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Wherever you want to go

Wherever you want to go

Our range of road constructions

Road Construction

Road Construction

Project Y PPP Eastern Region Package 1

Foundation engineering and de-icing plant at airport Frankfurt

At the core of construction.

This is precisely where ALPINE

sets new standards and where

expectations are not just met,

but exceeded. The company’s

pursuit of perfection and of

new techniques and ideas has

led it to become one of the largest

construction companies

in Europe. Today, the ALPINE

name stands for true innovative

strength, the greatest flexibility

and tailor-made solutions, as

well as the use of new materials

and cutting-edge equipment.

The high level of quality and

competence are what enables

ALPINE to realise a wide variety

Kaiser-Wilhelm tunnel

Complete overhaul of A1 motorway West

A9 Pyhrn motorway

A10 Tauern motorway

A6 junction Kittsee

ARAD bypass

Motorway Paradisa

Motorway Derveni

of prestigious projects across

the world. In spite of the company’s

growth, it has not forgotten

its roots and remains just

as committed to local projects

as international ones. This

high degree of professionalism

makes ALPINE a completely

reliable partner in all areas of


The reason for the company’s

success is its technology, logistics

and people; the company’s

numerous highly qualified employees

have played a direct

part in its success. The motivation,

education and safety

Motorway Olympia

Mountain pass Trieben

of the team is paramount.

Responsibility towards people

means responsibility towards

the environment. Careful treatment

of natural resources is

therefore part of the corporate

culture. ALPINE guarantees

quality on all levels. Whatever

you need, we can undertake

projects of any size in an environmentally

friendly way and

deliver them on time - if you

build with ALPINE, you build

perfection. Efficiency, dynamism,

reliability and the most

modern know-how.

Motorway A1 Poland

Outer ring road Centura

Outdoor installations Baumax & Spedition

Outer ring road Centura Bucharest

Motorway Ningbo Section Shanghai

Connecting roads of power station Tsankov Kamak

At the Core of Construction. Worldwide.



Bridge Construction

Building Construction


Environmental Engineering

Foundation Engineering

Power Station Construction

Railway Construction

Road Construction

Sports Facility Construction

Underground Construction

Project Y, PPP Eastern

Region Package 1 / AT

Construction period: 2007 – 2010

Order value: € 933 million


Motorway A1 / PL

Construction period: 2008 – 2010

Order value: € 268 million


A1 Motorway West

Complete overhaul / AT

Construction period: 1994 – 2009

Order value: about € 400 million


Trieben mountain road / AT

Construction period: 2006 – 2008

Order value: € 23 million


Motorway section

Ningbo / CN

Construction period: 2002 – 2006

Order value: € 165 million


Airport Vienna-Schwechat

/ AT

Const. period: 04.2006 – 12.2006

Order value: € 17.9 million


We Go All the Way

When it comes to construction of infrastructure, ALPINE has been leading

the way for many years. To top it off, we offer a variety of complementary

services such as project investment.

ALPINE knows about its tremendous responsibility to its customers. Its

top priority is meeting deadlines, safety, cost efficiency and top quality.

New ways are taken every time innovative construction material and

procedures are used. A modern infrastructure has been compared to a

lifeline for a country‘s economical development.

ALPINE turns roads into ways to success


New construction and

complete overhauls

> Motorways

> Dual carriageways

> Country roads and rural roads

> Tunnels and equipment

River constructions

Noise control engineering



Railway construction

Underground construction

Bridge construction


Foundation engineering/

Slope reinforcement

GPS controlled surveys

and machines

GPS controlled truck controls /

fleet management

Decontamination and paving

Concrete road surface




Project planning

Project development

Project investment

ALPINE performs any

necessary work

> Clearing of construction site

> Pyrotechnical works

> Surveys

> Traffic routing

> Road earth works

> Drainage lines

> Concrete works

> Channels

> Reinforced earth

> Securing of rocks

> Retaining walls/anchors

> Special foundations

> Stabilisation

> Concrete road surface

> Asphalt

> Road equipment

> Noise control

> Flood control measurements

Commissioning and maintenance


A6 junction Kittsee // AT

A8 & A9 Pyhrn motorway // AT

New development, subsurface routes, mined tunnels

A10 GE tollgate AST St. Michael // AT

Motorway Paradisa / Tsakona // GR

Motorway Derveni / Lachanas // GR

Motorway Olympia / Linaria // GR

Motorway Ningbo Section Shanghai // CN

Connecting roads of power station Tsankov Kamak // BG

Outer ring road Centura Bucharest // RO

ARAD bypass // RO

Foundation engineering and de-icing plant at airport Frankfurt // DE

and many more

04 Road Construction

Detailed expertise

Road construction is a special challenge due to changing and partially difficult ground and weather conditions

and the intensive use of resources. The decisive part is a perfect organisation and long experience.

Road construction projects of any size are handled by the ALPINE specialists with know-how, top-of-the-line

technology and a comprehensive portfolio.

Tunnel and channel construction

ALPINE itself can provide any tunnel and channel construction works as part of

new road constructions, decontamination and complete overhaul works. This allows

to flexibly coordinate and perfectly handle the entire construction process.

Erection of noise barriers

Noise barriers are up to 6 m in height and are made of a great variety of material

with diverse technologies. ALPINE can erect these as part of road construction projects

or subsequently integrate them in existing terrain. ALPINE offers a one-stop solution

provider for these works.

Own resources

Securing steep faces

An innovative technology is used in

‘Project Y’ and the mountain road

Trieben in securing steep faces.

Suitable geosynthetics are being used

between compacted layers of earth to

ensure a lasting stability these strongly

inclined rock faces.

ALPINE produces its own resources in its own plants and facilities in Austria and abroad.

Our own asphalt and concrete mixing plants partially further process these resources.

ALPINE‘s planning and quality control guarantees a high quality standard. These resources

guarantee independent supply for every project.

Construction of runways

ALPINE demonstrates its traditional top quality and flexibility in the construction of

runways and traffic areas on airports too. Even highly specialized tasks are solved through

a combination of know-how and innovations. Some of our references are the airport

Vienna-Schwechat (Austria) and the airport Podgorica (Montenegro).


A total of 25,000 m2 of steep faces

with a height of up to nine metres were

constructed in Trieben. It was the first

time that this special technology has

been used in Austria to this extent:

308,000 m2 of geosynthetic grids and

186,000 m3 of fill material. The dams’

foundation was constructed with

foundation plates and the faces were

secured with shotcrete.

ALPINE is a one-stop solution provider

A wide range of services is required in every road construction project. Diverse tasks must be executed and coordinated perfectly.

ALPINE performs all tasks as a one-stop solution provider. The company has the right experts and technologies from

road construction works to track constructions, bridges, tunnels and foundation engineering.

ALPINE is a leading turnkey supplier not only because of its ability to handle even the most complex tasks and its years of

experience but also because of its use of innovations like ‘geosynthetic reinforced earth’.

Planning, development

and financing

ALPINE is an internationally acting construction company. It not only

provides construction services but an extensive range of services in

project development, planning and financing.

PPP (Private Public Partnership) and BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer)

models increasingly gain importance. ALPINE offers its partners

interesting and economical turnkey solutions, covering the entire

value-added chain from development to utilization of a project.

In one go

Road Construction

All essential tasks are performed in one go with the

concrete-road-surface paving train.

Manufacturing and mixing, transportation, distribution

and compacting of concrete

Smoothing and texturing of surface

Gouging and pouring of grooves

Expert and experienced teams guarantee the required

quality and durability of the road surface and a smooth


The Austrian network of motorways and dual carriageways

covers more than 2,000 km.

Date: 2009 / Source: www.oeamtc.at


06 Road Construction

Project Y, PPP Eastern Region

Package 1

The first Austrian PPP (Public Private

Partnership) motorway project

included the construction of a new

A5 section between Eibesbrunn and

Schrick (from Vienna toward Czech

Republic) and Vienna’s North-East ring

with the dual carriageways S1 and S2.

ALPINE is a leading member in the Bonaventura

syndicate (44.4% shares).

The franchised motorway section will

be operated for 30 years by a company

specifically founded for this purpose

and ALPINE is a member of it too.

It is named ‘Project Y’ as the course of

the roads resembles the letter ‘Y’.

ALPINE develops a GPS reference system with

a max. deviation of 2 cm.


The largest construction site in Central Europe employs 1,300 workers.

12,000 plans are implemented by an additional 130 employees..

About 10 million cubic metres of earth moving.

Pavement construction: 400,000 tons of asphalt, 1,400,000 m2 concrete road

surface (25 cm strong) and a cement-reinforced base course (20 cm strong).

Noise control measurements: Noise barriers and steep faces made of geoplastic

reinforced earth with the visible side made of half rock gabions.

The Tradenberg tunnel required 1.4 km of mining.

All construction elements were designed by the architect Martin Wakonig.



Length of road: 51 km

Junctions: 11

Bridges: 76

Tunnels: 4 with a total length of 7.4 km

Noise control measurements: 81 km

Construction period: 2007 – 2010

Order value: € 933 million

Motorway A1 Poland

New development

Poland is the sixth largest county of

the European Union (measured by area

and population) and has engaged in an

ambitious infrastructure programme.

About 1,000 km of new motorways

are to be constructed by 2012 for the

European Soccer Championship hosted

with the Ukraine. ALPINE handles one

of the most southern sections with

18.33 km in length. It leads from the

village Świerklany south of Katowitz to

Gorzyczki near the Polish-Czech border.

This section is a part of the A1 motorway.

Once completed it will provide a

non-stop motorway connection between

the city of Danzig with Poland’s

southern neighbour countries.

Geotextiles, geogrids and ‘geosynthetic

reinforced earth’ compensate the strong

sinkages along the road.


A total of nearly 2 million m² of geotextile will be used. They serve to secure

the mining shafts kept open below parts of the roadway.

In total about 7 million m³ of material will be moved.

The construction of a 380 m long cable-stayed bridge will demand

expertise know-how.

Prior to construction more than 1,000 grenades and other relics from the war

had to be disarmed and removed from the ground.



Road Construction

Length of road: 18.33 km

Junctions: 2

Bridges: 35

Noise control measurements: 13.78 km

Construction period: 2008 – 2010

Order value: € 268 million



Road Construction

A1 Motorway West

Complete overhaul 14 contract section

In 1994 the renovation of sections of

the motorway West A1 (from Salzburg

to Vienna) was begun. In this process

the carriage way was extended to

12.25 m (4 lanes + 2 emergency lanes)

and/or partially to 14.50 m (6 lanes +

2 emergency lanes). Noise barriers,

the entire drain system with retention

Section / 14 contract section length

Wolfsgraben — Steinhäusl 8.5 km

Böheimkirchen 10.0 km

St. Florian — Asten 10.0 km

Asten — Ebelsberg 6.0 km

Haid — Sattledt 20.0 km

Eberstalzell 3.0 km

Eberstalzell — Vorchdorf 4.0 km

Steyrermühl — Regau 8.0 km

Regau — Seewalchen 8.0 km

St. Georgen — Oberwang 13.0 km

Innerschwand — Mondsee 9.7 km

Salzburg North — Salzburg-Kleßheim 4.5 km

Loosdorf — Inning 15.0 km

Melk — Zelking 11.0 km

and many more


basin and road pavement were newly

constructed. All construction work was

performed while maintaining moving

traffic. The individual sections are between

3 and 20 km in length. Junctions

and parking places are being modernized

and newly constructed as part of

this renovation.

In total: 3.5 million m² of concrete road surface was constructed

420,000 tons of asphalt used



Total length: 132.7 km

Bridges: 134

Noise control measurements: 130 km

Construction period: 1994 – 2009

Total order value: about € 400 million

Mountain road B114 Trieben-Sunk BYPASS

The street B114 Triebener Strasse,

leading from the city of Trieben to

the city of Judenburg via the region

Hohentauern, is a topographically

difficult north-south axis and connects

the valleys Paltental and Liesingtal

in the north with the valley Murtal in

the south. Due to the costly maintenance

of the existing road on the

eastern slope of the Triebenbachtal

it was decided to build a new road on

the western slope. The ‘geosynthetic

reinforced earth’ system was used to

construct the extremely steep dams of

the new roadway. This contract comprises

additionally 2 bridges, retaining

walls as well as anchor and shotcrete

walls as slope securing and rock-face

sealing measures.

Erection of ‘flexible’ geosynthetic

reinforced dams to compensate up to 3 cm

of annual slope movement.


Dam construction with an angle of up to 60° in a terrain with up to 100% slope

Maximum dam height of 26.00 m

The phylitic rock is not weathering resistant thus additional securing with


Total use of 15,000 t dry-mix material lateral receiver at a sea level of

1,300 m above the Adriatic Sea.

Transport of 190,000 m³ fill material on very tight space.


Road Construction

Length of road: 3 km

Bridges: 2

Steep face construction: 1.5 km

Shotcrete: 16,000 m2

Ground anchor: 66,000 metres

Construction period: 2006 – 2008

Order value: € 23 million



Road Construction

Motorway section Ningbo

Contract YJECC1

Ningbo is at the east coast in the

province of Zhejiang, ca. 350 km south

of Shanghai. In essence this 42.25 km

long motorway project serves to connect

the transit harbour Ningbo and


the industrial zones of the province

Zhejiang. From 2002 to 2010 Ningbo‘s

harbour will be developed into one of

the most important transit container


ALPINE constructs a 4-lane motorway with a

total length of 42 km in the Shanghai-Ningbo

region – China’s new economic centre.

ALPINE performs these main tasks: Earthwork, soil conditioning measurements,

bridge constructions, underbridges, bored piles and tunnels.

The construction includes 53 bridges (7.2 km), 10 duct tunnels (7.3 km)

and 79 underbridges for pedestrian and tractors.

Additionally the construction includes all electric and mechanical facilities,

operational building and the entire control and toll system.

The traffic in this province increases annually by about 12%.



Construction period: 2002 – 2006

Length of road: 42 km

Excavation: 2.39 million m³

Dam fill: 3.63 million m³

Asphalt area: 766,520 m²

Prefabricated beams: 7,028

from 8 to 20 m

Order value: € 165,0 million

Airport Vienna-Schwechat

Extension of the north-eastern apron / Phase 2B

Phase 2B is one of many construction

stages at the airport Schwechat

executed by ALPINE that requires

uncommon expert knowledge.

The construction is designed in general

to high area and point loads and aeroplanes.

This construction section is in

the airport‘s so-called ‘Airside Zone’.



A 3,000 m long ICAO compliant security

fence was constructed around the

construction site prior to beginning

of the actual construction. This made

the otherwise common passenger and

security checks unnecessary. It would

have been impossible to logistically

and timely manage the high number

of vehicles and suppliers – up to 350

persons and vehicles at the same time.

This type of construction with more than

2.10 m depth is very different from the usual

road construction.

These pipes have a diameter of 3 metres. Each pipe must be delivered with a heavygoods

vehicle. Each pipe weighs 20 tons - and has a wall thickness of 30 cm.

The construction period at the airport had to be kept as short as possible as it

restricted air traffic. A huge cubature had to be moved. Thus the concrete and

asphalt was manufactured directly at the airport.



Road Construction

Milling off of bituminous runway surface:

167,000 m²

Earth moving: ~ 145,000 m³

Filling of dams: ~ 216,000 m³

Excavation for channels: ~ 32,000 m³

Cement reinforced base course:

~ 153,000 m²

Construction period: 04.2006 – 12.2006

Order value: € 17.9 million


ALPINE Bau GmbH · Road Construction

Alte Bundesstraße 10 · 5071 Wals/Salzburg · Austria · Phone +43 662 8582-0 · Fax -9900

roadconstruction@alpine.at · www.alpine.at

Subject to changes, printing and typographical errors. Date: 10.2009

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