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No matter the season, the walk along Slotssøen is the most beautiful way from Hillerød Station<br />

to a visit to Frederiksborg Castle and its extensive gardens.<br />

From the station square at Hillerød Station, cross Nordre Jernbanevej and continue down<br />

Vibekevej, Østergade, and Kannikegade to Hillerød Torv. Here you will be greeted by Frederik<br />

VII, who stands proudly on his pedestal overlooking his city and Frederiksborg Castle, where<br />

he lived with Countess Danner until the castle burned down in 1859.<br />

Along Søstien to the Castle and Back through the City<br />

From the square, follow Søstien eastwards. From the lakeshore, there is a beautiful view over<br />

the water and the Baroque Garden, which gradually comes into view.<br />

The castle can appear completely different depending on the weather. On a sunny summer<br />

day, the castle is reflected in the lake. On an autumn day with mist and fog, only the spires and<br />

walls are visible, and on a clear frosty winter day with snow, it all looks like something from a<br />

fairy tale. Frederiksborg Castle majestically sits on three small islands in the middle of<br />

Slotssøen and is known as "the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordic countries" with its<br />

impressive buildings, beautiful Baroque Garden, and Castle Park.<br />

Set aside 2-3 hours to explore the castle and its gardens. On the way back, walk along the<br />

beautiful new cobblestone pedestrian street through Hillerød city center to Torvet with the<br />

statue of Frederik VII. From here, take the same route back towards Hillerød Station.<br />


Start: Hillerød Station<br />

Length: 3,5 km<br />

Surface: Asphalt, gravel,<br />

cobblestones<br />

Suitable: Children, adults<br />

Signage: None<br />

Toilet: Hillerød Station, Hillerød<br />

Torv, Posen<br />

Season: All year<br />

Find interactive map<br />

through QR-code above<br />

Café Havehuset (1)<br />

Rabarbergården Slottet (2)<br />

Halifax Burgers (3)<br />

Hillerød Town Museum (4)<br />

The Fountain (5)<br />

The Little Ferry (6)<br />

Badstueslottet (7)<br />

Best Western Hotel Hillerød (8)<br />

Danhostel Hillerød (9)<br />

Hillerød Camping (10)<br />

Map on page 2


Selskov<br />

Slotspavillonen st.<br />

1<br />

7<br />

Rendelæggerbakken<br />

5<br />

H I L L E R Ø D<br />

Ø S T<br />

2<br />

4<br />

N Y H U S E<br />

Slotsø<br />

Søstien<br />

9<br />

Slotsgade<br />

6<br />

Torvet<br />

3<br />

Carlsbergvej<br />

Vibekevej<br />

Hillerød st.<br />

Hillerød<br />

Præstevang<br />

10<br />

8<br />

0 0,5 km<br />

1 km<br />

© OpenStreetMap - © Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Infrastruktur<br />

Dansk Cykelturisme – Visit Nordsjælland

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