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Nancy Orman,<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company<br />

4-A TAPESTRY<br />





14... THE GEORGE HOTEL<br />

17... PICKLEBALL<br />

19... STATE PARKS<br />

21... PICNIC PERFECT<br />



35... ARTS AND CULTURE<br />


29- Caring for Our<br />

Community<br />

40- The Old<br />

Gunn Church<br />

21-Picnic Perfect<br />


& FIGURES<br />




41...WORSHIP WITH US<br />

42...EDUCATION<br />


44...LIBRARIES<br />




48...HEALTH CARE<br />

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COVER PHOTO by media darling and<br />

award-winning photographer<br />

Tanya Ackerman. Follow her and her<br />

work on Facebook & Instagram.<br />

Call: (843) 655-0310<br />

Visit: tanyaackerman.com<br />

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There’s No Home Like A<br />

Final Phase of<br />

Reserve Club Villas<br />

-Only a Few Remain.<br />

Call To Reserve<br />

Yours Today.<br />

524 Broadway, Myrtle Beach SC<br />

843-839-0537<br />



COUNTY’S<br />

Tapestry of Rivers<br />

Present day, the beachside charms of<br />

Georgetown County typically take center stage,<br />

but there is joy to be had embracing the rivers<br />

and tributaries that have shaped history and<br />

continue to make this place one of the world’s<br />

most sought-after geographic retreats.<br />

Santee River<br />

Sampit River<br />

Black River<br />

Waccamaw River<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 4

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

The opportunity to fly low over coastal SC is an opportunity to<br />

be envied. From a small plane, looking down, fingers of water, glinting<br />

in the sun, resemble ribbons that curl, swirl, dip, and bend to interlace<br />

a mystifying web of water. A great, wise being wove this landscape<br />

together with silvery, liquid thread. Lift your head and glance East,<br />

to see the vast, blue ocean awaiting contemplation. It is tapestry, an<br />

aerial mosaic, natural art. It’s nigh to impossible to explain the beauty<br />

of that bird’s eye view unless you witness it.<br />

The Palmetto State is blessed by its abundance of creeks, rivers and<br />

sprawling old rice plantation canals<br />

and former ricefields. There are also<br />

the oceanside marshes from<br />

Georgetown north to and through<br />

Murrells Inlet to Garden City.<br />

The Georgetown area, the entire<br />

Lowcountry, in truth, is additionally<br />

blessed with multiple deep, navigable,<br />

tide-driven rivers and creeks that have<br />

served for centuries as routes for travel,<br />

commerce, and recreation.<br />

“Superhighways” for Indigenous<br />

peoples , rivers were later the<br />

lifeblood of the plantation empires.<br />

Planters utilized a complex system of<br />

canals and rice fields to capitalize on the rivers' natural irrigation. Rice,<br />

the "golden grain," became king. Cargo moved efficiently via barges<br />

and flats. Imports and exports created income beyond imagination.<br />

By the 1840s, the resulting wealth transformed Georgetown into the<br />

wealthiest district in all of the thirteen colonies.<br />

Along with Native Americans, plantation owners and enslaved<br />

Africans (who knew more about rice growing than any plantation<br />

owner), descendants of those Africans – the Gullah Geechee people –<br />

still have a unique and vibrant culture along the banks of these<br />

waterways. In food, in art, in dialect, African traditions meld with<br />

elements of European and Native American influences, and our area’s<br />

rich and diverse culture is all the better for it.<br />

Francis Marion (C1732-1795) and his men crossing The Pee Dee River to harass the<br />

British In South Carolina during The American Revolutionary War steel engraving<br />

1851 after a painting by William Tylee Ranney.<br />

The rivers bore witness to countless tumultuous events of American<br />

history, from the conflicts of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, where<br />

waterways large and small served as strategic routes for troop movements<br />

and supply lines.<br />

Our rivers and waterways also play a vital role in maintaining water<br />

quality and regulating local climates. Wetlands function as natural filters,<br />

trapping sediment and pollutants and thereby improving water clarity<br />

and purity. They help mitigate floods by absorbing excess water during<br />

heavy rains, reducing the risk of downstream flooding. They offer<br />

nursery and sanctuary for an innumerable<br />

array of aquatic and wildlife<br />

species that make our lives richer.<br />

Irrefutably, these rivers contribute<br />

significantly to the region's economy,<br />

supporting businesses related to<br />

outdoor recreation,<br />

ecotourism, and others. For locals,<br />

they evoke a profound sense of<br />

belonging that’s woven into the fabric<br />

of daily life. Whether it's fishing rods<br />

cast outward along the banks, paddling<br />

on old rice canals in kayak or canoe,<br />

giggling for flounder in the marsh,<br />

or simply watching the sunset over<br />

the Waccamaw, these waterways hold a special place in the hearts<br />

of residents and visitors alike.<br />

In old ways and new, rivers remain a Georgetown County lifeline.<br />

They continue to offer transport. They represent a timeless playground<br />

for outdoor enthusiasts. They encourage commerce and inspire<br />

the community. For those seeking a place saturated in layers of history,<br />

brimming with natural beauty, and offering endless opportunities for<br />

recreation, Georgetown’s riverways beckon. As magnificent as our<br />

beaches are, (and they are), our rivers likewise are better than par.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 5

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com


Untold years – centuries? … some say millennia! – before<br />

European settlers arrived on the scene, the rivers of Georgetown<br />

were thoroughfares for communication and commerce<br />

among Indigenous peoples. Names of the rivers –<br />

Waccamaw, Sampit, the Great and<br />

Little Pee Dees, and Black River,<br />

and others across the state – pay<br />

homage to Native American tribes<br />

who once thrived along their banks.<br />

These earliest inhabitants – nomadic<br />

people with sing-song names – lived<br />

in harmony with nature in extended<br />

family groups. They fished from the<br />

ocean, marsh, creeks and black water rivers.<br />

They hunted game in thick, unbroken forests, and feasted<br />

on the abundant berries and fruits they could find. They<br />

crafted canoes from massive Cypress trees that resisted rot.<br />

The Waccamaw (which became a portion, in the late 1930s,<br />

of the Intracoastal Waterway) and Pee Dee Rivers derive<br />

their names from the Waccamaw and Pee Dee tribes. “Pee Dee”<br />

can be translated as “coming and going.” (Think tidal action.)<br />

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

Notice, among many other names, the Sampit, Santee,<br />

Awendaw, and know there are many tribes to learn about if<br />

you want to search. The Georgetown County Digital<br />

Library and their local history facilities are extraordinary.<br />

Start there, at the newly remodeled Georgetown County<br />

Library in Georgetown.<br />

Ultimately, the Sampit (shortest river<br />

east of the Mississippi), the Waccamaw,<br />

the Great and Little Pee Dees, and<br />

Black River (oldest river east of the<br />

Mississippi) intermingle to form the<br />

magnificence that is Winyah Bay, the<br />

third largest and one of the cleanest<br />

estuaries on the East Coast. Barely<br />

south of Georgetown, the North and<br />

South Santee Rivers also spill into the ocean. Consider this<br />

factoid: it is speculated there is roughly a half mile of stream<br />

for every square mile of land surface in SC. That’s a big<br />

number – and a lot of water to play in!<br />

You’ll find evidence of Native America in every local museum,<br />

the number of which makes us exceedingly blessed.<br />

And also on local menus; Native culinary influences are<br />

considerable.<br />

Website Suggestions<br />

Do yourself a kindness; jump onto the internet to find and read about these organizations,<br />

their passions, and their programming. You’ll find something to pique your interest!<br />

AmericanRivers.org • BlueTrailsGuide.org • BrookgreenGardens.org<br />

CypressPreserve.org • WaccamawTrails.org • NorthInlet.SC.edu/<br />

FWS.gov/refuge/Waccamaw • WinyahRivers.org<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 7

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />


When discussing the South Grand Strand<br />

(loosely defined as that slice of real estate<br />

from Murrells Inlet to Georgetown), it<br />

seems folks always brag first about the<br />

Waccamaw Neck’s miles of uncrowded<br />

beaches. Also, for good reason, they brag<br />

about golf. On the list, rivers tend to fall<br />

somewhere down the line.<br />

But those who do fall in love with the rivers<br />

become obsessed. Given there are thousands<br />

of miles of ocean bound or ocean-adjacent<br />

waterways, there is simply no better place<br />

to fish (several major tournaments each<br />

year) than in and around Winyah Bay, a<br />

brackish-water estuary, the third largest<br />

watershed on the entire East Coast.<br />

Chart Your Course<br />

To A Georgetown County Marina<br />

Here’s a list of marinas including website addresses and phone<br />

numbers. These marinas offer different services and amenities –<br />

including full-service facilities, dry storage, ship stores, local<br />

tours, Wi-Fi, and other amenities. But services from one to<br />

another are ever evolving. For the most up-to-date information,<br />

please visit websites or call them directly!<br />

Belle Isle Yacht Club • BelleIsleSC.com<br />

843.546.1423<br />

Crazy Sister Marina • Murrells Inlet • CrazySister.com<br />

843.651.3676<br />

Georgetown Dry Stack Marina • GeorgetownDryStackMarina.com<br />

843.546.1700<br />

Georgetown Landing Marina • GeorgetownLandingMarina.com<br />

843.546.1776<br />

Harborwalk Marina • Georgetown • HarborwalkMarina.com<br />

843.546.4250<br />

Hazzard Marine • Georgetown • HazzardMarine.com<br />

843.527.3625<br />

Heritage Plantation Marina • Pawleys Island<br />

HeritagePlantationMarina.org<br />

843.237.3650<br />

Johnson's Marina Wet & Dry • Georgetown • Marinas.com<br />

843.545.8633<br />

Safe Harbor Reserve Harbor Marina • Pawleys Island<br />

SHMarinas.com/locations/safe-harbor-reserve-harbor/<br />

843.235.8262<br />

Wacca Wache Marina • Murrells Inlet • WaccaWacheMarina.com<br />

843.651.2994<br />

The Intracoastal Waterway Runs Through Georgetown County<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 8

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 9


Photo by Anne Malarich<br />

C.E. “Chip” Smith<br />

Writer, Photographer and<br />

Saltmarsh Conservationist<br />

Chip Smith has long been a prominent figure in Murrells<br />

Inlet, SC. Often referred to as "Captain Crustacean,” he wears<br />

the requisite Captain’s Hat and is known for extensive involvement<br />

in environmental and community activities.<br />

Smith lives by the Murrells Inlet marsh and is a graduate of<br />

UNC in geology and physical anthropology. He is especially well<br />

known for having initiated the much-loved Spring Tide clean-up<br />

in Murrells Inlet. The idea came to him in the aftermath of Hurricane<br />

Hugo which filled the creeks and marshes with massive amounts<br />

of debris. A brilliant nature writer (and photographer, too), he<br />

sprang into action. The endeavor took root quickly and Spring<br />

Tide recently wrapped up its 32nd successful year. Every year<br />

he remained at the helm, and hundreds of volunteers on land<br />

and water hauled in TONS of debris!<br />

Chip also conceived the successful Plus-One Boating anti-litter<br />

marine ethic which advocates “what you take out, bring back<br />

… PLUS ONE piece of debris.” Smith's contributions also extend<br />

to public education … he has been involved in initiatives like<br />

the "Creek Talk" series, which discusses water quality and<br />

environmental preservation. And still, there’s more to know.<br />

Little wonder he has been honored by the SC Legislature and<br />

the SC Chapter of the National Wildlife Federation.<br />

In addition to his photography and insightful essays, Smith<br />

has now compiled a lyrical book called A Pocket Wild: Notes<br />

from Carolina Marsh. These essays grew from articles printed<br />

in publications like The Inlet Image, Barefoot Messenger, and<br />

Lowcountry Companion. Smith’s essays celebrate the Inlet and<br />

its beauty, examine the science of it all, while also studying the<br />

effects of economic development.<br />

Published by CLASS, LLC<br />

(ClassAtPawleys.com), the book is<br />

an absolute treasure, and shares<br />

the sensitive philosophy of the<br />

great nature writer, Rachel Carson,<br />

who published her landmark<br />

book, Silent Spring, in 1962.<br />

Chip says, “My attempt to evoke<br />

something of the nature and moods<br />

of this marsh is made in the faith<br />

that if we knew such places better<br />

we’d value them more, and the<br />

hope that my voice might encourage<br />

you to raise your own - wherever and<br />

within whatever ecosystem you live<br />

… Study this marsh for a year of<br />

days, and what at first appeared<br />

a level monotony will slowly reveal itself as a surprisingly mutable<br />

landscape, a wheeling constellation of moods and colors and<br />

characters, changing with every tide, every cloud shadow that passes<br />

over it: a pocket wild, a backyard mystery, a strangely domestic<br />

- though not domesticated - wilderness.”<br />

Thank you, Chip, for your lifelong dedication and service to<br />

our Lowcountry community. We are infinitely blessed because of you.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 10

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong>• The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 11


Photo by Chris Sokoloski<br />

Celebrating<br />

Linda Ketron!<br />

West coast born and educated, a serendipitous introduction<br />

brought Linda to New York City, marriage to playwright/screenwriter<br />

Larry Ketron, and eventually a move to his favorite<br />

childhood summer vacation spot on the Grand Strand. Linda<br />

credits her husband's accomplishments with giving her the<br />

freedom to explore cultural interests that were piqued in<br />

Manhattan.<br />

Literary interests found their outlet in volunteering for the<br />

Waccamaw Library (for 34 years now) – coupled with 27 years<br />

of hosting The Moveable Feast (weekly literary luncheons featuring<br />

author presentations at area restaurants) and, for the past decade,<br />

editing and publishing local authors through her publishing<br />

house, CLASS LLC. With sixty books in its stable, her small<br />

press is bringing attention to local historians, nature writers,<br />

novelists, memoirists, children's authors, illustrators, and<br />

photographers … and fulfilling dreams along the way.<br />

For three decades, Ketron has created a variety of continuing<br />

education programs, including Senior Semesters, Campus<br />

Brookgreen, CCU’s OLLI, and always CLASS (Community<br />

Learning About Special Subjects) Linda views lifelong learning<br />

as the best use of her Master’s in Health Services Administration<br />

since an “engaged mind and active body are powerful tools in<br />

preventive medicine.”<br />

Linda's musical interests, which started as publicist of the<br />

Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art, later found expression<br />

in quarterly receptions for her art gallery exhibits and fundraisers<br />

and culminated with the Kimbel Concert Series.<br />

The community is wildly proud of its Bike the Neck bike<br />

path – which she launched in 1994. Idealistic by any measure,<br />

she says it was “a naive belief” that a connective bike path<br />

throughout the community<br />

would meet with universal<br />

approval and take two or<br />

three years. Thirty years later,<br />

we finally have seventeen<br />

miles of multi-purpose paths<br />

from the county line in<br />

Murrells Inlet to the South<br />

Causeway in Pawleys Island.<br />

In order to stay in shape<br />

for this effort, Linda<br />

taught water aerobics for<br />

32 years at the <strong>Litchfield</strong><br />

Beach & Golf Resort.<br />

There is so much more to know relative to Linda’s efforts<br />

to enrich the cultural fabric of local communities. This powerhouse<br />

of a woman has accomplished more than a majority of<br />

people dare dream, and yet she “feels blessed to have found a<br />

community with so many local treasures to mine and share.”<br />

Dear Linda, it is we who are blessed.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 12

THE<br />



Elevate Your Senses & Nourish Your Soul<br />

This year has been a special one for Downtown<br />

Georgetown. The first, best reason is the brand<br />

new, beautiful addition of The George Hotel,<br />

“a boutique newcomer” with 56-stunning rooms<br />

and a restaurant that began earning accolades as<br />

quickly as the doors opened. Refinement and<br />

heritage mark every inch so that this illustrious<br />

establishment has<br />

seamlessly taken its place<br />

in the historic heart of<br />

the storied little city of<br />

Georgetown. It is<br />

extraordinary by any<br />

measure.<br />

Developed by Winyah Properties – a local business<br />

owned and operated by visionaries with deep<br />

Lowcountry roots – The George is the first hotel<br />

to open on historic<br />

Front Street in half a<br />

century. Overlooking the<br />

Sampit River and<br />

Winyah Bay beyond, the<br />

meticulously planned<br />

establishment has materialized exactly as planned<br />

… a pivotal force for enhancing tourism and<br />

quality of life for area residents, too.<br />

Although imbued with contemporary luxury,<br />

history has taken up residence in The George, each<br />

room, corner, and corridor marked with details<br />

from yesteryear. From the building’s architecture to<br />

vintage fabrics and wallpaper, paint colors to eclectic<br />

furnishings and local artistry, to the restaurant’s<br />

name and menu, the region’s impossibly rich past<br />

and natural beauty makes its mark from floor to<br />

ceiling. The George is a feast for all the senses.<br />


“a boutique newcomer”<br />

with 56-stunning rooms<br />

and a crown jewel<br />

restaurant.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 14

At the heart of The George lies<br />

its crown jewel, The Independent:<br />

a discriminating restaurant that<br />

epitomizes the marriage of<br />

culinary artistry and waterfront<br />

allure. Helmed by esteemed<br />

chefs, the menu celebrates the<br />

bounty of our coastal region<br />

where no less than five rivers<br />

spill into Winyah Bay. Each dish<br />

has been crafted to highlight the<br />

flavors and traditions that define<br />

the landscape – and a culinary<br />

history without equal. Whether<br />

savoring a gourmet meal paired<br />

with fine wine or enjoying a<br />

leisurely afternoon cocktail at Eliza’s Bar with a fine<br />

view, every guest is treated to impeccable service<br />

and a gastronomic experience that captivates in the<br />

moment and is sure to leave a lasting impression.<br />

The impact of The George is resonating<br />

throughout our coastal community in ways<br />

tangible and profound. By attracting affluent<br />

travelers and fostering a culture of luxury and<br />

sophistication, the hotel is serving as a catalyst for<br />

the continued revitalization<br />

of our local economy. Its<br />

ongoing commitment to<br />

preserving SC’s cultural<br />

heritage ensures that the<br />

essence of our waterway -<br />

webbed, coastal haven will<br />

flourish for years to come,<br />

enriching the lives of locals<br />

and visitors alike. This hotel<br />

stands as a testament to the<br />

enduring allure of coastal living,<br />

offering an unparalleled experience<br />

elevating the senses and nourishing the soul.<br />

With its rich history, grand vistas, and unwavering<br />

commitment to excellence, it serves as a beacon of<br />

hope and inspiration for our community. guiding<br />

us toward a future defined by culture, beauty and<br />

prosperity. Explore...www.TheGeorgeHotelSC.com.<br />

Better still, go visit and take a stroll down Front<br />

Street to shop a while.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 15

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

Help Save<br />

Our<br />

Trees<br />

Go Paperless<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 16

“Swing Into Action”<br />

W I T H P I C K L E B A L L<br />

According to recent surveys, the<br />

number of pickleball players in the US<br />

has surged to more than four million<br />

people … an estimated 650% increase<br />

over the last decade! For the third consecutive<br />

year, it holds firm to its title as<br />

the nation’s fastest-growing sport. A unique<br />

blend of ping pong, tennis, and badminton,<br />

the game’s exponential growth can be<br />

attributed to several factors. The sport<br />

boasts low barriers to entry, requiring<br />

minimal equipment and relatively small<br />

playing areas. With its fast-paced rallies<br />

and emphasis on teamwork, pickleball<br />

fosters a sense of camaraderie among<br />

players. Ease of play and adaptability<br />

for all ages, including families and the<br />

50+ set, have also contributed to its<br />

widespread appeal.<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Pickelball<br />

Pickleball's social appeal has contributed<br />

greatly to its popularity. Those who try it<br />

are usually hooked quickly. Over 80% of<br />

pickleballers cite the opportunity to socialize<br />

and make new friends as a primary reason for<br />

their involvement. This social dimension,<br />

combined with its physical and mental<br />

health benefits, has fueled pickleball's<br />

ascent here and everywhere.<br />

Statistics in Georgetown County indicate<br />

more than 60% of the population will soon<br />

be above the age of sixty, a demographic<br />

that is embracing pickleball with zeal. The<br />

community's enthusiasm and our government's<br />

support suggests pickleball will remain a staple<br />

in the area for years to come. Whether you're<br />

a seasoned player or looking for something<br />

new and good for you, Georgetown County's<br />

pickleball scene has you covered.<br />



Waccamaw Regional Recreation Center 4 83 Duncan, Pawleys Island 843-545-3202<br />

Beck Recreation Center 3 2030 Church St, Georgetown 843-545-3275<br />

NW Regional Recreation Center @ Choppee 3 8189 Choppee Rd, Georgetown 843-545-3130<br />

Andrews Regional Recreation Center 3 220 S. Cedar Ave,Andrews 843-545-3464<br />


East Bay Park/Tennis Courts 6 515 East Bay St, Georgetown 843-545-3450<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Pickleball (Reservations Required) 7 97 Hawthorn Dr, Pawleys Island 843-450-6050<br />

* Indoor courts are lined on gym courts.Time set aside for pickleball play may differ by facility.<br />

* Enjoy Your Match At Any of Several<br />

Georgetown County Facilities Listed Above<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Pickelball<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 17

Georgetown County Parks & Recreation (G.O.A.T). is a fun program introduced<br />

this year by the County’s Parks and Recreation Department.The overriding goal is<br />

getting people up and out – exploring our area’s exceptional natural resources.<br />

It’s good medicine for the brain and body.<br />

Join The Herd, and that’s not a bad thing.The Herd consists of individuals or<br />

groups/teams who sign up to hike our county trails.The participate’s ultimate goal<br />

is to hike eight designated trails (courses) throughout Georgetown County.<br />

Participants can hike a minimum distance of 1-2 miles at each location or longer<br />

distances if vim and vigor kick in. Of course, there are maps and such. Read on.<br />

The latest news is that G.O.A.T has introduced two Compass Navigation<br />

Courses designed to help both adults and kids acquire or improve their navigation<br />

skills – all while enjoying the great outdoors.This makes for a super family activity.<br />

Or a group of friends. Or all by yourself. Beginner-level courses will have hikers<br />

using their compasses to navigate, determine distance and locate waypoints along<br />

every course. Each course is .6 miles in length.<br />

Hikers will be instructed to use their compasses to judge distance and direction<br />

find the next waypoint. In case you’re wondering, no one needs to go out and<br />

purchase a traditional compass.There’s one on your smartphone.<br />

“For exploring the outdoors, compass navigation is a helpful skill for people of every age,”<br />

said T.L. Staub, trail coordinator.<br />

Also worthy of note, G.O.A.T.’s Bike the Beach is a self-guided, at-your-own-pace<br />

challenge to cycle the Waccamaw Bike Way Path, a cornerstone of everything<br />

that makes this neck of the woods so wonderful. It is part of the East Coast<br />

Green Way.That’s a big deal; Google it.<br />

To participate in Bike the Beach, you bike the entire Waccamaw Bike Way via<br />

four sections (five if you use the Bike Lanes on Business 17 in Murrells Inlet).<br />

The total distance is roughly nineteen to twenty-five miles.<br />

The four required courses include:<br />

A. Huntington Beach State Park Section (5.8 miles):Trace Ave. North<br />

to US 17 Business 17<br />

B. North <strong>Litchfield</strong> Section (3.0 miles):Trace Ave.To Waccamaw Library<br />

C. <strong>Litchfield</strong> Section (8.4 miles):Waccamaw Library to<br />

Waccamaw Elementary School<br />

D. Pawleys Island Section (2.0 miles): North Causeway to South Causeway<br />

Scenery and serenity. Record your bike rides using a mapping app and when<br />

you complete your required rides, send them to o tlstaub@gtcounty.org.<br />

You get a cool t-shirt.<br />

Remember, biking can be done as a family, a group of friends, or individually.<br />

It’s a low-tech, fun activity to get outdoors and hear yourself think. You’ll be<br />

positively addicted in no time.<br />

For lots of additional information, visit gtcparks.org. Or call 843.545.3275.<br />


Because of its remote location, Hampton Plantation south of Georgetown is a great place to stargaze.The<br />

night skies are far removed from city lights and protected by the dark embrace of Francis Marion National Park.<br />

Once upon a time, the Milky Way was easily visible to the naked eye. Now light pollution from expanding<br />

development makes it difficult to relish a brilliant night sky.You and yours can still get a view of the galaxy<br />

at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site. Hampton has one of the darkest skies in SC!<br />

The darkness of a night sky can be measured with devices called Sky Quality Meters, which use sensors to<br />

detect light.The measurements are taken in magnitudes per square arc seconds, or mpsas.The higher the<br />

value, the darker the sky.A measurement of sixteen mpsas indicates the kind of light pollution found in a city<br />

like Myrtle Beach. Hampton measures at over twenty mpsas - a reading that’s comparable to Death Valley<br />

National Park! That’s why it is a recognized dark sky location in SC for stargazing and astronomy activities.<br />

Do not miss Stargazing at Hampton Plantation on October 5, <strong>2024</strong>, from 7:30-10:30 PM. Hampton has<br />

partnered with Lowcountry Stargazers, a local astronomy group, to introduce and educate visitors about<br />

sights of the night sky – things like globular clusters and Saturn’s rings. It’s amazing the number of stars that<br />

are visible! Call the park directly for more (843) 546.9361. Plans are subject to change based on weather.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 18


You dream it. We’ve got it. Possibilities are endless in three state-managed sites<br />

within easy driving distance. Give ear to surf breaking along unbroken beaches.<br />

Stroll lush woodlands and maritime forest where oaks and native sabal palmettos<br />

grow side by side. Nap at the edge of a dune. Build sandcastles decorated with teeth<br />

from a shark who once swam the deep blue sea. Explore history.<br />

Find a wealth of detail at SouthCarolinaParks.com. Enjoy!<br />

Huntington Beach State Park<br />

Hwy. 17, Murrells Inlet SC<br />

843.237.4440<br />

So close at hand, Huntington Beach State Park highlights<br />

one of the East Coast’s best-preserved and best-loved beaches,<br />

a salt marsh teeming with wildlife, an age-old maritime forest<br />

and Atalaya — a peculiar but beautiful Mediterranean-styled<br />

castle that once served as the winter home and studio of the<br />

renowned American sculptor, Anna Hyatt Huntington.<br />

From fishing and crabbing to beachcombing, this enormous,<br />

oceanfront park is irrefutably one of the state's finest treasures.<br />

It is especially well-known as one of the Eastern Seaboard’s<br />

finest spots for birdwatching. It’s open year-round, and a wide<br />

variety of programs are FREE with admission. Call ahead and<br />

ask questions about current programming.<br />

Huntington<br />

Hampton<br />

Hampton Plantation State Historic Site<br />

1950 Rutledge Rd., McClellanville SC<br />

843.546.9361<br />

Fifteen miles southwest of Georgetown, this treasure is a<br />

naturalist’s, photographer’s, and historian’s delight. Hampton<br />

is home to one of the most impressive, restored plantation homes<br />

in SC. Dense pine and hardwood forests, former ricefields,<br />

blackwater creeks and cypress swamps offer enviable opportunities<br />

to examine native flora and fauna.<br />

Hampton is open the whole year long, and admission is FREE.<br />

Tours of the history-soaked plantation house are priced separately.<br />

For special programming, contact the park directly. There’s a<br />

whole lot to know…including the fact that this is a recognized<br />

site for starwatching. Call and ask!<br />

Myrtle Beach<br />

Myrtle Beach State Park<br />

Hwy. 17, South Myrtle Beach SC<br />

843.238.5325<br />

This park, an oasis in the midst of a sea of development, boasts<br />

a surprising and distinctive blend of coastal beauty and diverse<br />

ecosystems. There’s a crazy combination of pristine beaches,<br />

maritime forests, and freshwater ponds, creating a haven for<br />

much wildlife. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility<br />

of maritime forest trails, spotting unique flora and fauna<br />

along the way. The park's naturalist programs offer insight<br />

into the area's rich biodiversity, making it an educational and<br />

enriching destination for nature lovers of all ages.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 19

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

~Legendary~<br />

10434 Ocean Hwy • Pawleys Island SC<br />

Reservations Suggested<br />

(843)237-3030<br />

Tues -Thurs 5 - 8:30PM / Fri & Sat 5 -9PM<br />

Wi-Fi • FranksandOutback.com<br />

Bars Open 4PM<br />

Frank’s Original Recipe & Slightly Spicy<br />

Pimento Cheese<br />

10434 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island SC 29585 • 843.237.1777<br />

FranksPimentoCheese@gmail.com<br />

FranksPimentoCheese.com<br />

A Women-Owned Small Business<br />

~The Legend Continues~<br />

Views overlooking the Sampit River and Front Street.<br />

Featuring an extensive wine list, small plates, sharables<br />

and entree options.<br />

631 Front St., Georgetown SC 29440<br />

(843) 241.6819 • info@631front.com • www.631front.com/<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 20

Morgan Park<br />

Morse Park Landing<br />

Picnics transcend ordinary meals. Of course, they do.<br />

Sometimes a particularly memorable picnic will become a<br />

timeless tradition a family or a group of friends look forward<br />

to all year. A picnic is a feast, an experience, a memory-in-themaking.<br />

No matter the particulars, as the day’s selected basket,<br />

tote, or cooler spills its contents, a symphony of flavors unfolds.<br />

Every picnic can be as original as you are creative, but creativity<br />

is not required. Sunshine, a Carolina blue sky, the tumble of<br />

surf or the gentle slap of creek-sized waves are all the magic you<br />

absolutely need.<br />

Here's a quick line-up of menu suggestions and locations to<br />

get you thinking about your first, next or the ever-after picnic<br />

you are hoping will become a tradition! Wherever you’re<br />

headed, keep the fun going strong by bringing along classic<br />

games like corn hole, badminton, or a time-honored Frisbee<br />

for entertainment between bites.<br />

Classic Park Picnic<br />

A sun-stippled clearing, wind from Winyah Bay whispering<br />

through towering pines, a stunning waterfront view, there’s a<br />

start. Also, picnic tables, cover from the rain and big green spaces<br />

for running ‘round or playing games. That’s Morgan Park in<br />

Georgetown. It’s the perfect, off-the-beaten-path place for a<br />

Classic Park Picnic highlighting a selection of Southern favorites<br />

like fried chicken, coleslaw, and flaky buttermilk biscuits.<br />

(Don’t forget butter and jam.)<br />

Other options include the park on Pawleys Island that<br />

punctuates the North Causeway at Town Hall. BYOBlanket as<br />

there are no tables. Morse Landing Park on the south end of<br />

Murrells Inlet is a pocket-sized gem. The creek is steps away<br />

from both. There are a couple of riverfront parks on Georgetown’s<br />

Haborwalk, too. Find them at DiscoverGeorgetownSC.com.<br />

Bistro 217 Suggestions<br />

Take it easy and order out. For a time-tested, no-fail option,<br />

order the trifecta that is smoked Gouda on grilled homemade<br />

bread, a 217 salad and a cup of tomato, crab & jalapeno soup.<br />

All you’ll need to bring is a big, ole blanket. Check out the<br />

menu for other options at Bistro217.com, 843. 235.8217.<br />

Beach Picnics: Sand, Sea & Snacks<br />

There's something inherently magical about dining to the<br />

purr of waves tumbling ashore. Beach picnics in our Lowcountry<br />

deliver perfect opportunities for both relaxation and high-energy<br />

fun. Pick a spot in <strong>Litchfield</strong> or Pawleys. Go for the day, plan<br />

to linger long and bring a beach tent and cooler.<br />

Here’s an idea we love. Buy an inexpensive tackle<br />

box and fill all the little compartments with cheese<br />

and nuts, sliced veggies, Italian meats, crackers,<br />

and such. Shrimp cocktail is easy. Fruit skewers<br />

too. Nibble the day away! Don’t forget beverages<br />

and sunscreen!<br />

(Cont. Next Page)<br />

Picnic?<br />


Hagley Landing<br />

Rustic Table Essentials<br />

Make it simple and begin (or finish!) your menu by ordering<br />

a timeless Chicken Salad Sandwich and Celery Root Slaw<br />

from Rustic Table. The Angry Gator bites will add a bit of<br />

zing. Chef Adam sources many ingredients from his own farm<br />

– and his own fishing trips. In-house or carryout, they deliver<br />

Southern Food done from scratch and done exactly right.<br />

Order ahead, pick up and go create a picnic! RusticTable.com,<br />

843.314.0164.<br />

Sunset Picnics: Toast Nature’s Masterpiece<br />

Few things rival the beauty of a Lowcountry sunset. Since<br />

the sun rises east and sets west, places to watch the sun sink<br />

aren’t as easy to come by as panoramic sunrise views on the<br />

beach, but those in the know can guide you. Hagley Landing<br />

is a stellar choice. Keep it simple; there are no facilities save a<br />

dock there, but the view draws a clutch of folks every evening.<br />

Because of its gazebo and wide-open space, the broken bridge<br />

between the bridges headed into Georgetown is, too. Pack a<br />

gourmet spread featuring artisanal cheeses, crusty baguettes,<br />

and an assortment of charcuterie. If location allows, it’s the<br />

right time of day for a bottle of champagne – with a serving<br />

(or three!) of fresh raspberries!<br />

Frank’s Helpful Hint<br />

Beach, park or sunset perch, pimento cheese is a classic<br />

choice for any picnic at any time of day. Frank’s Pimento<br />

Cheese (aka Southern Caviar) elevates the deliciousness level.<br />

Scoot by Frank’s and pick up at least a couple of containers.<br />

In a basket or a lunchbox, it’s perfect with veggies, crackers,<br />

or bread of any kind. FranksandOutback.com or call anytime;<br />

843.237.3030. It’s also on shelves in local Food Lion and<br />

Lowe’s grocery stores.<br />

Pawleys Island<br />

Southern Caviar Frank’s Pimento Cheese<br />

Here’s a measure of great advice: stock up on Frank’s Pimento<br />

Cheese. From the restaurant or local Food Lion and Lowe’s<br />

stores, you can purchase tubs of this soon-to-be-legendary stuff!<br />

On crackers or homemade biscuits, perhaps with a dash of<br />

cayenne and diced jalapeños or dill pickles, the humble spread<br />

is easily elevated to appetizer. “Mashed up” with egg yolks,<br />

deviled eggs earn their wicked name. And folded into an omelet<br />

or scooped onto hot grits, a grilled burger or all-American<br />

hotdog, alternatives approach inspiring.<br />

Fancy or frugal, well-planned, or last-minute treat, picnics offer<br />

a delightful way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of SC’s<br />

Lowcountry. The possibilities for picnic adventures are endless.<br />

So, pack your favorite treats, gather your closest companions,<br />

and embark on a culinary journey sure to leave you with<br />

memories that last a lifetime.<br />

Beyond the Basket<br />

While the traditional picnic basket exudes charm and nostalgia,<br />

there are plenty of innovative containers to suit your picnic<br />

needs in the Lowcountry. Consider using a sturdy backpack<br />

cooler for beach outings, a stylish tote bag for park picnics, or<br />

even a vintage suitcase for a touch of whimsy.<br />

Also, when visiting Bistro 217 and Rustic Table, do make time<br />

to swing by their backdoor neighbor, Driftwood Mercantile.<br />

This charming little shop is tucked into a cozy corner of<br />

Downtown Pawleys shops just behind Rustic Table. Buy you<br />

and yours a comfy shirt that shouts, “I Called In Sea Sick!”<br />

They have t-shirts, caps and totes, Tidal Creek Brewhouse<br />

Coffee (look ‘em up!),a locally made jewelry and driftwood<br />

art, unbearably cute kid’s clothes, and toys, too. All lovers of<br />

sea and sand will love this tiny treasure.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 22

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

Eclectic mix of local jewelry,<br />

pottery, coastal attire for the<br />

family, books and Bistro 217<br />

& Rustic Table swag.<br />

10707 Hwy. 17<br />

Pawleys Island SC 29585<br />

(843)235.8217<br />

www.bistro217.com<br />

Downtown Pawleys!<br />

106 Hwy. 17<br />

Pawleys Island SC 29585<br />

(843)489.8799<br />

driftwoodmercantilepi.com<br />

In the Island Shops!<br />

“Great service,<br />

amazing food,<br />

great atmosphere.”<br />

-YELP<br />

10683 Hwy. 17<br />

Pawleys Island SC 29585<br />

(843)314.0164<br />

rustictable.com<br />

At the Island Shops!<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 23

THE<br />


Making boiled peanuts is simple and requires few ingredients. Below is a basic Southern recipe<br />

for making boiled peanuts at home. If you want to get fancy, you can add Cajun spices, garlic,<br />

onions, even pickles and jalapenos. You’ll find scads of variations online.<br />

S<br />

ince its establishment in 1956, The<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate has stood<br />

as a beacon of reliability, connecting<br />

families to an exceptional array of homes<br />

in South Carolina's most coveted coastal<br />

communities. Their journey, spanning<br />

decades, has been one of steady growth,<br />

marked by strategic partnerships and a<br />

commitment to excellence.<br />

Over the past ten years, The <strong>Litchfield</strong><br />

Company has strategically expanded<br />

its presence in the real estate market,<br />

positioning itself as a key player through<br />

strategic acquisitions. Notable among<br />

these are Broadstreet Realty, The Moore<br />

Group in Orangeburg, and Lake Marion<br />

Realty in Manning. These acquisitions<br />

have not only broadened their portfolio<br />

but also deepened their roots in the<br />

communities we serve.<br />

In dedication to serving a diverse<br />

clientele, The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company has<br />

opened new offices in Georgetown<br />

and Wyboo, ensuring accessibility and<br />

personalized service for their clients<br />

across the region. The year 2020<br />

marked a significant milestone as The<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Company merged with The<br />

Lachicotte Company, a revered name<br />

with a legacy dating back to the 1700s<br />

in Pawleys Island. Founded in 1991 by<br />

Arthur Herbert Lachicotte, affectionately<br />

known as "Doc" Lachicotte, The Lachicotte<br />

Company shared the same commitment<br />

to community values and unparalleled<br />

customer service.<br />

Building upon this rich legacy, The<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Company affiliated with<br />

Christie's International Real Estate in<br />

January <strong>2024</strong>, elevating their standard<br />

of service to new heights. This affiliation<br />

underscores the dedication to upholding<br />

the highest standards of integrity,<br />

professionalism, and global recognition<br />

set by Christie's.<br />

With over 160 agents, The <strong>Litchfield</strong><br />

Company is not just a real estate agency;<br />

they are a trusted partner, committed<br />

to guiding families through the journey<br />

of finding their dream home. With a<br />

legacy built on integrity, expertise, and<br />

community involvement, we stand ready<br />

to serve you and make your real estate<br />

dreams a reality.<br />


Georgetown Office<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

627 Front Street, Georgetown 29440<br />

Lake Marion Office<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

310 S. Mill St., Manning 29102<br />

803-433-7355<br />

Pawleys Island Office<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company – Lachicotte Real Estate<br />

10554 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island 29585<br />

843-237-2094<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Office<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

14240 Ocean Highway 17, Pawleys Island 29585<br />

843-237-4000<br />

Myrtle Beach<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

1600 Farrow Parkway STE B-7, Myrtle Beach 29577<br />

843-353-0787<br />

Orangeburg<br />

The Moore Group - Division of The <strong>Litchfield</strong><br />

Company • 1480 Sims St., Orangeburg 29115<br />

803-531-2400<br />

Orangeburg - Commercial<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Commercial<br />

- Orangeburg<br />

1480 Sims St., Orangeburg 29115<br />

Prince Creek<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate – Office A<br />

100 Greenway Blvd.,Murrells Inlet,29576<br />

843-357-6940<br />

NAI - The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company<br />

10554 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island 29585<br />

843-237-2094<br />

New Home Division<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

– New Home Division • 14240 Ocean Highway 17,<br />

Pawleys Island 29585 • 843-237-4000<br />

Wyboo<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company Real Estate<br />

2538 Players Course Dr., Manning 29102<br />

803-478-3337<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 26

Master Food at HGTC<br />

It’s a Delicious Journey<br />

hgtc.edu<br />

A dozen miles from Myrtle Beach<br />

and the deep blue sea, Horry Georgetown<br />

Technical College (HGTC) is well-established<br />

and much loved as a place where food enthusiasts,<br />

aspiring chefs, bakers, event planners and all others<br />

of their ilk give flight to their dreams in the<br />

college’s International Culinary Institute (ICI).<br />

Here, arriving students quickly grow beyond the<br />

pursuit of gustatory pleasure to an impressive<br />

level of culinary finesse. When HGTC transforms<br />

these students into culinary experts, the<br />

world is better for it.<br />

It comes as a surprise to<br />

some that Horry Georgetown<br />

Technical University (HGTC)<br />

boasts a multi-award-winning<br />

culinary educational program<br />

known far and wide. The<br />

curriculum is comprehensive<br />

and dynamic. Led by a team<br />

of experienced chefs and<br />

instructors, students receive a<br />

rigorous education encompassing practical knowledge and<br />

theoretical knowledge, too. From mastering culinary<br />

techniques to understanding the nuances of flavor profiles,<br />

students graduate with every tool they need to thrive in<br />

the fast-paced and ever-growing world of gastronomy.<br />

One of the program's most important standout features<br />

is state-of-the-art facilities that include super-modern,<br />

fully equipped kitchen labs and an up-to-the-minute<br />

culinary arts center. Here, students can sharpen their<br />

skills in a professional environment under the guidance<br />

of the absolute best chefs in culinary education.<br />

HGTC's Culinary Institute places a strong emphasis<br />

on sustainability and ethical practices in food production.<br />

Students are exposed to concepts such as farm-to-table<br />

dining and responsible sourcing, preparing them to make<br />

informed decisions as future culinary leaders. Furthermore,<br />

For the record,<br />

HGTC ICI also offers a<br />

collection of personal<br />

interest classes, so anyone<br />

can step up their game<br />

in personal kitchens.<br />

Whether it's cakes, a<br />

savory stew, or barbecue,<br />

classes will pique your<br />

interest!<br />

hgtc.edu<br />

HGTC's culinary program offers students<br />

invaluable opportunities for real-world<br />

experience through internships and partnerships<br />

with well-known chefs, local restauranteurs,<br />

and hospitality establishments.<br />

These hands-on experiences provide<br />

students with insights into industry<br />

workings and bridge the gap between<br />

education and employment. And with more<br />

than 1500 restaurants in the Greater Grand<br />

Strand area, the opportunities are almost endless.<br />

From the hallowed kitchens of Michelinstarred<br />

restaurants to the dazzling lights of culinary<br />

stardom, HGTC graduates leave culinary marvels<br />

in their wake. Whether students aspire to become<br />

chefs, restaurateurs, or culinary entrepreneurs,<br />

HGTC provides them with the tools they need<br />

to succeed in the dynamic and ever-evolving<br />

world of food and hospitality.<br />

hgtc.edu hgtc.edu hgtc.edu<br />

The student-operated Fowler Dining Room provides training in a<br />

real restaurant operation, in areas such as fine dining, buffet and café<br />

service. Menus are created using a wide range of cooking techniques<br />

focusing on taste, texture, color, and creativity using locally grown<br />

vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, cheese, and eggs.<br />

This summer closely supervised students will be cooking<br />

lunches that focus on regional southern cuisine.There is a<br />

single seating time at 11:45 AM on weekdays. Guests<br />

will be seated and offered a lunch banquet style<br />

with a single, set menu that patrons have been<br />

clamoring for years now. Each week the menu<br />

will be created with the freshest ingredients<br />

coming straight from the Strand’s docks,<br />

fields, and farms.There’s a bakery, too.<br />

And, a farmer’s market on Thursday.<br />

You must visit HGTC.edu to scope<br />

out all the delicious details.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 27

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />


You Need to Know<br />

Brookgreen Gardens: Brookgreen.org<br />

Calendar & Events Guide: TheArtsGrandStrand.com<br />

CLASS & Moveable Feasts: ClassAtPawleys.com<br />

Coastal Carolina University: Coastal.edu/culturalarts<br />

Friends of the Waccamaw Neck Library: TheFOWL.org<br />

Georgetown Business Assoc.: GBAGeorgetown.com<br />

Georgetown County Chamber: Visit.Georgetown.org<br />

Georgetown County Museum: GeorgetownCountyMuseum.com<br />

Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce: GullahGeecheeChamber.org<br />

Grand Strand Arts Calendar: TheArtsGrandStrand.org<br />

HammockCoastSC.com<br />

Hampton Plantation: SouthCarolinaParks.com<br />

Hobcaw Barony: HobcawBarony.org<br />

Hopsewee Plantation: Hopsewee.com<br />

Kaminski House Museum: KaminskiMuseum.org<br />

Long Bay Symphony: LongBaySymphony.com<br />

OnlyPawleys.com<br />

Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art: PawleysMusic.com<br />

Rice Museum: RiceMuseum.org<br />

SC Maritime Museum: SCMaritimeMuseum.com<br />

Swamp Fox Players: SwampFoxPlayers.com<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 28

Caring for OUR COMMUNITY<br />


Support Shines in Georgetown County<br />

Helping Hands of<br />

Georgetown is a non-profit<br />

organization that has –since<br />

1989–been a lifeline for untold<br />

numbers of people throughout<br />

Georgetown County. In<br />

one snappy sentence, Helping<br />

Hands is dedicated to assisting<br />

individuals and families facing hardship by offering a wide<br />

range of services. Whether they are providing food assistance,<br />

utility assistance, career preparation or access to essential<br />

resources, the organization strives to uplift and empower<br />

the community it serves.<br />

Helping Hands of Georgetown County was established in<br />

1989, through the extraordinary vision of<br />

founding board members. Representatives<br />

from ten “Covenant Churches” in the<br />

County came together. Their straightforward<br />

(but by no means easily achieved) vision was<br />

to support a single County organization that<br />

would serve rural and poverty-stricken members<br />

of the population. For well more than<br />

three decades, they have worked tirelessly<br />

to ensure no one falls through the proverbial<br />

cracks. And today, more than forty churches<br />

support Helping Hands’ efforts.<br />

One of the primary services offered by<br />

Helping Hands is its food pantry. Recognizing<br />

the prevalence of food insecurity the<br />

organization has established a robust program to<br />

distribute nutritious food (both nonperishable and perishables)<br />

to those in need. Through partnerships with local businesses,<br />

farms, and community members, Helping Hands can provide<br />

a steady supply of food to individuals and families facing<br />

hunger. There is a lot to know; call them.<br />

In addition to food assistance, Helping Hands offers<br />

utility assistance to individuals experiencing hardship.<br />

Whether saving the day by helping with utility bills, rent<br />

payments, or medical and dental expenses, the organization<br />

“I consider it an honor to<br />

lead an organization that<br />

makes such a tangible<br />

difference in the lives of<br />

thousands of individuals<br />

each year,” said Brendon<br />

Barber, executive director<br />

of Helping Hands. “We are<br />

each responsible for being<br />

our ‘brother’s keeper” and<br />

taking care of neighbors<br />

in need.”<br />

understands the importance<br />

of providing timely support<br />

to those facing financial crises.<br />

Utilizing a combination of<br />

grants, donations, and ongoing<br />

fundraising efforts, Helping<br />

Hands makes a meaningful<br />

impact in the lives they serve.<br />

Beyond offering help for immediate needs, Helping Hands<br />

also works toward long-term solutions to address the root<br />

causes of poverty and hardship. They offer educational<br />

programs, job training initiatives, and access to social services<br />

that are real and present help to individuals and families who<br />

are working to build a brighter future for themselves and<br />

their families. By empowering people with<br />

the skills and resources, Helping Hands’<br />

ultimate goal is to create lasting change in the<br />

community and break the cycle of poverty.<br />

Helping Hands doesn’t provide only basic<br />

services; it strives to give residents skills and<br />

tools to climb out of the cycle of poverty.<br />

The agency’s collaborative employment program<br />

places well more than 100 residents into jobs<br />

every year. And their Youth Empowerment<br />

Program for high school students is extraordinary.<br />

You must call.<br />

Central to Helping Hands' mission (and<br />

success) is its commitment to collaboration<br />

and community engagement. The organization<br />

works closely with local government agencies, businesses,<br />

and community organizations to leverage resources and maximize<br />

impact. Smart partnerships and collective action means<br />

Helping Hands reach more needy folks thereby creating a<br />

stronger, more resilient community. They impact over 2,000<br />

households a year.<br />

Helping Hands of Georgetown is a compassionate lifeline<br />

for those facing hardship. They offer hope, help and change<br />

in a spiritually rich environment. Call 843.527.3424.<br />

Follow them on Facebook.<br />

Career Counceling Financial Assistance Social Services Food Bank<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 29

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

Integrity, Commitment, Experience<br />

Since 1962<br />

Founded in 1962 by Howell V. (Skeets) Bellamy, Jr., The Bellamy Law Firm is the Grand Strand’s oldest<br />

and more respected law firm. With offices in both Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island, the firm has grown<br />

to 20 attorneys specializing in many practice areas. We offer the strength and resources of a national firm,<br />

with the understanding, experience and caring of a smaller firm. Put our resources to work for you today!<br />

Practice Areas<br />

• Real Estate Development and Transactions • Business and Commercial Litigation<br />

• Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning • Tax and Corporate • Employment Law • Family Law<br />

BellamyLaw.com<br />

98 Centermarsh Lane, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 • 843-237-3400 1000 29th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 • 843-448-2400<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 30

Caring for OUR COMMUNITY<br />


Supporting Beauty, Preservation & Economic Vitality<br />

In the 1980s, under the guidance of A.Foster<br />

McKissick, <strong>Litchfield</strong> area medians along Highway<br />

17 were planted and maintained by The <strong>Litchfield</strong><br />

Company Real Estate. That visionary $250,000<br />

investment set the <strong>Litchfield</strong> community apart as<br />

one of the most beautiful areas along the Southeast<br />

corridor. Over time, funding sources have grown<br />

to include complementary organizations, but the<br />

bottom line remains: <strong>Litchfield</strong> Beautification was<br />

a progressive notion that landed us on the map in<br />

many ways.<br />

Now, Pawleys Island has launched a group all<br />

their own! A bit different, given dirt and geography,<br />

the mission and vision are no less important and has seeds<br />

in <strong>Litchfield</strong> as its predecessor.<br />

Lest anyone wonder, Mainstreet Pawleys Beautification<br />

was founded with the support and gracious assistance of<br />

the <strong>Litchfield</strong> Beautification Committee. Mainstreet’s<br />

private/public partnership with the County was created to<br />

provide consistent maintenance for the raised medians in<br />

Pawleys’ business district. Mainstreet Pawleys is committed<br />

to leveraging every resource to create a welcoming landscape<br />

that centers our business district.<br />

Succinctly, Mainstreet Pawleys is a motivated group of<br />

citizens seeking to ensure the care, maintenance, and upkeep<br />

of the raised median beds from the intersection of<br />

A. Foster McKissick<br />

(1927-1990)<br />

Baskerville Drive south to Tyson Drive…that’s<br />

the traffic light in front of Lowe’s Foods.<br />

Mainstreet’s <strong>Litchfield</strong> cousins have their roots<br />

in beautification; Mainstreet Pawleys – only<br />

founded in 2023 – acknowledged from Day<br />

One: business and beauty must join forces in<br />

the busy retail heart of Pawleys.<br />

That means Mainstreet Pawleys steadfastly<br />

supports beauty, preservation, and economic<br />

vitality. Its initiatives extend beyond beautification<br />

to address issues – tourism, business development,<br />

and environmental conservation – that impact the<br />

community. That’s an exceedingly challenging<br />

trifecta for a resort area welcoming growing numbers of<br />

residents and visitors every year.<br />

A perfect team is in place. And they’re looking for you<br />

… as a donor, a volunteer or simply a moral supporter!<br />

Tax-deductible donations from businesses, owner associations<br />

and individuals help leverage potential County funding.<br />

If you are interested in helping, please contact us at<br />

MainstreetPawleys@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.<br />

Scan this code to donate!<br />

❁<br />

❁<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 31

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

Kathy Harmon Dawson & Leigh Reid Hope<br />

10880 Ocean Hwy, Suite 10, Pawleys Island SC 29585<br />

Sage & Salvage Company, located in the heart of Pawleys<br />

Island, is proud to present "The Warehouse", a unique<br />

shopping experience featuring a wide array of furniture,<br />

home furnishings, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind gifts.<br />

But that's not all!<br />

Coming soon, Whiskey Moon Cafe & Coffee Bar will be<br />

joining the Sage & Salvage family, offering a delicious<br />

selection of coffee, pastries, soups, quiche, and more!<br />

In addition, we will be hosting art and jewelry classes<br />

so you can tap into your creative side. Our goal is to create a<br />

welcoming and fun environment for all to enjoy. Be sure to<br />

visit our second location at 10172 Ocean Hwy, where you'll<br />

find even more unique treasures.<br />

Sage & Salvage Company, Pawleys Island Coolest Boutique!<br />

9380 Ocean Hwy. Pawleys Island SC 29585<br />

843.314.0770<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 32

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

FUN<br />

FACTS<br />

AND<br />


About Our Area’s<br />

Lowcountry<br />

Find Out More<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 33

Arts,Culture& History<br />

Brookgreen Gardens<br />

New Purdy Center Will<br />

Be A Horticultural<br />

Tour de Force<br />

In February <strong>2024</strong>, Brookgreen Gardens broke ground<br />

on its new Welcome Center and Conservatory Gardens, The<br />

Purdy Center. The Purdy Center is the capstone project<br />

within Brookgreen's broader initiative, the Campaign for<br />

the Next Generation, aimed at expanding its art, nature, and<br />

history programs for future generations. This initiative includes<br />

new and renovated facilities as well as supporting endowments.<br />

"As we break ground on The Purdy Center, Brookgreen<br />

Gardens welcomes a new era of education, cultural<br />

enrichment, and horticultural exploration," says Page<br />

Kiniry, president and CEO of Brookgreen Gardens. "This<br />

new Welcome Center and Conservatory will dramatically<br />

enhance the experiences and educational opportunities we<br />

provide to members."<br />

The Purdy Center also will<br />

provide additional event and<br />

educational program space, and<br />

include a new Contemporary<br />

Conservatory. The Center will<br />

transform the campus, welcoming<br />

guests from around the world<br />

and enabling Brookgreen to<br />

expand its horticulture programs.<br />

The new Conservatory promises<br />

to be both a horticultural tour<br />

de force and a unique and beautiful<br />

event space. The Conservatory<br />

Great Hall will be the public centerpiece of the project and<br />

will feature skylights, clear story windows, and accordion<br />

doors opening onto an expansive courtyard.<br />

With ever-changing plant<br />

displays, a floor-to-ceiling<br />

Green Wall showcasing<br />

tropical plants, and an array<br />

of hanging baskets and<br />

planters, this space will be<br />

a seamless extension of<br />

the Gardens. Its multipurpose<br />

nature allows<br />

Brookgreen great flexibility<br />

to rotate the botanical<br />

displays multiple times<br />

during the calendar year<br />

and promises visitors a<br />

new sensory experience<br />

Cattleya Ric. Monthathip Holiday<br />

each time they return.<br />

A prominent feature of the Conservatory will be a colorful<br />

exotic orchid display. A decorative garden trellis, 30 feet long<br />

and 12 feet high will be custom designed to display Brookgreen’s<br />

expanding collection of orchids from around the world.<br />

Brookgreen estimates there will be approximately 100 orchids<br />

on the wall in the Conservatory at any one time. To support<br />

this display, Brookgreen will need to grow 25 orchids<br />

in the support greenhouse for every orchid on display<br />

which will result in about 2,500 orchids in cultivation to support<br />

the presentation. That’s a lot of orchids!<br />

Outside, the Conservatory Veranda, an elevated terrace<br />

featuring a Kalwall shade in the shape of butterfly wings, pays<br />

tribute to Anna Hyatt Huntington's original design of the<br />

formal Gardens in the 1930s. Furthermore, a landscaped<br />

Courtyard will serve as a gathering space for Brookgreen's<br />

programs and tours, doubling as a private event space for<br />

special occasions.<br />

The Center is named for Verl and Sandra Purdy of<br />

Charlotte, NC, and the Peninsula at Inlet Point South at<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong>, SC, in honor of their leadership support of the<br />

Campaign and love of the Gardens as Honorary Trustees.

For generations, South Carolina’s Hammock Coast has quietly given beach lovers, golfers, families, outdoor<br />

enthusiasts and history buffs a vacation destination infused with Southern charm and natural beauty. The<br />

Hammock Coast became Georgetown County's official tourism moniker in 2010, and since then, tourism in<br />

Georgetown County has reached new levels -- enjoying several record-breaking years. Tourist spending in<br />

Georgetown County annually exceeds more than $380 million and accounts for an overall $39 million in combined<br />

state and local taxes. Tourism also produces more than $66 million per year in worker income and<br />

paychecks – and accounts for more than 3,300 local jobs, according to state statistics.<br />

To protect the brand, the Hammock Coast is a registered trademark<br />

and may not be used by other entities without permission.<br />

Over the past year, great things have happened on the Hammock Coast.<br />

The Waccamaw Golf Trail, a collection of 12 public courses in<br />

Georgetown County, asked permission – eagerly granted, by the way<br />

– to rebrand itself the Hammock Coast Golf Trail to take advantage<br />

of the increased visibility and marketing efforts surrounding tourism<br />

and the Hammock Coast brand.<br />

For a second year, the Hammock Coast Birding Festival was held in<br />

February, bringing visitors from 17 states and Canada – and reinforcing<br />

the idea for year-round tourism possibilities in Georgetown County that<br />

can focus on the natural beauty still found in abundance here.<br />

National accolades for South Carolina’s Hammock Coast have swept<br />

in like the ocean tide in recent years.<br />

In 2023, for example, Southern Living magazine named Georgetown<br />

one of the best small towns in America. It also said Brookgreen Gardens is<br />

the best public garden in South Carolina and that Huntington Beach State<br />

Park is South Carolina’s best state park.<br />

This followed, in 2022, when Garden & Gun magazine readers named<br />

Pawleys Island the second-best small beach town in the South (coming in<br />

behind Mexico Beach, Florida.)<br />

In recent months, USA Today and 10 Best nominated three Hammock<br />

Coast beaches as the best in the Palmetto State: Huntington Beach,<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Beach and Pawleys Island.<br />

For more information, visit www.HammockCoastSC.com. Or visit the<br />

Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce’s official Hammock Coast<br />

Visitor Center in the <strong>Litchfield</strong> community of Pawleys Island at<br />

28 Wall Street, just outside the main entrance to <strong>Litchfield</strong> By the Sea.<br />


The Hammock Coast: HammockCoastSC.com • City of Georgetown: DiscoverGeorgetown.com<br />

Town of Pawleys Island Tourism: OnlyPawleys.com<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 36

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong> • The<strong>Litchfield</strong>Company.com<br />

This list is a strong beginning to an<br />

artistic odyssey through Georgetown County.<br />

The area boasts a vibrant cultural scene that<br />

beckons both locals and travelers. Enjoy!<br />


Rice Museum & Prevost Gallery<br />

Fine Art Gallery, Museum & Gift Shop • 633 Front Street<br />

RiceMuseum.org • 843.546.7423<br />

Georgetown Art Gallery • Fine Art Gallery • 705 Front Street<br />

GeorgetownArtGallery.com • 843.527.7711<br />

Georgetown Maritime History Museum<br />

Museum & Gift Shop<br />

729 Front Street • SCMaritimeMuseum.org • 843.520.0111<br />

The Cottage • Eclectic Artisan Shop<br />

814 Front Street • 843.708.6144<br />

Art Harbor Gallery • Fine Art Gallery<br />

914 Front Street • ArtHarbor.org • 843.608.9269<br />

Kaminski House Museum • Museum & Gift Shop<br />

1003 Front Street • KaminskiMuseum.org • 843.546.7706<br />

Georgetown County Museum • Museum & Gift Shop<br />

120 Broad Street• GeorgetownCountyMuseum.com • 843.545.7020<br />

The Gullah Museum • Museum & Gift Shop<br />

123 King Street • GullahMuseumSC.com • 843.527.1851<br />

West End Heritage Center • 1623 Gilbert Street<br />

Email dreamkeepers.gtown@gmail.com<br />


Gray Man Gallery • 10729-A Ocean Highway<br />

GrayManGallery.com • 843.237.2578<br />

Island Art Gallery • 10744 Ocean Highway<br />

PawleysIslandArt.com • 843.314.0298<br />

Floyd Gallery • 11096 Ocean Hwy # 4<br />

FloydFineArts.com • 843.979.0149<br />

Brookgreen Gardens • Outdoor Museum, Zoo & Gift Shop<br />

Fine Art Originals & Prints • Brookgreen.org • 843.235.6000<br />

MISC - Everything Murrells Inlet • Gift Shop & Fine Art<br />

4493 US-17 Business • 843.357.3507<br />

<strong>Style</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />



Bellamy Law Firm PG 30<br />

Bistro 217 / Restic Table Restaurants PG 23<br />

Brookgreen Gardens PG 34<br />

Caledonia / True Blue Golf Courses PG 38<br />

Carrell Group Builders BACK COVER<br />

Christopher’s Fine Jewelry PG 1<br />

Citizens Bank PG 16<br />

Classic Homes PG 3<br />

Cyclopedia Bike Rentals INSIDE FRONT COVER<br />

Define Wealth PG 16<br />

Driftwood Mercantile PG 23<br />

Edward Jones PG 9<br />

First National Bank PG 9<br />

First Trust Mortgage PG 32<br />

Frank’s Pimento Cheese PG 20<br />

Frank’s Restaurant PG 20<br />

Frank’s on 631 Front St. PG 20<br />

Georgetown County Chamber PG 6<br />

Helping Hands PG 28<br />

Lachicotte Vacations PG 11<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Beach & Golf Resort PG 28<br />

Oxner & Stacy Law Firm PG 11<br />

Sage & Salvage Warehouse PG 32<br />

SC Hammock Coast INSIDE BACK COVER<br />

Shelter Mortgage PG 13<br />

South Atlantic Bank PG 11<br />

Tanya Ackerman Photography PG 9<br />

The <strong>Litchfield</strong> Company PG 24<br />

The Citizens Bank PG 16<br />

Windermere Insurance PG 28<br />

Woofgang Bakery & Grooming PG 32<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 37

Experience the Best of<br />

Lowcountry Dining at Two<br />

of Golfweek’s<br />

Top 100 Public Courses<br />

Caledonia's Grillroom is located in our beautiful clubhouse with magnificent<br />

views of the rice fields, Intracoastal waterway and picturesque Par 4 18th hole.<br />

Caledonia's Grill room welcomes the public and is ideal for golfers, locals,<br />

visitors and business outings.<br />

1 (800) 483-6800 • CaledoniaGolfandFishClub.com<br />

369 Caledonia Dr., Pawleys Island, SC 29585<br />

Lunch 11am -3pm • Tavern 10 am - Dusk<br />

OPEN TO<br />


7 DAYS A<br />

WEEK<br />

Overlooking the lake on the Par 4 18th hole,True Blue's Grillroom<br />

welcomes the public daily for breakfast, lunch and cocktails. Offering a<br />

casual atmosphere, and water and golf course views, our Grillroom is<br />

ideal for golfers, locals, visitors and business outings. Book your next<br />

party or meeting with us.<br />

1 (888) 483-6800 • TrueBlue.com<br />

900 Blue Stem Drive, Pawleys Island, SC 29585<br />

Breakfast 7am-3pm • Lunch 11am-3pm • Tavern 10am- Dusk

Hammock Coast Golf<br />

Newly Rebranded<br />

It was a brand merger made in tourism heaven<br />

– and an irrefutable economic driver for Georgetown County.<br />

In November of 2023, the Waccamaw Golf Trail officially took advantage of<br />

the surging popularity of SC’s Hammock Coast® – Georgetown County’s official<br />

tourism moniker – by renaming itself the Hammock Coast Golf Trail.<br />

The Waccamaw Golf Trail couldn’t simply rename itself. Permission was<br />

needed as the Hammock Coast is a registered trademark. “Getting that OK<br />

was easy,” says Beth Stedman, president, and CEO of the Georgetown County<br />

Chamber of Commerce, which serves as Georgetown County’s official<br />

Designated Marketing Organization, or DMO, for tourism.<br />

“We’ve worked with and promoted the Waccamaw Golf Trail<br />

for years, just as we’ve worked tirelessly to brand the area as SC’s<br />

Hammock Coast. We instantly saw the value in the request …<br />

twelve Waccamaw Golf Trail member courses choosing to promote<br />

their properties under the Hammock Coast umbrella offered testament<br />

to the brand’s success.” We are home to some of the nation’s most<br />

acclaimed beaches and golf courses, and it only makes sense to have<br />

them work together to spread the word about everything that falls<br />

under the Hammock Coast brand.”<br />

Hammock Coast Golf Trail includes Caledonia and True Blue, both<br />

Mike Strantz designs ranked among America’s top one hundred resort courses.<br />

Pawleys Plantation, a Jack Nicklaus layout that underwent a transformative<br />

restoration project in 2023 is beloved. Courses TPC and Blackmoor straddle<br />

Horry and Georgetown counties and are the Trail’s northernmost courses.<br />

<strong>Litchfield</strong> Country Club, which opened in 1966, is Pawleys Island’s first golf<br />

course and continues to delight with its playability and conditions. Founders<br />

Club treats players to generous fairways, while River Club, Tradition and<br />

Willbrook, a trio of layouts that deliver quality and value that keeps the area so<br />

popular, form the backbone of countless Trail trips. Wachesaw Plantation East<br />

has hosted four LPGA Tour events, a testament to the quality of the Clyde<br />

Johnston design, while Wedgefield Country Club, the trail’s most southern<br />

course, plays along the Black River, providing views golfers talk<br />

about long after returning home.<br />

A Trail package can be booked as a stay-and-play trip or an only-golf offer at<br />

HammockCoastGolfTrail.com. Definitely visit them online, and<br />

HammockCoastSC.com, on multiple social media sites.<br />

Licenses & Registrations<br />


New residents have ninety davs to transfer vehicle title and registration from<br />

their previous state of residency. If you're titling/registering your vehicle in SC<br />

for the first time, follow these steps:<br />

1. Update your vehicle insurance company with your new SC address.<br />

The company must be licensed to do business in SC.<br />

2. Contact your county of residence auditor's office and share the VIN of the<br />

vehicle you're registering in SC. You must pay the property tax bill to the<br />

county treasurer before you can register your vehicle in this state. You must<br />

bring the original paid property tax receipt to the SCDMV. There will be a<br />

vision test.<br />

3. Find forms at SCDMVOnline.org and visit the SCDMV with all of<br />

the following:<br />

• Completed Title Application (SCDMV Form 400)<br />

• Out-of-state vehicle title and/or registration<br />

If there is a lien on your vehicle, you must bring the name and address of the<br />

company that holds the lien. You will need your most recent registration.<br />

• Acceptable identification<br />

Includes your valid SC or out-of-state beginner's permit, driver's license, or<br />

identification card, a valid passport with visa, Employment Authorization<br />

Document, or a permanent residency card.<br />

• Liability insurance company information<br />

• Power of Attorney<br />

A Power of Attorney is needed if you're leasing your vehicle and if the Title<br />

Application (SCDMV Form 400) is signed by the lessee (registrant) on<br />

behalf of the lessor (title holder).<br />

• Original paid vehicle property tax receipt from your county treasurer's office.<br />

• $250 Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (IMF)<br />

• $15 title fee and $40 registration/license plate fee.<br />

(Fee may be more if you purchase a specialty plate.)<br />

SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles • P.O. Box 1498, Blythewood, SC 29016-0019<br />

(803) 896-5000 • SCDMVonline.com<br />

Georgetown County DMV<br />

214 Ridge Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 • (843) 527-8730<br />

Horry County DMV<br />

4103 Hwy. 701 N., Conway, SC 29526 • (843) 365-4781<br />

1200 21st. Avenue N., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 • (843) 448-9957<br />


Hunting and fishing licenses can be obtained at many sporting goods stores<br />

and bait and tackle shops, or from the SC Department of Natural Resources,<br />

(803) 734-3833, • 326 Little Brook Lane, Columbia, SC 29172 • DNR SC. Gov/<br />


To vote in city, state, and national elections, applicants must be 18 years of<br />

age or older, U.S. citizens, and must establish residency.<br />

Georgetown County Board of Voter Registration and Elections<br />

303 North Hazard St., Georgetown, SC 29440 • (843) 545-3339<br />

Horry County Board of Registration<br />

1515 4th Avenue, Conway, SC 29526 • (843) 915-5440<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 39

Church of Prince Frederick’s Winyah<br />

Barely north of Georgetown, Plantersville Road branches off Highway<br />

701 towards the Pee Dee River. It slices through a nearly untouched forest<br />

dotted with modest signs marking entrances to extraordinary rice plantations.<br />

History hangs in the air. The atmosphere is both melancholy and enticing,<br />

making it hard to decide whether to return to civilization or venture<br />

deeper into the woods.<br />

On this ribbon of a road the<br />

weathered remnants of Prince<br />

Frederick’s Parish, one of SC’s<br />

earliest settlements, are not yet<br />

entirely gone. Established in 1734<br />

and named after Frederick, Prince<br />

of Wales, the parish built its first<br />

church overlooking Black River,<br />

in Black Mingo communities, an<br />

area first made prosperous by<br />

indigo cultivation.<br />

As time passed, the region’s cash<br />

crop shifted towards rice in locations<br />

nearer to the coast, and there was<br />

a need for a new church closer to<br />

Winyah Bay. In 1855, a committee<br />

of influential men embarked on<br />

building a modest wooden chapel.<br />

By 1857, the congregation had<br />

nearly doubled, prompting discussions<br />

about the need for a larger<br />

church. Donations enabled the construction of a magnificent Gothic structure<br />

in 1859.<br />

With the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, the church faced challenges<br />

immediately. European furnishings were lost in transit, and construction<br />

delays were the order of those days. Then, the church's contractor, Mr.<br />

Gunn, tragically lost his life during construction and this story gave rise to<br />

the site's local and iinformal name,<br />

"Old Gunn Church."<br />

After the American Civil War<br />

ended, the Lowcountry’s<br />

economic hardships meant the<br />

church remained unfinished for<br />

nearly two decades. In 1877, thanks<br />

to contributions from the local<br />

community and distant benefactors,<br />

the church was finally completed<br />

and consecrated.<br />

Over the years, dwindling<br />

membership and still other<br />

economic changes led to the<br />

church's decline. Services ceased,<br />

and the building fell into disrepair,<br />

eventually succumbing to fire and<br />

scavenging. Today, a crumbling<br />

facade and bell tower remain,<br />

surrounded by a quiet graveyard<br />

and moss-draped live oaks.<br />

The sorrowful beauty of "Old Gunn Church" stands as a testament to<br />

a bygone era, where prosperity and community once thrived in a wilderness.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 40

Plantersville’s Scenic Byway<br />

The ruins of Old Gunn Church are among the many treasures to be found<br />

on The Plantersville Scenic Byway, one of only three recognized Scenic Byways<br />

in SC. It is a 12-mile-long route adjacent to the Great Pee Dee River that runs<br />

along secondary roads S-22-4 and S-22-52, and winds through former rice<br />

plantations, historic church sites, and great swatches of protected ecosystems<br />

woven of rivers, marshes, creeks, and forests.<br />

Some of this country’s earliest Colonial settlements began here, and significant<br />

events in American History took shape along this roadway. The National Register<br />

of Historical Places has recognized Plantersville’s Pee Dee River Rice Planter’s<br />

Historic District. Additionally, five other sites along the Plantersville Scenic Byway<br />

are separately registered on the National Register. Congresspeople, senators,<br />

governors, generals, foreign ministers, and presidents were known to have traveled<br />

the route.<br />

Photo by Chris Rogers, Georgetown County<br />

Chamber of Commerce<br />

The Dirleton Plantation-Samworth Wildlife Management Area offers a chance<br />

to see some of the region’s wildlife in its natural habitat.<br />

On foot, the best place to start is at the Plantersville Cultural Center, located<br />

at 7 Plantersville Road. It serves as a visitors’ center, and gift shop highlighting<br />

local artwork. There’s a picnic area, and bicycle rentals are available for breezing<br />

along shade-dappled roadways.<br />

Learn lots more at TheVillageGroup.org and HammockCoastSC.com.<br />

Dirleton Plantation Home, Circa late 1850’s<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 41<br />

Worship With Us!<br />


Bethel, Georgetown (843) 546-4898<br />

St. Stephens, Georgetown (843) 546-7364<br />

St. Mary's, Pawleys Island (843) 237-2477<br />

St. John's, Pawleys Island (843) 237-4573<br />

Gordon Chapel, Murrells Inlet (843) 651-2212<br />


All Saints (843) 237-4223<br />

Christ Church (843) 357-6184<br />

Christ the King (843) 237-7475<br />

Prince George Winyah (843) 546-4358<br />


First Baptist Georgetown (843) 546-5187<br />

First Baptist Murrells Inlet (843) 947-0847<br />

Mt. Sinai, Georgetown (843)545-0848<br />

Pawleys Island Baptist (843) 235-6404<br />

Pawleys Island Community (843) 237-4449<br />

Screven, Georgetown (843)546-2589<br />


Holy Cross (843) 237-3459<br />


South Strand (843) 651-0152<br />


Belin (843) 651-5099<br />

Duncan (843) 546-5647<br />

Heaven Gate (843) 651-3028<br />

St. Paul’s Waccamaw (843) 237-2294<br />


Georgetown Pentecostal Holiness (843) 546-8642<br />

Victory Christian Fellowship, Georgetown (843)546-8242<br />


Georgetown (843) 546-5826<br />

Murrells Inlet (843) 651-3751<br />

Pawleys Island Presbyterian (843) 237-4581<br />


Precious Blood of Christ (843) 237-3428<br />

St. Cyprian (843)546-0122<br />

St. Marys (843) 546-7416<br />

St. Michael (843) 651-3737<br />


St. Peter’s (843) 237-2795<br />

Trinity (843) 314-9152<br />


St. Nicholas (843) 238-8636<br />

St. John the Baptist (843) 448-3773<br />

St. Mark Coptic (843) 903-1357<br />

JEWISH<br />

Temple Beth Elohim (843) 325-0389

Learning Begins Here<br />

Horry and Georgetown County School Districts are equipped with the necessary resources to impart knowledge and skills to our youth, enabling them<br />

to become responsible citizens in a rapidly evolving and diverse society. Programs for individuals with special needs are available.<br />

To learn more about the educational opportunities available in Georgetown County, visit gcsd.k12.us or call (843) 436-7000. Similarly, in Horry County, you can access detailed<br />

information at horrycountyschools.net or contact (843) 488-6700. Additionally, an accredited online school is available for interested individuals.<br />

Detailed information regarding this online program can be found at start.k12.com/southcarolina or by calling (855) 960-4589.<br />



Andrews Elementary (843) 264-3419<br />

Rosemary Middle (843) 264-9780<br />

Andrews High (843) 264-3414<br />


Brown’s Ferry Elementary (843) 527-1325<br />

Plantersville Elementary (843) 546-8453<br />

Pleasant Hill Elementary (843) 558-9417<br />

Carvers Bay STEAM Academy (843) 545-0918<br />

Carvers Bay Early College and Career<br />

High School (843) 545-5837<br />


Kensington Elementary (843) 546-8511<br />

Maryville Elementary (843) 546-8423<br />

McDonald Elementary (843) 527-3485<br />

Sampit Elementary (843) 527-4411<br />

Georgetown Middle (843) 527-4495<br />

Georgetown High (843) 546-8516<br />


Coastal Montessori Charter (843) 235-0413<br />

Pawleys Island Montessori (843) 237-9015<br />

Waccamaw Elementary (843) 237-4233<br />

Waccamaw Intermediate (843) 237-7071<br />

Waccamaw Middle (843) 237-0106<br />

Waccamaw High (843) 237-9899<br />

MURRELLS INLET (Horry County)<br />

St. James Elementary (843) 650-8220<br />

St. James Middle (843) 650-5543<br />

St. James High (843) 650-5600<br />


Howard Adult Ed and Howard Alternative Ed<br />

(843) 546-0219<br />



Administrative Office (843) 545-1272<br />


All Saints Classical Christian School<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-8524<br />

Trinity Christian Academy<br />

Andrews (843) 264-8413<br />

Calvary Christian School<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 650-2829<br />

Conway Christian School<br />

Conway (843) 365-2005<br />

Creative Beginnings<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 215-1234<br />

First Baptist Church Wee School<br />

Surfside (843)477-0328<br />

Cadence Academy Preschool<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 970-3614<br />

Georgetown Presbyterian Church Preschool<br />

Georgetown (843) 546-5826 Ext. 138<br />

Herbert Creative Play School<br />

Georgetown (843) 546-7875<br />

Holy Lamb Child Development Center<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 236-9645<br />

Kiddie Park Learning Center,<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 448-3413<br />

The Learning Station<br />

Conway (843) 349-0108<br />

The Learning Tree Day School<br />

Surfside Beach (843) 650-8733<br />

Learning Center<br />

Georgetown (843) 546-8991<br />

Lowcountry Preparatory School<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-4147<br />

Pawleys Island Child Development Center<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-4765<br />

Pawleys Island Christian Academy,<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-9293<br />

Montessori School of Pawleys Island<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-9015<br />

Coastal Montessori Charter School<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 235-0413<br />

Prince George Episcopal Preschool<br />

Georgetown (843) 545-9217<br />

Risen Christ Lutheran School,<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 272-8163<br />

St. Michael Catholic School<br />

Garden City (843) 651-6795<br />

St. Peter’s Lutheran School<br />

Pawleys Island (843) 237-2792<br />

St. Philips Lutheran Kindergarten<br />

Myrtle Beach (843) 488-6290<br />

Socastee (843) 215-0900<br />

Surfside (843) 839-9882<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 42


Webster UNIVERSITY<br />

web<br />

Coastal Carolina University (CCU)<br />

coastal.edu (843) 347-3161<br />

CCU is a comprehensive, public liberal arts institution<br />

where 10,000+ students from across the world<br />

interact with a world-class faculty. The college boasts<br />

a nationally competitive NCAA I athletic program, an<br />

inspiring cultural calendar, and a tradition of<br />

community interaction fueled by 180+ student<br />

clubs and organizations.<br />

CCU offers more than 100 undergraduate<br />

degrees and over thirty graduate-level fields of study.<br />

CCU also boasts a growing array of internship,<br />

research, and international opportunities for<br />

students, as well as numerous online programs<br />

through Coastal Online.<br />

FAST FACT:<br />

CCU is ranked No. 7 on the 2023 Best Value Schools<br />

(U.S. News & World, South Region) list, where it has<br />

consistently earned high rankings for nearly a decade.<br />

Academic quality and net cost are considered in this category.<br />

Horry-Georgetown Technical College<br />

(HGTC)<br />

hgtc.edu (843) 347-3186<br />

Horry-Georgetown Technical College is a two-year<br />

community/technical college that offers more than<br />

70 associate degree, diploma, and certificate<br />

programs for students who are either seeking quick<br />

entry into the workforce or desiring to transfer to a<br />

senior institution to pursue a bachelor's degree.<br />

HGTC offers three convenient campus locations in<br />

Myrtle Beach, Conway and Georgetown.<br />

HGTC Nursing & Health Sciences Institute<br />

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) recently announced groundbreaking for its<br />

Nursing & Health Sciences Institute expansion at their Grand Strand Campus.<br />

This marks a significant milestone in the college’s commitment to healthcare education and community service.<br />

When completed, the state-of-the-art facility will provide an inter-professional training environment for eighteen<br />

healthcare programs and community partners. With plans to expand to 24,100 square feet, the new facility will<br />

introduce a world-class, integrative simulation learning environment. Increased nursing enrollment, invaluable<br />

clinical rotation and internship opportunities, and continued ability to attract top-tier healthcare<br />

faculty are the goals. Strengthening ties between academia and industry is top priority.<br />

ster.edu (843) 497-3677<br />

webster.edu (843) 497-3677<br />

With locations and campuses positioned strategically<br />

across the US, including Myrtle Beach, Webster is<br />

ready to help you leverage life experiences while<br />

pursuing advanced degrees. Webster knows adult<br />

students need flexibility when it comes to the<br />

classroom, so they offer programs online and in<br />

person. Take courses on your schedule to balance<br />

school with work and life. A dynamic curriculum is<br />

grounded in uniting best practices, theory and<br />

real-world insight, and Webster offers several<br />

bachelor's and master's level programs.<br />

FAST FACT:<br />

With more than 160 program offerings and a<br />

variety of flexible study options, HGTC offers<br />

four-year degrees, accelerated master’s, doctoral<br />

programs, certificates, and professional<br />

development series.<br />

Adult & Continuing Education<br />

We are fortunate in our region to have thriving<br />

facilities for anyone who loves to learn no matter age<br />

or interests. There is an abundance of classes,<br />

workshops, exhibits, presentations and programs to<br />

grow your brain, enhance your skill set and enrich<br />

your lives. The websites listed below deliver a bounty<br />

of information so rich you will be surprised.<br />

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a<br />

great place to get started on your quest<br />

to keep brains and bodies sharp!<br />

Georgetowncountylibrary.sc.gov • Hobcawbarony.org<br />

Classatpawleys.com • Brookgreen.org<br />

HGTC.edu • Coastal.edu<br />

HGTC Institute Rendering<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 43

Georgetown County LIBRARY SYSTEM<br />

Georgetown County's award-winning<br />

library system seeks "to serve as a<br />

community resource that expands and<br />

enriches the lives of residents by providing<br />

information, education, and recreation<br />

resources.” Of course, there are books<br />

to borrow; but as technology moves<br />

onward and upward today’s library is<br />

an uber sophisticated place with a long<br />

list of additional resources.<br />

There is no place better than the<br />

library to fully immerse yourself and discover all the<br />

resources they deliver in spades. This is a an abbreviated<br />

list of resources available at your local branch:<br />

• Adult computer stations and free Wi-Fi for devices.<br />

• Rotating artwork and photography exhibits.<br />

• Printing, copying, faxing, and scanning capabilities;<br />

• DeBordieu Auditorium, which includes a projector,<br />

stage, and seating for 200+ people:<br />

• Meeting rooms with whiteboards and smart TVs:<br />

• State of the art Teen Tech Room and a Children's<br />

area with touch-screen computers for toddlers!<br />

• A colorful Storytime room, fish tanks, bean bag<br />

chairs, and free printing for schoolwork.<br />

• Located in Georgetown, the Patricia Doyle Local<br />

History Room offers a treasure chest of printed<br />

resources, including county, state and federal censuses,<br />

SC magazines, historical newsletters, obituaries,<br />

cemetery and burial records, high school yearbooks<br />

and more. Microfilm machines provide access to<br />

thousands of photographs that showcase Georgetown<br />

County of yesteryear.<br />

Each branch location is different from another, but<br />

on the whole, there are computers for public use and<br />

scads of multimedia resources, e.g. CDs, DVDs, audible<br />

and electronic books. You can also access dozens of<br />

online databases through DISCUS, a free service that<br />

provides all South Carolinians access to an electronic<br />

library of essential information resources.<br />

Waccamaw Neck Library<br />

Here on the Waccamaw Neck, the array of<br />

programming for entertainment and education will<br />

surprise and delight. There's Storytime for kids, game<br />

time for the middle years, and live lectures and poetry<br />

readings for grown-ups. There are classes on technology<br />

and games, as well as luncheons and movies and<br />

piano picnics. There are Musicians' series and poetry<br />

readings – and writing! Book sales happen a couple of<br />

times a year. Details specific to this branch are yours<br />

for the taking on Facebook. Search for Waccamaw Neck<br />

Branch Library, as well as the separate page for Friends<br />

of the Waccamaw Library. (theFowl.org). FOWL is<br />

one of the community’s most vibrant organizations.<br />

Other Branches<br />

Listed below, six individual library branches stretch<br />

the depth and breadth of the county. There's an uber-cool<br />

gift shop in Pawleys and new events take shape regularly.<br />

Stay apprised at georgetowncountylibrarysc.gov.<br />

Waccamaw Neck Branch<br />

Georgetown Main Library<br />

Book Sales Are Popular Events<br />

Friends of the Waccamaw Library<br />

.<br />

Georgetown (Main) Branch<br />

405 Cleland St., Georgetown<br />

Waccamaw Neck Branch<br />

41 St. Paul Mace, Pawleys Island<br />

Andrews Branch<br />

105 North Morgan St., Andrews<br />

Carvers Bay Branch<br />

13048 Choppee Rd., Hemingway<br />

Southern Georgetown Branch<br />

4187 Powell Rd., Georgetown<br />

Used Book & Gift Shop<br />

Main Georgetown Branch<br />

Renovation: A New<br />

And Improved Library<br />

Experience!<br />

Exciting transformations await at the Main Library<br />

Branch as they power up for a grand reopening that<br />

is certain to surprise and delight! As <strong>Litchfield</strong> <strong>Style</strong><br />

heads for press, the reno’ is essentially complete, but<br />

a bit of red tape is holding up occupancy issues. They<br />

are hoping for a June/July opening. Whether at the new<br />

branch any other branch of the Georgetown County<br />

Library System, if you haven’t been to a library lately,<br />

make the time. Our libraries have morphed into<br />

something not like the ones you remember growing<br />

up. We’re betting you will be inspired by a bigger,<br />

better library experience than you imagined.<br />

In Georgetown, prepare to be dazzled by extensive<br />

renovations, including automatic main doors, LED<br />

lighting, and beautiful Cypress paneling. Throughout<br />

the building, laminate flooring sets the stage for vibrant<br />

colors and captivating murals that bring the space to life.<br />

Get ready to explore new spaces like our expanded<br />

rare book room – arriving just in time for our library's<br />

225th anniversary. Discover a haven for teens in our<br />

brand new tech room and lounging area, or immerse<br />

yourself in learning in our new English-as-a-Second-<br />

Language (ESL) study spaces.<br />

Dive into captivating storytime sessions in a newly<br />

minted Storytime Room, or marvel at the talents of local<br />

artists showcased on vast display walls throughout the<br />

library. And don't forget to pay homage to the legacy<br />

of Harriet Tubman with a stunning sculpture gracing<br />

the grounds.<br />

As revitalization touches every corner of our library,<br />

stay tuned for more details on the countless improvements<br />

in store. With newly landscaped grounds and a vision<br />

of transformation guiding us forward, the Main Library<br />

Branch is poised to become an even more vibrant hub<br />

of community connection and discovery. Get ready to<br />

embark on this journey with us – the best is yet to come!<br />

Find It In Cyberspace!<br />

The Georgetown County Digital Library (gcdigital.org) is a special<br />

treasure and sheds light on the unique and diverse history of this<br />

county. Researchers, educators, students, and other interested parties<br />

can use this FREE resource to explore the past via rare photos,<br />

newspapers, real estate indentures, journals and letters.<br />

More than 200 oral histories from area<br />

residents are at the heart of the vast collection.<br />

.<br />

These days you can also find a staggering line-up of videos on the<br />

Library's YouTube channel. Search for Georgetown County Library.<br />

From mini-documentaries to coverage of local events, the channel<br />

continues to work at capturing local milestones and preserving<br />

them for 24/7 enjoyment.<br />

.<br />

Investigate all there is to know on an active Facebook page that also<br />

provides historical tidbits and current news, too. This is an amenity<br />

you can enjoy anytime, all the time. It’s digital! And FREE!<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 44

UTILITIES & Services<br />

In Georgetown & Horry Counties<br />


AT&T (843) 545-1782<br />

Frontier Communications (843) 527-4387, (800) 961-0470, (877) 462-6606<br />

HTC Communications (843) 365-2154, (800) 824-6779<br />

Spectrum Digital Phone (843) 913-7940, (866) 892-7201<br />


AT&T (843) 545-1782, (888) 333-6651<br />

HTC Communications (843) 365-2154, (800) 824-6779<br />

T-Mobile (843) 357-9799<br />


Frontier Communication Internet/Phone (843) 527-4387<br />

HTC Communications (800) 824-6779<br />

Spectrum Cable (866) 892-7201<br />


Amerigas (propane) (843) 546-5755<br />

Carolina Temperature Control (propane) (843) 651-6000<br />

Coastal Energy (propane) (843) 651-7736<br />

Suburban Propane (843) 293-1535<br />


Santee Cooper is SC’s state-owned power and water utility. A Social<br />

Security number, passport, FID or TIN, driver’s license and copy of lease<br />

agreement or proof of purchase (if applicable) will be necessary. They will<br />

conduct a credit check to establish the deposit required to start service. If<br />

you’ve been a Santee Cooper customer within the last twelve months, they<br />

can review your account history to establish a deposit requirement.<br />

Deposits must be paid in full prior to connection of service.<br />

Visit www.santeecooper.com to learn more. (843) 527-6952<br />

City of Georgetown<br />

To set up new electric service, residents must fill out an application at City<br />

Hall. A minimum deposit of $90 is required for residential customers, plus<br />

a $33 non-refundable service fee. Bring picture identification. Homeowners<br />

must show proof of ownership such as closing papers. Renters must bring<br />

a landlord confirmation form (available at City Hall) or lease agreement.<br />

City Hall (843) 545-4001 • Power Outage (843) 545-4600<br />

Customer Service (843) 545-4000 (electric service information)<br />

Horry Electric Coop<br />

Socastee Office • 5889 Hwy 707 • (843) 650-7530 • www.horryelectric.com<br />

Conway Office (Main Office) • 2774 Cultra Road • (843) 369-2211<br />

Santee Electric Cooperative<br />

To apply for new service, applicants need to supply a driver’s license or<br />

picture identification, Social Security number, phone number, service and<br />

billing addresses, and proper permits, if applying for construction. A credit<br />

check is required.<br />

92 West Virgina Road, Georgetown (843) 546-4521 • (800) 922-1604<br />

(888) 239-2300 to report outages • www.santee.org<br />


Georgetown County<br />

Pawleys Island, 596 Grate Avenue (843) 237-1154<br />

Murrells Inlet, 5455 Wesley Road (843) 651-0872<br />

Georgetown Maryville Center, 3555 So. Fraser Street (843) 527-8029<br />

Georgetown Landfill, 201 Landfill Road (843) 545-3463<br />

City of Georgetown<br />

Call the Sanitation Department at (843) 545-4700 for more information.<br />

Horry County<br />

New residents in Horry County can contact the Horry County Solid Waste<br />

Authority for specifics. (843) 347-1651, www.solidwasteauthority.org<br />


City of Georgetown<br />

The City of Georgetown provides water and sewer services within city<br />

limits. To set up new service, residents must fill out an application at City<br />

Hall. For more information, call the City Hall customer service line at<br />

(843) 545-4000. For water or sewer emergencies, call the 24-hour line<br />

(843) 545-4500. For billing questions call (843) 545-4048.<br />

Georgetown County<br />

The Georgetown County Water and Sewer District serves parts of the<br />

county with water and sewer services. To establish new service, visit one<br />

of the district’s offices at 456 Clearwater Dr. in Pawleys Island or 4145<br />

Highmarket St. in Georgetown. For more information, call (843) 546-8408.<br />

The Grand Strand<br />

The Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority: 166 Jackson Bluff Road in<br />

Conway, (843) 443-8200, www.gswsa.com.<br />

City of Myrtle Beach<br />

The Myrtle Beach Water & Sewer services customers within the city<br />

limits of Myrtle Beach: Direct billing questions to (843) 918-1212 or<br />

research www.cityofmyrtlebeach.com. For public works questions,<br />

contact (843) 918-2000.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 45

ManagingYour MONEY<br />

In our area, there is a wealth of highly trained financial professionals to assist you<br />

with the gamut of banking and investment needs.We trust you’ll find the staff at<br />

our many institutions to be welcoming, courteous and knowledgeable.<br />

BANKS<br />


706 N. Fraser Street, Georgetown<br />

(843) 546-3652 • abbank.com<br />

BANK OF AMERICA • bankofamerica.com<br />

3991 Ocean Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet<br />

(843) 651-6350<br />

10267 Ocean Hwy 17 S., Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 237-1990<br />

THE CITIZENS BANK • thecitizensbank.cc<br />

1510 Exchange Street, Georgetown<br />

(843) 527-5000<br />

3796 Hwy. 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet<br />

843-651-4420<br />

11022 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 237-5777<br />


conwaynationalbank.com<br />

4345 Ocean Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet<br />

(843) 651-8135<br />

10608 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 979-5721<br />

FIRST CITIZENS BANK • firstcitizensonline.com<br />

726 Front Street, Georgetown (843) 546-8510<br />

919 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island (843) 237-8471<br />


2293 Glenns Bay Road, Surfside Beach • firstpalmetto.com<br />

(843) 650-1401<br />


1530 Bourne St., Georgetown (843) 436-6323<br />

1379 Fraser St., Georgetown (Main Office) (843) 546-8494<br />

49 Jetty Drive, Pawleys Island (843) 979-1300<br />

SOUTH ATLANTIC BANK • southatlanticbank.com<br />

1187 N. Fraser Street, Georgetown (843) 436-6800<br />

10970 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island (843) 848-2049<br />

11019 Tournament Blvd., Murrells Inlet (843) 848-2000<br />


1701 Highmarket Street, Georgetown<br />

(843) 545-8300 • scfederal.org<br />

SOUTHSTATE BANK • southstatebank.com<br />

1025 Church Street, Georgetown (843) 546-8500<br />

11039 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island (843) 237-3404<br />

4210 Ocean Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet (843) 357-7077<br />

TDBANK • Td.com<br />

1031 Front St., Georgetown (843) 546-4164<br />

205 Hwy. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet (843) 651-3602<br />

300 Hwy. 17 N., Surfside Beach (843) 238-5692<br />

TRUIST • truist.com<br />

11403 Ocean Hwy 17 S., Pawleys Island (843) 979-1331<br />

656 Sunnyside Avenue, Murrells Inlet (843) 652-5000<br />

UNITED BANK • bankwithunited.com<br />

2636 Ocean Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet (843) 429-2482<br />

13021 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island (843) 429-2510<br />

UNITED COMMUNITY BANK • ucbi.com<br />

11915 Plaza Drive, Murrells Inlet (843) 839-1801<br />

WELLS FARGO • wellsfargo.com<br />

1002 Front Street, Georgetown (843) 527-6200<br />

4380 Ocean Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet (843) 651-2005<br />



10023 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 997-1563<br />


coastalcapitalsc.com • 640 Morse Ave Unit 9,<br />

Murrells Inlet (843) 360.7612<br />


cstrategics.com • 354 Tiller Dr # 2a, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 999-5092<br />

DEFINE WEALTH • definewealth.com<br />

11270 Ocean Hwy Suite B, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 314-0496<br />


edwardjones.com/us-en/financial-advisor/tim-boyle2<br />

9180 Ocean Hwy., Unit 7, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 314-8437<br />


hammockwm.com/ • 237-C Willbrook Boulevard,<br />

Pawleys Island, SC (843) 235-1195<br />


raymondjames.com<br />

640 Morse Ave., Bldg. B, Suite E, Murrells Inlet<br />

(843) 299-0022<br />


227 Business Center Dr, Pawleys Island<br />

(843) 237-8476<br />


wildesfinancialstrategies.com<br />

625 Church Street, Georgetown (843) 485-4371<br />

<strong>Style</strong> 46

OurTAXES<br />

SALES TAX Georgetown County 6% • Horry County 9%<br />

MOTOR FUELS As of July 01, 2022, SC’s Motor Fuel User<br />

Fee is $.28 per gallon.<br />




Tax District #1, 2, 3 264.1<br />

Tax District #4, 42 244.8<br />

Tax District #41 251.0<br />

Tax District #5 (City of Georgetown) 348.7<br />

Tax District #6 (Town of Andrews) 363.4<br />


General Fund 35.5<br />

Higher Education 1.2<br />

Bureau of Aging Services .0<br />

Economic Development .5<br />

Law Enforcement 22.5<br />

Debt Service (Bonds) 11.5<br />

Debt Service (Capital Leases) 2.9<br />

Environment Services 2.7<br />

Total County 76.8<br />


Solid Waste Recycling Collection (Dist. #1,2,3,4,41,42) 3.6<br />

Fire District #1 County (Dist. #1,2,3) 34.1<br />

Fire District #2 County, Midway (Dist. #4,42) 14.8<br />

Fire District #3 Murrells Inlet-Garden City (Dist. #41) 21.0<br />


Operating 121.1<br />

Bonds 28.5<br />

Total School 149.6<br />

CITY OF GEORGETOWN (Tax District #5)<br />

Operating 118.3<br />

Debt Service 4.0<br />

Total City 122.3<br />

TOWN OF ANDREWS (Tax District #6) Total 137.0<br />

Districts #5, #6 (County and School only) Total 226.4<br />


Debt Service 4.0<br />

General Funds 47.3<br />

Horry-Georgetown Technical Education College 1.7<br />

Higher Education Commission 0.7<br />

Senior Citizens Fund 0.4<br />

County Recreation 2.1<br />

Total Levy for County Purposes 56.2<br />

Board of Education Debt Service 10.0<br />

School Operation Fund 118.1<br />

Total Levy for School Purposes 128.1<br />

Total County and School Purposes 184.3<br />


(843) 545-3098 • georgetowncountysc.org<br />


(843) 915-5040 • horrycounty.org<br />

SC Department of Revenue (844) 898-8542<br />

1350 Farrow Parkway, Suite 200, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577<br />

Georgetown County Legislative Delegation Office<br />

129 Screven Street, Georgetown, SC 29440<br />

(843) 545-3029<br />

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Government Info<br />

Georgetown & Horry County government officials work<br />

tirelessly to maintain and improve our community.<br />

We’re sure you’ll find our city and county staff members to be helpful,<br />

courteous and knowledgeable.<br />

Call the office or check the websites below to find out more and to<br />

find official county email addresses.<br />


129 Screven Street 29440 • P.O. Box 421270 29442<br />

Georgetown, SC (843) 545-3063 • gtowncounty.org<br />


1301 Second Avenue, Conway, SC 29526<br />

(843) 915-5120 • horrycountysc.org<br />


Mayor Carol Jayroe<br />

1134 N. Fraser Street 29440 • P.O. Drawer 939 29442<br />

Georgetown (843) 545-4007 • georgetownsc.com<br />


Mayor Brenda Bethune<br />

937 Broadway Street (843) 918-1012 • cityofmyrtlebeach.com<br />

PAWLEYS ISLAND TOWN HALL • Mayor Brian Henry<br />

323 Myrtle Avenue, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 (843) 237-1698<br />

townofpawleysisland.com<br />


(800) 275-8777 • usps.com<br />


Georgetown 29440, 29442 • Murrells Inlet 29576<br />

Pawleys Island 29585 • Andrews 29510<br />

Myrtle Beach 29572, 77, 78, 79, • Hwy. 544 & Socastee<br />

29588 • Surfside 29575<br />


Andrews Branch<br />

102 N. Morgan Avenue (843) 264-5506<br />

Georgetown Main Office<br />

1101 Charlotte Street (843) 546-5515<br />

Monday-Friday 9AM-4:30PM<br />

Saturday 10AM-11AM<br />

Murrells Inlet Branch<br />

654 Bellamy Avenue (843) 651-2422<br />

Monday-Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM<br />

Saturday 10AM-Noon<br />

Pawleys Island Branch<br />

10993 Ocean Highway 17 (843) 237-4232<br />

Monday-Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM<br />

Saturday 10AM-11AM


DHEC Region 6 Public Health<br />

1931 Industrial Park Road, Conway 29526 • (843) 915-8800 • scdhec.gov<br />

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Region 6 provides public health services in Horry and Georgetown<br />

counties. DHEC is committed to providing preventive health education, restaurant sanitation, early detection of health problems, disease<br />

surveillance, home health services, and maintaining vital statistics such as birth and death certificates.<br />

Georgetown County Health Department<br />

Horry County Health Department<br />

531 Lafayette Circle, Georgetown 29440 • (843)546-5593 927 Shine Avenue, Myrtle Beach 29577 • (843)238-4378<br />


HEALTH And<br />


Georgetown & Horry Counties<br />

Grand Strand Health<br />

809 82nd Parkway, Myrtle Beach 29572 • (843) 692-1000 • mygrandstrandhealth.com<br />

Grand Strand Health is a multi-facility health system located on the coast of the Grand Strand community and has facilities throughout<br />

the Grand Strand to provide quality, convenient healthcare. HealthFinders is Grand Strand Health’s community resource center, located<br />

in the Coastal Grand Mall. This facility offers a wide range of seminars, hospital and health information, free and no-cost health screenings,<br />

wellness classes and special events. HealthFinders is open Monday-Friday from 10AM-6PM. Screenings are preferred by appointment, and<br />

masks are required. Call (843) 839-9933 to make an appointment.<br />

Conway Medical Center<br />

300 Singleton Ridge Rd, Conway 29526 • (843) 347-7111 • conwaymedicalcenter.com<br />

CMC is a full-service hospital and medical center serving Conway and Myrtle Beach, with more than twenty locations throughout Horry County.<br />

Grand Strand Medical Center<br />

809 82nd Parkway, Myrtle Beach 29577 • (843)692-1000<br />

mygrandstrandhealth.com<br />

Grand Strand Medical Center is a 403-bed acute care hospital serving<br />

residents of Horry and surrounding counties. Late in 2021,<br />

Grand Strand Medical Center was named among America’s 100 Best<br />

for stroke, spine surgery, GI surgery and critical care according to<br />

Healthgrades. It was also named among the top two percent of U.S.<br />

hospitals for clinical outcomes.<br />

Tidelands Health<br />

4070 Highway 17 Bypass Murrells Inlet 29576<br />

1-866-TIDELANDS • tidelandshealth.org<br />

Tidelands Health, the region’s MUSC Health affiliate, is four hospitals and more than sixty outpatient locations that stretch from North<br />

Myrtle Beach to Hemingway. From experienced family physicians to specially trained surgeons, nearly 300 providers deliver expert care<br />

operating beneath the Tidelands Health umbrella.<br />

Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital<br />

606 Black River Road, Georgetown 29440 • (843)527-7000 • tidelandshealth.org<br />

Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital has delivered high-quality health care to the people of Georgetown and surrounding<br />

counties since 1950. The 131-bed hospital holds Joint Commission certification in joint replacement and spine surgery<br />

and is an advanced primary stroke center.<br />

Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital<br />

4070 Highway 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet 29576 • (843) 652-1000 • tidelandshealth.org<br />

Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital delivers high-quality health care to the people of Georgetown, Horry and surrounding counties.<br />

The 124-bed hospital holds Joint Commission certifictions in childbirth, joint replacement and spine surgery and is an advanced primary stroke<br />

center and a designated baby-friendly hospital.<br />

Tidelands Waccamaw offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including 24-hour emergency care, critical<br />

care and general medical and surgical services. Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Hospital, the region’s first inpatient rehabilitation hospital,<br />

is located inside Tidelands Waccamaw.<br />

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