13 - LHK Rosenheim


13 - LHK Rosenheim

BachelOr PrOfessiOnal

(cci) Of WOOd PrOcessinG

more know-how. more success.

Bachelor Professional

(CCI) of Wood Processing

Our BachelOr PrOfessiOnal cOurse Offers:

a condensed qualification in only 6 months

current, up-to-date know-how and competent, field-proven teachers

Optimal preparation for practice through practical exercises and field trips

accredited training at one of the leading institutes in Germany

Best conditions of living and learning under one roof

Lehrinstitut der Holzwirtschaft

und Kunststofftechnik in Rosenheim e. V.

02 WWW.lhk.de

Solid foundations,

the best prospects

as a rosenheim Bachelor Professional you are among the future industry leaders. We provide

the knowledge you need: condensed, practical and in a pleasant working atmosphere.

Rosenheim professionals are familiar with their field of work. Therefore, exciting tasks await you:

• Leading of work groups, departments or entire divisions

• Working as a liaison between management and operations

• Technical and management functions within the company - from purchasing to sales,

from management to production management

You have acquired a high quality education and appropriate professional experience.

We offer the springboard for your career: wood processing companies in industry and trade increasingly

hire foremen specialized in wood processing as skilled managers.

Professionals are required who not only master modern computer-aided technologies but can

also handle employees and possess entrepreneurial spirit.

No wonder that our students have the best chances in the labor market – in Germany and around

the world – as „Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Wood Processing“.

03 WWW.lhk.de

Good experience with

the Rosenheim “Bachelor”

Mark West

„With the Rosenheim Bachelor you are in a good starting position - of course, you have to prove

yourself in the job, but with this certificate in your pocket you get chances which you would not have

dreamt of otherwise.“

Xavier Haas Junior

„I have benefited greatly from the experience here. We were able to communicate with people from

small businesses and large corporations and learned a lot from their different ways of working.“

Thomas Demharter

Rosenheim is well known for their good education. From my work colleagues, even here in school,

i have heard only positive sentiments. i am very pleased and that‘s why i‘ve posted this.”

Manuela Küntzel

„I‘ve only had good experiences here! The teachers transmit subject matters very well. I can definitely

recommend the training.“



LHK: The right decision

Our „Teaching Institute of Timber and Plastics in Rosenheim,“ LHK in short, has been founded in

1946. for over 50 years we have put our ideas and our experience in the training of foremen in wood

processing. We provide the high educational standard recognized in Germany and throughout europe

and we will do everything to honor our promise.

The lhk is a world-renowned training centre. Our teachers are experienced, highly specialized practitioners

who know what they are talking about and are professionals in their craft.

in close cooperation with the university of applied sciences rosenheim we integrate machine courses

with state-of-the-art machinery (p.e. altendorf, eWd, hOMaG, hundegger, linck, Martin, Vollmer, Weinig)

as well as seminars lectured by university professors into our schooling program.

Being a partner in the prominent competence networks of German wood and plastics industry we also

work hand in hand with the ifT-rosenheim (institute for Windows, doors and facades).

for you this means the security of a sound, worthwhile practical training and taking part in the current

innovation transfer.



At LHK, you will find the best conditions for learning: The classrooms and training facilities are

modern and provide a comfortable, attractive atmosphere.

You also have the opportunity to stay in our boarding house. We offer bright single and double bedrooms

with shower, toilet and cleaning. The house is equipped with WLAN for mobile Internet access. Our staff

will do everything in their power to make you feel at ease so that you can focus on your training. Well

balanced breakfasts and lunches are served in our sunny restaurant.

In the evenings or during breaks our foreman students meet in the TV room or lounge, use the small

kitchen, the cafeteria or the lhk park.

After work activities in the park include leisure time on the wooden deck, barbecuing or workout and

fitness at our newly installed boulder wall. An important part of the course is also a joint mountain hiking

trip which promotes team spirit.

It’s not surprising that while at LHK friendships for life develop!

Training under best conditions

06 WWW.lhk.de

Have you got what it takes?

Admission requirements for future trainers

You enjoy working with young people and are happy to teach technical crafts and the necessary basics

for dealing with the renewable resource wood.

Building on your previous experience and basic knowledge we train you in 6 months.

• Min. 23-25 years old

• engineer/ technical engineer or

• Master of sciences

• interested in carpentry or joinery

• in command of written and spoken english

• Manually skills

• in good health

07 WWW.lhk.de

There is no faster way

Trained within 6 months

You have invested a lot of time in your professional qualification and your practical work.

With the condensed training course, Bachelor Professional in Wood Processing, nothing will stop you:

In just 6 months we make you fit for your exam at the Chamber of Commerce.

The best Bachelors Professional in Wood Processing come from our institute. Our graduates not only

succeed more often than the average student, they are regularly among the best of their year. Often

Bavarian State Awards for Excellence in the CCI exam are earned by Rosenheim Bachelors.

Regardless of this, the best student of the course receives the „Master Prize of the Industry“

and will get a lot of attention among companies and in the press.

08 WWW.lhk.de

We acquire our students as is. This means that should you not have studied recently you will especially

benefit from our guidelines on the subject „Learning to learn”. You will become your own learning expert

and optimally prepare for your exam right from the start.

The course lasts about 6 months, which means approximately 920 “school hours” (45 minutes each),

packed with current knowledge that today’s and tomorrow’s wood working industry demands.

The exam for Bachelors in Wood Processing is written, oral and practical.

The examination subjects are:

• Professional practice (job situation)

• Trade Theory

• Business organization and accounting

• Basic Knowledge in Economics and Law

• Practical exercises on modern woodworking machines

• CAD Programming

Success is no coincidence:

Training concept at LHK

The written exams are held in two blocks, with the oral examination following some weeks later. Your

knowledge is assessed halfway through the training with an intermediate examination. This is to test your

preparation for the finals. These results are not included in the final mark of the certificate!

Once you have passed the Bachelor certificate you will celebrate the handover of your degree in a formal

ceremony. During your time at LHK we also offer favorable conditions to participate in our LHK seminars

as well as Pc user courses.

09 WWW.lhk.de


1. Process technology

1.1 Production Technology

• Wood Physics

• fundamentals of wood drying

• engineered Wood

• Manufacturing processes and procedures

• Quality control

• sequence of operations plans for various products

1.2 Wood construction

• Design guidelines for solid wood and slabs

• latitude, longitude and frame connections

• surface and corner joints

• furniture

• frame constructions

• Windows and doors

1.3 Bonding Technology

• Gluing tasks

• Physical principles

• Processing of adhesives in the operating

• adhesive types

• adhesive facilities

1.4 Surface Treatment

• Prerequisites and preparation

• surface materials

• surface processing

• Machines and equipment

• application techniques

• sequence of operations

1.5 Plastics Technology

• fundamentals of Polymer Technology

• Plastic types and designations

• Plastic products and processing methods

• application areas

• identification and testing of plastics

Knowledge about

the optimum wood processing

„As masters in wood processing,

we translate traditional crafts

into profitable industry standards –

an amazing job!“




2. Industrial Engineering

2.1 Machine Elements and Machine Technology

• requirements

• structure and features of machines

• drives

• areas of application and operation of woodworking machinery

2.2 Tools technology

• considerations in procurement tool

• cutting conditions

• cutting geometry

• types of tools

• Tool maintenance

• application of tools

2.3 Measurement, control and regulation technology

• control and regulation technology

• Control logics and related symbols, valves

• Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

• creating circuits

• Test and Measurement

• Robotics

2.4 Operating techniques

• Operating supply and disposal

• compressed air treatment

• extraction

• Measuring and testing equipment

• Subsidies

2.5 Electrical

• Physical principles

• units of electrical engineering

• Types of current

• electric motors

• Distribution of electric energy

• dangers of electric current

Operating technique

that pays off

„Only those who are currently

using state of the art techniques

are able to survive tomorrow.

Therefore, our Industry Bachelors

master their machines, tools,

systems and processes.“




3. Organization and Business

3.1 Business Economics

3.2 Cost management

• cost types and sizes

• surcharge calculation

• Contribution margin accounting

• cost calculation

• Machine-hour rate

3.3 Operating organization and preparation

• Principles of organization

• Operational functions

• identifying data

• Organization of workflows

• Power calculation and tuning

• scheduling

• loss determination

• form filling

• Work distribution

• Manufacturing control

• compensation systems

4. Leadership

Entrepreneurial thinking,

successfully acting

“Expertise is not sufficient to

become a good leader.

Learn at LHK everything you need as an

entrepreneurial-minded executive.“




5. Communication

5.1 computer science

• Modern computer systems

• Terms in data processing

• Types of computers for practical use

• classification and types of hardware and software

• Methodology of Program development

• specification

• fundamentals of nc programming

5.2 Technical drawing

• drawing technique

• drawing styles

• drafting standards

• Making of production and parts drawings

• cad drawing

5.3 Professional correspondence

• drawing technique

• drawing styles

• drafting standards

• Making of production and parts drawings

• cad drawing

6. Professional counting

• rule of three,

• Percent calculation

• area and volume calculation

• Algebra and arithmetic formula

• energy calculations

• Blending calculations

• strength calculations

• Pressure calculations

• Production time and machine assignment

What you need everyday

„Knowing how to do it,

that is part of the training!“




7. Safety

8. Training of Trainers

Instead of dull theory:

practice and contacts

9. Professional practice

• Practical exercises on the following areas: machine, tool technology, bonding technology,

surface technology, plastics engineering, control engineering, computer science, wood drying

• Machine course of the trade association: prepares the participants for their role as leaders in

the fields of industrial safety and accident prevention.

• safer and more efficient use of machinery and tools, instruction and supervision of staff in


10. Company visits and lectures

• excursions to renowned companies in woodworking and plastics processing as well as

lectures about machinery & parts, abrasives, tools, connectivity, plane technology, hardware

technology, etc. complement your training with us.

„Careers are also made

through contacts -

That’s why you will sniff

so much practice air!“




Welcome in Rosenheim

The city of Rosenheim is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Bavaria (Germany), close to Italy

and Austria. The Alps and the idyllic lake Chiemsee offer all kinds of sports and recreation possibilities:

skiing, mountain hiking, climbing and sailing to name but a few.

rosenheim is also known for its lively art and culture scene. The generously sized culture and conference

centre, internationally renowned “Lokschuppen” exhibition center, town gallery and smaller local theatres

offer fantastic locations for cultural events. The town museum, technical wood museum and inn museum

showcase the town’s rich history.

Tradition and Bavarian life is perfectly demonstrated at the town’s many festivals such as the rosenheim

autumn festival. And if you want to breathe urban air, it’s only a short ride to Munich or Salzburg.
















Our teachers:

With your decision to become a Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Wood Processing you are right

on the target. for questions on the course please contact us via email info@lhk.de or call us.

“We are looking forward to meeting you here in Rosenheim!”

Axel Jentsch

director and ceO

Graduated Wood scientist


tel.: +49 8031 218518

Thomas Annies

associate director

head of Wood-Working


Michael Saurbier

head of Tool-sharpening shop

Roland Maier

head of Training facilities and

Machine Park

Peter Hörr

head of sawmill and

Timber Department

Johannes Steingraber

head of Plastics and

Rubber Department

more know-how. more success.

Lehrinstitut der Holzwirtschaft

und Kunststofftechnik in Rosenheim e. V.

küpferlingstraße 66, 83024 rosenheim

Tel.: +49 (0)8031 2185-0, fax: +49 (0)8031 16344

info@lhk.de, www.lhk.de

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