2011 Sports Medicine Price List - IDM Sports


2011 Sports Medicine Price List - IDM Sports

2011 Sports Medicine Price List

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maxiplast club loyalty program

Spend $1,000

Receive a Tens Unit

Spend $2,000

Receive a Tens Unit &

a Hand Held Massager

Spend $4,000

Receive a Tens Unit,

a Hand Held Massager

& a Massage Table.

Trainer Jackets


Trainer Polos



Value $65.00


Value $155.00


Value $505.00

Hand Towel


Maxiplast Bag


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Bum Bag


Above products available for purchase or interchangable for value of premiums at various spend levels.

Rewards offer only valid when clubs purchase Maxiplast branded Strapping & First Aid.

maxiplast range

Maxiplast Premium Rigid Strapping Tape

38mm x 13.7m

$4.90 PER


Maxiplast Xtreme Rigid Strapping Tape

38mm x 13.7m

$3.90 PER


Rayon Fabric, zinc oxide adhesive

MX98536B 38mm x 13.7m Box 32 $4.90 ea / $156.80 Box

MX98536C 50mm x 13.7m Box 24 $6.90 ea / $165.60 Box

Rayon Fabric, aggressive zinc oxide adhesive

Maxiplast Premium Elastic Adhesive Bandage

75mm x 4.5m

$4.90 PER


MXR125 12.5mm x 13.7m Tube 24 $1.90 ea / $45.60 Tube

MXR25 25mm x 13.7m Tube 12 $2.90 ea / $34.80 Tube

MXR38 38mm x 13.7m Tube 8 $3.90 ea / $31.20 Tube

MXR50 50mm x 13.7m Tube 6 $4.90 ea / $29.40 Tube

High Stretch EAB Flesh

Maxiplast Xtreme Elastic Adhesive Bandage

25mm x 4.5m

$ 1 . 9 0 PER


Maxibandage Compression Bandage

100mm x 4.5m

$4.90 PER


Code Size Qty Price

Code Size Qty Price

Code Size Qty Price

MXEAB25 25mm x 4.5m Box 48 $2.10 ea / $100.80 Box

MXEAB50 50mm x 4.5m Box 24 $3.90 ea / $93.60 Box

MXEAB75 75mm x 4.5m Box 16 $4.90 ea / $78.40 Box

High Quality EAB, Medium Stretch.

Code Size Qty Price

MXE25 25mm x 4.5m Box 48 $1.90 ea / $91.20 Box

MXE50 50mm x 4.5m Box 24 $3.80 ea / $91.20 Box

MXE75 75mm x 4.5m Box 16 $4.90 ea / $78.40 Box

Rubber thread high stretch/quality compression bandage.

Code Size Qty Price

MX20002 50mm x 4.5m Single $3.90 ea

MX20003 75mm x 4.5m Single $4.50 ea

MX20004 100mm x 4.5m Single $4.90 ea

MX20005 150mm x 4.5m Single $6.90 ea

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hand tearables & underwraps

Maxitap Premium Hand Tearable Adhesive Tape

75mm x 6.8m

$4.90 PER


Maxiplast Co-Rip Hand Tearable Bandage

Hand Tearble high stretch EAB available in white or flesh.



Size Qty Price

MXHT25 25mm x 6.8m Tube 12 $2.90 ea / $34.80 Tube

MXHT50 50mm x 6.8m Tube 6 $3.90 ea / $23.40 Tube

MXHT75 75mm x 6.8m Tube 4 $4.90 ea / $19.60 Tube


MXHTLR50 50mm x 6.8m Box 12 $3.50 ea / $42.00 Tube

MXHTLR75 75mm x 6.8m Box 12 $4.50 ea / $54.00 Tube

Cohesive Hand Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandage, non adhesive, sticks to itself.

Code Size Qty Price

MXCR25 25mm x 4.5m Box 24 $1.80 ea / $21.60 Box

MXCR50 50mm x 4.5m Box 12 $2.90 ea / $34.80 Box

MXCR75 75mm x 4.5m Box 12 $3.90 ea / $46.80 Box

MXCR100 100mm x 4.5m Box 12 $4.90 ea / $58.80 Box

Maxifix Hypoallergenic Adhesive Underwrap Tape

Foam Underwrap

Zone Foam


50mm x 4.5m

$2.90 PER


50mm x 10m

$5.90 PER


75mm x 27m

$3.90 PER



$32.00 ea

11cm x 90cm

$25.00 ea

Hypoallergenic Underwrap for those allergic to strapping tapes.

Code Size Qty Price

MX90090 50mm x 10m Single $ 5.90 ea

MX90091 100mm x 10m Single $11.80 ea

Non Adhesive Foam tape for those allergic to adhesive.

Code Size Qty Price

MX1111 75mm x 27m Single $3.90 ea

Foam squares for pre taping (prevent tape cuts).

Code Size Price

ZF25M 1mm thick, 75mm square x 25m $32.00 ea

ZF100M 1mm thick, 75mm square x 100m $88.00 ea

Foam covered aluminium splint.

Code Size Qty Price

MX90092 11cm x 90cm Single $25.00 ea

w w w . i d m s p o r t tw s w . c cw o o. m i d . a am u s p | o r a at l ls l . p pc r ro i im c e e. a s u e x c l u d e G S T

kinesio, elastoplast & leuko

Kinesio Tape

Elastic Adhesive tape specifically for use with Kinesio Taping Techniques.

Colours available are Beige, blue, pink & black.

KINPKCT Clinical Therapeutic Application Book $65.00

KINPKLC Lymphodema Chronic Book $65.00

KINPKPF Paediatrics Fundamental Work Book $65.00

KINPKS Kinesio Scissors $50.00

KINPKT315 Kinesio Bulk Tape 50mm x 31.5m $78.00

KINPKT50 Kinesio Tape (All Colours) 50mm x 5m $12.90

MX97821 Maxiplast Kinesiology Tape 50mm x 5m $ 9.90

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Rigid Strapping Tape

SN36138002 Elastoband Light Flesh 25mm x 2.75m $2.95 ea

SN36138003 Elastoband Light Flesh 50mm x 2.75m $5.20 ea

SN36138004 Elastoband Light Flesh 75mm x 2.75m $5.75 ea

BDF1077 Leukoband EAB White 50mm x 2.75m $5.75 ea

BDF1078 Leukoband EAB White 75mm x 2.75m $6.65 ea

SN47806 Elastoplast Premium Rigid 38mm x 13.7m $6.80 ea

SN47805 Elastoplast Premium Rigid 50mm x 13.7m $8.95 ea

BDF76015 Leukoplast Premium Rigid 38mm x 13.7m $7.40 ea

BDF76016 Leukoplast Premium Rigid 50mm x 13.7m $9.60 ea

Tubular Support Bandage

10m long roll.

OAPL224 Fulflex - Small Hands, Wrists or Limbs Size B $21.50 ea

OAPL225 Fulflex - Adult Hands, Arms or Legs Size C $22.70 ea

OAPL226 Fulflex - Adult Elbows, Arms or Legs Size D $24.00 ea

OAPL227 Fulflex - Thighs, Knees or Legs Size E $24.90 ea

OAPL228 Fulflex - Thighs, Knees or Large Legs Size F $29.85 ea

OAPL229 Fulflex - Large Thighs Size G $32.00 ea

w w w . i d m s p o r t tw s w . c cw o o. m i d . a am u s p | o r a at l ls l . p pc r ro i im c e e. a s u e x c l u d e G S T



general dressings & bandages

General Bandages

Wound Dressings

MXFD06 Fabric Dressing Strip 6cm x 1m $ 4.00 ea

MXFD5M Fabric Dressing Strip 8cm x 5m $16.40 ea

SN45778 Bandaid Fabric Strips Box 50 $ 4.00 box

SN45780 Bandaid Fabric Strips Box 100 $ 6.00 box

SN72115-23 Bandaid Finger Tips 3.8cm x 7.2cm $ 0.55 ea

SN72115-16 Bandaid Knuckle Strips 4.5cm x 7.2cm $ 0.45 ea

SN7136 Primapore Adhesive Dressing 10cm x 8cm $ 1.70 ea

SN66001473 Cutiplast Hypoallergenic Wound Dressing 10cm x 8cm $ 1.40 ea

SN66001478 Cutiplast Hypoallergenic Wound Dressing 7.2cm x 5cm $ 0.90 ea

GEGS5 Gauze Swabs Pack 100 5cm x 5cm $ 3.60 pk

GEGS75 Gauze Swabs Pack 100 7.5cm x 7.5cm $ 5.30 pk

GEGS10 Gauze Swabs Pack 100 10cm x 10cm $ 7.00 pk

SN4940 Melolin Non Stick Absorbent Dressing 5cm x 5cm $ 0.50 ea

SN4941 Melolin Non Stick Absorbent Dressing 10cm x 10cm $ 0.95 ea

SN4811 Melolite Non Stick Absorbent Dressing 5cm x 7.5cm $ 0.45 ea

SN4812 Melolite Non Stick Absorbent Dressing 10cm x 7.5cm $ 0.50 ea

SN7886 #13 Wound Dressing Small 7.5cm x 10cm $ 3.50 ea

SN7888 #15 Wound Dressing Large 10cm x 10cm $ 3.90 ea

BDF2878 Steristrip Wound Closures Pack 3 6.4cm x 7.6cm $ 1.65 pk

SN111111 Triangular Bandage/Sling 110x110x155cm $ 3.00 ea

MX91101 Paper Tape 25mm x 9.1m $ 1.20 ea

SN2005A Elastoplast Medium Crepe Bandage 50mm x 1.5m $2.30 ea

SN2075A Elastoplast Medium Crepe Bandage 75mm x 1.5m $2.80 ea

SN2010A Elastoplast Medium Crepe Bandage 100mm x 1.5m $3.90 ea

SN3005A Elastoplast Heavy Cotton Bandage 50mm x 2.3m $3.50 ea

SN3075A Elastoplast Heavy Cotton Bandage 75mm x 2.3m $4.90 ea

SN3010A Elastoplast Heavy Cotton Bandage 100mm x 2.3m $5.90 ea

SN3015A Elastoplast Heavy Cotton Bandage 150mm x 2.3m $8.90 ea

GECB25 Conforming Gauze Bandage 25mm x 1.8m $2.25 ea

GECB50 Conforming Gauze Bandage 50mm x 1.8m $2.90 ea

GECB75 Conforming Gauze Bandage 75mm x 1.8m $3.30 ea

GECB100 Conforming Gauze Bandage 100mm x 1.8m $3.90 ea

w w w . i d m s p o r t tw s w . c cw o o. m i d . a am u s p | o r a at l ls l . p pc r ro i im c e e. a s u e x c l u d e G S T

first aid kits & modalities

Bum Bag First Aid Kit

Your essential sports team first aid kit around your waist.

Ideal for sporting coaches, team managers, or to give to

supervising coordinators of sporting events. All the basics

you would need for minor sporting injuries.

FAK01 First Aid kit $55.00 ea

BAG6 Bag Only $12.90 ea

1 x pack safety pins

2 x non adherent dressing

2 x pack gauze swabs

1 x splinter forceps

1 x triangle bandage

2 x resuscitation mask

1 x eye pad

1 x instant ice pack

1 x dressing strip

Maxiplast First Aid Bag

1 x 38mm rigid strapping tape

1 x 3” compression bandage

1 x wound dressing

1 x pair scissors

2 x saline sol. 15ml

2 x pair latex gloves

1 x mikrofix paper tape

1 x 1.25cm rigid strapping tape

1 x 25mm elastic adhesive bandage

Bag comes with an extra zipped compartment at the bottom of

the bag for extra first aid gear. Bag has two handles at top and

a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

BAG4 Small $29.00

Trainers Equipment




MT002 Massage Table $350.00

BIO01 ‘Sportsmed’ Tens Unit $270.00

BIO03 Biostim Pain Eze Plus Unit $110.00

BIO036 Biostim Leads for Pain Eze Plus Unit (Pk 2) $ 25.00

BIO018 Biostim Leads for Sportsmed Unit (Pk 2) $ 29.50

BIO038 Biostim Electrodes (Pk 2) $ 29.50

BIO035 Biostim Battery Pack $ 11.30

MXTEN01 IDM Massage Tens Unit $110.00

MXTEN02 IDM Conductive Electrodes $ 5.00

MXTEN03 IDM Leads for Tens Unit $ 9.00

MXTEN04 IDM ‘Club’ Tens Unit $ 65.00

MXTEN05 Hand Held Massage Unit $ 90.00

PHME001 Ultrasound Unit Portable BK4 $790.00

PHME002 Magnetic Therapy Unit $790.00


Antiseptic spray, Cotton buds, Cotton tips, Cold spray, Compression

bandage, Gauze swabs (pkt 5 or 100), Alcohol swabs, Latex gloves,

Instant ice pack, Reusable ice pack, Plastic strips, Triangular bandage,

Saline solution 15ml & Wound dressing.

Large First Aid Kit

Hard case first aid kit, a must for clubs. Ideal for trainers or

to give to supervising coordinators of sporting events. All the

basics you would need for minor sporting injuries.

FAK05 First Aid kit $145.00 ea

w w w . i d m s p o r t tw s w . c cw o o. m i d . a am u s p | o r a at l ls l . p pc r ro i im c e e. a s u e x c l u d e G S T






medical supplies

Analgesics - Heat & Anti Inflammatory Rubs

GEABB120 All Black N Blue 120g $13.40

GEABB475 All Black N Blue 475g $39.50

GEBI0500 Biotone Analgesic 500g $22.00

GEDH140 Deep Heat 140g $ 8.25

GEDHIG100 Deep Heat Ice Gel 100g $ 6.50

GEDIG75 Difflam Gel 75g $19.50

GEEUO200 Eucalyptus Oil 200mL $12.90

GEFIN50 Finalgon 50g $12.50

GEFLE16 Flexall 16oz $28.90

GEFLE04 Flexall 4oz $17.90

GEGO150 Goanna Liniment 150mL $ 9.90

GEHP Heat Plaster 10cm x 20cm $ 5.80

GEMET050 Metsal Cream 50g $ 7.90

GEMET125 Metsal Cream 125g $10.90

GEMET500 Metsal Tub 500g $22.00

GEPEN250 Penetrene Liniment 250mL $13.50

GEPREO Premax Original 450g $19.40

GEPREE Premax Essential 450g $19.40

GEPRES Premax Sport 450g $26.30

GERUB1 Rubbing Liniment 1 Litres $13.00

GERUB5 Rubbing Liniment 5 Litres $39.00

GETB Tiger Balm Red/White 18g $ 8.40

GEVOL100 Voltaren Cream 100g $25.90


GEAQ1L Aqium Hand wash 1 Litre $15.20

GEAQ375 Aqium Hand wash 375mL $ 7.50

GEAQ70 Aqium Hand wash 70mL $ 3.50

GEBEL15 Betadine Liquid 15mL $ 5.60

GEBEL100 Betadine Liquid 100mL $ 7.65

GEBEL500 Betadine Liquid 500mL $18.90

GEBEO25 Betadine Ointment 25g $ 8.60

GEBES75 Betadine Spray 75mL $16.90

GECHA30 Chlorhexidine Ampules 30mL $ 1.90

GEDE125 Dettol Solution 125mL $ 4.20

GEMESW Mediswab (Box 200) $ 7.30

GEPOV100 Povodine-Iodine Swab (Box 100) $25.60

GEREC50 Rectinol Ointment 50g $13.90

GESAV75 Savlon Cream 75g $ 6.90

SN420400 Skin Prep Swabs Box 50 $29.30

GESC1L Sorbolene Cream 1 Litre $ 6.70

GESTING Stingose 25g $ 9.70

Eye Management

GEEYB Eye Bath Plastic $ 1.70

GEEYD Eye Drops - Murine 15mL $11.90

GEEYP Eye Pad $ 0.90

GEEYSB Eye Shower Bottle 375mL $ 6.50

GEEYW Eye Wipe (Double end) $ 2.10

GESC030 Sodium Chloride Ampules 30mL $ 1.80

Medical Products

GEGL50 Glucodin Tabs 50g $ 4.20

GEPAN24 Panadol Tablets Pk 24 $ 4.00

GEPANA24 PanadeineTablets Pk 24 $ 6.40

GEPANAM50 Panamax Tablets Pk 50 $ 3.90

GEVI50 Vicks Vaporub 50g $ 8.50

GEVI100 Vicks Vaporub 100g $14.70

First Aid Essentials

GECT100 Cotton Tips (Double ended) pk 100 $ 2.40

GECPRM CPR Mask in case $29.00

GECPRMD CPR Mask Disposable $ 5.70

GESTCOL Stiff Neck Collar $30.00

GEEB Emergency Blanket $ 4.90

GEGLOVE Gloves pk 100 S/M/L (specify size) $ 8.50

GEKIDD Kidney Dish $ 3.90

GETHD Thermometer Digital $18.90

GESP Splinter Probe $ 1.90

GESP5D Splinter Probe Disposable Pk 5 $ 1.90

GESUN500 Sunscreen Pump 30+ 500mL $13.90

GESUN1L Sunscreen Pump 30+ 1 Litre $24.70

GETWFP Tweezers Fine Tip $ 3.90

GETWFL Tweezers Flat $ 1.90

w w w . i d m s p o r t s . c o m . a u | a l l p r i c e s e x c l u d e G S T

medical supplies

Sports Medicine Essentials

GEAT4 Airway Tube Size 4 $ 3.50

GEBRS Breathe Right Strips Pk 10 $13.90

GECHEW30 Chewies Tray 30 $23.00

GEFREEZE Cold Spray ‘Icy Cool’ $ 9.80

GECRUTCH Crutches Adjustable $69.00

GEECS125 Elastoplast Cold Spray 125mL $ 9.40

GEGRIPS Grip Spray 250mL $19.00

GEGRIPL Grip Spray 500mL $29.00

GEELT Electrical Tape $ 1.80

GEHIR20 Hirudoid Cream 20g $13.90

GEHIR40 Hirudoid Cream 40g $22.90

GELAS14 Lasonil Cream 14g $11.45

GELAS40 Lasonil Cream 40g $25.60

GEORFO1M Orthopedic Foam 10cm x 1m $ 9.00

GEORFO5M Orthopedic Foam 10cm x 5m $37.90

GESCB Scalpel Blades Size 22 $ 0.45

GESCBH Scalpel Blade Handle Size 4 $ 6.90

GESCIB Scissor Basic First Aid $ 4.30

GESCILR Scissor Lister (Regular) $ 8.90

GESCILL Scissor Lister (Large) $12.90

GESCIBH Shears Black Handle $ 9.50

GESAQ Splint Sheet Aquaplast 1.6mm $24.00

GESEZ Splint Sheet Ezeform 3.0mm $26.00

GEESB Elastoplast Spray Bandage 250g $11.35

GETRZ Tape Remover Zoff 250ml $14.90

GETORCH Pencil Torch $ 9.00

GEUG500 Ultrasound Gel 500mL $ 9.80

GEUG5L Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre $35.00

GEVAS50 Vaseline 50g $ 3.00

GEVAS100 Vaseline 100g $ 4.70

GEVAS1K Vaseline 1kg $26.50

GEWIL15 Wilgrip Tube 15mL $ 3.90

GEWIL500 Wilgrip Can 500g $32.00

Blister Treatment

GECOMPEED Compeed Blister Pack (5) $ 11.10

GESPC Spenco 2nd Skin 3” Circles (48) $119.00

GESPS Spenco 2nd Skin 1” Square (200) $ 85.00

GESPBK Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit $ 19.00


GESTASC Scoop Stretcher $950.00

GESTASH Aluminium Shovel Stretcher $650.00

Ice/Cold Treatment

GEICEPS Cold/Hot Pack S (13cmx15cm) $ 4.25

GEICEPM Cold/Hot Pack M (13cmx25cm) $ 5.50

GEICEPL Cold/Hot Pack L (25cmx37cm) $ 9.60

GEICEBL Ice bag large $ 19.80

GEICEBS Ice bag small $ 16.70

GEICEBWS Ice Bag n Wrap Small $ 22.85

GEICEBWL Ice Bag n Wrap Large $ 27.00

GEICEWR Ice Wrap Roll only $ 6.80

GEICEWH Ice Wrap including Handle $ 14.00

GEICEWHO Ice Wrap Handle Only $ 7.50

GEICEIP Instant Ice Pack $ 3.20

Mineral Replacement

GESQW2L Sqwincher Concentrate 2 Litre $ 25.60

GESQWC11 Sqwincher Cooler 11L $ 79.00

GESQWC20 Sqwincher Cooler 20L $ 85.00

w w w . i d m s p o r t s . c o m . a u | a l l p r i c e s e x c l u d e G S T




Knee Braces

KNEEDON Donjoy Hinged Knee Brace $230.00

KNEENEW McDavid Hinged Knee Brace $ 90.00

KNEESLIP Thermoskin Patella Knee Brace $ 37.40

KNEEPATSTAB Body Assist Knee Patella Stabilizer $ 50.00

KNEESTRAP Body Assist Patella Knee Strap $ 29.00

Ankle Braces

Thigh Braces

THIGHELAS Body Assist Thigh Support $40.00

THIGHWRAP Body Assist Thermal Thigh Wrap $42.00

ANKASO ASO Ankle Stabilizer $75.00

ANKNEWLAS Body Assist Elastic Ankle Brace $27.00

ANKSWE Swede-O Ankle Stabilizer $70.00

Wrist, Hand & Thumb Supports

WRISTFLEX OAPL Elastic Wrist Brace $44.00

WRISTBOOM Boomerang Wrist Wrap $48.40

THUMBSUP Body Assist Thumb Support $35.00

ELBOWBAND Body Assist Tennis Elbow Band $35.00

Back & Shoulder Braces

BACKNEW McDavid Back Support $75.00

BACKBOD Body Assist Back Belt $90.00

SHOULDER Body Assist Shoulder Support $90.00

Adult Sports Supporter

SUPPORTER All Sizes $30.00

w w w . i d m s p o r t s . c o m . a u | a l l p r i c e s e x c l u d e G S T

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