Information in english (PDF) - GesundheitsRessort


Information in english (PDF) - GesundheitsRessort

where time


on your side...

Sometimes it is time ...

. . . t o a r r i v e

At a place where you are guided only by yourself

By your needs. Your wishes. Your thoughts.

Take a step back. Take a breather.

To rediscover the beautiful aspects of life.

Here and now. Set new foundations.

Formed of health, energy, and quality of life.

Give your soul wings in the “Realm of Senses”

and do only that which your heart desires.

Immerse yourself in the soothing

warm thermal waters.

In a pleasant thermal spa, spacious

and with elegant refinements.

Revive your body with warmth,

which has a deeply soothing effect.

With a hard to match variety

of sauna experiences. L et yourself be swept

away to a rendezvous with your senses.

Sometimes it is time ...

. . . t o r e o p e n

y o u r s e n s e s .

In order to see, what

is usually hidden from us.

In order to hear, what we

usually don’t listen out for.

To experience, what immediately

comes to our senses.

Simply to experience life

to its fullest.

From sense and sensibility

Show your body the

beautiful aspects of life.

You have earned this attention.

Close your eyes and hold

this special moment in your

memory forever.

Sometimes it is time ...

Relax, let yourself go, forget all your worries

and return to your daily life with new vitality.

Choose from a wide range of full body treatments

using different massage techniques.

Classic massage services are complemented

with Shiatsu, Reiki and

Sound Massage.

Our skin is a reflection of our soul. It feels,

breathes and protects. To the best of its ability.

Treat your skin to some well earned attention.

We focus on innovative care systems.

The high quality products from Biodroga and

Living Dimension contain valuable substances

found in nature. Together with specially coordinated

application techniques, your body can

relax into a holistic pampering experience.

. . . f o r s o o t h i n g c a r e

a n d a t t e n t i o n .

Wellness for the soul

An offer from our

current price list

• 3 nights accommodation with half board

• 1 Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls (50 Min.)

• 1 Sound Bath with music, natural essences and light therapy (30 Min.)

• 1 Relaxation Massage with essential oils (25 Min.)

• Exclusive thermal spa pleasure in the hotel’s own “Realm of Senses”

Balm for body and soul

L ose Weight with Pleasure

An offer from our

current price list

• 4 nights accommodation incl. Half Board

• 1 Bio-electric impedance analysis (BIA) to diagnose the

proportion of fatty and lean body mass

• 1 personal nutritional consultation

• Personalised menu plan for the length of stay

• 1 Acupunture Massage (25 Min.)

• Pilates Training

• guided Nordic Walking Tour

Sometimes it is time ...

Feel the correct rhythm and

find the right balance.

The path to a healthy lifestyle

It’s easier than you think.

Achieve it on your own.

With the right team by your side.

You can rely on a holistic concept which focuses on exercise,

nutrition and relaxation.

With Kieser Training Selection we provide the ideal conditions

for healthy strength training. Increase your physical level of

performance with effective endurance training and motivating

workouts. Get a taste for a healthy and balanced diet. Discover

the advantages of a healthy lifestyle with fun and pleasure.

. . . f o r a h e a l t h y l i f e s t y l e .

The path to a healthy lifestyle

The Bad Tatzmannsdorfer Kur ®

is a unique concept

for relieving chronic pain and

lowering blood pressure.

Take a new path to more quality

of life with the three natural

remedies of moor clay,

carbonated healing water and

thermal spring water.

Sometimes it is time ...

Chronic pain decreases.

Pain therapies play an important role in treating

chronic illnesses of the musculoskeletal system.

Natural alternative and complementary methods to

medicines are more popular than ever. The Ludwig

Boltzmann Institute has carried out detailed research

on the effects of Heilmoor clay. The pain relieving

effect of the Bad Tatzmannsdorfer Kur ® , the locally

found Heilmoor clay together with complementing

therapies could be clearly proven.

7 Days with Moor Clay & Carbon Dioxide

Discover the effects of these natural remedies

• 7 nights accommodation incl. Half Board

• 1 health resort medical examination

• 5 Moor Clay and/or Carbon Dioxide treatments

• 3 Therapeutic or Special Massages

An offer from our

current price list

Our Heilmoor clay is freshly selected every day, before it is

used in soothingly warm packs or baths. It has been scientifically

proven that this good deed for the joints and spine really does

relieve chronic pain.

Carbonated healing water promotes blood circulation

and lowers blood pressure. Blood vessels are dilated, and the

delivery of vital oxygen to the bodily tissue is optimised.

Thermal spring water, soothingly warm from its deep

source, eases tension in the muscles and considerably relieves

rheumatic discomfort.

3 natural healing resources –

unique in Austria.

... t o f i n d

a n e w l u s t f o r l i f e .

Prevent, Relieve, Heal with the power of nature

Natural materials

such as fine marble,

wood, tiling

and tasteful and

classic decor

give the house

romantic charm and

a cosy atmosphere

. . . f o r c o m f o r t a n d

w a r m t h .

A spa indulgence with competent support

Spa doctor and the therapy sessions take place directly in the hotel.

The hotel’s own wellness area provides you with Carbon Dioxide

and Moor Clay treatments, Therapeutic and Special Massages, Individual

Physiotherapy, Electrophysiological Therapies and Oxygen


Exclusive Thermal Spa Holiday

Experience firsthand what it means to truly relax and let go. You

are welcomed by the beautiful hotel gardens taking their inspiration

from the bathing and beauty culture of the Romans. In the contemporary

“Realm of Senses” you can immerse yourself in the lavish

thermal pools, whirlpools and the exciting selection found in the

sauna area, or simply embark on a remarkable journey to find


Sometimes it is time ...

Enter into another world, into a house where health

and well-being prevail. Your time will be especially relaxing

with all amenities available under one roof...

Bad Tatzmannsdorf

H H H H Superior

Clinic and Thermal Spa Hotel

Sometimes it is time

The path to a

new lifestyle

We will guide and support you on your path

to a new lifestyle. Health oriented strength

training, motivating workouts, modern nutritional

advice with BIA analysis, sportscientific

consultations and a therapeutic

massage programmes are all provided by

our “GesundheitAktiv” lifestyle institute.

Wellness & Beauty –

Soothing pampering sessions

Allow the cosmetic salon “Meine Schönheit

to let you in on some of its beneficial beauty

secrets. Application methods have been specially

coordinated with the natural cosmetics

lines from Biodroga and Living Dimension

to give your skin a whole new feeling.

A ray of light for the soul. Clarity, harmony and a flowing form.

Here is where the spirit of the time and first class comfort meet.

The rooms are generously designed with innovative as well as functional facilities.

The perfect place for a change. For a new lifestyle. For a new zest for life.

f o r a c h a n g e .

A “Realm of Senses”

Just for you

Welcome on a journey to your inner self.

Explore each and every room. Open your

eyes, hear the exhilarating sounds, be inspired

by the aromas and feel your way into a

new world.

Bad Tatzmannsdorf

H H H H Superior

Thermal Spa & Wellness Hotel

Sometimes it is time ...

. . . f o r a f f o r d a b l e

l u x u r y.

Following a modernisation the Parkhotel

has been structurally integrated into the

GesundheitsRessort Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

The fine dining, the hotel’s thermal spa,

sauna and sensory world as well as all the

amenities of the Thermal Spa and Wellness

hotel are all at your disposal. And all for

a price which is worth looking at!

Parklhotel*** Parkhotel Bad Tatzmannsdorf

H H H Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Our culinar y creations use ingredients

from local farmers who ensure us the

ver y best quality.

Tr y some of our regional specialities,

explore a charming idyll and enjoy fine

and unmistakable wines.

. . . t o r e a l l y t a s t e l i f e .

Sometimes it is time ...

We also offer you a remarkable selection

of fine wines in our own wine cellars, in

our restaurants and at the hotel bars.

Burgenland does not only have unique

culinary specialities to offer, there is also

some of the finest culture to enjoy thanks

to many cultural events.

For example you could combine the

lakeside Operetta Festival in Mörbisch or

the Opera Festival in St. Margarethen with

a refreshing summer break in one of our

hotels. Our information pamphlet “KulTour

für alle Sinne” (Cultural Tours for all the

senses) can be requested from January.

Just as nature intended. In a place where vineyards, castles and stately homes

decorate the hills, where the sun has overshadowed the hectic and grind of daily

life for a long time already. Discover the “Pannonian Rhythm” for yourself...

Culinar y delights. L eisure. Culture.

w w w . G e s u n d h e i t s R e s s o r t . a t

A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf , Elisabeth-Allee 1

Tel. +43(0)3353/8940-7166, Fax +43(0)3353/8940-7199,

A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf , Elisabeth-Allee 2

Tel. +43(0)3353/8200-7204, Fax +43(0)3353/8200-7205,

A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf , Elisabeth-Allee 3

Tel. +43(0)3353/8200-7204, Fax +43(0)3353/8200-7205,

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