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Autumn-winter 2011


Santé Verte benefits from over 20 years experience acquired in the

distribution of food supplements and diet products of natural origin.

Santé Verte produces a rapidly growing portfolio of food supplements and

beauty products under its own brand created in 2005. Those products are

distributed in the pharmacy sector worldwide.

Santé Verte is a dynamic organization, constantly seeking to improve and

innovate. It has achieved an international profile in a fast paced market,

thanks to exclusive and innovative formulas.

Santé Verte is widely recognised for the high quality of its products. Thanks

to its expertise of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes...

Santé Verte is able to offer the best food supplements on the market.


Our modern lifestyle is characterised by stress, pollution, lack of activity,

but also by major changes in the quality of our food. Frozen or processed

food for instance, loose a lot of essential nutrients in production.

Yet those nutrients are crucial in order to maintain our health. Typically,

a deficiency in any of those essential nutrients may cause tiredness and

discomfort, and may weaken the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

The food supplements elaborated by Santé Verte aim to diversify your

diet and to provide those missing nutrients that are crucial to the body.

Santé Verte also takes an interest in major issues affecting people’s lives

today, such as obesity, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases,

depression... The laboratory aims to provide

effective natural solutions to those problems.

The Research and Development teams of

Santé Verte Laboratories elaborate unique

formulas, based on extensive research

through academic and medical resources.

oUR CommiTmENT

Santé Verte products are GMO free and made

with consideration for the environment. In

order to maintain its high quality standards,

Santé Verte selects its suppliers with the

utmost care and carries out rigorous checks

at each level of the supply chain.

All our products are registered in Europe

and respect HACCP standards.



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Complex made from

essential oils

Complex made from

plant extracts


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Tonic & Stimulation

Winter Ailments

First Aid Treatment



Metabolic Care


Serenity - Sleep

Hair Colours

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Tonic & Stimulation

Your pharmacist’s

eye care advice

Ophta’Plex ®

An effective solution to preserve healthy eyes!

Complete and innovative formula

Age, environment and way of life (spoiled food, pollution, TV

screens, computers or telephones) can weaken your eyes.

Multi-factors action

• Rapid relief in case of discomfort or tiredness thanks to

the action of Euphrasia officinalis and astaxanthin

• A strong antioxidant power supported by the action of

quercetin and vitamin C, and a protective action rein-

forced by lutein, xantophyll, lycopene and beta-carotene

• Reconstructive action and reinforcement of the eyes

structural tissue, thanks to the contribution of taurine

organic acid, blueberry, marina lecithin, L-Carnosine and


• Nutrition of the eyes, enabled thanks to the provision of

L-threonin and zinc

Ingredients: Taurine, Marine collagen Hydrolysate,

Quercetin, dry extract of Euphrasia officinalis, dry

extract of Myrtillus vaccinum, Astaxanthin, Vitamin C,

Marine Lecithin; L-Carnosine, Floraglo ® , L-Threonine,

L-Glutathion, Zinc Citrate, Lycopene, Natural Betacarotene,


Direction for use:

1-2 Upkeep dose: 1 tablet a day by mouth with a large

glass of water.

Intensive dose: 2-3 tablets a day

Food supplement from plants extracts, vitamin,

minerals and amino acid

30 tablets

Ref PHSV088 – ACL Code : 9948350

Santé Verte +

• Protective action:

The active ingredients have been selected to preserve

health and longevity of your eyes

• Repairing action:

The composition helps by repairing and mending the

ocular tissue as well as the eyes cellular renewal

• Soothing action:

The formula includes ingredients known for their

soothing qualities, which participate in relieving eye and

eyelid irritation


Fatigue Tonic & Stimulation

- Tonus


Powerful plants & amino acids

Fatigues physiques et mentales, Stimulation rapide et puissante

Plus d’endurance

Toni’phyt ®

Rapid and powerful stimulation, Increased endurance

• Fast acting stimulation

Gurana, Yerba mate and kola nut help fight tiredness and

contribute to quickly stimulate the whole body. Action is

reinforced with caffeine which globally improves mental

and physical performance

• For more efficiency and vigilance

Maca revives and stimulates lucidity and reflexes.

L-carnitine and L-lysine are essential amino acids,

which enables concentration and participate in the

global dynamism of the body


Triple action

Ingredients: Maca, Guarana, Vitamin C, Magnesium,

L-carnitine, Yerba mate, Kola nut, L-Lysine, Aspartique

acid, Caffeine

Suggested use:

1 to 2 tablets per day depending on your needs,

take preferably in the morning.

Made from plant extracts

30 tablets

Reference: PHSV064 – ACL: 9598447

� Energy & Vitality!

Mental & Physical capacity

+ fast acting

+ sustained effort

+ more stamina

• For more stamina

Magnesium and vitamin C allow to fill in the body’s deficiency,

in case of tiredness. They improve the exercise

capacity. Aspartic acid helps in improving resistance to


Santé Verte +

• Natural

Power of plants and amino acids

• Effective

High dosages

• No blacklash

100% 100%

natural natural

Tonic & Stimulation

Organic Royal Jelly+,

Ginseng +, Organic

Ginseng Royal Jelly

Improvement of global performances

Invigorating action on the body

Complete nutrition which enables regulation

and global regeneration of your organic functions

Royal Jelly is naturally rich in vitamins (especially in B5), essential

amino and fatty acids, and trace elements. It participates

in the smooth functioning of the nervous system. It

helps face tiredness, stress, cold and stimulates the natural


Ginseng has shown through Chinese medicine its properties

on vitality, longevity and dynamism. The ginseng is adaptogen,

therefore it helps the body to fight against tiredness

and stress. It also contributes to reinforce the natural defenses.

Ingredients: organic ginseng (20 mg of ginsenosides for

10ml), organic royal jelly

Suggested use : take 1 phial per day

Oral intake

Box of 10 phials of 10ml – ACL code : 9642102

6 7





Ingredients: organic royal jelly, inulin from organic agave,

organic pomegranate juice, organic hibiscus

Suggested use : take 1 phial per day

Oral intake

Box of 10 phials of 10ml – ACL code : 9598476

Ingredients: organic ginseng (20 mg of ginsenosides for

10ml), organic shiitake, organic mate, organic cynorrhodon


Suggested use : take 1 phial per day

Oral intake

Box of 10 phials of 10ml – ACL code : 9598453

Certified Organic*



* By Ecocert

SAS F32600

Tonic & Stimulation

Vitamin C 500 Long lasting action

Improved resistence to tiredness, Stimulation of body defences

Scope of action

Natural Vitamin C eis well

known for its multiple beneficial

effects on the body:

• Improves resistance to tiredness

(general and mental)

Stimulation of natural defences

• Anti-oxidant action

• Improved absorption of iron

Bioflavonoids contained in

lemon extract reinforce the action

of vitamin C:

• Invigorating effect

• Antioxidant and protective action

• Better absorption of iron in

synergy with vitamin C

Organic Acerola

Stimulating and energising

• Acerola is a small cherry

extremely rich in natural

Vitamin C (contains up to 30

times more vitamin C than the

orange fruit)

• Thanks to its antioxidant virtues,

it reinforces the natural

defences, stimulates

the body and invigorates





Santé verte +

• Reinforced action: A quantified

dosage of bioflavonoids

• Effective: From the first intake

• Long lasting action: Progressive

assimilation of Vitamin C in

order to maximise the absorption

for a lasting effectiveness



Santé Verte +

• Highly dosed

1470mg of acerola, that is 250mg

of natural Vitamin C per tablet

Ingredients: Organic Acerola extract.

Suggested use: Adults: 1/2 to 1 tablet per day

Children: 1/4 to 1/2 tablet per day

Chew or allow to dissolve in mouth

20 tablets

Reference: PHSV050 – ACL: 4479525

Ingredients: vitamin C 97% of natural origin (Acide

L-ascorbique); metolose

1/2 Suggested use:

take 1/2 tablet per day, let dissolve in mouth.

Suitable for vegetarians

30 scored tablets

Reference: PHSV077 – ACL: 9721988

• Organic certified*

From a traditional harvest, trace-

able and controlled field

Tonic & Stimulation

Cogni’Sciences ®

Intellectual performances

Memory and concentration, learning abilities

Goji juice

Energy and vitality

Improves eyesight, stimulates memory, calms anxiety

Scope of action

Goji berry is a small berry originating

from the Himalaya summits

where it is known under the name

of “the plant of happiness”. The local

beliefs say that it is source of “longevity”

and “well being”.

Goji juice is rich in active principles:

it contains 20 minerals as well as

vitamin B1, B2, B12 and vitamin

C and E. it also contains essential

fatty acids.

It is a powerful antioxidant which reinforces

natural defences and actively

take part in protecting your body

Goji juice provides you with many

necessary elements for metabolic


Santé Verte +

• Natural

No added sugar, no colouring

agent, no artificial aroma

Ingredients: soy lecithin, Japanese Knotweed extract,

Green tea extract, hydne hedgehog, Gingko biloba extract,

rosemary extract, Melissa extract, gotu kola extract, Alpha

lipoic acid.

Suggested use: take 2 to 3 tablets per day.

Complex made from on plant extracts.

60 tablets.

Reference: PHSV059 – ACL: 6408009

8 9


Cogni’Sciences ® is a complex

which helps as well people

during exam times, as ageing


• To stimulate memory and


The hedgehog mushroom is particularly

efficient on memory, but

also helps the connexions between

neurones. The Ginkgo

biloba and the gotu kola stimulate

cerebral circulation which

enables improving attention and


• To help improving nervous

system functioning:

Rosemary and bee balm help by

calming nervous states

• To protect nerve cells:

Soy lecithin brings essential

lipids. Japanese knotweed, which

is rich in reservatrol helps by

reducing the cells ageing-pro-

cess. Green tea and alpha lipoic

acid are well known antioxidant

Santé Verte +

• Natural

No side effect

• Deep action

Hedgehog mushroom deeply

stimulates cerebral activity

• Suitable for adults of all


Ingredients: 100% pure goji juice (Lycium barbarum).

Suggested use: drink 30ml per day, preferably in

the morning on an empty stomach.


473ml bottle

Reference: PHSV073 – ACL: 6056409


Winter Ailments


Acti’Rub ®

Respiratory functions, sore throat, headaches, temperature

• Respiratory faculties: Andrographis, N-acetylcysteine,

thyme, eucalyptus, surreau black

• Sore throat: andrographis, thym, eucalyptus, grande camomille

• Mal de tête : Andrographis, thyme, eucalyptus, feverfew

• Headaches: White willow, feverfew

Stimulation of natural defences and recovery:

Echinacea, N-acetyl-cysteine, astragalus, vitamin C, white

willow, zinc


A natural solution at last!

Acti’Rub ® clears and

soothes rapidly.

Scope of action Santé Verte +

Ingredients: Echinacea, andrographis, astragalus,

N-acetyl-cysteine, vitamin C, thyme, white willow,

feverfew, black elder, eucalyptus, zinc.

Suggested use:

Adults: 2 to 3 sachets per day.

Children over 3 years old: 1 to 2 sachets per day.

Dilute in warm water and/or fruit juice.

Oral intake

Food supplement from plant extracts and vitamins

15 sachets

Reference: PHSV068 – ACL: 9622080

• Natural

No side effect

• Rapid relief

Relives and clears nose quickly

• Synergic action

The active ingredients efficiently act on several consequences

of the colds, as well as preventing relapses by

stimulating the natural defences. It’s also globally invigorates

the weakened body

Phyt’ORL ®

Relief of sore throats and congested lungs

Winter Ailments

Properties Santé Verte +

• Rapid relief: Honey, sambucus nigra and thyme have

soothing properties

• Disinfectant action: Propolis and grapefruit

seed extracts help your body to fight against bacteria

and germs. This action is supported by the essential oils

and the macerate of blackcurrant buds

• Rapid recovery: LEchinacea and vitamin C are

strengthened by the flavonoids. They facilitate the re-

covery process and contribute to reinforce the natural


Phyt’ ORL ®

Tablets, syrup, spray

• Throat

• Lungs

• Larynx, pharynx



• Natural

• Effective and powerful: Formula highly

dosed and active ingredients chosen for their

ability to work in synergy

Ingredients: propolis, grapefruit seed extract, honey

, plant extracts, vitamin C, essential oils, bud macerate*

and flavonoids*

* in sirup and spray

Suitable for adults, and children from 5

Box of 20 tablets – ACL code : 9723846

Suitable for adults and children from 36 months

Sirup : 125ml bottle – ACL code : 9723852

15 ml spray bottle – ACL code : 9723823

10 11

First Aid Treatment First Aid Treatment

EPP 700 ®

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a natural and effective way to fight against germs, virus, bacteria and fungus. It also reinforces

natural defences. The effectiveness of the grapefruit is equal or even superior to 30 antibiotics and 18 anti-ringworm.

A large scope of action:

• Internal use:

- Intestinal and digestive balance

- Colds

- Stimulation of natural defences

The + EPP 700 ®

• Effective product

7700 mg bioflavonoids and 3000mg of vitamin C per


The association of bioflavonoids and vitamin C allows

reinforcing the action of the grapefruit seed extract

• Suitable for everyone

Ingredients: grapefruit seed extract, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids

Internal use (drinkable solution): 15 to 25 drops three times a day, diluted

in water.

External use (apply on skin): mix with a hygiene product (shampoo, toothpaste…),

around 2 drops per ml, or apply pure.

50 ml bottle

Ref PHSV034 – ACL: 4794161

• External use:

- Coughs and sore throat

- Mouth ulcer, mouth wounds

- Irritated gums

- Cold sore

- Chapped lips

- Flesh wounds

* Ionescu G., Kiehl R., Wichmann-Kunz F., Williams Ch., Ba L., Levine S. Oral citrus seed extract in

atopic eczema : In Vitro and in Vivo studies on intestinal microflor. J.of Orthomol. Med.; 1990: vol5, no3.

EPP 800+ ®

Grapefruit seed extracts and essential oils from

orange, thyme and tea tree

The + EPP 800 ®

- Red blotches, irritations

- Scalp care

- Lice, tick, flea

- Insects bites

- Blisters

- warts

- fungus

• Quicker and more powerful

Grapefruit seed extract at 800mg of bioflavonoids per


• NEW: Contains essential oils from orange, thyme and

tea tree. They are known for their invigorating, purifying

and stimulating properties

Ingredients: grapefruit seed extract, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids

Internal use (drinkable solution): 15 to 25 drops three times a day, diluted

in water. For children of 36 months and over, allow 3 drops per 10kg of body


External use (apply on skin): mix with a hygiene product (shampoo, toothpaste…),

around 2 drops per ml, or apply pure.

50 ml bottle

Ref PHSV078 – ACL: 9728074

Polanine ®

Seasonal reactions, pollen, hay, dust

Relieves and reinforces natural defences


• Body reactions: Quercetin

of natural origin, supported by

lovage and hyssop, which are two

plants naturally rich in quercetin,

is an essential element to help in

controlling the body’s reactions

• Nose congestion, headaches,

irritations: Of Indian

origin, the Andrographis

plant is traditionally used to

help the decongestion process

and soothing the respiratory

system. Feverfew is

known for having soothing

action on headaches

Stimulation of natural

defences: MMCM


vitamin C, L-Methionine and

manganese support the body

to face external aggressions

• Assimilation: Olive, black pepper

and bromelain enable the absorption

of the quercetin by the

body. They are also antioxidant

and protect the digestive system

Santé Verte +

• Natural: Based on 13 active

ingredients of which 7 are plants

• Effective: Complete action:

relieve, sooth and protect

Organic Aloe Vera Gel 97%

Soothing and refreshing gel,

Graze, light burn, insect bites & stings, cracked & chapped skin, redness & irritation

The Aloe Vera has been used on

skin for more than 5000 years for

its protective and moisturizing

properties. Nowadays, Aloe

Vera is still appreciated for its

many purpose. Some researches

have shown the large scope of

action of this plant, either in food

or cosmetic*.


Properties Santé Verte +

To be used in case of:

• Scars and stretch marks

• Light burns

• Insect bites

• Cracked and chapped skin

• Redness and skin irritations

• Natural

Aloe Vera leaf naturally contains

more than 75 nutritive elements,

200 constituents, as well as minerals,

amino acids and vitamins

• Certified Organic**

99.8% of the ingredients are from

natural origin

97% of the ingredients are from

organic farming**

Ingredients: 97% Organic Aloe Vera

Apply and massage gently on clean and dry skin as

often as necessary.

Made from Aloe Vera

150 ml tube

Reference: PHSV025 – ACL: 4484756

Ingredients: Lovage, Hyssop, MSM, Vitamin C,

Quercetin, Feverfew, Andrographis, L-methionine,

Turmeric, Black Pepper, Olive, Bromelain, Manganese

**certified by



12 13


Suggested use:

Ongoing treatment: 1 to 2 tablets per day

Strong reactions: 2 to 4 tablets per day

Made from plant extracts

30 tablets

Reference: PHSV074 – ACL: 9688133

First Aid Treatment

Nutralgic ® :

natural & powerful active ingredients

to act on inflammatory conditions

Nutralgic ®

Natural and fast relief for inflammatory conditions

• Turmeric: Is recommended in the Ayurvedic medicine

to treat joint pains, menstrual pains or skin irritations

• Devil’s claw: Traditionally used in case’s of painful


• feverfew: Widely used in non conventional medicine,

it is known for its action on headaches and temperature

• white willow: Is rich in salicylic acid which is a molecule

that helps by relieving pain and temperature, without

irritating the stomach

• Boswellia: Is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help reduce

painful reactions

• Ginger: Is rich in gingerol and sustains the soothing

effect of the other plants


Base of

Ingredients: turmeric, devil’s claw, feverfew, white

willow, boswellia, ginger, black pepper

Suggested use:

Regular intake: 1/2 to 1 tablet per day.

If needed: 1 to 2 tablets per day.

If strongly needed: 2 to 4 tablets, per day

Food supplement from plant extracts

30 tablets

Reference: PHSV026 – ACL: 4516516

• Black pepper: Is rich in piperine, it enables very fragile

molecules of the active ingredients to go through the

digestive shelf without being affected

Santé Verte +

• Natural

7 plant extracts

• Effective

High dosage in active ingredients

No side effect on the stomach

Circulymphe ®

Poor circulation, cellulite, water retention,

oedema, ageing

• Blood circulation markedly improved: Strengthening

of the capillary and blood vessels walls

• action on the lymphatic system :

Oedema and cellulite, reduction of water retention,

esthetical improvement of the legs

• antioxidant: Helps fight against free radicals and cells

ageing process. The youth of the body is preserved

Ingredients: lemon bioflavonoid, pineapple, red vine,

magnesium, oligo-proanthocyanidins of grape seed,

piloselle, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, quercetin, potassium,

rutin, vitamin E and B6, selenium.

Suggested use: 2 tablets per day, preferably on an

empty stomach.

Food supplement made from plant extracts and


60 tablets

Reference: PHSV019 – ACL: 421554


14 15


Scope of action

Santé Verte +

• Effective

Proved satisfaction

Relief from heavy legs

all year round!

• Natural and unique

Acts on both blood and lymphatic circulation, no side



external Gel ®

Base of

• Hamamelis of Virginia, common cypress

and lavender: Enable venous and lymphatic tonus,

draining action, esthetical improvement

• Sage and menthol: Soothe the discomfort sensation,

lasting relief

Santé Verte +

• Natural

Natural freshness sensation

• Effective

Rapid and lasting relief for the legs

• Combined action

Targeted action, no side effect

Ingredients: which hazel, common cypress essential

oil, lavender essential oil, sage essential oil and menthol.

Suggested use: gently massage the gel in painful

areas morning and night.

External use

Gel made from plant extracts and essential oils.

150 ml tube

Reference: PHSV019 – ACL: 6265001


GCA 2700 ®

Painful joints: powerful and quick relief of joint pains,

flexibility and mobility of joints, integrity of cartilage


• Glucosamine, chondroïtine

and MSM slow down the deterioration

process and stimulate

the fabrication of cartilage cells.

They also help the formation and

the care of cartilaginous tissue,

maintaining the solidity of the

joints and reinforcing muscles and


• Hyaluronic acid helps to slow

down the ageing process of the


• Devil’s claw and turmeric

are traditionally used in order to

fight against appearance of joint


Santé Verte +

• Natural

No side effect

• Effective

Ingredients work in synergy

to globally target joint problems:

pain, stiffness, ageing

• Powerful

Highly dosed in glucosamine and

chondroitine for a fast and powerful



Painful and stiff joints

Remineralisation, beauty of the skin, hair and nails

Base of

• As a necessary trace element to

our body, the silicium participates

in the bone calcification and mineralization

process and articular

comfort. It also contributes to

revitalize the skin by stimulating

the collagen, to keep healthy hair

and nails. The quantity of silicium

decreases with age. The silicium

from Santé Verte Laboratories

meets the body growing needs

• LThe Equisetum arvense contains

between 5 and 8% of Silica acid

and so is active in the formation

process of connective tissue (skin,

cartilages, bones, tendons,

cornea…). It also reinforces nails

and hair. The Equisetum arvense is

also known to have diuretic properties.

Santé Verte +

• The silicium of Santé Verte

Laboratories is soluble which

enables a better assimilation

Ingredients : purified water, orthosilisic acid, stinging

nettle extract, phosphoric acid

Suggested use: 15ml/day ( 1 month program per

+ bottle)

Oral solution

500ml bottle

ACL code :6056421

Ingredients: Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroïtine

sulfate, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane), Curcuma, Devil’s

claw, Hyaluronic acid.


Suggested use: Take 1 tablet 3 times a day (morning,

noon and evening).

60 tablets

Reference: PHSV053– ACL: 6066508

Spray’dol ®

9 essential oils and plant extracts for a rapid relief

• Muscular pains, aches

• Articular problems, painful joints

• Contusions, oedema, sprains, light wounds

Made from

• Gautheria, harpagothytum, zedoary, willow

bark extract and menthol: relieving and soothing action

on inflammations

• Arnica glycolic extract and campher: help to fight

against muscle and joint swelling, whatever the reason is

(physical effort, dint, muscle strain, ageing of the joints)

• Ginger essential oil and cinnamon: disinfectant and

circulatory action.

Santé Verte +

• Natural

9 essential oils and plant extracts

• fast

Immediate relief


ImmedIate effect

from first application


can be used

directly on


• Practical

Quick penetration, non sticky, non greasy. Can be applied

on open wounds


Ingredients: gaultheria essential oil, harpagophytum essential

oil, zedoary essential oil, willow bark extract, menthol essential

oils, arnica glycolic extract, camphor, cinnamon essential

oil, ginger essential oil.

Suggested use: Spray 8-10 cm away from the problem

area. You can massage gently until full absorption.

Complex made from plant extracts and essential oils.

100ml spray

Reference: PHSV043 - ACL: 4859989

16 17

Metabolic Care

Organic Pomegranate juice

Your heart’s ally, helps fight bad cholesterol (LDL)

Natural defences

Properties Santé Verte +

Originated from Persia (Iran), the

pomegranate was considered as a

divine fruit. It was credited with

fertility, long life and prosperity


• Pomegranate juice is rich in

strong natural polyphenolic antioxidants;

these are beneficial on


• The juice can relieve from inflammatory

states, reduce the bad

cholesterol and level the blood


• Vitamins C and B9, potassium

and iron, which are naturally contained

in the juice help reinforcing

the natural defences.

HarDioL ®

Reduces triglycerides

Increases HDL (healthy cholesterol)

• Control of the triglycerides levels

• Increase the HDL level, necessary

for a good body function

• Natural support to a healthy diet:

enables the reduction of abdominal


• Natural

No added sugar, colouring and flavouring

agent free

Ingredients: Red yeast rice, Artichoke, Coenzyme

Q 10 , Sugar cane, Vitamin E.

Suggested use: Take 1 tablet per day

Food supplement from plant extracts and


30 tablets

Reference: PHSV065 – ACL: 9598482

Scope of action Santé Verte +

• Natural

No side effect

• Highly dosed

280mg of GSE per capsule (Garlic

Supercritical Extract: garlic and

garlic essential oil extracts)

• action strengthened

2mg of natural Vitamin E with antioxidant


Ingredients: made from GSE (Garlic supercritical


Direction for use: take 1 capsule per day


Supercritical extraction

30 capsules

Réf : PHSV023 - Code ACL : 4484561

Red Yeast Rice +

Strengthened effect

• Monacoline K extracted for the red yeast

rice is a natural statin. It helps reduce bad cholesterol,

whilst increasing healthy cholesterol levels

• Policosanol from sugar cane contributes to decrease

bad cholesterol levels in the blood and enable a

better bloodstream

• Chlorogenic acid extracted from artichoke works

on the liver to help decrease the body’s production of


• lCoenzyme Q10 and vitamin E have a widely recognized

antioxidant action. They both support the overall

cardiovascular system

Ingredients: Red yeast rice, Artichoke, Coenzyme

Q 10 , Sugar cane, Vitamin E.

Suggested use: Take 1 tablet per day

Food supplement from plant extracts and vitamins

30 comprimés - Réf : PHSV065 - Code ACL : 9598482

60 comprimés - Réf : PHSV084 - Code ACL : 9742890

Metabolic Care

Santé Verte +

• Natural

None of the side effects caused by chemical statins (hepatic

troubles, muscles pains etc…)

• Global action Visible improvement of the blood test

results within 1 month

• Rapid relief

The ingredients work in synergy on all the parameters of


18 19


Stop making


100% natural

No side effect

Reduces cardiovascular risks

Improves blood test results

Metabolic Care

Reduces damage

caused by sugar excess

The The advice advice

of of your your

healthcare healthcare

practitioner practitioner

Gluco’réduc ®

Santé Verte Laboratories have developped

a complete formula which helps the body’s

sugar balance. Besides, Gluco’réduc ® provides

a protective function of the tissues

whilst curbing sugary impulses


• The Magnesium, agrimonia eupatoria and zinc contribute

to a normal use of sugars by the body. Besides the

acetyl-L-carnitine and the alpha lipoic acid regulate the

digestive absorption

• The Reishi mushroom is a powerful antioxidant and

cellular protective. The action is supported by the

manganese which helps by slowing the cellular ageing


Ingredients: Reishi, Acetyl-L-carnitine, magnesium,

cinnamon extract, agrimonia eupatoria, alpha-lipoic acid,

gingko biloba extract, basic zinc, basic manganese, basic



Direction for use: take 1 to 2 tablets per day, ½

hour before main meals

Plant and vitamin based complex

30 comprimés - Réf : PHSV065 - Code ACL : 9598482

60 comprimés - Réf : PHSV084 - Code ACL : 9742890

Regulates sugar levels

Protects the cells

Curbs down sugar cravings

• The gingko biloba, cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre and

chromium work as an appetite suppressant and so enable

to decrease the sugary impulses

Santé Verte +

• Natural

Made from plants and minerals

• Effective

• Exclusive


30 comprimés


Mode of action

• The carbo medicinalis vegetalis and

saccharomyces boulardii (yeasts), enable a rapid

absorption of the excess of intertinal fluids and a

stabilization of a too fast transit

• Thyme and peppermint extracts are widely

known for their purifying and cleaning effect. They

helps the elimination of bacteria which can cause

digestive inconvenience

• The fructo oligosaccharides (prebiotics) and

saccharomyces boulardii (probiotics) support the

recovery and the regeneration of the intestinal flora


• Soothes diarrhoea

• Purifying & cleansing effect

• Regenerates the intestinal flora

Calmo’dium ®

Ingredients: Carbo medicinalis vegetalis, saccharomyces

boulardii, fructo oligosaccharides with chicory inulin, thyme,


Direction for use: take 1 to 4 capsules per day as

needed, until the symptoms stop. Children over

the age of 6: take 1 to 2 capsules per day

Plant based complex

15 capsules

Réf : PHSV086 - Code ACL : 9927945

Santé Verte +

• Triple action

5 active ingredients which work in synergy to lead a triple

action on intestine and intestinal flora. The active

specifically work on liquid dejections, which helps by

purifying the body and contribute to the regeneration of

the intestinal flora

20 21




Hépato’calm ®

Indigestion, queasiness

Digestive discomfort, detoxification

Santé Verte Laboratories have extracted

from plants the elements

which enable the body to face malaises

generated by a hearty meal or

a long night.

Ideal after a long night or a copious


• Relieves and support the


• Desmodium, fumaria and silybum

marianim relieve pain and reinforce

the liver

Lact’Digest ®

Lactose intolerance

Purified lactase 3000 FCC

Operation Mode:

What is lactose?

Lactose is a sugar naturally present

in the milk. It is used as an ingredient

or excipient in a large variety of

food and ready meals : soups, sauces,

margarine, pizzas, cereals, biscuits,

desserts, chocolate (even dark chocolate),

sweets …

To be digested, the lactose

requires a special enzyme :

the lactase.

• Green tea, tilia sapwood, N acetylcysteine

and rosemary help

eliminat toxins from the body.

They also have a diuretic and

draining action

Mode of action Santé Verte +

• Natural

Made from plants and desmodium

• Supply exclusive elements

The desmodium and silybum

marianum are known for their

beneficial action for the liver

What is the lactose intolerance?

The lactase is naturally produced by

our body. Lactose intolerance is generally

linked to a lactase deficiency

(not to be confused with milk allergy,

which is a reaction from the immune

system against milk proteins).

Lactose intolerance can

manifest by:

• Digestion process troubles: pain,

bloating, flatulence/wind, consti

pation diarrhea…

• Vomiting

• Flatulences, skin reaction

• Possibly: chronic tiredness, dizziness,

headaches, humor troubles…

Ingredients: desmodium, fumaria, silybum marianum,

green tea, tilia sapwood, N-acetylcysteine,



Direction for use: take 1 to 2 tablets per day

Plant based complex

20 tablets

Réf : PHSV061 - Code ACL : 6408133


ALU lactase (Acid Lactase Unit) 3 000 FCC


Take 1 tablet before consuming food that contains

lactose. To be adapted, depending on the degree of

intolerance and the lactose content.

Suitable for children from 36 months.

15 tablets.

Ref. PHSV085 – ACL 9843579


Facilitates intestinal transit

Improves digestion, Flat belly

Made from

• Cascara and Alder Buck-

thorn rapidly stimulate intestinal

activity, while improving digestion

at the stomach level.

• Rhubarb, Marsh Mallow

and Coriander are rich in

fibres. They possess gentle

laxative properties. They soothe

irritations and reduce acidic

excesses in the stomach. They

also reduce sensations of bloating,

intestinal pain and nervous


• Artichoke helps eliminate

toxins and stimulates bile

production, hence improving the

digestion process. .

• Whole leaf aloe vera juice is rich

in essential nutrients (amongst

which vitamins, minerals, trace

elements and amino acids),

which helps strengthen natural


This juice possesses digestive and

laxative properties, but also helps

soothing in case of heartburn

• Aloe Vera juice targets microbes

and fungi. It also helps in case of

mouth infections (gum or teeth)

• Lactobacillus acidophilus

bacteria are necessary to

maintain the balance of the

intestinal transit, especially in the

colon. They help to reconstitute a

healthy intestinal balance.

Organic Aloe Vera juice

Heartburn, digestive discomfort

Uncomfortable transit, bloating

Mode of action

Santé Verte +

Santé Verte +

• Quality

Made from whole leaf

High content in pure Aloe Vera

juice (99.95%) for an optimum

concentration and purity

• Organic certified

Traditional harvest and traceable

and controlled production


22 23

* par Ecocert

SAS F32600

• Natural:

Plants and probiotics based

• Effective:

Stimulates effectively

• Gentle:

No embarrassing side effects

Ingredients: 99.9% pure Aloe Vera organic juice, 0.1%

antioxygen: citric acid.

Suggested use: drink 2 tablespoons or 30 ml,

preferably in the morning.


473ml bottle

Reference: PHSV049 - ACL: 4245595

Ingredients: rhubarb, marshmallow, artichoke,

buckthorn, coriander, Cascara sagrada, Lactobacillus



On a daily basis: 1 to 2 tablets per day.

Should the need arise: 2 to 4 tablets per day.

Take preferably in the evening

Complex made from plants and probiotics.

60 tablets

Reference: PHSV075 - ACL 4432009

Feminine Care

Hyaluronic acid

Collagen & Amino acids



Mode of action

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are naturally part of the skin.

They enable the skin to keep hydrated and firm.

From the age of 25 – 30, the concentration of hyaluronic

acid progressively decreases, which leads to a drying out of

the skin, and the appearance of wrinkle.

As for collagen fibres, they lose tone and gradually

deteriorate, which contributes to the ageing of skin.

In order to be prepared for this deterioration, Santé Verte

Laboratories offer a tablet rich in hyaluronic acid

(130mg) and Type I collagen.



Hyaluronic Acid 130 mg

Collagen & amino acids

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen type I, hyaluronic

acid, vitamin C, L-proline, L-carnosine.

take 1 tablet a day for a month. Course of treat-


ment to be repeated regularly.

Hyaluronic acid based

30 tablets

Ref : PHSV087 - ACL : 9927951

The supply of Vitamin C and L-proline and

L-carnosine, essential amino acids, enable the synthesis

of collagen whilst protecting the dermis cells from


Santé Verte +


• Hyaluronic acid of light molecular weight enables an optimal


Feminine Care

Meno’sciences ®

Relief from night sweats and hot flushes

Energy and libido, bone strength

Plant-based complex elaborated

specially for women who are facing

physical and physiological changes.

Mode of action

• Sage, kudzu, Chinese

angelica, chase tree and

sarsaparilla are widely

recognized to act on hot

flushes and night sweats. They

also stimulate the libido

• Maca, alpha-lipoic acid,

zinc and vitamins E and

B9 are known for antioxidant

and stimulating effects

Cysti’plex ®

Rapid relief of urinary discomfort

Fight against recurrences

Mode of Action

• Cranberry contributes to avoid

some E.coli bacteria to settle on

urinary tracts and helps preventing

from recurrences

• Grapefruit seed extract is

a natural and largely known antibacterial

• Bearberry is a natural and effective

urinary disinfectant which

works on urinary tracts

• Sour cherry works as a diuretic

and fights against the inflammation

of urinary tracts

• Lithothamme and vitamin

D3 strengthen the bones, thus

limiting the risk of osteoporosis

24 25

• Natural

Santé Verte +

• Exclusive

Acts specifically on menopause

and premenopause troubles

Acts in case of hot flushes and

nights sweats

Helps preserve and protect the


• Effective

Exceptional proposition of

isoflavones (40mg/tablet)

• European larch plays a prebiotic

role, enables the development

of the intestinal flora and

thus participates in the stimulation

of the natural defences

• Natural

Santé Verte +

• Exclusive

Multifactor action to eliminate

bacteria responsible for urinary


• Effective

Only 1 stick per day is enough for

a fast relief. Each stick contains 36

mg of proanthocyanidins

Ingredients: Sage, Kudzu, Chinese Angelica,

Lithothamn, Chase Tree, Sarsparilla , Maca, Alphalipoic

acid, Zinc, Vitamins E, B9 and D3.


Suggested use: Take 1-2 tablets per day.

Complex made from plant extracts

45 tablets

Reference: PHSV058 – ACL: 6407990

Ingredients: Cranberry, Grapefruit seed extract,

Bearberry, Sour Cherry, European larch.

Suggested use: 1 stick per day for 7 days.

Dilute in water.

Complex made from plant extracts

7 sticks

Reference: PHSV052 – ACL: 6056349

Feminine Care

Cellulysse ®

Multi-factors action:

• Endocrinal factors and organism processes of fat

burning: chaste tree, gotu kola, soya lecithin, gingko biloba,

vesicular seaweed, magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium, selenium

• Veinous deficiency: lemon with bioflavonoid, gingko

biloba, sweet clover, gotu kola

• Lymphatic circulation and water retention:

standardized pineapple in bromelain, pilosella, dandelion, gotu

kola, sweet clover, magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium

• Toxin overload: pineapple, vesicular seaweed, dandelion

• Inflammation, oxydation : citron, gingko biloba,

ananas, gotu kola, mélilot, vitamine E.

• Inflammation, oxidation: lemon, gingko biloba, pineap-

ple, gotu kola, sweet clover, vitamin E

Ingredients: Carbonate magnesium, Lecithine of soya

(not GMO), Citron, Ananas, Piloselle, Oxyde of marine

magnesium, Pissenlit, Citrate of potassium, Gotu cola,

Vesiculate kelp, Gattilier, Ginkgo biloba, Melilot, Vitamin E,

sodium Selenite, B6 Vitamin.

To swallow 3 tablets per day with large water

glass, preferably apart from the meals.

Containing extracts of plants, vitamins and


60 tablets

Code ACL : 9646212

Acts Acts on on the the multiple multiple

factors factors of of cellulite cellulite

Cellulite affeCts 9 women out of 10

Cellulysse® answers a typiCally feminine need

• Acid-base imbalance : magnesium carbonate, magnesium

oxide, potassium citrate, silica

Santé Verte +

• Complete

10 plant extracts, 4 minerals, 2 vitamins

• Powerful

synergistic on cellulite causes

• Rapid decrease of the volume:

Thanks to powerful draining effect associated with an

appetite suppressant action

Mycoflore 850 ®

Restores the balance of the intestinal and intimate flora


• Tea Tree and Clove

essential oils are known

for their purifying effect, and

are traditionally used against

bacterial infections.

• Echinacea helps to soothe and

strengthen the natural defences.

• The addition of probiotics

(Lactobacillus acidophilus)

contributes to restoring the

overall balance of the intestinal


• The presence of Vitamin C

contributes to strengthening

the body. Vitamin C is needed

in greater quantity at times of

stress or discomfort.

Feminine Care

Mycoflore Intimate Cream ®

Immediate relief from burning and itching sensations

Restores the balance of the vaginal flora

Mode of action

• To restore the flora and

stimulate the natural defences:

tea tree and sage essential

oils are natural purifiers.

They are used for their refreshing

effect and to reinforce the natural

defences. Echinacea is known for

its purifying properties. Calendula

officinalis is largely used to calm

skin irritations, notably whether

microbe or bacteria are detected.

Propolis in external application is

used for its purifying and refreshing


• To quickly relieve: aloe vera

is widely known for its soothing

effect, in case of burns for example.

Matricaria chamomilla has

soothing virtues in case of itching


Santé Verte +


Made from essential oils, plant

extract, probiotics and vitamin C

Wide scope action for a long

lasting relief

Take for 15 days

For rapid relief, combine

with Mycoflore intimate


Santé Verte Laboratories

recommend to combine with

Mycoflore Intimate Cream

for a immediate relief of

itching sensations.

26 27

• Natural

Santé Verte +

• Handy

Applicator tap

• Effective

Natural refreshing sensation with immediate


In order to maintain the balance

of the intimate flora, Santé Verte

Laboratories recommend the simultaneous

intake of Mycoflore 850 ®

Ingredients: Tea tree essential oil, Sage, Aloe Vera,

Camomile, Echinacea, Pot Marigold, Propolis.

Suggested use: Apply locally – applicator cap

Complex made from plant extracts and

essential oils

50ml tube

Reference: PHSV041 – ACL: 4832631

Ingredients: Echinacea, natural Vitamin C, Tea Tree

essential oil, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Clove essential oil.


Suggested use: 1 to 2 tablets per day.

Take before the main meals.

Made from plant extracts

30 tablets

Reference: PHSV040 – ACL: 4832648

Serenity & Sleep

Sérotisol ®

Sensation of calm and serenity

Physiological and physical well being

Mode of action

• Holy Basil

Originated from India and Asian

tropical regions, the holy Basil

is cultivated around temples. It

is listed as an adaptogen plant

which helps the body to face

stressful situations. Holy Basil is

traditionally used in case of lack

of motivation, sadness, anxiety

or even irritability, so as to calm

nervous states

• Griffonia Simplicifolia

Originated from Africa, the

Griffonia Simplicifolia has the

main properties of being rich in

5-HTP (Hydroxy-tryptophane),

Sommeil’phyt ®

Restores healthy sleep patterns

Mode of action

Effective from the first intake,

Sommeil’phyt ® is a natural formula

made from plant extract and dolomite.

These constituents have been

selected to bring calm and relaxation,

which are necessary conditions

to help fight against sleepless nights.

• Dolomite is known for its

calming properties. It helps by

calming nervous states and

relaxing muscles

Passiflora is known as tranquilizer

and is specifically used

to ease falling asleep and reduce

the frequency of a sleepless night

• Tilia has a calming effect. It is

traditionally used to relieve

headaches and ease falling asleep

which is an amino acid naturally

present in the body. It is necessary

for the secretion of serotonin. The

presence of serotonin enables to

regulate the appetite as well as

mood swings. Thus known for

its calming action, the Griffonia

Simplicifolia globally helps the

body to regain peace and serenity

Santé Verte +

• Natural

No side effect

• Effective

Quickly helps the body to face

daily stressful situations

• lavender helps by relaxing

muscles and calming nervous

states. It also contributes to calm


• Griffonia Simplicifolia

is rich in 5-HTP, this helps

naturally to improve the

amount of serotonin in the body

Santé Verte +

• Natural

Natural and refreshing sleep

• Deep action

Tablet to be taken as part of a

treatment to enable a long term

restful and refreshing sleep and

helps restoring a healthy sleeping


• Effective

Effect from the first intak.

Ingredients: Holy basil (with 10% tannins), Griffonia

simplicifolia (with 30% 5-HTP).



Suggested use: Take 1 tablet in the morning, and

1 to 2 tablets in the evening before bedtime.

Food supplement from plant extracts.

20 tablets

Reference: PHSV072 – ACL: 9664658

Ingredients: Dolomite, Passiflora, Lime tree,

Lavender, Griffonia simplicifolia.

Suggested use: Take 1 to 2 tablets per day,

before bedtime.

Food supplement from plant extracts

60 tablets

Reference: PHSV070 – ACL: 9630145



Somniphyt’30’ ®

Mode of action

Serenity & Sleep

• Fast acting sleep aid

• Non addictive

• Natural plant extracts, vitamin B6 and precursors

of melatonin help fight quickly and effectively

against insomnia

• In order to reduce the period of falling

asleep, Somniphyt’30 ® gives L-theanin and

L-tryptophan amino acids, precursors of

melatonin (sleeping hormone). The presence of

escscholtzia and vitamin B6 helps you to relax

and fall asleep quickly

• In order to promote an optimum quality of

sleep, Somniphyt’30 ® contains some Griffonia

Simplicifolia and some Magnolia which brings

calm and serenity. Hypericum helps fight anxiety,

nervousness and depression periods

Ingredients: Dolomite, Passiflora, Lime tree,

Lavender, Griffonia simplicifolia.

Suggested use: Take 1 to 2 tablets per day, 30

1-2 minutes before bedtime.

Food supplement from plant extracts

10 tablets: Reference: PHSV048 – ACL: 4229188

30 tablets: Reference: PHSV060 – ACL: 6409552

Santé Verte +

• Natural

No addiction

No side


• Rapid and effective

Somniphyt’30 ® was specially elaborated in order to

help falling asleep, whilst promoting a good quality sleep,

thanks to its action on stress and anxiety

28 29


• The colour does not fade and remains radiant after each


• 100% grey coverage from the first application, thanks to

the creamy texture


Nature & CARE® includes carefully selected plant

extracts to take care of your hair and scalp throughout the

colouration process.


Your hair is:

• More radiant, revealing your colour and shades

• Softer, more shiny, more supple

• Strengthened, more resistant

Nature & CARE® hair colours guarantee:

• No ammonia - destroys the natural protection of the hair and scalp

• No resorcinol - irritant and aggressive for the scalp

• No paraben - often considered as a strong allergen

• No silicon - clogs and asphyxiates the scalp and hair

• No SLS - harsh detergent that erodes scalp and hair




Golden Blond


Dark brown


Light Blond




Light Golden



Light Brown


Swedish Blond


Light Golden







Light Mahogany



Dark Blond


Fire Red


Dark Golden

Copper Blond








• Gradually brings your original hair colour back to

your grey and white hair

• Keeps control of the repigmentation process and of

the results

• Your hair is shiny, healthy and easy to style

user friendly:

• Lotion ready to use, to be applied directly onto dry

hair before styling

• Daily use during the repigmentation phase (2 to 3


• Use 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the colour


• One bottle corresponds to one month’s use on

average. (duration may vary depending on the length

and thickness of your hair)

Hair Care Conditioner

Nature & CARE ® conditioner is a professional hair care

product made with avocado extracts.

The texture keeps your hair light and radiant. The conditioner

hydrates and gives damaged hair a natural shine.

For more information, you can contact us by