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effective Jan. 1, 2006

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Cox Ohio Southwest Newspaper Group

Key contacts

Vice President of


Cox Ohio Publishing

Mark Stange

(937) 225-2082

Fax: (937) 225-7488


Advertising Director

Cox Ohio Publishing

Southwest Group

Rob Rohr

(513) 705-2829

Fax: (513) 705-2818


Classified Advertising


Terry Bouquot

228 Court St.

Hamilton, OH 45011

(513) 820-2108


Northwest Retail

Advertising Manager

Joanne Hyland

(513) 705-2800

Fax: (513) 422-2794


Southwest Retail

Advertising Manager

Bill Lubbers

(513) 820-2106

Fax: (513) 863-0011



Advertising Manager

Kathleen Lane

(513) 755-5061

Fax: (513) 755-5077


National Advertising


Cox Ohio Publishing

(937) 225-2065

Group Publisher

Ann Hoffman

228 Court St.

Hamilton, OH 45011

(513) 820-2101

Fax: (513) 422-8698


Circulation Director

Daily Papers and Oxford Press

Mike Stevens

(513) 755-2521


Circulation Manager

Weekly Papers

Vicky Hoekstra

(513) 755-5118



Table of contents

Personnel .................................................. 1

Overview of ad rates & publications...... 2-4

Color rates .................................................. 4

Special rates ................................................ 4

Mechanical measurements ...................... 4

Digital ads & submission guidelines ....... 4

Distribution rates & guidelines................. 5-6

Internet advertising ...................................... 6

Special services............................................ 7

Regulations & policies .............................. 7

Community daily papers


The city of Hamilton is

situated in southwestern

Ohio, 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

Located in the county seat of

booming Butler county, the

JournalNews has been bringing

news to readers since 1886,

has won the General Excellence

award and was named the

Best Daily Newspaper in Ohio several times in its

circulation category. By providing deep coverage of the issues, people

and events that shape this city, the JournalNews is an integral part of

its community and continues to grow in readership.

Zip codes distributed:

45011, 45013, 45015, 45053, 45056, 45061, 45062, 45067, 45069

Daily 1-issue readership: 39%* 45,300** Adults

5-issue readership: 62%* 91,800** Adults

Sunday 1-issue readership: 50%* 60,900** Adults

4-issue readership: 62%* 81,800** Adults


228 Court St. Hamilton, OH 45011


Advertising (513) 820-2022 Fax: (513) 863-0011

* 2005 Scarborough Research Release 1 NDM, ** Combined Cincinnati and Dayton DMAs.

Daily ROP Rates


Open $20.70

$750 18.70

$2,500 16.70

$5,000 16.20

$10,000 15.70

$15,000 15.20

$25,000 14.70

$35,000 13.70

$50,000 12.70

$75,000 10.70

Daily paper, special content


Go! Is our Friday entertainment

section for people getting geared up

to go out from Dayton to Cincinnati

with a special emphasis on Butler

County. Find event info, movie

times, restaurant recommendations

and lots of other suggestions on

spending your time.


The Middletown


Middletown is located in

Butler County and has

a population of approximately

50,600. This southwestern

Ohio town is located 27 miles

south of Dayton, 5 miles

off Interstate 75.

Middletown’s history and future is linked

closely to the steel industry, as it is the corporate headquarters

for AK Steel, Middletown’s largest employer. The city’s healthy mix

of businesses and services, strong educational network and array of

cultural, civic and recreational offerings make Middletown one of the

most promising and exciting growth areas in Ohio and the Midwest.

The Middletown Journal has the best sports section of similar size

newspapers in Ohio and recently won second place in the General

Excellence Award from the Associated Press.

Zip codes distributed

45005, 45036, 45042, 45044, 45050, 45064, 45066, 45067, 45327

Daily 1-issue readership: 49%* 57,700** Adults

5-issue readership: 65%* 89,700** Adults

Sunday 1-issue readership: 59%* 68,400** Adults

4-issue readership: 73%* 95,700** Adults


52 S. Broad St. Middletown, OH 45044


Advertising (513) 705-2860 Fax: (513) 422-2794

GO! Friday entertainment tab

Hamilton or Hamilton & Deadlines

Middletown Middletown

Open $16.00 $28.00

6x 14.40 25.20

13x 12.80 22.40

26x 11.20 19.60

52x 8.00 14.00

Ask your representative for advertising options.

Pick up rates*

Into additional SWG daily paper: $16. SWG weekly paper: $7. Pulse Combo: $13. Dayton Daily News ROP sections: Daily $55, Sunday: $59.

Dayton Daily News Neighbors: $7; Springfield News-Sun: $16.22

*All pick up rates are per column inch. Pick up ads only that are published within seven days of original running in the primary publication. If the advertiser has a signed contract with Cox Ohio Publishing that

entitles them to a better contract rate for the publication being picked up, then they are awarded the better rate.

Real Estate Plus

Monday-Friday 2 business days prior, by 5 p.m.

Saturday Wednesday, 5 p.m.

Sunday Thursday, 5 p.m.

Shopper’s Extra Wednesday, 5 p.m.

GO! Tuesday, noon

Real Estate Plus Wednesday, 5 p.m.

Color: Under 33 inches: $150; Under 66 inches: $175; Under 90 inches: $200; Full page: $225. (Calculated for each publication.)

A Saturday publication that

highlights homes for sale throughout

the area with hundreds of home

listings, featured home pictorials,

home buying and financing advice,

as well as other useful information

to help you buy or sell a home in

Butler and surrounding counties.

Special Sections

Each year our publications staff produces

several special sections that provide

targeted content environments for your

message. The 2006 list will include: Spring

and Fall Home Improvement Sections, A

Community Progress and Development

Section, Prep Sports Previews, Gift Guides

and a variety of event-driven sections.

Community weekly editions

Community weekly editions

Fairfield Echo

The Echo serves Fairfield and Fairfield Twp.,

along with Hamilton suburbs. Fairfield Twp.

has grown 68 percent in the past 10 years.

Growth is anticipated to be heavy with much

building expansion and new housing. The

Fairfield Echo was named one of the top

three non-daily newspapers in the nation in

2005 by the Suburban Newspaper Association

at its circulation level and devotes its time covering the school,

business and civic news for this densely populated southern Butler County

suburb. Seven out of 10 (73%) adults in the Fairfield area have read the

Fairfield Echo in the past month. The Fairfield Echo was named best non-daily

by the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists.

Source: 2004 SWG Weekly Newspaper Study, ABC Audit Report, March 2004, 2004 Claritas Inc.

Publication day: Thursday Deadline: Monday noon

Zip codes distributed: 45011, 45014

4-issue adult readership: 73% * 1-issue adult readership: 57% *

228 Court St. Hamilton, OH 45011


(513) 863-8200 Fax: (513) 863-0011

The Pulse~Journal

The paper’s two editions: Mason/Deerfield Twp.

and West Chester/Liberty Twp. offer advertising

and editorial coverage so that our clients and

readers can benefit from information that is

most relevant to them.

The population of this area has doubled over

10 years, and the growth pace continues.

Median household income in Mason/Deerfield Township

is $79,500 and West Chester/Liberty Township area is $83,400.

As one of the nation’s best non-daily papers, both editions of the Pulse-Journal

enjoy strong readership with seven out of 10 adults in the Mason area (71%)

and three out of four adults in the West Chester area (76%) having read

The Pulse~Journal in the past month.

Sources: 2004 SWG Weekly Newspaper study, ABC Audit Report, March 2004, 2004 Claritas Inc.

Publication day: Thursday Deadline: Monday noon

Zip codes distributed:


45034, 45039, 45040, 45140, 45249

West Chester:

45011, 45044, 45069, 45241

4-issue adult readership: Mason 71%*, West Chester 76%*

1-issue adult readership: Mason 59%*, West Chester 60%*

7378 Liberty One Drive, Liberty Twp., OH 45044


(513) 755-5062 Fax: (513) 755-5077

Pick up rates*

Hamilton or Middletown: $16.

Additional weekly paper: $7.

Pulse Combo $13.

Dayton Daily News ROP sections: Daily $55, Sunday $59.

Dayton Daily News Neighbors: $7.

Springfield News-Sun $16.22.

*Source: 2004 SWG Study


Publication day: Friday Deadline: Monday noon

Zip codes distributed: 45056, 45013

The Oxford Press

A paid weekly newspaper, published weekly

for full-time residents of Oxford, home of

Miami University, The Oxford Press covers

campus and community news for the

permanent residents of this university

town. Because of its wired university

infrastructure, Oxfordpress.com is one

of our highest traffic community news

Web sites.

Paid circulation: Friday

4-issue adult readership: 65% * 1-issue adult readership: 53% *

15 S. Beech St. Oxford, OH 45056


(513) 523-4139 Fax: (513) 523-1935

Source: 2004 SWG Weekly Newspaper Study, March 2004, 2004 Claritas Inc.

Publication day: Thursday Deadline: Monday noon

The Western Star

Lebanon is the county seat for Warren

County, with a population that commutes

both to the southern Dayton and northern

Cincinnati markets for work and shopping.

Continued growth from both those

markets is anticipated. This market area

had a 45 percent population growth

between 1990 and 2000, and a median

household income of more than $60,000.

Zip codes distributed: 45036, 45039, 45054, 45065, 45068, 45152

4-issue adult readership: 74%* 1-issue adult readership: 59%*

200 Harmon Ave. Lebanon, OH 45036


(513) 696-4509 Fax: (513) 932-6056


Weeklies Pulse Journal


Open $9.00 $16.20

$750 8.55 15.39

$2,500 8.33 14.99

$5,000 7.88 14.18

$10,000 7.65 13.77

$15,000 7.20 12.96

$25,000 6.75 12.15

$35,000 6.30 11.34

$50,000 5.40 9.72

$75,000 4.50 8.10

*All pick up rates are per column inch. Pick up ads only that are published within seven days of

original running in the primary publication. If the advertiser has a signed contract with Cox Ohio

Publishing that entitles them to a better contract rate for the publication being picked up, then they

are awarded the better rate.

Color: Under 33 inches: $150; Under 66 inches: $175;

Under 90 inches: $200; Full page: $225.

(Calculated for each publication.)

Dayton Daily News Neighbors

Open $750 $2,500

per year per year

Zone 1 (Kettering, Oakwood) $ 14.31 $ 10.83 $ 9.62

Zone 2 (Centerville, Bellbrook) 13.04 9.50 8.65

Zone 3 (Warren County) 8.00 6.90 5.74

Zone 4 (Greene County) 13.77 10.26 9.26

Zone 5 (Huber Heights, Vandalia) 11.60 10.26 8.47

Zone 6 (Englewood, Trotwood) 9.07 7.86 6.67

Zone 7 (Downtown Dayton) 11.54 10.46 10.05

Zone 8 (Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Eaton) 8.98 7.19 6.25

Zone 9 (Miami County) 13.04 8.36 7.07

Piggyback discount per zone 2.00 1.00 1.00

Color: spot or 4-color, 60 column inches or less: $81

spot or 4-color, more than 60 column inches: $144

Special Rates

Multiple run discount: for ads running within 7 days in the same

publication; 20% second run, 35% each additional run. Not applicable

to pick up discounts.

Non-profit: companies are awarded $25,000 contract level.

Premium placement: section can be guaranteed for a 15% premium.

Anniversary sale: Run up to a double truck and get 50% OFF SPACE

COST. Increase space and increase sales with this discount offer on

one ad per year.

Minimum size requirement thirty (30) column inches: Cannot be

combined with any other discounts. Ad must specify ANNIVERSARY

SALE in ad copy.

Frequency Rates: For ads running in the same publication at least:

13x 20% discount*,

26x 30% discount*, 52x 40% discount*.

*All discounts calculated off open rates.

Grand Openings: Consult with your advertising representative to

discuss discount packages.

Digital Ads

Digital ad sending options

Internet: Send us your ad over the Internet by accessing

www.sendyourad.com. This will provide you with an order form and

simple instructions for attaching your ad and its accompanying files.

There are no extra fees, turnaround schedules or delays to transmit

ads immediately over the Internet. You can use this Web site with

any computer that has Internet access. This Web site allows multiple

formats (e.g. Acrobat PDF, EPS, TIFF); however, PDF is the requested


AdSEND: If you are an AdSEND subscriber (member of Associated

Press), we can receive your display ad via AdSEND routed to us

through Associated Press. All AdSEND files are PDF format.

You can also send us your digital ads via CD-Rom.

Please include a hard copy proof with disks.

Label media appropriately with name, phone, publication date and

return address.

E-mail: Sending your ad via e-mail attachment is not recommended.

Such attachments are not always reliable and can contain viruses. If

you must send your ad attached by e-mail, you should address your

message to sendyourad@coxohio.com.

If you would like more information on how your company can

send ads electronically, call the Publishing Operations Department

at (937) 225-2059 or visit our electronic ads Web site at



Mechanical Measurements

Shoppers’ Extra

Every business could use some extra shoppers, and our Shoppers Extra in

both Butler and Warren counties combine local news and features content, our

very popular “Cook of the Week” featuring local recipes, as well as hundreds

of classified ads for merchandise, autos, real estate. With weekend distribution,

the Shoppers Extra is also packed with grocery coupons and inserts from

local and national retailers.

Butler County Shoppers Extra:

Delivered to Non-Subscribers of the Middletown Journal,

Hamilton Journal News and Oxford Press in Butler County and the cities of

Franklin and Carlisle. Butler County Version

Zip codes distributed: 45005, 45042, 45044,

45050, 45067, 45330

Warren County Version Zip codes distributed:

45034, 45036, 45039, 45040, 45054, 45065,

45068, 45107,* 45140, 45152, 45122*.

* Partial Zip disclaimer

Deadline: Tuesday, 4 p.m.

Photos cut with 90-line screen. Ads must be at least as many inches

deep as they are columns wide.

Standard-size printed page:

11 5/8" x 21".

6 columns per page.

1 13/16" per column.

Tabloid-size printed page:

9 5/8" x 11 1/2".

5 columns per page. 1 13/16" per column.

Tabloid double truck:

10 1/2 columns (20 5/16" x 11 1/2").

Standard double-truck page:

12 1/2 columns by 21". Minimum double-truck width accepted is 8 1/2

columns (8 columns plus the gutter, which is billed as 1/2 column).

Only 8 1/2, 10 1/2 and 12 1/2 column double truck ads will be accepted.

126 column inches per ROP page (billed).

All ROP ads over 18" must go full depth (21").

All Tabloid ads over 10" must go full depth (11 1/2").

Any ads over 18" deep will be charged the full depth of 21".

Strip ads must be at least 5 columns x 2".

Note: The printed page will be reduced up to 2 percent to ensure print

quality. Digital files may be adjusted to fit.

See your advertising representative for other sizes.


Open $9.00

6x 7.50

12x 6.00

24x 5.00

52x 4.50

Contact any Cox Ohio Publishing representative for details on how you can ad your

message to the Extra.

All ads that appear in print may appear online in some form on

any or all of our Web sites. Ask your sales representative for more


Column width for standard-size display pages:


Number of Width Width depth

columns in inches in inches in inches

1 1 13/16 1.833 1

2 3 3/4 3.792 2

3 5 3/4 5.750 3

4 7 11/16 7.708 4

5 9 5/8 9.667 5

6 11 5/8 11.625 6

Distribution Services

We offer a variety of preprint distribution options that can help you

reach your best customers. You can count on credible, reliable delivery

of your advertising message in any of our daily or weekly newspapers

and our total market coverage (TMC) publications delivered via our

newspaper carrier force. Subscriber and TMC delivery is available

by ZIP code in Butler, Warren, Montgomery, Greene, Miami and Clark

counties, as well as in single-copy editions by zone.

We offer discounts for full-run circulation and annual quantity

contracts. We can deliver inserts that you supply, or create a turn-key

print and delivery program that will provide fast, flexible and affordable

four-color inserts with free design and copywriting included. Plus,

choose from a wide variety of ink and paper combinations to add

maximum impact to your promotion (see our Print Plus Section on next



ZIP code: 45011, 45013, 45014, 45015, 45053, 45056, 45067, 45069

The Middletown Journal

ZIP code: 45005, 45036, 45042, 45044, 45050, 45064, * 45066, 45067, 45327

The Pulse-Journal

ZIP code, Mason: 45039, 45040, 45140, 45249, 45034

ZIP code, West Chester: 45011, 45044, 45069, 45241

The Western Star

ZIP code: 45036, 45039, 45054, 45065, 45068, 45152

Fairfield Echo

ZIP code: 45011, 45014, 45015

The Oxford Press

ZIP code: 45013, 45056

Warren County Extra

ZIP code: 45034, 45036, 45039, 45040, 45054, 45065, 45068, 45107, 45122,


Butler County Shopper’s Extra available to non-subscribers in all

Middletown Journal, JournalNews and Oxford Press ZIP codes.

Dayton Daily News and Springfield News-Sun distribution available.

See representative for updated delivery quantities. Extra TMC available

by ZIP code.

Preprint Labeling Specifications

Each skid (pallet) of preprints delivered to the PTC needs to be labeled on two

adjacent sides with the following identifying information:

1. Advertiser’s name.

2. Publication name (each publication separately skidded). i.e. Dayton Daily

News, Springfield News-Sun, Hamilton JournalNews, Middletown Journal.

Publication name is critical and should be printed in large font size (36 point

or larger).

3. Subscriber and nonsubscriber quantities must be separated.

4. Publication date (if two or more publication dates, then preprints

should be separately broken out and labeled).

5. Number of preprints contained on the skid or in the box.

6. Total number of preprints for this insertion.

7. Skids or boxes need to be numbered 1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc.

Boxes of preprints not delivered on a skid need to be labeled with

the above information on one side.

Preprints must be stacked on nonreturnable skids designed for use

with fork trucks.

A skid of preprints should be shrink-wrapped with plastic to protect

the preprints.

Height limit: 5 1/2', weight limit: 2,800 lbs.



Distribution Rates, Daily & Sunday

Single sheet $37.50 CPM

4 pages 40.50 CPM

8 pages 44.50 CPM

12 pages 47.50 CPM

16 pages 49.50 CPM

20 pages 51.50 CPM

24 pages 54.50 CPM

28 pages 56.50 CPM

32 pages 58.50 CPM

36 pages 60.50 CPM

Over 36 pages, add $2 per thousand per every 4 pages in excess of

the 36 page rate above.

Reservations due 14 days in advance of insertion. Holiday distribution

may require additional lead times for reservation and delivery.

Annual Volume Discount Contracts (in 1,000s)

100 5% discount

1,000 8% discount

2,000 10% discount

Full Run Discount — Place your insert full distribution in any* of our

publications and earn a 5% discount.

Minimum distribution of 10,000 per insertion order. *

All Oxford Press and Oxford Extra inserts must be inserted into the

entire distribution area.

Add 5 percent waste per publication distributed.

Copy subject to approval.

Insert zoning is available Monday-Sunday by ZIP code.

* Excludes Oxford publications

Preprinted Material Sizes and Specifications

All above rates apply to any free-standing preprint insert over

5 1/ 2" width x 8" deep page size to a maximum of 11" wide x

121⁄2" deep. Larger inserts must be folded. For folded pieces, there

must be a minimum spine length of 8". Any preprints which do not

meet the required specifications or delivery deadlines and must be

hand inserted will be assessed a $20 CPM upcharge in addition to

normal delivery charges.

Two-page, full-sheet inserts require 70 lb. uncoated or 100 lb. coated


Preprint Shipping Instructions

All deliveries are to be made to:

Dayton Daily News Print Technology Center

5000 Commerce Center Drive

Franklin, OH 45005

For delivery instructions call: (937) 743-6716

Dock hours:

Monday through Friday — 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

By appointment:

Saturday — 8:30 a.m.-noon. Arrangements for Saturday delivery

must be made by 9 a.m. Friday by calling (937) 743-6717.

Daily preprints are due a minimum of three business days prior to

publication date. Sunday preprints are due seven business days prior

to delivery. Preprints for weekly publications are due on the Monday

prior to publication. Holiday deadlines are earlier. Contact your Cox

Ohio sales representative for details.

Normal packaging instructions apply. Packaging specifications

available upon request.

Print Plus — Turn-Key Print and Distribution


81⁄2" x 11" SINGLE SHEET 81⁄2" x 11" SINGLE SHEET 11" x 17" FOUR-PAGE TAB

Up to four colors — one side Up to four colors — both sides Up to four colors — both sides

Quantities * Monday -Saturday Sunday Monday -Saturday Sunday Monday -Saturday Sunday

10,000-19,999 $57.24 CPM $62.64 CPM $60.48 CPM $65.88 CPM $109.08 CPM $117.72 CPM

20,000-49,999 55.08 CPM 60.48 CPM 58.32 CPM 63.72 CPM 102.60 CPM 111.24 CPM

50,000-99,999 54.00 CPM 59.40 CPM 56.16 CPM 61.56 CPM 99.36 CPM 108.00 CPM

100,000+ 51.84 CPM 57.24 CPM 55.08 CPM 60.48 CPM 97.20 CPM 105.84 CPM

Available paper colors (70# offset only):

70# Text Salmon 70# Text Ivory 70# Text Orchid 70# Text Blue 70# Text Yellow 70# Text Pink 70# Text Green

It is recommended to use white paper when printing full-color artwork. Colored paper can affect the ink shade of the final printed product.


(Available in white only) (Available in white only)

81⁄2" x 11" SINGLE SHEET 11" x 17" FOUR-PAGE TAB 81⁄2" x 11" SINGLE SHEET

Four colors — both sides Four colors — both sides Up to four colors — both sides

Quantities * Monday -Saturday Sunday Monday -Saturday Sunday Monday -Saturday Sunday

10,000-19,999 $70.20 CPM $75.60 CPM $128.52 CPM $137.16 CPM $89.64 CPM $95.04 CPM

20,000-49,999 68.04 CPM 73.44 CPM 124.20 CPM 132.84 CPM 86.40 CPM 91.80 CPM

50,000-99,999 65.88 CPM 71.28 CPM 119.88 CPM 128.52 CPM 84.24 CPM 89.64 CPM

100,000+ 63.72 CPM 69.12 CPM 116.64 CPM 125.28 CPM 83.16 CPM 88.56 CPM

* 10,000 minimum, except Oxford Press where minimum is full distribution.

Reservations, art and copy deadlines

Monday-Saturday:19 days prior to delivery

Sunday: 21 days prior to delivery

Proof deadline: 12 days prior to delivery

Internet Advertising

Run full distribution in any Cox Ohio publication and save 5%.

Site Description:

All of our publications have a complimentary Web site to browse,

act or interact with all that is going on locally in news, sports,

entertainment, shopping, recreation, weather and so much more.

It’s the most current local information, all in one place and always


Our Audience: Page Views Unique visitors

MiddletownJournal.com 547,500 43,900

Journal-News.com 546,600 55,100

Western-Star.com 79,800 11,900

PulseJournal.com 83,100 15,200

Fairfield-Echo.com 21,400 3,700

OxfordPress.com 53,000 22,300

Source: 2005 Site Catalyst Sept. 2005 (6-month period)

User Profile:

❒ 65% are ages 25-54

❒ 73% have household incomes more than $50,000

❒ 59% are college-educated

Source: 2005 SCARBOROUGH REPORT, RELEASE 1 (Southwest Group daily papers)

Additional copies (6,000 maximum)

81⁄2" x 11"; 70lb. offset: $40 CPM

100lb. glossy: $50 CPM

80 lb. glossy card: $65 CPM


Advertising options:

Targeted advertising

E-mail newsletters


Rich media



One fold: add $6.50 CPM

Two folds: add $13.00 CPM

Two folds are available only on additional copies

and cannot be inserted for distribution.

Reach more customers by placing your print ad in our online

Marketplace. Linked to all of our publications’ Web sites,

Marketplace gives our Web audience the ability to shop by category,

by item or by newspaper from hundreds of advertisers that have

placed their print ads online with us. Once you’re in Marketplace,

your print ad becomes dynamic, searchable copy. Your ad can link

to your Web site for more information, and it can be printed or

e-mailed to share with other shoppers. A variety of other features

will set your advertising apart from those of your competitors.

For more information, contact your advertising

representative or Jay King at (937) 225-2185

Fax (937) 225-2203, e-mail: jking@coxohio.com

or see our online media kit at


Special Services

Co-operative Advertising

We can help you discover extra dollars to increase your advertising

exposure with co-op advertising. Our free services include: computer

access to applicable co-op programs; supplier advertising fund

inquiries; effective co-op ad allocation, copy, layout and campaign

planning; and duplicate billing and tear sheets.

For co-op advertising assistance, call your account representative.

Market Research

Our Advertising Marketing Research Department can provide you

with valuable market data to help you plan your advertising and

merchandising strategies. Information available includes demographics,

retail sales, shopping habits, newspaper readership, media analysis,

lifestyle segmentation, site location analysis and an array of customized

database applications.

Copy Regulations

Type or cuts will not be set parallel with column rules, upside down or

backwards, or in any other unorthodox manner, when such occupies

10% or more of the total space, except full-page ads may be turned as

much as 90 degrees.

Political Regulations

The words “Paid Political Advertisement” must appear on the top of

each ad in at least 12 point type — (1 or 2 column ads = 1 time,

3 or 4 column ads = 2 times, 5 or 6 column ads = 3 times)

At the bottom of each ad, a disclaimer must appear in 8 point type,

“Paid for by” (person’s name or committee, etc.)

All political ads must be paid for in advance.

The above mentioned also applies to inserts/flyers.

Contract Regulations

Exceeding contract: If advertiser exceeds contract level, the rate

will be adjusted accordingly to the new contract level achieved for the

previous 30 days (or beginning of contract if within the first 30 days

of contract) and for the remainder of the contract. Periodic reviews of

contract performance may result in mid-contract rate adjustments in

order to provide the advertiser the lowest rate possible.

Contract not fulfilled: If, at the expiration of an advertising contract,

or upon prior termination by the ADVERTISER or the PUBLISHER, for

any cause, the ADVERTISER has not met the expenditure specified, the

advertising space purchased will be rebilled to the ADVERTISER at the

dollar volume level actually incurred, according to the rate schedules in

effect when the advertising was published. Periodic reviews of contract

performance may result in midcontract rate adjustment, in order to give

the advertiser the lowest rate possible and avoid excessive short-rate


Terms of Payment

Retail advertising rates are not commissionable. Payment must

accompany all orders from accounts until credit is established. Credit

available upon approval of credit application. Applications are available

from your advertising representative. Invoices are due and payable

20 days after receipt. Publisher reserves the right to establish late fees

and penalties.

Retail rates are available to advertisers who sell a product or service

to the public, through one or more retail outlets, owned and operated by

the advertiser in our retail trade area.

Maximum adjustment for errors will be limited to the actual space in

which the error occurs.

Confidentiality: It is expressly agreed that neither Advertiser nor Cox

Newspapers, nor their respective agents and representatives, shall

disclose in any manner the terms and conditions of this Agreement to

anyone not a party to it.


General Rate & Copy Policy

Cox Ohio Publishing reserves the right to properly classify, reject,

alter or omit part or all of any advertisement, or lighten type, borders

and cuts to conform with the policies of the newspapers or the best

interests of its readers.

Fraudulent, dishonest or misleading advertising will not knowingly be


Verbal agreements, promises, waivers, understandings or conditions of

any nature not contained in this rate card shall not be binding upon the


All advertising is accepted and published with the understanding that

all the rates and regulations herein contained are acceptable to the


Advertiser assumes all liability for content of advertising, and agrees to

defend, hold harmless and indemnify Publisher for all damages arising

therefrom. Liability for typographical errors, wrong insertions, omissions,

late publications and/or nonpublication, nonperformance due to Acts of

God, as well as all other matters Advertiser might raise relevant to this

contract, is limited to an adjustment of charges. Claims for an allowance

for such matters must be made within seven (7) days of the matter’s

first occurrence. Publisher will not be deemed to have broken this

contract, nor will Publisher be liable for lost profit, unachieved business

opportunities, consequential damages or any other monetary damages

beyond the advertising charges payable to Publisher hereunder.

Services purchased by Advertiser through an advertising agency will

count toward any dollar volume requirement herein. Advertiser accepts

full joint and severable liability, along with the advertising agency, for all

advertising purchased hereunder through an agency.

Publisher reserves the right to revise or reject, at its option, any

advertisement deemed objectionable by the Publisher in subject matter,

phraseology or composition or any advertisement illegal under the

laws of the state. (Publisher shall determine the classification of each


The Publisher reserves the right to revise advertising rates upon

30 days’ notice to current rate holders.

Advertising set to resemble news matter must carry the word

“Advertisement” at the top in bold 8-point type once for every two

columns of width.

No adjustments will be made because of position when ad is properly


All “going-out-of-business” ads will be accepted on a cash-with-copy

basis only.

Brokered advertising space will not be accepted.

Rates included in this rate card or in advertising agreements do not

include any network sales commission, transaction or other such fees,

which shall not be the responsibility of the Publisher unless so specified

in writing.

In publications that provide a Web presence for in-paper advertisements

as part of the standard per-column-inch rates, advertisers may elect to

opt-out of the Web portion of that advertising placement and Cox Ohio

Publishing will refund a portion of the advertising charges for omitting

these services. An advertiser may only opt-out of the Internet portion

on or before the published camera-ready deadline for the ad. After

that time, the Internet presence may be turned off at the advertiser’s

request, but no refund will be provided.

Notice of error or omission

Advertisers are requested to check the first insertion of any ad for

accuracy. We cannot be responsible for more than one incorrect

insertion or for more than the cost of the advertisement in which the

error occurred, nor can the Publisher assume liability or financial

responsibility for omission or typographical errors. We will not be

responsible to give adjustments on ads run after 90 days from


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