Vienna, April 8, 2011

ALPINE: Donation for Pöttsching Children's Village in


Social commitment is part of ALPINE's corporate philosophy

Check for EUR 10,000 handed over

TV personalities Andi & Alex cooked with the children

Pöttsching: The Pöttsching Children's Village in Burgenland focuses on the integration

of socially disadvantaged, jeopardized or abused children. Children and

adolescents are given patience, understanding and special therapy to help them

cope with their situation. The Children's Village rely on financial support to be able to

meet all of the children's needs. The Village was overjoyed to receive the second

donation from Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan, president of the Supervisory Board at ALPINE

Construction. He recently visited the Village to hand over a check in the amount of

10,000 euros to Mag. Tanja Lechner, director of the Austrian Children's Villages, and

to praise the team of therapists and counselors.

The festivities for the handing over ceremony were especially attractive for the

children. The caterer, Niki Neunteufel, and physician, Dr. Andreas Löschnak, also

sponsors of the Children's Villages, brought two TV personalities along, Andreas Wojta

and Alexander Fankhauser, better known as cooks Andi&Alex, to cook with the

children. Christine Tschürtz-Kny, the director of the Licht ins Dunkel telethon, was also

present and delighted to see the children enjoying themselves.

"We at ALPINE see social commitment as an integral part of our corporate

philosophy. That is why we usually support projects over a longer period of time to

provide help where it is needed," Aluta-Oltyan said during his visit. "It is especially

important to give children with traumatic experiences the best possible care but this

is very cost-intensive. We are very happy to receive another donation from ALPINE to

be able to carry on with our work,“ added Lechner.

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Photo FLTR.: Samara, Chiara and Enes (children 1 st row FLTR); Niki Neunteufel, Mag.

Tanja Lechner (Director, Austrian Children's Villages), Dr. Alexander

Löschnak, Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan, Christine Tschürtz (Licht ins Dunkel),

Andreas Wojta, Alexander Fankhauser (Andi&Alex),

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