Ultimate Holiday in Ukraine – Across Ukraine in 10 ... - Active Ukraine


Ultimate Holiday in Ukraine – Across Ukraine in 10 ... - Active Ukraine

Ultimate Holiday in Ukraine

Across Ukraine in 10 days

Region: North, South, West Physical Rating: 2


10 days/9 nights

Activities: Sightseeing,

Walking, Cultural, City Tours






Trip Overview

General Description

Enjoy the ultimate vacation in Ukraine 10 days across the country and its most special landmarks. Visit

the traditional tourist highlights, and wander away to some off-the-beaten track places, rarely seen by


Meet three Ukrainian cities: bustling and metropolitan Kiev, multicultural and festive Odessa, charming

and cozy Lviv. Discover favorite coffee shops in Lviv, take photos with unusual monuments in Odessa

and explore the rich history and UNESCO-listed heritage of Kiev.

Discover Ukraine’s off-the-beaten track: tiny villages in Carpathian Mountains, full of traditional crafts,

centuries-old customs and authentic lifestyle of Hutsul highlanders; stunning nature and bird life in

Dniester Delta National Park, and green escapes in Kiev, merely few metro stops away from the busy city


Get away from the typical tour routes and explore Ukraine like a local!

And to show you our warm Ukrainian welcome, we'll be the first people you meet! We will provide you

with a Welcome Package upon your arrival. What you can find there:

� Trip Itinerary print-out, to keep you constantly informed of your next steps (printed on recycled


� Map of Kyiv and Lviv, to help you explore city on your own

� Sim-card, to always be in touch with us for directions, translation or suggestions (calls to Active

Ukraine number are free)

� Portable water bottle, to help minimize the waste and our environmental footprint

� Small present from our team, to welcome you to Ukraine!

Trip Highlights

� Sightsee Kyiv, the mother of Ukrainian cities, the modern yet ancient capital: golden-domes of St.

Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Descent and its crafts market, city’s main Independence Square and

Khreshchatyk street, beautiful Kyiv parks and majestic Dnieper River

� Explore the green escapes in Golosiyivsky National Park in Kiev with our nature specialist

� Visit Odesa, Ukraine's largest sea port vibrant and young city, with eclectic mix of architecture and

unique cosmopolitan feel

� Go birdwatching in Dniester Delta National Park, one of the few preserved and intact Black Sea


� Discover Lviv Ukraine’s most charming and romantic city

� Join the simple life of Hutsuls, Ukrainian highlanders in Carpathian Mountains cook traditional

Hutsul dishes, visit Hutsul shepherds and taste their delicious cheese, and learn about the craft of

egg-painting from one of the local artisans

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Making a Difference

At Active Ukraine we travel responsibly and encourage others to do so as well! Check out how this

particular trip is helping you make a difference and bring positive impact to Ukrainian community.

� You contribute to the economical well-being of local communities by visiting rural areas and staying

in rural guesthouses

� Your guides are local and give you in-depth knowledge about Ukraine

� You contribute to the environmental protection cause in Ukraine by visiting country’s National


� You interact with local people and get to know the real Ukraine

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Detailed Itinerary

Day Itinerary Details

Day 1 Welcome to Kyiv

Pick-up and Welcome. Meeting with your Active Ukraine guide. Hotel check-in.

Take a guided tour along city's major landmarks and attractions. Visit the UNESCO-listed

St. Sophia Cathedral with its beautiful frescoes; take a walk at St. Andrew’s Descent

street of writers and artists; learn more about the environmental challenges at National

Chernobyl Museum, stroll along the main street Khreshchatyk, and sip delicious tea at

the Orange Revolution famous Independence Square.

In the evening relax in the greenery of Kyiv Mariyinsky Park and enjoy the stunning views

of majestic Dnieper River.

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

Day 2 Nature Escape

Enjoy the day out, exploring beautiful surroundings of Kyiv parks. Relax in the greenery

of trees or take a stroll along the eco-walk with our nature specialist guide and learn

more about the environmental challenges of the city.

Transfer to Odessa in a sleeper train.

Overnight in a train (2 nd class compartment)

Day 3 Odessa The Pearl at the Sea

Enjoy your morning breakfast in Odessa, the Pearl of the Black Sea. The city is Ukraine's

fourth largest and a major sea port. Founded in 18th century, it has an enchanting mix of

Italian, French and Russian architecture. Odessa is a vibrant city, energetic and fun, with

plenty of activities for all.

After checking in to your hotel, you will enjoy 3 hour guided-tour around the main

sightseeing landmarks of Odessa. After the marvels of the city, enjoy a delicious lunch at

one of its beach-side restaurants.

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

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Day Itinerary Details

Day 4 Dniester Delta National Park

This day you will spend at the Dniester Delta National Park.

Northern part of Dniester Liman is a wetland of international importance. The area is

home to many endangered species, both plant and animal, which are included into the

Red Data Books of Ukraine and Moldova, as well as the Red List of Threatened Species

maintained by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The bird community, nesting in the

wetlands, is especially valuable and includes the glossy ibis (Plegadis falcinellus), its most

endangered species.

You will have a unique chance to observe and experience the wildlife of Dniester Delta

National Park, together with our nature experts at Glossy Ibis campsite. With enormous

passion for nature conservation, and intensive knowledge of the local area, our guides

will take you to the farthest places in Dniester Delta (Beloe Lake, Turunchuk, Strelka). To

top that, enjoy a lovely fresh fish home-made lunch!

Transfer to Odessa. Take a train to Lviv

Overnight in a train (2 nd class compartment)

Day 5 Coffee and Jazz

Explore Lviv Ukraine's most charming and romantic city. Walk along the hidden valleys

of its cobbled streets: full of coffee shops, street musicians, and art galleries. Wander

around Rynok Square UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit to city's magnificent and

world-class Opera Theater (optional)

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

Day 6 Exploring Lviv

Continue exploring city on your own. Take a walk in one of city's beautiful parks or

simply relax in one of the coffee shops.

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

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Day Itinerary Details

Day 7 Ukrainian Carpathians

Take a morning train to Kolomyia. Town of Kolomyia is the cultural center of Hutsuls.

Hutsuls are an ethno-cultural group of highlanders in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains,

and has retained its distinctive culture and traditions.

Explore town’s famous Easter Egg Museum, with over 6,000 beautifully decorated Easter

eggs from all over the world! Get introduced to the lifestyle of Hutsuls and unique Hutsul

cultural heritage at the Hutsul Museum.

Transfer to the village of Kosmach in Carpathian Mountains. Spend your afternoon

visiting famous Hutsul artisans, skilled in traditional crafts such as egg-painting,

embroidery, wood carving and weaving, observe their work and enjoy their beautiful

creations. Sit down for a master class in your craft of choice and make your own

handmade souvenir!

Overnight at a rural guesthouse

Day 8 A Day with Hutsuls

Take a short hike to visit traditional highlanders' huts. Every summer Hutsuls still take

herds of sheep from all over the villages and spend three months in the mountains,

looking after the animals and preparing delicious cheese brynza. You'll have the chance

to witness this old tradition, learn about the lives of Hutsul shepherds and try their

famous cheese brynza.

In the afternoon join your host family in preparing delicious traditional dinner: pick up

mushrooms for the soup, collect some vegetables from the farm fields, and practice

making your own banosh - traditional Hutsul staple dish.

Transfer back to Kolomyia. Take a train to Kyiv.

Overnight in a train (2 nd class compartment)

Day 9 Last Day in Kyiv

Free time to explore the city.

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

Day 10 Farewell and Departure

Farewell and departure

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Trip Notes

Pick up & Drop off: Kyiv

Duration: 10 days/9 nights

Route: Kyiv Odessa Dniester National Park Odessa Lviv Kolomyia Kosmach Kolomyia - Kyiv

Transportation: All long-distance travel will be done by train. It is a comfortable and environmentally

friendly option, very popular with locals. For short distances you will travel by a comfortable, airconditioned

minivan, or local public bus, if available.

Physical rating comments: Easy and suitable for travelers with all level of fitness. Children friendly.

Program Cost

Per Group Cost per person

Group of 2 people 1055 EURO

Group of 4 people 840 EURO

Group of 6 people 761 EURO


� Accommodation: 5 nights in three star hotel or family-owned hotel, 1 night in rural guesthouse

� Meals: day 1 none, day 2 half board, day 3 none, day 4 half board, day 5 breakfast, day 6

breakfast, day 7 full board, day 8 full board, day 9 none, day 10 - breakfast

� Point-to-point transfers and airport transfers overnight train in 2 nd class compartment

� Guides: English-speaking guide for Kyiv city tour and nature tour in Kyiv parks, Odessa and Lviv city

tours, English-speaking guide for trip to Carpathians, English-speaking bird watching guide in

Dniester Delta Nature Reserve

� Activities: city tours in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa, walking tour in Kyiv parks, activities in Carpathian

Mountains, bird watching tour in Dniester Delta National Park


� Air ticket to Ukraine

� Entrance tickets (approximately 20 euros)

� Tips and personal expenses

� Travel insurance

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Trip Photos

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Trip map

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to customize this offer, kindly let us know, and we'd be glad to

accommodate your requirements, wherever applicable.

Reach us at: team@activeukraine.com

Skype us at: Activeukraine

Read our stories: blog.activeukraine.com

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/activeukraine

Follow us on Twitter: @ActiveUkraine

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