Traditional speakers, with speaker membranes directed straight

on, provide a concentration of direct sound straight on. This is

especially true for the treble, which, in principle, radiates from

the upper frequencies. The sound presents as duller and less

treble-rich everywhere, except for a focused point right in front

of the speakers

Paper the entire room with sound

The classic triangle for placing conventional speakers. The best place from

which to listen is known as the “sweet spot” – it is here that the sound from

the speakers meets.

With a speaker that allows the room to interact, you can

achieve sound reproduction that gives a “live” feeling everywhere.

We call this principle “Omniroom.” Refl ected sound

works together with the walls and the ceiling to diffuse sound

throughout the room. The bass and lower tones are not as

direction-sensitive and diffuse more easily, even with traditional

speakers – for this reason, it is extremely easy to place a subwoofer

in relation to where one is listening. The more directed

the sound, the greater the limitations on where in the room the

sound will be optimized.

Therefore, speakers that use refl ected sound are less sensitive

to placement. No matter where you are in the room, the

sound will be fantastic.

Except for the podium in a concert hall, an ordinary living

room is the best listening space, since it is usually decorated

with upholstered furniture, rugs, paintings, and curtains. Generally,

this room also has unadorned surfaces, like the walls and

ceiling, for sound refl ection. The variation between absorbing

and refl ecting surfaces makes a living room the perfect location

for speakers that use refl ected sound.

Classic speaker placement. The Qube diffuses sound throughout the entire room.

The Qube uses your room’s walls and ceiling to fi ll the room with refl ected

sound. No matter where you choose to listen, the sound will be amazing.




A pure, airy, listening experience

The Qube is available in a white and black

high-glass varnish ...

... or in cherry, with a champagnecolored

aluminum top.

The Qube is a unique speaker that uses your

room to create perfect sound. It allows the sound

to work together with your walls and ceiling to

spread sound throughout the room, rather than

to one, specifi c location. This sound, known as

refl ected sound, provides a pure, airy acoustic

image, no matter where you are in the room.

The Qube functions equally well as either a

two-channel stereo or the rear speaker in a home

movie system. A bass refl ex port on its underside

permits the Qube to achieve the best possible



Enclosure type:

Drivers: (Shielded)

Bass refl ex

Tweeter: 1” Soft Dome

Woofer: 5 1/4”

Crossover frequency: 4.200Hz

Frequency range: 43-28.000Hz

Sensitivity (1W / 1M): 87dB

Impedance: 8 ohm

Amplifi er requirement: 25-125 W

Dimensions (WxHxD): 250 x 335 x 250 mm


The Qube’s goal is to give you an optimal sound experience,

no matter where you place it; the refl ected

sound will diffuse throughout the entire room. Here

are a couple of suggestions for placing the Qube.

However, we’ve just included some of the basic placements;

you have many more options from which to

choose. Experiment with different placement options;

some may work better than others, depending on

what your room looks like and how it is furnished.

Placing your Qube speakers


- Placement in a corner increases the bass.

- Direct the Qube so that the fi rst surface the sound hits is a hard one.

- Rugs and heavy curtains will help dampen the sound.

Placement ideas when you use the Qube as a rear speaker in your home movie system.

Placement ideas when you use the Qube as right and left speakers (two-channel stereo).


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