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Art is a wealth of form - VAN HAM Kunstauktionen


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VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions

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Monday – Friday 10-5pm

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VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions

Stands for Success and Trust

VAN HAM’s headquarters are located close to the

Rhine River, in Cologne, Germany – the city of the

cathedral and one of Germany’s most vivid art

centers. As a company rich in family tradition, we

are one of the most successful German auction

houses. Because of our experts’ technical competencies,

our years of experience in the art market,

and extensive customer care, we are recommended

and valued well beyond German borders. And

VAN HAM is not only an establishment for our customers

in Cologne and the surrounding area: we

are also connected to international museums, experts,

and collectors.

VAN HAM conducts an average of twelve auctions

annually that attract worldwide attention and regularly

set new auction records. From Old Master

paintings and fine antiques, to sparkling gemstones,

modern and contemporary art, and photography,

our offerings are versatile and of highest

degree of quality. Our increasing sales confirm our

hard work in all these areas of the art market.

VAN HAM’s extensive marketing strategies guarantee

that all items consigned to our auction

house have ample opportunity for successful sale.

In this way, VAN HAM has attracted the art

world’s attention numerous times. Two works of


art have paved our way to success. The first was

the sale of the painting Im Hafen von Jaffa, by the

Oriental painter Gustav Bauernfeind, in 1997. The

sale result of just fewer than one million Euros

was not only a record for a 19 th -century painting

in Germany, but also for this artist worldwide. An

additional world record was the painting Der

Zahnarzt by Gerrit Dou, a student of Rembrandt.

The work sold for approximately three million

Euros. According to Handelsblatt, the sale was “a

milestone in German auction history…” for at that

time, it was the highest hammer price ever achieved

at a German auction.

Customers of auction houses have different buying

and selling interests. Some hope a low fee, others

for a significant profit. We understood our role to

be honest brokers and professional intermediaries.

Moreover, the motives behind buying are sometimes

hotly disputed. Passions and ambitions,

vanity and reputation, passion and joy, inquisitiveness

and enjoying, are all driving forces behind

the aesthetic art of the acquisition.

Since its founding over fifty years ago, VAN HAM

has consistently been a good partner and advisor

to collectors, art dealers, vendors, and museum directors.

The basis of our work has been the trust

invested in us by customers. Over time, wise professionalism

is the sole effective benchmark of excellent

business relationships, for art comes from


VAN HAM looks forward to your visit.

Markus Eisenbeis


VAN HAM’s History

In 1959, art historian Carola van Ham founded the

auction house “Kunsthaus am Museum” in her

hometown Cologne. She had studied at the University

of Cologne, worked at the auction house Lempertz,

also in Cologne, and for many years, assisted

the auctioneer Franz A. Menna. When Mr. Menna

retired in 1958, Ms. van Ham continued his company’s

tradition and became Europe's first female

auctioneer. This was a very daring project at that

time, for just the monthly rent constituted two years

income. Colleagues in the art world, hitherto a

male domain, assumed that her company would

not survive longer than two or three years. However,

Ms. van Ham's sound knowledge of art history

and her enormous commercial dexterity enabled

her to turn the “Kunsthaus am Museum” into a

successful enterprise, becoming one of the most

important auction houses in Germany.

In 1960, Ms. van Ham hired art historian Dr. Werner

Stopp, who went on to make exceptional contributions

to the development of the company. With his extensive

knowledge of Old Masters and 19th-century

painting, Dr. Stopp eventually established auction departments

in both of these areas in the 1960s. In

1970, the company became a general partnership

and Dr. Stopp became a business partner.


The course of company reflects foresight. Ms. van

Ham married businessman Hansjörg Eisenbeis in

1968, and passed the directorship of the company

to their son Markus Eisenbeis. He took on the great

task at the early age of 26.

Eisenbeis has attended the prestigious Sal Oppenheim

bank training program and has also studied

art history, classical archaeology, and business management

in Bonn and London. He rounded off his

years of study with work in international auction

houses like Christie's in London and Picard in Paris.

While he is certainly invested in continuing the tradition

of his family’s company, Eisenbeis has also

transformed it into a modern international auction

house. A milestone in its 50-year history was relocating

from the center of Cologne into the spacious

premises in the Bayenthal district of the city in

1999. The auction room is 360 square meters and

boasts six-meter high ceilings – as the Handelsblatt

has described it, “the most generously-sized auction

hall in Germany.” In addition to discreetly designed

consultation rooms and a modern service center,

there are also generous parking facilities for the delivery

of large works of art.

At the time of the relocation, the company’s name

was changed from “Das Kunsthaus am Museum,

Carola van Ham” to VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions.

The name change underscores the tradition of the

house and at same time, accentuates a new era in

the company’s history.


From left to right:

Prof. Dr. A. Mayer,

M. Eisenbeis,

Wilhelm Karl Prinz

von Preußen,

Prof. O. Braun

Advisory Board

In 2004, VAN HAM became the first German

auction house to establish an advisory board. Markus

Eisenbeis was able to recruit several wellknown

personalities from the academic world, as

well as economics and journalism. The board advises

on the formulation and pursuit of strategic

objectives within the German and international art

markets in order to strengthen VAN HAM’s own

market presence. Its chairman is the great grandson

of the last German emperor, Wilhelm Karl

Prinz von Prussia. He is known internationally and

has spent many years working for businesses abroad.

He has also involved several of his international

contacts in VAN HAM’s work. Prof. Ottmar

Brown serves at the board spokesman. He has

lectured at the University of the Arts and School of

Economics Compiegne, near Paris, and more recently,

at the University of Aachen. As honorary

consul, the committed collector and author of numerous

papers in the field, he also represents the

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prof. Dr. Albert Mayer is a further board

member. As a trained economist, he was CEO of

the German Magazine Publishers Association and

the Rheinische Post. His experience in journalism

and its industry-specific relations are extensive.

Acquiring at VAN HAM

The atmosphere of an art auction: whoever has

experienced it once has a hard time forgetting it.

In a rapid series, the auctioneer calls off the objects

being offered for sale, the lots. He accepts single

bids for the valuable art objects until – going

once, going twice, going three times – the hammer

falls and the auctioneer sells the object to the highest


The Auction Catalogue Offerings

The offerings are diverse and include high-value

artworks of historical significance alongside smaller

features for those interested in art and would

like to discover a unique piece for themselves. Art

enthusiasts and engaged collectors alike can learn

more about the auction through the carefully-designed

pages and color images in our auction catalogues.

If you find an artist of interest in the table

of contents, you can also learn much more about

his/her work from the catalogue descriptions. Information

about provenance, secondary literature,

and other details can be found in these descriptions.

Single copies of the catalogues can be ordered,

as can a yearly subscription. In addition,

every lot is illustrated and described in the bilingual

online version of our catalogue on our homepage.

A search function allows you to find specific

objects quickly.


Our Newsletter

We would be pleased to send you any type

of requested information in digital form. Register

for our newsletter at and you

will receive news about upcoming events before

every auction.


All objects in a sale will be exhibited for a week

prior in our large showroom at our headquarters

in Cologne. Anyone interested in the objects is welcome

to view the exhibition – indeed, every artwork

has its own story. Our experts are available

at any point to advise you.

Condition Reports

In the event that you do not have the opportunity

to view the object in person, but would still like to

participate in bidding on that object, our experts

are happy to create a condition report on individual

objects upon request. They will also send a

detailed photograph of the artwork.


Guaranteed Authenticity

All objects that are auctioned by VAN HAM are

evaluated by our specialists. VAN HAM guarantees

the authenticity of our lots. In addition, all consigned

objects are checked with the Art Loss Register

against theft and looting.

Looking for a specific piece?

Then you should register with the VAN HAM

internet art search index online or by calling. At

VAN HAM, offers and requests are entwined: our

database of customer requests grows daily, and is

sorted by artist, subject, technique, and time

period. The database is examined before each

auction and compared to the objects currently

being offered for sale. Should one of your interests

match an object on offer, we will contact you in advance

via e-mail or mail.

Demand determines the price

The auction is the earliest form of selling objects in

which many people are interested. Nowhere else

is price formation fairer than sales where the price

reflects the meeting of supply and demand. The estimate

listed in the catalogue serves as orientation

for the buyer. It reflects the price estimate set by

our specialists with market experience.

Bid along with us!

An auction is open to everyone. All who are registered

to bid at VAN HAM can participate. There

are four ways to do so:

In person: In the auction showroom, you will

experience the intensity of the auction and can follow

the event directly. Once on location, you will

receive a bidding number in order to participate.

Telephone: We will gladly call you during the

auction so that you have the opportunity to bid live

on a lot. This process allows you to remain anonymous.

Send us a signed bidding sheet with your

desired lots. You can obtain a bidding sheet on our

website, in the catalogue, and upon request by telephone.

Written: In addition, you may also submit written

bids with your highest offer for a specific lot. During

the auction, the auctioneer will then try to

purchase the object for you at the best possible

price. He will use your highest bid only as to overbid

other counteroffers.

Online: It is also possible to submit bids online

through our online auction catalogue.

In the event that you are not yet a registered VAN

HAM customer, you will need to submit a form of

official personal identification with your bidder registration.


Going once, going twice, going three times…

when the hammer falls

During the auction, the object is initially called at

a low price, usually one third below the estimate.

Depending on the amount of interested buyers, the

object can be sold significantly lower than the estimate

or high above it. You alone determine how

much you would like to pay for the object. In addition,

a seller’s commission is added to each sold

object, which the buyer is then required to pay.

Your bid was the highest and you won the lot?

Congratulations! You can pay for the object during

the auction with a debit card or cash and take it

with you immediately. Payment via bank transfer

after the auction and a later pickup date are of

course also possible.


A second chance in the Post-Auction Sale

The auction results are posted online at www.vanham-com

so that you can determine which lots are

still available for purchase post-auction. We will

gladly send you a copy of the auction results upon

request. All art objects that were not sold in the

auction are offered in a post-auction sale. As such,

you will have approximately three weeks time

after a sale to acquire artworks at VAN HAM.

Shipment and Restoration

Upon request we will organize the adequate shipment

of your acquisition with a courier or forwarding

agency to destinations around the world. In

the event that you would like to have your acquisition

restored or reframed, we would be happy to

advise you and refer you to a competent partner



Consigning at VAN HAM

Why we’re the right partner for you

VAN HAM’s combination of expertise and awareness

of tradition creates an atmosphere of mutual

trust, making us the ideal partner for consigning

your art. As a family-owned company in its second

generation, we maintain an international reputation

and regularly achieve worldwide auction

records in all areas of art. Our auction house is organized

into the following departments:

– Old Masters

– European Applied Arts

– Historic Jewelry, Gemstones, and Watches

– Modern and Contemporary Art

– Photography

– Carpets and Tapestries

Appraisals and Consultation without

Charge or Obligation

Would you like to have one or several art objects,

or an entire collection or estate sold at VAN HAM?

The first step is to have the object(s) evaluated by

our specialists. We will gladly provide you with a

complimentary and non-committal verbal estimate

of your object(s). You will also receive a preliminary

valuation of their art historical significance,

proposal for sale, and current market value. There

are multiple ways to contact our experts:

In Person in Cologne: Visit our premises in Cologne

during business hours. To avoid waiting, we

advise you to make an appointment in advance:

Business Hours:

Mo-Fr 10am – 5pm

Sat 10 – 1pm and by appointment


With a photograph: Send an image of the object

or e-mail us a digital photograph (,

along with the most important details

like dimensions, signature, and anything else you

know about your object(s). We will then be pleased

to provide you with a preliminary auction estimate.

Our estimates are subject to the evaluation

of the work in person.

At one of our Expert Days near you: We provide

complimentary and non-committal auction estimates

on regular Expert Days in cities throughout

Germany and Europe. You may present your art

object or a photograph of the work(s) to one of our

specialists and discuss its market value and potential

sales opportunities. The dates of upcoming Expert

Days can be found on our homepage.

Visits on Location: For larger objects, collections,

and estates, our experts will gladly come to you.

Please provide us with detailed information about

the object(s) in advance or send us images so that

we can arrange an appointment.

VAN HAM: where prices have remained stable despite

widespread declines. The Cologne auction house and its

customers are in another league. Handelsblatt


Setting the Price with our Specialists

VAN HAM maintains an eminent team of experts

who ensure the professional competence of our

auction house and excellent customer service. All

objects consigned to VAN HAM will be examined

and their authenticity will be evaluated. This is followed

by the art historical classification and any

additional research that may be necessary. If we

determine that a high-value object requires more

extensive research, we will contact an international

expert appropriate for the work.

Based on our years of experience and detailed

knowledge of current art market standings, we

guarantee an accurate auction estimate of your object.

The estimate, which appears in the catalogue,

is based on sale prices achieved worldwide. This

encourages the participation of international bidders

and a continual rise in price during the

auction. In addition, we will arrange a limit price

with you, under which your object cannot be sold.

The limit is established by contract between you

and VAN HAM and remains confidential.

The Shipment of Your Works to Our Premises

Any objects that delivered to VAN HAM for evaluation

may remain on our premises. If one of our

specialists visited your works on location, or if you

spoke with one of our specialists at an Expert Day,

our employees will gladly organize the safe transport

of your property. Small and large objects can

also be sent via courier, a forwarding company, or

by mail. We would be pleased to organize the shipment

of any of your objects upon request. All objects

entrusted to us for sale are insured in our

auction house at our expense.


Stylish Presentation in the Catalog

An in-house photography studio with the latest

standards guarantees brilliant catalog images of

your objects. Such high-quality and professional

images in the auction catalog increase the chance

of sale. The prices of the figure depend on its size.

We would be pleased to advise you on an adequate

presentation of your property in our catalog. Your

property will also be carefully researched by our

art historians and described accordingly in the

auction catalog. All consignors receive a complimentary


© Pohlmann, Köln


The Preview

With a stylish and high-quality presentation

of your consigned works of art during the preview

and the auction, we provide an auction atmosphere

at VAN HAM that is second to none. As

such, we achieve the best prices for you and the

auction house.

International Contacts

VAN HAM not only has long-standing relationships

with numerous retailers, museums and private

collections worldwide. We also maintain an

extensive index of search queries for specific

items or artists.

By individually contacting each of these partners,

we make a great effort to contact potential buyers

for your artwork before the upcoming sale.


Professional Marketing

With VAN HAM’s comprehensive marketing strategy,

we are able to publicize your artwork internationally

well before a sale. We send our catalog

to customers worldwide. In German and English,

and with a number of additional images, our online

catalog also reaches an even greater collector

community. Our presence at international platforms

allows a variety of customers to conduct a

targeted search and find your art. Promotional

activities in national and international media, as

well as strong press and public relations, also effectively

announce your consignment. Our auction

reports can be found regularly in large, national

daily newspapers like the Frankfurter Allgemeine

Zeitung, Die Welt, Handelsblatt, and in other

prestigious professional magazines.

Understand this: that there is only one place in which

the value of works can be recognized, and that is the

auction hall. Auguste Renoir


The Auction

On the day of the auction, your property is offered

for sale to bidders. More than any other type of

sale, the price of an object at auction is determined

immediately by supply and demand. Pricing is

thus absolutely transparent for both the seller and

the buyer, and the price obtained in each case corresponds

to the current market value.

Transparency builds trust

All of our results are compiled in a list, which we

publish after the auction on our homepage. This

transparency forms the basis of our highly valued

and cultivated atmosphere of trust with our customers.


When selling, a standard seller’s commission on

the hammer price is charged, which will be agreed

upon in advance. Should an object not be sold, you

will not incur any commission costs. Approximately

six weeks after the auction, you will receive

your settlement statement along with a collectiononly

check subject to receipt of payment from the

buyer. Please inform us of any other desired payment

modes. In any case, we ensure that your

payment will reach you quickly and efficiently.


VAN HAM Online

Old Masters and modern media are not contrary:

they complement each other in a wonderful way.

VAN HAM is pleased to offer comprehensive

services online:

Best Auction House

Online Archive



– Auction and Preview Dates

– Ordering and subscription of auction catalogs

– Online Catalogs

– Bid Forms

– Results

– Previews and Reviews

Inquiries and Services

– Property valuation and requests for specialists

– Registration for our art search index

– Subscribing to our newsletter

– Database and Archive

Special Services

– Ordering our publications

– Gallery of record prices

– Announcements of exhibitions, events and


Our Services for Collectors,

Inheritors, and Estate Executors

Outside of the daily auction business, VAN HAM

offers a plethora of additional services.

Inventory and Valuation of Your Objects

There are collectors who collect and collect, only

to determine at a certain moment that they no longer

have an overview of their property. A professional

valuation provides not only the monetary

value of your collection, but also its art historical

classification. During the appraisal, which we will

gladly conduct on location, you will receive:

– a comprehensive inventory list

– written documentation of the current market


– art historical background information from

our specialists

– photographic documentation of the entire collection

– upon request, the creation of a digital catalog

This service is often used for insurance purposes,

disputes, and to prepare an inheritance or a sale.

Our offer is therefore especially of interest for:

– Heritage communities

– Estate administrators

– Lawyers and Notaries

Authoritative written assessments accepted by tax

authorities will only be invoiced if you do not decide

to sell through our auction house. Non-binding

verbal evaluations of a work of art by one of

our experts are free of charge.


Modern and Contemporary Art

VAN HAM’s Modern and Contemporary Department

is a thriving area under the leadership of art

historian Robert van den Valentyn. His deep

knowledge of the art market ensures high returns

in each sale. Van den Valentyn is a regular contributor

to professional journals and popular guest

speaker at universities and museums. He leads an

international team of experts with a concentration

in painting, sculpture and graphics. Whether modern

artists such as Emil Nolde, Willi Baumeister,

Alexei Jawlensky and August Macke, or contemporary

artists like Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter

and Andy Warhol: we often achieve international

record prices. The department is particularly committed

to those artists in the ZERO group who are

rooted in the Rhineland, such as Günter Uecker,

Otto Piene, Heinz Mack, Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana

and Gotthard Graubner. The department’s extensive

communication with museums, foundations

and private collectors around the world guarantees

an exclusive group of bidders – and the continued

growth of this exciting department.

“A collector bid nearly 1.1 million Euros for Kirchner’s

‘Drei Akte im Wald’, making this painting from the former

Hess Collection the most expensive work in the German

auction season to date.” Handelsblatt

Our Experts

Modern and Contemporary Art

Robert van den Valentyn

+49 221 · 925862-19

Honor Westmacott

+49 221 · 925862-35

Hellei Salehi

+49 221 · 925862-22

Nicole Fassbender

+49 221 · 925862-50

Elisabeth Bonse

+49 221 · 925862-62

24 25

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

”Drei Akte im Wald”

1912 | Oil on Canvas

Cat. Rais. Gordon No. 263

Estimate 408,000 €

Result: 1.1 million €

“Polke illuminates!


auction sales grow

by a third!”


Sigmar Polke (*1941)

Untitled. 1999

Estimate: 120,000 €

Result: 275,000 €

Old Masters

Following the retirement of senior partner Dr.

Werner Stopp in 1996, Reinhard Singer became

director of the painting department. The department’s

continual development, particularly in the

field of Old Master paintings, can be measured by

the numerous sales that have attracted international


Through the mid-1990s, VAN HAM was known

worldwide as a successful representative of the

German schools of painting. This reputation has

solidified today. Spectacular sales have included

Der Zahnarzt by Rembrandt’s pupil Gerrit Dou,

which went for just under 3 million Euros. At the

time, it was the most expensive picture sold at a

German auction. The extremely rare artwork by

Indonesian painter Prince Raden Saleh ben Jaggia

Die Löwenjagd is also a sure testament to VAN

HAM’s strong international position.

The well-known paths of German 19 th -century

painting have not been forgotten. With a selling

price of nearly one million Euros, the painting Im

Hafen von Jaffa by Gustav Bauernfeind broke not

only a record for a 19 th -century painting, but also

set a worldwide record for works by this artist.

VAN HAM’s Old Masters Department conducts

outstanding research, creating a trustworthy basis

for productive sales. The team is supported by

Peter van den Brink, director of the Aachen City

Museums, as well as a global network of experts.

Our Experts

Old Masters

Reinhard Singer

+49 221·925862-20

Stefan Hörter

+49 221·925862-24

Bernd Mengel

+49 221·925862-54

“Last Saturday, Cologne was in the spotlight with its

successful Old Master sale. An important painting by

Gerrit Dou sold at VAN HAM and became a milestone

in the history of German auctions…” Handelsblatt

26 27

Gerrit Dou

(1612 – 1675)

”Der Zahnarzt”

Estimate: 300,000 €

Result: 2,950,000 €

2001 International

Auction Record

Bustaman Radeh

Saleh Ben Jaggia


“Die Löwenjagd”

Estimate: 220,000 €

Result: 205,000 €

European Applied Arts

Founded by Carola van Ham in 1959 as the focal

point of her business, the European Applied Arts

Department counts as one of the most historic and

well-established parts of our auction house. Today,

Christoph Bouillon leads the department with

great enthusiasm and motivation, making the

sales some of the most successful in Germany.

VAN HAM has often been entrusted with the consignment

of several complete collections of museum

quality. The Laurenzen, Grothe, and Freckmann

Collections count among the most extraordinary.

VAN HAM’s beautiful catalogs have also

displayed many other spectacular pieces. The department’s

years of experience in building international

contacts with collectors, public organizations,

and museums have made it successful from

the start.

Sales are held four times a year and include selections

of furniture, time pieces, silver, porcelain,

and objets de vertu, as well as Art Deco works.

Important coin beaker

Welcome to the House

of Schönebeck | Silver

Hamburg | 1690-1707

Tobias Fölsch

Estimate: 20,000 €

Result: 137,500 €

Our Experts

European Applied Arts

Christoph Bouillon

+49 221 · 925862-32

Susanne Mehrgardt

+49 221 · 925862-56


Important Tabatiere

Yellow Gold | 101 saxon gems

Enamel Dresden

Johann Chrs. Neuber | ca. 1775 – 80

Estimate: 80,000 €

Result: 268,000 €


Mens Armband Watch

Perpetual Calendar

Estimate: 18,000 €

Result: 22,500 €

Historic Jewelry, Gemstones,

and Time Pieces

Beate Kalisch, diamond appraiser and gemologist,

has led our Historic Jewelry, Gemstones, and

Time Pieces Department since 2004. With her extensive

expertise, Kalisch has made VAN HAM

one of the German art market’s leading departments

for jewelry. Its sales are incredibly varied

and include high-carat and designer pieces, emblems

of history, romances, and even opportunities

for future investments. Indeed, for hundreds

of years, jewels have served harmonizing and extraordinary


The sales have also included high-quality gemstones

and precious “jewels of the sea.” Furthermore,

there has been great demand for South Sea

Tahitian pearls, natural Orient pearls, fine diamonds

from the 19 th -century, as well as other modern

and elegant jewels. Time pieces such as

those by Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron, and

Constantin are the epitome of power and prestige

– and not only for men. A Chopard diamond-tipped

time piece is surely thrilling to many women.

The auction’s offering are accentuated by the advice

of internationally renowned experts.

Rare Oriental Pearl

Drop Ear Pendant

White Gold | Diamond

Oriental Pearls | Ca. 1960

Estimate: 20,000 €

Result: 39,000 €

Art Nouveau-Collier

de Chien

Translucent Enamel River

Pearls | USA | Ca. 1900

Estimate: 10,000 €

Result: 11,000 €

Our Expert

Historic Jewelry, Gemstones,

and Time Pieces:

Nina Lindau

+49 221 · 925862-83

30 31


The department features a varied selection of historical,

classical and contemporary photography

and has assumed, in recent years, a well-regarded

position on the national and international auction

market. As reported by business magazine The

Platow Letter: “VAN HAM has mainly achieved

above average growth with new areas of collecting

like photography. With a gross profit of € 587,000,

VAN HAM took the leading position in the German

photograph market with their 266th Auction. Art

historian Anne Ganteführer-Trier is the department’s

head specialist. Since 1990, Ganteführer-

Trier has gained an excellent reputation with her

many exhibitions and publications on photography

and art history.“

The great success of the department has stemmed

from two major sales. In recent years, outstanding

auction results have been achieved with original

prints of the 1920s and the 1930s. Top prices were

achieved for works by Albert Renger-Patzsch, August

Sander, and Walter Peterhans. Equally successful

have been the sales of works by contemporary

photographers, including photographs from

the Becher School and other internationally renowned


Our Experts


Anne Ganteführer-Trier

+49 221 · 925862-28

Martina Dellmann

+49 221 · 925862-80

32 33

Bernhard and

Hilla Becher

(1931 – 2007/1934)


1961 –1974

14 Original Silver Gelatin

Prints | Ed. 21/50

Estimate: 40,000 €

Result: 60,000 €

Walter Peterhans


”Stillleben mit schwebendem


Ca. 1930

Estimate: 6,500 €

Result: 71,000 €

Auction record for

this artist


Early 20th century

590 x 362 cm

Estimate: 12,000 €

Result: 57,500 €

Carpets and Textiles

Each autumn, VAN HAM organizes a sale of carpets

and tapestries that garners the attention of

international collectors and enthusiasts alike. The

offerings are selected by carpet expert and experienced

appraiser Rolf Hirschberg. The sale’s

high-quality offerings include a variety of largeformat

decorative tapestries like Tabriz, Heri, and

Kaschan, and appeal to a wide variety of international

bidders. As such, nearly 80% of our carpets

are sold to customers outside of Germany.


Our Expert

Carpets and Textiles


Ca. 1900

734 x 598 cm

Estimate: 20,000 €

Result: 45,000 €

Rolf Hirschberg

+49 221·925862-17


Peter Casagrade


The Many Faces of

Artistic Engagement

Exhibitions and Lecture Series

Since its founding, VAN HAM has demonstrated

widespread engagement in areas of art and culture

outside of the auction business. To accompany

auctions, VAN HAM organizes regular lectures

by international experts. Lecture series topics

have included “Historic Jewelry and Classical Jewels”,

as well as topics specific to certain auctions

and collections.

Along with benefit sales, VAN HAM also actively

organizes a wide spectrum of exhibitions and

events. Exhibitions of estates like Becher’s student

Tata Ronkholz and Peter Casagrandes’s brilliant,

large-format canvases are some of the many highlights

in the daily routines of the auction business.

VAN HAM and Kunstmeile Süd

VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions is a member of Cologne’s

Kunstmeile Süd, or Art Mile South. In this

area of the city, a variety of arts organizations and

restaurants, such as Rheinauhafen and KAP on

Südkai, have opened their doors along the Rhein

River, Schönhauser Strasse, and Brühler Strasse.

Visual art, photography, architecture, design, literature,

theater, dance, and music are some of the

exciting topics currently engaged in these projects.

A regular series of events are scheduled at these


We Invest in the Future: the Next Generation

of Art World Professionals

The professional advancement of young art historians

is crucial to VAN HAM. Our auction house’s

professional make-up demonstrates this: an

overwhelmingly young and engaged staff collaborates

with an experienced directorship. Young

professionals who have completed their studies

are able to jumpstart their professional careers as

trainees at VAN HAM with the opportunity to grow

as specialists.

In addition, VAN HAM offers the opportunity to

gain a practical education as a retail merchandiser

of art. Business know-how is gained alongside art

historical expertise. As an arts and antiques

auctioneer licensed and publically sworn in by the

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cologne,

and as Vice President of Germany’s Art Auctioneers

Association, Markus Eisenbeis heads the

examination board and lectures regularly as a

guest at universities to encourage the next generation

of art specialists.

An internship at VAN HAM is also an excellent way

to accentuate your education with the practical experience

necessary for entry into a profession. In

addition to direct training in our Cologne offices,

VAN HAM also offers training seminars, summer

courses and conferences on various topics. Past topics

have included art law and art trade as well as

techniques and the detection of counterfeits.

36 37

Authorization as an

Educator in the Rental

Merchandizing of Art

VAN HAM »Intern«

Your Bridge to Art

Along with its homepage, VAN HAM offers its customers

a variety of ways to learn about our business.

Twice a year, our magazine Intern is published

and available without cost online or by calling

to order. It provides diverse insights into the past

auction season and reports on the many new

events at VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions.

VAN HAM Art Publications

VAN HAM maintains a successful publishing

house called VAN HAM Art Publications. Along

with diverse works like the Fritz Klimsch catalogue

raisonné, the detailed and comprehensive

catalogue raisonné of the paintings of Karl Hofer

(1878-1955) was published in three volumes in

2008. The catalogue raisonné of his watercolors

and drawings is currently in progress.

The establishment of a publishing company

by VAN HAM can be accounted for in several

ways: above all, solid art historical research

forms the basis of a trusting relationship between

auction houses, and art owners and buyers.

Our experts’ grounding in research and

many years of experience confirm VAN HAM’s

important contribution to both the art historical

field and art market.

Fritz Klimsch –


Catalogue Raisonné of 231 of

Klimsch's works, with a total of

542 pages, 282 of which are

pages of illustrations.

Price: 145 € (plus shipment)

Karl Hofer –

Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings

3 Volumes including 1,000 pages,

over 2,9000 black-and-white

images, 200 color plates, and a

CD with extensive image material.

Price: 300 € (plus shipment)



Markus Eisenbeis

VAN HAM Kunstauktionen, Cologne


Kristina Erlemann

VAN HAM Kunstauktionen, Cologne


MWK Zimmermann und Hähnel GmbH, Cologne

Digital Photography and Editing

Michael Schuff, Sasa Fuis, Dr. Andreas Pohlmann

und Mathias Pohlmann, Edgar R. Schöpal


Köllen Druck, Bonn

Our Experts

Old Masters

Reinhard Singer | Tel. 0221· 925862-20

Stefan Hörter | Tel. 0221· 925862-24

Bernd Mengel | Tel. 0221· 925862-54

European Applied Arts

Christoph Bouillon | Tel. 0221· 925862-32

Susanne Mehrgardt | Tel. 0221· 925862-56

Historic Jewelry, Gemstones, and Time Pieces

Nina Lindau | Tel. 0221· 925862-83

Modern Art

Contemporary Art

Robert van den Valentyn |Tel. 0221· 925862-19

Honor Westmacott | Tel. 0221· 925862-35

Hellei Salehi | Tel. 0221· 925862-22

Nicole Fassbender | Tel. 0221· 925862-50

Elisabeth Bonse | Tel. 0221· 925862-62


Anne Ganteführer-Trier | Tel. 0221· 925862-28


Marie-Katrin Schnermann | Tel. 0221·925862-80

Carpets and Tapestries

Rolf Hirschberg | Telefon 0221· 925862-17

Public Relations

Kristina Echterling | Telefon 0221· 925862- 81


VAN HAM’s Representatives

In order to buy or consign art to a sale, you need

not come to our headquarters in Cologne. We

maintain a well-organized network of representative

specialists available to appraise your objects.

Art objects can be consigned to these representatives

just as they would be in our Cologne location.

Hamburg | Northern Germany

Frau Pia von Buchwaldt

Alsterufer 33 | 20354 Hamburg

Tel: 0 40 · 41 91 05 23 | Fax: 0 40 · 41 91 05 24


München | Southern Germany

Dr. Barbara Haubold

Elly-Ney-Straße 15 | 82327 Tutzing

Tel: 0 81 58 · 90 34 61 | Fax: 0 81 58 · 90 34 61



Dr. Anja Gebauer | Thomas Maier

Eberhardstraße 6 | 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: 0711 · 51 89 07 10 | Fax: 0711 · 51 89 07 09


Netherlands | Belgium

Dr. Petra Versteegh-Kühner

Sterrenlaan 6 | B-3621 Rekem

Tel: +31·6·20402187 (NL)

Tel: +32 · 89 · 71 60 04 (B) | Fax: +32 · 89 · 71 60 04



MvK Fine Art | Countess

Marina von Kamarowsky

2, Rue Nicolas Braunshausen | 1257 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 · 691 16 88 22 | Fax: +352 · 44 04 92



RWMA GmbH Rolf Welti

Gotthardstr. 88 / PF 54 | 6474 Amsteg

Tel: +41 · 44 · 202 40 41 | Fax: +41 · 41 884 01 02



Our Salesroom

VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions

Schönhauser Str. 10–16 | 50968 Köln

Tel 0221·92 58 62-0 | Fax 0221·92 58 62-4 |

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 10-5pm, Saturday 10-1pm









Detailed directions

to our salesroom in

Cologne can found

on our website

under the heading


Ample parking

space is available on

our premises.

Art is a wealth

of form

Friedrich Schlegel

At VAN HAM, you can find out simply and

easily what your artworks are worth.


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