Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry

Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry


5.6 Stages of market introduction

In addition, product innovations are also classified according to the stage of

market introduction: research, clinical trials, and commercialization (table 5.6).

The addition of this classification highlighted the domination of the research

stage in the Food Navigator's cases (43%) and the commercialization stage in

Dairy Innovation (95%). Obviously, this classification is only based on information

given in Food Navigator and Dairy Innovation magazine articles and might be influenced

by the target readership of the trade journals. In Food Navigator research

is presented in a precompetitive phase, while Dairy Innovation shows

new products or technologies the moment the product is launched.

Table 5.6 Innovations in the level of market introduction

Level of market introduction

Number %

FN DI total FN DI total

1. Research 47 14 61 43,1 3.6 12,3

2. Clinical trials 39 5 44 35,8 1.3 8,9

3. Commercialisation 23 369 392 21,1 95.1 78,9

Total 109 388 497 100,0 100.0 100,0

Source: Own findings. FN= Food Navigator, DI = Dairy Industry.

5.7 Innovation new to the market

Most of the innovations have a general character. Given the cultural differences

in Europe a higher level of local innovation had been expected, an exploiting of

the cultural difference.

Table 5.7 New to the market or company

Type of innovation N %

General 168 72

Local 67 28


Source: Own findings.

235 100

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