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$BONK<br />

AccessProtocol<br />

Blockmesh<br />

Dev Talk<br />

Just Stake Sol<br />

SCALES<br />

McDegens<br />

Solana Airdrops<br />

Stallions<br />

Undervalued<br />

UpRock<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Solarplex NFT


Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the NFT Market<br />

As we sail through another week in the world of NFTs, the landscape remains turbulent, with<br />

values plummeting to unprecedented lows. Questions loom over the future of blue-chip NFTs—<br />

are they on the brink of extinction, or is there still hope for a resurgence driven by communitybacked<br />

projects that prioritize product delivery over hype? Has 2024 served as a stark reminder<br />

that NFTs are nothing more than digital images, or is there still untapped potential waiting to be<br />

unlocked?<br />

A glance at sniper.xyz reveals a mixed bag of performances among popular NFT projects. Degen<br />

Apes see a modest 1 Sol improvement in floor price, attracting 39 unique buyers. The Backwoods<br />

project follows suit with a similar increase, garnering interest from 1292 buyers. Meanwhile, the<br />

mysterious Kanpai Panda experiences a staggering 8 Sol surge in value, despite having just 12<br />

buyers throughout the week.<br />

The question on everyone's<br />

mind is: Where is the Solana<br />

outflow headed?<br />

It certainly doesn't seem<br />

to be flowing into NFT<br />

projects, as evidenced by<br />

the dwindling volumes<br />

and shrinking market caps.<br />

Instead, the spotlight in<br />

2024 has been squarely<br />

focused on shitcoins—highrisk<br />

tokens that promise<br />

astronomical returns but<br />

often result in devastating<br />

losses for investors.<br />

It's a troubling trend where<br />

the allure of quick riches<br />

outweighs the importance<br />

of due diligence and longterm<br />

value. Many shitcoins<br />

have quickly fizzled out,<br />

leaving investors reeling<br />

from significant losses. It's<br />

as if the thrill of gambling<br />

has morphed into a selfdestructive<br />

pursuit of loss,<br />

driven by influencers who<br />

exploit their followers for<br />

personal gain.<br />

Amidst this chaos, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine stands as a beacon of integrity and reliability in the ever-changing<br />

landscape of the Solana ecosystem. While others may chase fleeting trends and speculative<br />

investments, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine remains committed to delivering unparalleled value to its readers at a<br />

price point that speaks for itself. FREE!<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine remains unwavering in its mission to inform, educate, and inspire. With each issue, we<br />

reaffirm our commitment to our readers and the broader Solana community, ensuring that our<br />

content remains relevant, insightful, and invaluable in the ever-evolving world of NFTs.<br />


Gatos By Basebet Fish Club<br />

Slap City

@LunaLabsVC<br />

Free airdrop to $2.6bn market cap. $BONK is reaching new ATHs and it’s not stopping any time soon. Here’s the<br />

full @bonk_inu story + our price prediction.<br />

The $BONK inception<br />

In December 2022, the entire $SOL community was shaken by the @FTX_Official debacle. $SOLANA was at an<br />

ATL of $8. Many declared that Solana would soon be a dead chain. Solana needed a catalyst to make a comeback.<br />

Enter $BONK.<br />

$BONK Tokenomics<br />

All @phantom users received free $BONK tokens as an airdrop. But what differentiated $BONK from other airdrops<br />

was its exhaustive distribution and community. They covered everyone from NFT projects and DeFi participants<br />

to devs.<br />

$BONK Airdrop Value<br />

In December 2022, @LamportDAO developers received 25 BILLION $BONK worth $300 as a holiday gift. As<br />

of May 23, 2024, that airdrop is nearly $1 MILLION That’s a whopping 333233% increase.<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

BONK Ecosystem<br />

Many say $BONK is just another memecoin competing with @dogecoin. We disagree. $BONK is no<br />

ordinary memecoin. It is a revenue-generating machine. Let’s focus on the two main products of the<br />

BONK universe: • Bonkswap • Bonkbot<br />

Bonkbot Numbers<br />

@bonkbot_io has generated $62M+ in fees. Bonkbot’s 24-hour fees are sometimes on par with DeFi<br />

protocols like @aave and @CurveFinance. Till now, Bonkbot has burned 345.3 BILLION $BONK.<br />

Bonkbot Burn Bot<br />

@BONKbotBurnBot<br />

Automated @bonkbot_io has burned 965.41 MILLION ($33,230) $BONK in the last 24 hours This<br />

brings the total $BONK burned by BONKbot to 345.3 BILLION At current $BONK prices, that is<br />

$11.89 MILLION lifetime BURNT<br />

Bonkswap Numbers<br />

Bonkswap was launched in April 2022 and reached a TVL of $150K within 2 hours. Currently, their TVL<br />

stands at $3.6 MILLION.

Bonk Rewards<br />

In Feb 2024, BONK team introduced $BONK Rewards. By locking $BONK, users earn a % share from the BONK Rewards<br />

Pool (platform fees).<br />

In less than 4 months, over 3% of the BONK supply, i.e. 3 TRILLION+ $BONK has been locked.<br />

Some cool stats from The Dog: Over 3 Trillion $BONK has<br />

been locked in BONKrewards by @ArmadaFi Average<br />

lock time ~3 months You can check it out at http://bonkrewards.com<br />

#LetsBONK<br />

BONK’s Latest Updates<br />

➜ South Korea’s 2nd-largest exchange @BithumbOfficial<br />

listed $BONK<br />

➜ $BONK listed on @RevolutApp for US & EU users<br />

➜ $BONK is available for purchase with fiat in 150+ countries<br />

via @kado_money<br />

➜ @sanctumso introduced bonkSOL<br />

$BONK Price Prediction<br />

MC of $DOGE is 12x than that of $BONK. Here’s why<br />

$BONK can cross MC of $DOGE and $PEPE in the future:<br />

• Has revenue-generating products<br />

• Ambassador of the SOL memecoin<br />

• Locking and burning mechanisms to reduce supply<br />

That concludes our $BONK deep-dive.<br />

If you liked this analysis and want more deep-dives:<br />

Follow @LunaLabsVC

@AccessProtocol<br />

We’ve partnered with @tensor_hq as the go to marketplace for buying and selling Access Transferable Subscriptions!<br />

We’ll be giving away 1 Tensorian and $1,000 in ACS to the Tensorian Community! Want to get involved?<br />

Each purchase of an Access Subscription NFT on Tensor gives you one entry to the raffle. To be eligible, users<br />

must have a staked tensorian throughout the giveaway period (May 28 - June 4th)<br />

To learn more about Transferable Subscriptions check out our recent medium post below:<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Access Transferable Subscription Launch<br />

From medium.com<br />

Users can create transferable subscriptions through the following steps:<br />

1. Visit http://hub.accessprotocol.co<br />

2. Select your preferred creator<br />

3. Select ‘create subscription’<br />

4. Stake whatever amount of ACS you choose 5. Receive your transferable subscription!<br />

Before buying or selling an Access Protocol Subscription be sure to familiarize yourself with the underlying metadata<br />

within each of them This is not your typical collection! Every single NFT has a unique set of metadata that helps determine<br />

its value and use case.<br />

There are two types of forever subscriptions: Redeemable Subscriptions & Forever Subscriptions<br />

Redeemable Subscriptions As the title says, these are redeemable for the amount of ACS locked in them, meaning users<br />

can purchase a subscription on secondary and exchange it for the underlying ACS.<br />

Forever Subscriptions With forever subscriptions, the underlying ACS is burned from circulation. The Forever Subscription<br />

is still transferable, granting rights to the creator’s product or services, however the underlying ACS within the<br />

subscription is not redeemable.

Redeemable Subscriptions As the title says, these are<br />

redeemable for the amount of ACS locked in them, meaning<br />

users can purchase a subscription on secondary and<br />

exchange it for the underlying ACS.<br />

Forever Subscriptions With forever subscriptions, the<br />

underlying ACS is burned from circulation. The Forever<br />

Subscription is still transferable, granting rights to the<br />

creator’s product or services, however the underlying ACS<br />

within the subscription is not redeemable.<br />

4 key points of metadata to know before buying / selling<br />

subscriptions:<br />

Subscription Type: Forever or Redeemable<br />

Pool: The creator in which the ACS is staked with<br />

Last Reward Claim: The date in which rewards associated<br />

with this subscription were last claimed. The further away<br />

the last reward claim date is, the more ACS is available to<br />

claim from the subscription!<br />

Amount: The total amount of ACS staked in this subscription.<br />

The more ACS staked, the more rewards generated.<br />

To develop a technical understanding of how Transferable<br />

Subscriptions work under the hood please refer to our recent<br />

post Transferable Subscriptions in Access Protocol V2.<br />

From scribe.accessprotocol.co

@sauravarya_x<br />

Excited to share something cool with you all!<br />

Ever heard of BlockMesh?<br />

@blockmesh_xyz by @solana @Superteam-<br />

DAO @SuperteamIN<br />

AI Labs and Data<br />

AI is hungry for data, and BlockMesh is<br />

serving it up hot! users are able to use Block-<br />

Mesh in order to resell their unused bandwidth<br />

which is then used by AI data scrapers<br />

proxy networks and VPN.<br />

It’s like turning your extra internet into<br />

passive income with just a few clicks. That’s<br />

the basic idea behind converting your idle<br />

internet Bandwidth into a passive revenue<br />

stream.<br />

Monetize Your Bandwidth<br />

Got more internet than you need? Become<br />

a provider node with BlockMesh and sell<br />

that extra bandwidth to folks who need it.<br />

Every byte you share = Money in your Pocket!<br />

Worried about Privacy?<br />

BlockMesh respects your privacy and<br />

doesn’t mess with your personal info. Don’t<br />

worry about your personal stuff when you<br />

use BlockMesh. It’s like a secret diary that<br />

only you can read! plus we are open source,<br />

so you can double check us anytime.<br />

Existing participants in this field<br />

While there are other VPN providers such as<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Orchid and Sentinel that also use decentralized<br />

networks, BlockMesh sets itself apart with its<br />

unique value proposition of two-way monetization<br />

features and a focus on transparency and<br />

privacy<br />

What makes BlockMesh different from other’s?<br />

-Decentralized mesh Network -Blockchain<br />

Technology<br />

-Intcentivized Participation<br />

-Low-Cost Transactions<br />

-Increased Privacy<br />

-Community<br />

- Driven<br />

-User-Friendly Interface<br />

-Blazing Fast Speeds<br />

PE(proxy endpoints)<br />

These nodes are used to resell their bandwidth<br />

by installing proxy agent on them, we leverage<br />

solana low fees and high TPs for international<br />

payments and settlement.<br />

Technical Diff:<br />

-Off-grid Connectivity: Provides internet access<br />

in areas with limited infrastructure.<br />

-Blockchain Integration: Integrates blockchain<br />

for secure and transparent transactions.<br />

-P2P Architecture: Relies on P2P architecture<br />

for direct device communication<br />

How BlockMesh Works?<br />

PM (proxy master) These nodes are publicly<br />

registered on the solana network. The users<br />

send them requests which are routed to the<br />

proxy endpoint network<br />

Ready to join the BlockMesh revolution?<br />

Stop being a bystander and start making money<br />

from your internet AND helping AI grow<br />

smarter.<br />

Let’s build a better, more connected future<br />

together!<br />

For more information: GitHub

Arman Shirinyan<br />

The Solana community is clearly in the midst<br />

of a cultural shock as numerous celebrities<br />

are entering the space with meme token<br />

launches, which creates an unseen case for<br />

the space. Caitlyn Jenner, Iggy Azalea and<br />

more celebrities launched numerous tokens,<br />

some of which have already plummeted<br />

substantially, bringing losses to investors,<br />

which clearly disappoints the majority of the<br />

Solana community.<br />

Through all this, we have three words, according<br />

to analyst Chris Burniske: “Just stake<br />

SOL.” Burniske, in his latest X post, gave clear<br />

articulation of his disinterest in celebrity<br />

coins, claiming that his interest is in the social<br />

dynamics at work, and what this means<br />

for the cryptocurrency space and broader<br />

society. Burniske’s position reflects a consensus<br />

among cryptocurrency veterans, who<br />

are moving towards fundamental value as<br />

opposed to simply a speculative frenzy.<br />

To be clear: I don’t care about Iggy-coin and<br />

have no interest in speculating in any celebrity<br />

coin (just stake $SOL). What I do care<br />

about and will comment upon, are the social<br />

dynamics at play, and what it means for<br />

crypto and society at large.<br />

— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) May 29, 2024<br />

Burniske’s thoughts were accompanied by<br />

some questions from followers, one of which<br />

was directly related to the private and censorship-resistant<br />

store of value and medium<br />

of exchange, which have not found social<br />

meaning yet. Burniske replied to this by stating<br />

that blockchains, by having the financial<br />

incentives embedded, will distill assets<br />

in their purest form of value. This process,<br />

although unattractive for being glaring in its<br />

transparency, will bring the true value and<br />

character of these assets into the limelight.<br />

Danger of meme tokens<br />

The fact that the meme tokens collapsed in<br />

price all of a sudden is a clear example of the<br />

dangers of such investing when based more<br />

on celebrity endorsements than real technological<br />

support or community backing.<br />

The advice by Burniske to stake SOL really<br />

hits and appeals to a group of people who<br />

deeply believe in the underlying technology<br />

and ecosystem of Solana in the long run.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Every celebrity promoting Solana memecoins<br />


@tryscales<br />

Everything you need to know about the SCALES airdrop.<br />

Currently there are 2 main ways of airdropping, one via a connect-and-claim approach and other via<br />

direct distribution to wallets SCALES introduces a novel way to mass claim airdrops that does not<br />

require the signing of transactions at potentially new, un-tested and un-audited sites.<br />

The SCALES method is safer and likely fairer than the connect-to-claim method; and infinitely more<br />

scalable and friendly to existing holders as compared to the direct distribution method. Using the<br />

SCALES airdrop method, to “claim” an airdrop, claimers send the token account rent (which is fully<br />

reclaimable when burning the tokens) and transaction fees to one of the airdrop wallets from an<br />

eligible wallet which then triggers the airdrop to the eligible wallet in a fully automated process.<br />

In the case of the SCALES airdrop, this would involve sending 0.0023 SOL to a wallet that’s a designated<br />

airdrop distributor (there are 9 airdrop wallets being used in total for the first airdrop) This<br />

amount would cover the fees for the sender and trigger the automated airdrop process.<br />

A simple comparison with the Connect-and-claim approach shows that this method is superior<br />

under all scenarios. Let’s first consider the worst-case where the airdropping project is malicious<br />

(SCALES is not, but we do the comparison for the sake of completeness)<br />

20 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

In this case, trusting the project and engaging with<br />

the process will lead to only a 0.0023 SOL loss for the<br />

claimer instead of the same ~0.0023 SOL loss and a<br />

potential for a full wallet drain (down bad).<br />

In the case of the regular/good scenario where<br />

the project is legitimate, and the airdrop goes as<br />

planned. In both methods the claimer paid around<br />

0.0023 SOL and receives their airdrop safely. The advantages<br />

of the SCALES method in this case could<br />

be that the claim process could be less influenced<br />

by congestion issues and hence might be better in<br />

terms of FCFS.<br />

We are unsure if these advantages will play out yet,<br />

hence it’s an experiment. Also, there might be other<br />

real-time issues that happen, which we will have to<br />

learn from, again it’s an experiment.<br />

Thank you everyone who has come out to support<br />

SCALES. We look forward to an even more exciting<br />

future for web3 LFS.

@sol_nxxn<br />

Early and tokenless DeFi protocols on Solana that you should look into .<br />

1. Clone Protocol (@CloneProtocol)<br />

Clone is the DEX that allows you to trade Cloned assets and also provide liquidity for them<br />

and earn fees. They have their own Points system live. Recently partnered with Jupiter. Will<br />

most likely apply for LFG Launchpad to launch the token.<br />

2. Sandglass (@sandglass_so)<br />

Sandglass is the pool-based yield trading protocol on Solana. It splits yield-bearing tokens<br />

into their principal and yield components and enables each to be traded separately Product<br />

is built by @Lifinity_io and lets you transform a variable APY into a fixed APY, increase<br />

exposure to an asset’s yield without leverage and passively earn trading fees from yield<br />

traders by depositing a single asset.<br />

22 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

3. Texture (@texture_fi)<br />

Texture Fi is a P2P Lending protocol on Solana<br />

enables users to borrow and lend tokens directly<br />

between each other, using tokens as collateral<br />

for a fixed period of 7 days. It offers unique<br />

high-risk and high-return (APR > 100%) lending<br />

experience and highest LTV for borrowers.<br />

Actually great unique product. They also have<br />

points system called PXLS<br />

5. Solayer (@solayer_labs)<br />

Solayer is a restaking network on Solana to enhance<br />

security and infrastructure, it’s a shared<br />

validator network that secures other Solana-integrated<br />

systems. Restaking is a novel concept<br />

in the world of blockchain security that enables<br />

you to use your tokens more than once at the<br />

consensus layer to secure multiple networks.<br />

Epoch 1 will be opened soo and you will be able<br />

to deposit and get sSOL (Liquid Staking token<br />

from Solayer).<br />

4. Ranger Finance (@ranger_finance)<br />

Ranger is Perps Aggregator that aggregates<br />

such platforms like Jupiter, Drift, Flash Trade<br />

and Zeta. Offers a great suite of analytical tools<br />

for traders and best prices with optimized<br />

execution. Product is not live yet but should be<br />

soon, now you can apply for “Enlistment” to get<br />

all the updates and access as soon as it is available!




Victor Stone

The Magnificent One


Kali Arts

Kali Arts





uwana art


Edward Neumann



Creation of Wonders

Art Pardini

Gravy Goose



Johnny Jordan




Mariela Do Naro

Pop Monkez





Sir Wayne Nooten

Terry Bain






yos_ fInal

Mike Hale<br />

Solana Crossroads 2024, the largest community<br />

conference for Solana, took place in Istanbul and<br />

saw a massive turnout of over 2,500 attendees,<br />

marking a 300% increase from the previous year<br />

with more than 40 industry leaders and speakers.<br />

Several key announcements were made during<br />

the event:<br />

1. Jupiter Protocol: Co-founder Siong announced<br />

the imminent release of their mobile app.<br />

2. BONKbot: Co-founder King.sol revealed upcoming<br />

SPL 404 support.<br />

3. Birdeye: Plans for a mobile app were unveiled.<br />

4. GenesysGo: Frank announced the launch<br />

of GenesysGo Mobile ShdwDrive for Solana<br />

Mobile.<br />

5. Marinade: Michael Repetny confirmed the V2<br />

launch in Q2 2024.<br />

6. Star Atlas: CEO Michael Wagner announced<br />

the release of Star Atlas Mobile for Android<br />

and iOS by the end of the year.<br />

7. Kamino Finance: Co-founder Marius Ciubotariu<br />

emphasized the potential of DeFi as a secure<br />

savings account solution and the importance<br />

of user-friendly interfaces.<br />

8. Io.net: Tausif Ahmad discussed the potential of<br />

DePIN and future developments in creatively<br />

utilizing everyday devices.<br />

The conference encouraged community engagement<br />

through VIP parties, boat cruises, and<br />

interactive demos.<br />

If you couldn’t make it in person, you can catch<br />

a replay of the full live stream for both Day<br />

1 and Day 2.<br />

Solana Crossroads 2024 Recap: Istanbul Hosts<br />

Solana’s Largest Community Conference with<br />

2,500+ Attendees<br />

Phantom Acquires Bitski<br />

Phantom has made a strategic acquisition of<br />

Bitski, a wallet-as-a-service platform backed by<br />

prominent investors like a16z and Coinbase Ventures.<br />

This move is aimed at enhancing user experience<br />

and simplifying the onboarding process for<br />

both developers and users in the Solana ecosystem.<br />

Bitski’s embedded wallet technology allows<br />

users to sign up and access dApps using credentials<br />

such as email addresses or social media<br />

accounts, eliminating the need for complex seed<br />

phrases, making it easier for new users to engage<br />

with web3.<br />

Bitski’s team will join Phantom, doubling its<br />

team size and work towards fully integrate Bitski’s<br />

technology into phantom wallet, with existing<br />

Bitski products being phased out over time.<br />

Phantom’s integration of Bitski’s technology will<br />

make it easier for developers to onboard new users,<br />

reduce friction, and enhance the overall user<br />

experience, attracting a more diverse user base<br />

to the entire Solana ecosystem.<br />

Phantom acquires Bitski to accelerate crypto<br />

adoption<br />

Superteam Renaissance Project Reviews<br />

Four members of Superteam spent some time to<br />

do in-depth reviews of Renaissance hackathon<br />

winning projects covering the quality of the idea,<br />

GTM strategy, and their path to monetization.<br />

(Any critiques were intended to be helpful to<br />

make the project better.)<br />

Check out all the bite-sized reviews by track:<br />

• Consumer Apps<br />

• DePIN<br />

• DeFi, Payments & Infra<br />

Rust to Solana Bootcamp<br />

Rust Developers are well-positioned to start<br />

building on Solana as Rust is used as the main<br />

language used for on-chain programs for Solana.<br />

However, there are several important differences<br />

that may confuse existing developers when moving<br />

from Rust to Solana.<br />

@b_migliaccio, DevRel at Solana Foundation has<br />

put together a 2-part video series for Rust developers<br />

moving into Solana development:<br />

Rust to Solana Bootcamp | Day 1<br />

Rust to Solana Bootcamp | Day 2<br />

Mutant Labs is contributing its SPL-404 swap<br />

program, a framework and on-chain protocol for<br />

hybrid DeFi on Solana, to the Metaplex Program<br />

Library.<br />

By integrating Mutant Labs’ SPL-404 swap program,<br />

MPL-404 makes it easier for developers to<br />

implement hybrid DeFi solutions with features<br />

like Dynamic Trait Re-rolling, Loot-box Mechanics,<br />

and On-chain Identities<br />

74 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Metaplex Foundation Introduces MPL-404, the Future<br />

of Hybrid DeFi on Solana in Collaboration with<br />

Mutant Labs<br />

UN-RIP Solarplex<br />

Last week I shared Solarplex’s decision to sunset,<br />

which came as a surprise to many in the Solana<br />

community.<br />

Now they have announced another surprise: They’re<br />

not shutting down after all!<br />

Exciting news!@solarplex_xyz is back - permanently.<br />

It will remain accessible and functional for years to<br />

come as an open source, decentralized social protocol<br />

that puts creator and users first.<br />

Stay tuned for an announcement next week ;)<br />

— Solarplex (@solarplex_xyz) May 23, 2024<br />

Developer News<br />

SpringX Solana Accelerator<br />

SpringX is a global accelerator with an intensive<br />

3-month program spanning crypto key cities globally.<br />

The program starts on June 18, 2024, with 5 days<br />

IRL in Kuala Lumpur during Solana Summit, followed<br />

by 6 months of training and support by global<br />

mentors.<br />

HeavyDutyCamp<br />

Heavy Duty Builders, a free online bootcamp entirely<br />

in Spanish, returns for another round on June<br />

17th. Participants will dive into building programs on<br />

Solana with Rust and Anchor.<br />

Comets of Web3 (Romania)<br />

Comets of Web3 is launching the first Romanian<br />

Solana developer program. The online, hands-on<br />

training program includes 2 cohorts with 36 hours<br />

of live sessions and workshops. Registration is open<br />

for the first cohort that runs between June 25th to<br />

August 5th.<br />

Startup Village: Malaysia<br />

Startup Village is happening June 12th to 24th, just<br />

before the Solana Summit event in Kuala Lumpur<br />

where developers can meet other builders in the<br />

Asian Solana ecosystem with a combination of<br />

programming, hacking, co-working, education, and<br />

networking.<br />

XFounders Go-to-Market Bootcamp<br />

This 4-week in person program in Bali, Indonesia is<br />

for late seed and Series A stage startups to accelerate<br />

project growth and attract the next round of<br />

investment or close the current round.<br />

KUMEKATHON Ukrainian Solana Hackathon<br />

During Ukrainian Blockchain Week, Kumeka Team is<br />

hosting a Solana hackathon from June 14 - 20, 2024<br />

with $200,000 in prizes, grants, and seed funding.<br />

Renaissance hackathon participants are invited to<br />

submit their projects for consideration.<br />

Funding<br />

Switchboard, a decentralized oracle network, has<br />

raised $7.5 million in a Series A funding round co-led<br />

by Tribe Capital and RockawayX, with additional participation<br />

from Solana Foundation and several other<br />

backers. Switchboard will use the funds to build out<br />

its oracle tools and expand use cases with web3 developers<br />

and community members.<br />

Coinflow, a payment provider, announced the<br />

closing of a $2.25M seed round led by CMT Digital<br />

with participation from Reciprocal Ventures, Jump<br />

Crypto and various angel investors from the Solana<br />

ecosystem.<br />

kinobi is a client generator for Solana programs<br />

from Metaplex now supports generating Anchor IDL<br />

types for native Solana programs, starting with Core<br />

Rust SDK 0.6.1.<br />

mpl-core-anchor-examples is a set of examples of<br />

how to use Metaplex Core in Anchor Programs.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

Solana DePIN Snapshot: H1 2024 - Flipside<br />

PayPal PYUSD is live on Solana - @solana<br />

Ironforge adds RPC Rate Limiter, enhanced analytics,<br />

and transaction log filtering - Ironforge<br />

Survey for projects that support or use Solana Token<br />

Extensions - @Austin_Federa<br />

How We Structured Cube by Larry Wu, Co-Founder/<br />

CTO - @cubexch<br />

Solana Proposal to Allocate 100% of Priority Fees to<br />

Validators Passes - SolanaFloor<br />

How is Solana front-running Ethereum this cycle -<br />

Datt<br />

Zeta X DeFi Layer 2 Litepaper published - Zeta<br />

Applications open for Orange DAO fellowship s24 -<br />


Listen to This<br />

Validated<br />

In this episode, Austin Federa sits down with Stephen Hess to discuss the evolution of the Solana NFT ecosystem<br />

from the summer of 2021 to today.<br />

They explore the initial creation of the Solana NFT standard and reflect on recent technological advancements,<br />

including compressed NFTs, programmability, and the introduction of the “Core” standard.<br />

Stephen explains how the Core standard marks a shift from traditional NFT standards to a broader digital<br />

asset protocol.<br />

The conversation also delves into the Metaplex DAO’s role in governance, controversies surrounding features<br />

like programmable NFTs, the introduction of protocol fees, and more.<br />

How Metaplex Core Moves Beyond NFT Standards w/ Stephen Hess (Metaplex Studios)<br />

Bonus Episodes<br />

Mega Bullish Solana with Joe McCann - Midcurve<br />

Joe McCann from Asymmetric explores the strategies that led to their impressive status at the #1 hedgefund,<br />

the differences between the last crypto and current cycles, his thoughts on why Solana stands out in<br />

crypto, and the importance of community culture.<br />

Greg Cusack: Solana Validator Gossip Protocol, Decentralized Networks, Gaming Gossip - Scraping Bits<br />

Greg Cusack, a leading expert in the field, take us on a journey through the inner workings of the gossip<br />

protocol, shedding light on its ingenious design and the challenges it overcomes. We’ll also delve into the<br />

exciting realm of gaming gossip, where Greg will share his insights on the latest trends and innovations in<br />

the gaming industry.<br />

Web3 Domains on Solana with AllDomains (feat. Vlad Toni, founder) - Solfate<br />

This conversation delves into All Domains’ shift from developing social primitives on Solana to tokenizing<br />

web2 domains, exploring the benefits and potential of Solana in domain tokenization. The discussion also<br />

touches on the challenges of building the product and concludes with future plans, including the unique<br />

offering of emoji domains.<br />

How Phantom Became Solana’s Largest Wallet | Brandon Millman & Donnie Dinch - Lightspeed<br />

Brandon Millman & Donnie Dinch for a discussion on Phantom’s recent acquisition & how they grew to be<br />

the largest wallet within the Solana ecosystem!<br />

Follow @mikehale on X or Warpcast!

@jussy_world<br />

Weekly update.<br />

@sanctumso<br />

They launched wifSOL, the first LST that allows you to DCA into $WIF by staking SOL!<br />

◆ wifSOL is the first LST to automatically exchange staking rewards for a memecoin.<br />

◆It allows you to DCA with your SOL staking yield while staying exposed to SOL price action.<br />

wifSOL is a Solana-based LST that swaps SOL rewards for $WIF every 2–3 days, distributing<br />

WIF directly to holders to maintain its peg to SOL.<br />

78 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

@UpRockCom<br />

Next week will be huge, because the team announced TGE on May 30:<br />

◆ UpRock’s TGE will start at the same price as the private round, aiming for fairness.<br />

◆ Meteora Vault Tech will protect the community from sniper bots, leveling the playing field.<br />

◆ UpRock plans to set up a Meteora Liquidity Pool post-TGE to benefit UPT holders.<br />

Stay tuned for more next week. [Bullish asf to be honest!]<br />

@deBridgeFinance<br />

Has won with 59% of the vote!<br />

◆ They will be launching on LFG over the next few months (hope only 2 months).<br />

◆ Many people say: you vote for zero rewards, but nope, you vote for a good project, and it’s help<br />

with their Airdrop, just this 1% from supply will go to people who farm points.<br />

[For me, my Top 1 Airdrop]

@solayer_labs<br />

Epoch 1 will be reactivated on May 27th 2pm UTC. They will introduce a permanent link for restakers<br />

who:<br />

◆ at least have 10 SOL deposited<br />

◆ must be native SOL<br />

You can use the code to earn 10% of what the referred friend deposits.<br />

@DFlowProtocol<br />

Public beta for mobile trading App goes live on 5/28.<br />

◆ Focus is on ensuring core trading features are error-free, superfast, and scalable to thousands of<br />

users. The app must be reliable before mass adoption. Community support key to achieving this<br />


@JupiterExchange<br />

◆ Successfully conducted the third vote, the changes that were implemented really helped (do<br />

not show the results, but show them at the end)<br />

◆ This time, more users studied each project and voted for what they thought was the best (and<br />

not just for what everyone else)

The Stallions is a Horse Race Betting Game where 5 horses compete. You get to choose the<br />

horse you wanna place your bets on, If the chosen horse wins, You 4x your betting amount.<br />

Each horse has a 20% probability of winning. Play here: https://thestallions.io<br />

Our House Edge<br />

5 Horses, 20% Chance of Winning The edge we have is that the payout is 4x your bet<br />

amount instead of 5x. We like to be transparent from day 1.<br />

What’s the future for $RACE? Initially the game can be played with SOL but post $RACE<br />

Launch, we’ll integrate our native token. 50% of Profits on $SOL , go towards buying $RACE<br />

50% of Profits in $RACE, will be burnt to reduce the Supply of Tokens<br />

82 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Tokenomics<br />

All Tokens Held by the team are safely kept in a<br />

Multi-Sig Wallet, We prioritize safety & security.<br />

Art in Web3<br />

- Although Volume in NFTs has been slow since<br />

people are getting better ROIs in Coins, We feel<br />

Why are we so bullish on $RACE? - We’ve been<br />

working on The Stallions since months now.<br />

- We built a strong team of Devs, Artists, Community<br />

Managers, Marketers, basically a full<br />

fledged team that breathes Web3. - We have a<br />

fully functional betting game live on our website.<br />

What should you be doing as Investors? - Our<br />

Pre-sale isn’t live yet, but we’re looking out for<br />

Early Supporters that would receive an assured<br />

airdrop. - Play our game for yourself & decide if<br />

we’re worthy of a Follow Drop your $SOL add<br />

below & you’ll cook.<br />

NFTs are fun.<br />

- Since we have in house artists and we ain’t<br />

letting them sit idol, lol. We’ve made some NFT<br />

artwork. SPL 404s maybe ...

Partnerships<br />

- Since we wanna be relevant & stay for the longer term, we wanna build meaningful relationships<br />

with communities.<br />

- We wanna build games for other projects & also collaborate with them to make partnered<br />

games where we share profits.<br />

Memes<br />

- Although we’re an Utility based coin, we still want to capitalize on the Meme culture since people<br />

seem to love memes & they get a good amount of traction.<br />

- You’ll be seeing us posting some nonsense shit on CT too.<br />

Let’s get shit done<br />

I can go on & on about us but all these words don’t mean shit till we prove what we’re capable of.<br />

So yeah, let’s fuck shit up. In the typical Web3 Lingo, $RACE to the Moon.






















McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

112 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


UpRock, a decentralized data network that leverages idle bandwidth to power AI, is preparing to launch<br />

its $UPT token on May 30th at 4 pm UTC on Jupiter’s LFG launchpad. The launch will be accompanied<br />

by several measures designed to ensure a fair distribution of tokens and prevent manipulation by sniping<br />

bots.<br />

UpRock is demonstrating its commitment to the community by offering multiple airdrops. All participants<br />

in the second round of Jupiter’s LFG voting process will receive an airdrop, and those who voted<br />

for UpRock in both the first and second rounds will receive an additional airdrop and a loyalty bonus.<br />

Furthermore, 0.75% of UpRock’s token supply will<br />

be distributed to LFG participants who actively stake<br />

their tokens in July.<br />

UpRock has allocated a significant 50% of its total<br />

token supply to the community, emphasizing its commitment<br />

to decentralization and user participation. In<br />

contrast to traditional models, the team’s 15% allocation<br />

will be distributed based on in-app revenue and<br />

product achievements, aligning their incentives with<br />

the project’s overall success and ensuring a fairer<br />

distribution of tokens based on performance and<br />

contribution.<br />

UpRock partnered with Meteora to implement a new<br />

vault system to protect the community from sniping<br />

bots. This vault will allow genuine supporters of the<br />

project to purchase tokens at the lowest possible<br />

price at launch while delaying their access to the<br />

tokens for 24 hours with a 6-day vesting schedule.<br />

This strategy aims to discourage bot activity and promote<br />

a fairer distribution of tokens among those who<br />

believe in the project.<br />

114 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>163</strong>

UpRock recently concluded a $4 million fundraising round led by Borderless Capital. Notably, the $UPT token<br />

will launch with the same starting price as the private VC round, underscoring UpRock’s dedication to fair and<br />

equitable token distribution for both retail investors and venture capitalists.<br />

It’s worth noting that UpRock’s decision to prioritize a high-float, low-FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) token launch<br />

aligns with a recent shift in policy at cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance. In May 2024, Binance announced<br />

a new focus on listing projects with a higher circulating token supply relative to their total token valuation. This<br />

move was motivated by concerns surrounding “low float, high FDV” launches, which have been criticized for<br />

potentially manipulating token prices and disproportionately benefiting early investors.<br />

The UpRock app has experienced substantial growth, with an average of 10,000 new users joining the platform<br />

daily. Its Android app has surpassed 1.2 million installs, and its iOS app has over 50,000 installs. The<br />

platform boasts nearly 300,000 daily active users (DAU) and 800,000 monthly active users (MAU), with over<br />

400 million transactions to date.<br />

Jupiter will launch its LFG site today, May 28th, allowing eligible users and voters to view their airdrop allocation<br />

and set DCA or limit orders for the $UPT token.




















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