FOLGARIA Active Holidays - Albergo Tomasi

FOLGARIA Active Holidays - Albergo Tomasi

Golf On theHighlands golf is practiced in the

field of Maso Spilzi, Costa Folgaria.

Located in the beautiful valley of Costa

to 1,200 meters above sea level, it is a

nine-hole course (total length of 5,532

meters) in the process of being extended

to 18 holes.

The trail goes around the biotope Ecken,

valuable protected area of natural

interest. The near Maso Spilzi, large

rural building dating back to 1700,

houses the clubhouse and a refreshment

bar and adjacent restaurant. The game

path winds with strong characterization

in a setting of lush alpine conifer forests,

small meadows and large grassy areas.


Segreteria Maso Spilzi Club House

Tel. 0464 720480 - Federazione Italiana Golf

For lovers of Nordic Walking, the Plateau offers a park with 103 km of trails!

17 courses for 103 km of trails on an area of 105 square kilometers!

The 'Plateau offers to their guests and keen

walkers a Nordic Walking park, that is, 17 trails

(eight in Folgaria area and nine inLavarone /

Luserna area, for a total of 103 km) equipped

with directional signs and illustrative billboards

These routes are designed to give lovers of this

emerging discipline different solutions, able to

satisfy different requirements: easy, medium

and challenging paths. Several hotels are

equipped to provide the walker of the specific

holiday, packages including rental sticks,

transfer on different paths, special menu and

learning lessons with an instructor.

Paths NW Plateau Folgaria

1 – Ecken Tour - blue, 3 km, difference in altitude 31 m, natural, historic and religious


2 – Nauck Tour - blue, 2.1 km, difference in altitude 128 m, the natural and historical


3 – Kapir Tour - blue, 2.2 km, difference in altitude 128 m, of scenic and natural interest

4 – Pòcheri Tour - Red, 7.4 km, 286 m difference in altitude of scenic and natural interest

5 - Cherle Tour- Black, 11.4 km, 230 m difference in altitude, scenic, historical and

natural interest.

6 - Rust Tour- Red, 6 km, 162 m difference in altitude, natural and historical interest.

7 – Chimney Tour -Red, 7.3 km, 212 m difference in altitude, historical and scenic


8 - Forts Tour - Black, 16.3 km, difference in altitude 553 m, scenic, historical and natural


Paths NW Lavarone Plateau

m. relax and learning (around the lake).

1 - Fountain vecia Tour - blue, 3.5 km,

difference in altitude 58 m, landscape


2 - Around the Lake- Red, 6.6 km, 124 m

difference in altitude, a particularly scenic


3 - Slaghenaufi Tour- Red, 6 km, 216 m

difference in altitude, the scenic, historic

and natural interest.

4 -Tomazòl Tour- Black, 9.6 km, 295 m

difference in altitude, natural and scenic


5 - Tablat Tour- blue, 4 km, 134 m

difference in altitude, a particularly scenic


6 - Gradiva Path- blue, 1.2 km, height 2

Paths NW Luserna

1 - Trenches Route- blue, 3.5 km, 43 m difference in altitude, historical and natural


2 - Hüttn Tour- Red, 7.6 km, difference in altitude 165 m, historical, natural and scenic


3 – Costalta Tour- Red, 6.5 km, difference in altitude 112 m, historical, natural and scenic


Learning and guided tours

During the summer and in winter the instructors of Nordic Walking Highlands School in

collaboration with the Tourist Board, proposes easy learning Excursions

MTB tracks

Highland and mountain biking, the best a biker may

wish: miles and miles of forest trails, unpaved roads,

forest and former military roads... uphill and downhill,

from 1000 to 1800 m of altitude, in a succession of

landscapes, forests fir trees, pastures ... in an

exciting setting of nature and history, among the

remains of the Austro-Hungarian first World War Fortresses and between the signs and

evidence of distant Cimbrian colonization.

Mtb Gym

The relationship between the plateau and mountain biking has been progressively

consolidated over the years: Like, for example, the 100 km race of the Fortresses and

other competitions Millegrobbe Bike, Gran Bike and Great Folgaria Megabike (with

Gibo Simoni Marathon and Kaiserjaeger) provides the most striking example.

Highlands Mountain Bike School

Info Tourist Board Offices - Tel 0464 724100

Mtb instructors - ALTIPIANI BIKE

Mtb school for children, young and adults –

This sport year by year increased in popularity, so

that close to the sport Center of Serrada (5 km

from Folgaria) has been prepared a short didactic

circuit , a small gym, especially useful to those who

want to experiment with different types of

mountains paths and learn the technique to deal

with it safely. Admission is free.

An equipped training camp with SIMB

instructors is working in the summer at the

recreation area of Maso Spilzi , in Costa of Folgaria

Guided Excursions

Massimo Groblechner,

Mtb Instructor SIMB,

Tel. 329 2460860

Massimo Caneppele

Mtb Instructor SIMB,

Tel. 338 7557803


(6 - 99 YEARS)




- Family bike rental and delivery meal and chair lift voucher

- Bicycle ride along the wildlife habitat of Ecken Biotope

- Ascent to high altitudes with chairlift loading the bycicles

- Panoramic Ride overlooking the Austro-Hungarian fortress “Sommo Alto”

- Lunch at Stella D'Italia refuge, adjacent to the Fortress or at Passo Coe or Tavern

- Return to Folgaria through an easy descent



Costa - Località Negheli

Tel. +39-0464/723005

Walks and Excursions

Plateau to walk, to experience and explore in

a series of broad views, exciting corners of

nature, history, culture, gastronomy, from 300

m to 2050 m of the Filadonna Beak.

To walk, but how?

following the careful guidance of no less

than 30 tourist routes, accessible to all,

specially collected and tabulated and presented in a special map distributed at the

Tourism office.

And for serious climbers and walkers of the mountain

trails, many are the greater effort trails as the alpine

trails of the CAI, The hiking of the Fortresses, the

'Crossed Cimbra, the Path of Peace or the European

path E5.

Thematic Trekking

With its 105 square kilometers of

territory the mountainous

plateau of Folgaria, Lavarone

and Luserna offers, in addition

to the many hikes and

excursions, the opportunity to

make thematic short-and longdistance

trekking paths.

Equipped trails - except History Trekking- with explanatory signs and directional arrows.

Some are developed on the mountain while others remain in the vicinity of settlements.

The Trekking offer is:

From the castle to the mountain

connects Folgaria with Beseno Castle along the valley of the “Rio Cavallo”

Path of Peace

developed between the forts and military preparations of the Great War (14/18)

Path E5

is a long distance European route, spread at high altitude

History Trekking

segment of a long trek that combines the Lagarine heights with high Valsugana


Imaginary Cimbrian Path

inspired by the characters of the Cimbrian tradition, in Luserna

The Giants of the Forest

tribute to the Lavarone great fir trees, among them the Avez of Prinzep, the largest

and oldest silver fir in Europe.

Hiking and horseback riding

Ancient medieval trails through ancient

forests, former military roads leading to

what was the Trentino front of the Great

World War I, the first line of the Austro-

Hungarian fortresses,

Trails between protected natural areas.

From 1000 to 1800 m of altitude, in a

succession of broad views and exciting

landscapes : this is the framework that

accompanies horses and riders, alone or in

groups to discover the Plateau.

Where you can ride

Centro Equitazione Longanorbait - Folgaria loc. Carpeneda

with an adjacent brand new receptive structure (Guest House). Lessons and guided tours

on horseback. Services offered: overnight, breakfast, horseback riding, horse riding

school. For children, pony rides.

Info Tel. 3288622466 -

Centro Ippico Il Salice - Folgaria Località Elbele -

Carbonare di Folgaria Tel. 0464 765255 – Summer opening

Free Climbing

The Rock climbing Gym “Prombis” – Lavarone lake

AT short distance from the center of “Lavarone Chiesa”

a nice walk in the woods brings you to Prombis village

at the foot of the south-eastern slopes of Mount Rust,

on the way to the lake.

On the walls of large blocks of landslide was set up a

free climbing gym for adults and children.

In summer, the Tourist Board offers tests of climbing -

safely - with the assistance of mountain guides.

See the APT program events Info Azienda per il Turismo - Tel. 0464 724144


Extensive forests of fir and larch, large terraces at high

altitude, wide pastures alternated with valleys and

mountains tops ; the 'plateau of Folgaria, Lavarone

Luserna lends itself well to the Orienteering.

A sport that on these heights has already had occasion

to deal with international and sports events, first of all

The 5 Days of the Fortresses, running orienteering competition.

The Orientation Race is a time trial, in which the competitor, with

the help of a very detailed paper and a compass, must reach the

finish line as quickly as possible, passing through a series of

checkpoints that must be attended in 'established order.

The choice of path from a control point to another is free and is very

important the fast and accurate reading of the topographic map.

Info Gronlait Orienteering Team - Tel +39 3386087332

Free-flying Platform (gliding)

The peaks that surround the plateau, the harsh cliffs of Monte Vigolana, Monte Finonchio

and Monte Cornetto is the undisputed

kingdom of eagles, hawks, buzzards ...

Now, to defy the laws of gravity and

wind bizarre games, we are the

daredevils who indulge in empty air

and hang gliding or paragliding ...

The Springboard Cornetto - Paradiso

At an altitude of 1670 m, built on a cliff that protrudes from Monte Cornetto, leaning on the

deep groove and wild Val Gola, an Artificial launch pad allows hang-gliding or paragliding.

It's a leap, a thrilling jump.


Albergo rifugio Paradiso con servizio bar e ristorante, Tel. 0464 721308


Palasport Swimmingpools - Folgaria

The Folgaria sports hall hosts (in addition to the gym, indoor basketball court and fitness

center), a competitive pool of 25 mx 12.5 m and 12 m tank learning xm 5.6. Swimming

lessons will take place at different levels: mini baby, baby, children and adults so

idrogymn, spinning, water fitness and aerobic water gym.

The pools are housed in a large

indoor hall, wood paneled and

fitted with large windows. Allows

direct access to the outdoor

equipped solarium. The property

is served by spacious parking

and is easily reached on foot

from the village center via a pedestrian connection. A few meters away is the Ice Palace -


Info Palasport

Tel. +39 0464 720058 -

The Lake - Lavarone

The clear beauty of the water, the magnificent landscape and the quiet setting make Lake

Lavarone the ideal place for your relaxation ... but also ideal for corroborating swim!

arzari Lido Tel 0464 783900 - Lido Bertoldi Tel 0464 783139

Both beaches have beach chairs available for hire, pedalos and boats

Tennis on the Highlands

Folgaria Centro Tennis la Pineta - Nr. Courts 3 - Clay Courts – Lessons available

Tennis Miramonti- Nr. Courts 1 - Clay Courts –

Costa Centro Sportivo Modasport- Nr. Courts 2 - Clay and Synthetic Court-0464/721321

Hotel Sayonara- 0464/721186

Serrada Centro Sportivo- Nr. Courts 2 - Clay and Grass Court

San Sebastiano Nr. Court 1 - night lighting

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