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Smithi Weekly<br />

IDO Launchpad<br />

Art on Sol<br />

Solayer<br />

Dev Talk<br />

Political meme coins<br />

Rugged<br />

WoofSolana<br />

McDegens<br />

Sanctum<br />

Scotty the Coach<br />

SOL to $350?<br />

Solana Airdrops<br />

Solana Buzzing<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Solarplex NFT<br />

Top 3 memes


Welcome back to another edition of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine, your go-to source for all things Solana. As we bid farewell<br />

to May and usher in June, the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and<br />

opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. In this issue, we delve into the latest developments across<br />

the Solana ecosystem, from market analysis to project highlights and everything in between.<br />

First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room—the price of Bitcoin. As the king of<br />

cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin's movement sets the tone for the entire market. With BTC currently hovering<br />

around $69,000 USD, we've witnessed a period of sideways action over the past three months. However,<br />

with historical patterns suggesting an impending uptrend, all eyes are on the $79,000 level as a potential<br />

test of resistance. But as seasoned investors know, every test is followed by a retest, with support levels<br />

around $56,000 standing as a crucial marker for market sentiment.<br />

But what's driving this rollercoaster ride? The influx of retail investors, fueled by recent ETF approvals in the<br />

United States, has injected new energy into the market. With portfolios seeing incremental gains, many are<br />

adopting a classic buy-low, sell-high strategy, contributing to the market's volatility. However, it's essential<br />

to tread carefully, especially when dabbling in the world of shitcoins, where speculative frenzy can quickly<br />

turn into financial ruin.<br />

In this issue, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine offers a deep dive into the top meme coins on Solana, shedding light on their<br />

performance and potential. Additionally, we examine the proliferation of political shitcoins, urging readers<br />

to exercise caution and informed decision-making when navigating this rapidly evolving landscape.<br />

Amidst the chaos, projects like $Woof (WoofSolana) stand out as beacons of stability, showcasing steady<br />

price action and a commitment to innovation. With an accompanying NFT offering, $Woof exemplifies the<br />

resilience and longevity of OG Solana projects.<br />

But it's not all about Solana—#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine recognizes the importance of exploring broader trends within the<br />

blockchain space. An insightful article on rug pulls sheds light on the darker side of NFTs, emphasizing the<br />

need for vigilance and due diligence in an unregulated environment.<br />

On the NFT front, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine brings you a curated selection of over 80 pieces from leading platforms<br />

such as Artplex.io, Mallow, EA, and SolarPlex. Speaking of SolarPlex, the platform recently announced its<br />

acquisition by @fwdresearch and its integration into the @arweaveeco ecosystem. This strategic move<br />

opens up new avenues for SolarPlex creators, granting access to millions of users through platforms like @<br />

OdyseeTeam, heralding a new era of growth and opportunity for the community.<br />

JulesL_art runs a blog over at https://www.julesl.art/ . The current piece is so good that we had to include<br />

it in this issue of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine. JulesL has uncovered 9 Solana marketplaces for NFT artists. JulesL also has<br />

an ACCESS account where you can stake your Access Protocol token to receive regular NFT pieces. FREE!<br />

https://hub.accessprotocol.co/creators/julesl-art<br />

In addition to project highlights and market analysis, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine features exclusive insights from industry<br />

experts, including Scotty the Coach, who shares his perspective on navigating the current market<br />

landscape. As challenges abound, Scotty offers valuable insights and strategies for NFT artists looking to<br />

thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine remains committed to delivering unparalleled value to its readers, offering comprehensive<br />

coverage of the Solana ecosystem and beyond. With a diverse range of articles, interviews, and NFT<br />

highlights, each issue serves as a roadmap for enthusiasts and investors seeking to stay informed and<br />

ahead of the curve.<br />

As you dive into this week's issue, we invite you to uncover the latest trends, projects, and opportunities<br />

shaping the future of blockchain and NFTs.<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine, your trusted companion in the ever-evolving world of Solana.<br />


Gatos By Basebe The Backwoods<br />

Slap City



Yesterday we saw a hack of 2 influential people - Caitlyn Jenner, Rich The Kid and GCR, hackers immediately decided<br />

to launch a shitcoins to get as much money as possible from these hacks, even used deepfakes to organise<br />

all this scam. Scary times.<br />


Round 3 of Jupiter Voting was finished yesterday, the winner is DeBridge - over 50% of votes. We will love to see<br />

their launch in next few months<br />


Donald Trump come up with the promises to make US to lead the crypto market and he wants to contribute and<br />

support all crypto companies in the country. Seems like all our web3 degens in US already made their choice.<br />


Biggest Solana Memecoin BONK had an amazing pump during the week and now gradually going to its ATH. Sentiment<br />

is coming back to OG memes which were always leading Solana.<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>


Phantom Wallet is breaking all records in Google Play and<br />

App Store all around the world by leading the charts and<br />

flipping such huge apps as Snapchat, Roblox and Facebook.<br />

We won’t notice how soon our friends will be telling us<br />

about the “new” thing they found called Solana.<br />


Switchboard is an Oracle network, the same like Pyth for<br />

example. They also power a lot of different platforms and<br />

pools in biggest lending protocols. And they recently started<br />

the Operation (X) - Switchboard Orbs which actually<br />

just a points system that will lead us to the airdrop and<br />


The Fastest bridge platform and candidate in Jupiter Voting.<br />

DeBridge is a high-performance and secure interoperability<br />

layer for Web3 that enables decentralized transfers of arbitrary<br />

messages and value between blockchains. Actually<br />

allows you to bridge your assets between blockchains very<br />

fast, takes around 10 seconds which is more than impressive<br />

for such type of technology.<br />

The company raised over $5 millions in their investment<br />

rounds and also became profitable by generating the fees.<br />

They have a points system which so the airdrop will happen,<br />

doesn’t matter if they will win Jupiter Voting or not<br />

and we should expect it to happen in next few months.<br />

Points system works in pretty simple way - 100 points for<br />

$1 in fees + 25% of fees from referrals.<br />

Speaking about farming strategies - bridge different<br />

amounts of different assets, make your activity real and<br />

use cheaper chains.<br />

We wish a good luck to DeBridge in current Voting round<br />

and would love to see them launching their token soon!<br />

maybe sooner and bigger than everyone expect it to be.<br />

Switchboard powers such platform as Kamino, Solend,<br />

MarginFi, Lulo, Symmetry and Mango. It will be more accurate<br />

to say powers some pools in there.<br />

So to farm these Orbs all you need is just use such pools<br />

and platform to acquire those. Just find their sign near the<br />

pool you are looking at and there we go.<br />

Of course, there are 2 in 1 Airdrop strategies exist in such<br />

case - MarginFi didn’t drop a token yet, Kamino S2 in full<br />

force right now, Symmetry is actually a sleeper one that<br />

will bring some gains soon.<br />

And this Switchboard rewards can also be very undervalued<br />

and also unexpected just like it was with Pyth and<br />

their token $PYTH, this can perform very very similar.<br />

Airdrop season on Solana isn’t finished yet, and the big<br />

ones will be the ones you expect less!

IDO Solana Launchpad<br />


If we talk about an IDO Solana Launchpad, we talk about an “Initial Dex Offering”. It is<br />

the ideal way to raise funds for your Token Projects. This is because investors are betting<br />

on buying a Pre-Sale Token or IDO, which is the same thing instead of another token that is<br />

already listed with a Liquidity Pool.<br />

Thus, it is important to be able to complete the Solana Token IDO process because it will<br />

make the difference between failure and success. Getting it right will allow your token to<br />

grow and boost its value in the market.Ready to take the big leap?<br />

If videos are your thing, here is a complete guide on how to use Smithii’s Solana Token<br />

Launchpad:<br />


To gather an initial liquidity of your token it is necessary to carry out a Solana Token IDO.<br />

In this way, buyers incentivized by the early offer at a low price, will grant liquidity to your token<br />

or meme coin and then, with that same liquidity, list it on an exchange with a liquidity<br />

pool open to the public.<br />


While in 2017, crypto exchanges were carried out through ICOs (“Initial Coin Offering”),<br />

today, with the evolution of decentralized swaps, the IDO process prevails for being more<br />

agile and reliable.<br />

While in ICOs tokens were sold to investors, in IDO developers entrust their tokens to a<br />

Smart Contract managed by a DEX. This ensures confidence that the tokens reach the investors.<br />

Using Smart Contracts will ensure that you don’t have any problems.<br />

In the case of Solana, the code provided by the Solana Program Library (SPL) allows devel-<br />

10 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

opers like Smithii to build Launchpad platforms for users to make their own IDOs in a secure and<br />

agile way.<br />


• Research:<br />

• Price:<br />

• Whitelist:<br />

o The DEX team investigates so that there is no scam and investors have confidence.<br />

o Upon confirmation of project approval, a predetermined number of tokens are set<br />

for sale at a specified value.<br />

o A benefit given to a select group of investors for meeting certain marketing objectives<br />

intended by the developers.<br />

• Investment:<br />

o Whitelist investors can lock in their investments and will receive the project tokens<br />

when they become accessible at the predefined time, avoiding a very early sale<br />

of the tokens.<br />

• Funds Transfers to Liquidity Pool:<br />

o A portion of the funds raised goes to the Liquidity Pool and ensures immediate interaction<br />

with liquidity.<br />


With Smithii’s Token Launchpad(https://tools.smithii.io/launch-token/solana), you can create a<br />

Custom IDO without having to know anything about code and in no time at all.<br />

Currently, the Solana blockchain is the frontrunner of choice because it offers advantages unmatched<br />

by other crypto launchpads. The Solana Launchpad IDO provides unique benefits for<br />

both developers and investors with its fast transactions and low costs.

@JulesL_art<br />

Let’s take a look at @solana creators on other Solana platforms shaping the future.<br />

On @foster_protocol “The king’s outrageous aesthetic”: 1/1 digital collage by @MabalMovement<br />

Disaster: 1/1 with physical attached by traditional artist @wetikos<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

On @AccessProtocol Nevadania: 1/1 digital painting by<br />

surrealism artist @galangferm<br />

Blossom: limited ed 2/2 hand drawn by digital abstract<br />

artist @kamaeloop<br />

On @artplexio Outpost: 1/1 by photographer @MrDavid-<br />

Tiong<br />

Odd Man Out: 1/1 by abstract expressionist @designzbychance

On @solarplex_xyz I’m here: 1/1 hand drawn by traditional<br />

&digital artist @Aabii1986<br />

Humble Tractors: 33/33 eds by educator & artist @pvmihalache<br />

On @primitives_xyz<br />

Doodles and Dots: open eds, watercolour & marker by<br />

traditional artist @jlap777<br />

The texture of life: 11/11 eds by artist & semi-philosopher<br />


On @ArtradeApp<br />

Emergence: 1/1 by photographer @CyrilDallest<br />

The journey: 1/1 by collage specialist @Bitaemm<br />

On @NewFrontierArt<br />

Pi On Lattice: limited ed 33/33 gen mint by @0xB4K3D<br />

Arcblock: p5js gen mint 250 pc by @hamlogic

On @walletbubbles<br />

Love: limited edition 2/2 hand drawn piece by misha @<br />

mishaviktorova<br />

Nintendowave: 1/1 by @TankussArt<br />

On @Truffle_HQ<br />

A little bit of y00ts: Gen collection 1111 by @0xmakoto_<br />

Sh*tface II: upcoming gen mint by @hersoid

So there you have it! 18 artists across nine platforms, all @solana

https://x.com/solayer_labs<br />

Today, we release Solayer’s standard of restaking on Solana: Endogenous - Actively Validated<br />

Services (AVS)<br />

Litepaper Part 1, V0: https://github.com/solayer-labs/solayer-improvement-proposal/blob/<br />

main/solayer-litepaper-v0.pdf… If you are a builder, we are welcoming Request for Comments<br />

on v0 litepaper and implementation: https://tally.so/r/31K9PM If you are a developer<br />

interested in building with us: https://tally.so/r/3E1WQL<br />

We term Eigenlayer’s design of restaking as Exogenous Actively Validated Services (AVS).<br />

These systems are offchain or out of the main Ethereum chain, that can tap into the ETH<br />

Proof of Stake security. Examples include oracles, rollups, DA layers.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

Why is restaking needed on Solana? Solayer<br />

redefines restaking for Solana, addressing both<br />

security and performance, which developers<br />

need - esepcially with the rise of network<br />

congestion on the base L1. We propose Endogenous<br />

AVS: Solana-native programs using<br />

SOL PoS to configure application security and<br />

throughput.<br />

Similar to AWS, developers pay for storage or<br />

RAM to boost application performance; In our<br />

design, the equivalent resources -- blockspace<br />

and transaction throughput -- are allocated<br />

based on stake weight, and on-demand.<br />

Beyond securing the Solana blockchain, SOL<br />

holders are delegating across multiple Endogenous<br />

AVSs to supply application performance<br />

through stake. In return, restakers earn multiple<br />

streams of yield from the e-AVSs.<br />

Stage 1 restaking was launched early May to<br />

pool the available security and blockspace.<br />

Stage 2 focuses on the delegation to Endogenous<br />

AVS, furthering Solana’s Proof of Stake<br />

mechanism efficiently and delicately. More<br />

importantly, we see a world where onchain<br />

resource allocation rests in the hands of developers.<br />

Our vision is for Solana to become the backbone<br />

of all decentralized systems. Solayer<br />

enables these systems to build, boostrap, and<br />

scale. Solana is where we take things to the<br />

masses.<br />

Let’s break down Stake-Weighted Quality of<br />

Service (swQoS). swQoS is a mechanism to<br />

allocate network resources like blockspace and<br />

transaction capacity based on stake weight,<br />

coordinated between RPC nodes and validators.<br />

Simply put: the more stake, the higher the<br />

probability of submitting transactions.<br />

Introducing Solana Restaking Standard: Endogenous<br />

AVS - Solayer | Restaking on Solana<br />

Solayer envisions a future where applications<br />

can configure and manage their own security<br />

and transaction processing capability. > staker<br />

= supply side > application = demand side ><br />

validator = facilitator<br />

From solayer.org<br />

Stage 1 restaking was launched early May to<br />

pool the available security and blockspace.<br />

Stage 2 focuses on the delegation to Endogenous<br />

AVS, furthering Solana’s Proof of Stake<br />

mechanism efficiently and delicately. More<br />

importantly, we see a world where onchain<br />

resource allocation rests in the hands of developers.<br />

Our vision is for Solana to become the backbone<br />

of all decentralized systems. Solayer<br />

enables these systems to build, boostrap, and<br />

scale. Solana is where we take things to the<br />






Wizards of Frog


Neon Reflections

Gypsy Dream


Bonk Galleries



Dave T






Pixel sol



Maryam baghbani











Mike Hale<br />

It’s a presidential election year in the US, and<br />

a part of that cycle is always a high-stakes<br />

debate between the candidates, but the<br />

most talked about debate might not be the<br />

one you think!<br />

Instead, it was Solana’s Co-Founder Anatoly<br />

Yakovenko going toe-to-toe with Ethereum<br />

Researcher Justin Drake on Bankless to discuss<br />

the good, the bad, and the ugly of both<br />

chains.<br />

Just like any political debate, the arguments<br />

from each side were compelling, but it’s<br />

not likely to actually change anyone’s way<br />

of thinking. Still, it was an in-depth conversation<br />

that dove into the different architectures<br />

of Solana vs. EVM, each having their<br />

own strengths.<br />

I thought Anatoly did a tremendous job responding<br />

to some of the common criticisms<br />

of Solana with real-world examples and<br />

reasons of why the ecosystem is seeing so<br />

much growth right now.<br />

You can check it out for yourself in the Listen<br />

to This section below.<br />

Now on to the rest of the news...<br />

LayerZero Live on Solana<br />

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that<br />

provides a framework for sending data and<br />

digital assets across 70+ different blockchains.<br />

Initially, the LayerZero endpoint on Solana is<br />

in “Mainnet Beta”, with messaging enabled<br />

with seven other chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum,<br />

Optimism, Base, BNB Chain, Avalanche,<br />

and Polygon.<br />

After completing a final round of audits, Solana<br />

integration will include all 70+ supported<br />

blockchains.<br />

By integrating LayerZero in their apps, Solana<br />

Developers can grow their market reach<br />

and utility across a wide range of blockchains.<br />

LayerZero Solana Programs communicate<br />

directly with Smart Contracts deployed on<br />

EVM-based chains.<br />

They include:<br />

• Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT):<br />

Supports fungible token transfers.<br />

• Omnichain Application (OApp): Facilitates<br />

messaging and configuration.<br />

This integration not only enhances Solana’s<br />

ecosystem, but also opens up more complex<br />

and secure blockchain interactions.<br />

For more detailed guidance on developing<br />

with LayerZero check out the LayerZero V2<br />

Solana Programs documentation.<br />

LayerZero is Live on Solana<br />

Solana Game Jam 3<br />

MagicBlock and LamportDAO have announced<br />

Speedrun, the third edition of the<br />

Solana Game Jam where developers have a<br />

limited time to create a game from scratch<br />

based on a given theme.<br />

Event Details:<br />

• June 29th, 12 PM UTC - July 5th, 11:59<br />

PM UTC<br />

• Virtual event with physical venues in<br />

London, New York, and Istanbul<br />

• $10,000 for the Main Track, with additional<br />

prizes for Sponsor Tracks to be<br />

announced soon.<br />

Leading up to the game jam, a series of<br />

workshops will be held to help participants<br />

learn how to build onchain games and<br />

explore the special tracks set by sponsors<br />

to equip you with the skills and knowledge<br />

needed to succeed in the competition.<br />

At the end of the 6-day game jam, a panel<br />

of judges will evaluate the submitted games<br />

based on uniqueness, creativity, and technical<br />

excellence. The most innovative games<br />

will be awarded prizes.<br />

Participants should check out this curated<br />

list of the best resources, tools and tutorials<br />

for building games on Solana to get<br />

ready for the event.<br />

This is an excellent opportunity to dive into<br />

the world of onchain games, learn new<br />

skills, collaborate with other developers, and<br />

showcase your best work!<br />

Solana Speedrun 3<br />

Solana Collective<br />

The Solana Collective is leaving the nest!<br />

56 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

Solana Collective, a community of contributors<br />

in the Solana ecosystem, is branching out from<br />

the Solana Foundation, to become an independent<br />

entity.<br />

Their mission remains the same:<br />

To empower, uplift, support and amplify the<br />

voices within the Solana Content Creator community<br />

Going forward the Solana Collective will focus<br />

on creating more opportunities for our content<br />

creators within the Solana ecosystem, with<br />

“Contentathons” like Solana Scribes, opportunities<br />

for paid commission work, hosting events,<br />

and rewarding contributors with an XP system.<br />

Developers and content creators can join<br />

the Solana Collective Discord and get full access<br />

after completing a basic 20 question quiz<br />

about Solana.<br />

Members get points and recognition for sharing<br />

relevant, quality content (like this newsletter<br />

for example!)<br />

Solana Collective<br />

Developer News<br />

Helius sendSmartTransaction<br />

Solana has been facing congestion issues that<br />

make it a challenge to ensure transactions are<br />

delivered and landed. While fixes are on the<br />

way, the Helius SDK has added the sendSmart-<br />

Transaction method to optimize your transaction<br />

submissions for you in both the Node and<br />

Rust SDKs.<br />

Metaplex Core Oracle Plugin<br />

The Core Oracle plugin is now live on Devnet.<br />

The Oracle plugin can read from an external<br />

account to influence lifecycle events like create,<br />

transfer, or update. For example, making an<br />

asset transferrable only during specific hours or<br />

when the floor price is above a certain amount.<br />

SolanaFloor launches Learn Solana<br />

SolanaFloor announced the launch of Learn<br />

Solana, an educational guide to onboard new<br />

crypto users and explain blockchain basics like<br />

wallet setup, crypto trading, & DeFi.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

Solana Hub adds notifications powered by Dialect<br />

- @SolanaHubApp<br />

What is the State growth problem on Solana? -<br />

@aeyakovenko<br />

Solana Changelog - Trident, Unruggable, and<br />

SyscallGetSysvar - Solana<br />

How Picasso built a solution to connect Solana<br />

to the IBC ecosystem - @IBCProtocol<br />

Storing token metadata fully onchain - @r0bre<br />

Merkle proofs for whitelisting email addresses<br />

using JavaScript - Idris Olubisi<br />

How to implement SVM rollups on Solana - Arvix<br />

How to Monitor Solana Transactions Using Geyser<br />

Enhanced Websockets - Helius<br />

Solayer Litepaper Part 1, v0 released - Solayer<br />

Labs<br />

Mobile shdwDrive: Solana Crossroads 2024 Recap<br />

- ShdwDrive<br />

Listen to This<br />

Bankless<br />

On Ethereum’s side was Ethereum Researcher<br />

Justin Drake, and on the Solana’s was Solana’s<br />

Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko.<br />

Each gave the good, the bad and the ugly of<br />

each other’s blockchain, settling their endgame<br />

towards the end of the episode. At times went<br />

well, at others it caused deep semantic rabbit<br />

holes, but overall both guests were able to<br />

communicate their messages.<br />

The Ethereum vs. Solana Debate | Justin Drake<br />

vs. Anatoly Yakovenko<br />

Bonus Episodes<br />

Why Businesses Are Building On Solana | Baxus,<br />

Tzvi Wiesel - Lightspeed<br />

Tzvi Wiesel Founder & CEO of Baxus discusses<br />

why they’re building on Solana, growing a global<br />

marketplace for spirits, and how Baxus are<br />

bringing whiskey onchain.<br />

Firedancer w/ Kevin Bowers - Validated<br />

In this episode, Austin visits Jump Crypto’s<br />

office in Chicago (The Pit) to talk about Firedancer,<br />

Solana’s second independent validator<br />

client. They discuss its roadmap, its rollout, and<br />

the ways in which it will optimize and improve<br />

upon the architecture of Solana’s existing client.<br />

DRiP and the Creator Economy on Solana (feat.<br />

Vibhu, founder) - Solfate<br />

Vibhu Norby, the founder of Drip, discusses the<br />

latest updates and developments with the platform.<br />

He explains how the current subscription<br />

model and traditional content platforms have<br />

created inefficiencies and asymmetrical value<br />

accrual. The conversation concludes with a discussion<br />

about the upcoming Drip mobile app<br />

and the transition process for existing users.<br />

Solforge: Combining Physical Card Games With<br />

Web3 Primitives I Justin Gary (Solforge Fusion) -<br />

Unlayered<br />

In this conversation, Sal is joined by Justin Gary<br />

to discuss the design and creation of Solforge<br />

Fusion, a hybrid deck game from the creators<br />

of Magic the Gathering. They delve into the<br />

gaming industry, the evolution of trading card<br />

games, and the impact of digital technology on<br />

game design.

https://dexterlab.com/author/marius/<br />

If you’ve been following the latest news in the crypto world, you’ve probably noticed that<br />

political meme coins are having a moment. With the 2024 U.S. elections just around the<br />

corner, both Republicans and Democrats are suddenly all about crypto. They’ve realized<br />

that a lot of voters own crypto, meaning these digital assets could seriously influence the<br />

election outcomes.<br />

From “Anti-Crypto Army” to Embracing Crypto<br />

Donald Trump has made specific pledges to the crypto community, such as promising to<br />

commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road. This has garnered significant<br />

attention and debate.<br />

Seeing former President Trump’s appeal to the crypto community, Democrats have started<br />

to embrace digital assets too. Prominent figures like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer<br />

now back efforts to reform regulations that previously hindered the industry.<br />

58 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

Last week, Congress passed the Financial<br />

Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century<br />

(FIT21) Bill. This bill establishes a regulatory<br />

framework for crypto and clarifies which tokens<br />

are securities versus commodities. The crypto<br />

industry has been waiting for clear regulations<br />

for a long time, and this is very good news,<br />

especially after years of the SEC suing blockchain-related<br />

companies left and right. Some<br />

members of Congress had even spoken of<br />

building an “anti-crypto army”.<br />

Correlation with Events<br />

Now that we’re witnessing a historical change<br />

in the regulatory framework for crypto, the<br />

PolitiFi narrative (apparently there’s a fancy way<br />

of describing political memes) is gaining momentum.<br />

Political memes have been around<br />

before both candidates went full-on crypto, but<br />

the change in governmental tone at the end of<br />

May sparked new life into crypto tokens. Many<br />

of them reacted with a dramatic surge in price,<br />

leaving the holders very satisfied.<br />

Markets on Election Years<br />

Despite the positive stance on crypto from<br />

both candidates, election years themselves<br />

have historically been positive for the markets.<br />

Based on data from past elections, we can<br />

draw several conclusions about market behavior.<br />

The first half of the election year often sees<br />

positive market performance as primary elections<br />

progress and investor sentiment adjusts<br />

to the emerging political landscape. This trend<br />

has held true this year, with both crypto and<br />

equity markets showing positive performance<br />

in the first half.<br />

However, as we move into late summer and<br />

early fall, volatility tends to increase, particularly<br />

in September and October, due to debates and<br />

heightened uncertainty about the election outcome.<br />

Post-election, November and December<br />

typically see a relief rally if the election results<br />

align with market expectations, leading to a<br />

positive end to the year.<br />

For instance, the #1 token by market cap, MAGA<br />

with the ticker $TRUMP, appreciated by 180% in<br />

just a month.<br />

After reading all of this information and seeing<br />

political memes giving investors huge profits,<br />

one must think, “Is My Portfolio Election Year<br />

Ready?” “Are my Trump and Biden bags big<br />

enough?”<br />

The election and political narrative is just warm-

ing up. Political campaigns are in full swing,<br />

and any positive mention from any of the candidates<br />

is likely to boost political memecoins.<br />

There are also debates scheduled, and we can<br />

expect fireworks around those days.<br />

Key US Election Dates 2024<br />

• June 27: Biden and Trump plan to hold a<br />

campaign debate hosted by CNN in Atlanta,<br />

Georgia, prior to the conventions.<br />

• September 10: Biden and Trump plan to<br />

hold a campaign debate hosted by ABC.<br />

• November 5: (the Tuesday after the first<br />

Monday of November): Election Day.<br />

Political Memes: Investing in Humor<br />

If you’ve ever traded memes, you know how<br />

difficult it can be. Memes can be very risky, with<br />

99% launched going to zero often the same day<br />

of the launch. The PolitiFy category on Coin-<br />

MarketCap has thousands of tickers related to<br />

the narrative. Many of them are not worth your<br />

attention, as communities failed to grow further<br />

and token prices are near zero. However,<br />

the market is showing us the leaders with thriving<br />

communities and growing holder counts<br />

already.<br />

Although there are many more, the tickers<br />

listed below can be considered somewhat less<br />

risky investments as they have already gained<br />

momentum and recognition. Please keep in<br />

mind that these are not investment calls and<br />

require further research.<br />

MAGA, $TRUMP<br />

holders, MAGA Memecoin is gaining traction in<br />

the crypto community. The project also hosts<br />

weekly podcasts every Tuesday at 8 PM EST,<br />

featuring hosts like Shawn Farash and Steven<br />

Steele, creating an engaging community space.<br />

$MAGA<br />

$MAGA launched as a playful tribute to Trump’s<br />

famous hat, MAGA combines humor with<br />

blockchain innovation. With a market cap of<br />

$200 million and 15,000 holders, it’s gaining<br />

serious traction. The coin boasts a total supply<br />

of 420.69 billion tokens, with 100% of its liquidity<br />

pool burned and contract renounced, ensuring<br />

transparency and security.<br />

$TREMP<br />

Launched on August 11th, 2023, MAGA Memecoin<br />

aims to blend humor with purpose by supporting<br />

U.S. veterans and protecting children.<br />

Available on multiple blockchains like Ethereum,<br />

Solana, BASE, and BNB, it offers flexibility<br />

and accessibility for crypto enthusiasts. With a<br />

total supply of 47 million tokens and a 1% tax on<br />

transactions, funds are allocated for marketing,<br />

development, donations, and liquidity. Boasting<br />

a market cap of $570 million and over 22,000<br />

Inspired by a parody of Trump’s persona,<br />

$TREMP was launched on the Solana blockchain<br />

with humor and a mission to “make<br />

memes great again.” With a market cap of<br />

$120 million and over 31,000 holders, $TREMP is<br />

gaining momentum. The coin has zero transaction<br />

taxes, making it easier to buy and trade.

$BODEN<br />

Boden, a political meme coin inspired by President Joe Biden, has gained notable traction on the<br />

Solana blockchain. With a market cap of $120 million and 31,000 holders, Boden has seen significant<br />

surges in popularity.<br />

The coin recently experienced a 252% increase in value, spurred by social media buzz and even<br />

a humorous mention from former President Trump. As the election season intensifies, Boden<br />

stands out among political meme coins for its mix of humor and impressive market performance.<br />

Wrapping Up<br />

Political meme coins are not just a passing trend; they’re becoming a significant factor in the<br />

2024 U.S. elections. By staying informed and understanding how these digital assets can influence<br />

the political landscape, you can better position yourself for potential gains.<br />

As the election year unfolds, keep an eye on political memes—they might just be the key to<br />

boosting your crypto portfolio.<br />

Are you ready to dive into the world of political memecoins and potentially profit from the upcoming<br />

election frenzy? The stakes are high, and the opportunities are exciting.




























McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

92 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


https://x.com/crypto__kermit<br />

Where are they now? I dived into the top 100 NFTs from 2021 to see where they stand today. Here’s the story of<br />

how 50% of the most hyped NFTs disappeared.<br />

It all began yesterday when I made a post questioning the current status of these top NFT projects. Little did I<br />

know it would resonate with many, as several of these projects have remained silent for years. I decided to investigate<br />

and find out: Where are they now?<br />

HAPE Once upon a time, HAPE was the most hyped NFT project out there. We’re talking about homies getting<br />

94 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

tattooed, people begging for a whitelist, and a Discord<br />

with 300K people… The team ended up making $5M. However,<br />

this is where it all started going downhill.<br />

HAPE, like many on this list, was all numbers and no substance.<br />

The team failed to deliver anything of substance,<br />

including the art. Today, the team is rolling out a staking<br />

platform. Yes, a staking platform. Has anyone told them<br />

that it’s no longer 2022?<br />

Mekaverse If you thought HAPE was hyped, you’ve obviously<br />

never lived through Mekaverse. To this day, Mekaverse<br />

remains one of the most hyped mints in NFT history.<br />

However, all of this hype was short-lived as things went<br />

downhill upon reveal…

The NFT instantly started selling on secondary for 8 ETH,<br />

an instant $16K. However, this would not last long, as days<br />

later, the NFTs were pronounced dead by CT. Today, their<br />

Twitter page gets around 2 likes per post and is cluttered<br />

with art created by the community. Yikes.<br />

Invisible Friends Another day, another hyped mint we never<br />

hear about anymore. Invisible Friends was another one<br />

of those projects that everyone on CT wanted a whitelist<br />

for, but nobody needed.<br />

The reveal left everyone disappointed and the FUD kicked<br />

in. Today, Mekaverse is working on their own metaverse.<br />

They actually ended up building one. Despite this, their<br />

floor price to date still stands at $190 USD. Here’s what it<br />

looks like<br />

Art Gobblers Many people called Art Gobblers the result<br />

of a KOL cabal, as the project came out of nowhere, and<br />

every influencer was tweeting about it. The good news: it<br />

was a free mint. The bad news: nobody you knew had a<br />

whitelist for it because it was all given to KOLs.<br />

Today, the project just posts a handful of “gm” and “enjoy<br />

the weekend” tweets. Not really sure what they’re up to<br />

as their communication isn’t too telling. However, they<br />

did recently get tired of paying for a blue checkmark on X<br />

despite the $4M they had made on their mint.<br />

Nakamigos<br />

Nakamigos shook the entirety of CT when they first<br />

launched. This (almost) free mint instantly took off; even<br />

Beeple made an Everyday edition about them. Today, most

of their posts are likely botted. Just check their retweets<br />

from accounts with 0 followers. Oof.<br />

Lazy Lions<br />

Lazy Lions were once the face of NFT culture. It was by<br />

far one of the most engaged communities on CT. However,<br />

with time, the project began slowly losing relevance.<br />

Unlike 3Landers, however, the team was able to sell the<br />

project recently to @TLeeTrades.<br />

Karafuru Everyone had high hopes for Karafuru. Their<br />

4 ETH floor price reflected that. However, community<br />

members have since lost all hope as nothing has come to<br />

fruition from the IP. Today, their feed is full of gm tweets<br />

and memes. Their floor price is down to $80.

@pazuzuposter<br />

I was recently consolidating my @solana NFT holdings,<br />

and I wanted to briefly put up a about one of my favorite<br />

$SOL Token/NFT projects: @WoofSolana<br />

$WOOF is one of the OG $SOL memecoins operating<br />

since May 2021. It started off as many memecoins<br />

have subsequently started: As an airdrop followed by a<br />

series of burns. This all culminated up to a mention at<br />

the Solana Breakpoint Conference in 2021 marking its<br />

ath.<br />

As with many memecoins, as the bear market continued<br />

the volume died down and so did the price.<br />

Eventually the @WoofDao was dissolved. Despite this,<br />

a core group of holders and team members kept things<br />

moving - adding liquidity, releasing an airdrop for holders,<br />

and more.<br />

Following this, @WoofSolana released an NFT collection<br />

@WoofersNFT, created a multi-sig controlled @<br />

WoofDao, and released a huge series of tools - building<br />

well into the bear market that followed its initial<br />

airdrop.<br />

@WoofersNFT even made the news!<br />

Then in December 2023 $DOGE woke up, and with it<br />

the whole dog coin market.<br />

@WoofSolana was a prime candidate to run up in the<br />

@solana ecosystem due to its organic holder distribution<br />

and its majority $SOL liquidity. $WOOF thus was<br />

able to reach a relative high of $.00060922.<br />

These days, @WoofSolana has been focused on<br />

98 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

airdropping to holders of both the $WOOF token and the<br />

@WoofersNFT NFT. Teaming up with @hampterfi and<br />

@solskypilots to deliver some great drops with more<br />

planned to follow! They’ve also been working on growing<br />

their Liquidity.<br />

And that’s not all to mention the available staking for @<br />

WoofersNFT available through https://woof.ventures,<br />

the active discord, and the multiple strategies available<br />

at @HawksightCo for $WOOF (my fav is definitely the<br />

$WOOF/ $JUP vault).<br />

community, its steadfast team, and a general love of all<br />

things that go $WOOF!<br />

Also, the holder distribution is pretty spread out and organic<br />

with approximately 30k holders and no greater than<br />

3% concentrated into any one wallet.<br />

All in all, I feel confident in not only @WoofSolana’s<br />

ability to reach, but also exceed at the very least its recent<br />

all time highs. This is due in no small part to its still active

@0xGumshoe<br />

Sanctum just announced that $CLOUD is coming! This<br />

is all you need to know about the token and airdrop.<br />

Season 1<br />

Wonderland Season 1 has been closed ahead of schedule,<br />

marking just over a month of activity - Over 300K<br />

Wallets<br />

- Season 2 TBA, but not coming soon<br />

Token Launch<br />

- Launching on Jupiter’s LFG Launchpad<br />

- Launches at $50M FDV<br />

- 18% of the Total Supply unlocked at Launch<br />

- 1% will be given to Jupiter LFG<br />

Airdrop Details<br />

- 10% for Airdrop<br />

- Working on a mechanism that separates holders<br />

from dumpers<br />

- Potentially following a similar approach to DRIFT<br />

Looks like we won’t have many details until the snapshots<br />

are complete<br />

Token Utility<br />

- Governance<br />

- Sanctum Verified Partner Program Also, the team will<br />

not allocate any funds towards CEX listings<br />

Thoughts<br />

They’re launching at low FDV when they could’ve<br />

raised easily at $500M, based. In addition, the farming<br />

season was very short, something like 37 days which is<br />

the shortest time any project has done on Solana<br />

100 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

@ScottyTheCoach<br />

Dear Artists... YOUR WORK ≠ YOUR WORTH<br />

You gotta embrace (and even share) the “perceived lows” alongside the highlight reels.<br />

After crushing it in new ATH sales of 1.5-3.8k USD from March through May...<br />

My latest auction of 1.88 SOL / ~314 USD with 2 unique bidders would be considered a “dud” by<br />

most people’s perspective on performance.<br />

Many artists would take it personally after pouring so much time and energy into a piece while<br />

many others would be stoked to sell this amount. I’ve learned to be grateful AF for any sale.<br />

Why? Because someone on this planet was interested enough to collect a piece of my art with<br />

their hard-earned cheddar.<br />

Selling your art in this Web 3 space has so many variables at play:<br />

1. New Twitter X algo updates.<br />

2. Slow art market seasons.<br />

3. Attention on memecoins and new celebs on Solana.<br />

4. Poor planning + promotion on your end.<br />

5. Maybe your recent piece isn’t that dope?<br />

For this piece, I acknowledge I poorly planned the promo and rushed the drop. Would that have<br />

changed anything? Who knows.<br />

I do know I will NEVER mint something<br />

that I feel is “decent” to hit an<br />

arbitrary self-imposed deadline or<br />

chase a quick buck. I strive to vibe +<br />

be hella proud of the work I put into<br />

the world while leveraging intentional<br />

constraints + deadlines...<br />

To expand creativity and improve efficiency<br />

as I explore new mediums of<br />

animation + audio within my art. The<br />

valuation my work sells for doesn’t<br />

phase me... I’m hyped to connect<br />

with the collector and get started on<br />

the next piece. Any sale is a good sale.<br />

Getting to create art and connect<br />

with the community on Solana is<br />

a fucking blessing I don’t take for<br />


Riding the Crypto Wave<br />

Hey, crypto enthusiasts! If you’ve been tracking Solana (SOL) lately, you’re probably already<br />

hyped about its recent surge. Solana has been on a wild ride, and there’s buzz that it could hit<br />

a whopping $350 soon. Let’s break down what’s going on and why you should care.<br />

The Stablecoin Inflow Frenzy<br />

So, what’s driving Solana’s rocket ride? According to crypto analysts, Solana has seen a massive<br />

$1.5 billion influx of stablecoins since December. This influx is a big deal because it means<br />

more liquidity and trust in the network. One analyst, Gumshoe, even hopped on X (formerly<br />

Twitter) to share their excitement, predicting that SOL could soar to $350 as these stablecoin<br />

inflows keep rolling in.<br />

Recent Performance<br />

In the past 24 hours alone, SOL has jumped by nearly 2.5%, hitting close to $175. Trading volume<br />

has exploded by 32%, showing that investors are pumped. Solana’s been making waves<br />

all year, and this latest rally is just another highlight.<br />

The Bigger Picture<br />

Solana isn’t just riding the wave of stablecoins. The network’s also been a key player in the<br />

broader crypto market’s growth. While everyone’s been eyeing crypto-based ETFs and meme<br />

coin crazes, Solana has quietly positioned itself as a major contender. It’s even outperformed<br />

Ethereum in DEX volume at times, proving it’s no underdog.<br />

Looking Ahead<br />

The best might still be ahead for Solana. With the stablecoin market cap hitting $161 billion<br />

in May (a two-year high!), the potential for growth is huge. As stablecoins become even more<br />

popular, Solana stands to gain big time.<br />

The ETF Hype<br />

And let’s not forget the excitement around crypto-based ETFs. If more of these ETFs hit the<br />

market, Solana could be a prime candidate. While it’s all speculation for now, it highlights just<br />

how well-positioned Solana is in the crypto space.<br />

For all you crypto warriors out there, keep an eye on Solana. Its connection to stablecoins,<br />

its performance in the market, and the buzz around ETFs make it a crypto to watch. Whether<br />

you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, Solana’s journey is one you won’t want to<br />

miss.<br />

102 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

https://x.com/jussy_world<br />

Weekly update on Solana Airdrops. (V12)<br />

Switchboard, Uprock, deBrdige, IO/NET, Solayer,<br />

Kamino.<br />

@switchboardxyz<br />

They announced a strategic raise of $7.5M<br />

with Solana Foundation, Aptos, StarkWare<br />

support (and more). Mission is to deliver fast,<br />

permissionless, and customizable oracle<br />

solutions. For Solana, it’s solid money, another<br />

proof that you should not miss Switchboard.<br />

creating an additional step between you<br />

and your target asset. Users can now explore<br />

the DeFiverse by navigating to the “de-<br />

Bridge widget” within Jupiter’s website. [this<br />

is huge to be honest]<br />

@ionet<br />

Announced Season 3 (yeah, I’m shocked<br />

too), and it will take place from 6/1 to 6/30.<br />

Rewards for Seasons 1 and 2 will be made<br />

available on launch day. Now you can check<br />

your rewards from season 1 and season 2 (if<br />

you’re eligible, snapshot for season 2 was<br />

already done)<br />

@UpRockCom<br />

Showed a good launch with help of Meteora<br />

Vaults, it’s first a coin launch on SOL without<br />

botters. $UPT withdrawals are now up and<br />

running with a success rate of over 98%, averaging<br />

40–50 withdrawals per minute. Also,<br />

40,000 UPT so far, will be burnt!<br />

@solayer_labs<br />

On the release of Epoch 1, they faced major<br />

congestion issues with an overly high demand<br />

to access the platform at the same<br />

time. Most of you were not able to deposit,<br />

that’s why they postponed Epoch 1, when<br />

it will be reactivating, TBA. Also, they announced<br />

(AVS) - Actively Validated Services<br />

to earn fees.<br />

@deBridgeFinance<br />

Until now, deBridge was integrated into the<br />

Jupiter bridge comparator, bringing users<br />

from the entire chainscape to @Solana. But<br />

this meant leaving the Jupiter app to bridge,<br />

@KaminoFinance<br />

$JupSOL is now live on Kamino Lend, Solana<br />

LSTs right now are yielding anywhere from<br />

6-9% APY - but JupSOL is: 11.3% APY. With<br />

Kamino’s Multiply interface, yielding over<br />

30%! However, in Kamino Multiply: 2x leverage,<br />

you earn over 13.2% APY 3x leverage =<br />

over 19.8% APY 4x leverage = over 26.4% APY<br />

5x leverage = over 33% APY.<br />

104 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong>

@0xGumshoe<br />

SOL is NOT pumping but that doesn’t mean its slowing<br />

down Here’s everything that’s happening on Solana right<br />

now.<br />

Highlights of the Week<br />

- MOTHER hits $100M mkt cap, 20X in a few days<br />

- GME (memecoin) flipped USDT’s Trading Volume<br />

- Jupiter hits $200B in Total Volume - Solana flipped Ethereum<br />

in on chain Trading Volume<br />

Volume<br />

Solana Weekly DEX Volume consistently stays above $7B,<br />

even with prices down SOL price being down 25% from<br />

local highs has not negatively impacted on chain activity so<br />

far<br />

Token Volume<br />

Memecoins continue to dominate on chain activity, with 5<br />

out of the 8 most traded tokens being memes (excluding<br />

stables). Memecoins are starting to solidify as an attention<br />

based sector instead of being seen as top signals<br />

Stablecoin Growth<br />

Stablecoins are the lifeblood of an ecosystem and Solana<br />

has benefited from large inflows of capital in the last 6<br />

months $1.51B of Stablecoin inflows since December 7th,<br />

and we’re still 50% below ATHs

Token Volume Memecoins continue to dominate on chain<br />

activity, with 5 out of the 8 most traded tokens being memes<br />

(excluding stables). Memecoins are starting to solidify<br />

as an attention based sector instead of being seen as top<br />

signals<br />

Fees<br />

As a result of increased on chain activity, Solana fees have<br />

skyrocketed. Validators are making more money and as a<br />

result stakers are enjoying higher APYs from LSTs like Sanctum’s<br />

Infinity SOL.<br />

Stablecoin Growth<br />

Stablecoins are the lifeblood of an ecosystem and Solana<br />

has benefited from large inflows of capital in the last 6<br />

months $1.51B of Stablecoin inflows since December 7th,<br />

and we’re still 50% below ATHs<br />

Sanctum Overview - TVL +28% in the last 7 days - TVL<br />

+102% in the last 30 days - Closing in on $1B TVL - Over<br />

6.5M SOL Staked Sanctum’s Season 1 has been going on<br />

for a little over a month which means we might be having<br />

a surprise soon.

Meme Coins: The Hottest Trend in Crypto<br />

If you’ve been riding the crypto wave, you know meme coins are where the fun (and potential<br />

gains) are at. With the market in a bullish mood, these quirky coins are proving incredibly<br />

lucrative. Here’s a rundown of the top three Solana-based meme coins that could surge<br />

by 200% this June. Let’s dive in!<br />

1. DogWifHat (WIF)<br />

First up is DogWifHat, affectionately known as WIF. This meme coin is currently making<br />

waves and looking to crush the competition. According to CoinMarketCap, WIF has jumped<br />

9% in the last 24 hours, trading at $3.50. But hold on to your hats—predictions from Coin-<br />

Codex suggest that WIF could skyrocket by a staggering 228% by the end of June, hitting<br />

around $11.<br />

Why WIF is Hot Right Now:<br />

• Current Price: $3.50 (up 9% in 24 hours)<br />

• Predicted Price by July: $11.52 (a 228% increase)<br />

• Market Sentiment: Bullish with a Fear & Greed Index of 75 (Greed)<br />

• Recent Performance: 12/30 green days with 9.20% price volatility over the last 30 days<br />

2. Bonk (BONK)<br />

Next on the list is Bonk, another Solana-based meme coin making serious moves. As per<br />

CoinMarketCap, BONK has risen 8% in the past day and is currently trading at $0.00003443.<br />

Over the last month, BONK has gained nearly 27%. CoinCodex predicts BONK will continue<br />

this bullish trend, potentially spiking by 228% to reach $0.000116 by the end of June.<br />

Why BONK is Gaining Traction:<br />

• Current Price: $0.00003443 (up 8% in 24 hours)<br />

• Predicted Price by July: $0.000116 (a 230.57% increase)<br />

• Market Sentiment: Bullish with a Fear & Greed Index of 75 (Greed)<br />

• Recent Performance: 14/30 green days with 18.66% price volatility over the last 30 days<br />

3. Book of Memes (BOME)<br />

Rounding out our list is the Book of Memes, or BOME. This Solana-based token aims to<br />

blend memes, decentralized storage, and degenerate trading into a unique web3 culture.<br />

Currently, BOME is viewed as an experimental project with massive potential. CoinCodex<br />

projects a significant spike, with BOME expected to rise by 226% to hit $0.043954 by the<br />

end of June.<br />

Why BOME Could Be the Next Big Thing:<br />

• Current Price: $0.013980<br />

• Predicted Price by July: $0.043954<br />

• Market Sentiment: Neutral with a Fear & Greed Index of 75 (Greed)<br />

• Recent Performance: 16/30 green days with 9.33% price volatility over the last 30 days<br />

Final Thoughts<br />

For those of you looking to get in on the meme coin action, these Solana-based coins could<br />

offer some of the best opportunities this June. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newbie,<br />

keeping an eye on WIF, BONK, and BOME might just pay off big time.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>164</strong><br />





















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