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Editor<br />

Smithi Weekly<br />

Comics<br />

Space Mission<br />

Itheum<br />

Dev Talk<br />

Gillian Wearing<br />

Higher<br />

McDegens<br />

Maneki<br />

Solana Classic<br />

STEP burn<br />

Winning<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Solarplex NFT


Let's keep it short this week. We have 116 pages of Solana goodness for you to get into from<br />

across the week. A slow week both in 1of1 art and major NFT projects. Is the hurt over? Not likely.<br />

WIth the value of $Sol dropping below $145 a couple of projects saw an uplift in Sol value, to<br />

compensate, the heat chart below tells the story.<br />

What to do? Read #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine and make better decisions on where to spread your $SOL.<br />

Check out the NFTs we've gathered this week from across Artplex.io, Mallow and ExchangeArt.<br />

Some great bargains to be had AND you'll be supporting an artist that helps make this Solana<br />

blockchain what it is!<br />

Eleven articles to catch up on with a fantastic little spoiler from dReader comics promoting 2 new<br />

releases this week. It's like buying a comic book without going to the store!<br />

Ready to dive in?<br />


Artifacts Cats on Jupiter<br />


@Smithii_io<br />

We are finally seeing hype around upcoming NFT launches. Let’s look at them!<br />

Solana Sensei Pandas<br />

The most anticipated NFT collection is finally coming on June 28th with 3 SOL mint price and 3,333 supply. The<br />

artist from Degen Ape @monoliff and @SolanaSensei have been cooking the collection for so long and considering<br />

the success of previous Namaste collection , history is going to be repeated. No roadmap and no promises,<br />

just quality art and Namaste vibes.<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Mutatoads<br />

@Mutatoads is a collection from the brand “Serum”. It’s<br />

an established brand of energy drink and they are going<br />

to have their NFTs on Solana soon. The art is 3d and the<br />

whole narrative is like claynosaurz a bit, but these guys<br />

already have a product that works. The hype is big, we had<br />

no collection like this for a long time already.<br />

Slerf<br />

@Slerfsol that accidentally burned the funds of presale<br />

buyers of their token. Those people were refunded and token<br />

itself had a successful rally. And after all they decided<br />

to create a strong community by adding NFT collection to<br />

this ecosystem. The mint price is high - 5 SOL, but big part<br />

was already sold through presales and seems like the rest<br />

will also be grabbed with big demand.<br />

Seems like NFT mints are gradually coming back! We hope<br />

to see more quality ones soon.

@dReaderApp<br />

Power to the indies! We’re welcoming two indie (web2) creators to the world of digital collectibles. Let’s give<br />

them a warm welcome on @solana!<br />

The Lump Sum Saga<br />

Action / Sci-Fi<br />

Two species; one mission - to plant a landing beacon that will guide the fleet to a rallying point on a<br />

new world full of hope and opportunity. The Commander & her crew soon discover that “habitable”<br />

is a biological two-edged sword. Prologue: Only the Fate of Our World introduces the world of The<br />

Lump Sum Saga.<br />

supply: 400<br />

price: 0.04 SOL<br />

pages: ~18<br />

story by: @GregTjosvold<br />

common: Sergi Domènech<br />

uncommon: @DoodleKesh<br />

rare: @JoeMulv<br />

epic: @yg4h_<br />

legendary: Jeffrey Veregge<br />

Mint link https://dreader.app/mint/the-lump-sum-saga_prologue-only-the-fate-of-our-world…<br />

10 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Antonina and the Mystery of the 3rd Department<br />

Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy<br />

Antonina lives in St. Petersburg, saves magical animals, and tries to solve the mystery of her grandmother’s<br />

disappearance, until one early morning, there is a knock on the door.<br />

supply: 200 price: 0.033 SOL<br />

pages: ~18<br />

story by: @Antonina_beasts<br />

common: @AngryGooseberry<br />

uncommon: Kisil Waterfalls<br />

rare: Antonina Lo<br />

epic: @4thson2<br />

legendary: Ana Vukšić<br />

Mint link https://dreader.app/mint/antonina-and-the-mystery-of-the-third-department_chapter-01…

Apes and Solana frens explore outer space.<br />

Over a year has passed since the<br />

Rescue Missions. Stoned and Nuked<br />

Apes have been living harmoniously,<br />

vibin’ within the serene landscapes of<br />

Puff Valley.<br />

One fateful day, a mysterious event<br />

unfolded... A colossal spacecraft<br />

appeared hovering in the dark sky,<br />

casting radiant lights that lured every<br />

ape from their dwellings to witness the<br />

cosmic spectacle. As the curious apes<br />

gathered, the unforeseen happened<br />

– a force lifted them up towards the<br />

dazzling lights, teleporting them<br />

beyond the confines of Puff Valley.<br />

In the vastness of space, the apes found<br />

themselves surrounded by innovative<br />

companions known as the Astro Apes -<br />

within an impressive structure known<br />

as the Space Station, equipped with<br />

awe-inspiring technology. The Astro<br />

Apes welcomed them, introducing<br />

everyone to the advanced tech and<br />

futuristic spaceships, inviting them<br />

once again for another adventure!<br />

This time, they are joined by brave<br />

communities, handpicked from every<br />

corner of the Solana-verse. The apes<br />

and friends are now about to embark<br />

on a thrilling series of Space Missions,<br />

venturing into the unknown realms of<br />

the galaxy. The cosmos awaits their<br />

exploration, promising extraordinary<br />

discoveries...<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Intro<br />

Season 1 of Space Missions kickstarts with trips to different planets in the galaxy, where one could return<br />

with rewards in various tokens, NFTs and IRL products. Each planet will have a set of requirements, duration<br />

and distribution of reward pool.<br />

To partake in these missions, a combination of a spaceship and ape (SAC, NAC) is mandatory, except for the<br />

collaborative planet Gangnam, where all spaceships do not require a pairing. Partner spaceships can only<br />

travel to Gangnam.<br />

Adding to the element of gamification, diverse odds and luck factors come into play, determined by the<br />

spaceship’s level and the type of apes involved. Spaceships are also made upgradable from Level 1 to 6 and<br />

require maintenance after mission trips.<br />

Space Missions, while experimental, are built to scale in many ways. There’s potential to expand into token<br />

distribution for new launches, partnerships with WEB2 projects for product exposure and advertising avenues<br />

in future.<br />

Join us now & explore the galaxy!<br />

Get Started TLDR<br />

1. Claim spaceships using your Galaxy Passes<br />

2. Select a planet, pair your ape and spaceship to send them on missions<br />

3. Apes and spaceships must be staked to go on missions<br />

4. Apes must be awakened to go on missions<br />

5. Return from missions and claim rewards if successful<br />

6. Upgrade and/or repair your spaceships in Spacecraft Center<br />

7. $PUFF is needed in the spaceship claims, upgrades and repair<br />

The Airdrop<br />

Three snapshots have been taken for everyone who holds Stoned Apes and Nuked Apes and migrated/<br />

staked on the new contract. The snapshot determines which kind of pass you receive.<br />

Every ape will only receive one pass.

Snapshot dates:<br />

• Snapshot #1 - December 31st<br />

• Snapshot #2 - January 15th<br />

• Snapshot #3 - February 28th<br />

Eligible wallets receive Galaxy Passes of various tiers<br />

Ape Snapshot #1 Snapshot #2 Snapshot #3<br />

1x NAC Blue Pass Blue Pass Red Pass<br />

1x SAC Gold Pass Gold Pass Green Pass<br />

Except for Level 1 spaceships of Type Banana which<br />

require 2x Level 1 spaceships to be combined to 1x<br />

Level 2, each Level is represented in points which<br />

can be accrued for an upgrade.<br />

Spaceship Level<br />

Requirement<br />

1 Galaxy Pass<br />

2 (Banana) 2 x Level 1 spaceships + 420 PUFF<br />

2 (Ramen) 16 Points<br />

3 48 Points<br />

4 96 Points<br />

5 130 Points<br />

6 192 Points<br />

How are points to a spaceship gained?<br />

To accumulate points, a Space Part + $PUFF is<br />

required. There are 3 Space Parts - Tetra Fuzzy Milk,<br />

Starlight Pizza Canister, and Orion Cosmos Mask,<br />

each representing a different amount of points.<br />

Space Parts can also be used to repair as indicated.<br />

Each +1 point requires 42 $PUFF<br />

examples:<br />

Galaxy Passes<br />

The Galaxy Passes allow holders to redeem Spaceships<br />

Galaxy Pass<br />

Red x 1<br />

Blue x 1<br />

Green x 1<br />

Gold x 1<br />

Astros, Sealz, Bone, 1/1’s<br />

Redeemable<br />

1x Level 1 Spaceship (Type<br />

Banana)<br />

1x Level 1 Spaceship (Type<br />

Banana) + Milk<br />

1x Level 1 Spaceship (Type<br />

Ramen)<br />

1x Level 1 Spaceship (Type<br />

Ramen) + Milk + Pizza<br />

+ Mask (instead of Pizza)<br />

The Spaceships<br />

A Spaceship has 6 levels. Each level-up gives you a<br />

higher probability of taking home bigger rewards,<br />

your ships become susceptible to damage and you’ll<br />

have a higher probability of your missions being<br />

successful. Yes, spaceships can get damaged from<br />

missions and require maintenance. A health indicator<br />

is attached to a spaceship to show its health.<br />

As long as your health indicator is not zero, you<br />

can send it out on missions- beware not to let your<br />

health decline to zero; when it does, it’s extra expensive<br />

to repair + requires a special space part.<br />

Health<br />

100% 0<br />

75% 50<br />

50% 125<br />

25% 200<br />

Repair cost ($PUFF)<br />

0% 420 + Engine-Space-Part<br />

Alternatively, space parts can be used to offset the<br />

cost of repair. Please refer to the Space Part table<br />

below for details.<br />

For upgrading a spaceship, one must need $PUFF<br />

and Space Part.<br />

Milk + Pizza + 42x6 PUFF = 6 points upgrade<br />

Mask + 42x8 PUFF = 8 points upgrade<br />

Spaceships<br />

Space Part For Upgrade For Repair<br />

Tetra Fuzzy Milk 2 Points +25% Health<br />

Starlight Pizza Canister 4 Points +50% Health<br />

Orion Cosmos Mask 8 Points +75% Health<br />

Once a point threshold is met, the spaceship will be<br />

upgraded to its level and the aesthetics will change<br />

accordingly. Note that a spaceship (Level 2-6) needs<br />

to be at 100% health to be tradable. Level 1 spaceships<br />

are not tradable. Spaceships are cNFTs and<br />

Space Parts are in-game assets. Space Parts may be<br />

tradable in future.<br />

Collaboration Spaceships have 3 Levels. Similar to<br />

SAC’s, a Level 1 spaceship is not tradable. Additionally,<br />

they can only go on one mission. The spaceship<br />

must be upgraded to Level 2 or Level 3 to use it for<br />

multiple missions. The higher levels provide a higher<br />

probability of a successful mission with bigger<br />

rewards and a lower percentage of damage to the<br />

spaceship.<br />

Space Map and Planets<br />

Welcome to Space!<br />

The Space Map is the main landing page for Space<br />

Missions. From here you can navigate to the Space<br />

Station where you’ll be able to view your inventory,<br />

manage assets and go on missions by selecting one<br />

of the planets

Puff Valley<br />

For now, nothing will change in terms of emissions.<br />

go on missions<br />

Mud Shack<br />

The entry-level planet where 1 x NAC can go on missions.<br />

The probability for larger rewards is small<br />

Purple Lagoon<br />

A planet with primarily Space Parts. This is the go-to<br />

planet if you want to strategize on prioritizing spaceship<br />

upgrades<br />

Green Haze<br />

Planet with primarily reward artifacts ranging from<br />

$PUFF, other tokens as well as IRL products and<br />

NFTs.<br />

The Black Hole<br />

A planet with the highest percentage of big rewards<br />

and the highest requirements.<br />

Gangnam<br />

Collab Planet where all our partner spaceships can<br />

Sending on Missions<br />

Upon redeeming the Spaceships with Galaxy Passes,<br />

you can start going on Space Missions. On the Space<br />

Map, you navigate to the planet of your choice.<br />

From there, you select and pair your apes with<br />

spaceships. Apes must be awakened to go on missions.<br />

Auto-pairing option is available to ease the<br />

process as well.<br />

Once paired, you can send them on a mission. Depending<br />

on the planets, the mission will take anywhere<br />

from 12 hours to 24 hours to complete.<br />

Every mission has a base fee of 0.0036 SOL for transaction<br />

& service fees, which goes lower if you send<br />

multiple missions at once.<br />

Returning from Missions<br />

A mission can be successful and return with various<br />

artifacts. Artifacts includes space parts and reward<br />

artifacts such as tokens, NFTs and IRL products represented<br />

by these artifacts. We will introduce more<br />

artifacts as we progress including the ones needed<br />

for Great Planting in future. There is also a chance a<br />

mission fails and you do not get an artifact.<br />

Asset Management<br />

Apes and spaceships are required to be staked to go<br />

on missions. Spaceships can be traded as cNFTs and<br />

can only be unstaked at Level 2 and above at 100%<br />

Heath<br />

Collaboration and Partners<br />

We are collaborating with diverse communities<br />

throughout Solana. The goal is to spread the<br />

love and have fun together. Partners receive custom-made<br />

Spaceships for their communities and<br />

contribute to the reward pool.<br />

One planet is dedicated to collaborations where<br />

every participating community can go, using the allocated<br />

spaceships. Each mission could return with<br />

different rewards such as $PUFF, $BONK, $SAMO<br />

or any other tokens and rewards. This promotes<br />

cross-community pollination, something we have<br />

been strong advocates of. We win together when<br />

Solana wins.<br />

Usage of PUFF<br />

The PUFF which is consumed in the claim, repairs<br />

and upgrade and earned by the game will be used<br />

in several ways according to the following distribution:<br />

• 50% of all PUFF earned in the game will be<br />

burned<br />

• 40% will be added back to the reward pool<br />

• 10% will be kept reserved (can e.g. be added<br />

to a liquidity pool or be used for Liquidity<br />

Pool incentives)

Itheum on DRiP<br />

https://x.com/itheum<br />

Itheum Data NFTs empower Content Creators with a new Genre of NFTs that can enable the tokenization of their<br />

data in unique, dynamic, and innovative ways.<br />

In the digital era where content is king, creators are the rockstars driving the internet’s vibrant culture. Yet,<br />

despite their contributions, major corporations still hold a monopoly on user-generated content and its data assets.<br />

Drip Haus is a revolutionary platform set to disrupt this status quo by empowering creators and advocating<br />

for data ownership.<br />

Itheum isn’t just innovating with Data NFTs; it champions<br />

data ownership. We’ve released features complementing<br />

Drip Haus’ vision of empowering creators.<br />

Itheum’s Data NFT technology lets creators like musicians,<br />

artists, or authors tokenize their skills with<br />

dynamic data streams behind traditional NFT art, enabling<br />

shared ownership and access through multiple<br />

copies of Data NFTs.<br />

One of the coolest and strongest points of a Data NFT<br />

is that it allows anyone to create token-gated, “data<br />

experiences”, with no custom technical work required<br />

on their side. This capability is incorporated directly<br />

into the Data NFT design, making it quick and simple<br />

for anyone to generate Data NFTs where access to the<br />

wrapped data can only be unlocked by the current<br />

owner of the Data NFT, putting powerful tools into<br />

the hands of creators without requiring new complex<br />

“web3 tooling.”<br />

This approach aligns perfectly with Drip Haus’ mission,<br />

further empowering creators by ensuring they can<br />

monetize their skills and maintain ownership over their<br />

data.<br />

Itheum’s Innovative Data NFT Standard on Solana<br />

The first drop of Itheum Data NFTs will happen on June<br />

19th, with an airdrop to the Solana community of the<br />

first-ever Data NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain<br />

via the Drip Haus platform. This is the second generation<br />

of Itheum’s BiTz XP generator - IXPG2. A collection<br />

of four different tiers: Ultimate, Legendary, Rare, and<br />

Common, which unlocks a fun “Meme Burning Game”<br />

that generates BiTz XP and links it to the Data NFT. This<br />

allows the Data NFT owners to start their data ownership<br />

and data tokenization journey within the Itheum<br />

Protocol ecosystem. The game allows you to collect<br />

BiTz XP - a unit strongly connected with the Liveliness<br />

(web3 Reputation) of each of the Itheum ecosystem’s<br />

users, which is backed by bonded $ITHEUM tokens.<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

By collecting BiTz XP, anyone can seamlessly start their journey for gaining Liveliness-linked perks inside the Itheum Ecosystem.<br />

For instance, one would need a specific BiTz XP score that relatively transforms to their Liveliness score, which<br />

then whitelists them to participate in other Itheum Protocol products like the “Gamer Passport”, where gamers tokenize<br />

and trade their bulk data with the Gaming AI ecosystem.<br />

BiTz is your starting point to becoming an active Itheum<br />

user and is your “proof of activity” within the Itheum ecosystem.<br />

By simply owning and using the compatible BiTz<br />

XP Data NFT and playing the fun “Meme Burning Game” to<br />

generate points, you embark on a journey of activity and<br />

engagement that unlocks further perks and rewards. BiTz<br />

XP can also be earned by being active on other parts of the<br />

Itheum Protocol as well: minting Data NFTs, participating in<br />

product testing stages, listing Data NFTs, trading Data NFTs,<br />

and much more unlock BiTz XP and enables you to climb<br />

the leaderboards.<br />

In this new era, content creators are not just the main attraction;<br />

they are the owners, decision-makers, and beneficiaries<br />

of their work. Industries like AI and ML can access<br />

real-time, authentic data for innovations. Creators—<br />

whether in music, art, or gaming—the future is yours with<br />

Drip Haus and Itheum. You’re not just creating content;<br />

you’re creating a legacy and owning your data. Industries,<br />

gear up—the data revolution is just starting.<br />

Enter Itheum V2: Data for the AI Era<br />

Itheum recently revealed an upgraded roadmap that<br />

lasered towards data tokenization for the AI industry, and<br />

the smallest building block of this revolution is our Data<br />

NFT standard, which represents a single “unit” of data that<br />

AI can consume.<br />

Data NFTs aren’t just your typical digital collectible. It’s a<br />

groundbreaking technology that allows creators to embed<br />

real-world information into Data NFTs, making it accessible<br />

via blockchain technology.<br />

Why does this matter? Because data is the new gold,<br />

especially for industries hungry for it, like AI and machine<br />

learning. Itheum’s Data NFTs can support valuable information<br />

that benefits both the creator community and data<br />

consumers.<br />

An integral part of Itheum V2 is the Gamer Passport,<br />

currently in development, which will enable gamers to<br />

integrate their gaming data into the Itheum Ecosystem.<br />

This integration presents an opportunity for monetization<br />

through bulk trading of gaming datasets with industries<br />

hungry for data, such as the AI industry.<br />

The collection launched on Solana via Drip Haus represents<br />

the initial steps for individuals to engage with Itheum’s<br />

core technology excitingly. By participating, users not<br />

only embark on a fun journey but also have the chance to<br />

accumulate BiTz points. These points translate into Liveliness,<br />

granting access to Itheum’s other core products and<br />

features.<br />

Begin your BiTz collection on Solana by collecting Droplets<br />

on Drip Haus. Use these Droplets to participate in our drip<br />

channel and secure one of the limited edition IXPG2 Data<br />

NFTs.<br />

Subscribe to Itheum’s DRiP channel today: https://drip.<br />


@culturehacker<br />

Let’s dive into the world of Gillian Wearing, a pioneering British artist whose work explores identity, privacy, and<br />

the human condition through photography, video, and sculpture. #ArtThread Self Portrait at 17 Years Old, 2003<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

One of her most iconic works, “Signs that say what you want them to say and not Signs that say what someone else<br />

wants you to say” (1992-1993), features people holding handwritten signs with personal messages. https://publicdelivery.org/gillian-wearing-signs/…<br />

#Photography Identity project, 1992 - 93<br />

Wearing’s fascination with masks is evident in her series “Album” (2003), where she wears masks to transform into her<br />

family members, raising questions about identity and self. Explore the series #Masks https://anothermag.com/art-photography/7906/the-many-selves-of-gillian-wearing…<br />

Self Portrait as my Mother Jean Gregory from the series Album,<br />


On Video. Don’t Worry You Will Be in Disguise. Intrigued?<br />

Call Gillian Version II 1994<br />

“10–16” (1997) is a groundbreaking video piece where<br />

adults lip-sync to recordings of children discussing their<br />

lives, blurring the lines between reality and performance.<br />

Watch a clip https://youtu.be/36WUgFMDY-M?si=5HXpqTtAMrQrtHCu…<br />

10-16 , 1997–1997<br />

In “Confessions” (1994), Wearing invited strangers to<br />

confess their secrets on camera while wearing masks. This<br />

powerful series delves into themes of anonymity, vulnerability,<br />

and truth. View the series #Confessions Confess All<br />

“Self Made” (2010) is a fascinating film where ordinary<br />

people act out their fantasies or traumas, guided by<br />

Wearing. It explores the intersection of documentary and<br />

performance. See a trailer #Film https://youtu.be/r8L7P-

MurXwg?si=YlC558eg7G7YiUT5… Still from “Self Made” 2010<br />

Wearing’s series “Spiritual Family” (2008) features her transforming into famous artists<br />

like Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo using prosthetics, questioning the nature of identity and<br />

influence.<br />

Explore the series https://youtu.be/oN8W8pP9QcM?si=Kc9eu45c2KTeTW7x… Me as<br />

Warhol in Drag with Scar, 2010

Gillian Wearing’s work challenges us to confront our own identities and societal norms. Through her innovative use of<br />

photography, video, and performance, she continues to inspire and provoke thought in the art world and beyond. Her<br />

explorations of identity, anonymity, and the human condition remain profoundly relevant. #ContemporaryArt “Gillian<br />

Wearing: Wearing Masks”(2021) Guggenheim Museum






Cinthia Ponce_NFT




Dorin Photography

Dorin Photography




Negin Saeid











The Laughing Bones Universe







Mike Hale<br />

Wallets, wallets everywhere...<br />

Nearly every action a user takes requires<br />

interaction with a wallet: storing and transferring<br />

digital assets, authenticating with<br />

dApps, and signing transactions.<br />

One roadblock for onboarding new users<br />

into Web3 is wallet complexity. This experience<br />

can be intimidating and wallets need<br />

to simplify this to onboard the next billion<br />

users.<br />

On that note, there was some big news from<br />

Solana wallet providers this week!<br />

First up Squads released Fuse wallet, which<br />

uses 2FA methods to keep users secure.<br />

Next is TipLink, who’s wallet uses Google<br />

login instead of seed phrases or extensions.<br />

And not to be outdone, Circle, which had announced<br />

Web3 Services integration with<br />

Solana a while back, has launched Phase 1<br />

which includes support for Programmable<br />

Wallets.<br />

It was also a big month for Phantom with<br />

the Bitski acquisition, and Backpack was updated<br />

with a bunch of features and improvements<br />

including support for the Metaplex<br />

Core NFT standard.<br />

These improvements to Solana wallets will<br />

help onboard new users into Web3 by making<br />

it easier for non-technical users to get<br />

started and help keep them safe.<br />

Check out the details below along with a<br />

roundup of all the latest news for Solana<br />

builders!<br />

Solana v1.18 Update<br />

The Solana 1.18 update marks a significant<br />

advancement in Solana’s performance, reliability,<br />

and efficiency.<br />

The biggest change in Solana 1.18 is the introduction<br />

of an optimized Central Transaction<br />

Scheduler. This scheduler replaces the<br />

previous model of four independent banking<br />

threads, each responsible for its own<br />

transaction prioritization and processing.<br />

Other key features and improvements in this<br />

update include:<br />

Transaction Prioritization<br />

Previously, prioritization was based primarily<br />

on compute budget priority, which could<br />

lead to suboptimal compute unit pricing.<br />

The new model takes into account the base<br />

fees collected, making resources appropriately<br />

priced.<br />

Improved Program Deployments<br />

Significant improvements have been made<br />

to program deployments in terms of reliability<br />

and execution efficiency.<br />

Epoch Transition Adjustments addresses an<br />

issue where programs deployed in the last<br />

slot of an epoch did not correctly apply the<br />

runtime environment changes planned for<br />

the subsequent epoch.<br />

Now, programs deployed during this transition<br />

period will use the upcoming epoch’s<br />

runtime environment, ensuring consistency<br />

and reliability.<br />

Handling Congestion<br />

Referred to as “The Congestion Patch” this<br />

update addresses Solana’s recent congestion<br />

issues:<br />

• QUIC Protocol Adjustments: QUIC<br />

now treats low-staked peers as<br />

unstaked peers in Stake-Weighted<br />

Quality of Service (SWQoS), preventing<br />

spam by nodes with minimal<br />

stake.<br />

• Improved Metrics: New metrics have<br />

been added for better visibility of<br />

packets sent from staked versus nonstaked<br />

nodes.<br />

• Optimized Packet Handling: Replacing<br />

instances of vec with smallvec<br />

saves an allocation per packet,<br />

optimizing how packet chunks are<br />

handled.<br />

The update also includes improvements to<br />

translation support for Solana’s official documentation.<br />

These improvements in Solana 1.18 are ex-<br />

62 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

pected to significantly enhance the network’s<br />

overall performance, making it more efficient<br />

and reliable for both developers and users.<br />

All You Need to Know About Solana’s v1.18 Update<br />

Bond Loyalty Platform<br />

Bond is a new platform and API by Solana Labs,<br />

that enables brands to use blockchain technology<br />

to create personalized loyalty programs.<br />

Bond enables engagement programs and digital<br />

activations where customers can connect<br />

and interact with the brand with custom privacy<br />

settings for company and customer data.<br />

Bond’s API is user-friendly and well-documented,<br />

making it easy for brands to understand<br />

and implement without prior blockchain experience,<br />

and can be easily integrated into current<br />

systems.<br />

Bond: Transform Buyer Relationships Into Lifetime<br />

Bonds<br />

Fuse Wallet<br />

Fuse, designed by Squads Labs, leverages<br />

smart accounts to offer a secure and programmable<br />

experience for users. Fuse is designed<br />

to address the limitations of traditional wallets,<br />

eliminating the need for seed phrases and centralized<br />

exchanges.<br />

Fuse uses a dual-layered security mechanism,<br />

which includes a Device Key stored locally on<br />

your phone and protected by Apple’s biometric<br />

authentication, and a 2FA Key set to iCloud by<br />

default, with an option to upgrade to a Ledger.<br />

Recovery mechanisms in Fuse are also more<br />

sophisticated. Users can add up to three Recovery<br />

Keys, allowing for wallet recovery without<br />

compromising security. Even if you lose your<br />

phone or 2FA Key, you can still regain access to<br />

your wallet.<br />

In addition to security, Fuse offers spending<br />

limits that enable users to define transaction<br />

limits for specific tokens and timeframes.<br />

Developers can implement custom logic and<br />

rules for onchain interactions, providing greater<br />

flexibility for their applications.<br />

After months of testing, Fuse is now available<br />

on iOS via Apple TestFlight. An Android version<br />

is planned for release soon.<br />

Fuse: Solana’s First Smart Wallet<br />

SolanaFM Explorer 2.0<br />

SolanaFM has release v2.0, which includes<br />

significant performance improvements and a<br />

host of new features designed to enhance their<br />

experience.<br />

Performance Improvements - SolanaFM has<br />

significantly enhanced its search responsiveness.<br />

Transactions for wallets, tokens, and programs<br />

now load 150% to 250% faster.<br />

Tagging and Labelling - Users can manage<br />

their own tags and labels within their profiles.<br />

This feature allows you to track whales and<br />

traders, edit your own tags and labels, and remove<br />

inactive wallets.<br />

Transaction Calendar - The Transaction Calendar<br />

tool lets you view the earliest transactions<br />

of any wallet, token, or program and jump to<br />

any date seamlessly.<br />

Introducing Explorer 2.0.0<br />

Circle’s Web3 Services<br />

Circle has announced the initial support for<br />

Web3 Services on Solana is now available.<br />

Starting with Programmable Wallets and Gas<br />

Station on Solana, this expansion enables developers<br />

to embed secure wallets seamlessly.<br />

Programmable Wallets offers a set of APIs and<br />

SDKs designed to help developers embed<br />

wallets in apps, even if they’re not familiar with<br />

blockchain infrastructure.<br />

Programmable Wallets abstracts away technical<br />

complexities like managing private key<br />

security, node infrastructure, transaction fees,<br />

onboarding, and authentication flows so that<br />

developers can focus on building and scaling<br />

their applications and business.<br />

Rollout for Solana support around Circle’s Web3<br />

Services will take place in phases:<br />

Phase 1: Enabling support for Programmable<br />

Wallets and Gas Station on Solana with API<br />

support for fungible token transfers with the<br />

ability to sponsor transaction fees on behalf of<br />

users.<br />

Future Phases: Support for NFTs and program<br />

interactions through Smart Contract Platform.<br />

These updates will unlock additional use cases<br />

such as NFT integration for brand loyalty and<br />

gaming, and the ability to interact and deploy<br />

your own programs on Solana.<br />

Developers can check out Circle’s Interactive<br />

Tutorials to learn how to deploy wallets on Solana<br />

usiing Web3 Services.<br />

Empowering the Solana Ecosystem: Circle’s<br />

Web3 Services is Now Available on Solana<br />

Tiplink Wallet<br />

TipLink has introduced the TipLink Wallet<br />

adapter, a self-custody crypto wallet that uses<br />

Google login instead of seed phrases or extensions.<br />

The wallet also enables seamless access<br />

across desktop and mobile.<br />

Tiplink Pro enables projects to distribute assets<br />

at scale with Campaign dashboards, customiz-

able links, and dispenser codes provide powerful tools to onboard communities. Users can create<br />

campaigns, mint new assets, and distribute them to a large audience with various customization<br />

options.<br />

TipLink has also implemented a security feature where only verified dApps are able to connect<br />

and sign transactions with the TipLink Wallet.<br />

This is a security measure to prevent users from inadvertently connecting their TipLink Wallet to<br />

malicious or unverified dApps, which could lead to their funds being drained or stolen.<br />

TipLink Unveils User-Friendly Wallet Aiming to Accelerate Mass Adoption on Solana<br />

Developer News<br />

Bridge to Turbin3 Bootcamp<br />

Rise In and the Web3 Builders Alliance (WBA), with support from the Solana Foundation, have<br />

launched the “Bridge to Turbin3 Bootcamp,” a free online program aimed at equipping participants<br />

with basic skills in Solana, TypeScript, and Rust to prepare developers for the Turbin3 Solana<br />

Developer Cohorts. The first cohort starts on June 25, 2024.<br />

JetBrains RustRover Rust IDE Released<br />

Eight months after its public preview, JetBrains has officially launched RustRover, a dedicated IDE<br />

for Rust development. This new release features numerous bug fixes and introduces a new licensing<br />

model, which includes a free plan for non-commercial use.<br />

Gameshift Releases Two New Features<br />

GameShift announced the launch of two new features: In-Game Token Support and Developer<br />

Wallets. The in-game token support allows games to import existing SPL tokens as game currencies.<br />

The new developer wallets are non-custodial and API-controlled, allowing game developers<br />

to manage item inventories, support on-chain economies, and enhance player engagement.<br />

Koh Solana<br />

IslandDAO has announced that after Breakpoint, Solana builders will have a new place for a<br />

month of connecting, coworking, learning, teaching, shipping, and fun together on Koh Samui,<br />

Thailand. The Koh Solana villa will be open from September 25th to October 25th.<br />

QuickNode Builder’s Guide<br />

The Builder’s Guide is a tool designed to empower developers creating common web3 types,<br />

organized by the solutions and critical layers that support them. Each solution lays the definitions<br />

and parameters to keep in mind, then suggests the tools you need to bring your project to life.<br />

While most of the tooling mentioned is EVM focused, the guide provides a lot of useful info about<br />

what developers should consider for each project type regardless of the blockchain they decide to<br />

build on.<br />

Funding<br />

Squads Labs announced a $10M Series A led by Electric Capital, with Coinbase Ventures, Placeholder<br />

VC, and Mert Mumtaz, co-founder and CEO of Helius participating in the round. This brings<br />

Squads’ total funding to $22.5 million.<br />

roadmap.sh is a community-driven initiative that creates roadmaps, guides, and other educational<br />

content to help developers choose their learning paths and guide their education.<br />

Spiderswap V1 API is now open to the public, enabling developers to integrate the SpiderSwap<br />

aggregator into their own dApps.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

Overview of Real World Assets on Solana Report - Reflexivity Research<br />

3 part series to get started with Solana development - @daglihet<br />

Optimizing Stockpile: Understanding pitfalls and optimizations in Stockpile v2 - Joey Meere<br />

Metaplex May Roundup - @metaplex<br />

Phantom Wallet May Recap - @phantom<br />

Backpack Wallet just got a big update - @Backpack<br />

Tips to rewrite EVM contracts to support Solana - @meltedblocks

Solana Summit APAC schedule released - @SolanaSummitOrg<br />

MagicEden adds support for Metaplex Core NFT standard - @MagicEden<br />

Listen to This<br />

Lightspeed<br />

Austin Federa joins Lightspeed for a discussion on the current state of Solana & the most exciting<br />

developments happening in crypto with a deep dive into the current state of Firedancer, how to<br />

build community within crypto & attracting developers to Solana.<br />

The State Of Solana In 2024 | Austin Federa<br />

Bonus Episodes<br />

Bringing Solana back from the dead with Bonk founder Nom - Midcurve<br />

This video is a conversation with Nom, the founder of Bonk, with an overview of Bonk’s marketing<br />

strategies and why he started Bonk. Nom shares insights on the early efforts that helped build<br />

the Bonk community, his readiness to face challenges head-on, and his vision for the continued<br />

growth of the Solana community.<br />

Solana’s Crypto Native Next-Gen CEX | Armani Ferrante - Empire<br />

In this episode, Armani, the founder of Backpack, dives into the technical and regulatory hurdles<br />

of running an exchange, the vision behind Backpack’s product offerings, and the valuable lessons<br />

learned from the rise and fall of FTX. He discusses the importance of focusing on the Solana ecosystem,<br />

the challenges of expanding into Japan, and the keys to long-term success in crypto.<br />

Fastest blockchain payments on Solana with Sphere Pay (feat. Arnold, co-founder) - Solfate<br />

Arnold, the co-founder of Sphere, shares his background and early experiences with crypto, including<br />

his journey to building Sphere on the Solana blockchain. He discusses the benefits of using<br />

Sphere to simplify crypto payments and integrations. Arnold also emphasizes the importance<br />

of understanding history in the context of blockchain.<br />

Ariel Seidman, CEO of Hivemapper, on DePIN, Decentralized Maps, and AI in Crypto - Cryptonews<br />

In a wide-ranging interview, Ariel Seidman, CEO and co-founder of Hivemapper, discusses what<br />

led him from Yahoo to creating ‘the freshest’ map of the world where mappers get rewarded. He<br />

talked about the differences between Google Maps and Hivemapper and how the latter works to<br />

surpass the tech giant.

Higher – Is it ever enough?<br />

LITE<br />

I’m the most terrifyingly boring person I know - I’m sure of that.<br />

I don’t party. I don’t do drugs really. I even used to go on these long walks by myself and just stop and start staring<br />

at the clouds moving. Literally — I’d stand there and just look at them for ages like some crazy person. If you<br />

want to know the truth, it doesn’t take a lot to impress me. I’m the type of guy that gets impressed very easily by<br />

stupid things. Small things. Like if a waitress introduces herself before she asks what you want to drink, for example.<br />

It sounds insane; but that’s the type of thing that would make me tip someone even more than I usually do.<br />

Waitresses never even introduce themselves these days. No one does anymore unless you ask.<br />

Anyway, I stopped going on these very long walks when I got into this thing called “Web3”. If you really want to<br />

66 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

get into it, I damn near lost 12 pounds last cycle cause I kept forgetting to eat. No shit. My doctor (she’s a sweetheart,<br />

even though she reeks of cigarettes) started freaking the hell out when I went in for my check up last cycle. I mean she<br />

was seriously neurotic as hell about it.<br />

She was all: “You need to start eating again. You’re skating a dangerous path, young man”, wagging her red fingernail in<br />

my face. You could just tell she painted them herself, cause the paint was all cracked. She was so insulted at the fact that<br />

I lost that much weight. Like she failed me, or something. That whole lecture was kind of annoying to me at the time, but<br />

I start smiling like a goof when I think about it these days. It’s a good thing to have people that look out for you occasionally,<br />

I guess.<br />

At one point, Web3 consumed every fibre of my being. There was always something to do, I mean. I’d wake up at 4 AM<br />

to catch this play and miss someone’s birthday to catch that one. It’s horrible, I know. But this was the “future” — and I<br />

didn’t want to miss out on it. I wasn’t going to miss out on Solana going to a thousand bucks, or the next “100x”, because<br />

in my head, that meant I’d lose out on my future happiness.<br />

Slowly, I began to become desensitized to money. I was unappreciative of it, if I’m being completely honest. Along with<br />

that, my ability to be easily impressed by things evaporated overnight. A good friend once told me “Crypto kind of feels<br />

soulless.” Not to be dramatic, but my obsession with things going higher kind of made me feel it. Like I was losing fragments<br />

of my soul. Bits and pieces, here and there, like a rotten tooth that chips more each day.<br />

One time, an ex-girlfriend went off on me about how all I cared about was money. That really pissed me off back then. I<br />

was visibly red. Steam out the ears and all. But I was only so mad because she was right. Guys hate to admit it, but women<br />

are right a lot of the time.<br />

It’s kind of obvious that a lot of good things happen in Web3, but it’s also the metaphorical “last chance” for a lot of us,<br />

too. It’s our tunnel out of the rat race created by the sins of our fathers. But crypto… in a lot of ways, is a rat race. It’s not<br />

our fault. It all feels like Squid Games, if you’ve ever seen it.<br />

Whether you’re a founder, or a trader, an artist or a developer… It feels like there’s a constant pressure to perform.<br />

It’s like, you feel pretty good about your portfolio or the art you sold, but then you see a 6-figure screenshot of some<br />

16-year-old’s phantom wallet on Twitter.<br />

You see your childhood idol, Hulk Hogan, rug millions of dollars in your face.<br />

It makes you wonder what all of it means. It all feels like capitalism and keeping up with the Joneses eloped and had a<br />

foursome with AI and an infinite money printer. It makes so much sense, and no sense at all.<br />

These days, I’ve chilled the hell out. I just observe a lot of things now. I buy art and design a ton. I even took one of those<br />

crazy walks I was telling you about again and watched the clouds for a bit. I’m still busier than ever, but there’s a rhyme<br />

to it now, at least. Not to sound all sappy, but I feel my soul coming back. I think it’s safe to say I didn’t like the version of<br />

me that was overly obsessed with money.<br />

I guess I didn’t like him because he never asked himself “is it ever enough?”<br />

The older me would say “it’s never enough”. In fact, the old me would probably be simping on the timeline for Iggy Azalea<br />

right now as we speak. (Nothing against the folks that do that. She’s a very attractive woman.)<br />

But it is easy to spiral into a void of soulless conversations about “memecoin this” and “memecoin that” if you surround<br />

yourself with people that don’t care about anything but money. Eventually all you care about is Solana hitting $1000.<br />

And for the record, I think it will. But will you be happy when it does?<br />

And if not, when will you be?<br />

What happens if the memes you own end up owning you?<br />

From someone that went through it all, make your bag, but don’t lose your soul. Take care of yourself and your family.<br />

Think about the people that look out for you. Take a vacation or buy a house or something. Whatever makes you happy.<br />

Or… keep gambling, I guess. I don’t know. You don’t have to take any of my advice, you know. I won’t be offended. Maybe<br />

you just like to read me ramble.<br />

Either way; I still like Web3 a bit too much…<br />

Just not for the original reasons I thought I did.

@FabianoSolana<br />

The cat is one month old. I may not hold a lot of meme coins, but mark my words: Maneki<br />

could be the next big thing alongside Bonk and Wif.<br />

Reason #1: Team<br />

During the last month, 10,000-20,000 new tokens were created daily on Solana. Unfortunately,<br />

99% of them are going to zero. Most of them don’t have a team or an actual plan.<br />

History proved that you need to deliver even as a meme coin (see Bonk and Wif). Maneki<br />

has a huge team of devs, illustrators, animators, and more!<br />

68 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Reason #2: Art<br />

Maneki has some of the best art in the whole<br />

Web3. With Maneki traveling through the<br />

world, it also combines storytelling. Daily<br />

graphics, GIFs, videos, and more are proof of<br />

some good in-house illustrators, I think.<br />

Reason #4: Marketing<br />

The marketing of Maneki is impressive! While<br />

the cat is traveling around the world, the team<br />

seems to do the same. Maneki at Times<br />

Square, in London, or at NYSE. A famous<br />

UFC fighter called @MerabDvalishvili is the<br />

new Maneki ambassador. It looks like they also<br />

started a huge campaign on different web2<br />

platforms. Paid or not paid, it’s positive if a<br />

proven web3 brand is trying to onboard new<br />

people.<br />

Reason #3: Community<br />

Maneki bounced back 80% from the ATH mark,<br />

which is a good sign. Accounts like @Maneki-<br />

Army also give me early bonk vibes. It’s safe to<br />

say that Maneki is currently building the foundation<br />

of a strong community.<br />

Reason #5: Chart<br />

I don’t think that you can compare projects one<br />

to one... Still, some chart patterns repeat. Maneki<br />

bounced 80% from the ATH mark. At this<br />

point, I’m confident we’re going to see a new<br />

ATH sooner or later... NFA as always<br />

I’m a big paper hand when it comes to trading<br />

meme coins. Here I have a really good feeling.<br />

Let’s see where it will take us!

Classic Token Creator<br />

https://t.co/cBBJIKPs3B<br />

Solana Classic, symbolized by SCLASSIC, is a grassroots initiative within the Solana<br />

blockchain community.<br />

Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic community of Solana enthusiasts by providing<br />

a platform for collaboration and innovation. The Solana Classic Community<br />

HUB serves as a central hub, highlighting top projects, trends, news, events, and<br />

NFTs within the Solana ecosystem.<br />

With the introduction of the Classic Token Creator, users can now easily create and<br />

personalize their own tokens, unlocking new opportunities for creativity and expression<br />

on the Solana blockchain.<br />

Solana Classic has gained a lot of traction since launching almost 3 months ago<br />

on the Solana Blockchain. Last week they reached over 2 million of volume per day<br />

and a marketcap above 4 million.<br />

The Classic Token Creator is Officially Live and Ready for the General Public!<br />

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Classic Token Creator, now live and<br />

accessible to everyone! This innovative tool allows users to easily deploy their own<br />

tokens on the Solana Blockchain, offering a seamless and efficient experience.<br />

Explore the Classic Token Creator Here: https://www.deployer.solanaclassic.org<br />

Announcement on X: t.me/SolClassicAnnouncements<br />

Key Features of the Classic Token Creator:<br />

The Classic Token Creator provides an all-in-one, user-friendly interface for token<br />

deployment with the following functions:<br />

70 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Contract Creation: Deploy your token contract for just 0.4 Solana.<br />

Revoking Mint Authority: Revoke mint authority for free.<br />

Freezing Mint Authority: Freeze mint authority for free.<br />

Burning All LP Tokens: Burn liquidity provider tokens for 0.1 Solana.<br />

Handy Buttons:<br />

Create Market ID: Simplify market creation for your token.<br />

Add Raydium LP: Easily add liquidity to Raydium pools.<br />

Revenue Allocation:<br />

All revenue generated through the Classic Token Creator will be reinvested into the Solana<br />

Classic ecosystem. This includes:<br />

Buybacks and Burns: Enhancing the value of existing tokens.<br />

Marketing Efforts: Expanding our reach and visibility.<br />

Development: Continuous improvement and innovation.<br />

Support and FAQs:<br />

We’ve included a comprehensive FAQ section to assist new users and will expand it as the<br />

tool gains traction. Additionally, a support button links directly to our Telegram group, ensuring<br />

that our global support team is always available to address any questions or concerns<br />

regarding the Classic Token Creator or the Solana Classic project.<br />

Recent Milestones:<br />

We are excited to announce that Solana Classic has been recently listed on CoinMarket-<br />

Cap! This listing enhances our visibility and accessibility within the broader cryptocurrency<br />

community. Check out our CoinMarketCap listing here: https://www.coinmarketcap.<br />


Upcoming Releases:<br />

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Community HUB Phase 2, which<br />

will include more project listings, a top gainers section, live charts, trading volume information,<br />

and much more to enhance the HUB’s interactivity and comprehensiveness.<br />

Additionally, we will be launching the Deployer Channel soon. Stay tuned for more updates<br />

and join us in making the Solana Classic Community HUB a dynamic and engaging<br />

platform for all!<br />

Join the Solana Classic Community:<br />

We invite you to explore the Classic Token Creator and join our growing community of<br />

developers and blockchain enthusiasts. Stay updated with our latest news and developments<br />

by following us on X and joining our Telegram group.<br />

For More Information:<br />

Visit the Classic Token Creator: https://www.deployer.solanaclassic.org<br />

Follow us on X: https://www.x.com/sol__classic


agoesanggito<br />



illxmono<br />



ujangnft<br />



designzbychance<br />



killerhugsprod<br />



evqibeal<br />



gitochi<br />


McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

90 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />



Sheldon<br />

Step Finance announces “Summer Burn” to burn 50 Million STEP tokens over four weeks, Kicks off with 12.5<br />

million burn.<br />

Step Finance is making waves this summer with its «Step Summer Burn» program. The initiative kicked off with<br />

the burning of 12.5 million STEP tokens in its first week, with plans to burn a total of 50 million STEP over the<br />

next four weeks. This significant reduction in token supply, equivalent to 8% of the total supply and 13% of the<br />

circulating supply, is a strategic move aimed at fostering long-term value for STEP holders.<br />

The burned tokens were accumulated in the Step fee wallet, which receives 100% of Step Organization revenue<br />

through open market buybacks. By removing these tokens from circulation, Step Finance is demonstrating a commitment<br />

to creating a more deflationary environment for STEP and potentially enhancing its value proposition.<br />

Furthermore, as the protocol grows and generates more revenue, the value accrual to existing token holders is<br />

amplified due to the reduced supply. This stands in contrast to models where new tokens are constantly minted<br />

to fund rewards, potentially diluting the value for existing holders.<br />

Exploring Diverse Value-Driven Strategies<br />

The Step Summer Burn program is a prime example of how projects in the crypto space are continuously exploring<br />

innovative ways to create and distribute value to their communities. Step Finance already has a staking rewards<br />

program in place, further enhancing the attractiveness for holders seeking both immediate and long-term<br />

value. While various mechanisms like buybacks, staking rewards, and airdrops exist, token burns offer a distinct<br />

advantage in directly impacting the token’s supply and potential value.<br />

For instance, GenesysGo’s shdwDrive utilizes 25% of its generated fees to buy back SHDW tokens, which are then<br />

distributed to stakers as rewards. This approach aims to incentivize long-term holding and active participation in<br />

the platform.<br />

Similarly, Only1, a web3-based Onlyfans platform on Solana, has implemented a revenue-based buyback program<br />

92 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

to reduce the circulating supply of its token and potentially increase its value.<br />

Solana’s High Float, Low FDV Trend<br />

There’s a growing trend in the Solana ecosystem to launch tokens with higher circulation and lower FDV. STEP is<br />

currently one of the top Solana tokens with one of the highest circulating-to-total supply ratios. This has sparked wider<br />

discussions within the crypto community and even caught the attention of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency<br />

exchange.<br />

Top Solana tokens Circulation supply percentage ( Data by Coingecko)<br />

In a recent statement, Binance encouraged projects with lower to medium valuations and strong fundamentals to apply<br />

for their listing programs, implicitly acknowledging the potential benefits of this approach.<br />

This shift in launch strategy is seen by many as a way to create a more inclusive and equitable investment environment.<br />

By offering a larger portion of the total supply at launch, often at valuations aligned with earlier funding rounds, these<br />

projects allow retail investors to participate alongside venture capitalists on the same floor. This can lead to a more balanced<br />

price discovery process and potentially mitigate the risk of price dumps following token unlocks that are common<br />

with lower circulating supply models.<br />

Step Finance’s Summer Burn program is a significant step towards a more deflationary and value-driven environment for<br />

its token holders. By embracing strategies like token burns, aligning with high float low FDV tokens, and implementing a<br />

multi-faceted reward structure, including staking, Step Finance is leading the way in more innovative ways to drive value<br />

back to the community.

@0xGumshoe<br />

Solana stays WINNING even if you don’t see it on the<br />

Charts Here’s everything happening on Solana right<br />

now.<br />

News<br />

- Squads Protocol raises $10M<br />

- Sanctum announces CLOUD<br />

- Solana removes malicious Validators from Delegation<br />

Program<br />

- Solana’s first smart wallet (Fuse Wallet) launches to<br />

iOS users<br />

- Mainnet Upgrade v1.18.15 going live<br />

Solana Stats<br />

- TVL at $4.6B<br />

- Over 1.2M Unique Wallets (Weekly)<br />

- Raydium, Orca and Meteora as top pool providers to<br />

Jupiter<br />

- SOL, GME, BEER, MOTHER as the most traded tokens<br />

Strong data as it has been for a while.<br />

Solana vs World<br />

Four of of the 10 biggest DEXes by weekly on chain volume<br />

are Solana native. In case you’re wondering why<br />

Jupiter isn’t here, volume is routed through protocols<br />

like Orca, Raydium and Meteora.<br />

Stablecoin Market Cap<br />

SOL price peaked with a stablecoin supply of $2.7B. We<br />

are approaching that same level now, will be interesting<br />

to see what happens next.<br />

Monthly DEX Volume<br />

May 2024 was the second-best month for on chain volume<br />

on Solana. After 6 months of exponential growth,<br />

data shows Solana is not a fad.<br />

94 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>165</strong>

Jupiter continues shipping!<br />

From new integrations, to lower trading fees, to pioneering<br />

a shift in sentiment around the PVP term, this has been<br />

another strong week for JUP!<br />

Trading Fee Reduction<br />

Open/close fees on Jupiter Perps have been reduced<br />

from 0.1% to 0.07% and JLP now earns 75% of the fees on<br />

Perps. Overall, it’s a big win for both liquidity providers and<br />

traders.<br />

CLOUD!<br />

Sanctum announced their token CLOUD, which will be<br />

launching on the LFG Launchpad. This was one if not the<br />

shortest “farming” seasons I’ve seen and in addition the<br />

token starts at the same FDV as the last raise which is<br />

amazing.<br />

First time writing a report with my own charts<br />

Scam Filtering<br />

Jupiter stopped displaying impostor tokens with the same<br />

name and symbol. There are more updates to come which<br />

will eliminate the risk of users buying scams / impostor<br />


















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