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sudoku - Historical RFA

sudoku - Historical RFA


WAR SUBADAR WAR SUBADAR as MARIT O.N. 142629 5563 grt 3549 nrt 400.0 x 52.3 x 28.4 ft Engines by Central Marine Engineering Works, West Hartlepool 26/06/18 Launched by Wm Gray & Co Ltd, West Hartlepool as Yard Nr 903 named WAR SUBADAR for the Shipping Controller. 08/18 Completed and placed under management of Hunting & Son Ltd, Newcastle 1919 Purchased by the Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd, London 1921 Was renamed CRENATULA by her owners 1927 Purchased by the Anglo Colonial Shipping Co Ltd, London name unchanged 1930 Purchased by A/S Jensens Rederi 11 (J.P. Jensen, Manager) Norway and was renamed MARIT 04/10/43 Was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine between Derna and Benghazi in position 32.57N 21.11E Published by James R. Smith, RFA Historical Society - © 2011 RFA Historical Society

The TARPENBEK Incident Over the years, in common with a number of other well-known ship operators, the RFA has suffered a number of unfortunate collisions and one of the most memorable ones occurred in 1979. The small West German motor tanker TARBENBEK, owned by Partenreederei m.s. Tarpenbek under the management of Knohr & Burchand had been launched at Lauenburg on 05 February 1972 and was completed in the May of that year. She was 74 m in length with a gross tonnage of 999t, deadweight of 1785t and had a crew of 9. Having loaded a cargo of 1595t of lubricating oil at the Fawley Refinery on the Solent, she was on passage from that port to Valloy near Tonsberg in Norway when she was in collision on 21 st June in thick fog in position 50.39 N 00.53 W off Selsey Bill with RFA SIR GERAINT. Her crew of 9 were all rescued by SIR GERAINT who then transferred them to the Selsey Lifeboat. Fortunately there were no casualties, but SIR GERAINT sustained damage to her starboard bow door which was buckled and holed. The German ship too was holed and began to settle by the stern, but nonetheless was carried by the tidal stream towards the Nab Tower where she was anchored with her stern resting on the bottom. Owing to high winds and rough seas she capsized and turned turtle on 24 th June and a quantity of oil began leaking from her ruptured tanks. To prevent a major pollution incident, she was towed, upside down, to the shelter of Sandown Bay off the Isle of Wight where her cargo was successfully recovered. She was then eventually righted on 15 th July and was towed to Rotterdam where she arrived on 18 th July. Published by James R. Smith, RFA Historical Society - © 2011 RFA Historical Society

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