Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende


Kort fortalt - Mælkeritidende

Tine in Norway

Managing Director, Hanne Refsholt,

TINE BA. (Photo: TINE).

Dairy production

Although in somewhat much smaller

scale, the Norwegian dairy giant Tine

roots back to year 1881, and thus

the co-operative company can celebrate

its 130 anniversary next year.

The present 15.000 owners run dairy

farms that typically average 20 milking

cows, which total the annual milk

volume of 1.457 million liters of milk,

delivered to Tine last year.

Today Tine BA is present all over

the country and is organized within

five regional companies covering the

East, South, West, Middle and North

regions of Norway. The Tine Regions

run 44 production plants, five distribution

terminals and eight plants

producing other kinds of goods such

as sea food, juice and fruit products

and deserts.

During the years Tine has modernized

the dairy production, and at

present the company is building a totally

new and environmentally opti-

NR. 8

The Norwegian Jarlsberg is world famous. (Photo: TINE).

Next year, Norway’s largest dairy

company, Tine BA celebrates its 130 year

anniversary. The co-operative dairy handles

98%, or 1.457 of the total 1.500 million liters of milk produced

each year in Norway. In 2009 the company had a turnover at

18,9 billion NKK. Tine is by far Norway’s dominant player at

the home market within all dairy product categories.

Tine is owned by 15.000 dairy farmers and has an average

staff of 5.700 employees.

mized dairy plant in the South region

Jæren, Rogaland. This plant is scheduled

to be ready for operation in the

autumn next year and by then replacing

four older exiting plants in the region.

The new Jæren dairy is built

to handle 200 million liters of milk

a year.


During resent month, Tine has

launched several new dairy products;

a new fat reduced cheese, a new “Ja”

yoghurt with less sugar, and the very

first lactose free milk in Norway. Also

a new nutritious product “YT” for the

sports & health segment has been


Tine’s product portfolio includes

480 different dairy products on the

home market. Among several different

well-known domestic brands we

find, of course, The Tine brands, Litago

(for children), Biola (probiotic

yoghurts) and Piano (dairy desserts),

but also “Nå”, which is a selection of

ready-to-bake doughs for pizzas and

“Nå” dairy toppings. Furthermore

the world famous cheese brands

Jarlsberg and Norvegia are also sold

at the home market.

Subsidiaries and export

Besides being the leading brand in

Norway, Tine BA also runs subsidiaries

in Sweden, Denmark, UK and the

USA. Last year the foreign subsidiaries

had a total turnover of two billion


Internationally, Tine aims to reach

an export volume of 75.000 tons of

special cheeses within the next decade.

Last year Tine sold 11.400 tons

of Jarlsberg cheeses in primarily

USA, Australia, Canada and UK. The

company’s total dairy export volume

was 16.000 tons in 2009.

Turnover and employees

Tina BA had a net turnover at 18,9

billions NKK last year, of which almost

90% stands for domestic sales,

and the remaining outside Norway.

The dairy company has almost 5.700


Tina BA’s turnover by product is in

average: Fresh dairy products 33%,

butter and spreads 4%, cheese 33%,

ice cream 6%, juice and water 5%,

and the rest within other products

such as e.g. other convenience foods,

porridge products, and deserts. ■


Scandinavian and other foreign tourists

love the typical Norwegian “Myseost”.

(Photo: TINE).


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