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Download Eltek's brochure - Midsummer Wholesale

Download Eltek's brochure - Midsummer Wholesale


THEIA HE-t SETTING A NEW STANdARd IN STRING INVERTERS Eltek is a global power conversion specialist with industry-leading expertise, technolo gy and products. Drawing on more than 40 years experience in power electronics, we are committed to meeting the power conversion needs of the photovoltaic industry. Maximize the energy harvest from your PV installations with the new THEIA HE-t The THEIA HE-t defines a new level of efficiency, flexibility and user friendliness for isolated string inverters. • Suitable for all panel technologies • Integrated web server • Very easy to install, use and manage • Superior quality and reliability Explore the uniqueness of THEIA HE-t

97.3% Now available for orders efficiency and galvanic isolation

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