Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende


Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende

Drivers of the Dairy Industry

By Helle Rexen,



Chr. Hansen A/S

A key element in global ingredients

supplier Chr. Hansen’s strategy is to

continually enable customers to improve

their business with new concepts

adding value to the dairy products

and processes, but also reducing

contamination risk and optimizing

food safety.

We build long term strategic supplier

relationships with our customers

providing high added value

products and essential technical service.

Innovative solutions which add

health components or other valuable

ingredients to yoghurt or cheese

make the products more appealing to

the consumers. An equally important

option is to provide customers with

new products and tools to optimize

production processes by improving

the yield of fermented milk products

and/or reducing production costs.

Meeting market needs

The concepts all meet market needs

for increased profitability, consistency

and control, and are the results

of working partnerships with key customers

and strategic partners.

For instance we have developed a

new generation of coagulants offering

a number of major benefits like

higher cheese yield, mild flavors and

a longer shelf life under the name of


More of everything

“Compared to existing coagulants

CHY-MAX ® M offers more of everything

that is important for global

cheese producers. The explanation

is that the specificity of the enzyme

for milk-clotting is at least five times

Over the past year Chr. Hansen

has introduced a wide range

of revolutionary concepts to

improve dairy products as well as our

customers’ competitiveness.

better than 1st generation fermentation-produced

chymosins, e.g. CHY-

MAX ® , and 25 times better than the

microbial coagulant from the fungus

Rhizomucor miehei. At the same

time, CHY-MAX ® M is the most costeffective

choice among all coagulants

due to the reduced dosage and increased

yield”, explains David Stroo,

Marketing Director, Enzymes, Chr.


CHY-MAX ® M is suitable for all

cheese types, and has already proven

its excellent performance in continental,

pasta filata and cheddar

cheese types.

CHY-MAX ® M is now available for

testing in Europe except for France

and Denmark where approval is expected

in early 2010.

Converting whey

Another ground-breaking enzyme innovation

from the strategic alliance

between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes

saw daylight in 2009. LactoYIELD

is the name of the enzyme solution

that can convert a cheap by-product,

the whey, into dry matter to be used

in cheese production.

At this moment, LactoYIELD is

developed for use in pizza cheese production.

But in a long-term perspective,

the value-adding conversion

method opens up

prospects for new


Cost-reducing cultures

Within yoghurt cultures, Chr. Hansen

recently launched a new range of

value-adding and cost-reducing

YoFlex ® cultures. The cultures meet

global health

trends and localrequirements

for taste

and texture.

The unique

culture strains

provide mild

and tasty yoghurt allowing the producer

to decrease the use of sugar.

Successful products

“Our product development chain is

based on smooth, cross-functional

collaboration throughout the global

organization. A new idea may quickly

find its way to the market through

close interaction between our innovation

team, our specialized local consultants

and the customers.

As a modern company we also

have the professional setup to bring

the processes from idea to successful

product launch. The ambition to

constantly challenge ourselves and

our unique way of collaborating and

sharing knowledge is a cornerstone in

Chr. Hansen. From our competencebased

bioscience platform, we are set

to help our dairy customers find new

ways to improve food and health,”

says Knud Vindfeldt, Executive Vice

President, Cultures & Enzymes Division,

Chr. Hansen. ■


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