Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry

Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry


rived. That means that the export from the EU to third countries (non-EU-15

countries) is benchmarked with the exports from the US and other countries.

Data sources innovation

The chosen research strategy was desk research. So far, three sources have

been explored:

1. Food Navigator, a publicly available e-newsletter (all cases come from the

Food Navigator's archive). This database provided 145 cases concerning innovations

from 2003 to 2008 (August 2003 - January 2008). See FoodAnd-

DrinkEurope [].

Although the main research was based on 143 articles (cases) from the

Food Navigator, some of the innovations were classified into more than only

one subgroup (the subgroups are presented in chapter 4) and, because of

that, some statistics are made on the group of 355 observations;

2. Dairy Innovation. This magazine covers all innovation in the dairy industry. The

magazine published 15 issues up till now. The first issue is published in 2005.

(see: At the time of the research issue

1 till 7 and number 13 and 15 are classified in our database system: 596

cases, resulting in 1,046 different innovations. Cases already mentioned in

Food Navigator are excluded in the overview of Dairy Innovation;

3. Innova database (see: Innova is

primarily an online new product-development tracking tool, using a network

of international field researchers to report on new food and drinks launches.

So it includes only product and marketing innovations. These innovations

take up two thirds of all innovations. All product launches with the key words

dairy, cow, or milk have been selected from January 2003 to February

2008. This resulted in 4,721 product sheets worldwide.

Business dynamics data sources

The data for this study have been obtained from the Amadeus database and the

Eurostat database. Eurostat data have been used to support the Amadeus database

in descriptive analysis and for evaluation and validation.

The Amadeus database contains financial information of over five million private

and publicly owned firms across 34 Western and Eastern European countries

from which dairy processing companies in six countries are selected. Most

of the financial ratios are calculated and readily available. The database includes

up to ten years of information per company, from 1994 to 2007, but the coverage

varies among countries. However, the accuracy and availability of the data

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