Bombardier Business Aircraft | Market Forecast 2011-2030 - Learjet ...

Bombardier Business Aircraft | Market Forecast 2011-2030 - Learjet ...

current market drivers

of flight hours per year, without the obligation

to purchase shares in any aircraft.

There are four large operators in the fractional

ownership industry, among them NetJets

and Flexjet by Bombardier. The fractional

ownership industry went through a period of

fleet rationalisation during 2009, resulting in

a substantial reduction of its order backlog.

Since then, backlogs have resumed growing;

in particular, NetJets placed significant

volume orders for new business jets in

2010 and early 2011.

The growth in the number of branded charter

operators is a more recent trend. These

operators offer on-demand flight with

competitive trip-specific pricing. Branded

charter operators are characterized by

sophisticated operations infrastructure,

and greater use of airline-style scheduling

practices in order to minimize deadhead costs.

In 2008, branded charter operator orders

represented approximately 20% to 30% of

total business jet orders. In 2009, the aftermath

of the economic downturn caused

branded charter operators to resort to order

deferrals and cancellations. Larger operators,

such as VistaJet and Comlux, have returned

to growth and have placed orders for additional

business jets in 2010 and early 2011.

Fractional and branded charter operators

Business Jet Fractional Order and Delivery Units

Units, Calendar years 2001-2010

Order and Delivery Units







Fractional operators includes: Flexjet, Netjets, CitationAir, Flight Options.

Sources: Deliveries from Ascend; Orders from competitive intelligence.

Excludes Very Light Jet and Large Corporate Airline categories.

are returning to growth and are expected to

account for approximately 10% of business

jet deliveries over the next 20 years.

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