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Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende

Valio in Finland

Dairy production

The 1.800 million liters of raw milk

processed at the Valio Group dairies

is produced in Finland on approx.

10.000 family-owned dairy farms

that typically have 21 cows and 37

hectares of pasture.

Valio Ltd has 15 production plants

in Finland scattered from Mid-Finland

to the South producing the company’s

milk, cheeses, yoghurts, butters,

ice cream, juice/ berry, milk

powders and demineralized whey

powders, baby-foods.

The primary plants for Valio’s

world famous cheese brands Finlandia

and Valio Emmental we find in

Toholampi and Vantaa. Two other

large plants are situated in Mid-Finland

in Haapavesi and in Lapinlahti,

and they produce cheeses like Oltermanni

and Edam.

The two largest Valio plants are Riihimäki,

just north of Helsinki and

newly built Seinäjoki in Mid-Finland,

and they totals a milk intake of 620

million kg, which is one-third of all

Valio milk. The employees at these two

dairies exceed 700 and the production

is milk, cream, fermented milk, yoghurt,

butter, powders, cottage cheese

Valio Ltd is by far the largest dairy in Finland, as the milk volume

of the company exceeds 80% of the total 2,300 million liters of

milk produced annually in Finland. Valio is the market leader in

all key dairy product groups in Finland and a world class pioneer

as developer of functional foods. The company has a net turnover

at 1.8 billion Euros and has an average staff of 4.400 employees.

Beside Valio’s Emmental, Baby

Muenster is a successful cheese brand.

(Photo: Valio)

and some of Valio’s functional foods;

LGG buttermilk and Evolus.


Approximately one-third of Valios

total milk volume is used for cheese

production and half of these are exported

mainly to Europe and USA

under brands as Finlandia, Valio’s

Emmental. Another successful cheese

brand is Baby Muenster.

Valio is regarded as a world market

pioneer within the functional foods

segment. LGG ® products (Valio Gefilus

® and Valio Kidius Gefilus ® ) and

Evolus ® are the company’s functional

product brands, and they are sold as

licensed technology.


Besides being the leading brand in

Finland, Valio is also well positioned

to the West in Sweden and to the East

in Russia and the Baltic States as well

as in the USA and China.

Valio Sverige AB is particularly

strong in value added products in the


President and

CEO, Pekka


(Photo: Valio).

lactose free and low lactose segments

with a 30% market share.

Valio has two production plants in

Estonia, one cheese packaging facility

in Belgium and a Customer Service

Center including production facilities

in Moscow. Valio is also positioned

within global sales in food ingredients.

International operations including

licensing encompass 65 countries

accounting for one third of the company’s

total turnover.

Turnover and employees

Valio Ltd. has a net turnover at 1.8

billion Euros, of which two-third

stands for domestic sales and the remaining

turnover from foreign subsidiaries

and exports.

Valio Group net turnover by product

group is in average: Fresh dairy

products 45%, butter and spreads

11%, cheese 32%, ingredients 5% and

others (e.g. juice, frozen foods) 7%.

The average number of employees

in Valio Group is 4.400, of those almost

3.700 work in Finland and the

remaining in Valio’s foreign subsidiaries.


Valio’s functional

Evolus® is sold globally

as a licensed

technology. (Photo:



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