Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry

Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry


Table 5.13 Key figures of the dairy industry in Germany


Small and medium-sized


Large firms All firms

Firms Number 261 155 37 453

Share (%) 58 34 8 100

Turnover €m. 77 8,051 14,901 23,028

Share (%) 0.3 35 65 100

Employees Number 1,741 11,929 26,177 38,847

Share (%) 2 31 67 100

Innovations Number 1 6 15 22

Share (%) 5 27 68 100

Source: Eurostat SBS data 2005; Innovation: own database linked to Amadeus.

In total we linked 14 innovative firms to economic performance data from

Amadeus. This is about 8% of the selected 221 firms, almost on the same level

as in the UK. The number of innovations is just a quarter of the level of the UK.

The financial analysis gives a similar picture as in the UK.

5.10.4 Innovations and business performance: the French Case

The French dairy industry differs just slightly from the other cases. Despite a

relatively low share of large firms 60% of the turnover is generated by these

firms (table 5.14). Note that only large firms could be linked to the classified innovations.

The pattern of the number of innovations and profit margin resembles

the UK situation and the results will not be presented here.

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