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Physics - University of Liverpool

Physics - University of Liverpool


“The University has one of the largest and most active students' unions in the country ‐ Liverpool Guild of Students.” One city. Many faces. “Liverpool is a vibrant European city that, true to its maritime history, remains a crossroads of the world.” Your Guide to Welcome Week 2012 Liverpool Guild of Students (LGOS) Listen – Lobby ‐ Lead The students’ union, called the Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS), supports students throughout the course of their studies. We offer advice, a range of extra‐curricular activities, and are at the very heart of the social life on campus. As a charity, we have a clear mission to improve the quality of life for all Liverpool students. We LISTEN to students – Our ultimate aim is to ensure that we can get more of what you like, and improve the things that you don’t like. We do this by talking to students and understanding your individual experiences. We LOBBY for students ‐ We take your ideas to improve your time in Liverpool. We do this by talking to the University and the City Council on your behalf, working with a range of individuals from the Vice Chancellor to the Chief Operating Officer. We offer opportunities to LEAD – The Guild elects a President, Deputy and two Vice‐Presidents each year to lead the work that we do. We also elect a student council, have reps in all departments and halls committees, and have forums open to all students. To put it simply, there are loads of different opportunities for students to take the lead. We help you settle in – The Guild helps you to solve any problems you might have, by offering support at the start, as well as throughout your time at university. We can give you advice and direction on anything to do with academic issues, accommodation or just generally settling in to university life. We bring students together – Unless you win the lottery, you’ll never get another chance to do so many different and exciting things. There’s pretty much everything you can imagine, as well as some things you wouldn’t even think of! The Guild does this through supporting student societies and volunteering, and by putting on gigs and events – particularly during Welcome Week. The Guild building is also the central meeting point on campus, where students share their activities, develop their interests and skills, and ultimately have a lot of fun. 11

“The University has 3,354 rooms in halls of residence for student living.” “Each Hall of Residence now has a Facebook group set up so that you can meet other students allocated to the same hall as you. Check out the new links at each hall of residence.” Your Guide to Welcome Week 2012 Accommodation Accommodation at the University of Liverpool is offered through an online application system. The deadline for applications for places in the University’s halls of residence is 31 August 2012. If you have not yet applied for accommodation you should do so by following the instructions on your ‘invite to apply’ which we have emailed to you. If you haven’t received your invite to apply please contact the Accommodation Office, tel. 0151 795 0377 or Email Students wanting to find their own accommodation in the private sector should do so via Liverpool Student homes: Once you have accepted a room in the University’s halls of residence, you will be asked to complete an online induction which will give you more information about your hall, informing you which of the move in dates applies to you. Students allocated a self‐catered room should arrive on Saturday 1 September 2012, or Saturday 15 September 2012 depending on the hall you are moving into. Students who have been allocated catered accommodation should arrive on either Saturday 15 September or Sunday 16 September 2012. To help ease congestion on your allocated arrival day, you will be asked to book an arrival slot in advance. You will find further information on University Accommodation at: 12

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