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Networking Documents.

Increase efficiency

and reduce costs

When facing the challenge of cutting

cost within a company the first basic

task is to get to know the true cost and

allocate it.

With EFMS you can read and consolidate

the department counters of

multiple e-STUDIO devices. By using

this function the department counter

values from several e-STUDIO machine

get added up in case the department

names on the machines

are identical in order to show the

total copies, prints, scans, and fax

prints that have been performed on

several machines under the same

department code.

EFMS capability to reflect the real

organisational structure of a company

when allocating and sorting MFP devices

according to their location, their

department assignment and also

according to cost centre assignment,

exactly matches the need for cost

transparency. This allows for analysing

the source of cost and enables you to

bill back expenses to your clients or

projects. Reports on cost and workload

of MFP can be generated on a

regular timing and delivered automatically

by e-Mail or can be checked on

demand any time.

The information gathered can be

used to create utilisation analyses for











Number of copies


a number of different criteria; for

example, by user-defined periods, or

by the various functions, such as printing,

copying, scanning. Since the

devices are constantly monitored, your

office machines enjoy a high availability

rate. And that keeps your company’s

reproduction costs down.

Cost centre


Reliable information

is the prerequisite of


Does your company maintain large

numbers of network-compatible copying

machines, multifunctional systems

or printers? If so, then the e-BRIDGE

Fleet Management System is the ideal

management system for your company.

Good device management is recognisable

by the fact that no one notices

it – because everything operates


When someone needs a print-out

or a copy, it’s always very urgent.

People have no desire to read

error messages, find out who’s

responsible, phone around and then

wait impatiently for someone to come

to replenish the paper.

The ideal situation is that the system

administrator or the main user assigned

to the device in question should

see the messages and react immediately.

Collecting information

With the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management

System you can gather information

from the networked Toshiba multifunction

systems in use throughout

your enterprise.

With the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management

system you can obtain machine

status information from your multifunction


So you always have, at your fingertips,

up-to-date information on meter readings,

toner, paper supplies, and

machine availability, as well as error


Branch 1

Central administration

Facility Management

Branch 2

Based on reliable information, your

system administrator or the main user

can ensure that a machine is operational,

replenishing paper and toner

when necessary, before you notice


The system can automatically generate

meter reading and cost reports for different

cost centres and departments,

and email them to the managers concerned.

Report intervals can be anything

from daily to once every quarter.

Customer services

The demo version of the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management system gives you an opportunity

to see the full scale of its performance. Use it to test out the efficiency of this central

monitoring and recording system and see for yourself how easy the software is to

use. Your Toshiba partner will be delighted to provide you with a demo version upon


e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System

Minimum system requirements:

– Pentium III 600 MHz or higher, 256 MB RAM

– Minimum 250 MB free HDD space

– Windows 2000/2003 Server or Linux Operating System

– Java Runtime version 1.5 or higher

• Comprehensive networked machine

data available online at the

System Administrator’s or main

user’s workstation.

• Department Counter reading from

e-BRIDGE based devices.

• Data can also be gathered from

outside branches via a WAN connection.

• Easy and rapid cost assignment

to individual departments and

cost centres.

• Options for analysing any period

or any function

• ‘No toner’ and ‘no paper’ messages

displayed centrally.

• Utilisation and needs planning to

ensure optimum machine utilisation.

For further information please contact your Toshiba partner.

We also welcome email inquiries to our Toshiba Tec Solution Team:




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