swimming pools : spas : gyms - Prodema

swimming pools : spas : gyms - Prodema

swimming pools : spas : gyms - Prodema


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Prodema wood composite

panels are acknowledged

the world over as an

outstanding solution that

allows users to enjoy the

unmatched beauty of wood

with guaranteed superior

durability and performance.

This durability is possible

thanks to our patented

formula based on paper

and resins.

But this is not the only

formula we want to

suggest to improve your

business. We know hotels

have special needs, so

Prodema wants to offer you

a set of advantages that

will help you transform your

hotel into a unique place.


The ProdIN (interiors) and ProdEx

collections (exteriors) by Prodema

are designed to fulfi l all types of

needs in your hotel, because each

product has different layers of

material that give panels unique

technical characteristics.

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Hotel Astoria 7 • Joaquín Zubiria • San Sebastián (Spain)

Technology, Organisation and Design Centre • Noemí Bilinski, Federico Corinaldesi • Argentina

Mango • Barcelona C.C Diagonal Mar • Barcelona (Spain)

common areas

Because you never get a second chance to make a fi rst impression,

Prodema is the perfect option for your hotel reception and common

areas. These products create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere for

your clients from moment they arise.

What’s more, Prodema’s patented paper and resin-based formula

offers exceptional, guaranteed resistance to wear and tear in high

traffi c areas where materials are subjected to the greatest demands:

lobbies, corridors, meeting rooms, restaurants...



Unlike traditional parquet fl oors, they require absolutely no


The Prodema formula for interiors guarantees:

• Wear and tear protection

• Stain and scratch resistant

• Resistance to impact and natural light

• Resistance to moisture

• Homologated reaction to fi re

• Noise reduction

• Easy to maintain and clean

Hotel Astoria 7 • Joaquín Zubiria • San Sebastián (Spain)

Olivarius Apart´ hotel • PJD Architecture • Villeneuve d´Ascq (France)

Bodegas Muga • Iñaki Aspiazu • La Rioja (Spain)


Wood-lined rooms (fl oors, walls, ceilings) are of great value in

important spaces like bedrooms. The effect is warm, beautiful,

comfortable and even light, creating rooms full of harmony where

guests can feel at ease, relaxed and at home.



Prodema can help you to transform your guests’ stays into an

unforgettable experience.

Hotel Astoria 7 • Joaquín Zubiria • San Sebastián (Spain)

BEC • Estudio de Ingeniería Idom • Empresa Sener • Barakaldo (Spain)

La Cava • Estilo Pilar • Claudia Vaccarezza, Jorge Tenesini, Claudio Angelone • Pilar-Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Events are prefect opportunities to attract more customers, more activity,

and more business to your hotel. This means it is essential you have

a professional image, functional yet warm and friendly to ensure your




These rooms require special treatment, and Prodema is ready to help

you show off your best at gala events by offering a unique combination of

acoustics and aesthetics; thanks to its natural wood surface, its extensive

range of colours and the sound absorption capacity obtained using

perforated panels composed of an isotropic wood and resin mass.

Village Pavlolo • Tsimailo, Liashenko and Partners • Moscow (Russia)

Holstein Therme • Ziebel und Partner Lübeck • Bad Schwartau (Germany)

Allison Inn & Spa • GGLO, Seattle Washington • Newberg, Oregon (USA)

swimming pools : spas : gyms

We can also enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood by the swimming

pool or in the spa, in bathrooms and gymnasiums. Thanks to the

Neptuno range by Prodema, wood can be used closer to water than

ever without problems. The panels are specifi cally treated to comply

with the demanding requirements of wet atmospheres, bringing a touch

of elegance and warmth and opening up a whole world of decorative




Soft, natural tones provide the comfort and relaxation expected from

these spaces; spaces designed to transport clients to a world of

sensory pleasure that make the experience even more pleasurable

and agreeable.

Hotel Sheraton Centro Histórico • Carlos Pascal • Mexico

Hotel Sotelia • Enota d.o.o • Podcetrtek (Slovenia)

Citylofts • Conran & Partners • Salford Quays, Manchester (United Kingdom)


The personality of a hotel is defi ned by its exterior at fi rst sight.

The exterior is generally an extension of the interior project, so it is

essential to achieve a coherent, warm, attractive design that refl ects

the personality of the building.

ProdEX (by Prodema) provides endless architectural possibilities to

hotels looking for a real alternative to other, colder, materials to clad

the façades of their buildings.



With ProdEX (by Prodema) at last there is a range of products for exteriors

that brings together all the benefi ts of a fi ne, beautiful, versatile material

such as wood, and that guarantees the performance and durability of our

patented formula.

The Prodema formula for exteriors guarantees:

• High resistance to weather

• Resistance to sharp changes in temperature and moisture

• Extremely resistant to termites

• Anti-graffi ti

• Fire resistant, fi re-proof product (ProdEX IGN)

• High impact resistance against hard objects




We are conscious that the

installing or renovating fl oors,

ceilings, walls or façade of your

hotel is an important investment,

and the best way of amortising

this investment is to ensure

the material chosen offers all

guarantees of success. And

Prodema is a secure investment.



Bodegas Muga • Iñaki Aspiazu • La Rioja (Spain)

Hotel Budersand • DKO Archit • Sylt (Germany)

Hotel Missoni • Allan Murray Architects • Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Bodegas Muga • Iñaki Aspiazu • La Rioja (Spain)

We know that there are more economical products on the market,

but are they really a good, long-term investment? The durability and

resistance offered by Prodema will play a fundamental role when it

comes to calculating the real cost per year of fl oors, ceilings or walls of

a hotel.



Initial investment / useful life = cost per year

With Prodema, although the initial investment may be higher, due to

the guaranteed durability of our products, the cost per annum, is much

lower, so higher profi tability is obtained, because the materials stay in

perfect condition for longer.



profi tability

better investment



At Prodema we know that

we are not really selling wood

products. What we are selling is

the added value for our clients of

the elegance, design and identity

our products contribute to their


That is why we are committed

to continue innovating in the

search for new colour ranges and

format to be able to offer infi nite

possibilities. But in addition to

our commitment, we want our

customers to be able to bring their

own vision.



Clínica Pombaldial • Filipe Sousa • Pombal (Portugal)


Sapelli Bubinga Eucalyptus American walnut Teak


26206 Limus

White quercus Quercus

Rotary cut wood

Ayous Veneer

Dark brown

Okume Veneer

Deep brown

Rotary cut wood

Ayous Veneer

Dark brown

Okume Veneer

Deep brown

Natural beech White oak Zebrano Cherry


Light brown


Pale Cream


Ice grey



Proligna, Auditorium, Supra, Laminium

Flat cut wood

African cedar

Bamboo Stained Zebrano

Changes in tone and grain between strips is particularly

marked in the cases Eucalyptus and Teak so it is

advisable to consult with the factory.

Light brown Honey

Natural A Mocca

Black wood

All Proligna and Auditorium fi nishes are Texture (raised).

All Supra and Laminium fi nishes are Super Matt (smooth matt).

All ProdEX fi nishes are Smooth fi nish (smooth).

Flat cut wood

Maple *

Sapelli * Bubinga * Eucalyptus * American walnut * Teak *

Wenge *

26206 * Limus *

White quercus * Quercus *

Rotary cut wood

Ayous Veneer

Okume Veneer

Deep brown **


Natural beech * White oak * Zebrano * Cherry *

* Neptuno Texture fi nish (raised).

** Neptuno Smooth fi nish (smooth).

Natural A * Dark brown ** Light brown ** Pale **

Cream ** Mocca ** Black wood **

Rustic **

Ice grey **


African cedar *

Bamboo * Stained Zebrano *

Large Diamond Engraving:

Available in Light brown, Rustic,

Pale, Mocca, Cream, Deep brown,

Dark brown, Black wood and Ice

grey ≥ 10 mm.

Advice and 3D recreations. Customers can count on our

experience if they want to choose a material that better integrates with

their projects. You can also see a preview of the fi nal décor of your hotel

thanks to our 3D Preview service.

Customised colours. Prodema has a wide range of woods and

colours capable of satisfying all types of tastes and trends. What’s

more, if you want to build your hotel in a unique place, we can design

an exclusive colour. All you need to do is to call us on 902 108 387 and

describe the fl oor of your dreams to us and we will make that dream

come true.

Prodema is synonymous with

beauty, quality and experience in

wood fl oors and linings. Backed by

over 100 years of experience and

with more than 75 affi liates located

all over the planet we have been

able to evolve into what we are

today, a brand with a prestigious

world-wide reputation.





Hotel Missoni • Allan Murray Architects • Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Citylofts • Conran & Partners • Manchester (United Kingdom)

Olivarius Apart´hotel • PJD Architecture • Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

Prodema is the brand chosen by the big brands. Because together

we have managed to create perfect settings so that the wellbeing and

comfort of our customers translates into higher profi ts per visit.


Armani Seguros Lagun Aro

Women´Secret Sfera

Caja Laboral El Templo del Café

Kiddy´s Class Caixa Galicia

La Caixa Bershka

Mango Truck



projects featured

in this catalogue


Hotel Astoria 7 (Spain)

Hotel Sheraton Centro Histórico (Mexico)

Nh Hoteles


Hoteles Sol Meliá

AC Hoteles

Hotel Milanofi ori (Italy)

Hotel Missoni (United Kingdom)

Olivarius Apart’hotel (France)

Hotel Sotelia (Slovenia)

Hotel Budersand (Germany)

Allison Inn & Spa (United States)

E.A.T. Club Seoul (Korea)

Hotel Domina (Italy)

Aloft Hoteles (Sheraton Chain)


Bodegas Muga (Spain)

Village Pavlolo (Russia)


Prodema head offi ce and plant

Bº. San Miguel, s/n • 20250 Legorreta • Gipuzkoa (SPAIN)

T.: (+34) 943 80 70 00 • F.: (+34) 943 80 71 30

E.: prodema@prodema.com

902 108 387

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