Laureate Special Needs Software Catalog - Laureate Learning ...

Laureate Special Needs Software Catalog - Laureate Learning ...

Try our new Sterling Editions! We

Laureate’s Language Development

Everything you need to build

language and communication!

Are you looking for an engaging and e ective way to improve your students’

language? Laureate’s newest language development programs make learning a

fun and rewarding experience! Inside every program, you’ll nd the latest linguistic

theory and research as well as exciting new features to motivate performance.

All programs in these packages

are Sterling Editions!

What's a Sterling Edition Program?

Sterling Editions

are Laureate's next

generation of language

See page 5 for details.

intervention software.

These all-new

programs combine

the latest developments in linguistic theory and

language research with superior instructional design

to provide evidence-based intervention services.

The development and eld-testing of our Sterling

Edition programs were supported by a series of Small

Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the

National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute

on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

(NIDCD) and National Institute of Child Health and

Human Development (NICHD).

Sterling Editions feature two pioneering


Optimized Intervention® technology provides:

• Automatic assessment

• Research-based instruction

• Highly individualized intervention

• Extensive data collection

The Sterling Administration System o ers:

• Control over all aspects of learning

• Single interface for unlimited number of students

• Easy student management and data analysis

• Built-in reports to ensure accountability

Delivering individualized language

intervention services has never been

easier or more cost-e ective!

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Language Language Development


Package - Level 1

Early Vocabulary, Category Concepts,

and Emerging Syntax

These 5 programs are designed for individuals in

the earliest stages of language development. First

Words, First Words II, and First Verbs train 150 early

developing vocabulary words in a highly-structured

and supportive environment. First Categories uses 60

common nouns to teach 6 basic categories. Simple

Sentence Structure trains basic subject-verb-object

word order.

Programs Included in Level 1:

• First Words, PG. 17

• First Words II, PG. 17 5

• First Verbs, PG. 17 MAC/WIN

• First Categories, PG. 21 CDs

• Simple Sentence Structure, PG. 22

Total Value: $1,125

Special Package Price: $843

See page 5 for details.

Language Development Package - Level 1

Buy this

Package and

Save $282

1-4 packages 989-A32 $843 ea.

5-9 packages 989-30-A32 $590 ea.

10-19 packages 989-40-A32 $506 ea.

20-49 packages 989-50-A32 $422 ea.

50+ packages Call for pricing.

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