TEM-UCA 2010 Brochure


TEM-UCA 2010 Brochure


TEM-UCA Summer Workshop “Transmission Electron Microscopy of Catalytic Materials and

Nanoparticles” is one of the Networking activities programmed within the framework of the

“Distributed European Infrastructure of Advanced Electron Microscopy for Nanoscience”,

EESSTTEEEEMM project for 2010 (from 12 th to 16 th July).

Workshop Objectives

This TEM-UCA 2010 Summer Workshop will be devoted to review the advancements of

Transmission Electron Microscopy, both imaging and spectroscopic techniques, in the

characterization of catalytic materials and nanoparticles. During the morning, the speakers (8

lectures, see program) will illustrate how TEM techniques as High Resolution Transmission

Electron Microscopy, High Angle Annular Dark Field imaging, Electron Tomography, Electron

Energy Loss Spectroscopy and In-situ Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy studies can be

combined to obtain structural and chemical information of the analysed materials at the atomic

scale. Moreover it will be shown how TEM information can be combined with catalytic activity

measurements to correlate the structure and chemistry of the catalytic systems with their

catalytic performance. Different examples will illustrate the practical aspects of nanoparticle

and catalytic materials characterization.

During the afternoon, the participants will be divided in 2 groups to participate at computer

labs in which they will get trained in the practical use of different software applications in the

field of TEM. The topics covered in these computers labs will be the following:

• High Resolution Electron Microscopy (HREM): Image Processing.

• Modelling of nanoparticles and HREM simulation.

• Electron Tomography

• Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).

During the workshop, the participants will also have the opportunity to present their own work

and place open questions and problems to be solved with electron microscopy techniques to

experts in the different fields.

The Workshop is limited to a maximum number of 30 attendees. If you are currently working

or interested in the field of Catalytic Materials and Nanoparticles and their characterization by

TEM, send your preregistration as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you in Cádiz,

the most ancient city in Occident.

Place and Dates

Both lectures and labs will take place at the Faculty of Science, at the following address:

Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Cádiz

Campus Rio San Pedro

Puerto Real

11510 - Cádiz

Free transport by bus will be provided by the organization from the lodging place in Cadiz to

the Faculty early in the morning.

Registration Details

Registration Fee : 550 euros. This covers attendance to lectures and labs, lodging at the

University Residence (Cádiz) from 12 th to 16 th July lunch time, coffee breaks and lunch, printed


Preregistration Deadline: On-line form to be filled at www.uca.es/tem-uca before 16 th

April. An e-mail will be sent back as confirmation of pre-registration reception.

Admission Announcement: An e-mail confirmation message will be sent out to all admitted

participants by 23 th April. The admission list will also be published at the Workshop web site


Registration Payment Deadline: Registration payments of admitted participants should be

completed before 7 th May. More information on the payment procedure will be directly sent to

the admission list.


Apartamentos Universitarios Campus

Plaza de la Catedral, 10

11005 – Cádiz

Teléfonos: 956 254 224 / 696 797 055 / 902 400 477

Email: cadiz@apartamentoscampus.com


Check-in: Sunday 11 th July

Check-out: Friday 16 th July

Note: Additional booking outside these dates should be directly conveyed with the Residence Management Services.

Workshop Secretary and Contact information

Dr. Susana Trasobares

Departamento de Ciencia de los Materiales e Ingeniería Metalúrgica y Química Inorgánica

Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Cádiz

Campus Rio San Pedro

Puerto Real


� +34 956 01 6333 (ask for TEM-UCA information) �(fax) +34 956 01 6288 � temuca@uca.es

More information: http://www.uca.es/tem-uca

Workshop Program

Monday 12 th July

9.00-9.30 Registration and Workshop opening

9.30-11.00 Electron Microscopy of Nanostructured Materials

G. Van Tendeloo (to be confirmed)

11-11.30 Coffee


Hetereogeneous Catalyst and Electron Microscopy

R. Schlögl

13.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-18.30 Practical Lab.

Tuesday 13 th July

9.00-11.00 In-situ studies on Catalytic Materials

P Gai

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-13.00 Image Simulation and Modelling of nanoparticles

J.A. Perez-Omil

13.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-18.30 Practical Lab.

Wednesday 14 th July

9.00-11.00 Application of EELS to catalytic materials

O Stephan

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-13.00 Students Presentation

13.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-18.30 Practical Lab.

Thursday 15 th July

9.00-11.00 3D visualization of catalytic nanostructures

P. Midgley

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-13.00 Understanding synthesis and performance of supported catalyst using electron


J.J. Calvino

13.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-18.30 Practical Lab.

Friday 16 th July

9.00-11.00 Aberration corrected microscopy of catalysts

C. Kiley

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-13.00 Visit to Electron Microscopy Facilities

13.00-15.00 Lunch

List of Confirmed Lecturers


G. Van Tendeloo University of Antwerp (Belgium)

R Schlögl Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max Planck Society (Germany)

P.Gai University of York (UK)

O Stéphan Université Paris Sud (France)

J.A. Pérez-Omil University of Cadiz (Spain)

J.J. Calvino University of Cadiz (Spain)

P. Midgley University of Cambridge (UK)

C. Kiely Lehigh University (USA)

Practical Labs

Juan Jose Delgado University of Cadiz (Spain)

Ana Belen Hungría University of Cadiz (Spain)

Susana Trasobares University of Cadiz (Spain)

Financial Support

To facilitate attendance of young scientists, the Spanish Society of Microscopy

(SME) provides 3 awards of 150€. Only SME members (check

www.microscopia.org for SME affiliation) can apply and they must provide an

official letter from their institution verifying their enrollment in Research activities

as a young researcher (i.e. as a PhD student, postdoc,..) as well as a brief CV.

Application must be indicated in the on-line registration form. Documents should

be sent by e-mail to the Workshop secretary with indication in the Subject.

The final decision on financial support assignments will be communicated on the

Workshop web site by 30 th April as well as by e-mail sent to all the applicants.



The TEM-UCA 2010 Summer Worshop is organized by the University of Cádiz

(UCA) and ESTEEM project and managed by FUECA

Organizing comitee:

• José Juan Calvino

• José A. Pérez-Omil

• Susana Trasobares (Secretary)

• Juan José Delgado

• Ana B. Hungría

• Miguel A. Cauqui

• Juan Carlos Hernández Garrido

• Juan de Dios López

• Esther Chinchilla

• Miguel López Haro


• Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Cádiz

• Servicios Centralizados de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Universidad de Cádiz

• MCINN Programa Cosolider Ingenio 2010

• COST action FP7 nanotp

• Sociedad de Microscopía Electrónica (SME) de España

• ESTEEM Project (http://esteem.ua.ac.be/)


• Amira

• Aname

• Fei

• Gatan

• Izasa

• Jeol

• Zeiss

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