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Smart Solutions - Braemar Building Systems

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Faster Construction > Lower Cost > Expandability

Smart Solutions... Smart Choice.

The Braemar Building Systems team is dedicated to providing you with first-rate customer service and satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience, we know the advantages pre-engineered steel buildings can offer. Our designers,

engineers and construction staff will ensure you get the best value and smartest solutions available for your project.

Faster Construction

Compared to conventional buildings, metal buildings save between 30

and 50 percent construction time. Less hours and less labor costs equal

substantial savings for you.

Lower Energy Costs

A properly insulated metal building will dramatically reduce heating and

cooling costs. Uniform and consistent structural framing enable a great deal

of flexibility in the type of insulation used.

Lower Insurance Costs

Steel buildings are non-flammable which means a significant discount in

insurance costs. Properly designed and constructed steel buildings are safer

than conventional structures, with a proven track record of being extremely

resistant to wind, rain, snow, seismic activity and fire.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The long life, factory applied finishes on Braemar’s metal buildings reduces

both short and long term maintenance costs. Insect damage, rot and structural

deterioration are practically eliminated.

Attractive Appearance

Braemar prides itself in designing metal buildings that are both attractive

and economical. With over 30 years of experience, Braemar’s building

specialists have a wealth of ideas and suggestions to insure you get a

building that meets your aesthetic needs at the best price.


Over time may come the need for future expansion. Metal buildings are

wonderfully unique in this area. Ask your Braemar representative during the

planning stage of your project about how we can make your future expansion

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Smart Look.

The walls and roof of every Braemar steel building arrive

pre-finished with your choice of color and texture.

Additionally, steel buildings can be enhanced with glass

walls, stucco, brick and a variety of other treatments.

Visually attractive and functionally efficient glass facades

and the smart-looking appearance of metal sheeting

and roofing demonstrate the wide range of options

we offer. Ask your Braemar representative about the

architectural features available for your project.

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Smart Choice.

From Braemar’s first cost estimate to turnkey completion, every project is

specifically engineered, detailed, manufactured and constructed to exceed

your expectations.

We employ customized computer applications at every stage of your

project, so that production flows smoothly during design, budgeting, cost

control and critical path planning, right through to construction.

Braemar Building Systems has extensive experience with a wide variety

of metal buildings, from sports arenas to aircraft hangars, as well as

warehouses, office, commercial and industrial structures. You can feel

confident knowing we have the expertise to bring you a maintenance-free

steel building with superb structural integrity.

We invite you to call today for your free estimate and to discuss your

building needs. Braemar Building Systems guarantees we’ll deliver yet

another smart solution for your project.

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