Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry

Competitiveness of the EU dairy industry

Table 6.3 Legal status of firms in the sample (active and inactive firms)

Country Type of exit No. exit





Receivership 9

Bankruptcy 3

Merger 1

Liquidation 5

Inactive(no precise reason) 12

Total 30

Bankruptcy 19

Dissolved 3

Liquidation 73

Inactive (no precise reason) 4

Total 99

Merger 10

Liquidation 6

Total 16

Receivership 1

Dissolved 21

Liquidation 5

Total 27

Total 172

Source: Eurostat SBS database.

As can be seen from table 6.4, the Netherlands has the highest concentration

among the five countries. The Eurostat data suggest that the concentration

ratio is declining, but that seems hardly credible. It can be attributed to the increasing

number of firms as already shown under 'Firm demography'. Germany

and France are in second and third position, respectively. The lowest concentration

of dairy processing is found in Italy. Poland is between France and Italy.

Firm size

To investigate profitability and the relation with firm size, the Amadeus database is

used. This database sets a criterion for the company to be registered in the database.

This criterion is a minimum turnover of €1.5 m. This biases the sample

mean upwards to some extent. The sizes of the companies in the Netherlands


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