Scotland &Ireland - McKinlay Kidd

Scotland &Ireland - McKinlay Kidd

Georgina Brookes was looking for

a relaxed holiday to celebrate her

husband Robert’s 60th birthday,

when she spoke to McKinlay Kidd.

“I wanted to book something

for a surprise present,” says

Georgina. “As Robert’s interested

in steam trains, a holiday where

we travelled on the Jacobite

Steam Train was ideal!”

Robert recommends

If you’re celebrating a special

occasion during your holiday, we are

always delighted to help. That means

anything from keeping the trip a

surprise from a partner, to arranging

cakes, flowers, champagne, special

dinners or romantic boat trips.

Our selection of train and public

transport based holidays is

continually growing. This year we

offer holidays from two night short

breaks on the West Highland Line,

through island-hopping holidays

on Mull and Skye, to week long

tours of Scotland.



Delicious food,

stunning scenery...

and driven round

Scotland by their

own personal guide.

Veronika Hrvatic and her partner Luca Poggi

wanted a 5-night holiday in Scotland that was a

bit different. “I was fascinated by the suggestions

put forward by McKinlay Kidd,” says Veronika,

one of which was travelling with a driver-guide.

Taking in the Highlands, Isle of Skye and a

photography course on Mull, this holiday gave

them the freedom to change their routes and

plans day by day.

As Veronika recalls, “the Shellfish Safari

was a great experience. We spent two hours

with a local fisherman on Dry Island, seeing

him catch crabs and langoustines. He then

cooked lunch for us from his catch of the day,

a perfect afternoon.”

They found being driven around a relaxing

way to travel. And their driver was helpful

in suggesting places for breaks and lunches,

giving them a good insight into everyday life

in Scotland.

“ We definitely fell

in love with the

country, with its

history, haunted

castles, unspoiled

nature, lovely

people and

delicious food.”


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