age supreme integral range

Want to combat the three signs of

hair ageing?


intra-Cylane (in masque only): a patented technological

innovation that consolidates the hair fibre and recreates the

hair’s internal structure.

omega 6: Essential fatty acid with nourishing lipids to repair

the cuticle and nourish the fibre.

anti-oxidant with a broad spectrum: protects and combats

the effects of damaging external factors.

age supreme integral density enhancing


ideaL for Ageing hair.

action Cleanses and nourishes the hair, leaving

it looking thicker and healthier.

age supreme integral replenishing

radiance Masque

ideaL for Ageing hair.

action Intensely nourishes and reconstructs the

internal structure of the hair, combating the three

signs of hair ageing.

1. Thinning and loss of elasticity

2. Extreme dryness

3. Loss of shine and softness


1 Cleanse 2 Nourish 2B Powerful nourish

3 Perfect finish (Leave-in) 3B Finishing Touch (Serum)


nourish dry & daMaged hair

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