Athletics Overview - Princeton Athletics

Athletics Overview - Princeton Athletics

Princeton Athletics

Th is insert was prepared by the Princeton University Department of Athletics


Education Th rough Athletics

A Message From Ford Family Director of Athletics Gary Walters ’67

During the 2011-12 academic year, Princeton teams

combined to win 10 Ivy League championships. We

extended our streak of winning the league’s unoffi cial

all-sports points championship to 26 straight years and our

streak of having at least one team or individual national

champion to 41 straight years. Princeton fi nished 39th in

the Learfi eld Sports Directors’ Cup, making us the only

FCS school in the Top 50 and the highest fi nishing Ivy

school for the 16th time in the 19 years the Cup has been

awarded. This summer, Princetonians captured seven

medals at the London Olympics. Undoubtedly, all of these

accomplishments contributed greatly to our unmatched

tradition of athletic success, but more importantly, our

offi cial motto of "Education Through Athletics" continued

to guide our daily efforts on and off the fi elds of play.

The student-athletes, coaches, alumni and academicathletic

fellows whom you will read about in this

publication exemplify the well-rounded University

citizens who are all ambassadors of our approach to

intercollegiate athletics. On behalf of all of the individuals

associated with the Tiger Athletics family, I encourage you

to read more about what distinguishes Princeton Athletics

and how "Education Through Athletics" is shaping, and

has shaped, so many great men and women who represent

Princeton University.


Gary Walters ’67

Ford Family Director of Athletics

Through Athletics” means an extension of learning

outside of the classroom to the court, fi eld, track, etc.

Student-athletes at Princeton can learn invaluable life

lessons in each and every practice, game or competition

throughout their four years here. Personally, I’ve

learned how to communicate better, manage my time

effectively, work with a team, fi ght through tough

situations - the list goes on and on.

While I have had many memorable moments

within my team, I fi nd that my favorite memories

and experiences as part of the Princeton Athletics

community have happened while cheering on my

fellow student-athletes. The best to date was defi nitely

the Princeton men’s basketball game against Harvard

at home last year. The stands were packed and the

energy in the gym was electric. My teammates and I

were jumping and screaming for the entire second half,

and were quick to jump into the wave of students who

rushed the court at the buzzer. It was an unforgettable


The mission of the Princeton Varsity

Club is to implement and support

programs that perpetuate and enhance

the Performance, Values and Community

of Princeton Athletics and the University,

and thereby contribute to “Education

Through Athletics” at Princeton.

Annual programming & events supported by the PVC:

PVC Awards Banquet (hosted the Thursday of Reunions)

On-Campus Pre-Game Receptions & Special Events

On-Campus Advocacy for all Student-Athletes

“PVC On The Road” Receptions

PVC Letter Sweater Program

Seasonal Coaches Luncheons

Jake McCandless ’51 PVC Speaker Series

PVC Weight Room in Jadwin Gym

Career Development Program, including PVC Information Sessions

Tigers in the Community Program, including Weapons of Mass

Construction, the PVC Service Circle and Reading with the Tigers

Without the generous support of Princeton alumni

and athletic supporters, the PVC would not be able to

offer broad-based initiatives and events that benefi t

all Princeton student-athletes.

For more information on the Princeton Varsity Club, please


Mr. Frank J. Stanley, IV ’89

Mr. Th omas J. Steiglehner ’88

Mr. Paul G. Steinhauser ’83

Mr. Richard A. Stengel ’77

Mr. Michael G. Steuerer ’76 P08

Ms. Darnley D. Stewart ’84

St. Francis University

Th omas and Jennifer Still P14

Drew K. Stratton, C.F.P. ’87

Mr. Douglas B. Struckman ’88 S89

Mr. Benjamin B. Strutt ’97

Mr. A. Lawrence Stuever ’74

Mr. Lawrence J. Stupski ’67

Mr. Austin P. Sullivan, Jr. ’63

Mr. Andrew Y. Sung ’05

Mr. Douglas J. Susan ’84

Ms. Kazuko Suzuki ’83 P14

Mr. Donald H. Swan ’61

Jon and Christina Swenson P15 P16

Ms. Mary B. Sykes ’79

Mr. Th omas H. Tarantino ’69

Mr. Richard J. Tavoso ’87

William and Julie Tifft P13

Tiger Sunshine Fund

Joseph Tobin II and Edith Tobin P14

Tora Trading Services, LLC

P. Justin Tortolani, M.D. ’92 S94 and

Kimberly Simons Tortolani ’94 S92

Mr. John R. Towers ’63

Mr. Cass Traub ’03

William C. Trimble, Jr., Esq. ’58

Mr. Th omas N. Trkla ’81

Shawn E. Trokhan, M.D. ’96 S97

Ronald Tutrone, Jr. and Lissen Tutrone P15

Mr. H. Kirk Unruh Jr. ’70 P95 h62 h83 h84 h07

Mr. Th omas I. Unterberg ’52

Mr. Allen Bruce Uyeda ’71

Ms. Elizabeth B. Vaden P14

Mr. William N. Vaughan ’42

Marilyn and Vincent Vecchiotti g07

Mr. Matthew S. Verbit ’05

Ms. Nancy J. Victory ’84

Mrs. Diana Gardner Vogel ’90

Mr. Bruce D. Von Cannon ’76

Mr. Henry Von Kohorn ’66 P98

John Von Th ron, M.D. ’84 P15

Ms. Angie Vorhies ’86 P15

Mr. Frank J. Vuono ’78

Mr. Gregory R. Waller ’92

Dennis and Robin Walsh P01

Mr. Gary D. Walters ’67 P05

Mr. William H. Walton, III ’74 S78

Mr. William B. Ward, Jr. ’59

James and Kathryn Webb P13

Mr. Daniel T. Weber P15

Mr. Edwin A. Weihenmayer, III ’62

Dr. and Mrs. Th omas J. Weiner P02 P04

Charles and Kathryn Wendell P06

Mr. Gregory S. Werlinich ’86

Mr. Matthew B. Whalen ’88

Julian and Linda Whatley P11

Mr. William C. Whitridge, Jr. ’00 S00

Dr. James W. Wickenden, Jr. ’61 P90

Mr. Mark Wilf ’84

Robert and Laura Willis P15

Mr. John S. Wilson ’79

Mr. August L. Wolf ’83

Mr. Daniel S. Wong P04

Stephen Woodsum and Anne Lovett P12

Mr. M. Cabell Woodward, Jr. ’51 P78

Mrs. Elizabeth Newsam Wring ’84

Mr. Clinton S. Wu ’05

Mr. John O. Wynne, Jr. ’98

Mr. John O. Wynne ’67 P98 P04

Mr. Paul M. Wythes ’55 P86

R. Paul and Patricia Yetter P15

Mr. Anthony A. Yoseloff ’96

Christopher R. Young ’02 S02 and

Elizabeth Young ’02 S02

Mrs. William J. Young W49

Xiaodi Zhang and Shurong Zheng P15

Mr. James E. Zimmerman ’80

Mr. James W. Zug ’62

Th ose listed above contributed a total of $1,000

or more to the Department of Athletics, an

Athletics Friends Group and/or the

Princeton Varsity Club during fi scal year 2012.

It is your support that helps us provide one of

the best educational and athletics experiences in

the nation. Th ank you!

Tiana Woolridge ’15

Women’s Volleyball

Athletics Friends Groups & Princeton Varsity Club

Tiana Woolridge ’15 (Right) with teammate Sarah Hanna ’15.

Woolridge is a Molecular

Biology major and plans

on getting a certifi cate in

Neuroscience. She is also

a Project Coordinator for

Princeton’s chapter of the

American Red Cross, a

member of the Foundation for

International Medical Relief

of Children, and of the Student

Health Advisory Board. She was

recently named a member of the

Varsity Student-Athlete Advisory


My oldest brother, Zach

Woolridge, graduated from

Princeton in 2008. When I came

to the school during the last

weekend in April of my senior

year, I was convinced within a

day that Princeton was the place

I wanted to be. The students

were so driven and passionate

across so many fi elds. And the

opportunity to be a part of a

strong Division I athletics program while studying at

one of the best universities in the nation? I couldn’t

have wished for a better undergraduate experience.

The fact that Princeton students are competing

and winning on a national and international scale

(including the Olympics) is absolutely incredible. The

high level of competition in a place that is known for

being one of the most academically challenging schools

in the nation is incredibly special. To me, “Education

The Athletics Friends Groups support a wide range of

needs and opportunities within each of the 38 varsity

athletics teams. Currently, there are 18 AFGs, as they

are co-ed groups. The mission of AFGs is to secure

philanthropic and volunteer support that enables coaches to recruit, retain

and develop some of the fi nest scholar-athletes in the world, and to provide

our student-athletes with the best possible overall experience. We encourage

all Princeton alumni letterwinners/participants, parents of student-athletes,

parents of alumni, and friends of Princeton Athletics to become involved in

Athletics Friends Groups.

The following are some of the items that the Athletics Friends Groups support:

Travel: out-of-region competition, training trips, out-of-season competition

Recruiting: transportation, lodging, hosting


Technology: specialized software, video and editing equipment, cell phones

Team support: out-of-term meals, photography, medical support

Team banquets, awards, mentoring sessions

Player and parent functions

Professional books, memberships, conventions and clinics

Events for alumni and friends such as fundraising dinners, alumni days, on-the-road

gatherings, networking events

Friends Group communications

Thank you in advance for your support and for investing in the future of Princeton Athletics!

If you have questions regarding Athletics Friends Groups, please contact Diana Dreyfus

K02, Development Offi cer for Athletics Friends Groups, at

Tiger Triumphs

Nov. 4 The fi eld hockey team defeats Penn to clinch its seventh

straight title, 20th overall and its 17th in the past 18


Dec. 4 The Eastern champion men’s water polo team defeats

UC San Diego to seal a third-place national fi nish.

Feb. 12 The fencing teams complete undefeated weekends on

their way to sweeping the Ivy League men’s and women’s

championships for the second time in three years.

Feb. 19 The Ivy champion men’s squash team ends Trinity’s

13-year run and claims the CSA national championship

with a 5-4 win at Jadwin Gym.

Feb. 25 The women’s basketball team tops Dartmouth to clinch

its third consecutive Ivy League title.

March 3 The men’s swimming and diving team captures its

fourth straight Ivy title.

March 25 Jonathan Yergler ’14 wins the national championship in

the épée at the NCAA fencing championships.

April 28 The men’s lacrosse team defeats Cornell to cap an

undefeated league season and earn the Ivy title.

April 29 The women’s water polo team wins the Eastern

Championship and earns its fi rst NCAA championship


May 6 The men’s track & fi eld team wins outdoor HEPs to

complete its second consective triple crown.

May 31 Reddy Finney ‘51 received the Class of 1967 PVC

Citizen-Athlete Award at the 15th annual PVC Awards


May 31 & Billy Pate and Laura Granville are named the new

June 6 head coaches of the men’s and women’s tennis teams.

June 5- The men’s lacrosse team travels to Costa Rica for 10

June 15 days of travel, community service, fun, and competition.

June 9 Donn Cabral ’12 completes an undefeated season by

winning the national championship in the steeplechase.

June 12 Lisa Sweeney is named the new head coach of

Princeton softball.

July 27- Princeton is represented by 15 Olympians at the 2012

Aug. 12 Summer Games in London. Princeton athletes claimed

seven medals, in rowing, fencing and soccer, during the

games and would have ranked 31st as an individual


Aug. 28- The men’s basketball team embarks on a 12-day

Sept. 9 competitive and cultural tour of Spain.

Th ank you for your support...

Alexander McF. Ackley, Jr., M.D. ’62

Mr. John Foster Adams Jr. ’98

Mr. William Adamson, Jr. ’44

William M. Addy ’82 P14 and Lydia Addy S82 P14

Mr. Stanley M. Adelson

Allen R. Adler ’67 P10

Mr. Hewes D. Agnew, M.D. ’58 P87 P92

Mr. Joseph B. Alala, III ’92

Jacquelyne Hata Alexander ’84 P14

Ms. Marilee J. Allan ’75

Alterra Capital Holdings Ltd.

American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

Ms. Ashley R. Amo ’08

Christopher and Karen Amo P08

Mr. Alan J. Andreini ’68

Andrew F. Arthur, M.D. ’96

Dr. Edward F. Aulisi ’84

Mr. Vincent N. Avallone ’90

Mrs. Dana Conroy Aymond

Nathan Dulaney Bachman, IV ’57 P85 P95

Mr. Scott S. Bacigalupo ’94

David Bagshaw and Wendy Petersmeyer P13

Mr. Mark W. Bailey ’81

Mr. Peter H. Bailey ’94 S01

Mr. Edward L. Baker, II ’00

Mr. Robert H.B. Baldwin ’42 P73 P76 P79

Stephen P. Ban ’84 S88 and Wendy Otis Ban ’88 S84

Mr. Louis P. Bansbach, IV ’96

Mr. Th omas C. Barnds ’90

Mr. Solomon D. Barnett ’05

Kenneth W. Barrett ’80 P13 P14

Mr. Oliver M. Barry ’05

Peter J. Bartlett ’77 P09 P10 P14 and

Erin T. Bartlett S77 P09 P10 P14

Richard A. Bartlett ’79 P12 and Kerri Bartlett S79 P12

Eric R. Bates, M.D. ’72

Mr. Th omas A. Beaton ’77

Mr. Carl G. Behnke ’67

Mr. Christopher G. Beiswenger ’93

John R. Berger ’74 P09 P12

Th omas A. Bergman ’78 S78 and

Rebecca Weiss Bergman ’78 S78

Mr. Roger S. Berlind ’52 P95

Dyan Bhatia, M.D. ’92

Mr. Tito J. Bianchi ’93

Frederic T. Billings, III, M.D. ’68

Don and Nadine Bird P14

Mr. Hank Bjorklund ’72 S73

Dr. Victoria Baum Bjorklund ’73 S72

Kristen De Poy Blaeser ’89 S90 and

Bart F. Blaeser, M.D. ’90 S89

David H. Blair ’67 P00

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Blair ’61 P87

Richard M. Blosser ’86 P13

Mrs. Sarah M. Bolster S52

Mr. William B. Bond ’62 P89

Robert E. Booth, Jr., M.D. ’67 P99

Mr. Christopher Boudreau ’81

Edward Bowen and Gieriet Sullivan Bowen P14

William Bowman and Margaret Chou P13

Mrs. Linda Riefl er Boyatt ’83 S83

Mr. Dick W. Boyce ’76 P12

Kevin and Frances Boyle P15

Mr. Robert F. Bradley ’80

Neal Brendel and Pamela Rollings P12

Joseph G. Brewer, VMD

Mr. H. Pharr Brightman ’52

Mr. James H. Bromley ’60

Carol P. Brown ’75 S76 and

Lindsay A. Pomeroy ’76 S75

William E. Brown ’51 P83

Mr. Charles J. Brucato, III ’95

Mrs. Marlene T. Buchbinder g14

Mr. Th omas W. Burdette ’58

Edward R. Burka, M.D. ’52 P81

Mr. Dennis J. Burns ’71

Mr. Douglas A. Butler ’86

Mr. John Wm. Butler, Jr. ’77

Charles D. Byers, Jr. ’68 P00

Mrs. Erin E. Cacciabaudo ’96

Dr. George L. Caldwell, Jr. ’84 S84 P16

Charles W. Caldwell Scholarship Fund

Mr. Edward T. Calkins ’92

Mr. David J. Callard ’59 P89 P92

Mr. Peter J. Carril H12 P81

CBRE Group, Inc.

Edward and Katherine Cerullo P13

Raul and Liliana Cesan P13

David G. Chandler ’80 P10

Courtney Banghart

Women’s Basketball Head Coach

Jack Berger ’14

Captain • Men’s Hockey

Banghart enters her sixth season

at the helm of the Princeton

women’s basketball team and

has led the team to three-straight

Ivy League titles and NCAA

tournaments. Last season

the Tigers fi nished the year

ranked in the AP Top 25 Poll

for the fi rst time in program

history, following their second

consecutive perfect 14-0 league


An economics major, Berger

is currently a member of the

Varsity Student Athlete Advisory

Committee and is a member of

University Cottage Club. He

was a fi nalist for the ECAC

Hockey Student-Athlete of the

Year Award and fi nished second

in scoring for the Tigers during

the 2011-12 season. Berger’s

teammates selected him to be

their captain for the 2012-13

season. He also volunteers with

the Hockey Players for Kids


In competitive

athletics, every year

is an entirely unique

journey. We play with

a cohesive group of

true student-athletes;

they are proof that you

can have it all, so long

as you’re willing to

work. We’ve earned the

validation that we belong among the nation’s elite and

we did it the right way.

My student-athletes inspire, humble, and energize

me daily. They challenge me to be my best; they deserve

nothing short of that. They are high quality and high

character: they are dreamers and workers. My players

are selfl ess and driven- they dare to be great and they

push themselves to the limit every day. It’s an honor

to coach at a place like Princeton. Princeton Athletics

is about being a part of something much bigger than

I chose Princeton

after taking a tour

of the campus. I

was captivated by

the beauty of the

campus, thrilled

about the location

and diversity

of people, and

deeply impressed

by the University’s commitment to the success of its

undergraduate students. Being an athlete here has

taught me the signifi cance of teamwork, allowed me to

push myself farther than I thought possible, and given

me the confi dence to achieve my goals both on the ice

and in the classroom. This experience has taught me to

embrace and enjoy the challenge of committing myself

to maximizing my potential.

Skate with the Tigers events after home games have

been my favorite experience as a Princeton athlete thus

moments, including winning our fi rst ever Ivy League

championship and our fi rst IC4A since 1937. But,

perhaps the most rewarding has been the six triple

crowns that we have won.

I think athletics teaches a number of things. It

teaches us teamwork and how to daily assess our

strengths and weaknesses. But one of the most

important things it teaches us is how to deal with

failure. Anyone can deal with success. How to handle

failure is something that athletics prepares us for more

than any other endeavor in life.

The support of our Friends Group has been

invaluable – they have sent us all over the world and

supported our athletes going to the Olympic Trials. But

beyond that is the incredible connection that is made

between the alumni and the current student-athletes.

The alumni know that they are still part of the team,

and that is something special. They will always be

Princeton Tigers.

are grueling, and yet our athletes are more than willing

to endure them. The collective work ethic one sees

in the Princeton boathouse is a permanent source of

inspiration for me.

Another fi ne moment was at the PVC Awards

Banquet in 2011 when I learned that I was made an

honorary member of the Graduating Class of 2011 at

Princeton. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to

thank all of the students who belong to the Princeton

boathouse for making that high honor for me possible.

My interactions with Princeton student-athletes

have taught me that these young people are already

extraordinarily good at time management. Their highly

organized lives and seemingly boundless energies

allow them to meet their many responsibilities as

student-athletes at Princeton. What I enjoy the most

is seeing how satisfi ed our student-athletes are when

their performances on the water and on examinations

actually meet their incredibly high expectations. I am in

awe of their motivation and focus.

Princeton Youth Hockey Association

Mark D. Pugliese ’74 P12 P14 and

Susan M. Campbell S74 P12 P14

Deborah Hicks Quazzo ’82 P15 and Stephen

Renato Quazzo S82 P15

Mr. John G. Quigley

Mr. Matthew P. Quilter ’74

Th e Hon. Molly Raiser W62 P92 h62

Mr. Peter C. Ramsey ’94

Mr. John V. Raveche ’01

Mr. Andrew C. Redman ’02 S02

Mr. Jeremiah J. Reen, Jr. ’89

Arthur and Lindsay Reimers P07

Mr. Graeme P. Rein ’02

Ms. Wendy M. Reiners ’89

James and Christine Reinprecht P09 P12 P13

Mr. Walter C. Reisinger, Jr. ’85

Mr. Edward W. Remig ’92

Mark and Norma Ricci P14

Mr. Stephen J. Rich ’91

Mr. Nicholas A. Riegels ’97

Mr. L. Randy Riley ’74

Mr. John A. Ripley ’89

Mr. Anthony J. Riposta ’74 P13

Kimberly E. Ritrievi, Ph.D. ’80

Mr. Joshua B. Roberts ’02

Michael Roberts and Karen Hess P14

Mr. Th omas S. Roberts ’85

Mrs. Caroline Buck Rogers ’77 P13

Mr. Ian J. Roncoroni ’06

Mrs. Jean Weinberg Rose ’84

Mr. Francis F. Rosenbaum, Jr. ’48 P81

Mr. Bradley A. Rowe ’82 P14 P16

Th e Hon. Donald H. Rumsfeld ’54

Th omas and Susan Ruth P13

Roger M. Sachs, M.D. ’64

Daniel E. Salazar, Ph.D. ’78

Mr. Martin A. Sankey ’77

Lisa J. Sansone Th orp ’87 and Jeff rey Th orp S87

Mr. William B. Sawch ’76

Henry and Kathleen Sawin P07 P14

Mr. W. Allen Scheuch, II ’76

Mr. Erich S. Schift er ’77

Douglas Schloss ’81 S82 P13 and

Alison J. Holtzschue ’82 S81 P13

Mr. Paul W. Schmidt ’67

Mr. Eric K. Scholl ’77

Dr. Raymond S. Schreyer P09

Peter M. Schwarzenbach ’76 S77 P09 P13 and

Priscilla Smart Schwarzenbach ’77 S76 P09 P13

Ms. Ellen L. Scott ’10

Mr. Hugh C. Scott ’61

John and Amy Scott P10

Mr. Nicholas C.E. Seaver ’07

Mr. R. Carlton Seaver ’68 P02 P07 P10

Dr. John C. Seft er, Jr. ’78

Mr. Gilbert R. Serota ’73

Mr. O. Griffi th Sexton ’65

Mr. V. Eugene Shahan ’58

Kevin and Heather Shannon P15

Richard P. Shannon, M.D. ’76

Th omas Sharkey Sr. and Anne Sharkey P12

Mr. George W. Shaw ’95

Jeff rey M. Shaw ’79 S79 P12 and

Jean Hodes Shaw ’79 S79 P12

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick W. Shepard ’80 P11

Ms. Anne C. Sherrerd *87 P08 P10 h52

Mr. John J.F. Sherrerd, Jr. K52

Ms. Susan M. Sherrerd ’86

Mr. Th omas M. Sherwood ’93

Bradford J. Shingleton, M.D., F.A.C.S. ’73 P03 P06

Mr. Steven P. Simcox ’83

Ms. Linda A. Simpson ’76

Mr. Murray S. Simpson, Jr. ’59

Rajiv and Vibha Singh P15

Paul and Paula Skokowski P15

Mr. Frank P. Slattery, Jr. ’59 P86 P90 P92 P95

Mr. Donald A. Slichter ’54

Ralph and Jill Smalling P12

Mr. Francis X. Smyth ’82 P12

Mr. Gregory D. Sofi eld ’89

Mr. J. Sedwick Sollers, III ’77

Michael Sonnenfeldt and Katja Goldman P13

Mr. Sandy Sorce

Prof. Erik J. Sorensen h11

Mr. Th eodore T. Sotir ’80

Mr. Frank S. Sowinski ’78 S80

Guilford Spencer III and

Susan Harper Spencer P14

Mr. Benjamin L. Spinelli ’56

Mr. William E. Staedeli ’85

Fred Samara

William M. Weaver Jr. Head Coach of Track & Field

Erik Sorenson h11

Academic-Athletic Fellow • Rowing

In his 35th season as the head

coach of men’s track & fi eld at

Princeton, Samara has guided

the Tigers to 34 Ivy League

titles, 17 indoor, 13 outdoor

and four in cross country. He

has coached more than 200

individual indoor and outdoor

Heptagonal champions. A

four-time Mid-Atlantic Region

Indoor and Outdoor Male

Coach of the Year, Samara

swept both honors for the 2011

and 2012 seasons.

Sorenson is the Arthur Allan

Patchett Professor in Organic

Chemistry with a research focus

that includes: organic chemistry,

chemical synthesis of bioactive

natural produces and molecular

probes for biological research,

bioinspired strategies for

chemical synthesis, architectural

self-constructions and novel

methods for synthesis. Sorenson

serves as an academic-athletic

fellow for all four rowing teams.

I cherish the

daily coaching

and interpersonal

relationships that

we get to have with

our student-athletes.

It’s a two way

relationship – coach

to athlete and athlete

to coach. I learn

just as much from

my athletes as they

Fred Samara (right) along side Omar Jarrett ’14 learn from me. It

is incredibly rewarding. It is inspiring to see how they

grow and mature while at Princeton. When they come

as freshman, they are very green. After four years they

grow into remarkable, well rounded and well spoken


Over 35 years, we have accomplished great

success. I have many highlights and memorable

To me, “Education

Through Athletics

gives student-athletes

the opportunity to push

themselves further than

they ever thought they

could, persevere when a

part of them wants to give

up, learn how to work with

others in the pursuit of

team and individual goals, and gain a greater sense of

self-confi dence. “Education Through Athletics” fosters

life-serving traits and skills as it teaches student-athletes

what it feels like to win and to lose.

I have many great memories to share as an

academic-athletic fellow. First, I quite like those cold

days in February when the lake is frozen over and our

boathouse is fi lled with hard-charging rowers focused

on bettering themselves for the spring races that are

still several months removed. Those winter workouts

Erik Sorenson h11 (left) Michael Perl ’11 at the PVC Awards Banquet

ourselves and my staff and I work hard to contribute to

the brand in any way that we can.

My players realize they’re a part of a tradition of

excellence that started long ago. It’s their turn to carry

the torch and I can promise that they are doing it well.

Alumni support is everything. It means we’re truly a

part of something. Without support, you have isolated

years and experiences, but with the alumni support you

have a connection. A connection of Princeton pride, a

shared experience, and a shared goal.

“Education Through Athletics” is the defi ning theme

of our department. In many ways it is the compass

by which we coach. It’s a student-athlete centered

curriculum. “Education Through Athletics” means we

realize that fi rst and foremost, we’re developing leaders.

And in the end, if we do all the little things right, the

winning will take care of itself.

far. After games, kids and families are able to come

skate with us on the ice. We sign autographs, take

pictures, and talk with fans. It is very humbling to see

how much of an impact we can have on the young fans.

It is also very rewarding to be able to spend time with

them and give back to the community.

Princeton Athletics has provided a camaraderie and

atmosphere that I have never seen before. The bond

between my teammates, as well as with other athletes

on campus, has provided a framework for some of my

closest friendships. I cherish the opportunity to train

and compete every day with my best friends.

To me, “Education Through Athletics” means that

my experience as a Princeton athlete, through hard

work, dedication, and commitment, will prepare me

to succeed in all of my endeavors after I graduate. I

am incredibly proud to represent this school and its


Mr. James T. Chandler ’84

Mr. David R.T. Chang ’84

Mr. Morris Cheston, Jr. ’59 P92

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Mr. David B. Clapp, Jr. ’43

Mr. Daniel R. Clark ’02

Mr. George E. Clark, Jr. ’69 P96

Mrs. Janet Morrison Clarke ’75 h83

Class of 1952

Mr. John H. Claster ’67

Mr. John C. Clevenger ’90

Mr. Raymond H. Close ’51 *64

William Cody and Barbara Strock P12

Richard G. Coff ey ’82 P15

Jerome P. Coleman, Esq. ’70

John and Melinda Colgan P07 P09

Mr. Douglas F. Colson ’79

Mr. Nicholas A. Corcoran ’84

Francis Coughlin Jr. and Ellen Coughlin P12

Mr. Robert E. Coughlin ’84

Mr. David R. Covin ’91

Robert and Joan Cox P09

Mr. Th omas O. Criqui ’88

Mr. David C. Crisanti ’86

Mr. Todd R. Crockett ’92

Cyrus and Mary D’Amato P13 P15

Mr. Tyler Dann ’64 P93

Mr. James A. Davidson

Th omas M. Davison, M.D. ’74

Charles and Nancy Dearborn P14

Dr. Michael A. Deehan ’84

Mr. Steven M. Del Vecchio ’72 P99

Ms. Margaret W. DeMarrais ’86

Mr. Matthew S. DeNichilo ’06

Gerald F. Dennig, C.F.A. ’81 P13 P15

Mr. Ralph D. DeNunzio ’53 P78 P81 P84

Mr. Th omas R. DeNunzio ’84 P15

Mr. Mitchell J. Derrick ’93

Christopher R. DeStefano ’94 S99 and

Lucy Small DeStefano ’99 S94

Ms. Ellen R. DeVoe ’86

Ms. Caroline F. Dewey P15

D. Scott Diamond, M.D. ’91

Mr. Melville P. Dickenson, Jr. ’49

Dr. John D. Diekman ’65

Mr. Anthony P. DiTommaso ’86

R. Kelly Doherty ’81 S83 P11 and

Susan O’Connell Doherty ’83 S81 P11

Mr. Nicholas Donatiello, Jr. ’82

Abbey and Valerie Doneger P05

Mr. Jason M. Doneger ’05

Mr. William B. Doniger ’88 S91

Mr. Evert J.M. Douwes-Brenninkmeijer P11

Mr. Todd A. Dow ’90

Kent R. Duff y, M.D. ’75

Mr. Hugh M. Durden ’65 P96 P98

Mr. William M. Dutton ’76

Mr. John E. Dziadzio ’92

Mr. David S. Eakin ’77 P07

Mr. Ethan J. Early ’95

Daniel and Jill Easton P15

Ms. Martha C. Edwards P14

Robert and Helen Ehling P82 P86

Mr. William M. Ellsworth ’86

Leonard and Gail Elmore P12

Mr. Edwin J. Elton, V ’87

Mr. Gordon C. Enderle ’83

Mr. Robert A. Engel ’86 S86

Mr. Michael E. Engels ’88

Martin and Linda Ensbury P15

John J. Eramo ’76 S76 and

Lynne Rosenberg Eramo ’76 S76

Mr. Michael P. Erdman ’57

Mr. Richard K. Eu ’44 P74

Mr. John J. Evans ’91

William and Katharine Eyre P14

Mr. Colin M. Farmer ’96

Mr. James S. Farnham ’95

Edmund and Maryellen Feeley P14

Paul and Susan Feild P12

Mr. Robert H. Feldmeier ’43 P70

Mr. Carl Ferenbach, III ’64

Carlos A. Ferrer ’76 P09

Mr. Joseph S. Fichera ’76 *96

Mr. Gregory A. Finck ’91

Ms. Lisa S. Firestone ’89

Mr. Jason M. Fish ’80 S81 P12 P15

Mr. Robert J. Fisher ’76

Mr. William R. Fiste ’83

Robert and Elizabeth Flanagan P12

Marek T. Fludzinski, Ph.D. *82

Julie Cerullo ’13

Captain • Women’s Squash

Ralph DeNunzio ’53

PVC Board of Directors - Emeritus Member

Cerullo is studying French and

Italian Languages. A threetime

All-Ivy and All-America

performer on the squash courts,

she is also a residential college

peer advisor, a member of the

Ivy Club and a student-athlete

wellness leader. Student athlete

wellness leaders are chosen

by their teammates and are

trained in leadership skills,

equipped with campus resources

and develop effective ways to

improve their team and the larger

Princeton community.

Ralph DeNunzio ’53 (left) with Frank Sowinski ’78

DeNunzio is an Emeritus

member of the Princeton

Varsity Club Board of

Directors, a former University

Trustee, a past recipient of the

PVC Distinguished Service

Award and loyal benefactor

to the University. While at

Princeton, he was the voice

of the Princeton Tigers as an

announcer on WPRB radio.

The culture

of coaching and

caring for athletes

at Princeton is


Academics and

varsity sport


demand a lot, but

the recognition

of athletics by the

university through

caring coaches and connections with the administration

and alumni is something I never expected. It’s hard

to fi nd time for everything but interest groups and

social affi liations go a long way towards making for

a complete college experience. I knew I would give a

lot of time to training and competing and I wanted a

comfortable, manageable campus where all the action

was centered so that I could use and enjoy all the

I believe Princeton is one of the best

at recognizing the need for balance in

academics and athletics as part of an

undergraduate education. This includes

the recognition of the student-athlete as

an individual and the contribution that

each athlete makes to the University as

well as the team on which he or she plays.

By giving back and supporting Princeton

Athletics, this concept is continually

enhanced and reinforced.

The fact that Princeton has 38 men’s and women’s

teams competing in interscholastic competitions is, in

itself, amazing. Witness the outstanding participation,

and the number of medals won, by Princeton students in

this year’s Olympics.

The Princeton Varsity Club provides several venues

for programming and events to enhance the athlete’s

experience. Together with the Athletics Friends Groups,

the PVC supports all the teams and provides a link

was played on Finney Field in the 1970s, Palmer

Stadium in the early 1990s, or 1952 Stadium in the

modern era, each team had its stars, its role players,

its hustlers, its leaders. The bonds are strong, and how

we carry ourselves forward is what continues to defi ne

Princeton and Princeton Athletics.

Support can come in many ways, it does not have to

be merely fi nancial. We are pulled in many directions

and we face challenges annually. However, I believe

strongly that the lessons learned in our respective

athletic experiences: the laughs shared in the locker

room; the leadership opportunities; and the challenges,

for most of us, have played as much of a role in shaping

who we are as any other component of our lives, with

the exception of family.

By volunteering, I strive to ensure that each team

has the opportunity to have an experience that is as

rewarding and positive as mine was during my time at


playing to win. I would like to invite every alum to visit

Bedford Field, the new home of Tiger fi eld hockey, and

cheer for your Tigers.

My favorite Princeton Athletics moment was my

freshman year when many were still getting used to

the idea of Princeton having women’s athletic teams.

It was Yale weekend and at half-time our football team

was behind and every score they announced from

other sports were Yale victories, fi eld hockey was the

one exception. We had beaten Yale soundly and when

the score was announced the entire stadium erupted in

applause. At that point I knew that women’s athletics

would fi nd a home at Princeton.

There is a tremendous opportunity for our

students to learn life lessons and develop skills through

participation in athletics. With strong coaches and

amazing teammates, Princeton Athletics gives our

students an opportunity to strive for excellence, build

leadership skills and make lifelong friends.

Mr. Edward E. Matthews ’53

Mr. Paul J. Matthews ’84

Mr. John P. McBride ’60 P88

Th omas A. McCabe ’91 S91 and

Susan Heuisler McCabe ’91 S91

Mr. Michael G. McCaff ery ’75

Mr. David R. McCarthy, Jr. ’81

Mr. John F. McCartney P09

Mr. Michael McCarty ’91

Mr. Benjamin S. McConahey ’99

Mr. Brian J. McDonald ’83 h84

H. Clay McEldowney, PE, LS ’69

Mr. George C. McFarland, Jr. ’81

Michael and Valerie McKeever P13

Marc and Laura McKenna P04 P06 P09

Th omas and Karen McLaughlin P15

Mr. Sean M. McNally ’01

Matthew D. McWha ’96 S96 and

Jena Prideaux McWha ’96 S96

Gregory A. Mecca ’98 S00 and

Jennifer Alexander Mecca ’00 S98

Robert and Mary Meigs P10

Mr. Steven E. Meister ’80

Mr. John D. Mello ’95

Steven and Angela Merlone P11

Mr. Robert D. Merrilees ’85

Mr. James G. Metcalfe, Jr. ’53 P81

Jeff rey Meyers and Ellen Dembicer P15

Myron and Noury Mikaelian P13

Mr. Peter C. Milano ’88

Mr. Peter T. Milano ’55 P88

Mr. Christopher A. Mill ’66

Mr. Andrew H. Mitchell ’95

Mr. Richard A. Monaghan ’76

Mr. Ellis O. Moore, Jr. ’70

Morrison Cohen LLP

Mr. David K. Morrow ’93 S92

Mr. Edward G. Morse, Jr. ’93 S93

Mrs. Kristin Green Morse ’93 S93

Mr. Nicholas Amory Morse

Mr. Kent K. Motes ’74

Mr. Jason A. Mraz ’89 S89 and Stacy W. Blain ’89 S89

Th e Hon. Paul A. Mueller, Jr. ’52 P81

Ms. Genevieve M. Muinzer ’75

Mr. Paul W. Murphy ’94

Mr. Robert W. Musslewhite ’92

Th e Nalvyco Trust

James H. Neale, Esq. ’77

Mr. Michael P. Neary ’82

Frank and Barbara Nemeth P07

Mr. William R. Newlin ’62

Mr. Russell B. Newton, Jr. ’48 P83

Ms. Chiang Ling Ng ’96

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Niehaus ’77 P08 P10 P12

NIKE, Inc.

Dr. Carl W. Nissen ’80

Mr. Mark C. Nixon ’84

Miss Heidi J. Nolte ’79

Mr. Michael E. Novogratz ’87 S89

Mr. Michael W. Nugent ’02

Mr. William B. O’Connor ’61 P86

Mr. Daniel I. Okimoto ’65

Mr. Richard J. Oldach ’85 S85

Mr. Paul J. Ondrasik, Jr. ’72

Mrs. Christine Adams Osborn ’87

Ms. Margaret E. Osius ’77

Mr. H. Winfi eld Padgett, Jr. ’68

Mr. Jeff rey L. Pagano ’85

Mr. Wayne C. Paglieri ’78

Mr. Stephen J. Pajcic, III ’68 P04 P09

Charles H. Parkhurst ’83 S84 P11 and

Hilary Bedford Parkhurst ’84 S83 P11

Mr. Scott G. Pasquini ’01

Mr. Mathew M. Pendo ’85

Ms. Nancy B. Peretsman ’76 S72 P12

Dr. Suzanne R. Perles ’75

Mrs. Mary Catherine Person ’93

Mr. Bruce B. Petersen ’79 P10

Mr. Frank A. Petito, III ’90

Mr. John B. Phelps ’90

Mr. Matthew J. Piselli ’06

Mr. Charles J. Plohn, Jr. ’66

Mr. Paul M. Pohl ’70 P00 P01

Mr. Corey B. Popham ’99

Mr. Th omas H. Potts ’71 P03

Mr. David N. Powers ’78

Mr. William C. Powers ’79 P16

Mr. William J. Prager, Jr. ’02

Mr. Richard Ottesen Prentke ’67 P03

Princeton Junior Squash Inc.

Princeton University Rowing Association

Jon Hess ’98

Friends of Princeton Lacrosse President

Sue Perles ’75

Friends of Princeton Field Hockey President

Sue Perles ’75 (second from left) at Field Hockey’s 40th Anniversary


Perles is the President of the

Friends of Princeton Field

Hockey, a former University

Trustee and a member of the

Princeton Varsity Club Advisory

Committee. While at Princeton,

she was a letterwinner on the fi rst

four varsity fi eld hockey teams,

serving as co-captain during

the 1973 season. After earning

an MBA from Harvard, she

earned her doctorate at Oxford,

where she became Princeton’s fi rst

female Rhodes Scholar.

I give back and

volunteer to the Friends

of Lacrosse because I

feel it is the most direct

way I can honor my

incredible experience

as a member of the

Princeton men’s

lacrosse team. It seems

most would agree it is

Princeton’s people that

make it unique and defi ne our experiences. With that

said, the ability to meet new Princetonians, especially

those who share the bond of competing towards the

same goals while on campus, can be powerful for

those who wish to continue to grow from Princeton

University’s offerings.

I am constantly surprised at how similar the bonds

are among teammates, despite the evolution of our

game, our resources, and our facilities. Whether lacrosse

Jon Hess ’98 (far left) at the Friends of Princeton Lacrosse Fall Celebration

Hess, the Friends of Princeton

Lacrosse President, won three

NCAA National Championships

at Princeton. The William

Winston Roper Trophy winner

was a two-time fi rst-team All-

America and holds the program

records for points and assists in

a season. In 1997, Hess earned

recognition as the outstanding

attackman in Division I, the

Division I Championship MVP

and the Ivy League Player of

the Year.

Meeting and reconnecting

with alums,

parents and friends is one

of my favorite aspects

of being president of

the Friends of Field

Hockey. Equally as

enjoyable is helping

our undergraduates to

understand the tradition

that is Princeton Field

Hockey and their contribution to our program and to

the future of Tiger fi eld hockey. During my fi rst year

as Friends President, the Tigers played their way to the

NCAA Final Four [2009]. I fl ew to North Carolina to

cheer for our Tigers and was so proud to see our team

take the fi eld in an NCAA fi nal four game. This season

our Tigers are off to a strong start. With three London

Olympians and an additional national team player

returning, Princeton fi eld hockey is highly ranked and

resources the school had to offer.

Like many of Princeton’s sports teams, women’s

squash at Princeton has always had a reputation for

being the most collegial, caring team in the sport as

well as being fi ercely competitive. My teammates are

some of my best friends. To me, “Education Through

Athletics” means many things: time management,

teamwork – in my case, playing an individual sport on

a team for the fi rst time – learning negotiating skills

and still dealing with measures of success through

scoreboard wins and losses.

My favorite memory as part of the Princeton

Athletics community was when the men’s squash team

won the national championships by beating Trinity last

year at Jadwin. It was a grueling day, but the moment

they won was a moment I’ll never forget. The crowd

was like nothing I had ever seen before and the whole

community came together to celebrate.

between student-athletes and alumni.

“Education Through Athletics” will have different

meanings for everyone. For me, it means the carryover

from athletics to everyday living and working.

Athletics requires, among other things, teamwork,

unselfi shness, hard work, dedication, commitment, good

sportsmanship, never giving up, and incredible focus. All

of these characteristics become part of you and make

up who you are as a person. That is what hopefully will

carry over to everyday life, long after competition on the

playing fi eld is over.

It’s hard for me to have just one favorite memory

of athletics. On the one hand, it would have to be the

design and development of DeNunzio Pool which was

dedicated in 1990. In addition, the building of Princeton

Stadium will always be special for me, as Dick Kazmaier

’52 and I were asked to help with the fundraising for the

new facility. To have seen it completed and dedicated

in September of 1998 will always be an unbelievable


Kevin and Celeste Ford P12

William Clay Ford, Jr. ’79 S82 P08 P14 and

Lisa Vanderzee Ford ’82 S79 P08 P14

William W. Fortenbaugh, Ph.D. ’58 P85 P89

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Francis ’74 P11 P13

Mr. Martin D. Franks ’72 P07

Mr. Nathaniel H. Franks ’07

Mr. Robert E. Freeman ’90

Jeff and Jacqueline Froccaro P13 P16

Mrs. Joy Cummings Fuhr ’84

Glenn and Lori Funk P15

Mr. James H. Furey ’83

Ms. Sarah Small Gailliot ’03

Mr. James C. Gaither ’59 P90

David and Kathryn Galainena P14

Mr. M. Dozier Gardner ’55 P90

Mr. Jason C. Garrett ’89 S88

Mr. Eduardo B. Gentil ’77

Gibbons PC

Th omas and Mary Gilbane P04

Mr. Clinton Gilbert, Jr. ’51

Mr. G. S. Beckwith Gilbert ’63 P02

Mr. Philip R. Gilligan P14

Marin N. Gjaja ’91 S92 and

Katherine Curzan Gjaja ’92 S91

Mr. Edward F. Glassmeyer ’63 P89

Carlos Gonzales and

Hortencia Luna-Gonzales P10 P16

Ms. Emily C. Goodfellow ’76

Donald and Andrea Goodman P10 P13

Richard E. Gordet, Esq. ’87

Mr. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. ’76

Julia Haller Gottsch, M.D. ’76 P13

Mr. Derek S. Graham ’85

Ms. Tamsen C. Granger ’76 S75 and

Mr. Daniel M. Abuhoff ’75 S76

Mr. Donald Paul Grasso ’76

Mr. Charles A. Greathouse, III ’57

Mr. Martin Gregor

Mr. Benjamin H. Griswold, IV ’62 P00 P03

Mr. Benjamin Huft y Griswold ’03

James C. Grooms, C.F.A. ’98

Mr. Wycliff e K. Grousbeck ’83

Mr. P. Michael Gummeson ’78

Mr. Leslie G. Gutierrez ’84

Gregory L. Guyett ’85 P13 P16

Ms. Allison E. Hale P11

Bruce Lee Hall, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A. ’84

Mr. Cameron W. Hamilton ’99 h72

Mr. Philip U. Hammarskjold ’87

Mr. Joseph W. Handelman ’52 *53 h02

Michael and Ann Hankin P09

Mr. Fred A. Hargadon h66 h93 h95 h98 h02 h07

Mr. Gregory A. Harper ’95

Michael F. Harrer, M.D. ’87

Stephen and Sharon Harrington P13 P16

Mr. Aaron M. Harris ’93

Dr. Paul D. Harris ’54

James and Sarah Harrity P13

Ellen D. Harvey ’76 P12 P15 and

Mr. Tad Glenn Sperry S76 P12 P15

Wendy and David Hashmall P06

Mr. John L. Heilner ’63 P93 P96

Mr. Jonathan D. Helmerich ’82

Mr. James A. Henderson ’56 P85

Mr. Jonathan A. Hess ’98

Mr. Brian J. Hetherington ’85 S87

Russell and Nan Hewit P06 P08

Ms. Margaret J. Higgins ’94 S95

Mr. Michael F. Higgins ’01 S03

Mr. Todd B. Higgins ’95 S94

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Hobler ’44 P68 h07

Ms. Deborah L. Hodges ’90

Ms. Jeanne E. Hoenicke ’80

Robert and Abigail Hoff man P15

Mr. Peter K. Hoglund ’48 P77

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Hooks ’84 P15

Mrs. Brooke Doherty Horgan ’99

Mr. John H. Hornbaker, III ’86

Mr. Brandon R. Hornbeck ’93

Cynthia Horr and William Horr

Stephen and Eileen Howard P14

Michael and Rose Mary Hoy P13 P16

Mr. Henry H. Hoyt, Jr. ’49 h1917

Mr. Andrew L. Hubbard ’95

Ms. Claudia K. Hueston ’00

Robert J. Hugin ’76 P13

Mr. Ogden M. Hunnewell ’74

Spenser and Patricia Huston P15

Hyatt Regency Princeton

Mrs. Lon F. Israel W45

Maria Flores-Mills

Academic-Athletic Fellow - Football & Men’s Hockey

Bill Gleason

Academic-Athletic Fellow - Baseball

Flores-Mills is the Associate

Dean in the Offi ce of the Dean

of Undergraduate Students. She

works closely with the housing,

dining and facilities departments.

She coordinates the selection,

training and supervision of

upperclass dormitory assistants.

She is the liaison to the Eating

Clubs and works closely with

the undergraduate club offi cers

and with the leadership of the

graduate boards. She is an

academic-athletic fellow for the

football and men’s ice hockey


Gleason is a Professor of English

and the incoming Chair of the

department. His research and

teaching interests include: 19th

and 20th century American

literature and culture; American

popular culture; American

social and cultural history;

children’s literature; African

American literature; multi-ethnic

American literatures; literature

and environment; and American

material culture, among others.

He is an academic-athletic fellow

for the baseball team.

Maria Flores-Mills with

members of the women’s

swimming team at the Collegians

for the Cure 5k.

I got involved with the

football team and the men’s

hockey team by interfacing

with members of these teams

in different capacities of my

portfolio in the Offi ce of

the Dean of Undergraduate

Students. Through those

opportunities, I learned more

about them and they got to

know me a little bit. Eventually,

that led to an invitation to

serve as an academic-athletic


For me, “Education

Through Athletics” speaks

to the fulfi llment of the broad promise of “education”

through participation in athletics. Certainly the

classroom is one of the vehicles for knowledge and

development, but athletics and the co-curricular

In addition to the feeling

of connection to the team,

another major benefi t of

being an academic-athletic

fellow has been discovering

what a phenomenal teacher

head coach Scott Bradley is.

I have seen that both at his

practices and in the classroom

when we team-taught a

seminar on “The Making of

Modern Baseball,” a course

we designed together, for the Program in American


Being a fellow has given me a much fuller sense

of the dedication varsity student-athletes at Princeton

have to both their sports and their academics. Since

becoming a fellow, I’ve served as a faculty thesis advisor

for a few of the students on the baseball team, even

when they are not in my home department, something

component of a collegiate experience absolutely serve as

additional opportunities to learn, mature and grow.

I’m often surprised by all of the gratitude and

appreciation the members of the teams have shown

for any of the small gestures I have offered, whether an

encouraging word, email or a few baked goods. I love

the direct interface with the students and I hold open

the hope to serve as a mentor and resource to these

devoted student-athletes.

Some of my favorite memories as an academicathletic

fellow have been the opportunities to go on the

road with our teams. I loved traveling with the football

team to San Diego in 2004 and Charleston in 2008. I’ve

never seen a larger quantity of food consumed in that

small of a timeframe.

that might not have happened if they hadn’t learned of

my interests through my service as a fellow. As a result,

I know much more than when I arrived about how

much student-athletes often have on their plates, and

how hard they work to perform at their best in multiple


I’ve learned a great deal about varsity athletics at

Princeton, gotten to know some wonderful studentathletes

(both on the fi eld and in the classroom), and

have developed a rewarding relationship with the

baseball coaching staff, particularly coach Bradley. In

addition to making me more sensitive as a teacher to

the demands on the time of student-athletes, it’s also

helped me become a more vocal advocate for the needs

of student-athletes among my faculty colleagues, many

of whom are not as familiar with these needs. It’s been a

terrifi c experience.

Ivy Football Association

Michael S. Jackson, Esq. ’79 S81 and

C. Kamil Ali-Jackson ’81 S79

Mr. Philip M. Jacobs ’82 S85 P09

Mr. Matthew Burke Janson ’00 S01

Joseph and Lyn Jenkins P15

Mr. Hallett Johnson, Jr. ’46 P74 P82

Mark J. Johnson ’95 S95 and

Kimberly Henderson Johnson ’95 S95

Mr. Hayden R. Jones ’98

Mr. Reid T. Joseph ’07

Sheila Considine Kailus, Esq. ’94

Mr. Kevin P. Kavanagh ’90

Mr. Sean P. Kavanagh ’87

Mr. Richard W. Kazmaier, Jr. ’52 P77 P81 P86

Mr. William N. Kelley ’40 P66

Kevin and Lucy Kelly P05

Mr. Peter A. Kelly ’02

Mr. Gary D. Kempinski ’90

Mr. E. Robert Kent, Jr. ’63 P90

John and Lisa Kiernan P10

Arthur and Terri Kilkuts P10

Scott and Mary Killinger P95

Stephen M. Kincade ’84 P15 and

Kirsten A. Kincade S84 P15

Mr. William B. King, Jr. ’67

Timothy M. Kingston ’87 S87 and

Jennifer Pickens Kingston ’87 S87

Mr. Richard C.J. Kitto, Jr. ’69

Mr. Gary J. Knapp ’83

Mr. John H. Knorring ’03

Ms. Amie C. Knox ’77 P09

Dr. Susan E. Kohler ’82

Charles P. Kontulis, II ’83 S83 P12 P14 and

Elizabeth Ford Kontulis ’83 S*3 P12 P14

Mr. Mark J. Kowal ’75

Anthony S. Krausen, M.D. ’65 P03

William A. Krusen, Jr. ’70 P99 and

Jessie Th ompson Krusen S70 P99

Ms. Debra J. Kurucz ’84

Mr. Robert C. Kuser, Jr. ’64

Ms. Debra Firstenberg Kushma ’80 S79 P13

Th omas and Julie Kyllo P14

Alexander A. Lach, Ph.D. ’87

Mr. Ronald J. Landeck ’66

Mr. William F. Landrigan ’76

Mr. James A. Lane ’92

Mr. Nicholas B. Lane ’95

Mrs. Sally Kuser Lane W34 P72 P78 P79 P84

John and Nancy Larkin P12

Mr. Christopher R. Larson ’81

Peter and Janet Lebovitz P14

Dr. William J. Ledger ’54

David H. Lee, C.F.A. ’98

Steve Y. Lee, M.D. ’87 P15

Mr. Lawrence W. Leighton ’56 P85

Jeremy Levin and Margery Feldberg P14

Dan’l Lewin ’76 and Susan Stephens Lewin S76

Mr. John J. Lewis ’79

Rabbi Joshua B. Lief ’96

Brent and Diane Liljestrom P04 P07 P12

Mr. Douglas W. Lorentz ’76 P09 P13

Mr. Th omas W. Love ’03

Stephen Woodsum and Anne Lovett P12

Mr. Kevin E. Lowe ’94

Rufus and Patricia Lumry P05 P10

Lawrence and Victoria Lunt P15

Mr. C.H. Randolph Lyon ’65

Ms. Amanda Carney Mabie ’85

Mr. Joseph W. Macaione ’91

Mr. R. James Macaleer ’55

Coe and Denise Magruder P08

Ms. Deborah Emery Maine ’83 S83 P10 P16

Mr. John D. Maine ’83 S83 P10 P16

Mr. Stanislaw Maliszewski ’66 P00

Mr. Jonathan P. Malkiel ’95 S94

Paul S. Mandell ’90 S91 and

Lauren H. Mandell ’91 S90

Dr. Eric Scott Mann

Mr. Martin J. Mannion ’81

Mr. Barry L. Margerum ’73

Mr. Michael J. Mariano ’92

Mr. Spencer S. Marsh, III ’63 P93 P97

Mr. Allan D. Marshall ’78

Jay B. Marshall

Mr. Alexander R. Marx ’92

Mr. Oscar B. Marx, III ’60

Douglas D. Massick ’93 S93 and

Susan C. Massick, M.D. ’93 S93

Mr. James P. Mastaglio ’98

Mr. Dean Winans Mathey ’50

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