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June–August 2011

About Toll Group

toll is the Asian region’s leading provider

of integrated logistics services, generating

an annualised revenue of A$8 billion and

operating an extensive network of over

1,200 sites in 55 countries.

toll’s access to transport and infrastructure

assets includes road fleets, warehousing, ships,

air freight capacity, ports and rail rolling stock.

these assets when combined with operational

expertise and technology solutions, are aimed

at driving supply chain efficiencies to deliver

best practice in supply chain management for

toll’s diverse customer base.

2 tOLL tOdAY


Message from


Toll Domestic Forwarding 4

Toll Specialised and

Domestic Freight

You will no doubt have noticed that this edition

of toll today is somewhat different. In line with

the recent company rebrand and periodic

updates we make to the magazine, we have

given it a new look and feel.

As always, we are keen to hear from you on the

new style and encourage any ideas you may

have for new stories, features or topics. Please

email your ideas to



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Danielle sawyer

Group Corporate affairs

e SCS-COC-00790

Introducing the

new-look Toll Today

Working as

one business

with One Toll

reflecting on the last 18 months at

Toll, i think they have been some

of the most exciting and important

months that Toll has experienced in its

recent past. Toll is maturing, and this

began with the creation of the current

organisational structure in January 2010.

For the most part Toll did not change the

basic building blocks of our success in

the past, that is the individual business

unit. The question that must now be

asked is what does Toll need for the

future? more of the same, something

completely new or a combination of both?

Before we answer this question, we

must first understand what Toll wishes

to achieve over the next five years; a

company that continues to be asia’s pre-

eminent integrated transport and logistics

provider, with a rest of the world reach.

one of the key elements of our ability to

achieve further success in this strategy

will be our ability to work consistently

across business units, divisions,

geographies and product offerings. This

is simply not about selling in a unified

manner, but it is also about how we

develop our people, control our safety,

• one brand, one logo

• one safety culture and commitment

deliver iT solutions and interact with

customers. in other words, how we work

together to create one Toll.

one Toll is not just an empty catch

phrase or buzz word. This will be a

crucial part of our culture going forward

if Toll is to replicate past success into

the future. it must be a core principle

of everything we do, and people in

leadership roles must lead by example

and press home the type of behaviour

required for one Toll to work.

The senior management team and

i have a core responsibility to ensure

that people across the organisation

understand what is expected in the new

one Toll world.

one Toll complements and builds on

the success of the individual business

units. moving forward we must act as

one business with one shared goal. <

shane O’neill

Divisional Director

Toll Global express

What does One Toll

mean in practice?

• one approach to Hr strategy and personal development

• one approach to iT to empower our businesses everywhere

• one set of core values that we are all judged by

• one discipline around environment and other corporate social responsibility issues

• one approach to business development that traverses multiple business units or regions.


June–auGusT 2011



4 tOLL tOdAY

Quake city


for Toll

At 12.51pm on tuesday 22 February 2011

Christchurch city was torn apart by its second

major earthquake in six months. More than

180 people were killed, 10,000 homes became

uninhabitable, and much of the city centre was

damaged beyond repair.

Toll played a vital role in the relief and recovery operation,

led by Warren Boyes.

Warren Boyes, General manager nz for Contract logistics, Toll

Global logistics, is no stranger to Christchurch. He joined the

company in 2003 to work on a project there. He then moved

on to auckland to spend the next five years restructuring

the company’s warehousing and logistics operations. in July

last year, Warren returned to Christchurch to oversee Toll’s

operations in the south island. Within a few weeks, the city

he knew would be changed forever.

The first quake struck at 4.35am on 4 september 2010. There

was minimal damage to the Toll warehouses, but a massive

clean-up operation was required to remove and dump 3,000

tonnes of damaged stock, and replace racking that had shaken

and buckled under the force of the 7.3 magnitude quake.

across the city, water and sewage systems cracked under

the strain. a number of landmark buildings were damaged.

Two Christchurch residents were seriously injured and sadly

one person died.

Christchurch continued to experience a series of smaller

after-shocks over the next six months, but nothing would

prepare the lunchtime crowds in the city’s central business

district for the shattering blow that struck on 22 February.

“Here at Toll, we were lucky again,” Warren said, “There was little

evidence of damage to our operation; we knew what to do and

how to go about the tasks that lay ahead. We marshalled our

people outside, away from the building. We sorted everyone

who had children at school, or elderly people to care for, or

homes on gas supply and sent them home to check things out.

Then, we called in the engineers to check that our buildings

were safe to operate.”

Supporting the relief effort

The scale of the disaster soon registered. Warren received

a phone call and a summons to report to the Civil Defence

emergency centre. under escort, he was driven to the temporary

headquarters in the city’s art gallery building.

“There was absolute turmoil in the centre of the city,” he recalled,

“We had no idea of the absolute devastation that the city suffered

before we saw it during that drive.”

Civil Defence urgently needed logistics expertise. initially, they

had called contacts at KiwiRail, but the Kiwirail team quickly

realised that the scale of the relief and recovery effort would

require global, as well as national, logistics support. They

recommended Warren.

For the next three weeks, Warren was working 20 hours a day,

seven days a week, coordinating a supply chain that involved

communication between the Christchurch Civil Defence

headquarters, the National Civil Defence Command Centre,

the New Zealand Air Force, Army, a contingent of police from

australia, the Royal Australian Air Force, a multinational force

of skilled rescue and recovery workers, the Department of

Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the

Salvation Army and even the Prime Minister’s Department. >


June–auGusT 2011




some of the

thousands of portable

toilets that Toll

distributed around


6 tOLL tOdAY

Continued from page 5

The objective was to ensure that whatever was needed,

right down to pads, pens and batteries, was available to support

the complex and fast-moving rescue and relief operation.

There were three priority areas for action: fuel, chemical toilets

and fresh water.

Fuel was essential to drive the vehicles and equipment needed

to deliver emergency services. supply was threatened by

damage at the lyttelton port and in the main road tunnel

connecting the port and the city.

“Fuel was critical,” Warren said. “We got to work with the port

company and the fuel companies to set up a system using

pilot vehicles to escort tankers through the damaged tunnel,

which was also operated by the port company, and into the

city. There, we organised a network of service stations with

special priority lanes to handle the fuelling of emergency service

vehicles at local level.”

Chemical toilets were needed because of widespread damage

to the city’s sewage system. “That was a major global challenge”

according to Warren. “Civil Defence figured that between 40,000

to 60,000 chemical toilets or portaloos would be needed to

ensure we didn’t have major health and hygiene problems

because about 90km of the sewer pipes were damaged.

procurement was our problem.”

in the end, the chemical toilet procurement involved the creation

of a global supply chain operation drawing on manufacturers

and suppliers in China, the netherlands, the us and australia,

as well as existing stocks in new zealand.

a series of chartered Boeing 747 freighter flights involving,

Air China, Malaysia Air, Cathay Pacific, Southern Air, as well

as sea shipments into the ports at nelson and lyttelton, were

also arranged to achieve delivery into the country.

“Then we had to face the challenge of distributing them around

the city,” Warren recalled. “Thankfully, we had assistance from

around 100 army transport and volunteers to help us manage

delivery. They were a very high demand item. naturally, the

people were desperate to get them.”

Water supply was another major issue. at first the focus

was on securing supplies of bottled water. Then, there was

a major exercise to have two large desalination plants flown to

Christchurch from australia aboard raaF C17 Globemasters,

and installed at the nearby seaside township of Brighton.

a chain of local filling stations was established in areas of

the city where no water supply was available, and water was

trucked in from the ashburton District Council supplies and

from Blenheim.

a special seismic monitoring system from Calgary, Canada,

and 14 suction trucks and pumps from australia were among

the more memorable items sourced and delivered by the

global supply chain.

“our depot became a major relief hub,” Warren said. “We were

operating up to three shifts a day during the period of peak


“our team really went the extra mile to keep the operation

rolling. none of them or their immediate family were killed in

the quake, but many lost friends, and upwards of 21 percent

of them were displaced from their homes and living with

relatives or friends. about a dozen had their homes destroyed

or damaged beyond repair. stress was something we had to

anticipate and manage.”

Toll new zealand Group General manager Greg Miller arranged

for groups of staff from other parts of the country to go

to Christchurch to help relieve the pressure.

Greg said, “The effort and contribution made by our

Christchurch team was significant in keeping our business

going at such a difficult time. i have been humbled by their

efforts for our customers and also the teams nationally that

graciously donated staff to roster into and out of Christchurch

supporting our Christchurch Toll family.”

Looking after our teams

arrangements were also made to ensure that the services of

a professionally qualified team of stress management

counsellors from seeD, a specialist consultancy, were available

on a confidential oncall basis.

at the main Christchurch depot, Toll also established a water

filling station and a small home tanker operation to ensure the

local team, their families and key customers had access to

water as well as showering and washing facilities.

“We made sure they had packed lunches, and we operated

barbecues at the site to serve hot meals to our team, our

contractors, plus about another 30 from the military and

50 volunteers who were helping us deliver relief supplies

around the city,” Warren said.

Saying thanks to our teams and partners

The Toll team in Christchurch is particularly grateful to a number

of major clients who supported their depot relief operation.

“Griffins, the Warehouse, mG marketing and the mad Butcher

all contributed food and we really appreciated their support,”

Warren said. “We simply have so many people to thank for

their support during this difficult time that i don’t want to start

listing names in case i miss anyone. But the help we received

from the rest of the Toll Group, and particularly from Toll Global

Forwarding was really invaluable. so was the help we had from

air new zealand ground staff for the unloading and marshalling

of the charter flights. in all, it was a very humbling experience

to be supported by so many to achieve a very successful

conclusion to our involvement.”

The future for Christchurch

Today, Christchurch is a quieter place. 231 city buildings are

ticketed for demolition, and an estimated 10,000 homes are

beyond repair. on the day after the state of emergency in the

city was lifted, at the end of april, Christchurch experienced

a 5.3 magnitude jolt. The next few months will continue to

be challenging for the people of Christchurch as they start to

rebuild their lives. our thoughts are with them at this time. <



one of the cargo

planes we unloaded

with emergency

supplies for



Warren Boyes who

was instrumental in

coordinating the relief

effort logistics.

June–auGusT 2011



One Toll


the load

Toll businesses enjoy a challenge.

especially when it’s oversized,

complex and needs to be delivered in a

tight timeframe.

so when Toll Global Forwarding in new

zealand got the call in march from

vacuum manufacturers Cuddon Limited

to move a unit from new zealand to

michigan, us, they were keen to get


This initial shipment ready for uplift

from Cuddon’s Blenheim factory site

at the end of march was a document

dryer. measuring 2.46m high x 2.44m

wide x 14.35m long, this dryer was no

ordinary piece of office equipment – it

can restore documents by the freeze

drying process and dry 324 boxes of

documents per load.

Toll new zealand collected the dryer

and container from the Cuddon factory

and transported it to the port. There, Toll

Global Forwarding took over.

Together with a 40ft shipping container

of accessories, the unit had to be

delivered to the buyer’s store door

located in livonia, michigan.

Grant Wilson, Business Development

manager quoted for this job using a

traditional shipping option for the

large document dryer and a standard

container liner shipping option for the


By traditional shipping the team

reinvented the wheel, going right

back in history in using a lift on/lift off

non-containerised ship scheduled for

discharging other bulk cargo at the port

Toll leads the way

in lightweight skels

Toll refrigerated has recently added

three new, lightweight trailers to its

fleet which will result in significant cost

and fuel saving benefits.

These lightweight skels when combined

with Toll refrigerated’s new road/rail

container will result in 13.6 percent

improvement in linehaul utilisation where

weight is the governing factor. These

lightweight combinations will enable a

product carrying capacity of 25 tonne

legally on road.

one trailer/container combination will

be used on the melbourne-Brisbane-

8 tOLL tOdAY

melbourne shuttle which will clock up

approximately 8,000 to 8,500km per

week. another will be running on the

Brisbane-sydney-Brisbane route and

the third trailer will be used on local work

from railhead to depot. This local trial

will be aimed at understanding how the

lightweight frame handles the twisting

and turning involved with accessing

all types of premises and backing

onto docks.

The linehaul trials commenced in early

June, and initial advice from the linehaul

drivers has been that the trailers have

behaved very well. if successful, these

of Wellington, new zealand.

once the shipment arrived in the us, Toll

Global Forwarding’s office in Chicago

completed the inbound customs

clearance and coordinated the overland

transport from long Beach port through

to final delivery in michigan.

This is yet another example of how Toll

businesses work together to achieve

great results in terms of price and

turnaround for our customers. This endto-end

service was unrivaled by other

service providers in the market, further

demonstrating the unique model we

present when we work as one Toll. <

combinations could ultimately replace

road pans. This would result in not only

a saving on capital cost but would also

offer the benefit of a road or rail end use

for the container.

The improved utilisation in terms of

both cubic and weight, results in more

product moving at once. This means

that less fuel is required per kilogram of

product moved for the prime mover as

well as to control product temperature

whilst in transit. This new equipment

also means that less capital equipment

is required to move the same amount

of product. <


Toll new zealand

delivering the dryer to

the port of Wellington.


a lightweight skel

together with

the lightweight

road/rail container

as part of a B-double


Discovering the

benefits of fossil

fuel alternatives

toll Liquids by its very nature is focussed

on fuel, both as a cartage operator and as a

significant consumer. Consequently we are

often approached to participate in projects

targeting either the use of alternate fuels or

different ways to minimise our carbon footprint.

it was in this capacity that Peter Pace, national Fleet manager

at Toll liquids was approached by Richard Baxter, managing

Director of GasTech; an r&D business based in Victoria.

GasTech has been developing a natural gas fuelled engine that

boasted some very impressive performance figures.

GasTech has completed a significant amount of r&D in lpG,

dual fuel engines, and inducted gas before finally arriving at the

design for an engine that can run solely on either Compressed

or liquefied natural Gas (CnG or lnG).

GasTech and its engineering staff has also spent considerable

time setting up the only privately owned engine dynamometer

testing facility for heavy engines in australia. since then,

GasTech has been busy monitoring and evaluating on-road

versions of the CnG engines as well as running the lnG version

on the test bed where they have further refined their solution

to produce excellent returns.

it was on the back of these performance figures that Toll

liquids agreed to be part of a trial using a prime mover that

operated solely on lnG. >


Another initiAtive

by SmArter Green

June–auGusT 2011



Continued from page 9

How it works

The GasTech engine remanufacture starts with a standard

diesel engine which is then modified using a new cylinder head,

multipoint electronic sequential fuel injection, (note that the

GasTech lnG engines are spark ignited) and the air induction

closed loop cooling system (patent pending).

The package offers power output that is comparable to a similar

sized diesel engine but due to the use of natural gas, manages

to almost halve the fuel cost, has lower nox emissions and

excellent turbo charger performance which is not normally

associated with gas engines.

This is a very cost effective service when compared to the

diesel engines that it has been designed to ultimately replace.

add to that an economical purchase price and you are looking

at one very compelling argument to convert to lnG.

like most things, there are some disadvantages including the

need for specialist cryogenic lnG fuel tanks, restricted range

compared to diesel and relatively few refuelling locations.

The engine does however run on either lnG or CnG, so it is

possible to set up a CnG facility just like a diesel Transtank, but

unfortunately CnG has a shorter range (approximately 900km)

and requires multiple CnG storage tanks. This impacts heavily

on axle loadings compared to lnG that is 30 percent lighter

than the equivalent amount of diesel fuel.

The good news is that there are plans already underway to

improve commercial access to both CnG and lnG.

Toll liquids has now had one of the lnG engines retrofitted

Toll nQX supervisor is recognised

with a future leader award

Daniel Clarke, pick-up and Delivery

supervisor at Toll nqX was a finalist

at the Supply Chain and Logistics

Association of Australia (SCLAA) Awards

in queensland where he received a

High recommendation. He then went

on to be a national finalist of the Future

leader award.

The Future leader award provides

recognition of young professionals who

are currently working in the transport,

supply chain and logistics industry, and

helps them further develop their career

within the sector.

The sClaa announced the winners of

the 2010 awards in sydney late last year.

With a record number of entries across all

10 tOLL tOdAY

states, judges had a tough job selecting

winners and high commendations from a

range of exceptional submissions.

PJ Gould from Toll’s Group Business

Development team, along with Bruce

Rowan from Toll nqX attended the event

and supported Daniel as he proudly

represented Toll.

as a board member and president of

the aCT and southern nsW division

of sClaa, pJ said, “This is a wonderful

opportunity to showcase young

professionals within our industry.”

“Daniel is a shining example of some of

the talented young people we have here

at Toll and he deserves this recognition

to a prime mover that was due for an engine overhaul, and

had the entire rig painted in the new livery.

Paul Milo, national Business Development manager said, “Fuel

usage typically makes up between 20 to 30 percent of the cost

for much of our operation, so if we could achieve a fuel cost

reduction of half using this engine it would obviously offer a

significant tactical advantage to our business.

“The longer term benefits will come from the environmentally

friendly stance being lower emissions, better engine life and

lower repair and maintenance costs. Toll liquids is really excited

about trialling the engine and hopes to be able to confirm the

benefits which ultimately will be shared by all Toll business

units in the future.”

Toll businesses that would like further information about

the GasTech engine, should contact peter pace at <

for the hard work he has put in at Toll


on behalf of the sClaa, pJ is urging

more Toll businesses to enter their

staff into the competition this year and

celebrate the great talent we have in the

business. <


l-r: steve granland,

Peter Pace, Richard

Baxter and

dale Herbert.


Bruce Rowan

Toll nqX, daniel

Clarke Toll nqX

and PJ gould Toll

Group Business


Toll Transitions rallies to support

its customers affected by the

Australian floods

the recent floods and aftermath of Cyclone Yasi caused total devastation to many parts of

Queensland, and toll transitions’ customers were amongst those affected.

Toll Transitions experienced this first

hand as it became evident that a

number of its customers’ furniture

and personal effects were housed in

flood affected areas and that some of

its largest workplace relocation clients’

premises were under water.

The team acted very quickly to locate and

assess the damage. a crisis team was

assembled, led by senior management,

which included Toll Transitions personnel

from all over australia, to coordinate the

assessment and recovery of the flood

affected items.

The team worked closely with the

affected removals companies and their

subcontractors to locate our customers’

consignments. This task was particularly

challenging at one removal company’s

premises, as it was completely under

water, meaning all its electronic and hard

copy records were inaccessible.

The recovery of goods was also

hampered as flood waters took a number

of days to subside.

once it was deemed safe, the crisis team

started the task of trying to identify and

salvage the consignments that belonged

to its customers.

a team of 10 Toll Transitions staff was sent

to various locations and employees were

required to go through each consignment

by hand to assess the damage and

retrieve any salvageable items.

They promptly moved salvageable

consignments to other warehouses

to prevent them from being further


Customers were provided with continual

updates on the state of their belongings

and delivery timeframes.

The whole clean up process took over

two weeks, with the team giving up their

weekends to complete the task.

These events sadly caused considerable

disruption to customers who were

relocating in and out of queensland. The

major impact was delayed deliveries

which resulted in many families requiring

temporary accommodation for extended

periods. unfortunately there were a

number of customers whose furniture

and belongings were badly damaged

or completely destroyed.

The Toll Transitions Workplace relocation

project management team also worked

around the clock to assist clients whose

premises were flooded. This included

getting them back to work by either

moving them to alternate or higher

ground locations.

one client required over 650 work

stations to be moved to a new location.

Toll Transitions engaged removalists

to carry items down 12 flights of stairs

in a blackened building with no power,

lighting or air conditioning. This task took

almost two weeks to complete due to

the conditions and the regular breaks

that were required to ensure safety was

being adhered to very closely.

national property manager from Virgin

Blue, Glen Plummer said, “Thanks Toll

Transitions for your help in immediately

rolling up your sleeves and jumping

onboard to assist us with our recovery.

as such, our business was able to

operate uninterrupted during these most

challenging times.

“We very much appreciate the speed

and efficiency at which you assisted to

relocate our key iT folk and equipment

into interim accommodation.” <



Flood damages to

personal effects.


Robert Kumar,

removals services

manager from Toll

Transitions’ melbourne

office assisting with

the flood recovery


June–auGusT 2011



Toll Transitions customer

service centre has 100,000

reasons to celebrate

The Toll Transitions Customer service Centre in Brisbane is

celebrating taking its 100,000th RIGHT

Toll Transitions

Customer service


Centre Team.

The centre, which was officially opened on 1 July 2010,

l-r: Brendon Clark,

sandy taylor, Colette

manages inbound and outbound calls relating to relocation

snelling, Cathy activities for the business. supporting a large customer base

gahnstrom, Jamie

Wilson, Amelia

including corporate clients, the Australian Defence Force

Wilson, Juliette and the Queensland, Northern Territory and Commonwealth

Chan, Patrick

dyer, Phil Cooper,

Kimberley Paroz,

Governments, the team has had a busy first year.

Chrissy Janis, scott

Mcgowan, Ken

Customer service Centre Consultant, Cathy Gahnstrom,

davis, Peter Porter, received the milestone call, and both her and the caller received

Lyn Johnston, Lars

dueppengiesser and

a special gift to mark the occasion.

Jason edwards. to take our 100,000

The rest of the team celebrated with a cake to mark the

occasion, giving management an opportunity to thank the team

th inbound call so soon. We were already

managing high volumes over Christmas, before the series of

natural disasters further increased our volume of calls.

Team attends employee

relocation council summit

12 tOLL tOdAY

for their hard work since the opening of the dedicated centre.

Jason Edwards, Centre manager said, “The centre was

expecting a busy 12 months, however we were not expecting

Toll Transitions national Corporate

account manager, Sue Latina-

Cohen and account manager, Katherine

Hely, recently attended the Employee

Relocation Council (ERC) Global

Workforce Summit in shanghai.

Worldwide erC is the recognised

authority on global workforce mobility

and provides a forum for relocation

providers and companies to examine

best practice, trends and areas of need

to meet human resource needs of global


Toll Transitions is a regular participant

at Worldwide erC’s Global Workforce

summits in asia and north america.

This year Katherine Hely participated

in the erC’s Global mobility specialist

three day training program and

successfully completed her Global

mobility specialist designation. The

Global mobility specialist training

concentrates on applied international

assignment policy development, policy

alternatives, strategies and tactics

for global workforce mobility and the

intercultural challenge: doing business

globally. Congratulations Kate!

This year’s summit focused on how

organisations have managed to recruit

talent for growing asian business needs

in the face of slow recovering western

economies and strong asian business

growth in the past year.

These summits allow Toll Transitions

to be aware of the current issues and

trends facing organisations and mobility

service providers across the globe. They

also provide Toll Transitions with the

opportunity to meet with our global

“my team has done a fantastic job in handling these calls

as demonstrated by our service level performance and

customer feedback.” <

clients and suppliers face-to-face, as

well as build increased awareness of

our services offerings.

Following the erC, sue accompanied

by Corporate account manager, Julie

Yuen, visited Toll Transitions’ client IBM

in Bangalore, india.

Toll Transitions assists more than 360

indian nationals a year to relocate to

australia. Toll Transitions has specifically

designed highly specialised, efficient

and effective home finding programs

for these iBm employees.

Julie and sue met with the iBm Global

Delivery team and took part in a round

table workshop to further improve the

service that Toll Transitions provides

its client for the future.

arrow Island update

as the Gorgon project continues to build momentum after

an extremely busy cyclone season in the north west of

Western australia, the Toll energy team is busy managing

a range of supply Base activities on Barrow island.

march 2011 saw a key milestone of 3,200 Teu discharged at

WapeT landing from the fleet of Gorgon project vessels. This

volume of Teu is the most that has been received in a month to

date and was subsequently distributed by the transport team

to a wide range of contractors spread throughout the island.

This was a significant overall team effort and was completed

without major injury and incident due to a continued focus

on Safe and Incident Free (SaIF) operations. special mention

must first go to the marine and crane teams who continued to

work through arduous and demanding hot climate conditions

to safely discharge a wide range of complex vessel stows.

This increase in project material has also had a direct impact

on the daily activities of the materials group which includes

the materials, warehousing and laydown teams. These teams

are responsible for receipting, checking, storing, issuing

and tracking of all material that arrives onto Barrow island.

regardless of the climatic and physical conditions, this group

of dedicated employees continues to produce work of a high

standard both in terms of safety and operational excellence.

as the project grows in size, some of the smaller teams within

the supply Base have also been faced with an increase in

tasking and activity. The operations, fuel, cleaning, maintenance,

Hess, waste and Hr/admin teams have all continued to

work hard and in a professional manner whilst maintaining

consistently high levels of customer service both internally

and externally to the supply Base.

The supply Base has also recently helped open up an additional

marine point of entry onto Barrow island at the marine offloading

facility. This additional work involves the discharging from

dumb barges every 12 days, over 2.5 million litres of fresh

water which has been shipped in from Broome to Barrow

island. This water is required for the construction of the lnG

site on which the processing plant will be built.

The overall supply Base is now well poised to tackle the

next phase of the project plan that will see the overall labour

on Barrow island reach more than 3,000 people who will be

supported by associated equipment, vehicles and material,

all of which will be received onto Barrow island by Toll

energy employees. <


June–auGusT 2011



Toll Global Resources expands

mining logistics services via the

acquisition of Mitchell Corporation


Mike elmer Gm Toll

mining services and

Ian Kent Gm Toll

mining services in

Western australia.


Liz Ramoni.

in may 2011, Toll Global resources

completed the acquisition of Mitchell

Corporation and its related entities. Toll

Global resources will now be one of the

largest operators in the mining logistics

sectors with an increased presence in

the Western australian market.

mitchell Corporation specialises in bulk

logistics within the energy, resources and

To overcome the challenges of

working in remote and isolated

locations, Toll remote logistics relies

on its greatest asset – its people.

Dedicated people with a can-do attitude

are the key to Toll remote logistics’

success and we are always pleased to

see their achievements recognised both

within and outside of Toll. This is why

we were proud to see two of our finest

recognised recently as role models as

part of International Women’s Day.

Liz Ramoni has been part of Toll remote

logistics’ solomon islands operations for

the past five years. she is an important

part of the helicopter operations team

supporting the australian Federal police.

liz was recently asked to speak

at international Women’s Day and

Commonwealth Day celebrations

dangerous goods industries throughout

australia. mitchell is one of the country’s

largest carriers of petroleum products,

provides bulk haulage services (lime,

lead, gold, copper, ores and liquids) and

transports dangerous goods (explosive

emulsion, ammonium nitrate, cyanide,

anhydrous ammonia, sulphuric acid and

packaged explosives).

it offers an integrated range of services

which will complement and become part

of the Toll mining services business in

queensland, giving the company an

impressive imprint in the mining logistics

sector throughout australia.

The acquisition fits neatly with the

growth strategy as it continues to focus

on increasing presence in the mining

Women leading the way

in Toll Remote Logistics

14 tOLL tOdAY

alongside solomon island Dignitaries

such as Prime Minister, Danny Phillips.

as only the second woman in the

solomon islands to gain a pilot’s license,

liz is a role model who encourages

young solomon islands’ women to

follow their dreams.

speaking to a large audience, liz said,

“i would not be who i am today if i had not

overcome barriers in my life. you have

the power to change things around you

and become what you want.”

another Toll remote logistics leader is

Bernadette Wheeler who was nominated

as part of the queensland Government’s

international Women’s Day celebration.

Bernadette has worked with Toll remote

logistics for the past six years and is

the Deputy operations manager for

asia-pacific. Bernadette is currently

and oil and gas markets, particularly in

Western australia. David Jackson, Ceo

of Toll Global resources further confirms

the importance of the acquisition as

it “provides us with a strategic market

position in a growth sector and the

opportunity to further improve and grow

that business.”

Ian Kent, previously managing Director

of mitchell Corporation, will now lead

the Toll mining services operations in

Western australia together with Mike

Elmer who is General manager of Toll

mining services.

We would like to welcome ian Kent and

his staff to Toll Group and look forward

to working with them to increase our

presence in this vitally important market. <

project-managing the logistics support

requirements of the australian Federal

police contingent in Christchurch

supporting the earthquake recovery


she has also successfully managed

supply chain operations for the following:

• international peacekeeping

deployments around the world

• australian Defence Force

peacekeeping operations

in Timor leste

• Federal Government outreach

programs to remote aboriginal


• australian Defence Force

flood-relief teams in pakistan.

Toll remote logistics would like to

congratulate liz and Bernadette on

being recognised as role models and

all the women of Toll remote logistics

for the great job they do.

Toll Remote Logistics

keeping the Tour de Timor

on course

Toll remote logistics was proud to play a large part in

the second Tour de Timor cycle race last year.

as the main logistics provider in Timor leste, we were able to

provide an end-to-end logistics solution to enable this event to

run successfully despite the challenges of its remote location.

Catering manager, Catherine Byrne, (pictured), managed

Toll remote logistics’ support operation, coordinating the

delivery of catering for the entire event.

The operation started in australia with the procurement of

supplies by Toll remote logistics’ Darwin supply chain office.

These were then transported to Timor leste by air and seafreight.

meanwhile, four field kitchens were being mobilised in different

locations around the race circuit. menus were also being

prepared to meet the varied requirements of the contestants

and support crews.

once the race began, Toll remote logistics’

staff provided more than 2000 breakfasts,

lunches and dinners per day to feed the

riders, support personnel, race officials,

medics, physios and local volunteers.

such was the success of Toll remote logistics’

effort, that Catherine and her team were awarded the medal of

solidarity by the president of Timor leste, Dr Jose Ramos Horta.

The award certificate was inscribed: “ms Catherine Byrne is

to be commended for her professionalism, resourcefulness,

positive attitude and commitment throughout the 2010 Dili ‘City

of peace’ events, particularly for her extraordinary personal

contribution to the 2010 Tour de Timor.”

Toll remote logistics is proud of the efforts of Catherine and

her team, and we are looking forward to Tour de Timor 2011. <


June–auGusT 2011




The newly branded

Bell 212 helicopter.

16 tOLL tOdAY

Toll Remote Logistics

taking logistics to new heights

providing complete logistics solutions requires a lot more

than trains, planes and trucks. Toll remote logistics

currently fulfils a diverse range of roles in a variety of operations

in australia and around the world.

previously known as Helicorp, the helicopter service of Toll

remote logistics provides aerial logistics support to remote

operations unable to be reached by conventional modes of

transport. The service currently operates in both Timor leste

and the solomon islands supporting australian Government

deployed operations.

in australia, Toll remote logistics also plays an important

part in national bushfire prevention and control efforts.

as the australian partner of erickson aircrane, they bring the

well known ‘elvis’ firefighting aircranes to australia each year

as well as providing additional fire-attack and surveillance

helicopters to state government agencies in Victoria,

new south Wales, south australia and Tasmania.

as part of the Toll Global resources division, Toll remote

logistics enables Toll to offer truly end-to-end logistics

solutions to our resource sector customers in remote onshore

and offshore locations. With increasing interest in this sector,

not just from australia but from papua new Guinea and africa,

Toll remote logistics is bracing for a busy period of expansion

and growth.

in line with the Toll rebrand, our helicopters have had an

overhaul and will now be flying the new Toll colours. next

time you hear a helicopter above, look up and see if it is

one of ours!

Sharing our knowledge of cyanide

transportation in papua new Guinea

Toll mining services showed their

true colours with their industry

knowledge when they were invited to

the highlands of papua new Guinea by

Barrick (Australia Pacific) Ltd in april

to report on the level of compliance to

the International Cyanide Management

Code Transport Protocols which Toll

mining services has extensive exposure

to nationally in australia.

The International Cyanide Management

Code (ICMC) is a voluntary industry

program for the gold mining industry,

promoting responsible cyanide

management, protection of human health

and reducing potential environmental


Toll mining services currently provides

specialist logistics solutions to Orica

Mining Chemicals as their prime

contractor of cyanide transportation

within australia, ranging from heavily

populated areas to remote locations.

Being involved with one of the first

companies, orica australia pty ltd,

to receive certification under the

code the Toll mining services team

was in a knowledgeable position to

provide advice to Barrick on the iCmC


The audit team consisted of Chris Yourell,

Roger Swift and Sheena Ward who

looked extensively at all levels of the

transport protocol from organisational

charts to driver checklists, training

records and subcontractor management.

saying that the team took the time

to understand the operation is an

understatement as they persevered

with the 680km drive through highland

terrain with the cyanide convoy to

assess the route and to see just how

big the potholes could really get!

a key purpose of the visit to site was to

provide Barrick with a comprehensive

report on corrective actions and areas

with room for improvement. a list of

actions and recommendations was given

to Barrick and handed over to the newly

created iCmC compliance committee

with the invitation to contact Toll mining

services if further solutions were needed

to provide a complete transport solution

for the management of cyanide to the

mine site.

The Barrick management and staff

engaged during the audit were very

accommodating and eager to learn

about the solutions that Toll mining

services had to offer and are now

working on improvements prior to their

recertification audit later this year. <


June–auGusT 2011



Welcome to our new colleagues

from Mitchell Corporation

in early may, the aCCC passed Toll’s acquisition of mitchell

Corp, the Western australian mining transport specialist.

Formed in Geraldton in 1997, mitchell Corp has grown to become

one of australia’s most unique and innovative bulk logistic

companies, focusing on the energy, mining and dangerous goods


now forming part of Toll Global resources’ mining services

business as one of australia’s largest carriers of petroleum products,

the company will transport more than 1.7 billion litres of fuel and

700 million litres of crude oil annually making them one of australia’s

major carriers of dangerous goods.

The Helidon division, established in 2004, has depots in queensland

at Helidon, Bajool and mt isa and in Wa at Kalgoorlie providing

specialised bulk packaged explosive services to Dyno nobel.

The operation at myambat in nsW provides long haul transport

of defence ordinance on behalf of Thales to all defence facilities

throughout australia.

The fleet of more than 220 prime movers, 510 trailers and

256 dollies service customers throughout australia with

a preventative maintenance program in place to ensure

maximum equipment reliability.

The fully equipped modern workshops located in port Hedland,

Helidon, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Kewdale and BC iron nullingine

Toll Global resources’ specialist oil

and gas logistics business, Toll

energy, has recently exhibited at two

major trade shows in perth; Australian

Oil & Gas in February and APPEA in april.

Toll energy is the largest provider of

specialised integrated logistics to

the australian oil & Gas exploration,

construction and production industry.

Taking advantage of the new logo, a

custom built stand has been designed and

constructed for repeat use at conferences,

trade shows and major events.

provide quality planned maintenance ensuring minimum equipment


Toll Energy brings

the trade show alive

with star guest

18 tOLL tOdAY

For the australian oil & Gas show, one

of the Toll Holden racing Team show

cars was on display and Garth Tander

was present for a day to assist marketing

the business.

Garth proved to be a real crowd pleaser

and helped the team to make some really

great contacts.

spinning out of these trade shows is a

much anticipated track day for customers

who were winners of the business card

draw held at the event. <

The health and safety of our people, and the protection of the

environment in which we live and work is an integral part of

the business. The ‘Goal zero Journey’ is committed to preventing

accidents and eliminating hazards, to ensuring compliance with

all applicable legislative requirements and providing a platform for

continuous improvement. To achieve this, an oH&s management

and procedures system provides open and constructive

communication between management and staff.

like Toll, mitchells is keen to explore the benefits of fossil fuel

alternatives and has already started to transfer some of its fleet to

dual fuel using lnG, ensuring a significant reduction in emissions

per kilometre travelled.

The operations are very complementary to the existing Toll mining

services business and together set a very strong platform for future

growth and customer partnering to the resource industry in australia.

The 550 staff, across 15 depots in queensland, new south Wales

and Western australia are excited by the benefits that will come

from being part of the Toll Group and look forward to sharing in

the journey to make Toll Global resources the premium logistics

provider to the resource industry.

Toll Mining

Services steps

up for safety

as we all work to constantly achieve better safety rates

within our businesses, sharing ideas to improve is vital.

so when Phillip O’Dwyer of Toll mining services found a simple

but effective method for improving cab safety, he offered to

share it with the Group.

in an effort to prevent incidents resulting from drivers not

maintaining the three points of contact when climbing in and

out of prime movers, phillip, operations manager, identified

the most effective way to control the risks.

after evaluating the factors that lead to accidents, he found

that poor lighting on vehicle steps during night time operation

was of a major cause.

He quickly identified a simple engineering solution that involved

bolting a 900 lumen leD work lamp to the sun visor mounts.

These were then wired to the door light switch, so when the

Toll Energy and Santos improve

transport in the Cooper basin

Toll energy, working as the logistics partner for mining

company Santos, has improved transport arrangements

to moomba, sa in a move that sets new standards for safety

and productivity in the region.

Transport equipment in the Cooper Basin has remained

relatively unchanged over the past 30 years. Harsh operating

conditions have prevented many technological advancements

being applied to the region, and more restrictions are in place

in south australia than in neighbouring queensland.

in particular, queensland allows the use of triple road trains

and tri-axle dollies (which join one trailer to the next) in the

Ballera/Jackson region. south australian regulations prevent

the use of this equipment in the Cooper Basin.

over the past 12 months, Toll energy has worked hard to gain

approval to operate aB-triple tankers with tri-axle dollies in

south australia. This has included:

• Developing a tri-axle dolly that complies with south

australian requirements.

• Designing a tank that complies with performance-based

standards requirements, including the need to limit the

entire vehicle length to 36.5m (the same maximum length

as a double road train).

cab door is opened the door light comes on, when it is closed

it goes off.

as a cost effective solution the leD light illuminates the step

of the cab, therefore providing easier access for drivers in and

out of the prime mover whilst being able to maintain the three

points of contact at all times.

in recognition of this initiative, phillip was awarded a Hse

recognition of achievement award in December 2010, awarded

by Toll mining services’ General manager, Mike Elmer. <

• Confirming with Transport sa all permitted routes and

any specific requirements associated with those routes.

The aB-triple will set a new benchmark for heavy vehicle

safety in the Cooper Basin, with the on-road performance far

exceeding australian standard requirements.

Features of the AB-triple include:

• electronic stability control, which dramatically

reduces risk of rollovers.

• The first conventional tri-axle dolly with air bag

suspension in south australia.

• at least a 30 percent increase in payload over a

double road train (with a corresponding reduction

in vehicle trips).

• a significant reduction in cost per barrel per hour

of transport.

• on-board scales to ensure compliance with

legal loading requirements.

Following successful trials in south australia under permit,

further reviews are required to determine appropriate tasks and

routes where the capability of higher capacity combinations

can be proven to add value to our operations with further

improvements set to follow. <



leD lights

illuminating the

driver’s step at night.

June–auGusT 2011



20 tOLL tOdAY

nike signs new contract

with Toll in2store

The very first logistics services agreement between Toll

in2store and Nike was signed ten years ago in 2001. This

was the founding contract for Toll in2store, which at the time

was a brand new part of the Toll Group.

since then, Toll in2store has grown and thrived, and so has

the relationship between the company and its inaugural

customer, nike.

last year, Hamish Cole from Toll in2store, and nike started

negotiations for an extension to the original contract.

a successful conclusion was reached in november 2010 with

the signing of the new five year agreement at the nike Global

Head quarters in Beaverton, oregon us.

During the contract, Toll had impressed nike with excellent

service levels; meeting and exceeding all of nike’s Global

supply Chain Kpis in australia.

The new agreement raises the bar even further. The negotiations

for an extension were based around ensuring globally

competitive productivity outputs and that costs are in line

with best practice and a culture of lean thinking is evident

in every part of the operation.

This is being achieved through Toll in2store’s continuous

improvement program and is underpinned by the sTriVe

program, which were instrumental in securing the commitment

from nike for a continuing partnership.

Sharon Polizzi, nike’s supply Chain Director said, “The

completion and signing of a new five year contract has been

a year in the making. The collective efforts of the Toll in2store

and nike management teams with their strong commitment to

teamwork, respect and integrity allowed for the project team

to successfully complete contract negotiations.

“i feel very confident that we will continue to build on our already

established relationship, and this newly forged contract will

take us to a higher level playing field in supply chain; constantly

striving to provide service excellence for both suppliers and

customer, and importantly to our team members across both


Toll in2store’s General manager, Chris Pearce, said,“We are

very pleased that we have secured an additional five year

extension to our existing long standing relationship.

“We have an excellent relationship with nike that focuses on

delivering value for both organisations. underpinning this is

our similar organisational values, which set the foundation for

our continuous improvement approach within our operations.

“The extension of this contract allows us to build on what we

have delivered to date and we look forward to working with

the nike leadership team to deliver industry leading cost and

service metrics.”

Thanks and recognition for a number of years of significant

contribution to the operation also goes to the Business manager,

Robin Whittaker, and the staff at the altona DC.

The commitment to the customer, and quality of the service

over the past nine years across the site was the basis on

which nike was willing to continue and grow the partnership

into the future. The next five years promises to be an exciting,

challenging and rewarding journey. <


nike Global Head quarters l-r: Hamish Cole Toll in2store, Chris Pearce Toll

in2store, greg Bui nike Director emerging markets, Prasad Chandratre nike Global

Contracts, Marie Varrasso nike australia, sharon Polizzi Director supply Chain

nike australia, Robin Whittaker Toll in2store and sally Horoch nike australia.

Singapore staff learn

how to be LEAn

as part of the ongoing roll out of

lean training across Toll Global

logistics, the team in singapore recently

took part in a week-long session.

The five day workshop was designed

for employees from across a wide range

of areas of the business in singapore.

it was lead by Richard Lockwood,

the lean trainer who had also been

responsible for delivering the training

to Toll Global logistics staff in australia.

Barry Clark, regional Director singapore

and malaysia, and Director automotive,

opened the training session with a

speech explaining how the company

will use the lean techniques to improve

processes and customer service.

Barry said, “lean is a whole new

philosophy on how we can approach

business. not only that, it is tangible

and i really believe it.”

participants of the lean workshop were

broken up into four groups. richard then

walked the team through concepts

Toll Global logistics’ reap rFiD

warehousing solution has been

awarded a grant by the economic

Development Board of singapore under

its innovation Development scheme.

The grant will be used to support the

deployment of fully rFiD-enabled

operations in Clementi Warehouse. This

will be one of the world’s first rFiDdriven

FmCG operations implemented

independently by a third party logistics


like: What is waste, 5s, structured

problem solving, process flow, Kaizen,

Genchi-Genbutsu and other important

managerial tools and thought processes.

it was clear from the outset that one way

the team could improve their productivity

through applying lean techniques

was by cutting waste. This provoked

an interesting discussion on ways this

could be achieved.

The team also discovered that small

improvements add up to large

efficiencies, and it’s important to include

all employees in finding the solution as

very often those closest to the problem

know how to fix it.

Through role-play, games, hands-on

problem solving and presentations, each

group learnt about the lean philosophy

and developed a plan to implement it in

their respective departments which they

then presented back to the group. <

Toll Global Logistics receives

Singapore government funding

for RFID innovation

members of eDB singapore were

impressed by the proposal laid out by

Toll Global logistics, and hope reap

can help propel singapore’s logistics

sector into an automated, informationdriven


reap, or rFiD enterprise applications

platform, is a pallet-based execution

system that will attain unmatched levels

of process efficiency, error reduction

and real-time visibility. The system uses

rFiD fixed portals, forklifts, and handheld

terminals to enable end-to-end rFiD

warehouse operations. reap will also

track deliveries all the way to customer

destinations by using hybrid Gps-rFiD


Deployment at Clementi Warehouse

will be executed in two phases, with

estimated completion of the final phase in

march 2012.

To find out more, contact Kelvin Tan at

idealab: <



sheila Hong, sarah

Khoo, tan tse tiang,

Caryn sim, Vicky

Fan, Jennifer Low,

daniel Wan, Jenny

Lim, tan Yoke

Hkeng, sarrifin,

Winston tan, Barry

Clark, thomas

Yap, Yee Chee Fah,

Richard Lockwood,

Robyn Ong, eunis

Hew, Lim Kim Heng,

Ho Kee sin, Peter

Koh, Alison Har,

Leslie Loh, Frankie

Ho, Low suat

Har, dennis seen,

Jamal, sum Kar

Yin, tan Kian Hin,

Justin tiong, tee

seng swee, Ho Kan

Khiong and Larry


June–auGusT 2011



Toll Global Logistics

in India unveils new fleet

for Tata Steel contract

Toll Global logistics was recently

awarded a three year contract

to provide transport for Tata Steel

in india.

The contract is to transport 3,500

tonnes of steel products a month from

Jamshedpur in the east to Chennai and

Bangalore in the south.

Toll will carry steel coils ranging in weight

from 10 tonnes to 27 tonnes per coil,

over a distance of around 1,700km one

22 tOLL tOdAY

way retuning back to Jamshedpur with

various motor vehicle products. This

journey will cover a total distance of

over 3,400km approximately.

in order to reduce fatigue and safety

concerns associated with long distance

driving, Toll will be placing two drivers

on each vehicle.

naturally, long journeys also require

reliable, efficient and safe vehicles which

has led to the company purchasing

52 new Tata Motors Prima vehicles and


on 21 april, the first new vehicles were

loaded at Tata steel and were welcomed

into the fleet in the traditional indian way.

as is generally the custom in india,

whenever a new project is initiated, a

puja ceremony is initiated. This was

held at Tata steel and celebrated the

first vehicle to leave the plant. <


The new vehicles at

the puja ceremony.


l-r: Ajit Jha,

Anil Jha,

Rajiv Khanna,

Jitendra Rai,

Jairam singh,



Ambuj Choudhary,

and sunil singh.

Toll Dnata Airport Services

assists Air China for a special

diplomatic charter

australia recently hosted a visit from

His Excellency Mr Jia Qinglin,

Chairman of the National Committee

of the Chinese People’s Political

Consultative Conference.

air China, was appointed as the carrier

for this distinguished guest. on arrival

into sydney Toll Dnata took control of

ground handling for the aircraft.

The air China sydney airport manager,

Mr Richard Yu, contacted Toll Dnata

airport services to assist air China

with the bespoke ground handling

requirements for the charter flight

into sydney.

over a period of six weeks, Toll Dnata

worked with air China to ensure the

special requirements for the diplomatic

charter could be met, including planning

with local and federal police, sydney

airport, the Chinese embassy as well

as the Department of the prime minister

and Cabinet through Mr John Preston,

Ceremonial and Hospitality Branch.

upon arrival of this high profile

charter flight, Toll Dnata ground staff

offloaded all passengers and their

baggage. Toll Dnata worked to the

specific requirements for the diplomatic

entourage, including meeting the strict

timeframes required for the escorted

convoy transporting senior dignitaries

from the aircraft into sydney.

once the onboard travelling media had

disembarked, His excellency and his

colleagues were driven to their meetings.

The behind the scenes work of the Toll

Dnata crew continued as they prepared

the aircraft for parking and its four day

stay in sydney.

The preparations for departure were

a swift and precise operation in order

to meet the strict requirements of

the motorcade delivering the guests

back to the aircraft fifteen minutes prior

to departure.

all of the team’s hard work paid off when

the chartered aircraft pushed back on

schedule with all guests and baggage

safely on board.

John preston praised the work of Toll

Dnata. He said, “The Department of the

prime minister and Cabinet would like to

express its sincere thanks to Toll Dnata

for their significant contribution to the

success of the recent visit to australia

by His excellency mr Jia qinglin.

“The Chairman has formally

acknowledged that the visit to australia

was a complete success and he was

‘deeply impressed by the importance

that the australian people attached to

the China-australia relationship and

the friendly sentiments that they have

towards the Chinese people.’

Toll Dnata’s contribution to this success

cannot be underestimated and i

would like to thank the team for their

professionalism and flexibility in meeting

the complex logistical requirements

surrounding the visit. prime minister and

Cabinet look forward to working with

Toll Dnata during future visits.”

special credit goes to Ron Reyn, Weam

Dennaoui, Amy Liang, Wayne Birch

and Wayne Hughes for coordinating

this event and ensuring that Toll Dnata

remains at the forefront of ground

handling in australia. <



The air China charter

that Toll Dnata

handled in sydney.

(pictured in China).

June–auGusT 2011



Rebuilding after the Japanese

earthquake and tsunami

on Friday 11 march, Japan was struck by a huge earthquake

and tsunami. like people everywhere, the global Toll

team was shocked by the devastation caused by the natural

disaster, and our sympathies were extended to our Japanese

colleagues during a very difficult time.

Whilst we can be very grateful that our employees were all

safe, we quickly learned that one of our agents based in the

affected area lost three of its branches, and over one hundred

staff members were unaccounted for.

many of our employees have had to go through the

painful process of trying to locate their friends and families.

unfortunately a number of our colleagues have experienced

losses, and the wounds will take a long time to heal.

Helping rebuild Japan

as one of the country’s leading express freight providers,

Footwork Express was heavily relied upon to continue to deliver

necessary goods and services around the country.

The team was asked by the australian prime minister, Julia

Gillard, to assist in delivering food aid, donated by australia

to Minami Sanrikucho.

Footwork express also supported the Australian Urban Search

and Rescue team with their logistics requirements.

This work has been formally acknowledged in a letter

to Neil Pollington, GM of Toll Japan, from australian ambassador

to Japan Murray McLean.

Toll Japan collection

as a gesture to show our solidarity and commitment to

supporting our colleagues in Japan, Toll organised the Japan

collection day on Wednesday 27 april.

Businesses around the world were invited to participate by

running a loose change or gold coin donation in their workplace.

Toll priority stationery

now available to order online

Toll priority has launched a new online ordering system for

its business stationery.

all Toll priority customers will now be able to order their

consignment notes, prepaid satchels and labels direct from

the Toll priority website.

24 tOLL tOdAY

The support for this was outstanding, with over 40 businesses

taking part. all monies raised will be matched by Toll and

donated to the Red Cross in Japan in support of the work they

are doing to rebuild the earthquake and tsunami-affected part

of the country. <

available 24/7, customers will be able to place orders for

TollConnect and Toll online satchels and labels, as well as

service stickers and plastic windows for the full range of Toll

priority’s services from this site.

simply go to and click on the

stationery button to replenish your Toll priority stationery.

Toll welcomes ApEC delegation

on 7 april, Toll ipeC and Toll in2store

in altona north, Victoria welcomed

a delegation from the asia-pacific

economic Cooperation (apeC).

The group of logistics professionals

and government officials from Thailand,

indonesia, singapore and Vietnam were

in melbourne as guests of the australian

logistics Council to learn more about

australian logistics best practice.

The day started with a presentation on

the Toll Group by Andrew Ethell Gm

Group Corporate affairs, followed by

an insight into Toll ipeC by Dave Cook,

Victorian state manager at Toll ipeC.

The group was then able to see the Toll

ipeC freight sorter in action – a sight to

behold with hundreds of parcels being

sorted and distributed into the correct

channel for delivery before being loaded

onto vans.

stream solutions, part of Toll priority and one of australia’s

leading print management companies, now has two new

dedicated Toll account managers.

a senior account manager at stream for over five years, Kristen

Morrison, is responsible for all Toll printing requirements that

go through stream. Working closely with the Group Corporate

affairs team, Kristen can manage the printing of a range

of newly branded documents.

Mishae Allan, Toll’s account manager is also looking after our

print requirements and has keen working on the Toll account

for 10 years. she manages operational and business stationery

printing, including business cards.

as with all design requirements, Group Corporate affairs should

be your first port of call. once your document is ready to print,

The delegation was then shown around

Toll in2store by Michael Eubanks, sales

and marketing manager at Toll ipeC.

The on-hanger facility takes clothes

direct from containers that have been

delivered from the factory, and sorts

them for delivery to the store.

The group was fascinated by the

thousands of bags of clothes flying

around the distribution centre on

hundreds of metres of tracks.

They all agreed that this was a fantastic

and extremely worthwhile trip, with a

wealth of interesting ideas to take back

to their home countries.

The group left Toll better informed about

the scope of our global business and

armed with lots of new knowledge and

enthusiasm after an inspiring day. <

update your address book with

new Stream contacts

stream solutions can help you manage the print process.

They can help with a wide range of printed materials including:

• business cards

• business and operational stationery

• brochures and marketing collateral

• banners and displays

• merchandise.

For further information, please contact Kristen morrison

at or mishae allan at

all design requirements should continue to be directed

to <



The delegation visited

Toll in2store (left) and

Toll ipeC (right).

June–auGusT 2011



Toll Global Forwarding puts

colour into cricket


match day giveaways

on display at the

previous Cricket World

Cup – thanks to Toll

Global Forwarding.

26 tOLL tOdAY

if you recently watched the Cricket

World Cup in india, you may have

noticed the number of spectators

sporting colourful jerseys, waving flags

and playing with match day giveaways.

all of these were delivered by Toll Global


since 2001, Toll Global Forwarding’s

Glasgow office has been working

with orB international and sports

merchandise Global, two leading uK

companies that supply merchandise to

sporting events around the world.

as a result of sports merchandise

Global’s involvement in the Cricket

World Cup 2011, Toll Global Forwarding

was responsible for delivering some 30

airfreight shipments totalling 1,500kg,

plus another 800kg of ocean freight.

The goods shipped included: bat

bangs, thundersticks, caps, team shirts,

paperweights, medallions and much


preparations began back in september

last year to get everything ready in time.

Toll teams throughout asia worked

together to ship the finished goods

from the uK, Hong Kong and China, to

mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka and Colombo

ahead of the competition. once in india,

the team managed the storage of some

of the merchandise.

sports merchandise Global’s Commercial

Director, George Richmond, said, “Toll

understood our needs; 80 percent of

our business is outside the uK so we

needed a business that understood the

complexity of shipping into new and

emerging markets.


Toll gets it right first time every time. Their

service, professionalism, and willingness

to go the extra mile for us have made Toll

critical to our business as we continue

to grow on a global scale.”

Toll also handled shipments for the

previous Cricket World Cup in the

Caribbean, last year. upcoming

programs that will hopefully also feature

sports merchandise Global products

shipped by Toll include a large contract

for the French Football Federation, and

the new Indian Superleague competition

which started on 20 april.

so, next time you watch the riot of colour

in the stands at a major televised sports

event, there’s a good chance it got there

thanks to Toll.

uK integration proceeding well

Following the purchases of WT SeaAir

and Genesis Forwarding in 2010, the

process of integration with Toll Global

Forwarding’s existing uK operations has

made significant progress – resulting in

a top six presence in the uK.

The newly-amalgamated business has

over 900 staff, operates in 15 locations,

and offers a service portfolio spanning

air and ocean forwarding, project

forwarding, perishables forwarding,

garment logistics, haulage and high

street fashion distribution.

Heading up the new uK business

is managing Director, Gary Morter.

His senior management team comprises

representatives from all three of the

constituent operations. The uK business

is also strongly supported by Toll Global

Forwarding’s eme managing Director

Hakan Bicil and his team based in zurich.

To ensure the integration process

retains the strengths of all three former

companies, an advisory board has been

established. This is led by former Ceo of

WT, Neil McGlynn, as president and Vice

president Ken Howell, former Director

of Genesis.

Improving our business

through action learning teams

in late 2010, Toll Global Forwarding

teams in australia and new zealand

started their first Action Learning Team


alTs are a new and innovative way

to share best practice across the

business. Teams from different areas

of the business come together to share

ideas and learnings, and from these they

develop programs for the business as

a whole.

an alternative to conventional training

programs, alTs are primarily selfdirected

learning teams run over 90 days.

The focus of the first program was how

in four primary locations, the resources

of the three companies have been

merged to create efficiencies. The former

Basildon facility closed in march with the

staff transferred to mountnessing, essex.

in manchester the offices consolidated

into the Toll Global Forwarding’s facility

at the city’s airport. Three Heathrow

facilities will become two in June, when

the stanwell facility is vacated and

operations are centred around Feltham

and Harmondsworth.

Finally, a single Birmingham facility

has been created, with excellent

warehousing and value-added service


Behind the scenes, the three companies’

accounting systems are set to be

replaced by a single, uniform package.

meanwhile, the legal work involved in

creating a new uK holding company is

proceeding well. The Genesis and WT

seaair identities are making way for the

one Toll philosophy, culture and brand.

The new, bigger Toll Global Forwarding

uK business is already signing up more

major customers: Aurora Fashions

to be number one in creating customer

value. The team had to analyse current

work practices and identify ways

they could achieve the breakthrough

changes required.

eleven team members committed up to

10 hours a week for the duration of the

program on top of their normal workload.

While it was a challenging time, they all

enjoyed the experience and felt a sense

of satisfaction at what they had achieved

in a relatively short time frame.

The business is now rolling out

three initiatives to deliver benefits to

customers and employees, and create

a culture with employees at the heart.

(owner of high street brands including

Coast, Warehouse and Oasis) has

handed over its entire uK warehousing

and distribution functions to Toll, along

with 300 of its staff.

and a major online fashion and beauty

retailer with a 40,000-strong product

line-up has also given Toll its entire uK

logistics business, after a successful

trial with its largest supplier. This work

involves processing goods from some

400 suppliers around the world, each

of which is a potential Toll customer

in its own right.

uK mD Gary morter said, “We have

made excellent progress with the

integration, and can all look forward to

exciting times ahead.

“our sales channels are finding significant

opportunities that would have been

more challenging to progress when we

were separate businesses; potential

customers are now more open to

learning about the commanding position

Toll has attained in the uK market.

Toll Global Forwarding has certainly now

arrived in the uK.” <

a customer centric training program

to all Toll Global Forwarding employees

in the region is hoped will contribute to

creating a culture where customers are

truly at the centre.

The team was delighted to be part of

this innovative way of working, and other

colleagues are lining up for the next alT

program. management too have been

pleased with the outcome and look

forward to employing this technique to

develop the business further and solve

future organisational issues.

The next alT is scheduled to start

in July 2011. <



uK managing Director,

gary Morter.

June–auGusT 2011





in Aberdeen –

Europe’s oil

and gas capital

Genesis Forwarding, part of Toll Global Forwarding’s

operation in the uK, has been a well established part of

the aberdeen oil and gas scene for the past eight years. offering

a highly specialised service in a time sensitive environment,

Toll has quickly made its name in the competitive marketplace.

aberdeen, on scotland’s east coast, is well-known for its role

as the main hub for all supplies for the huge north sea oil

and gas fields, which are located far from land, in one of the

cruellest seas in the world.

Toll Global Forwarding’s office in aberdeen is a full-service

forwarding operation that handles the international sector

for inbound and outbound shipments by air, ocean, road and

rail. The real difference between this and normal Toll Global

Forwarding offices is the nature of much of the traffic, and its

extreme urgency.

so-called exports to rigs and ships in these locations cover

everything from food and clothes, to machinery and spare parts

for the rigs and support vessels. imports are generally drilling

equipment that need to be returned to the mainland for repair.

aberdeen is the gateway for all these shipments; but the final

(or first) sector – the perilous north sea – is handled by the

supply companies themselves, using special vessels that leave

from aberdeen’s ancient quay.

Crews arrive and depart from the rigs in all weather in an endless

stream of helicopters. it’s a dramatic sight on a cold winter’s

day, with a gale force wind and black skies; it’s certainly no

business for the faint-hearted.

To compete in this sector, you need to know the oil and

gas companies, their supply companies, and the special

terminology of their industry (such as knowing your Christmas

trees and your flotation collars).

you also have to know how to handle, pack and route all kinds

of heavy and out-of-gauge cargo. you need to understand

air and ocean charter. and you have to be prepared to go

the extra mile to get things moving and meet tight deadlines:

24/7, 365 days a year.

28 tOLL tOdAY

a good example of what this means in practice are the case

studies below which illustrates how the team responds to

urgent customer demands. <

Case study 1

at 5pm on Friday, a survey ship operator based in Texas, us

needed emergency spares from newcastle, england for a

vessel sailing from alabama, us the next day.

Toll despatched a driver to collect the package and handed it to

an on-board courier at Heathrow airport, some 300 miles away.

Toll’s Houston office met the courier on arrival in atlanta on

saturday morning, arranged ramp transfer, and delivered it

to the Chief engineer on the ship in alabama on saturday

afternoon in time for the scheduled sailing.

Case study 2

an aberdeen-based supplier had three reels of cable weighing

4,500kg for delivery to Boston, us next day.

The usual forwarder told the shipper the deadline was

impossible and they couldn’t help.

instead, Toll loaded the cargo on a truck within 30 minutes,

arranged extended close-out for a flight to the us. The

team then drove 400 miles to london Heathrow where they

pre-cleared cargo in us and loaded the freight on the plane.

The stateside team then collected the cargo from the us

airport and delivered it to the rhode island consignee by 5pm

the very next day.

Working as one Toll clearly assists the team in aberdeen to

be able to go that extra mile to service their customers. This

ability to wow customers with a complete end-to-end service

and can-do attitude will stand the business in good stead to

attract new customers and retain their current valued clients.


The Toll Global

Forwarding team

loading cargo in


Toll board

goes stateside

toll global Forwarding in the us has undergone

some major developments in the past year and

is now proving to be a force to be reckoned

with in the us forwarding sector.

since the acquisition of summit Fmi in 2010 and the ensuing

company-wide rebrand, Toll Global Forwarding has grown

its presence in the us, now operating in many of the country’s

major cities and ports.

To monitor the progress of the integration and to meet some

of the staff who have been working on the project in the us,

the Toll Board took a trip stateside in april.

arriving in new york, the Board visited the Toll Global Forwarding

office and warehouse at JFK airport, the busiest air freight

gateway in the country. Here they got the opportunity to look

around the facility and meet some of the staff who work there.

The Board then went to visit the Toll Global Forwarding us head

office in Carteret, new Jersey. Here the us senior management

team gave a presentation on Toll Global Forwarding in the us

and an update on the integration project as well as sharing

new plans with the Board.

after catching up with the team in new york, the group

continued onto memphis for a tour around the Fedex world


The Fedex facility is considered to be one of the most stateof-the-art

operations in the world, and was a very informative

visit for the group. Here they met with mike Ducker Coo of

Fedex express, who gave a presentation on the company

to the Toll Board.

Their final port of call was long Beach, California where they

checked out Toll Global Forwarding’s san pedro ocean port

facility, as well as visiting the mira loma facility.

after the five day trip, the group returned to australia excited

at the progress of the american business, and filled with ideas

for future developments. <


June–auGusT 2011



30 tOLL tOdAY

Financial planning – a n

at Toll we recognise that people are all at different stages

in their working lives, and as such will have different

priorities and demands for their money.

For some, the aim may be to save for a home or a car, whereas

others may be keen to pay off existing debts and manage their

finances in the best way possible.

However in the busy world that we live in, often other priorities

get in the way and we find less time to consider our financial

security and planning.

Financial advice can be of assistance in many areas and can

often play an important role in your financial future. Which

is why we are very pleased to introduce financial planning

offerings that are competitively priced making them both

affordable and accessible.

Toll does not specifically endorse or recommend use of either

of these companies however, both firms have been approached

to provide you with access to a cost effective advice solution

if you wish to access one.

ew look for Toll benefits

if you wish to access other providers, or would like more

information on financial planning or how to select a financial

adviser you may contact other industry bodies such as, the

Financial planning association of australia ltd

or the australian securities and investment Commission (asiC)

on 1300 300 630 and ask for the Getting advice booklet.

To contact either of these two offerings it is simply a matter

of calling or emailing the firm of your choice to find out more,

and how they may be able to help you.

easy access can also be found via the following links on the

Toll intranet by going to, quicklinks / employee benefits and

either clicking anz or outlook Financial services.

Bernard McInerney

Company secretary

Toll Group <


June–auGusT 2011



32 tOLL tOdAY

Australian tax summary

With the end of financial year around the corner, it is almost ‘tax time’…again! Australian toll

employees and contractors should be careful when declaring all assessable income and claiming

eligible tax deductions, particularly in light of significant data matching conducted by the AtO.

We draw your attention to the eight most common

tax return errors:

• omitting interest income

• understating income

• incorrect or omitted dividend imputation credits

• Capital gains / losses are incorrect or omitted

• Home office expenses

• Depreciation on rental property fixtures and fittings

• Depreciation on income producing buildings, and

• Borrowing costs associated with negative gearing.

This article outlines the key areas of interest and handy end

of year tax hints to assist taxpayers with their ongoing tax

compliance obligations.

Lodgement date – late October 2011 (TbC)

Failure to lodge on time may result in non-deductible late

lodgement penalties. Taxpayers lodging through a registered

tax agent may have a later lodgement due date in line with

tax agent lodgement programs, but should confirm with their

tax advisor.

personal tax rates – no change but includes flood levy

individual taxpayers will pay more personal tax when the new

flood levy applies from 1 July 2011. The resident tax rates

for individuals are as follows:

tax threshold levels – flood levy comparison

Flood levy

Generally, the flood levy will apply to individual taxpayers

who have a taxable income over a$50,000 in the 2011–12

financial year as illustrated below. as a result of the levy, for the

2011–12 financial year, the effective top personal marginal tax

rate will be 47.5 percent (including medicare levy). individuals

are exempt from the flood levy if they were affected by a

natural disaster during 2010 –11 and received an australian

Government Disaster recovery payment (aGDrp) or would

have met the aGDrp criteria.

Tax tips to better manage tax affairs

salary packaging benefits

salary packaging can be a useful way to obtain tax savings,

particularly if you are on the top marginal tax rate. some of

the most common and tax-effective items to consider include

superannuation and motor vehicles.

Toll is generally entitled to claim GsT credits on taxable

benefits, making the salary sacrificing arrangement more

cost effective. employees should enter an effective salary

sacrifice arrangement to forego salary or bonuses for fringe

benefits or additional superannuation contributions prior to

earning the income.

please be mindful that salary sacrificed fringe benefits may be

reportable on your payment summary. This may impact other

items including medicare levy and superannuation surcharge,

childcare payments, Higher education loan payments (Help)

and government benefits.

Current and from 1 July 2011 (excluding flood levy) From 1 July 2011 (including flood levy)

Taxable income (a$) rate (percent) Taxable income (a$) rate (percent)

0 - 6,000 0 0 – 6,000 0

6,001 – 37,000 15 6,001 – 37,000 15

37,001 – 80,000 30 37,001 – 50,000 30

80,001 – 180,000 37 50,001 – 80,000 30.5

180,001+ 45 80,001 – 100,000 37.5

The above rates exclude 1.5 percent medicare levy.

100,001 – 180,000 38

180,001+ 46

and budget update 2011

Key budget announcements

Fringe Benefits tax (FBt) and cars – flat 20 percent

valuation rate to apply

The FBT treatment of cars will change to eliminate the

unintended incentive for people to drive their vehicle further

than necessary in order to obtain larger tax concessions. The

change will replace the current four-tiered statutory formula

that applies a sliding scale of rates to calculate the taxable

value of car fringe benefits with single flat rate of 20 percent,

regardless of the number of kilometres travelled.

The changes will only apply to new vehicle contracts entered

into after 7.30pm (aesT) on 10 may 2011 and will be phased

in over four years.

The implications for Toll Group and its people are

as follows:

employees who use their vehicles for a significant amount of

work-related travel should consider using the ‘operating cost’

(or ‘log book’) method. This is particularly relevant for people

who have salary packaged a car with a statutory fraction

below 20 percent.

salary packaging cars may become more attractive for people

where the statutory fraction would otherwise have been greater

than 20 percent (i.e. for low kilometre users).

The Tax, Finance and Human resources functions have

partnered to introduce the employee contribution method on

novated motor Vehicle leases which can increase benefits

to employees who structure a motor vehicle through their

salary package. employees with a taxable income of less than

a$180,000 will receive more after-tax pay in their pocket as

a result of this arrangement. This is because FBT at a rate of

46.5 percent is transferred to the employee’s personal marginal

income tax rate.

Refund of excess concessional contributions

eligible individuals who breach the concessional contributions

cap by up to a$10,000 will be provided with a one-off option

to request any excess contributions to be refunded to them.

This new refund option will only apply to first time breaches

from 1 July 2011. This measure makes the superannuation

system fairer by allowing those who have breached the cap

for the first time, by a$10,000 or less, the option to have these

contributions refunded and taxed at their potentially lower

marginal tax rate rather than the 46.5 percent effective excess

contributions tax rate.

Higher superannuation contribution caps for over 50s

This Budget confirmed the 2010–11 Budget announcement

that a higher concessional contributions cap will apply from

1 July 2012 for people over 50 with superannuation balances

under a$500,000.

Superannuation information on payslips

employees will receive information on their payslips about

the amount of superannuation actually paid into their account.

employees will also receive quarterly notification from their

superannuation fund if regular payments cease, with effect

from 1 July 2012.

Other measures affecting individuals

Other measures in the Budget include:

• Changes to the delivery of the low income tax offset

• increase in the medicare levy low-income thresholds

• phase out of the dependent spouse tax offset

• Changes to Family Tax Benefits. <


June–auGusT 2011




Leadership @ Toll


l-r: neil Lawson,

Mark Hartley,

Wendy Bliss and

Lex Vasdekis.


Lesley staples.

34 tOLL tOdAY

Our people are our most valuable asset, and to help us further develop our industry leading teams,

we have developed our very own bespoke management training program called Leadership @ toll.

initially delivered to all senior management, the program

is gradually being rolled out across the business and will

cover all people managers throughout the business in the

next three years.

The program is delivered through a series of personal coaching

and face to face workshops run throughout australia, nz, asia,

africa, europe and the us. The workshops run over six months

What is the Leadership @ Toll program?

Welcome to part one of two articles giving an insight into the

leadership @ Toll program.

This is a global program designed to fast track the leadership

skills of our managers to inspire, motivate and empower their


We recently interviewed four managers from different Toll

businesses who have completed the program; Wendy Bliss,

Head of service Delivery, Global information services; Mark

Hartley, nsW state manager, Toll Fast; Lex Vasdekis, Business

manager, Contract logistics, Toll Global logistics; and neil

lawson, Victoria state manager, Toll Global Forwarding.

They answered a series of questions about the program and

leadership as a whole. Here is the first part of the questions.

1. Tell me about the mechanics of the program

neil: The program was very interactive. lots of sessions where

you would work together in pairs or in threes. you weren’t just

sitting down for long periods getting lectured to. more about

getting involved and learning from others in the group.

Mark: i’d break it down into three key elements. The theory,

the practical and the coaching sessions done outside the

classroom. Coaching was a key element for myself as it allowed

me to go past the boundaries of normal training and learning.

and the program in its entirety over a 12 month period. There

are currently 35 programs running around the world with over

600 managers completing or nominated for the program. For

further information, speak to your Hr representative or visit

the people @ Toll portal on the intranet from July where you

will be able to access more information and watch the videos

of the interviews below.

Lex: Basically the program goes for five days in total in two

parts as well as personal coach calls in between. The coach

calls are from an independent person who had an enormous

amount of professional experience so you were able to talk

about things you’d learnt or things going on in your environment.

Wendy: There are two basic parts of the course. one is called

Coach in a Box where you have one on one coaching. it helps

you to focus on issues you may be having. it’s very personal.

There are also two workshops, four or five months apart.

They are a lot of fun, but can be quite confronting for some

people. The group gives you lots of feedback which is helpful

to you to learn and grow.

2. Has the program given you better insights into the

many facets of Toll as a large company?

neil: i thought the prime thing out of the program was the fact

we got to work with people from right across australia and

new zealand. To get together for five days and meet those

people and realise you are working together on similar issues.

There’s definitely a lot stronger bond with all those people we

did the course with.

Mark: i believe the 360 degrees element has given me a real

insight into what happens in other business units. To form a

real bond with colleagues in other units. i think it goes a long

way to developing the one Toll.

Lex: The program was great in the way we were able to

collaborate with Toll people, not only from australia but

internationally, particularly asia. i think we had eight or nine

Toll businesses together, so sharing ideas with those people

and being able to work on projects going forward was fantastic

and one of the real highlights of the program for me.

3. Was the program what you were expecting – why

and why not?

neil: Certainly working with the people in the program was far

more intense than i thought it would be. it was a great part of it.

Mark: i didn’t go into it with any preconception of what it

would be about.

Lex: it certainly was what i was expecting but of all the courses

i’ve done at Toll, this was the most rewarding. it exceeded my

expectations. i can’t speak highly enough of the openness of

the group and the honesty of the group.

Wendy: i have done a lot of management courses in my career

and to come along to a program like this i had quite high

expectations and high standards. it lived up to all of those.

a lot of innovation and interaction between the parties and it

was done in a way that just made you stop and think a little

bit more about it and look at it in a different way.

4. Why do you think you will be a better manager as

a result of the Leadership @ Toll program?

neil: i think the program makes you reflect on your own

management style. There were parts of it i found quite surprising

about myself. sometimes you don’t see yourself as others do.

i found that very valuable. i’ll take a lot of that on board and

improve myself based on that.

Mark: i have learnt “me” time is quintessential to being a good

leader, using the time to “climb the tree” more often.

Lex: some of the tools i’ve taken from the program like “see,

Hear, speak” have certainly benefited me and those around me.

identifying mind traps and realising you can’t have your finger

in every pie, so empowering and entrusting those around you

to make decisions and being able to guide them and listen to

them was a benefit to me and made me a stronger manager.

Wendy: as a consequence of this program, i now have a bigger

tool set available to me. i have a whole group of managers

that i have now gone through some programs with and we’re

all now working in the same way with the same ideas and

actually working together to improve things.

the second part of this Q&A series will appear in the next

edition of toll today. if this article has made you interested

in the leadership @ program and you’d like to see video

interviews these managers, you’ll find them on the Toll intranet.

Human resources Director,

lesley staples, gives us

an insight into the leadership

@ Toll program, and the role of

Human resources at Toll. The

full interview will be available on the people @ Toll portal,

accessible through the intranet from July 2011.

What is the Lesley Staples story?

Lesley: i started life as a graduate at the anz Bank. Worked

my way through human resources for 15 years. Had a couple

of children whilst i was there. after a restructure i left and spent

a year doing contracting work then joined a global organisation

of consulting psychologists for a couple of years. i was lucky

to get a role at Cadbury schweppes after this where i ended

up head of Human resources for australia and new zealand.

after six years there, paul offered me the role here. i’ve been

here now for two and a half years.

What have been the main differences coming to Toll?

Lesley: some wonderful differences to be honest. it sounds

like a cliché but Toll does have a can-do attitude. We don’t

get slowed down by meetings, presentations and “death by


Tell us about the Leadership @ Toll program

Lesley: i could wax lyrical about it. it’s about developing

strong managers. We’ve launched 35 programs, 600 managers

are nominated globally and the program is about managers

taking a look at themselves as leaders. They get feedback

about how others see them, they get to try some new skills in

leading others, and importantly they learn how to listen, see

people differently and have more effective conversations and


What goals have you set?

Lesley: We have set five goals. The first goal is to enable

everyone at Toll to be great at their job, deliver on their

accountabilities and excel. secondly, we absolutely have to

continuously develop our talent to fill key roles for the future.

Thirdly, i believe we need strong managers who are equally good

at managing their people as they are at managing their business.

We need people managers who select the right people, who can

coach them and develop them, give them feedback, grow them.

Goal four is to grow our core competencies like operational

excellence, commercial and financial capability, and business

development. in so doing, we can encourage people to grow

their career with Toll. The final goal is to provide access to

these tools, resources and training for all employees.

What else can we expect in the future?

Lesley: a focus on performance and to get the portal up and

running which can be accessed by any employee in the world

to gain information relevant to their career development at Toll.

in that way we can connect everyone within the company. <


June–auGusT 2011



Toll employee named Supply Chain

and Logistics Association’s first

female national board member


PJ gould in centre

(in green) at the

launch of the aCT

and southern division

branch of the sClaa.

36 tOLL tOdAY

pJ Gould, Government executive Business manager for Toll

Group, Group Business Development, australia, is the

first female to be appointed to the Supply Chain and Logistics

Association of Australia’s (SCLAA) board.

The appointment coincided with the launch of the aCT and

southern nsW division, of which pJ is the inaugural president.

over 140 people attended the launch of the aCT and southern

nsW division at the National Press Club. a range of industries

were represented including federal and state government;

defence, iT & financial industries, Chambers of Commerce,

and various aCT-based organisations.

The launch was a great success, with all presenters being

extremely well received including air Vice-marshal Margaret

Staib, am, CsC, Commander Joint logistics, who discussed

Defence’s Joint logistics capability and future direction.

pJ was thrilled with the success of the event, and her

appointment to the national board. she said, “This is the

first in many events for people in the region who work in

the transport and logistics industry. By setting up this branch of

the sClaa in Canberra, we will be able to deliver training and

networking opportunities to professionals here who may have

otherwise had to travel interstate to take part in these activities.

“i am also delighted to be named the first female member of the

slCaa and i hope to make a lasting impact to the organisation

over the coming months and years”.

nicola Wakefield Evans

joins the Toll board

Toll recently announced the appointment of Ms Nicola

Wakefield Evans as a non executive Director, making her

the seventh member of the Board and the first female.

nicola, who has been nominated as one of the world’s leading

lawyers, has been working in Hong Kong as managing partner

international and m&a partner for mallesons stephen Jaques.

she has recently returned to australia after four years in Hong

Kong and has already taken up her position at Toll attending

the may board meeting.

Chairman of the Board, ray Horsburgh am said, “The Board has

been assessing candidates for some time to ensure appropriate

skill-sets are represented and it’s fair to say ms Wakefield

evans’ candidature was outstanding.

“nicola has worked at the highest levels of her profession

advising some of the world’s largest and most successful

companies in asia, australia and elsewhere around the world.”

ms Wakefield evans said, “The opportunity to join the Board of

Toll Holdings, asia’s leading transport and logistics company,

is very exciting for me.

“The Toll name is well-known in asia. it has made good progress

in bringing professional outsourced logistics to the asian

Toll welcomes

new WA chaplain

Ken maley has recently joined the Toll

Group’s chaplaincy team in Wa,

replacing Elizabeth Breakey, who now

covers Victoria and Tasmania. Ken

comes to the Toll Group as a second

life career, having previously worked in

the media for 25 years, and attributes his

grey hair to raising kids and getting old!

if you are based in Wa and would like

to find out more about the work Ken

maley does, please contact him on

0439 902 554 or 1800 264 930, or email <

marketplace and is an australian company with a particularly

bright future there.

“i am delighted to have the chance to join the Board and be

part of its future growth,” she concluded.

ms Wakefield evans is 50 years old and a qualified lawyer

in australia, Hong Kong and the uK. <


June–auGusT 2011



38 tOLL tOdAY

Toll HRT announces

v8 endurance racing

team at Toll Fleet’s

Altona home

toll HRt’s rising V8 supercar star nick Percat has been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime and

will join Holden’s famous factory toll Holden Racing team for the annual V8 endurance races at

Phillip Island and Bathurst later this year.

The 22 year old will co-drive with his

mentor, 2007 V8 supercar Champion

and two-time Bathurst winner Garth

Tander in the #2 Toll Holden racing

Team Holden Ve series ii Commodore.

in the other Toll HrT car, veteran

Cameron McConville rejoins the team

to drive alongside reigning V8 supercar

Champion James Courtney in the #1 Toll

HrT Commodore.

The team made the announcement at

Toll Fleet’s brand new facility in altona,

melbourne where a number of staff from

Toll Fleet and other areas of the business

had a chance to talk to the drivers, as

well as look around the cars.

Toll HrT #2 driver Garth Tander is looking

forward to working with nick for the

endurance races which kick off with a

traditional 500km warm-up to Bathurst

at the l&H 500 at phillip island on 16–18

september followed by Bathurst and the

armor all Gold Coast 600 in october.

Garth said, “every time nick has tested

my Toll HrT Commodore he has been

right on the money. There won’t be any

extra pressure applied from us. We think

nick is ready, we have absolute faith

in the job he will do and this is a great

opportunity to give a young guy a start.”

a lifetime Toll HrT fan, nick said he

was surprised to receive the call up,


The Toll Fleet team

with the Toll HrT V8

endurance drivers.

but promised to make the most of the


nick said, “When i was first told i would

be driving for the Toll Holden racing

Team with Garth Tander in this year’s

endurance races i was quite shocked.

“Growing up i always followed Toll

HrT and now to be driving one of

its Commodores in two of the year’s

most important races with one of the

best drivers in the field is a massive

opportunity, one i will be grabbing with

both hands.” <


June–auGusT 2011



Toll nZ team get to

meet their v8 heroes

it’s not every day you get to meet your sporting heroes but

for 200 Toll staff and customers in auckland, that’s exactly

what they did a few days before the V8 Supercar weekend

in Hamilton.

Toll HrT’s drivers, Garth Tander and James Courtney, visited

the Toll new zealand and Toll ipeC site, and hosted a q&a

session for almost two hours.

They signed autographs, chatted with guests and described

their profession with passion.

it was immediately very apparent that the racing drivers of

today must be intelligent, articulate and genial. it’s not enough

any more just to be able to drive a hugely powerful car very

fast, modern sportsmen have to be able to woo their public.

40 tOLL tOdAY


l-r: James and

garth signing

autographs for their

new zealand fans.


The team talking to

the drivers.


l-r: James

Courtney, garth

tander, greg Miller

and Murray gardner,

Gm Toll new zealand,

north island.

Garth and James certainly did that; their audience was

captivated as they described tactics, performance statistics,

racing circuits and much more. perhaps most illuminating of

all were their personal philosophies of competing and winning.

as sports professionals they fully appreciated the

professionalism that the company brings to the Toll Holden

racing Team. The Toll approach to competitiveness fits exactly

with that of the drivers.

Group General manager Greg miller was delighted to welcome

the duo to new zealand and said, “our team and customers

were delighted to hear first-hand of the trials and tribulations

of these two fine sports professionals as well as the friendly

ribbing and personal q&a session they provided. This was a

great treat for all who attended!”

Toll priority staff volunteer

for Kids under Cover

on 20 march, a group of Toll priority

employees and their families

volunteered to assist in the Twilight

Running Festival in Brisbane.

The Twilight running Festival raised

money for Kids Under Cover, a not for

profit organisation building homes and

providing scholarships for homeless and

at risk youth.

With a$1 from the entry fee of each

runner donated to the charity, the event

raised over a$10,000.

Kids under Cover is a customer of Toll

priority DX solutions, using the DX

network and services for the distribution

of internal mail, as well as their annual

report and campaigns throughout the


on the day, 14 Toll priority staff members

and their families spent up to six hours at

Automotive runs for the kids

an intrepid group of runners, joggers, striders and shufflers

from automotive, Toll Global logistics turned out recently to

participate in the melbourne Run for the Kids fundraising event.

the event assisting the event organisers

with registrations, runner recovery and

water stations, and handing out medals

to the runners.

Shona McNeill, Community Fundraising

and events Coordinator at Kids under

Cover said, “it was so great to meet the

Toll team; you all did such a brilliant job

and should be so proud of yourselves!

Thank you so much for making a

difference.” <

Held in the Royal Botanic Gardens, only a hop, skip and a jump

from the Toll head offices on st Kilda road, the event raised

money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Decked out in matching caps and T-shirt sporting the new Toll

logo, with the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot, the team

from Toll auto completed the course without reportable incident

(although some members felt a bit stiff the following day!).

some of our more colourful members (wearing pink feather

boas) even flirted with fame appearing both as still and (barely)

moving images on the evening TV coverage of the run.

a beautiful melbourne day and a well organised event combined

to allow a group of work friends to have fun while making a

healthy contribution to an important and worthy cause. <



Kids under Cover’s

shona Mcneill with

Martin green, state

manager, queensland

and erika newman.


l-r: Alison Brain,

suzie evans, Kaylene

Baker and Mandy

davies thomas.

June–auGusT 2011



One Toll in action –

working together to help Timor Leste

Toll in Timor leste combines the capabilities of Toll remote

logistics, Toll marine logistics australia, Toll nqX and

Toll Global Forwarding who work together to provide logistics

solutions that connect Timor leste with the world.

in march this year, Toll put its combined capabilities to good

use in support of a great cause.

Wayne Leatham of St Vincent’s Hospital in sydney volunteers

his time to help the hospital’s outreach program to the Bairo

pite clinic in Dili, Timor leste. The hospital shares much needed

expertise and medical supplies and had 16 hydraulic hospital

beds to donate to the clinic. The only catch was they weighed

120kg each and needed to get from sydney to Dili. This is

where Toll stepped in.

Wayne had seen Toll remote logistics supporting the Tour de

Timor cycle race that he had participated in. so he contacted

Toll to see if there was any way they could assist. The next

day Barry Drape from Toll nqX was on the phone asking “how

can we help?”

Wayne outlined the challenge and shortly afterwards got a

call from Toll nqX operations manager Craig Dunscombe

to arrange pick-up on Toll’s daily B-double curtain side road

transporter. Coincidentally, it had been Craig who while working

as a driver had delivered the same beds to the hospital some

years earlier.

in preparation for the pick-up, Wayne called in his mates

from the BlG cycle group to provide the person-power to

get the beds packed up from the hospital and into storage

ready for pick up.

Toll nqX transported the beds from sydney to Darwin by road

Scott sheds his locks and raises

over A$7k for leukaemia research

big congratulations to Scott Van Loon, Toll energy’s senior

a operations manager in Darwin who very bravely took part

in The World’s Greatest Shave on saturday 12 march.

Daring scott raised over a$7,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation

by having his luscious locks shaved off!

Hygiene rules prevented any participants from having anything

less than a “number one” but as you can see from the before

and after pictures, scott took a trip to the barber’s after the

main event to finish off the new look off.

42 tOLL tOdAY

where Rod Clarke from Toll remote logistics’ Darwin supply

chain office made customs and shipping arrangements, while

Fiona Goulding from Toll marine logistics australia arranged

for the consignment to be packed and loaded onto one of their

vessels headed for Dili.

on arrival in Dili, Toll remote logistics’ supply Chain manager

Robert Lachmund took delivery of the beds and handled the

customs clearance and port duties before delivering the beds

to the Bairo pite clinic where they were gratefully received by

Dr Dan Murphy.

With the hard work of Wayne leatham and the support

of a range of Toll’s great can-do staff, an opportunity had

been translated into a great outcome for the community

of Timor leste.

Toll would like to thank Wayne for all of his efforts and are

pleased that we could help. <

as we go to print, scott was the top fund raiser in nT for solo

and team donations. a fantastic job for a very worthwhile

cause; well done scott. <


Robert Lachmund

delivering beds to

dr dan Murphy.


scott before and after.

Toll teams battle

it out on the

green for charity

it’s no secret that our employees love playing golf, and when

a charity is the good cause, it’s easy to get volunteers

to take part.

earlier this year, golfers from Toll people, Toll nqX, Toll

intermodal, Toll ipeC, Toll Global Forwarding, Contract logistics

and automotive from the Toll Global logistics division, Toll

energy and Toll express took part in the Wa Toll Golf Day.

Held at the Burswood Golf Club in perth, Toll staff invited their

clients to take part and together raise cash for the Princess

Margaret’s Children’s Hospital.

Toll people was also involved in the motor industry Foundation

golf day in Wa, where state manager, Tony O’Donnell won the

top prize of a$5,000. He kindly donated this back to the charity

to help provide families in need with vehicles.

Jason Holmes from Toll intermodal did a great job of organising

the day and has already started to plan the event for 2012.

if you would like to take part, please contact Jason at

The team in Toll new zealand also raised money for charity

by playing their favourite sport.

The Toll nz team raised over nz$8,500 for victims of the

Christchurch earthquake.

The winners on the day were:

• Best gross – Ross Allan, Kiwirail interislander

• Best single stableford – Garth Deenik, DB Breweries

• Best Ambrose group – Stephen Thomas, Branch

manager Tauranga; Steve Davies, 2D Consulting;

Andrew Smith, pakline marketing and sales; and

Shane Storrie, scott’s seafoods

• Best Lady – Judy Fawdray, Toll new zealand.

The support of sponsors for this event is much appreciated

and most have been involved for a number of years. a big

thank you must go to them all. <


June–auGusT 2011



44 tOLL tOdAY

Toll going ‘over the top’

to fight prostate cancer

Toll energy is proud to be supporting the extraordinary

expedition of two brothers boating from sydney to perth

to raise awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer.

Peter and Philip Jenkins are set to embark on a voyage

stretching more than 9,500km across the top of australia’s

rugged coastline in an 8.6m rigid inflatable boat – more

commonly referred to as a ‘rubber duck’.

The trip is part of the Honda Over The Top Expedition, developed

by the brothers to raise funds and awareness of the relatively

unknown killer of men – prostate cancer. The expedition will

stop at 26 locations along the australian coast, where the pair

will conduct special presentations at yacht and boating clubs.

as part of their commitment to the cause, Toll energy will lend

its services to transfer the expedition’s boat from perth to

sydney for the International Boat Show on 28 July to 1 august,

where the brothers’ 10 week journey will begin. Toll will also

assist the team with transporting other materials.

each year in australia, close to 3,000 men die of prostate cancer

– equal to the number of women who die from breast cancer.

The expedition mission is to raise in excess of a$200,000 for

the Cancer Council australia.

With a family history of prostate cancer, peter is passionate

about sharing his story with boating enthusiasts.

“i was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008,” said peter.

“i have always been active and healthy, so to hear that i had

cancer at 61 years of age was quite a shock. Thankfully,

i detected it early and was able to receive treatment in the

least invasive method with brachytherapy.”

“my hope for this expedition is that we can educate other

australian men through our story and encourage those who

may be reluctant to visit their Gp, to book an appointment and

at least get checked.” peter is amazed by the overwhelming

support the expedition has received from the boating fraternity

and industry.

“When we approached Toll for their support, the company was

open and enthusiastic from the outset,” said peter.

“They immediately recognised the importance of what we’re

trying to achieve and have been willing to do whatever is

required to help the cause, so i can’t thank them enough,”

he said.

During the expedition, the brothers will have on ground support

from Honda dealers and the Cancer Council Australia, who will

be the beneficiaries of funds raised on behalf of the expedition.

Cancer Council Western australia education and research

Director, Terry Slevin, believes the unique event will help raise

awareness on the importance of men to seek medical help in the

early signs of disease and to have regular medical check-ups.

“There is no doubt we still have a lot to learn about how to

prevent, identify, diagnose and treat many cancers. But blokes

in particular have a lot to learn about looking after themselves,”

Terry said.

“Do what you can to reduce your cancer risk, and don’t delay

when early signs of health problems crop up,” he said.

To follow the expedition, find out more about prostate cancer

or donate online, please visit

Toll gang takes part in

Whitelion bail out

Whitelion is one of our most effective and efficient second

step partner programs. We work with them in four

states across australia (ViC, Tas, sa and nsW) to assist

disadvantaged youth to become ‘work ready’ for employment

within Toll’s second step program.

on 13 may Whitelion ran their inaugural nsW ‘Bail out’

fundraiser at yasmar, previously a juvenile detention centre in

nsW. Two weeks later the annual Victorian ‘Bail out’ was held

in the old melbourne Gaol. in stark contrast to traditional charity

fundraising events there were no five course meals, auction

items or black ties. as participants arrived at the facilities they

were greeted by not so friendly ‘guards’, made to hand over all

belongings and were given prison overalls to wear. They were

then fingerprinted, photographed and escorted to their cells.

The nsW ‘Toll Gang’ consisted of Roger Antochi, Danny Brady,

Nerrel Schmidt and Michael Dorgio. The ‘inmates’ at yasmar

spent a cold and unpleasant night experiencing what ‘detention’

really means to the 500 young people who reside in juvenile

detention centres across nsW. along with the other ‘inmates’

they enjoyed prison style food, cleaned their cells, attended

drug and alcohol counselling and appeared at a bail hearing.

Automotive employee saves the day

automotive employee, Dave Grant, was busy mowing his

lawn on a day off just before Christmas, when he was

called upon to perform an act of bravery.

He saw a couple go into his neighbour’s backyard, and worried

that they may be uninvited guests, Dave called his neighbour

to alert him.

When his neighbour confirmed he was not expecting visitors,

Dave alerted the police and apprehended the intruders as

they left the property with arms full of Christmas presents,

jewellery and cash.

Determined to get away with the crime, the burglar pulled a

knife on Dave. However he was able to escape unharmed

For those who did manage to fall asleep, a 2am wake up

from the guards reminded them of where they were!

saturday morning brought the nsW attorney General, the

Honourable Greg Smith, who paid a visit to the site and gave

an official pardon to all inmates and sent them on their way.

as a reward for their ‘good behaviour’ and recognising their

commitment to the event, exhausted inmates were rewarded

with a champagne breakfast. perhaps not typical prison fare,

but a well-earned reward for the ‘Toll Gang’.

The melbourne ‘inmates’ were locked up for a less daunting four

hours during which time they were harangued and taunted by

hostile guards! Elizabeth Breakey, Marie Scotson, Kane Pitman

and stella misiti – the ‘you’ve Been Toll’d’ Gang – having raised

their bail were released to enjoy the rest of the evening with

entertainment provided at the old melbourne Gaol Crime and

Justice precinct.

Together our Toll inmates, supported by business units, family

and friends raised over $8,500 for Whitelion.

Well done to the participants and business units for this great

effort for a wonderful organisation. <

and trapped the criminal until the police arrived to arrest him.

Thankfully Dave escaped the ordeal in one piece, and has since

been dubbed a local hero by his community, appearing in the

Penrith Times in recognition of his act of bravery.

His workmates at automotive are also proud of him, and

pleased to have such a community conscious colleague on

their team.

manager Andrew Hawes said, “Dave showed the importance

of being a good neighbour, and did his friend, his community

and the police a favour ahead of the festive season.

“We’re pleased to have such a good samaritan on the team!” <


The Toll Gang.

l-r: stella Misiti,

Marie scotson,

elizabeth Breakey

and Kane Pitman.



The Toll Gang.

l-r: Roger, nerrel,

Michael and danny.

June–auGusT 2011



46 tOLL tOdAY

Men’s Health Week

The transport industry is a key employer of men of all ages,

shapes and sizes, and Toll is no different. so when Men’s

Health Week approached us to ask for our support in promoting

the message of health and wellbeing to our workforce, we were

delighted to be involved.

Typically men visit the doctor and dentist less than women,

talk about their health concerns less, and are less likely to

seek advice when they do have a problem. men’s Health Week

encourages men to face up to their health issues and points

out the places where help is available.

The week raises awareness of health issues that men face,

and make them aware of a number of ways they can improve

their fitness.

a good place to start is with a health assessment, and men’s

Health Week has launched a survey this year to do just that. The

‘What’s Your Score’ questionnaire is a simple health assessment

which asks questions about diet, exercise patterns and stress.

after completing the quick survey online, participants can

then check their score against famous people who have also

taken the test, including a number of sports stars, to see how

well they are doing.

For those who want to improve their health and wellbeing,

there are resources and links on the site for more information

about a range of issues from early diabetes detection and

weight management, to prostate screening and mental health.

Visit to take the test and find

out more about improving your health.

Supporting men’s (and women’s) health at Toll

Throughout men’s Health Week, Toll express worked with the

organisers to host a number of breakfast and health information


The teams were treated to a healthy breakfast while they

listened to health professionals and sports stars talk about

the benefits of keeping healthy, and giving them some great

tips to leading a healthier lifestyle.

there are some important ways you can reduce your risk

of illness and disease:

• quit smoking or help a mate quit

• Take care in the sun

• aim for a healthy body weight

• Be physically active

• reduce your alcohol intake

• Get age-appropriate check-ups

The men’s Health Week team visited the following sites during

the week’s celebrations:

tuesday 14 June – altona north, melbourne

Wednesday 15 June – eastern Creek, sydney

thursday 16 June – richlands, Brisbane

Friday 17 June – regency park, adelaide

photos and a full report of the week’s events will be in the

september-november edition of Toll Today.

Staff milestones

10 years’ service

Alana Grima – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Alex Siscos – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Allen Walton – Contract Logistics, Michinbury, NSW

Angela Villegas – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Anthony Rhook – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC

Arthur Ioannidis – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Brian Connor – Toll Fleet, Perth, WA

Corina Furlong – Toll Transitions, Brisbane, QLD

Christopher Angwin – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Darren Farr – Toll New Zealand, Whangarei, NZ

Darren Williams – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

David Morgan – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

David Thomas – Automotive, Altona North, VIC

Edward Cassar – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Ed Tidmarsh – Toll Inventory Capital Solutions, North Ryde, NSW

Elizabeth Wilding – Toll Intermodal, Chullora, NSW

Ernst Stocher – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Eugene Louis – Toll Fleet, Dry Creek, SA

Frank Galea – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Funaki Talanoa – Toll IPEC, Bankstown, NSW

Gary Jones – Toll Express, Chullora, NSW

Gavin Barlow – Toll New Zealand, Whangarei, NZ

Gregory Liebig – Automotive, Kewdale, WA

Graham Wakefield – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Grant Boyle – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Hiep Van – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Ian McDonald – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Jason Fuller – Automotive, Queanbeyan, ACT

Jim Koutsiouroumpas – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Justin Hogg – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Kevin Johnson – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Lorene Smith – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA

Marius Smith – Toll Inventory Capital Solutions, North Ryde, NSW

Mark Rainey – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Matthew Reichelt – Contract Logistics, Dandenong, VIC

Metin Karademir – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Michael Liptak – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Michelle Bright – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Neil Sharrocks – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Nick Jones – Toll Global Forwarding, Murarrie, QLD

Paul Giotas – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Peter Calland – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Petros Koutros – Toll Corporate, Dandenong South, VIC

Rabih Chami – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Raymond Lawson – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Rene Kaji – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Robert Mulcahy – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD

Robyn Sanchez – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Rose-Marie Wyllie – Toll Intermodal, Welshpool, WA

Ross Longmire – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Ruth Ahern – Parts Logistics, Altona, VIC

Sandra Didus – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Sharon Carrarini – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Simon Hall – Toll Global Forwarding, Melbourne, VIC

Simon Mountford – Automotive, Arndell Park, NSW

Stuart Power – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Tamara Oades – Toll Refrigerated, Ingleburn, NSW

Timothy Raymond Noble – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA

Trevor Bamford – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Troy Czyzewski – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Wayne Patterson – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Wayne Van Der Poel – Parts Logistics, Altona, VIC

Ziya Karademir – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

15 years’ service

Adrian Coles – Toll Priority, DX Adelaide, SA

Angelo Papadam – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Anthony Attard – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Bradley Boyle – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

15 years’ service – Continued

Brett Carter – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Brett Schinck – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Carroll Kingi – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Claudio Buttafuoco – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Dawn Bunting – Automotive, Altona North, VIC

David Gillespie – Toll IPEC, Canberra, ACT

David Jolley – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD

Dean Barr – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Dexter Ireland – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC

Edward Matthews – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Gail Stokely – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Gary Sutton – Automotive, Dandenong, VIC

Georgina Fiorentino – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC

Helen Felicity Jackson – Toll Intermodal, Cairns, QLD

Ian Didlick – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

James McPhee – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD

Jeffrey Brown – Toll Chemical Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW

John Brabemder – Toll IPEC, Perth, WA

Joseph Bonnici – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Kenneth Lee – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Kevin Farrell – Contract Logistics, Girraween, NSW

Kevin Rugg – Toll Priority, Mascot, NSW

Koro Whitinui – Toll New Zealand, Kaitaia, NZ

Lance Coleman – Automotive, Arndell Park, NSW

Les Mayne – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Magdaline Holden – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Mark McCormack – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Martin Handley – Toll Global Forwarding, Melbourne, VIC

Mary Woodyard – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC

Michael Jordan – Toll New Zealand, Whangarei, NZ

Michael Lavender – Toll IPEC, Homebush, NSW

Michael Nolton – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Michael Salakas – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Neil Wick – Toll New Zealand, Greymouth, NZ

Nian Mau – Toll IPEC, Perth, WA

Nicole Anne Ferguson – Toll People, Archerfield, QLD

Patricia May Mccrone – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Paul Hughes – Contract Logistics, Kewdale, WA

Paul Colquhoun – Contract Logistics, Archerfield, QLD

Paul Sleep – Automotive, Dry Creek, SA

Peter Lapham – Toll Chemical Logistics, Welshpool, WA

Peter Stewart Philip – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Peter Sumner – Toll Chemical Logistics, Welshpool, WA

Phillip Eric Johnson – Toll Intermodal, Cairns, QLD

Phillip Standring – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Robert Symons – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

Rodger Doorn – Automotive, Arndell Park, NSW

Rodney Nadudvary – Contract Logistics, Hastings, VIC

Roslyn Marr – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Sam Debrincat – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Stephen McKenzie – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Stephen Rowe – Toll IPEC, Brisbane, QLD

Stephen Saliba – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Stuart De Bomford – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

Vincent Feehan – Toll Chemical Logistics, Hallam, VIC

Warrick Garrigan – Automotive, Dry Creek, SA

Wayne Howells – Toll Tasmania, Hobart, TAS

Wayne Whye – Automotive, Hamilton, QLD

20 years’ service

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Adrian Davis – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Alan Pickens – Toll Tasmania, Port Melbourne, VIC

Brian Izzard – Toll Intermodal, Townsville, QLD

Bruce Butler – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

David Gilmore – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Douglas Jarman – Automotive, Yeerongpilly, QLD

George Karkanis – Toll Corporate, Doveton, VIC

Giuseppe Scarmozzino – Automotive, Somerton, VIC

Glen David Binney – Parts Logistics, Campbelfield, VIC

20 years’ service – Continued

Glen Pershouse – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Graham Dalman – Automotive, Altona North, VIC

Jason Cappadona – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

John Beckwith – Toll Chemical Logistics, Laverton North, VIC

Linton Cunnington – Toll Chemical Logistics, Laverton North, VIC

Lorna Patricia Clarke – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA

Michael Mancini – Automotive, Campbelfield, VIC

Michael Flude – Toll Tasmania, Hobart, TAS

Mika Suominen – Toll IPEC, Brisbane, QLD

Neil Anderson – Contract Logistics, Wingfield, SA

Richard Nelson – Toll Intermodal, Townsville, QLD

Norman Kermaghan – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Patrick Haydon – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD

Peter Tyson – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

Raymond Hobman – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Raymond Walker – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Rhona Hopkins – Toll IPEC, Homebush, NSW

Robert Bourke – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Robert Campbell – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Robert Dibbs – Automotive, Thornbury, VIC

San Juan Isagani – Automotive, Yennora, NSW

Sharyn Kemp – Toll in2store, Altona North, VIC

Sue Tulk – Toll Priority, Erskineville, SA

Tony Antoniou – Toll Priority, Adelaide Airport, SA

Victor Lee – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

25 years’ service

Andrew Angelo – Contract Logistics, Minchinbury, NSW

Bruce Robert Hunt – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA

Garry Falkner – Toll IPEC, Ballarat, VIC

Graham Griffiths – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

Graham McHenry – Toll Tasmania, Hobart, TAS

Grant Shadbolt – Toll Tasmania, Burnie, TAS

Ian Stewart O’Brien – Toll Intermodal, Mackay, QLD

Ingemar Johansson – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

James Beamish – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

John Manduca – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Lori Richey – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Lynette Harris – Toll New Zealand, Hastings, VIC

Theo Papagianopoulos – Contract Logistics, Sunshine, VIC

Peter Crameri – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Shane Thompson – Toll IPEC, Canberra, ACT

Steve Shannon – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Wayne Newett – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

30 years’ service

Angela Billett – Toll Priority, Adelaide Airport, SA

Avon Anderson – Toll New Zealand, Ashburton, NZ

Denise Truscott – Toll IPEC, Mackay, QLD

Fillia Mavrikakis – Toll IPEC, Adelaide, SA

Francis Terrance Reily – Contract Logistics, Heathwood, QLD

Geoffrey Henderson – Toll Chemical Logistics, Laverton North, VIC

John Alderman – Toll Corporate, Doveton, VIC

Peter Knight – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Steve Hende – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC

35 years’ service

Keith Worthing – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Mark McDonough – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Milton Park – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Nigel Patel – Toll New Zealand, Wellington, NZ

Robert Hall – Toll Priority, Adelaide Airport, SA

Zeki Guzel – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

40 years’ service

Martin George Degn – Contract Logistics, Yeerongpilly, QLD

Trevor John Maguire – Contract Logistics, Yeerongpilly, QLD


June–auGusT 2011


Help us fill this space

Toll has a rich history spanning over a hundred and twenty years.

We are opening a museum this year in Melbourne to capture the

many stories which have shaped the company.

The museum will showcase items from Toll and acquired

companies including vehicles, uniforms, memorabilia and


In bringing our history to life, we are looking for submissions

and donations from around the Group. Please contact Group

Corporate Affairs with details of your items at

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