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Want to add volume and life to fine hair?


Mineral Ca (in shampoo and spray): derived from calcium

crystals, these provide structure in the hair, adding volume.

Mineral si (in masque): Derived from a mineral silicon,

this acts in synergy with Mineral CA to create a network of

contact points that build volume.

nutritex (in conditioner): Boosts volume and body.

volume expand shampoo

ideaL for Fine hair.

action Cleanses and nourishes the hair, creating

body and fullness without weighing down the hair.

volume expand Conditioner

ideaL for Fine hair.

action Nourishes hair without weighing it down,

resulting in voluptuous, healthy hair.

1 Cleanse 2 Nourish 2B Powerful nourish

3 Perfect finish (Leave-in) 3B Finishing Touch (Serum)



volume expand Masque

ideaL for Fine hair.

action Deeply nourishes the hair without

weighing it down for maximum volume.

volume expand spray

ideaL for Fine hair lacking volume and body.

action Boosting body and strength in fine hair

from root to tip, with long-lasting hold.



Create gLaMorous voLuMe

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