Customer Contact Transformation


Customer Contact Transformation

Customer Contact


Driving High Performance

for Communications and

High-tech Companies

Driving High Performance through

Customer Contact Transformation

for Communications and

High-tech Companies

Proven offerings, assets and outsourcing solutions from Accenture

are helping communications and high-tech companies achieve

high performance by transforming the customer contact function—

increasing customer satisfaction and retention while cutting costs.

Efficient, effective

customer contact: A key

to profitable growth

Today’s communications and high-tech

companies must constantly balance

challenge and opportunity. They are

working with exciting new technologies

in the age of convergence, but also

dealing with new competitors coming

from all directions. They are making

aggressive plans to sell bundled products

and integrated solutions, but also face

aggressive customer expectations for

excellent service across the bundle. They

are implementing powerful business

strategies based on rapid penetration

of Internet Protocol (IP), broadband and

other leading technologies, but also must

cope with powerful market pressures to

deliver more for less cost.

When communications and hightech

executives discuss their most

important competitive challenges and

opportunities, talk inevitably turns

to the customer. How to increase

customer satisfaction and retention?

How to gain a greater share of

each customer’s spending? How to

simultaneously deliver consistently

excellent customer interactions while

also holding down costs?

Improving customer satisfaction and

retention is no longer just one of many

goals; it is central to delivering profitable

growth and high performance in the

communications, electronics, high-tech,

and media and entertainment industries.

Can companies simultaneously achieve

sustained cost savings in customer

contact operations, while increasing

customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Thanks to innovative and proven assets,

offerings and outsourcing services

from Accenture, they can. For more

than a decade, Accenture has led the

market in delivering customer contact

solutions that define new standards for

operating efficiency, service quality and

revenue impact.

Transforming the customer contact

function is more than a point

solution to an operational need. It

is a strategic initiative that can drive

high performance. Companies that have

teamed with Accenture to transform

their customer contact capabilities

have reduced customer churn as much

as 5 to 20 percent; increased customer

satisfaction 0 to 5 percent; and

cut support costs by 5 to 50 percent

or more.

Results like these help communications

and high-tech companies compete

more effectively, and grow more quickly.

Transforming customer contact does

more than make you a better player;

it changes the competitive playing

field itself.

Accenture provides an integrated approach

to building customer satisfaction while

delivering sustainable cost reductions.

A comprehensive approach

to transforming customer


Accenture’s ongoing research into highperformance

businesses has demonstrated

that delivering a differentiated, branded

customer experience plays a major role in

improving customer satisfaction. Higher

satisfaction, in turn, increases customer

loyalty, which can drive high performance

through better margins, revenue growth

and increased shareholder value.

As evidenced by customer turnover rates

that hover around 25 percent per year in

some industries, conventional approaches

to managing customer relationships are

not effectively helping communications

and high-tech companies deliver customer

experiences that are both satisfying and


Drawing upon our extensive experience

with innovative customer contact

transformation consulting, as well as

contact center operations and outsourcing

services, Accenture provides an integrated

approach to building customer satisfaction

while delivering sustainable cost

reductions. The solution also leverages

our extensive technology and service

assets including our global call center

network. Through a holistic, end-to-end

approach, Accenture helps companies

provide a differentiated, high-quality and

multi-channel customer experience with

superior economics. Accenture assets and

capabilities in this area are organized

around three integrated components:

Transformational Consulting. We can

deliver a transformational impact on

cost, quality and customer satisfaction

using proven, leading-edge solution

components that decrease delivery

risk while transforming multi-channel

customer service quickly and cost

effectively. Our transformational

consulting services also provide

the innovation and step-change

improvements on an ongoing basis to

the service operations that Accenture

is running on behalf of our customers.

Examples of our transformational

consulting capabilities include:

Customer Insight

• Self-Service

• Workforce Effectiveness

• Facilities Optimization

• Agent Desktop Effectiveness

Managed Services. We can deliver a

transformational impact and then sustain

the impact of innovations on customer

satisfaction and the cost to serve by

managing the business functions and

infrastructure resources that affect the

performance of day-to-day operations.

Examples of our distinctive capabilities in

managed services include:

• Marketing Services

• Self-Service Management

• Operations Management

• Vendor Management

Outsourcing. We can deliver a

transformational impact sustained at

scale, with ongoing cost reductions and

increased customer satisfaction. Through

our business process outsourcing unit,

Accenture Customer Contact Services, we

lead and manage large-scale customer

contact operations for our clients

through a global call center network.

Our approach to delivering operational

excellence gives clients predictable

business outcomes that can help them

achieve high performance. Examples

of our contact center outsourcing

capabilities and services include:

• Operations Management

• Vendor Management

• Data and Customer Contact

Infrastructure Hosting

• Accenture Contact Center Operations

• Client and Vendor Contact Center



Accenture can also connect you to

high-value sourcing solutions available

at competitive terms to support the full

spectrum of contact center operations.

The impact of Accenture’s Customer

Contact Transformation services on

business performance is accelerated

because they can be implemented as

integrated suites of solutions:

• Accenture Communications

Solutions, serving wireless, wireline

and cable companies, as well as

communications content providers.

• Accenture High Tech Solutions,

serving the semiconductor, software,

communications equipment,

computers, consumer electronics,

and aerospace and defense sectors.

• Accenture Media and

Entertainment Solutions,

serving companies in broadcast,

entertainment, printing, publishing

and portals.

These proven business offerings and assets

can help drive high performance for our

clients in these industries by meeting their

most important business challenges and

helping them act swiftly to capitalize on

opportunities. The solutions are built with

ready-to-use components packaged with

a robust common integration framework

and aligned with industry standards to

help drive cost savings and improved,

innovative business capabilities for

companies of all types and sizes.

Driving high performance

with measurable business


By teaming with Accenture to

transform their customer contact

capabilities, companies can achieve

measurable improvements in business

performance, including:

• Reduced customer contact

costs, achieved through greater

operational efficiency and innovative

sourcing options.

• Revenue stimulation through

insight-driven customer interactions

that enhance customer satisfaction

and improve the effectiveness of

targeted offerings.

• Improved service quality, by applying

a comprehensive, holistic process

model using analysis and innovation

delivered through Accenture and our

collaborative call center network.

• Increased corporate agility, by

helping companies keep pace

with change and manage risk

by shifting from fixed to variable

cost structures.

The dramatic results of companies

that have teamed with Accenture

to transform their customer contact

function speak for themselves:

• A leading telecommunications

provider has reduced its cost to

serve by 5 percent, coupled with

a 0 percent increase in customer


• A major health care organization

has improved the productivity of its

customer service representatives by

20 percent.

• The telesales operation for a major

telecommunications company has

increased its revenue-per-customer

by 20 percent.

Accenture answers a communications company’s call for high

performance through customer contact transformation

In its efforts to become a highperformance

business, a diversified

communications company that provides

world-class voice, data, and Internet

services to customers across the United

States has sought to deepen its market

penetration. While this strategy has

helped the company achieve growth

in market share, significant challenges

remained. Investors were demanding

greater profits and cost reductions. At

the same time, the cost and complexity

associated with attracting and retaining

customers was rising.

The company asked Accenture to help

it transform its customer contact

capabilities with both residential and

business customers. The goal was to

revitalize and integrate customer contact

functions to cut costs, increase revenues,

increase customer satisfaction and

dramatically reduce average handle times

for call center inquiries.

The project team delivered a global

outsourcing solution using resources

from the Accenture Global Delivery

Network—our approach to consistently

delivering high-quality services and

predictable results worldwide.

Through its outsourcing arrangement

with Accenture, the communications

company is paving its way to high

performance. Significant benefits have

been achieved by streamlining processes,

leveraging a global pool of resources,

implementing sophisticated call handling

systems and making self-service options

more readily available and easier to use.

New customer care capabilities have

helped the company meet its

ambitious plans for growth; the

company’s customer base grew

significantly during the first year of

operations. The outsourcing

solution is ensuring the consistent

delivery of the company’s brand promise

via its customer care functions, attracting

and developing high-caliber customer

care professionals, and using new

technologies to enable better, faster and

cheaper execution of critical processes.

By teaming with Accenture, the

communications company has lowered

its customer care costs while improving

overall customer satisfaction.

An innovative knowledge management portal helps

transform customer contact at BT

BT Retail is the United Kingdom’s largest

communications service provider, by

market share, to the residential and

business markets. Through its workforce

of 50,000 people, BT Retail provides endto-end

communications services for 2

million customers.

BT Retail understood that increasing

customer satisfaction and enhancing

the customer experience was critical to

outclassing competitors and achieving

high performance. Recognizing that

customer service is a core competence

of the organization, leadership was

committed to creating a capability that

would deliver higher-quality service

while reducing costs through more

efficient and productive customer service

representative (CSR) interaction.

Leveraging Accenture’s deep technology

experience, long-standing relationship

with BT and extensive track record in

boosting workforce performance for

telecommunications companies, BT

teamed with Accenture to help drive

BT’s vision of a new customer-focused

strategy. Together, BT and Accenture

designed and delivered an innovative

knowledge management portal, called

“OWL,” or “Optimizing Working Life.” This

innovative solution brought vital product,

service and procedural information

together into a single structured

content architecture and intuitive portal

interface. Using OWL, CSRs can now

serve customers more effectively through

ready access to accurate information that

helps them handle and resolve customer

inquiries on the first attempt.

To ensure that OWL meets BT’s most

critical customer contact needs, the

solution has been designed by users for

users. Based on interviews, focus groups

and ongoing feedback, OWL was iterated

so that it achieved optimum visibility and

impact. Development of the solution was

backed by the design and implementation

of a dedicated support organization which

followed leading practices in workflow

and content management to ensure that

the right people get the right information

at the right time. The portal has also been

integrated with the company’s overall

internal communications programs.

In less than five months BT and Accenture

defined, created and rolled out OWL

to 5,500 call center representatives. It

now serves more than 2,000 CSRs, and

has propelled BT forward on the road to

high performance. Initial testing of the

impact of OWL on workforce and business

performance showed that customer

satisfaction improved, and that CSRs’

confidence in their ability to perform well

rose 2 percent. Improved call handling

efficiencies led to savings of £900k for

BT in the first year alone and laid the

foundation for improved compliance and

reduced content management costs.

Our customer contact resources, assets

and services can help you transform your

customer contact function while lowering

the cost-to-serve and increasing customer

satisfaction at scale.

Proven assets and industryleading


Innovation and proven business benefits

are at the heart of the distinctive value

of Accenture’s approach to customer

contact transformation. Accenture

has developed unique methods, tools,

intellectual property and relationships

to deliver superior value at speed on

a sustainable basis for our clients.

Accenture leads the industry in:

• Gaining insight into what customers

actually experience, using the

Accenture Root Cause Analysis


• Forecasting satisfying self-service

experiences for specific customer

segments, using the Accenture

Self-Service Propensity Model.

• Modeling how, why, when and where

interactions should occur with each

customer segment—while balancing

cost and satisfaction priorities—

with the Accenture Customer

Experience Blueprint.

• Linking customer segmentation,

likelihood-to-use analysis and

treatment rules with the Accenture

Customer Experience Optimizer.

• Understanding customer experience

hotspots by employing the Accenture

Interaction Behaviors Utility.

• Keeping the processes and results

current with the Accenture

Operational Tuning Suite.

• Driving agent and organizational

performance using our Agent

Performance Platform and Agent

Lifestyle Utilities.

Accenture can also connect you to

high-value sourcing solutions available

at competitive terms to support the full

spectrum of contact center operations.

We bring innovation to clients by

leveraging Accenture’s market-leading

consulting practice and outsourcing

services at scale, and we use our own

contact centers as a launching pad

for innovation and new performance

benchmarks. A large number of deeply

skilled Accenture customer service

professionals are dedicated to supporting

our consulting and outsourcing practices

for customer contact, including more

than , 00 consulting and operations

personnel aligned or affiliated with our

industry-leading global CRM service

line. These experienced professionals

drive improved business performance

via approximately 0,000 customer

contact agents at Accenture locations

and third-party vendors.

Currently, Accenture operates more than

20 global contact centers, including a

dozen Accenture locations in Canada,

India and Spain, and multiple thirdparty

locations in India, the Philippines

and North and South America. Our

Accenture Delivery Center in Bangalore,

India operation is the world’s first “Gold

Standard” operation, as certified by the

Customer Operations Performance Center

Inc. (COPC).

Our customer contact resources, assets

and services can help you transform

your customer contact function

while lowering the cost-to-serve and

increasing customer satisfaction at scale.


Accenture has helped clients achieve

cost reductions in the to percent

range—equating to savings of $ 0 million

to $ 0 million for every $ billion of

indirect spend.

Superior delivery, superior


Rated as the market’s number-one

CRM provider by leading industry

analysts, Accenture has more than

5 years of experience in customer

contact transformation and business

process outsourcing.

Examples of how our operational

capabilities have helped to drive high

performance for our clients include:

Reduced operating costs. Leveraging

integrated consulting innovation and

step-change capability, Accenture

has reduced operating costs for one

company by more than 5 percent yearover-year

the last three years.

Improved service quality. For another

client, Accenture used its strategic

sourcing experience and assets to

deliver a 25 percent improvement in

service quality following a migration to

a globally sourced agent workforce.


Sustained cost efficiency.

Accenture has helped clients achieve

cost reductions in the to percent

range—equating to savings of $ 0

million to $ 0 million for every $

billion of indirect spend, significantly

improving the bottom line and delivering

sustainable benefits over time.

Greater effectiveness. Accenture

enabled one fast-growing Internet

service provider to double its number

of subscribers in just over one year

while improving customer satisfaction

more than 2 percent.

Teaming with Accenture to

achieve high performance

through customer contact


With growth back on the strategic

agenda, companies are now focusing

on attracting and keeping customers,

while fending off both new and familiar

competitors who seek to take those

customers away. To respond effectively

to market threats while holding down

costs, companies must move away from

piecemeal CRM investments. Instead

they need to turn to more holistic and

transformational programs that touch

all customer channels and treat the

customer experience as the paramount

measure of success.

Accenture’s combination of new

strategies for delivering effective

customer experiences, more flexible

investment options, and creative

operating and sourcing models makes

it possible today to achieve high

performance by transforming customer

contact to align customer treatment

with customer profitability.

For more information on how Accenture

can help you drive high performance by

delivering superior customer interactions

while lowering the cost to serve, call

us at: + 2 290 and mention

reference code “CCT,” or send an e-mail to:

About Accenture

Accenture is a global management

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outsourcing company. Committed

to delivering innovation, Accenture

collaborates with its clients to help

them become high-performance

businesses and governments. With deep

industry and business process expertise,

broad global resources and a proven

track record, Accenture can mobilize the

right people, skills and technologies to

help clients improve their performance.

With more than 2 ,000 people in

countries, the company generated net

revenues of US$ 5.55 billion for the

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