Consult the public and service users, listen to their proposals

and act on these. Residents want public services that reflect

their needs and expect government to prioritize issues that

matter most to them. They believe that to achieve this,

government should consult the public more frequently, listen

to what the public expects and then act on this feedback.

Make information about government spending available

for public scrutiny so people can hold public service

organizations accountable. Participants told us that

corruption, mismanagement, waste and inefficiency are

major problems in public service organizations in the city. To

address these problems, they argued, government should make

information on public spending open to public scrutiny so that

decision makers and organizations can be held accountable.

Rebuild the public’s trust in government. Residents believe

that poor service quality and high-profile examples of

mismanagement have eroded public trust in government. To

rebuild trust, participants asserted that government must

engage the public, enable individuals to “have a say” and

demonstrate how public service organizations are committed

to delivering services that improve people’s quality of life.

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Aim to improve people’s quality of life in the long term.

Residents are concerned that public money is being spent

unwisely to achieve short-term goals and that spending

decisions are overly influenced by political expediency. They

expect government to focus public spending on addressing

long-term issues that affect people’s quality of life.

Improve the quality and accessibility of public services

in the townships and distribute resources more fairly.

Participants argued that public services and resources are

not fairly distributed across Johannesburg and that the

suburbs are far better served by public services than the

townships and other parts of the city. Participants said that

the highest level of need is in the townships and asserted

that public services should be improved in these communities

to meet this growing need.

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