GEF-ADB High Level Event on Technology Transfer and Finance ...

GEF-ADB High Level Event on Technology Transfer and Finance ...

ong>GEFong>-ong>ADBong> ong>Highong> ong>Levelong> ong>Eventong> on Technology Transfer and Finance

December 3, 2012, from 13:15 to 14:45 - Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha, Qatar


On December 3, 2012, Naoko Ishii, Global Environment Facility CEO and Chairperson, and Bindu

Lohani, Vice President at the Asian Development Bank, hosted a heavily attended high-level

event on technology transfer and finance.

The event was opened by Naoko Ishii and Bindu Lohani. It was organized around two

roundtables. The first roundtable discussed the role of the development banks in climate

technology financing; the second focused on private sector experiences and views.

The first panel was chaired by Andrew Steer, President of the World Resource Institute. It

featured interventions from representatives of the four regional multilateral development

banks: Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction

and Development, and Inter-American Development Bank. They presented the regional climate

technology financing and networking initiatives benefiting from ong>GEFong> financing. The speakers

insisted on the importance of concrete investments and therefore on the importance of

combining technology support and networks with financial instruments. They briefly underlined

the interest of the instruments their initiatives were supporting to attract private sector


The first roundtable was followed by a presentation giving the United Nations Environment

Programme’s perspective on engaging with institutions addressing climate technology financing

and network.

The second round of discussions were led by Ajay Mathur, Director of the Interim Secretariat of

the Green Climate Fund. The panel included two private-sector representatives who shared

their experiences and views on technology transfer, and on how public-sector resources can be

effectively utilized. The speakers insisted on the importance of public and private collaboration

to foster technology transfer. The discussion highlighted the importance of having the public

sector design policies, training systems, and awareness campaign with the private. Participants

also underlined the fact that private sector investors are constantly making decisions balancing

risk versus profit. In this context, the role of the public sector can be crucial in reducing risks in

order to ensure a certain profitability of green investments.

The event closed with interventions by Mary Barton-Dock, Climate Policy and Finance Director

at the World Bank, and Dr.Ishii. Both insisted on the urgency of the climate change situation

and on the need to quickly mobilize funding. The ong>GEFong> CEO underlined the need for stakeholders

to partner with agencies, governments and the private sector, and reiterated the ong>GEFong>’s

eadiness to support the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), in line with the ong>GEFong>


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