Achieving high performance through an effective IT strategy


Achieving high performance through an effective IT strategy


Achieving high performance

through an effective IT strategy

IT leaders must balance

demands to squeeze more

value out of limited IT

budgets and imperatives to

invest strategically in IT to

support the future needs of

the business. Looking ahead,

IT will play a major role

in the renewed focus on

business opportunity, such

as boosting customer

engagement via new digital

channels and winning and

retaining customers in

emerging markets. IT will

also play a critical role in

satisfying the heightened

need for data and insights

as today’s executives seek

accurate, real-time data

to support decision making,

to reduce risk and to drive

improvements across


To achieve high performance,

organizations must continue

to control the cost of IT

while determining where

to invest in IT to gain

competitive advantage and

build new capabilities.

Benefits of the Accenture approach to

IT strategy

Working with Accenture to develop a more effective IT strategy,

companies can increase their bottom line by as much as 5 percent.

The following are two examples of leading organizations that

have benefited from Accenture’s expertise.

Global energy company

An energy company that had grown

rapidly into a global business with

operations in more than 27 countries

needed a global IT investment and

organizational plan that was closely

aligned with its business strategy.

Ready to transform IT into a growth

enabler, the company turned to

Accenture for its ability to translate

board-level strategies and objectives

into results-driven technology

capabilities. The Accenture team worked

with the company at each stage of

the transformation, from IT strategy

development through implementation.

As a result, the estimated net present

value of the investment is now three

times greater than when the

investment was originally approved.

With Accenture’s help, the global

energy company has a completely new

IT organization with clearly defined

roles and responsibilities and improved

efficiency. IT governance bodies have

been established to serve as steering

committees between IT and business

stakeholders, and a new enterprise

architecture is supporting both organic

growth and that from mergers and


Overall, the company enjoys a tighter

link between IT and business strategy,

with new IT applications that are better

able to support business processes.

Consumer goods company

A global consumer goods company

sought to more quickly harness market

opportunities across its enterprise

while reducing product and process


Because business information was

seen as a critical enabler to achieve

enterprise goals, the company wanted

to make substantial improvements in

how it managed and exploited

information to deliver strategic value.

The solution developed with Accenture

has helped the company cultivate

information that will facilitate change

and generate both immediate and

long-term value across the business.

The solution also has enabled the

company to effectively manage

information and track progress in

improving the quality and delivery

of critical business information.

Overall, by working with Accenture,

the company gained a business

information road map that supports

the organization’s strategy and

operating model.

Accenture IT

strategy services

Accenture understands the

challenges and opportunities

companies face, and has built

world-class IT strategy consulting

capabilities to help companies

capitalize on emerging growth

prospects while maintaining high

levels of IT efficiency.

An important differentiator of the

Accenture approach to IT strategy is

the breadth of its scope (Figure 1).

In developing an IT strategy, we

focus not only on the core elements

of IT—applications and technology

and the IT operating model—but

also on what often gets overlooked

in IT strategy development efforts:

aligning business and IT so IT can

deliver maximum value. We use a

rigorous executive review process

designed to maintain full support

of key stakeholders, including both

IT and business leaders. Given the

growing integration between IT

and every function of the business,

addressing the alignment and buy-in

aspects of IT strategy for the duration

of the development effort has

become vital.

Accenture’s approach to IT strategy

is built upon our proven IT strategy

framework, which follows a

five-step process to help companies

develop the right IT strategy for

their business (Figure 1).

In the first three steps, we help

identify the most important

opportunities a company could

capitalize on. Major activities in

these steps include assessing the

current state of IT, determining

and prioritizing opportunities for

improvement based on the business

value they are expected to generate,

and developing the future-state IT

Figure 1. The Accenture approach to IT strategy addresses the core elements

of IT as well as business-IT alignment and stakeholder buy-in throughout the

development process.


Project and








IT Operating


Phase I

Mobilization and As-Is State Assessment

Step 1

Project Start-up and

As-Is Overview

Step 2

Opportunities and Value


Phase II

To-Be State Definition and Strategy Formulation

Step 3

To-Be State Architecture

and IT Operating Model

architecture and operating model

that can enable the company to

capture those improvement

opportunities. Throughout these

first three steps, we answer key

questions related to how IT can

best help the enterprise achieve

its mission (Figure 1).

In the last two steps of the process,

we focus on determining how the

company’s IT should move forward

and how best to create the IT

capabilities that will support the

enterprise in the future. Major

activities in these steps include

creating the business case for new

IT initiatives and investments and

developing a road map for moving

from the current IT state to the

future IT state (Figure 1). The

framework consists of integrated

components that can be customized

to fit the needs of any company.

Step 4

Programs and Business


Phase III

IT Road Map Development

Step 5

Implementation Road Map

and Finalization

What are the most important opportunities? How should IT move forward?

Another advantage of the Accenture

approach is our ability to tap quickly

into the collective knowledge of the

global Accenture organization. At any

point in the IT strategy development

process, we can involve Accenture

professionals with deep experience in

enterprise architecture, IT infrastructure,

systems integration and outsourcing,

as well as functional, industry or

business strategy experts and IT

innovation experts from Accenture

Technology Labs.

Differentiated value

from a proven


Accenture is a leading provider of

information technology consulting

and is uniquely positioned to help

organizations address their IT strategy

challenges. We have provided

technology consulting expertise to

nearly two-thirds of the Fortune 100

during the past two years, and as a

company we have more than 20 years

of experience executing hundreds

of IT strategy projects with clients

around the world. Through this

experience and our ongoing Accenture

High Performance IT research, we have

developed powerful intellectual

property, diagnostic tools, templates

and frameworks that enable us to

deliver better, faster results for our


The Accenture global organization

includes an experienced core practice

of IT strategy and transformation

professionals focused on creating

effective IT strategies and world-class

enterprise architectures for companies

across industries. This specialist team

is backed by Accenture’s broad

technology and outsourcing team, with

more than 100,000 people covering the

entire range of technology capabilities—

from IT strategy development to

solutions for optimizing IT infrastructure

and applications to systems integration

and outsourcing—and a global network

of experienced industry and business

process experts.

Accenture is committed to developing

pragmatic strategies that can be

implemented rapidly and effectively.

Indeed, our people are experienced

strategists who are also experienced

implementers focused on real results.

Using IT to help

drive high


As companies focus on growth, IT

becomes an even bigger competitive

differentiator—not to mention a

potentially greater driver of operational

cost. The way companies manage this

critical capability has a major impact

on an enterprise’s competitive position

and ability to make the most of

emerging opportunities. Recognizing

this, leading companies are setting

their sights on more effectively

aligning their IT investments with the

overall mission of the enterprise—and,

in the process, providing short- and

long-term IT support that generates

the greatest value for the business.

By working with Accenture on these

mission-critical initiatives, enterprises

can gain access to some of the best

thinking in the industry, paired with

powerful, tested tools and assets

that help companies produce results

faster. In this way, companies can

forge an IT strategy that lays the

groundwork for the development of

an IT organization that can serve as a

powerful leverage point in the pursuit

of high performance.

“Accenture has one of

the largest and most

comprehensive IT service

offerings. Accenture was

found to have strong

capabilities within all four

evaluated IT Strategy and

Planning segments, including

Business Performance, IT

Management, Enterprise

Architecture and Systems

Strategy and Architecture."

Source: Kennedy; “IT Strategy &

Planning Consulting Marketplace

2009”; © BNA Subsidiaries, LLC.

Reproduced under license.

Copyright © 2010 Accenture

All rights reserved.

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are trademarks of Accenture.

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unparalleled experience, comprehensive

capabilities across all industries and

business functions, and extensive

research on the world’s most successful

companies, Accenture collaborates

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governments. The company generated

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