smarttoysandgames.co.uk<br />

12. MAPED<br />

The Ocean felt-tip set from the<br />

Maped Color’Peps range offers<br />

little ones the ultimate bundle of<br />

48 colourful pens. They are easily<br />

washable from textiles or skin.<br />

£12.55 from Amazon<br />

13. OHUHU<br />

Ohuhu Dual Tip Dot Markers have<br />

a stiff fine tip and flexible round<br />

tip for various styles. Different<br />

pressure makes different sizes of<br />

dots. Contains 15 coloured pens,<br />

including 5 metallic colours, with<br />

water-based non-toxic ink. £11<br />

from eu.ohuhu.com<br />

14. GRAVITRAX<br />

GraviTrax GO marble run<br />

mini sets offer a self-contained<br />

introduction to the interactive<br />

track construction system. £14.99<br />

from ravensburger.co.uk<br />

15. THINKFUN<br />

Great for groups of friends,<br />

ThinkFun Goats’ Day Out is<br />

a wacky, fast-paced game that<br />

will have you laughing as hard<br />

as you are thinking! £16.99 from<br />

thinkfun.co.uk<br />

44 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

4<br />

3 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11<br />

12<br />

13 14 15<br />


Minipreneur’s<br />

Book Corner<br />

My Brother Plato by<br />

George Myerson<br />

This book by George Myerson is<br />

a captivating and well-researched<br />

journey into the imagined early<br />

life of one of history’s greatest<br />

thinkers, as seen through the<br />

eyes of Plato’s sister, Potone.<br />

This unique perspective brings<br />

Ancient Greece to life as<br />

Myerson masterfully blends<br />

historical accuracy<br />

with engaging<br />

storytelling,<br />

making the ancient<br />

world accessible<br />

and intriguing for<br />

young readers.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Andersen Press<br />

Little Experts: Superhero<br />

Animals by Chris Packham<br />

Get up close to nature with naturalist and TV<br />

presenter Chris Packham CBE and encounter the<br />

amazing animal superheroes that will help us save<br />

the world. Part of the inspirational non-fiction<br />

series for six- to nine-year-olds, this jaw-dropping<br />

non-fiction journey has vibrant, playful artwork<br />

throughout by Anders Frang. Little Experts is an unmissable<br />

series that will empower and inspire a new generation of experts.<br />

£9.99 published by Farshore<br />

My First Draw With Rob:<br />

Unicorns by Rob Biddulph<br />

Gallop away to a land of clouds, rainbows and<br />

unicorns in this magical activity book from bestselling<br />

and award-winning creator, Rob Biddulph. Featuring<br />

fairy-tale castles, starry skies and enchanted lands,<br />

these pages are full of mazes, puzzles and colouring<br />

along with Rob’s simple drawing instructions.<br />

£6.99 published by HarperCollins Children’s Books<br />

Terrible True<br />

Tales: Romans by<br />

Terry Deary<br />

Terry Deary’s Terrible True<br />

Tales: Romans explores<br />

the wonders of the Roman<br />

Empire through the eyes<br />

of children who could have<br />

lived at the time. Packed with<br />

fun illustrations by Helen<br />

Flook, these stories feature<br />

real people and take place in<br />

some of the most significant<br />

moments in Roman history.<br />

This new edition features<br />

notes for the reader to<br />

help extend learning and<br />

exploration of the historical<br />

period.<br />

£8.99 published by<br />

Bloomsbury Education<br />

Wowzers! by Lou<br />

Carter & Magda Brol<br />

Rabbit is desperate to buy a new<br />

car until one fine day, he finally<br />

saves up enough for his heart’s<br />

desire. But when Rabbit sees his<br />

friends showing off their cool<br />

diggers and flashing fire-engines<br />

and amazing sailboats, it’s hard to<br />

resist trying to outdo<br />

them all. This is a<br />

hilarious adventure,<br />

all about the value of<br />

friendship and helping<br />

others.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Bloomsbury<br />

Bad Panda: Mites,<br />

Camera, Action by<br />

Swapna Haddow<br />

This is the third hilarious<br />

adventure in the Bad Panda<br />

series featuring loveable<br />

Lin, everyone’s favourite<br />

Bad Panda. A documentary<br />

crew have come to the zoo,<br />

to film every day life with<br />

the animals. The only thing<br />

is that the reality is a bit boring so<br />

they ship in some animal actors.<br />

Insects and pandas unite to create<br />

an authentic show about zoo life<br />

that will be anything but boring!<br />

£7.99 published by Faber<br />

Albert and the Flood<br />

by Ian Brown &<br />

Eoin Clarke<br />

Heavy rain has drenched<br />

the garden and the lawn is<br />

waterlogged. The garden’s annual<br />

sports day is in jeopardy! Can<br />

Albert come up with a plan to save<br />

the day? Albert and his friends<br />

make a splash<br />

and learn it’s not<br />

always winning<br />

that’s important.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Graffeg<br />

46 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Let’s Meet Taylor<br />

by Mariana Avila<br />

Lagunes, Claire Baker<br />

& Alexandra Koken<br />

In this fun and friendly unofficial<br />

book, follow gifted singer-songwriter<br />

Taylor’s inspirational journey from growing up<br />

on a Christmas tree farm to superstardom. Filled<br />

with gentle text and bright illustrations, this is<br />

the perfect book for Taylor Swift fans.<br />

£6.99 published by Macmillan Children’s Books<br />

Gordon The Meanest Goose on<br />

Earth by Alex Latimer<br />

This is a laugh-out-loud journey of<br />

empathy, courage, and soggy bread<br />

written by talented children’s author<br />

Alex Latimer. Gordon is the meanest<br />

goose on Earth until one day, something<br />

extraordinary happens when Anthony<br />

the Piglet gives him a flower. With this<br />

one act of kindness, Gordon’s world<br />

begins to crumble. Children and their grown-ups<br />

will both love this hilarious tale brought to life by<br />

Latimer’s wonderful illustrations.<br />

£6.99 published by Oxford University Press<br />

Strong Like Me by Kelechi Okafor &<br />

Michaela Dias-Hayes<br />

This is a timely picture-book debut by writer,<br />

social commentator and podcast host, Kelechi<br />

Okafor. This inspirational story sets out to<br />

help children discover their power, champion<br />

themselves, and be unapologetically secure in<br />

who they are. Packed full of heart, the story<br />

opens important conversations around ability,<br />

intersectionality, race and identity.<br />

£7.99 published by Puffin<br />

The Brainiac’s Book of the Body & Brain<br />

by Rosie Cooper & Harriet Russell<br />

Aimed at curious children who want to know how their body<br />

works and how their brain keeps it running, The Brainiac’s<br />

Book of the Body and Brain answers need-to-know and quirky<br />

questions about the bodies we live in. This<br />

fun-filled inclusive book features easy and fun<br />

practical activities and experiments, including<br />

keeping a poo diary and optical illusions. Written<br />

with a zany sense of humour, this latest instalment<br />

in the Brainiac’s series is the perfect creative and<br />

accessible introduction to biology.<br />

£14.99 published by Thames & Hudson<br />

Izzy the Inventor and the Teeny-Tiny<br />

Ogres by Zanna Davidson & Elissa<br />

Elwick<br />

Izzy the Inventor and the Teeny-Tiny Ogres is the<br />

latest instalment in this laugh-out-loud chapter<br />

book series that brings together science, magic and<br />

a very lovable unicorn. Packed full of illustrations<br />

and easy-to-read text, this series is perfect for newly<br />

independent readers and helps parents empower<br />

their young children to develop STEM skills.<br />

£5.99 published by Usborne<br />

Always Carry Me With<br />

You by Hervé Eparvier<br />

& Fred Benaglia<br />

This is a love letter from father to<br />

daughter, written to delight and<br />

comfort. The book is a perfect parentchild<br />

read, a winning Father’s Day<br />

gift, and a soothing<br />

tale for children and<br />

families navigating big<br />

feelings and events in<br />

their children’s lives,<br />

such as starting school<br />

and working through<br />

separation anxiety.<br />

£9.99 published by Quarto<br />

Thank You by Jarvis<br />

There is so much to be thankful<br />

for! In this happy and hopeful<br />

picture book for the very young,<br />

we see the world through a<br />

child’s eyes as he thanks all of<br />

the things that give him joy – the<br />

sun, his bicycle, the jelly in his<br />

bowl, and so much more.<br />

Jarvis creates beautiful collage<br />

art in this first book of gratitude;<br />

a book that inspires<br />

children to think<br />

about what they<br />

might like to say<br />

“thank you” to, too!<br />

£12.99 published by<br />

Walker Books<br />


Sirjit Sanghera,<br />

Opthalmic Director at<br />

Specsavers Tottenham<br />

Court Road, has the<br />

answers for anyone<br />

concerned about their<br />

child’s eyesight<br />


Why An Eye Test Should Be On<br />

Your Child’s Back To School L<br />

Do you know the tell-tale signs to look out for when concerned about your child’s eyesigh<br />

Specsavers Tottenham Court Road<br />

There are an estimated 1.6 million<br />

school-aged children living with<br />

an undetected eye problem in the<br />

England. That’s why Specsavers is<br />

encouraging parents to add an eye<br />

test appointment to their child’s<br />

back to school list.<br />

Specsavers child eye tests are<br />

designed to be friendly and fun,<br />

and for children who are not<br />

reading yet, there are special<br />

charts, shapes, and picture books<br />

that the optician can use instead.<br />

For parents concerned about<br />

their child’s eyesight, there are a<br />

number of tell-tale signs to look<br />

out for:<br />

Are they sitting too close to the<br />

TV? Do they rub their eyes a lot?<br />

Are they clumsy? Do they squint<br />

a lot?<br />

If so, try asking them the<br />

following questions:<br />

• Can you see what’s on the board<br />

clearly when you sit at the back of<br />

the classroom?<br />

• Do you get headaches?<br />

• Is your handwriting messier than<br />

most of your friends?<br />

• Do you often lose your place or<br />

get words the wrong way round<br />

while reading?<br />

• Do you find it difficult to see<br />

things close to your face, when<br />

you are drawing or making things?<br />

If your child answers ‘yes’ to any<br />

of these questions, it could be time<br />

to get their eyes examined.<br />

Taking your child for an eye<br />

test should be as common an<br />

occurrence as taking them to the<br />

dentist.<br />

48 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Children’s eye tests are a little different from<br />

those for adults. Specsavers use specially<br />

designed charts that allow children to<br />

recognise shapes or pictures, or even to<br />

match letters, rather than traditional adult<br />

charts. Opticians are specially trained to<br />

test children’s eyes. The test room can feel<br />

a little intimidating to a young child so your<br />

optician will use techniques to make it feel<br />

as welcoming as possible. You will be able to<br />

stay with your child throughout the test so you<br />

can see everything that happens.<br />

For more information, or to book your child<br />

an eye test, please visit www.specsavers.co.uk<br />

ist<br />

t?<br />

After all, 80 per cent of what is<br />

taught in schools is visual, and<br />

for children to grow and develop<br />

their sight needs to be properly<br />

looked after.<br />

That’s why we encourage parents<br />

to include a regular eye test as<br />

part of their children’s health<br />

checks.<br />

The NHS will cover the full cost<br />

of an eye test for anyone who<br />

qualifies. All children under 16,<br />

as well as those under 19 in fulltime<br />

education, are entitled to an<br />

NHS funded eye test.<br />

The five common eye conditions<br />

that may occur in children are:<br />

1. SQUINT<br />

Around one in 20 children have<br />

a squint. It’s a condition where<br />

one of your child’s eyes points in<br />

a different direction when they<br />

are looking straight ahead. Most<br />

commonly an eye will be turned<br />

towards the nose, but sometimes<br />

an eye can turn outwards. It can<br />

cause blurred vision, double<br />

vision and lead to lazy eye. It<br />

usually appears before the age of<br />

five.<br />


Astigmatism is a minor eye<br />

condition that causes blurred or<br />

distorted vision. It occurs when<br />

the cornea or lens isn’t a perfectly<br />

curved shape (more like a rugby<br />

ball than a football). It’s very<br />

common. In fact, many people<br />

who wear glasses will have some<br />

degree of astigmatism.<br />


Being short-sighted means that<br />

you can focus on objects when<br />

they are close up, but those<br />

further away will be blurred.<br />

About one in three people are<br />

short-sighted. The condition<br />

is usually first diagnosed at<br />

around the age of 12, but younger<br />

children can also have it.<br />


If your child is diagnosed with<br />

an amblyopic, or lazy eye, it<br />

usually means that one of their<br />

eyes is weaker than the other,<br />

causing them to rely more on<br />

their ‘good’ eye. Around one in<br />

50 children develop an amblyopic<br />

or lazy eye. It can usually be<br />

diagnosed at about the age of<br />

four.<br />


Children who are long-sighted<br />

find it easier to focus on things<br />

which are further away than<br />

those which are close to them.<br />

Long-sighted children may<br />

experience blurred vision or tired<br />

eyes when reading. Most children<br />

are slightly long-sighted but often<br />

will not require glasses to correct<br />

it unless it is causing a problem.<br />


Scents of Summer<br />

Simone Voss<br />

Experience the luxurious ambiance of the Harlow<br />

Candle. Crafted with care, this exquisite candle<br />

infuses your space with the warm, inviting scent of<br />

tobacco, cedarwood, and vetiver, creating a cozy<br />

atmosphere that soothes the senses and uplifts the<br />

spirit. Each hand-poured candle is housed in a<br />

sleek brass vessel, adding a touch of elegance to<br />

any room. Whether you’re unwinding after a long<br />

day or setting the mood for a special occasion,<br />

the Harlow Candle is the perfect companion for<br />

moments of relaxation and tranquility.<br />

£65 from SpaceNK<br />

Douvalls<br />

Douvall’s Argan Massage Candle (£46) is expertly blended with nourishing<br />

oils, including cocoa butter and Douvall’s 100% first cold-pressed argan<br />

oil, rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. This intensely<br />

hydrating and rejuvenating massage candle offers a nourishing effect.<br />

Hand poured in England with eco soy wax and cotton wick, Douvalls<br />

scented candles (£19) offer a beautiful home fragrance experience that will<br />

elevate your space. Available in five scents including Citrus Sorbet.<br />

Douvall’s Natural Sleep Spray (£15) helps you sleep deeper and wake up<br />

refreshed. Handcrafted in the UK, it is expertly blended with calming<br />

essential oils with the soothing scents of lavender, chamomile and vetiver.<br />

Available from Douvalls.com, Superdrug.com, Debenhams.com,<br />

Generousape.com, Veo.world, Notonthehighstreet, and Myza<br />

Woodwick<br />

The Woodwick Manuka Nectar Large Hourglass Candle offers<br />

a nuanced, fruit-forward scent experience with notes of fresh<br />

peach, honeycomb, warm vanilla, and soft florals. Manuka<br />

Nectar is a fresh and sweet fragrance with top notes of citrus,<br />

lemon, orange, and green, mid-notes of peach, mango-honey,<br />

jasmine and rose, and base notes of tonka, balsam, and vanilla.<br />

£32.99 from woodwick.yankeecandle.co.uk<br />

Yankee Candle<br />

Fragrances such as rose petals, saguaro cactus and sage make<br />

up Yankee Candles hero summer fragrance, Desert Blooms.<br />

In a baby pink, soft hue this candle transports you to a blissful<br />

sunny sunset, perfect to settle down and relax with after a fun,<br />

family-packed summer barbecue once the sun has gone down.<br />

£31.99 from www.yankeecandle.co.uk<br />

50 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

<strong>Preneur</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> Has<br />

You Covered<br />

This Summer<br />

Thermos<br />

Thermos and Disney Home have<br />

joined forces to bring magic<br />

to everyday adventures with<br />

a collection of FUNtainers -<br />

dishwasher-safe bottles and food<br />

flasks featuring iconic Disney<br />

characters including fan favourite<br />

Lightning McQueen.<br />

The collection features the<br />

Thermos 355ml FUNtainer®<br />

Bottle (£20) with vacuum<br />

insulated stainless steel to keep<br />

drinks cold for up to 12 hours<br />

and the 290ml FUNtainer®<br />

Food Flask (£20) which keeps<br />

food hot for up to 5 hours or<br />

cold for 7 hours. Both are<br />

available from<br />

thermos.co.uk<br />

Microplane<br />

The new Microplane Professional Y Peelers are perfect to<br />

liven up family meals. The ergonomic, non-slip, soft-touch<br />

black handle on the Y-Peelers offers maximum control<br />

and is comfortable for both right and left-hand use.<br />

The Straight Blade (£21.95) is ideal for peeling carrots,<br />

cucumbers, courgettes, potatoes, parsnips, apples and<br />

pears. The ultra-sharp double-blade swivels to perfectly<br />

contour the fruit or vegetable and will only remove as<br />

much peel as necessary. It is also perfect for peeling<br />

ribbons of fruit and vegetable for veggie pastas and salads.<br />

The Serrated Blade (£21.95) is particularly useful for<br />

peeling delicate fruits and vegetables with a softer skin<br />

such as tomatoes, peppers, kiwis, peaches and mangoes<br />

without damaging the flesh.<br />

The Julienne Blade (£24.95) cuts vegetables into uniform<br />

julienne sticks. It’s easy to quickly create fine carrot,<br />

courgette and cucumber matchsticks for stir-fries, spring<br />

rolls and salads.<br />

The three new Microplane Professional Y Peelers are all<br />

available from John Lewis<br />

Must-Have Family Essentials For<br />

Those With The <strong>Preneur</strong> Mindset<br />

Sistema<br />

The Sistema 1.65L Bento Lunch<br />

TO GO with Yoghurt Pot is<br />

dishwasher-safe and has multiple<br />

compartments for separating<br />

sandwiches & salads from<br />

crackers & crisps plus a secure<br />

150ml yoghurt pot with screw top<br />

lid. £10 from Ocado and Amazon<br />

Contigo<br />

The 420ml Jessie AUTOPOP<br />

Kids Water Bottle is perfect for<br />

kids who have graduated from<br />

straw bottles. The leak-proof<br />

bottle is also dishwasher safe.<br />

£15.95 from Asda<br />

Contigo<br />

The 500ml Swish<br />

AUTOSEAL Kids<br />

Water Bottle will<br />

ensure your kids stay<br />

hydrated all day long.<br />

The patented Autoseal<br />

lid automatically<br />

seals between sips to<br />

eliminate spills and<br />

leaks. For an easy,<br />

one-handed drinking<br />

experience - there is no<br />

lid to remove or spout<br />

to open, so it is suitable<br />

for on-the-go drinking. No lid to<br />

unscrew or remove- just make<br />

sure to snap it closed<br />

after you’re done<br />

sipping to seal the<br />

leak-proof lid, so you<br />

never have to worry<br />

about spilling another<br />

drop. The bottle is also<br />

dishwasher safe.<br />

£18.66 from Amazon<br />


Stanley<br />

Tucci<br />

With Italian<br />

cooking, the<br />

rules are simple:<br />

buy the best<br />

ingredients, get<br />

the best flavour.<br />

Intervi<br />

52 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

From the glitz of Hollywood to the sizzle of the<br />

kitchen, Stanley Tucci is a modern Renaissance<br />

man passionate about acting, cooking and food<br />

ew<br />


Stanley Tucci’s illustrious career spans a<br />

myriad of memorable roles on the silver<br />

screen. Whether it’s his impeccable<br />

portrayal of Nigel in “The Devil Wears<br />

Prada,” the enigmatic Caesar Flickerman<br />

in “The Hunger Games” series, or his<br />

endearing turn as Paul Child in “Julie &<br />

Julia,” Tucci captivates audiences with his<br />

versatility and charm.<br />

In addition to acting, Tucci is an author,<br />

having penned “The Tucci Cookbook” and<br />

“The Tucci Table,” where he shares his love<br />

for food and cooking with the world. His<br />

culinary adventures are not confined to<br />

pages; they unfold in the kitchen, where he<br />

brings people together through the universal<br />

language of food.<br />

“Food brings people together on many<br />

different levels. It’s nourishment of the<br />

soul and body; it’s truly love,” Tucci once<br />

remarked in his book “The Tucci Table.”<br />

This sentiment underscores his deep<br />

connection with food as a true aficionado<br />

of Italian cooking and London’s culinary<br />

scene.<br />

Beyond the kitchen and the silver screen,<br />

Stanley Tucci embodies the essence of a<br />

modern Renaissance man - passionate,<br />

driven, and always pushing boundaries.<br />

Tucci’s culinary vision extends beyond the<br />

plate. Earlier this year, his collaboration<br />

with award-winning cookware brand<br />

GreenPan, launched in the UK exclusively<br />

into iconic British retailer Fortnum &<br />

Mason.<br />

Available online and from the store’s Third<br />

Floor Cookshop, TUCCI by GreenPan<br />

brings together the rich traditions of British<br />

cuisine with the inspired vision of Stanley<br />

Tucci, underpinned by the innovation of<br />

GreenPan. This collection represents a<br />

fusion of culinary excellence and timeless<br />

style – and is a must-have for keen cooks<br />

and discerning design lovers.<br />

Stanley’s home and personal style inspire<br />

the cookware colours. They’re liveable and<br />

sophisticated, balancing modern style and<br />

timeless charm. Each colour is offset with<br />

champagne handles finished in a PVD<br />

coating that’s wear and corrosion resistant.<br />

Fortnum & Mason will stock the Stainless<br />

Steel, Aluminium Venetian, Carrara White<br />

and Milano Black colourways – all with a<br />

Piazza Grey interior.<br />

Made in Italy at GreenPan’s state-of-the-art<br />

factory, the pans blend refined architectural<br />

details with pioneering and PFAS-free<br />

ceramic non-stick culinary technology. This<br />

collection was developed from the ground<br />

up with Stanley, focusing on innovations<br />

that optimise the cooking experience and<br />

take cooking to the next level.<br />

Known for his deep love of London and its<br />

vibrant food scene, Stanley Tucci expressed<br />

his excitement about the launch at Fortnum<br />

& Mason, saying, “London is a city that<br />

embraces diverse cuisines and celebrates<br />

the joy of food. I’m delighted to bring my<br />

culinary vision to Fortnum & Mason.”<br />

“Launching this collection in the UK at<br />

Fortnum & Mason represents not only the<br />

finest in cookware but also a tribute to the<br />

vibrant culinary culture of London.”<br />

Stanley Tucci explained his ethos behind<br />

the design: “With Italian cooking, the rules<br />

are simple: buy the best ingredients, get<br />

the best flavour. I’ve built cookware with<br />

this idea, using only the best materials in<br />

Italy. After all, Italy is where I’ve always<br />

found inspiration. This collection is as<br />

functional as it is beautiful and helps make<br />

cooking even more enjoyable. It is modern<br />

cookware, made in Italy.”<br />

The premium design of the TUCCI by<br />

GreenPan collection reflects a dedication<br />

to effortless elegance, authentic simplicity,<br />

and a harmonious blend of classic and<br />

contemporary aesthetics. They have been<br />

meticulously tailored for those who savour<br />

their time in the kitchen, with thoughtful<br />

shapes that eliminate sharp corners,<br />

making food release effortless. Each pan<br />

is delicately balanced with nuanced details<br />

that enhance the cooking experience,<br />

providing intuitive responsiveness and<br />

remarkable performance.<br />

The technology in this collection is<br />

unparalleled. From the woven induction<br />

base to the revolutionary heavy-gauge<br />

bodies, this collection is matchless. Thanks<br />

to the heavy-duty design, these pans won’t<br />

warp or wobble; they brown and sear to<br />


perfection, are extra durable and are scratch-resistant.<br />

The added gauge delivers incredibly fast and even<br />

heating. This collection introduces GreenPan’s<br />

Woven Induction Technology, which is truly cuttingedge.<br />

They weave together bands of stainless steel<br />

tightly, then infuse them into a 5mm thick forged<br />

base to deliver maximum induction efficiency with<br />

high performance on all stovetops and oven-safe up<br />

to 600 degrees. It delivers better stability, superb<br />

frying, and no loss of energy or heat. This design<br />

futureproofs your pans. In addition to induction<br />

efficiency, the innovative base creates a stay-flat<br />

cooking surface to keep oil where you want it. The<br />

bimetal effect of the forged base and the stainlesssteel<br />

weave creates a push/pull effect that enhances<br />

stability. Cooks also get better, more even browning<br />

because the food stays in total contact with the pan.<br />

The cutting-edge Plasma Tech treatment<br />

complements GreenPan’s state-of-the-art ceramic<br />

non-stick for remarkable PFAS-free performance and<br />

unparalleled durability. The contemporary shapes<br />

and unique handles were individually considered<br />

for each pan to deliver a perfect balance and make<br />

cooking easier. It’s cookware for people like Stanley<br />

Tucci, who love to cook.<br />

The TUCCI by GreenPan Cookware Collection<br />

includes:<br />


This is the star of the show. It’s a big 6.5 QT 33cm<br />

pan that’s perfect for finishing pasta without running<br />

out of room or crafting meals for a crowd. It also has<br />

a huge surface area that’s perfect for cooking big<br />

cuts of chicken, lamb, and other meats. The Stanley<br />

Pan is £229.95 and is available in Stainless Steel,<br />

Aluminium Venetian and Milano Black<br />


Spacious and streamlined, this is a big pan that<br />

doesn’t feel big. Make broccoli rabe, fry peppers, or<br />

do 1,000s of other messy tasks without the mess. The<br />

26cm Sauté Pan is £229.95<br />


These are saucepans for sauce people. The pans<br />

have curved edges for better stirring and high walls<br />

to prevent splashing and spills. The 2-Quart 16cm<br />

is £169.95 and the 4-Quart 20cm is £199.95 and are<br />

available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium Venetian and<br />

Carrara White.<br />

FRY PANS<br />

The 12” frypan has a helper handle you’ll love when<br />

it’s full, and when you’re done cooking, the pans<br />

nest comfortably to save room in the cabinet. The 2<br />

Piece Frypan Set (20cm and 26cm) is £199.95 and<br />

is available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium Venetian,<br />

Carrara White and Milano Black. The 30cm Covered<br />

Frypan is £199.95 and is available in Stainless Steel,<br />

Aluminium Venetian, and Carrara White.<br />

11-PIECE SET<br />

The 11-Piece Set comprises of the 20cm Frypan,<br />

26cm Frypan, 2-Quart Saucepan with Glass Lid,<br />

4-Quart Saucepan with Glass Lid, 4-Quart Sauté Pan<br />

with Glass Lid, 8-Quart Pasta Pot with Glass Lid and<br />

Stainless-Steel Pasta Insert. It is £699.95 to £799.95<br />

and is available in Milano Black and Stainless-Steel.<br />

TUCCI by GreenPan is available from the Third<br />

Floor Cookshop at Fortnum & Mason’s and online<br />

at www.fortnumandmason.com<br />

54 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Kitchen Companions<br />

From stunning stand mixers to beautiful<br />

bowls, here are the things no modern<br />

kitchen should be without this summer<br />

KitchenAid<br />

KitchenAid, a trailblazer in<br />

colour innovation since 1955,<br />

proudly announces the highly<br />

anticipated annual launch of the<br />

NEW Colour of the Year for the<br />

iconic Stand Mixer. Known for<br />

its commitment to blending style<br />

and functionality, KitchenAid<br />

continues to set trends in the<br />

culinary world by carefully<br />

selecting a new colour each year<br />

based on upcoming design and<br />

lifestyle trends.<br />

The latest addition to be crowned<br />

the KitchenAid Colour of the<br />

Year <strong>2024</strong> is BLUE SALT,<br />

a unique, subtle iridescent<br />

periwinkle blue with captivating<br />

red hues which magically shifts<br />

colour depending on the angle or<br />

lighting.<br />

Colours have the power to<br />

influence creativity, simulate<br />

the mind, enhance enthusiasm,<br />

to make cooking and meal<br />

preparation even more enjoyable.<br />

A pop of colour also adds visual<br />

impact to an otherwise neutral<br />

kitchen. Whether it’s through<br />

colourful appliances or a vibrant<br />

backsplash, exciting colour<br />

draws attention to specific areas,<br />

giving a fresh, updated feel.<br />

The Artisan Tilt-Head 4.7L<br />

Stand Mixer in BLUE SALT<br />

comes with a stainless-steel<br />

bowl, though there’s also a wide<br />

selection of options available<br />

to enhance your personal style<br />

statement. From ceramic designs<br />

to quilted and hammered effect,<br />

bowls are a terrific, and simple,<br />

way to coordinate your kitchen<br />

décor.<br />

Standard accessories include a<br />

flex edge beater, dough hook,<br />

wire whisk, pastry beater and<br />

extra 3L stainless-steel bowl.<br />

For even more versatility giving<br />

makers endless possibilities<br />

to enhance their everyday<br />

experiences, there are over 15<br />

exceptional, dishwasher-safe,<br />

extras for the famous attachmentready<br />

Culinary Hub enabling<br />

everything from slicing, grating,<br />

mincing, chopping and peeling,<br />

to juicing and spiralizing, along<br />

with a timesaving Sifter & Scale.<br />

Assembled in sturdy die-cast<br />

metal, the stable Artisan Stand<br />

Mixer fuses legendary design<br />

with outstanding engineering<br />

and durability making it, quite<br />

simply, the ultimate culinary<br />

companion.<br />

Since the introduction of the<br />

legendary stand mixer in 1919<br />

and first dishwasher in 1949,<br />

KitchenAid has built on the<br />

legacy of these icons to create a<br />

comprehensive line of products<br />

designed for passionate makers.<br />

Today, the KitchenAid brand<br />

offers virtually every essential<br />

for the well-equipped kitchen<br />

from countertop appliances to<br />

cookware, refrigerators and<br />

whisks to wine cellars.<br />

The KitchenAid Artisan 4.7L<br />

Stand Mixer in Colour of the<br />

Year <strong>2024</strong>, Blue Salt, is £699<br />

available from kitchenaid.co.uk<br />

56 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

For a sustainable, BPA-free household, Hokan<br />

offers a unique alternative to storage solutions with<br />

potential harmful pollutants. Stoneware is dense<br />

pottery fired at high temperatures making it non-porous and,<br />

consequently, odour and stain free. Which can’t be said of plastic<br />

alternatives.<br />

The bowls heat evenly and retain heat efficiently. Cooking and<br />

baking with the lid on keeps moisture in and the temperature stable.<br />

Taking the lid off allows the top surface area to crust or brown. The<br />

range is perfect for stews, curries, pasta, gratins, soups, risotto and<br />

individual pies.<br />

The volume of each bowl is<br />

determined by its height, which<br />

keeps all of the lids the same<br />

size for each bowl, so no need to<br />

search through the kitchen for<br />

the correct lid – they all work.<br />

You can also use the lids as a<br />

side dish. The gold standard<br />

for versatility - the Hokan<br />

innovative, sustainable, stackable<br />

stoneware bowls and lids are<br />

oven, microwave, freezer and<br />

dishwasher safe.<br />

A set of three bowls is £80 from<br />

hokanbowls.com<br />

HOKAN<br />

GreenPan<br />

The GreenPan Barcelona Pro<br />

Collection features the latest<br />

PFAS-free Thermolon Infinite8<br />

ceramic non-stick coating with<br />

ScratchGuard for ultimate nonstick<br />

performance and amazing<br />

durability.<br />

The BalancePro base, stays<br />

perfectly flat when heated which<br />

means you can use less fat. A<br />

seamless and rivet-less interior<br />

avoids food getting trapped and<br />

the Pro-Tec reinforced rim won’t<br />

chip when tapped with a spoon.<br />

The pitch black, timeless design<br />

contrasts beautifully with the cast<br />

stainless steel handles. A userfriendly<br />

range to cook healthily,<br />

for everyday use.<br />

The GreenPan Barcelona Pro 2pc<br />

Set (Frying Pans 24cm and 28cm)<br />

is £154 from currys.co.uk<br />


Kitchen Companions<br />

Nifty Knives<br />

The Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife<br />

Sharpener is the first, premium<br />

kitchen knife sharpener for the<br />

home and is now available in<br />

carbon black.<br />

Quick, easy, clean and quiet, it<br />

precisely sharpens blades of any<br />

length. Based on the innovative<br />

sharpening system developed for<br />

professional kitchens, the Tormek<br />

T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener<br />

effortlessly delivers a razor-sharp<br />

and durable cutting edge and the<br />

angle won’t dull after every use.<br />

The sleek industrial design comes<br />

fully assembled with a solid oak<br />

handle, CARBON BLACK powdercoated<br />

zinc body, diamond grinding<br />

wheel and composite honing wheel.<br />

Built to last, the Tormek T-1<br />

Kitchen Knife Sharpener comes<br />

with an 8-year warranty.<br />

£330 from shop.tormek.com/en-gb<br />

Bodum<br />

The MELIOR Air Fryer L is the culinary<br />

revolution that will transform how you cook<br />

crispy, fried treats more healthily - without any<br />

of the fat, mess and odour of deep frying.<br />

From crispy golden fries to juicy, tender meats<br />

to delicious cakes (yes, it’s a mini oven, too!),<br />

the MELIOR Air Fryer L delivers mouthwatering<br />

results with unparalleled precision,<br />

where every food becomes a masterpiece.<br />

Discover a world of culinary possibilities<br />

(equipped with 8 preset cooking options) with<br />

intuitive and easy-to-use controls. The digital<br />

touch screen allows you to effortlessly adjust<br />

time and temperature settings, giving you<br />

the freedom to experiment with a wide range<br />

of recipes. Plus, it features two drawers for<br />

appetizing flavours, which you can savour<br />

(almost!) without feeling guilty.<br />

Whether you are an experienced chef or a<br />

passionate home cook, unleash your creativity<br />

and make your cooking more dynamic.<br />

£229.90 from bodum.com<br />

58 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Barista Style<br />

Coffee At Home<br />

The LatteSelect® fully automated<br />

bean to cup coffee machine by<br />

Melitta® is a ‘must have’ for all<br />

coffee lovers looking to introduce<br />

that ‘barista-style’ experience into<br />

their own home.<br />

Boasting a matt finish for a modern<br />

appearance and in line with current<br />

kitchen trends, this revamped<br />

machine includes a one touch TFT<br />

colour programming screen for<br />

ease of function. With the option<br />

to choose from one of the twelve<br />

coffee recipes or save a special<br />

personal setting, the machine<br />

showcases four classics including:<br />

espresso, café crème, cappuccino<br />

and latte macchiato which are<br />

selected directly with a single,<br />

light touch on the real-image touch<br />

sensor buttons. Eight other coffee<br />

variations such as flat white, long<br />

black and americano can be selected via the menu.<br />

The My Coffee Memory function for up to six people<br />

(along with a recipe overview) also serves up coffee<br />

specialities such as a lungo, americano or an espresso<br />

macchiato.<br />

What’s more, this updated machine allows you to<br />

dispense hot milk, milk froth and hot water simply<br />

and conveniently with one touch. The step-by-step<br />

instructions on the high-resolution colour display and<br />

the photo-realistic videos during coffee preparation,<br />

ensure simple and intuitive operation. The three<br />

default programming settings for optimal brewing<br />

temperatures (85°C, 90°C and 95°C) are also the<br />

ideal brewing temperatures for white, green, black or<br />

herbal/fruit teas – whilst the practical rollers make<br />

moving the machine easier.<br />

When it comes to coffee preparation, the<br />

LatteSelect® features the two-chamber bean<br />

container with the manual bean select function<br />

for individual taste. This allows you to choose, for<br />

example, either fine mild coffee beans or aromatic<br />

and strong espresso beans. In fact, for individual<br />

tastes, the brewing strength can be adjusted to four<br />

settings and the grinding fineness to five settings. It<br />

even has a Double Cup mode which allows two cups<br />

to be filled simultaneously.<br />

The brewing process ensures optimum development<br />

of the coffee flavour, allowing excellent coffee<br />

enjoyment. Thanks to the pre-infusion function, the<br />

freshly ground coffee powder is dampened briefly<br />

before the actual brewing process, i.e. before the<br />

coffee is brewed, with a perfectly adjusted contact<br />

time between the water and coffee. There’s also<br />

an intense aroma function instead of the standard<br />

brewing profile without having to change the coffee<br />

or water quantity.<br />

Whilst the Aromasafe® lid and the dark tinting of<br />

the container retain the aroma of the coffee beans,<br />

there is a separate ground coffee chute for ground<br />

coffee. This ‘new look’ kitchen appliance is even<br />

characterised by an ultra-quiet grinder that uses a<br />

particularly low-noise grinding process.<br />

The Italian preparation process ensures an authentic<br />

taste as the ingredients are combined in the right<br />

order using an original Italian recipe. This means that<br />

for a latte macchiato, the espresso is added after the<br />

milk and the milk froth. For a cappuccino, it’s the<br />

reverse.<br />

Fast and hygienic, each time a drink is make with<br />

milk, this modern and sophisticated machine offers to<br />

clean the parts in contact with milk. At the press of a<br />

button, hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly.<br />

Even the plug-in milk system is dishwasher-safe, easy<br />

to remove and fits in any fridge. The removable water<br />

tank with 1.8 litre holding capacity and automatic<br />

water level monitoring is super convenient as is the<br />

eco-efficient energy saving function.<br />

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the<br />

LatteSelect® employs PRO AQUA filter technology<br />

to filter the water during preparation and prevent<br />

lime scale deposits from accumulating. The drip tray<br />

is also made from stainless-steel for warming cups,<br />

along with a plastic insert to prevent scratching.<br />

£999.99 from melitta.co.uk<br />


expert<br />

advice<br />

Jamie Oliver Helps<br />

The UK Get BBQ<br />

Ready With Weber<br />

It’s time to go beyond bangers and burgers!<br />

This year, it’s all about making BBQ food that<br />

feeds the soul with big flavours for friends and<br />

family thanks to new recipes by Jamie Oliver<br />

Weber Pulse 2000<br />

Free yourself from the worry<br />

over fuel restrictions and let<br />

the aroma of sizzling food on<br />

your balcony captivate the<br />

attention of the city, with the<br />

electric-powered Pulse 2000.<br />

Independently controllable,<br />

dual zone grilling areas<br />

automatically adjust for a<br />

consistent heat, while the<br />

integrated iGrill thermometer<br />

connects to an app on your<br />

smartphone to monitor the<br />

temperature of the grill and<br />

notify you when your food is<br />

done. Grilling is as simple as it<br />

should be, as the convenience<br />

of urban living meets the<br />

unmistakable taste of barbecue<br />

cuisine – no garden necessary.<br />

The Weber Pulse 2000<br />

Electric Barbecue is £929<br />

from www.weber.com/GB<br />

There is nothing more<br />

satisfying than firing<br />

up the coals whether it’s<br />

summer or winter<br />

Chef and restaurateur, Jamie<br />

Oliver has partnered with<br />

Weber barbecues to release four<br />

incredible barbecue recipes to<br />

encourage the nation to move<br />

away from basic burgers and<br />

bangers and have more fun with<br />

big flavours when it comes to<br />

outdoor cooking.<br />

Turning up the heat on people’s<br />

barbecue skills, Jamie’s new<br />

recipes, which, on the Weber<br />

Genesis Gas barbecue and Weber<br />

Master-Touch Charcoal barbecue,<br />

are certain to get people to fire<br />

up their grills all year round,<br />

with intense, smokey flavours<br />

that can’t be replicated in the<br />

kitchen. Jamie’s mouthwatering<br />

recipes show that when it comes to<br />

outdoor cooking, the possibilities<br />

are endless.<br />


The partnership comes after a<br />

Weber survey of 1,716 people<br />

found that 77% immediately<br />

associate good weather and<br />

outdoor moments with friends<br />

and family when they think about<br />

having a barbecue. But, as the<br />

survey shows, the nation would<br />

love to barbecue all year-round if<br />

they had the right knowledge and<br />

recipes.<br />


In a bid to inspire more people<br />

to realise their full barbecue<br />

potential, the partnership will<br />

show the many benefits of yearround<br />

barbecuing, from helping<br />

to bring people closer together, to<br />

connecting more with what they’re<br />

cooking as well as showing how it<br />

can be more efficient and tasty<br />

than traditional cooking methods.<br />

Talking about his passion for<br />

barbecuing, Jamie said: “I love<br />

barbecuing. There is nothing<br />

more satisfying than firing up<br />

the coals whether it’s spring,<br />

summer, autumn or winter and<br />

enjoying the distinctive, smokey<br />

flavour that you can only get<br />

from a Weber barbecue. I want<br />

to encourage people to totally<br />

reimagine barbecuing and the<br />

world of flavour and opportunity<br />

that awaits.”<br />


Jamie’s delicious recipes are:<br />

1. Roast chicken and salsa verde<br />

with Hasselback potatoes, dressed<br />

squash and roasted whole savoy.<br />

2. Crispy barbecued salmon with<br />

golden new potatoes, dressed<br />

asparagus and roasted tomatoes.<br />

3. Epic grilled veg with a herby<br />

couscous salad and grilled feta.<br />

4. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder<br />

with grilled aubergine and tomato,<br />

flatbreads and pickled chillies.<br />

You can find all the recipes with<br />

step-by-step details on <strong>Preneur</strong>-<br />

<strong>World</strong>.com<br />

Jamie Oliver is a brand<br />

ambassador for Weber Barbecues.<br />

60 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Jamie Oliver is a brand ambassador for Weber Barbecues (www.weber.com/GB)<br />

Roast Chicken & Salsa Verde with<br />

Hasselback Potatoes & Dressed Squash<br />

Crispy Barbecued Salmon with Dressed<br />

Asparagus & New Potatoes<br />

Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Grilled<br />

Aubergine & Tomato, Flatbreads & Pickled Chillies<br />

Epic Grilled Veg with<br />

Couscous & Herb Salad<br />


Haven of Yumminess<br />

<strong>Preneur</strong> <strong>World</strong> presents a selection of awesome appliances and<br />

delectable delights to empower your culinary endeavours<br />

Chop Unchained<br />

Every tool in the new KitchenAid Go Cordless<br />

System is powered by one removable, rechargeable<br />

battery. The KitchenAid Go Cordless Chopper<br />

offers twist-free, one-click bowl assembly and a<br />

latched lid with a drizzle basin, perfect for adding<br />

liquids during processing. Its space-saving design<br />

allows for blades and the whisking accessory to<br />

be stored in the work bowl. With a 1.18L capacity<br />

and multi-purpose stainless steel blades, you can<br />

easily mix, chop, and purée ingredients. Two-speed<br />

settings let you control the speed of chopping,<br />

mixing, whisking, or puréeing. The bowl, blades,<br />

and whisking accessory are all dishwasher-safe,<br />

ensuring easy clean-up. It’s simple and efficient at<br />

preparing homemade mayonnaises and vinaigrettes.<br />

Blend Boundlessly<br />

The KitchenAid Go Cordless Personal Blender is<br />

ideal for making smoothies and icy treats. It features a<br />

specially designed cutting-edge asymmetric blade that<br />

blends at four distinct angles, ensuring ingredients<br />

are pulled into the centre for effective crushing. The<br />

dishwasher-safe 473ml jar is designed to fold contents<br />

back onto the blades, creating a powerful blending<br />

vortex. This results in smooth, consistent blends<br />

every time. It features simple controls with two push<br />

buttons: On/Off and Pulse. The blender also includes<br />

a travel lid, making it ideal for on-the-go drinks.<br />

The KitchenAid Go Cordless Chopper and Personal<br />

Blender are each £179 with battery or £149 without<br />

battery from kitchenaid.co.uk<br />

From Beder’s Kitchen<br />

From Beder’s Kitchen is a charity cookbook containing a<br />

collection of recipes and reflections from amazing foodies<br />

around the world including head and executive chefs at some of<br />

the UK’s leading restaurants; MasterChef winners; TV chefs;<br />

food bloggers; nutritionists; best-selling authors; a Great British<br />

Bake Off winner and mental health advocates. There are 90<br />

contributors in all, who have donated recipes and shared their<br />

personal experiences and words of advice about looking after<br />

their mental health and how food has played a part in that.<br />

From Beder’s Kitchen is £22 at www.beder.org.uk, Harrods,<br />

Whole Foods Kensington and Daylesford Organic Farm Shop<br />

62 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

A Taste of Summer<br />

with Tracklements<br />

Potato Salad with Dijon<br />

Mustard and Mayonnaise<br />

Beef Burger with<br />

Sweet Mustard Ketchup<br />

Sweet Potato Burger with<br />

Sweet Pepper Relish<br />

Sticky Onion Marmalade Sausages<br />

To find out which of our favourite Tracklements<br />

condiments were used in these delicious recipes<br />

and for all the recipe details, check out the <strong>Preneur</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> website at preneur-world.com/tracklements<br />


Foodie Fathers<br />

Father’s Day is just round the corner so here are<br />

a selection of the tastiest treats for foodie fathers<br />

64 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Reimagining the world of<br />

breakfast cereal, SURREAL<br />

offer high protein, zero sugar<br />

and low-carb options that taste<br />

like the cereals you loved<br />

as a kid, but without all the<br />

unhealthy downsides.<br />

£4.95 from Sainsbury’s<br />


These Great Taste Awardwinning<br />

spreads are<br />

deliciously crafted with<br />

whole fruits. Each jar<br />

bursting with 70% more fruit<br />

and a whooping 40% less<br />

sugar than standard jams.<br />

£3.20 from Waitrose<br />


The Father’s Day Gift Box<br />

includes Proper Tomato<br />

Ketchup, Rich & Creamy<br />

Mayonnaise, Fresh Chilli<br />

Jam, Apple & Cider Brandy<br />

Chutney and British Beer<br />

Mustard.<br />

£22 from tracklements.co.uk<br />

FATSO<br />

The <strong>World</strong>’s Greatest Bundle is the ideal gift for<br />

dark chocolate loving daddies. The four chunky bars<br />

included are Home Run (salted pretzel, whole almond<br />

& honeycomb), Morn’n Glory (cornflake, toast &<br />

marmalade), Nan’s Stash (peanut, toffee & digestive<br />

biscuit) and King’s Ransom (mint, pistachio & cocoa nibs).<br />

£27 from sofatso.com<br />

TRÜFRÜ<br />

Frozen snack made using<br />

100% real ripe fruit which is<br />

double immersed in two layers<br />

of smooth chocolate and then<br />

hyper chilled to lock in all the<br />

delicious flavour and nutrition.<br />


The new Wild Garlic Sauce is<br />

made with punchy wild garlic<br />

and a careful balance of honey<br />

and mustard. Enjoy with pork<br />

tenderloin, or stir into a potato salad.<br />

£3.75 from tracklements.co.uk<br />

£5 from Tesco & Waitrose<br />


Deliciously chunky handmade brownies<br />

delivered straight to your door, these<br />

Letterbox Brownies are available in<br />

four flavours: Caramel & Honeycomb,<br />

Caramelised Peanut Butter, Chocolate<br />

Orange and White Chocolate & Cherry.<br />

£22 from twomagpiesbakery.co.uk<br />


TASTY Ti p p l e s<br />

The Equiano Rum Co.<br />

Ominira Rum, the inaugural release from The<br />

Equiano Rum Co.’s Legacy Blends Series, epitomizes<br />

the pinnacle of rum craftsmanship. It stands as<br />

a testament to the visionary spirit of Equiano,<br />

celebrating his journey and quest for freedom. In<br />

Yoruba, “Ominira” means “Freedom,” reflecting the<br />

essence of this exceptional blend—a fusion of vintage<br />

rums from Africa and the Caribbean.<br />

Crafted with meticulous care, Ominira Rum marries<br />

rums distilled by Foursquare and Gray’s Distilleries,<br />

each contributing its unique character. Aged for a<br />

minimum of 11 tropical years and bottled at 52%<br />

ABV, it mirrors Equiano’s life journey, starting at<br />

11 and ending in 1797. The maturation in Bourbon,<br />

Cognac, and Sherry casks imbues it with a rich<br />

complexity, offering a symphony of flavours that<br />

dance on the palate. With each sip, Ominira Rum<br />

invites you to embark on a sensory voyage, exploring<br />

the depth and richness of its heritage. Ominira Rum is<br />

more than just a libation; it’s a celebration of history,<br />

craftsmanship, and the enduring pursuit of freedom.<br />

£180 from equianorum.com<br />

Waterford Distillery<br />

Inspired by greatest<br />

Bordeaux châteaux and<br />

Champagne Grande<br />

Marques, The Waterford –<br />

Cuvée Koffi’s distinct and<br />

natural profile has been<br />

curated through layering<br />

together 24 individual<br />

Single Farm Origins of<br />

between six and seven<br />

years of age. Each Single<br />

Farm Origin was distilled<br />

separately, using 100%<br />

local Irish barley grown on<br />

individual terroirs across<br />

the south east of Ireland.<br />

£73 from Master of Malt,<br />

The Whisky Exchange and<br />

waterfordwhisky.com<br />

Located in Central America, Panama’s volcanic<br />

soil is the ideal growing environment for the key<br />

ingredient in rum-making: sugar cane. Distilled<br />

from sugar cane molasses, MacNair’s Exploration<br />

15-year-old Panama Rum was initially matured<br />

in American oak in the tropical<br />

Panamanian climate before<br />

being transferred to the much<br />

cooler environment at The<br />

GlenAllachie Distillery. Once<br />

expertly blended, the rum<br />

was transformed with a<br />

secondary maturation<br />

period of over two years<br />

in red wine, virgin oak,<br />

and ex-Bourbon casks and<br />

ultimately bottled at 46%<br />

ABV, natural colour and<br />

non-chill filtered.<br />

£64 from Master of Malt<br />

MacNair’s<br />

66 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Goslings Black Seal Rum is the original Bermuda<br />

rum made from a family recipe dating back over two<br />

centuries. £29 from Waitrose Cellar<br />

Jura 14-Year-Old is matured in American Rye<br />

Cask for added depth and complexity. Create a free<br />

personalised label at personalise.jurawhisky.com<br />

to adorn the bottle. £42.74 from Master of Malt<br />

Niche Cocktails are all about flavour<br />

and taste as if made by your favourite<br />

mixologist. From £15 for 3-can pack at<br />

nichecocktails.co.uk<br />

Graham’s Blend N°5 is lighter, fresher, crisper<br />

and more aromatic than any other white port.<br />

It’s specifically crafted for cocktails, such as<br />

Port & Tonic. £27.99 from Waitrose<br />


Ask The Expert<br />


Laura Willoughby MBE is founder of the world’s largest mindful drinking<br />

movement, Club Soda, and the UK’s foremost expert in low and no alcoholic<br />

drinks. Here are her top tips on how to embrace a NoLo lifestyle.<br />

Ten years ago, if you wanted an alcohol-free night<br />

in a pub, what was on offer would have felt like a<br />

compromise drink – a sugary soda or a beer that<br />

generally tasted terrible. No wonder it was so hard<br />

to cut back or drink less when you were out. No one<br />

wanted to be the designated driver.<br />

Fast forward to now, and alcohol-free beers are<br />

hitting the best-seller lists in supermarkets, and<br />

people are picking alcohol-free because they like the<br />

taste. Draught alcohol-free beer sits on the front bar,<br />

and cocktail bars give their alcohol-free options equal<br />

care, attention and silly names!<br />


A global shift in drinking habits started most<br />

noticeably in the UK. This change has gone hand<br />

in hand with our growing awareness of proactively<br />

managing our own mental health. Plus, there is an<br />

increasing acceptance, particularly from those in<br />

their mid to late forties, that you might eat as much<br />

kale as you like, but undo all the hard work if you<br />

smash back a bottle of wine in the evening. We can<br />

live longer and healthier. As a result, over 25 million<br />

of us in the UK are cutting down our drinking or<br />

are moderate drinkers – sometimes taking days off<br />

or reducing the number of drinks in an evening by<br />

swapping in some alcohol-free.<br />

But one thing has not changed: we still love to<br />

socialise, share experiences and support local<br />

businesses. We don’t want to absent ourselves from<br />

pubs and restaurants or lunches out with colleagues<br />

on days on which we have decided not to drink; we<br />

want an equal experience with a drink designed for<br />

grown-ups that suits the occasion. And to not feel<br />

overwhelmed by sugary sodas!<br />

A lot has improved in pubs, bars and restaurants over<br />

the last five years, but there is still a long way to go.<br />

Make it known if there is no option on the menu for<br />

you – venues won’t understand that they are missing<br />

a sale if you don’t tell them. Research from KAM<br />

Media showed that venues lose £800m a year by not<br />

upgrading customers from tap water.<br />

The easiest way to drink more mindfully is to save<br />

alcohol for the time, place, people and drink you<br />

enjoy the most. So what easy swaps can you make at<br />

home or when out?<br />

IN THE PUB<br />

Most pubs now have more than one beer option and<br />

will be stocking a decent lager or IPA. Lots have<br />

Guinness or Heineken 0.0, and you can get Lucky<br />

Saint on tap at over 600 pubs nationwide. Big Drop<br />

and Ghost Ship 0.5% are also on-tap favourites. If<br />

you are not a beer drinker, you can often find an<br />

alcohol-free gin and tonic or alcohol-free cocktail.<br />

We are taught to stay at events we are not enjoying<br />

by drinking, which is daft. You could make your first<br />

two drinks alcohol-free and then decide if this is a<br />

time and place where you want to drink. You will<br />

know by the time everyone is on drink number two.<br />

This is an easy way to reduce how much you drink.<br />

AT HOME<br />

Your tastes may change as you switch to alcohol-free<br />

so, at home, you can be more experimental with your<br />

evening tipple. The bitter notes of an Italian style<br />

aperitif like Everleaf (they also have a gin and pink<br />

gin alternative) or Crodino make a great spritz with<br />

a Double Dutch tonic. Easy to execute, look great<br />

and are delicious. Mood-enhancing spirits are also<br />

popular at home; you can pick the style that suits your<br />

mood from Three Spirit or go for a mellow GABAenhancing<br />

feeling from Sentia.<br />


The last 12 months have seen a rise of alcohol-free<br />

and wine alternatives. The quality has improved<br />

massively. One of our best sellers is the Oddbird<br />

Domain de Le Prade. One of France’s best-selling 0.0<br />

wines, moderato, has just hit the UK with a red, white<br />

and sparkling wine, and Noughty now has a full<br />

range in Waitrose.<br />

If a restaurant does not have an alcohol-free wine,<br />

call ahead and ask to pay corkage. Remember, you<br />

are paying to replace the soda you would have had,<br />

not a full-strength wine. Be on the lookout for things<br />

that are ‘wine shaped’ rather than an alcohol-free<br />

wine. You may find a sparkling tea like Real or<br />

Copenhagen will hit the spot.<br />


There are plenty of alcohol-free cocktails in a can.<br />

Easy for a picnic or barbeque. Look out for Caleño’s<br />

new Pina Colada or Passionfruit Martini. Lyres have<br />

a range of pre-canned spirits like gin and tonic or<br />

68 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Laura Willoughby MBE<br />

whisky and coke, that are easy to take with you on a<br />

jolly.<br />

We love an alcohol-free mead called Bemuse, and a<br />

new cider called Maiden Mill is flying off our shelves<br />

this summer. The supermarkets now have significant<br />

alcohol-free sections, but you can buy from smaller<br />

producers and find a greater range online from<br />

joinclubsoda.com, to stock up on a selection of<br />

canned options for the summer.<br />


If you are catering a work event, then getting the mix<br />

of drinks right for a diverse audience is essential.<br />

After all, hospitality means catering for everyone,<br />

and if you want people to stay for a reception or to<br />

network, everyone needs to feel included. You will<br />

need to battle with your caterers, who default to<br />

offering a jug of warm concentrated orange juice for<br />

non-drinkers. This is not acceptable anymore. So<br />

be clear with them that all guests need to be treated<br />

equally. Ensure that if they have an alcohol-full beer<br />

or wine, there are alcohol-free alternatives of each,<br />

and that you have a good quality low-sugar craft<br />

soda. These are for people not drinking as well as for<br />

those who want to start with one glass of wine and<br />

then switch.<br />

If guests have something to switch to, they will stay<br />

longer. Plan for at least 30% of your guests to be<br />

non-drinking (especially if you offer them something<br />

nice), which can be achieved within your overall<br />

drinks budget. It is not an extra.<br />

Finally, the serve should be the same. If you have<br />

drinks on a tray at arrival, there should also be a tray<br />

of alcohol-free. No one should have to hunt or ask for<br />

a drink and wait while everyone else quaffs!<br />


Laura Willoughby MBE is the founder of the world’s<br />

largest mindful drinking movement, Club Soda, and<br />

the UK’s foremost expert in low and no alcoholic<br />

drinks. Club Soda runs the new Low & No Tasting<br />

Rooms in Covent Garden. Receiving an MBE for<br />

services to the community in 2004, Laura’s devotion<br />

to Club Soda means hundreds of thousands of people<br />

are supported in their journeys to live well by being<br />

more mindful about drinking alcohol.<br />

Club Soda is the UK’s mindful drinking specialist.<br />

Experts in alcohol and behaviour change, they offer<br />

corporate workshops, cocktail masterclasses and<br />

drinks tastings and also run the Club Soda Tasting<br />

Room & Bar in Covent Garden. Find out more at<br />

joinclubsoda.com<br />


1 2 3<br />

4 5<br />

The Art of<br />

Abstaining<br />

Our top picks of game-changing<br />

non-alcoholic & lower alcohol drinks<br />

to go beyond booze when socialising<br />

6 7 8<br />

70 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

13<br />

9 10<br />

11 12<br />

14<br />

15 16<br />

1. CleanCo Clean G £16 from<br />

www.clean.co<br />

2. Angels Dare - La Bonnie<br />

Vita 4 x 250ml for £16 from<br />

angelsdarecocktails.co.uk<br />

3. CleanCo - Clean R £16 from<br />

www.clean.co<br />

4. Krombacher 0.5% ABV Weizen<br />

German Wheat Beer £1.95 from<br />

Ocado<br />

5. Krombacher 0.0% ABV Pilsner<br />

£1.15 from Ocado<br />

6. Everleaf Mountain £22 from<br />

everleafdrinks.com<br />

7. Ôpia Alcohol Free Chardonnay<br />

£5.29 from Whole Foods Market<br />

8. Everleaf Forest £22 from<br />

everleafdrinks.com<br />

9. Pentire Coastal Spritz £27.80<br />

from pentiredrinks.com and<br />

Waitrose & Partners<br />

10. Pentire Margarita 50cl £22.50<br />

from pentiredrinks.com<br />

11. Pentire Margarita 4 x 200ml<br />

for £16 from pentiredrinks.com<br />

12. Loah Blood Orange 0.5%<br />

£2.39 from Whole Foods Market<br />

13. Savyll Beverage Company<br />

Moscow Mule £2.39 from Whole<br />

Foods Market<br />

14. Belvoir Farm Non-Alc<br />

Rhubarb & Ginger G&T, Non-<br />

Alc Peach Bellini, Non-Alc<br />

Lime & Yuzu Mojito, Non-Alc<br />

Passionfruit Martini £3.25 for<br />

750ml from Sainsbury’s<br />

15. De Vina Sparkling Red Grape<br />

£2.49 for 750ml at Tesco<br />

16. The REAL Drinks Co. Royal<br />

Flush 750ml, Dry Dragon 750ml,<br />

Peony Blush 750ml £9.50 from<br />

Waitrose and Sainsburys<br />


Restaurants<br />

Ginza St James<br />

Ginza St. James’s is an authentic<br />

Japanese restaurant right in the<br />

heart of London offering an<br />

exclusive fine dining experience<br />

just minutes away from Green<br />

Park, Mayfair and Saint James’s.<br />

The restaurant offers the ultimate<br />

multi-sensorial culinary journey<br />

where you can rediscover the true<br />

taste of Japan. They use the finest<br />

ingredients to bring together a<br />

menu that celebrates traditional<br />

Japanese cooking styles prepared<br />

by their talented chefs.<br />

Ginza St. James’s offers guests<br />

a relaxed atmosphere within<br />

elegant stylish surroundings whilst<br />

taking them on a culinary journey<br />

through Japan. The attention to<br />

detail reconnects to the search for<br />

balance and harmony, distinctive<br />

of Japanese cuisine.<br />

The elegant dining room oozes<br />

sophistication with subtle Japanese<br />

hints and precision cut wooden<br />

beams emphasising luxury in an<br />

intimate setting.<br />

With a sumptuous choice of<br />

Japanese delicacies to choose<br />

from, the A La Carte Menu<br />

features dishes such as A4 grade<br />

Kobe Gyu and cherry wood<br />

smoked Salmon Teriyaki.<br />

Alongside the stunning cuisine,<br />

Ginza St. James’s boasts one of<br />

the most extensive Sake lists in<br />

London.<br />

Ginza St James’s offers a number<br />

of unique dining experiences,<br />

perfect for a special occasion.<br />

From 2 Teppan-yaki counters<br />

featuring Kagoshima Wagyu<br />

Beef and other delicacies, Ginza’s<br />

expert chefs will cook right<br />

in front of guests creating the<br />

ultimate theatre of food.<br />

15 Bury St, London SW1Y 6AL<br />

0207 839 1101<br />

www.ginza-stjames.com<br />

Check out<br />

<strong>Preneur</strong>-<strong>World</strong>.com<br />

for restaurant<br />

reviews & more<br />

They say that<br />

London is the<br />

Food Capital of the<br />

<strong>World</strong>. We couldn’t<br />

agree more! Check<br />

out these fabulous<br />

shops & decadent<br />

restaurants<br />

72 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Junsei<br />

Junsei offers diners an authentic<br />

yakitori experience in the heart of<br />

Marylebone. From the meticulous<br />

choice of seasonings to precise<br />

charcoal grilling technique, Junsei’s<br />

team are dedicated to preserving the<br />

essence of tradition. This commitment<br />

is exemplified in the exclusive use<br />

of Binchõtan charcoal, crafted from<br />

Japanese oak and renowned worldwide<br />

for its purity. New dishes on the menu<br />

include Beef Tongue, Lobster Salad<br />

with Caviar Mayo, Japanese Style Char<br />

Sui Pork with Mustard, and a Wagyu<br />

& Egg Yolk Onigiri. The new “Wine<br />

of the Week” offer features wines<br />

specially chosen to complement the<br />

culinary offerings and enhance your<br />

dining experience at Junsei.<br />

132 Seymour Place, London W1H 1NS<br />

0207 723 4058 | junsei.co.uk<br />

Dalloway Terrace<br />

Located on Great Russell Street, The<br />

Bloomsbury – one of London’s most<br />

stylish luxury hotels – is home to<br />

Dalloway Terrace. a quintessential<br />

English outdoor restaurant perfect for<br />

an al fresco summer lunch in the heart<br />

of the capital.<br />

Dalloway Terrace has been transformed<br />

into an uplifting haven filled with<br />

mimosa flowers in collaboration with<br />

Maison Mirabeau. The limited edition<br />

Maison Mirabeau cocktails have been<br />

inspired by famed French actresses.<br />

The elegant restaurant feels like a<br />

secluded secret garden, an oasis of<br />

tranquillity where Head Chef James<br />

Harrison’s culinary masterpieces<br />

arrive at chic, marble-topped tables,<br />

each dish a testament to his team’s<br />

craftsmanship and flair. Whether you’re<br />

basking in the sun or enjoying the shade<br />

of the terrace’s retractable awning,<br />

Dalloway Terrace promises a serene and<br />

sophisticated dining experience.<br />

16-22 Great Russell St, London<br />

WC1B 3NN | 0207 347 1221<br />

dallowayterrace.com<br />

Doggett’s Coat and Badge<br />

Following extensive refurbishment,<br />

Doggett’s Coat and Badge has<br />

reopened on Blackfriar’s Bridge.<br />

Offering unrivalled views of the<br />

Thames, Doggett’s Coat and Badge<br />

is split over four floors boasting<br />

five bars and three outside areas,<br />

including a glorious upper terrace<br />

bar where guests can enjoy stunning<br />

panoramic views of the city and St<br />

Paul’s Cathedral.<br />

The menu features pub classics with<br />

bar snacks, sandwiches, burgers and<br />

Nicholson’s famous pies. There is<br />

also a wonderful selection of drinks<br />

to enjoy including Cask Ales, gins,<br />

whiskeys, British craft tipples and<br />

low or alcohol-free options.<br />

1 Blackfriars Bridge, London<br />

SE1 9UD | 020 7633 9081<br />

www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk<br />

Frankie & Benny’s<br />

Frankie & Benny’s is known as<br />

the home of feel-good comfort<br />

food. Guests can enjoy comforting<br />

classic dishes in a relaxed, family<br />

style setting. From delicious handstretched<br />

sourdough pizzas and<br />

crispy stuffed calzones to mouthwateringly<br />

juicy burgers and saucy<br />

bowls of pasta, there’s something<br />

for everyone. The exciting new<br />

summer menu features Stacked<br />

Burgers, Vegan Crispy Cauli Bites<br />

drizzled in buffalo sauce and the<br />

show-stopping Cookie Jar Sundae.<br />

There is also a kids’ menu on<br />

offer featuring family favourites<br />

including cheesy tomato pizza,<br />

creamy mac ‘n’ cheese and crispy<br />

omega-3 fish fingers, kid-friendly<br />

desserts and soft drinks.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

frankieandbennys.com<br />


Savour The Flavour<br />


Heavenly Desserts extensive<br />

menu boasts the very finest<br />

in artisan and luxury desserts<br />

including the trendy croffle,<br />

a delectable croissant-waffle<br />

combination unique to Heavenly<br />

Desserts. Guests can enjoy<br />

an array of mouthwatering<br />

cheesecakes, sweet sundae jars,<br />

cookie doughs, waffles, crepes<br />

and gelatos whilst dining in<br />

the premium, ‘Instagramable’<br />

interior that Heavenly Desserts<br />

is synonymous with. For<br />

more information please visit,<br />

heavenlydesserts.co.uk<br />


The new Loaded Shakes at Creams Cafe are<br />

a tantalising range of drinks where desserts<br />

meet milkshakes. Flavours include the Spiced<br />

Cherry Shake with spiced gelato, cherries<br />

and speculoos crumbs. For more information,<br />

please visit www.creamscafe.com<br />


Make your father feel extra special with the<br />

delicious Father’s Day Nationwide Cake from<br />

Lola’s Cupcakes available in a choice of either<br />

chocolate or vanilla sponge specially decorated<br />

for the superhero that is your dad! For more<br />

information, please visit lolascupcakes.co.uk<br />

74 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Badiani, the iconic Florentine<br />

gelateria, is famous for its<br />

dedication to craftsmanship<br />

and unwavering commitment to<br />

excellence.<br />

Gelato is very different in<br />

flavour and texture to ice<br />

cream. Gelato has a luxurious<br />

creaminess achieved through a<br />

slower churn and higher density,<br />

resulting in a more intense<br />

flavour.<br />

Badiani’s menu showcases an<br />

array of flavours crafted to<br />

enchant even the most discerning<br />

connoisseur of desserts.<br />

Experience authentic Italian<br />

gelato at Badiani’s charming<br />

shops in Brighton, Windsor,<br />

Lakeside in Essex and across<br />

London including its latest shop<br />

in Canary Wharf’s Cabot Place.<br />

For more information, please<br />

visit www.badiani1932.com<br />


Doughnation at 3 Henrietta Street crafts<br />

delicious artisanal pizzas with sustainably<br />

sourced dough bases and ingredients. The cost<br />

of a slice from each pizza sold is donated to<br />

worthy causes from providing meals for those<br />

in need to supporting sustainable farming<br />

practices. For more information, please visit<br />

3henrietta.com<br />


At KDP, expect East-meets-West fusion<br />

dishes, kitsch cocktails, craft sake and<br />

Korean hip-hop. Taking a unique approach<br />

to flavour and fusion, dishes are influenced<br />

by the flavours of Korea, the US, Mexico<br />

and Japan. For more information, please visit<br />

koreandinnerparty.com<br />


Nina<br />

Clarkin<br />

Interv<br />

76 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Nina Clarkin, the world’s top female polo<br />

player, talks exclusively to <strong>Preneur</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

about her life on and off the polo field<br />

iew<br />

Can you tell us about your<br />

P<br />

journey into the world of polo,<br />

from starting in the local pony club to<br />

playing professionally?<br />

I started playing polo when I<br />

N<br />

was 6 years old in the local pony<br />

club and turned professional when<br />

I left university at 21. I have always<br />

loved the sport and to be honest the<br />

older I get the more I love it. To be a<br />

professional polo player today is great,<br />

the number of opportunities available<br />

to female players today is huge<br />

compared to when I first started. I play<br />

a lot in England which I love but there<br />

are also a lot of chances to travel which<br />

is great.<br />

Balancing parenthood with an<br />

P<br />

elite professional polo career can<br />

be challenging. How do you manage to<br />

juggle these responsibilities to be both<br />

the best parent and best polo player you<br />

can be?<br />

It is certainly challenging and<br />

N<br />

it is often logistically very<br />

complicated. Having three young<br />

children and playing polo at the top<br />

level is tough and I am sure that I don’t<br />

always get it right and it is a constant<br />

struggle, but with plenty of help from<br />

family, friends, and childcare we<br />

manage to make it work…just!!<br />

Playing for the England team at<br />

P<br />

Chestertons Polo in the Park will<br />

undoubtedly be a highlight in this<br />

year’s polo calendar. How does it feel<br />

to be playing at such a unique event?<br />

Chestertons Polo in the Park is<br />

N<br />

a great event and it is so cool<br />

that polo gets to be played in the<br />

centre of London. I am playing in the<br />

International match which is England<br />

against the USA this year. I am so<br />

excited to be representing England<br />

once again; it is always an honour and<br />

a privilege to represent my country and<br />

I cannot wait!<br />

Please share some insights into<br />

P<br />

your training schedule to maintain<br />

peak performance on the polo field?<br />

My training schedule varies<br />

N<br />

depending whether I am preseason,<br />

mid-season, or post-season,<br />

but I work very closely with my trainer<br />

Matt Mullan who makes sure that I<br />

am in the best shape that I can be. I<br />

can’t always make it to him in person<br />

and so he makes programmes for me<br />

depending on my needs and I do them<br />

either at home or wherever in the world<br />

I am. Apart from that I just try to be<br />

as active as possible and I love open<br />

water swimming and cross-country<br />

bicycling.<br />

Sports psychology plays a<br />

P<br />

significant role in high-level<br />

competition. How do you cultivate<br />

a winner’s mentality and overcome<br />

challenges on the field?<br />

It absolutely does and it is<br />

N<br />

something that I am relying on<br />

more and more now. I work closely<br />

with Paul Stalker who is a mindset<br />

coach and he really helps to keep my<br />

self-belief, my focus and my positivity.<br />

It has changed my perspective and<br />

attitude to how I approach the highpressure<br />

clutch matches. Interestingly I<br />

have found his work has actually made<br />

a big difference, for the better, to my<br />

life off the field as well!<br />

How do you mentally prepare<br />

P<br />

before a match? Do you have any<br />

rituals, visualisations or other things<br />

you do before riding out on the polo<br />

field?<br />

Yes I do. Stalkie has got me using<br />

N<br />

visualisation which is a fantastic<br />

tool for any athlete and I have a crib<br />

sheet so to speak which I refer to which<br />

has tactics, past successes, possible<br />

outcomes and my anchor. The night<br />

before the game is when I do my<br />

visualisations and that always helps me<br />

sleep better. Before the game, I will do<br />

my pony list, clean my boots, warm up<br />

physically, and then I take 3-5 minutes<br />

to sit down and go through my prematch<br />

crib sheet which has tactics for<br />

the game for myself & the team and<br />

reminders for me to keep me focused.<br />


What advice would you give to newcomers<br />

P<br />

attending Chestertons Polo in the Park for the<br />

first time, both as spectators and potential future<br />

players?<br />

My advice would be to watch the ponies and to<br />

N<br />

enjoy how athletic they are and how important<br />

they are to the match, a good pony can win the game!<br />

For any future players enjoy the speed, skill, and<br />

dynamic nature of the game and steal some tips for<br />

when you give it a go.<br />

What do you enjoy most about being a<br />

P<br />

professional polo player, and conversely, what<br />

are the biggest challenges you face in this career?<br />

The best thing, for sure, is working so closely<br />

N<br />

with the ponies. Winston Churchill said that<br />

“there is something about the outside of the horse<br />

that is good for the inside of a man” and I couldn’t<br />

agree more. To get to spend every day working with<br />

and on ponies is an absolute pleasure. I also love<br />

the pressure and the excitement of doing something<br />

so challenging but ultimately very rewarding. The<br />

biggest challenges are being able to manage my life<br />

so I am able to dedicate myself enough to the sport to<br />

play to the best of my ability which, as I mentioned<br />

earlier, with children is not always easy and can lead<br />

me to feel guilty for not giving enough to something<br />

or someone.<br />

If you hadn’t pursued a career in polo, what<br />

P<br />

profession do you think you would have chosen<br />

and why?<br />

This is a tough question and the honest answer is<br />

N<br />

I really don’t know. My passion has always been<br />

ponies and polo and so I just don’t know what else I<br />

would have done. I would love to have been a vet but<br />

I wasn’t clever enough and I am quite squeamish so I<br />

don’t think that would have worked!<br />

As a role model for aspiring female polo players,<br />

P<br />

what message would you like to share with girls<br />

interested in entering the sport?<br />

I hope that polo continues to enjoy the growth<br />

N<br />

that we are seeing at the moment. We still<br />

need to see more people entering the sport at the<br />

grassroots level. Women’s polo is the fastest growing<br />

sector of the sport and it makes me so happy to see it<br />

enjoying such success and growth and I hope that this<br />

continues. I also want to see more people enjoying<br />

the sport that I love so much and this is why this<br />

Chestertons Polo in the Park is such a great event. If<br />

you want to enter the sport my only advice is go for<br />

it! It is one of the greatest games in the world and you<br />

will not regret giving it a go!<br />

What are some common misconceptions people<br />

P<br />

have about polo and how would you address<br />

them?<br />

N<br />

I think polo is often viewed as elitist and<br />

inaccessible. This is something that I really<br />

want to see changed as the polo world is incredibly<br />

welcoming. We are all super passionate about our<br />

sport and want to share that with as many people<br />

as possible. What Chestertons Polo in the Park is<br />

doing by bringing the sport into London is so great<br />

as it is getting our sport seen and enjoyed by more<br />

people and that is such a great thing. Anyone who is<br />

interested in having a go can find their local club, call<br />

them up, and see if they can give it a go. Being able<br />

to ride is not, in any way, essential but it does help!<br />

Reflecting on your career, what has been the<br />

P<br />

most memorable moment or achievement for you<br />

so far?<br />

Winning the Gold Cup (The British Open) and<br />

N<br />

being the first female person to win that Cup<br />

is definitely one of the most memorable. Winning a<br />

national 8 goal championship with an all-female side<br />

(the first time in history) was also very special. I also<br />

have wonderful memories of representing England in<br />

the European Championships in France when I was<br />

18 and also of travelling to Spain and Mexico for the<br />

<strong>World</strong> Cup. I played in a number of “Battle of the<br />

Sexes” in Barbados and Jamaica which were amazing<br />

tours and super fun. To be honest there have been too<br />

many to mention and for that I am so grateful as the<br />

memories are amazing and will always be with me.<br />

How do you unwind and relax away from the<br />

P<br />

polo field, especially during busy tournament<br />

seasons?<br />

Spending time with the family (though that is<br />

N<br />

often not very relaxing!), reading, and, I hate to<br />

say it, riding!<br />

P<br />

Looking ahead, what are your goals and<br />

aspirations for the future of your polo career?<br />

I want to keep enjoying my career for as long<br />

N<br />

as possible and to keep playing at the top level<br />

internationally for a few more years. I have my eye<br />

on a few trophies that I would like to win again!<br />

78 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Chestertons Polo in the Park<br />

Chestertons Polo in the Park - the world’s largest<br />

three-day polo festival - kicks off London’s social<br />

calendar at Hurlingham Park in Fulham from<br />

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th <strong>June</strong>. Set across three<br />

incredible days, the international polo event will<br />

feature teams from across the globe, the impressive<br />

Fulham food festival with an array of new food and<br />

drink partners, hospitality with a pitch side view, a<br />

new VIP area, plus fun for all the family on Sunday.<br />

This year will also see Nina Clarkin on the England<br />

team as they battle it out against the USA team<br />

in a thrilling international fixture for the coveted<br />

Olympic Trophy.<br />

Chestertons Polo in the Park is set to go the extra<br />

mile on all festival elements this year; guests will<br />

enjoy pitch-side bars and gardens courtesy of<br />

Champagne Lanson and Fever-Tree, as well as a<br />

Casamigos ‘House of Friends’ popup experience. A<br />

brand new VIP area with a private bar, views of the<br />

pitch and space for up to 300 guests will be a hot<br />

ticket for <strong>2024</strong>, as well as live music and dancing<br />

in the legendary Mahiki tent, a curated Shopping<br />

Village experience, and an array of delicious street<br />

eats at the Fulham Food Festival.<br />

Find out more at polointheparklondon.com<br />


Family Days Out<br />

Bubble Planet<br />

This summer, you and your family<br />

deserve to discover Bubble Planet,<br />

where the bubbles are the biggest<br />

and most fantastic ever! Prepare to<br />

explore an incredible planet that will<br />

challenge your imagination, amaze<br />

you with the magic of science, and<br />

unleash the child in you. Inside this<br />

spherical world full of bubbles, you<br />

will have the opportunity to hop<br />

from one immersive space to the<br />

next, experiencing them all with<br />

your five senses! With oversized<br />

bubbles, balloons, soap, and more,<br />

this sensory universe will give you<br />

the opportunity to see the world in<br />

a whole new way—even allowing<br />

you to travel the globe with a hot air<br />

balloon flight simulator.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

bubble-planet.com/london/<br />

Odds Farm Park<br />

Award-winning Odds Farm<br />

Park, near Beaconsfield in<br />

Buckinghamshire, is celebrating a<br />

sizzling summer of fun from 24 July<br />

to 3 September.<br />

The 35 acre farm park is hosting its<br />

Summer Sizzler, a six week-long<br />

celebration of summer, with acres of<br />

farmyard fun including rare breed<br />

farm animals, water play park and<br />

tractor rides every day of the school<br />

summer holidays.<br />

Visitors will also be able to take<br />

advantage of the Summer Sizzler<br />

Pass, which gives guests unlimited<br />

access to the farm park every single<br />

day of the summer celebration for<br />

just £34.95.<br />

Tickets for Odds’ Summer Sizzler<br />

go on sale mid-<strong>June</strong>. To find out<br />

more and to book tickets, please visit<br />

www.oddsfarm.co.uk<br />

80 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Hertfordshire Zoo<br />

A visit to Hertfordshire Zoo this summer<br />

will be an inspiring experience for all the<br />

family as you share the wonder of wildlife<br />

with your little ones. Home to over 800<br />

exotic wild animals, ranging from the biggest<br />

tiger species to the smallest known monkey<br />

the pygmy marmoset, Hertfordshire Zoo<br />

is Europe’s leading attraction for animal<br />

experiences where visitors can meet animals<br />

up close including the most famous, ‘Feed<br />

a Big Cat’, where you can hand-feed one<br />

of the Amur Tigers. As the UK’s biggest<br />

and most spectacular dinosaur attraction,<br />

The <strong>World</strong> of Dinosaurs features over 40<br />

animatronic dinosaurs that will surprise and<br />

astound any dino lover. From the UK Centre<br />

of Species Survival Trail taking you on a<br />

journey through the incredible native bird &<br />

animal species of the UK to the brand new<br />

Song of the Forest Gibbon enclosure with its<br />

panoramic view of these beautiful primates,<br />

prepare to share the wonder of wildlife with<br />

your family this summer at Hertfordshire Zoo.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

hertfordshirezoo.com<br />

Wicksteed Park<br />

Wicksteed Park combines 147 acres<br />

of beautiful parkland with more<br />

than 30 rides and attractions for<br />

all the family. Known as the home<br />

of children’s play, Wicksteed Park<br />

was opened in 1921 by Charles<br />

Wicksteed, the creator of swings<br />

and slides as we know them today,<br />

who had a vision to inspire and<br />

encourage play as part of families’<br />

health and wellbeing.<br />

From the Carousel, Dodgems and<br />

Wicky’s Farmyard to Meerkat<br />

Manor, daytime shows at Wicky<br />

Bear’s Theatre and the brand new<br />

Jolly Jockeys ride, Wicksteed Park<br />

is definitely worth a visit during the<br />

summer holidays.<br />

For more information, go to<br />

wicksteedpark.org<br />


Luxury Life<br />


Situated just 22 miles from Central London, Brocket Hall is the home of the Auberge du Lac restaurant<br />

Brocket Hall is one of England’s finest stately homes boasting<br />

the renowned Auberge du Lac riverside restaurant with<br />

Grade 1 listed accommodation at Melbourne Lodge<br />

82 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Situated just 22 miles from central London, the<br />

Brocket Hall estate offers a seamless blend of<br />

historic charm and modern luxury. Among its many<br />

attractions, the renowned Auberge du Lac restaurant<br />

stands out as a jewel, providing a tranquil riverside<br />

dining experience within a beautifully restored 17thcentury<br />

hunting lodge.<br />

Auberge du Lac has long been a destination for food<br />

enthusiasts, and its current overseer, Head Chef<br />

John Barber, continues this tradition with a fresh,<br />

accessible approach to fine dining. Barber’s vision<br />

is to maintain high standards of quality and taste<br />

while creating a more relaxed atmosphere. Under<br />

his guidance, the restaurant has thrived since its<br />

reopening in May 2023, attracting a loyal following<br />

with its regularly changing menus and idyllic lakeside<br />

terrace.<br />

Barber is supported by a talented team, including<br />

front-of-house manager Scott Foster, who ensures<br />

the service, atmosphere, and drinks are impeccable.<br />

Additionally, the restaurant benefits from the<br />

expertise of Lucy Hawkins, the estate’s kitchen<br />

gardener since May 2022. Hawkins has transformed<br />

an acre of previously unused land into a fertile<br />

garden, supplying the restaurant with organic,<br />

seasonal produce. This “soil to plate” approach<br />

enhances the freshness and flavour of every dish<br />

served at Auberge du Lac.<br />

The restaurant offers a variety of dining options,<br />

including an a la carte menu, a set weekly lunch<br />

menu, a seven-course tasting menu, and Sunday<br />

specials. Where possible, everything including the<br />

bread and butter are made on-site. This commitment<br />

to using home-grown and house-made ingredients<br />

highlights the restaurant’s dedication to quality and<br />

sustainability.<br />

Brocket Hall itself is one of England’s finest stately<br />

homes, with a rich history spanning over 300 years<br />

and once home to two British Prime Ministers. The<br />

estate also features The Melbourne Club, which<br />

boasts two championship golf courses. After a<br />

sumptuous dinner at Auberge du Lac, guests can<br />

retreat to the Grade 1 listed Melbourne Lodge. The<br />

lodge offers 16 luxury en-suite bedrooms, each<br />

combining classic elegance with modern comforts.<br />

For those seeking the ultimate foodie getaway, the<br />

Auberge Experience is ideal. Guests can check into<br />

their rooms from 3pm where waiting for them is a<br />

half bottle of Champagne and chocolates from the<br />

Auberge du Lac pastry kitchen. In the evening, savour<br />

a seven-course tasting menu at Auberge du Lac. The<br />

following morning, enjoy a Full English Breakfast<br />

at the Melbourne Club. This exclusive package is<br />

available from Thursday to Saturday evenings, with<br />

bookings open up to 12 weeks in advance.<br />

Dining at Auberge du Lac followed by a stay at<br />

Melbourne Lodge promises an unforgettable escape<br />

into the heart of English heritage and luxury.<br />

Brocket Park, Marford Rd, Hatfield, Welwyn<br />

Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 7XG<br />

+44 (0)1707 368 888<br />

brocket-hall.co.uk/dine<br />


Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa<br />

Nestled in one of London’s most<br />

prestigious neighbourhoods, the<br />

Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa offers<br />

a five-star sanctuary for families<br />

seeking a luxurious staycation.<br />

Situated along the serene Chelsea<br />

Harbour Marina and the iconic<br />

River Thames, this riverside<br />

retreat promises both opulence and<br />

tranquillity in the heart of the city.<br />

The hotel’s 154 suites and four<br />

penthouses provide sweeping<br />

views over the marina, each<br />

elegantly designed for comfort and<br />

sophistication. The Marina Suite, for<br />

instance, treats guests to panoramic<br />

vistas of Chelsea Marina.<br />

Mornings here begin with coffee on<br />

a private balcony, while the spacious<br />

interior, complete with luxury<br />

toiletries, soft robes, and slippers,<br />

ensures a relaxing stay. For larger<br />

families or those desiring extra<br />

indulgence, the Savile Penthouse<br />

Suite offers a home cinema, a<br />

minibar, a separate dining room, and<br />

a spacious desk.<br />

The Anchor Bar & Terrace serves<br />

delectable Mediterranean cuisine,<br />

while the hotel is the perfect location<br />

for a riverside afternoon tea.<br />

As the evening sets in, the Estiva<br />

Terrace Bar provides an ideal spot<br />

for cocktails with a view.<br />

The Spa at Chelsea Harbour Hotel<br />

enhances the luxurious experience<br />

with its 17-metre indoor swimming<br />

pool, complete with swan neck body<br />

jets, and a comprehensive health<br />

club. Signature holistic treatments<br />

offer rejuvenation and relaxation,<br />

allowing busy parents to unwind.<br />

Located in the upmarket district<br />

of Chelsea, this hotel is not only a<br />

haven of luxury but also a stone’s<br />

throw away from the renowned<br />

Design Centre, making it an<br />

excellent choice for interior design<br />

enthusiasts. The hotel’s quirky<br />

artwork, inspired by its creative<br />

surroundings, adds a unique charm<br />

to the stay.<br />

For families looking to blend<br />

the vibrancy of Chelsea with the<br />

relaxation of a luxury hotel, the<br />

Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa is an<br />

unbeatable choice, offering an urban<br />

oasis where every need is met by the<br />

attentive hotel team.<br />

Chelsea Harbour Drive, London<br />

SW10 0XG | 020 7823 3000<br />

www.millenniumhotels.com<br />

84 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


London Life<br />

The Cumberland<br />

Embrace the vibrant pulse of London at The<br />

Cumberland, a dynamic hotel that harmonises<br />

comfort and exceptional service with the city’s<br />

musical spirit. Perfectly positioned just off Oxford<br />

Street, and mere steps from the lush expanse of Hyde<br />

Park and Marble Arch, this stylish retreat offers an<br />

ideal base for your London adventure with the family.<br />

The Cumberland’s location is unmatched, providing<br />

easy access to famous shopping districts, renowned<br />

museums and historic landmarks. The Marble Arch<br />

Underground station is conveniently nearby, ensuring<br />

effortless exploration of London’s iconic sights.<br />

With 900 impeccably designed rooms, The<br />

Cumberland caters to the needs of every traveller.<br />

Each room offers a blend of contemporary style and<br />

ultimate comfort, ensuring a restful stay amidst the<br />

bustling city. The hotel’s dedication to accessibility<br />

ensures that all guests can enjoy its amenities with<br />

ease. Music-loving families will feel right at home<br />

here. The Cumberland draws inspiration from<br />

London’s rich musical heritage, infusing its spaces<br />

with a sense of rhythm and creativity. Whether your<br />

family are in town for a concert or simply enjoy a<br />

melodic atmosphere, this hotel offers the perfect<br />

backdrop for your family staycation.<br />

Dining at The Cumberland is a culinary delight. The<br />

hotel features bars and a restaurant where you can<br />

savour exquisite meals and expertly crafted cocktails.<br />

After a day of exploring London, return to The<br />

Cumberland to unwind in your stylish room or<br />

enjoy refreshments in the bar, soaking in the eclectic<br />

ambiance. The hotel’s commitment to top-tier service<br />

ensures that every family experiences a seamless and<br />

memorable stay in the capital.<br />

Book your stay at The Cumberland and immerse<br />

yourself in a symphony of luxury, convenience, and<br />

eclectic charm. Whether you are visiting London for<br />

just the weekend or planning a longer stay, this hotel<br />

promises an unforgettable experience for the family.<br />

Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DL<br />

+44 (0)207 523 5053<br />

www.guoman.com/the-cumberland<br />

86 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

A family friendly<br />

hotel located<br />

in the heart of<br />

London<br />

Just yards from<br />

the expansive<br />

green space<br />

of Hyde Park,<br />

this hotel is the<br />

perfect base for<br />

your London<br />

staycation<br />


Native Kings Wardrobe<br />

This stylish aparthotel is nestled within the Grade II listed The Kings<br />

Wardrobe in St. Paul’s, one of London’s most historic neighbourhoods<br />

Offering a collection of spacious serviced apartments<br />

nestled within the historic Grade II listed site, Native<br />

King’s Wardrobe, St Paul’s is Native Places fourth<br />

aparthotel in the capital and the seventh aparthotel in<br />

the brand’s portfolio of UK properties.<br />

What sets Native King’s Wardrobe apart is its<br />

unparalleled location in St. Pauls, one of London’s<br />

most iconic neighbourhoods. This exquisite residence<br />

offers a quintessentially British experience in the<br />

heart of the City of London, just moments away<br />

from cultural landmarks such as the Tate Modern<br />

and Borough Market, accessible via the picturesque<br />

Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge.<br />

Breathing new life into the area whilst celebrating<br />

its fashionable history, the characterful aparthotel<br />

is spread across seven Grade II listed townhouses<br />

inhabiting a beautiful, private courtyard located just<br />

behind St Paul’s Cathedral.<br />

There are 92 bright and spacious apartments in<br />

total, each kitted out with everything guests need<br />

for maximum comfort and enjoyment, from fully<br />

equipped kitchens, living and dining areas to<br />

workspaces and high-speed wifi. Native also has a<br />

pet-friendly policy meaning your four-legged friend<br />

can come with you whatever the reason for your stay;<br />

be it business or leisure, a long stay or short break.<br />

Bramley toiletries, fresh linens and Hypnos bed are in<br />

all of the apartments and tapestry prints from House<br />

of Hackney adorn the walls. Guests can choose<br />

from studios as well as one, two- and three-bedroom<br />

apartments.<br />

In a nod to its fashionable past, a special mention<br />

must be made of the building’s rich history. Formerly<br />

known as the Royal Wardrobe in the 14th century,<br />

it once housed the regal attire of the king and the<br />

royal family. Today, Native King’s Wardrobe pays<br />

homage to this legacy, with meticulously restored<br />

buildings that celebrate fashion with each townhouse<br />

named after pioneering British fashion designers and<br />

international designers who transformed British attire<br />

and style from the 17th century onwards.<br />

Counter Café Bar & Courtyard brings together the<br />

best parts of a deli & a neighbourhood eatery offering<br />

residents and locals a meeting place to drop in for a<br />

beer, stay for a bite or grab a coffee on the fly. The<br />

menu changes regularly based on seasonality &<br />

inspiration with plenty of choice for breakfast, lunch<br />

and evening bites.<br />

A stay with Native Kings Wardrobe combines the<br />

freedom and authenticity of a local apartment with<br />

the luxurious comfort and sophisticated design<br />

found in boutique hotels. Travelling to Native<br />

Kings Wardrobe is a breeze, with the property just a<br />

3-minute walk from the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral<br />

and within easy reach of St. Paul’s or Mansion House<br />

London Underground Station.<br />

Stays at Native King’s Wardrobe, St Paul’s start from<br />

£250 per night.<br />

Kings Wardrobe Apartments<br />

53-55 Carter Lane, London EC4V 5AF<br />

020 7313 3886<br />

www.nativeplaces.com<br />

88 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Just a 3-minute walk from St. Pauls<br />

Cathedral, this aparthotel is also five<br />

minutes on foot from St. Pauls or<br />

Mansion House London Underground<br />

Station and within walking distance to<br />

London Bridge, The Tate Modern and<br />

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.<br />


90 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com<br />


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