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the arts

City’s 2012 Budget preserves services and financial stability

A Day in the Life: Museum of Art Center for the Arts season begins

Slice of the Springs Street Indexing Signs Family concerts and movies

Fall 2011

Your Coral Springs City Commission and Charter Officers

John J.

Vincent M.













City Attorney Commissioner Commissioner Mayor Vice Mayor Commissioner City Manager

City’s 2012 budget preserves services and financial stability

City officials approved the Business Plan and financial

strategy for Fiscal Year 2012, which focuses on maintaining

service levels to our residents and businesses and on

ensuring the long-term financial stability of the City.

After hearing from the public, City officials decided to

approve a millage rate of $4.3939 in order to help secure

the City’s long-term financial viability. That means the owner

of an average single-family home would pay an additional

$19.59 in additional property taxes to the City. A nonhomesteaded

condominium owner would pay $19.98 less in

property taxes.

The annual solid waste special assessment is expected to

be lowered this year from $250.20 to $233.64. Homeowners

will pay a slightly higher annual fire assessment fee – from

$114.84, to $128.77 for single-family homeowners and from

$138.55 to $143.94 for multi-family homes. The new tax rate

is the second lowest operating millage rate among surrounding

municipalities with greater than 70,000 residents.

To balance the impact to residents, the City is also controlling

expenses. During the coming year, negotiations

concerning police pension reform will continue. In addition,

the City’s workforce will decrease by as many as five

employees due to attrition and restructuring. The City will

also use $1.25 million in undesignated Debt Service Fund

balance to pay the annual debt service on two revenue

bonds. The City will attract new businesses and residents

by allocating $4 million in undesignated fund balances to

apply toward fighting crime, grime, and decline. Finally,

subject to negotiations, employees will receive a one-time

four percent (4 percent) performance bonus rather than

a salary increase. This structural change in the employee

compensation system will offset the use of one-time

reserves by ensuring future expenditures are reduced by a

like amount.

“As always, our most important goal is to continue to meet

the service levels our community expects from the City of

Coral Springs,” City Manager Erdal Dönmez said.

The community has indicated that the City is successful

in achieving this goal based on the results from a residential

survey conducted in early 2011. Survey results indicated

that the City of Coral Springs rated at or above the

U.S. and Florida averages in all 47 areas that were assessed.

Seventy-nine percent (79 percent) of the residents surveyed

were satisfied (ratings of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale) with

the overall quality of City services compared to a national

average of just 56 percent and a Florida average of 60


To read more about the Fiscal Year 2012 Business

Plan initiatives, see the article on page 2.

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The Magazine for the Premier Community in Which to Live, Work and Raise a Family

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Business Plan


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Fiscal Year 2012


Fall 2011

City’s 2012 Budget preserves services and financial stability ...Page 2

Businesses benefit from indexing signs along roadways ...............Page 3

A Day in the Life: Museum of Art ...................................................................................Page 4

Meet City officials at annual Slice of the Springs meetings ....................................Page 6

Donations needed for Thanksgiving baskets, Giving Tree .......................................Page 6

More plots available in Community Garden ..............................................................................Page 8

Learn all about your City at Government Academy ..........................................................Page 9

Volunteers needed for annual Waterway Cleanup ..................... Page 10

RAD course teaches women to defend themselves .................. Page 11

City launches college outreach program ............................................... Page 11

Center for the Arts

unveils exciting

season lineup

Page 12


Want to know more about Coral Springs?

Visit our web site at

Call our main line at 954-344-1000

or Citizens’ Services at 954-344-1001.

TTY for the hearing impaired: 954-344-1022.

Watch CityTV on Advanced Cable 25

or AT&T U-verse 99, and visit

to view the program guide and to link

to live video and podcasts of the channel.

Listen to CityRadio 1670am.

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still in place

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Holiday Boat

Parade Returns

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What’s Happening?

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The Magazine for the Premier Community in Which to Live, Work and Raise a Family


the arts

City’s 2012 Budget preserves services and financial stability

A Day in the Life: Museum of Art Center for the Arts season begins

Slice of the Springs Street Indexing Signs Family concerts and movies

Fall 2011

Himalama by Lothar Nickel

watches over the Coral Springs

Center for the Arts, which features

a 1,471 seat theater and is home to

the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

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for anew


Financial strategy for 2012 maintains service levels

T he Business Plan for Fiscal Year 2012 focuses on maintaining

service levels to our residents and businesses and ensures

the long-term financial stability of the City.

The City will continue to focus its efforts and sharply

limited resources in four priority areas: community aesthetics,

public safety, educational excellence and local

business vitality. Initiatives include:

• To encourage business development and redevelopment

we will continue the successful CSBizAssist, Buy

Coral Springs Campaign, commercial façade grants, and

street indexing sign initiatives. The City will also work closely

with the Economic Development Foundation, Community

Redevelopment Agency, Chamber of Commerce, and the

Retail Coalition to diversify the tax base and absorb vacant

commercial space. Additionally, the City will fully fund

economic development activity because we recognize its

importance to the long-term viability of our community.

• The City will continue to support educational excellence

by fostering the alliance with Broward College and

ensuring the Charter School remains highly rated.

• In addition, as part of a Community Pride initiative, the

City developed a multi-year plan that allowed for repairs

and renovations to City facilities, rights-of-ways, parks and

medians in fiscal year 2011. These projects will continue in

2012, including pressure cleaning of buildings, resurfacing

and maintaining City roads and replacement of roofs at

various City facilities, and upkeep of athletic fields and pools.

• The City will revitalize key elements of our community’s

infrastructure, in part by utilizing proceeds from the

low-interest Economic Recovery Zone Redevelopment Bond.

Projects include improving the appearance, safety, and ease

of movement in Mullins Park, and also replacing and/or renovating

the Tackle Football, Flag Football and Soccer buildings.

Construction of the new Fire Station 71 will begin in early

2012. Additionally, infrastructure improvements slated as

part of the Downtown Development plan-including burying

power lines, installing turn lanes, erecting mast arms, and

installing sidewalks-will also begin.

• Maintaining a safe community remains a top priority.

Not only will the high-visibility “Make a Call, Make a

Difference” campaign continue to encourage residents to

report suspicious activity, but we will make every effort to

involve concerned citizens in the safety of their neighborhoods

by creating web-based reporting mechanisms. An

initiative to improve streetlights will also enhance neighborhood


• Finally, we will continue to develop innovative methods

to make participation in local government possible for all

residents. The City will provide closed captioning to make

CityTV programming accessible to the hearing impaired. In

addition, the Code Ranger program will continue and we will

expand the park citizen-volunteer program.

For more information on these and other initiatives in the

City’s proposed 2012 Business Plan, visit our web site.

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Operating Millage Fiscal Rate Year Remains 2012: By the Numbers

One of Lowest in County
























Businesses benefit from indexing

signs along major roadways

The City implemented street indexing signs during Fiscal Year 2011 as a

way to better serve its residents and businesses.

The City listened to local business owners who said some of their signs

weren’t visible from the street due to the lush vegetation along the streets.

As a result, signs were installed on either side of University Drive from

Atlantic Boulevard to Sample Road during the past fiscal year.

Due to its success, the City will continue installation of street indexing

signs at the master parking commercial corridors along Sample and Wiles


“The indexing signs along University Drive have been well-received thus

far, and we are in the planning stages for the second phase of the program,”

Commissioner Vince Boccard said.

The signs will continue to be placed at mid-block locations to provide the

specific address range within a block, resulting in better visability and facilitating

the search of business locations.

The second phase of the project will be located along both sides of

Sample Road extending from Coral Springs Drive to University Drive and

along the north side of Sample Road between Riverside Drive and Rock

Island Road. Wiles Road signage will be on the south side of the street

between Coral Ridge Drive and Coral Springs Drive, and along the south side

of the street between Riverside Drive and Rock Island Road.












Deerfield Beach






Operating Millage Rate one of the lowest in County

FY 2011 Adopted FY 2012 Proposed Coral









Pembroke Pines





Pompano Beach








Coral Springs




FY 2011-2012 Fire Assessment

Fee Comparison





Pembroke Pines














Ft Lauderdale


FY 2011 Adopted FY 2012 Proposed








Deerfield Beach





Ft. Lauderdale

Fire Assessment Fee remains one of the lowest in County


Coral Springs




millage comparison-1.pdf 1 9/20/11 1:46 PM

• Millage rate increased to $4.3939,

which is the rolled back rate

• Debt service millage is $0.2915

• Fire Assessment Fee will increase by

$13.93, from $114.84 to $128.77 for

single family homes

• Solid Waste Special Assessment will

decrease by $16.56 from $250.20 to

$233.64 for single family homes

• Most recreation fees will not increase

• Only 22 percent

of your taxes

go to City


Watch CityTV 2

Fall 2011 • Coral Springs • 3


millage comparison-2.pdf 1 9/20/11 1:47 PM

South Florida Water

Mgmt District


Broward County




Broward School









North Broward

Hospital District


City of

Coral Springs



How Much of Your Tax Bill G

to the City? (Proposed FY 201



Broward School


Broward County

City of Coral Spring

North Broward Hos


South Florida Wate

Mgmt District

Other (Children’s

Service and

Florida Inland

Navigation District)

Total Ad

Valorem/Debt Tax






Museum Director manages world-class facility

T he Coral Springs Museum of Art will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary

in February 2012 and Executive Director Barbara O’Keefe has been

managing the unique space from the start.

Today is a busy summer day with the start of another

weekly camp session. Close to 100 students fill the Museum

and its different classrooms and you can hear the children’s

excitement as they begin working on their sculptures,

paintings, cartoons or ceramics.

O’Keefe checks in with each of the classes to see how the

students are doing on their first day and to make sure the

instructors have the supplies they need. Upstairs, artist Jan

Kolenda leads a group of 10 girls in creating teapots out of

clay. The young artists are asked to include tool elements to

their kettles to tie it into the Museum’s current exhibit, Tools

in Motion.

Kolenda will also be the featured ceramicist in the

upcoming Artist in Residence program in January. The

Museum has been hosting this program annually and

in recent years decided to have a group of high school

students be part of the process. Students will get to watch

Kolenda’s creative process and get some hands on expe-

rience during a group project. When finished, the piece will

be on permanent display at the Museum.

“Many students don’t see the possibility of being an artist,

but the potential is there,” O’Keefe says.

After checking in on the campers, O’Keefe walks around

the Museum to ensure nothing is out of place. The permanent

pieces displayed throughout the Museum were all

donated by local and international artists. The highlight of

O’Keefe’s career at the Museum has been to have hosted the

exhibits of an amazing caliber of artists, including Perez Celis,

Romero Britto, Wolf Khan, Alexandria Nechita, Yuroz, Clyde

Butcher and Rotraut, just to name a few.

“A big part of my job is to find artists to fill the space,”

O’Keefe adds. Extensive creative planning goes into making

these wonderful exhibits come to life and O’Keefe and her

slim but mighty staff start planning 24 to 36 months in


“We’ve had so many incredible artists,” O’Keefe says. All

4 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

of the artwork on display is provided by the artists free

of charge, while the Museum takes care of installation

and lighting. The Museum’s next exhibit, By Artists For

Collectors, will include beautiful ceramic pieces available

for purchase. Art will be on display through November 5.

Later that morning, O’Keefe meets with Board

President Hap Pomerantz to go over last month’s budget.

The Board of Directors’ primary goal is to raise funds to

keep the Museum financially sound, as well as promote

awareness of the arts.

“In these difficult economic times, the first item to

get cut is the arts and we are no exception. We’ve had

tremendous cuts in our funding and its up to the Board

to roll up our sleeves and raise some

money for this magnificent cause,”

Pomerantz said. “For me, it’s all about

the kids and giving back to the community

that I love.”

Hap’s wife, Michelle, is part of

the Friends of the Museum, which

supports many community events

in which the Museum participates,

including the annual Festival of the

Arts. The Friends will once again be

featuring Pawcasso at the next Festival, planned for March 17

and 18, 2012.

The Great Art Affair is also a big endeavor for the Friends.

In celebration of the Museum’s 15th anniversary, the Art

Affair will be on Thursday, February 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Another husband and wife team involved in both the Board

of Directors and Friends of the Museum is Steve and Bonnie

Opler. “The arts nurture the soul,” Bonnie said. “The only reason

we got involved was because we were so impressed with

Barbara. She is the Coral Springs Museum of Art.”

Later that afternoon, O’Keefe continues to work diligently

on putting together a

MAP assessment of the

facility and their methods

in hopes of becoming an

accredited museum in

the future.

In 2009, O’Keefe and

the Museum were the

recipients of the Cultural

Foundation of Broward’s

prestigious Moretti Award,

which recognizes outstanding artistic achievement by an

individual or group in any creative discipline of the arts.

“It hasn’t been easy in today’s economy, but I think it’s a

great accomplishment that we’ve been successful for the

past 15 years,” O’Keefe said. “We are very thankful to the City

of Coral Springs for their vision and contributions, to the

artists for their creative talent, to sponsors and donors for

their gifts, and to the Board of Directors and Friends of the

Museum for their guidance and fund raising efforts.”

“It hasn’t been easy in today’s

economy, but I think it’s a great

accomplishment that we’ve been

successful for the past 15 years.”

– Barbara O’Keefe, Executive Director

Art classes and programs

Classes are available to children and adults throughout the

year, including intermediate and advanced Ceramics, Figure

Drawing, Painting, Cartooning, and much more.

The Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10

a.m. to 5 p.m. 954-340-5000

2855 Coral Springs Drive

Each day, O’Keefe must

attend to a number of

projects, including discussing

an upcoming

event with Associate

Director Sheri Adanti

(above), getting

input from local artist

Dagmar Hollmers on an

installation (left), and

checking in on a the first

day of an art class by

instructor Jan Kolenda

(below). O’Keefe’s office

is adorned with years of

keepsakes from family,

friends and artists who

have visited the Museum

of Art.

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Meet City officials at annual Slice of the Springs meetings

Save the dates for the upcoming Slice of the Springs

meetings, where city staff come to your neighborhood to

discuss relevant issues or concerns.

The meetings allow residents to interface directly with

staff members from all sectors of the City, including police,

fire, community development and code enforcement.

Upcoming dates are:

• Thursday, November 3 – Southeast and Southwest slices

at Maplewood Elementary, 9850 Ramblewood Drive

• Thursday, February 9 – Town Center and Center West

slices at Parkside Elementary, 10257 N.W. 29th St.

• Thursday, March 22 – Northside and Northeast slices at

Coral Park Elementary, 8401 Westview Drive

All meetings are held on Thursday evenings starting at 7

p.m. Can’t make a meeting? No problem. Catch replays on

CityTV, channel 25 on Advanced Cable Communication or

channel 99 on AT&T’s U-Verse. You can also stream it online

from Data from the Slice meetings also

will be made available online, including crime, fire and code

enforcement statistics.


The annual tree inside City Hall in the Mall is made from

cans of food and gifts donated by Wal-Mart and will eventually

go to needy families in the community.

The Giving Tree kick-off ceremony is set for Friday,

December 2 at 5:30 p.m. City Hall in the Mall, Turtle Creek

Wal-Mart and Advanced Cable Communications co-sponsor

the Giving Tree. Donations of food, toys and money will

be accepted at City Hall in the Mall November 14 through

December 13.

Since 1988, volunteers have created more than 4,000

Thanksgiving baskets for families to be able to enjoy a

holiday dinner complete with all the fixings, including a certificate

for a turkey, ham or main dish.

Like every other year, the City needs residents’ help with

donations of non-perishable food items, including canned

yams, mashed or flaked potatoes, canned fruit, stuffing,

gravy, cranberry sauce, canned corn, green beans and

cookies. Monetary contributions also are appreciated.

Baskets are distributed to local religious organizations that

later identify needy families and distribute the baskets to

them through their organizations.





Coral Park


Giving Tree to benefit needy families during holidays

“The tree is a reminder that the holidays

are a wonderful time to share with

those who are less fortunate,” Senior

Community Relations Coordinator Marie

Giacalone said.

9239 W. Atlantic Blvd.


Donations needed for annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Donations can be dropped off at several locations

throughout the City, including:

City Hall, 9551 W. Sample Road

City Hall in the Mall, 9239 W. Atlantic Blvd.

Coral Springs Gymnasium, 2501 Coral Springs Drive

City employee Janis Humpage has been part of the committee

that puts these baskets together for the past 23 years.

“In these difficult times it is great to see people step up and

share with those less fortunate,” Humpage said.

Donations are accepted through Friday, November 4.

954-345-2211 or 954-346-1746

6 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

MLK, Jr. Celebration

honors civil rights leader

The Coral Springs Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee has

proudly hosted an annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

honoring the life and work of the civil rights leader for the

past 22 years. This year’s celebration titled “Moving Forward

with Dignity and Respect” is set for Friday, January 13. The

special events of the day all feature an inspirational keynote

speaker and dynamic entertainment.

The day begins with a business luncheon at 11:30 a.m. at

the Church by the Glades, 400 Lakeview Drive. Tickets are

$40 or $400 for a table of 10. The Community Celebration

begins at 7 p.m. at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts,

2855 Coral Springs Drive. Tickets are $5 for adults and $1 for

children 17 and younger. Tickets for the 9 p.m. VIP Reception

are available for $20. During the reception guests will have

an opportunity to meet the keynote speaker.

Tickets will be on sale beginning December 1 at City Hall

and City Hall in the Mall, located inside the Coral Square Mall.

The Committee also hosts an Art and Literary Contest

open to students at all levels, focusing on the life and works

of Dr. King. A Scholarship has been established which

awards funding to financially needy high school students

wishing to attend a higher institution of learning. 954-344-1005

Community garage sale

set for October 22

Whether you are interested in buying or selling items,

don’t miss the City’s next Trash to Treasure Garage Sale on

Saturday, October 22, from 8 to 11 a.m. at Mullins Park.

Vendor spaces are still available for $45. Spaces are offered

on a first-come, first-served basis. An additional $30-perspace

deposit is required and will be returned after the event

if the space is clean. There will be no refunds for any fees if a

vendor cancels their space after payment.

To reserve a space, stop by the Coral Springs Gymnasium,

located at 2501 Coral Springs Drive. Mullins Park is located

at 10000 N.W. 29th Street, between Sample Road and Royal

Palm Boulevard, just east of Coral Springs Drive. 954-345-2204

Shred personal documents

for free at City event

Avoid becoming a victim and bring any personal documents

to the City’s next Shredathon, where they will be

shredded for free on site.

The City’s next Shredathon event is scheduled in front

of City Hall for Saturday, October 15 from 9 a.m. to 11:30

a.m. or until truck is full. There is a limit of five boxes per

person. Each additional box of paperwork will be accepted

for a $5 donation toward the Special Olympics. Please

refrain from bringing paperwork in plastic bags. The

Shredathon is co-sponsored by the Coral Springs Police

Department, Coral Springs Seniors and Law Enforcement

Together, and Data Shredding Services of Ft. Lauderdale. 954-344-1833

9551 W. Sample Road

City hosts free

senior health fair

The City is hosting

a free Health Fair

Extravaganza on

Wednesday, October

19 from 9:30 to 11:30

a.m. at the Coral

Springs Gymnasium.

Participants include

health care agencies,

Hospice, senior

housing services, and

other providers offering senior care.

“The fair will has been designed for you, and will

include refreshments, a variety of health screenings and

wellness advice. I look forward to seeing you all there,”

Vice Mayor Claudette Bruck said. “Be sure to bring your

neighbors and friends.”

As part of the City’s initiative to deter the use of illicit

prescription drugs, the Coral Springs Police Department

will be accepting any unused, unwanted or expired prescription

medication during the event.

The Health Fair will also feature raffles and giveaways.

The event is open to all seniors, family members, residents

or business owners who offer services to seniors.

Vendors or sponsors that would like to participate are

encouraged to call Jacqueline Holloway at 954-345-2203. 954-345-2203

2501 Coral Springs Drive

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More plots available

in Community Garden

Carrots, radish and

cabbage are just some

of the vegetables that

resident Alex Rodriguez

planted at the Rotary

Community Garden with

the help of his 6 year-old

son, Jaiden.

“At the time, I lived in

a condo and I wanted

to teach my son where

food came from,”

Rodriguez said. “I learned

a lot about gardening

from the community

that was formed, was

able to ask questions of our group on Facebook and it was

nice meeting people while we were at the garden.”

Since the garden opened, the number of plots has

nearly doubled and some are currently available to

residents interested in growing their own produce. The

garden is located at the Sportsplex, just outside the Dr.

Steven G. Paul Dog Park. Plots, which are 8’ by 4’, can be

leased for $32 a year. Participants may grow whatever

produce they’d like and once it blooms, it’s all theirs. There

is a limit of one plot per participant.

The City provided the land and the Coral Springs Rotary

Club implements and oversees the guidelines and procedures

for use of the land. 754-200-1788

New crime mapping tool

available to residents online

The Coral Springs Police Department has a new crime

mapping program available to the public through a webbased

company, RAIDS Online.

RAIDS Online is a public interactive crime-mapping

program that provides crime mapping, anonymous tips and

neighborhood watch e-mails at no cost to law enforcement

or to the public. Two years of crime data will be available.

The program is very user friendly as it allows the user to

search by address, date range filters and 27 different crime

categories. Individuals can also sign up for neighborhood

crime activity reports and emergency alerts sent directly

from local law enforcement.

“We encourage residents to visit our web site, explore the

different mapping capabilities and become more knowledgeable

of the crimes occurring in their neighborhood,”

Police Chief Duncan Foster said.

Trash household chemicals at

Hazardous Waste Collection

Come and dispose of your

household chemicals and

other items that are hazardous

to the environment.

On Sunday, January 29, the

City of Coral Springs and

Broward County are partnering

to host a Household

Hazardous Waste Collection

Day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The

event will be held in the rear

parking lot at City Hall South,

9530 West Sample Road.

City and County residents

are encouraged to bring their old paint, used motor oil, batteries,

household cleaning supplies and other hazardous

wastes to the collection site for proper disposal.

Other items accepted at Household Hazardous Waste

Collection include: solvents, pesticides, lawn and pool chemicals,

propane tanks, compact fluorescent light bulbs, tires

(a maximum of four per person), fire extinguishers, car batteries,

flares, mercury thermometers, televisions, computers,

monitors, keyboards, mouses, printers, fax machines, cell

phones, and rechargeable batteries.

Business generated waste is not accepted at this event. 954-765-4999

8 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

Teen Political Forum connects youth, government officials

For the past four years, the City of Coral

Springs has hosted a Teen Political Forum

offering high school students the opportunity

to interact with local, state and federal elected

officials. This year’s Forum will once again allow

local teens to organize the event, which allows

young people to ask questions of their elected

officials and public servants.

The Forum will be scheduled in Spring 2012

– visit our web site for details in January. City,

county and state elected officials will enlighten

students with their personal experiences and

address teen issues of interest, concluding

with a question and answer session with the

student audience. Coral Springs Chief of Police

Duncan Foster and Fire Chief Mark Curran will

also participate in the panel discussion.

The event is open to all high school

students who live in Coral Springs or who

attend local high schools: Coral Springs High,

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Coral Glades

High, Coral Springs Charter, J. P. Taravella High and Coral

Springs Christian Academy. Students will receive service

hours for attending. Students who are home-schooled or

Students from Coral Springs high schools work together

with City officials to plan the Teen Political Forum each year.

attend private schools and live in Coral Springs are also

welcome, and there is no need to pre-register. 954-344-1005

Learn all about your City at Government Academy

Academy graduates attend sessions about many aspects

of City government, including the environment, safety and parks.

Gain valuable insights into local government at the

City’s fourth Government Academy, which will give residents

an inside look into how this organization approaches

local government.

The five session program, set to begin in February,

meets the last Thursday of every month through June and

will address the complex task of running a municipality,

including overviews of the government organization as

a whole; community development; transportation and

environmental services; leisure and cultural activities; and

public safety. Participants also will learn how the City’s

strategic and business planning models are focused on its

customer, leadership and process management.

The Government Academy is free and open to residents

16 and older. Participants will take away essential

information that can help prepare them for more community

involvement roles. Committee members and City

Commission board appointees are encouraged to attend.

Class size is limited to 50 people, and participants must

register in advance.


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“There’s so much

to do here. From

volunteering, to

enjoying a day at the

park, there’s always

something to keep

you entertained. The

parks are always filled

with fun activities for

families and friends. To

have the opportunity

to discover new and

interesting places in my

community is great.”

– Valerie K.


Coral Springs

Submitted by our readers

The City invites residents to submit their best photos

of life in Coral Springs. Submitted photos may be featured in an

upcoming magazine, on CityTV or on the City’s web sites.

E-mail your full-resolution photos to

Don’t forget to include your name, description of the people

or places pictured, as well as a sentence about why Coral Springs

is your Community of Excellence. Residents of all ages are

encouraged to complete the Coral Springs Experience

program by visiting

“I recently completed the Coral Springs Experience

program. On the Fourth of July, I went to Mullins Park

and watched the fireworks show. I didn’t know there

was a Fourth of July festival in Coral Springs so that

was a new, fun experience. I also went to the Red Lichen

Sanctuary. It’s nice to see that in our city, where there

are a lot of business buildings and housing communities,

there is still a natural area for plants and animals

to call home.”

– Tyler H.

Volunteers needed for annual

Waterway Cleanup

Now in its 16th year in

Coral Springs, this year’s

Waterway Cleanup is set for

March 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

at Riverside Park, 205 Coral

Ridge Drive. Mayor Roy Gold,

a longtime environmental

activist, leads the Coral

Springs site each year.

Coral Springs is known

for having one of the largest

cleanup sites in Broward

County, attracting an average

of 400 volunteers annually

who pull out trash and other

items from the waterways.

“The Community has supported this volunteer environmental

event in a big way for over fifteen years,” Gold said.

“Please come out to assist and be a part of this environmental

cleanup initiative.”

Participants do not need to pre-register to attend.

Students will receive volunteer hours.


Riverside Park, 205 Coral Ridge Drive

10 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

RAD course teaches women to defend themselves

RAD students learn

defensive skills and how

to gain the upper hand

in an attack. Part of the

sessions include practice

during live scenarios.

The City, together with a group of dedicated student volunteers,

has been working on launching a student database

to help pair students who return to Coral Springs with local

businesses looking for new talent. The Career Outreach

Project group, a subcommittee of the Customer-Involved

Government committee, began meeting in October 2009

with the goal of appealing to local college students to return

to their hometown to live and work post graduation.

“This is an opportunity where government can create an

environment for business to be successful while meeting the

needs of our citizens,” Commissioner Tom Powers said. “It’s a

win-win situation for everyone.”

Students are encouraged to search jobs posted on the

database and businesses can search for local students to

find a prospective match. The Economic Development

Foundation is soliciting local businesses to post job openings

on the database.

To sign up, students and businesses can visit the web site.

The Coral Springs Police Department wants to

empower women faced with a potentially dangerous

situation. The department offers the Rape

Aggression Defense program for women ages 13

and older.

RAD does not employ fancy moves or daunting

tricks. Rather, the RAD system relies on repetition,

practice and muscle memory to help women

survive during a struggle. Participants have a

chance to practice what they learn during live


RAD is taught in four-week sessions from 5:30 to

8:30 p.m. at the Public Safety Building. Upcoming

course dates are January 10, 17, 24 and 31.

Starting January 2012, there will be a $25 fee

per person. The payment will be returned after

completing all four classes. If participants fail

to complete the course, the payment will be

withheld. Checks must be made payable to the

City of Coral Springs and must be received during

registration prior to the first class.

The course is physically involved, but no prior

self-defense experience is required. Participants

must register in advance.


2801 Coral Springs Drive

City launches Career Outreach Project to keep talent local

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Center for the Arts unveils exciting season lineup

Your hometown theater is gearing up

Hou will perform on January 15 at

its 2011-2012 season with some great per-

Around the Classical World. If you’re a fan


of American Idol and So You Think You

Laugh out loud at the Coral Springs

Can Dance, don’t miss Louis Van Amstel

Center for the Arts on Saturday, October

on March 10, as he and his cast present

15, with Richard Lewis and Susie Essman

Ballroom with a Twist, an evening of

from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then, on

breathtaking performances and stunning

October 22, enjoy the Battle of the Boros


when doo-wop artists from the Bronx,

Brooklyn and Manhattan take the stage to

Salute to Vienna

Looking for Volunteers

sing classic oldies.

The Center for the Arts is looking for vibrant, enthusiastic

Spend New Year’s Eve with beautiful song and dance volunteers who enjoy interacting with people. Volunteers

during the Salute to Vienna performance inspired by Vienna’s will have the opportunity to provide service during many of

world famous New Year’s Eve concert. The dancers and the events featured at the venue. Anyone interested in vol-

orchestra come to Coral Springs on Saturday, December 31 unteering should contact Susan Foresta at 954-344-5999 or

at 8 p.m. The Strauss Symphony of America, along with a, or stop by the venue to apply.

cadre of talented dancers and singers, perform everything

from Viennese waltzes to operetta excerpts.

Then in the Spring, world famous violinist Yi-Jia Susanne

2855 Coral Springs Drive 954-344-5990

City officials speak on quality journey in Providencia, Chile

Officials from Providencia, Chile hosted Mayor Roy Gold and

Budget and Strategic Planning Manager Bob Goehrig at the

6th Annual Quest for Excellence in Local Government conference

held August 28 - 30, 2011. Mayors from every Chilean

city were invited to attend the conference. In addition, officials

from throughout South and Central America were in attendance.

The forum’s aim was to demonstrate the application of

Business Excellence Frameworks and the use of quality tools

to fuel the modernization of the municipal sector. Through

the use of case studies, participants discovered the key

factors necessary to achieve excellence in the management

of local governments and practiced using quality tools to

gain a better understanding of how to achieve continuous

improvement. Finally, participants developed a concrete

action plan to get them started

on incorporating specific methodologies

and practices to

improve internal service delivery

processes thereby improving

the quality of services delivered

to residents.

Since the City of Coral Springs

was used as a case study of the

successful implementation of

quality principles, Mayor Gold

and Bob Goehrig presented

on Coral Springs’ continuous

improvement journey that led to

the City’s receipt of the Malcolm

The conference was attended by many international officials,

including (left to right) Yasir Al Naqbi of Abu Dhabi, UAE;

Providencia Mayor Christián Labbé; Providencia Controller

Ramiro Mendoza Zúñiga; Global Benchmarking Network Chair

Dr. Robin Mann of New Zealand and Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold.

Baldrige National Quality Award for performance excellence.

The trip was entirely funded by the City of Providencia.

“It was an honor to be a guest of the City of Providencia

and to exchange the ideas and best practices that enable

both cities to offer the finest quality of life to their residents

and businesses,” Mayor Gold said.

The City’s partnership with Providencia, Chile was an initiative

in Coral Springs’ 2010 Business Plan. Similar to Coral

Springs’ receipt of the Malcolm Baldrige Award, Providencia

received the “National Quality Award and Excellence in

Management” in 2010. Providencia has also earned the

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification

for 21 quality processes in the areas of environmental

systems, security, and occupational health.

Providencia City officials originally visited the City of

Coral Springs in May 2010. At

that time, both cities entered

into an official Letter of

Understanding to engage in a

business exchange to improve

the process of municipal service

delivery to their respective residents.

In addition to Providencia’s

Mayor Labbe, Mayor Gold had

the opportunity to share best

practices and discuss strategic

management techniques with

many of Chile’s mayors as well

as other international dignitaries.

12 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

SFWMD to provide documentation for levee certification

The Federal Emergency Management

Agency (FEMA) is in the process of

updating National Flood Insurance

Program maps in Broward County. Part

of this update includes a certification of

the East Coast Protective Levee. Currently,

FEMA and a group of Broward County officials

have requested that the South Florida

Water Management District (SFWMD)

repair any deficiencies and subsequently

provide the necessary documentation to

ensure that the 60-year-old levee meets

modern-day standards.

Flood zone maps are used to determine

flood insurance purchase requirements

and rates, and establish minimum floor

elevations for new construction and substantial

improvements to existing structures.

A levee that does not meet FEMA

standards could result in an expansion of

areas in Broward County considered susceptible

to flooding, which may cause an

increase in the cost of flood insurance.

The East Coast Protective Levee stretches more than 100

miles from the Homestead area north to the eastern shore of

Lake Okeechobee. Prompted by massive flooding of South

Florida in 1947, the levee was constructed by the U.S. Army

Corps of Engineers in the 1950s to provide flood protection

and retain water in three Water Conservation Areas, which

are sections of Everglades wetlands in western Miami-Dade,

Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Despite the rainy season, South Florida has been slow to recover from the months of record-low rainfall.

During this time, conservation is critical to protecting our water supply, which supports more than 7.5 million

people in South Florida. Please note that two-day-a-week residential landscape restrictions remain in place.

Water restrictions include:

• No watering allowed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

• Residents and businesses with odd-numbered street addresses may water lawns and landscapes

on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12 a.m. to 10 a.m. and/or from 4 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.

• Residents and businesses with even-numbered street addresses, no street address or irrigate

both even and odd address within the same zones, including multi-family units and homeowners

associations, may water lawns and landscapes on Thursdays and Sundays from 12

a.m. to 10 a.m. and/or from 4 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.

• Please note that new landscaping can be watered without regard to restrictions

on the first day it is installed.

It is always important to make sure your irrigation system is working properly.

For instructions on how to set your sprinkler timer and other conservation tips,

visit our web site.

The 105-mile East Coast Protective Levee borders Coral Springs

on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway.

After completion of levee construction, ownership was

transferred to the SFWMD, which has actively maintained it

for approximately 60 years. Based on regular inspections, the

District carries out routine maintenance, including raising

the levee to its design height at two localized areas, filling

eroded areas due to boat wakes and removing exotic vegetation.

Two-day water restrictions still in place

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or treat

Halloween Haunted House sets the scene for spooky fun

Pirates and princesses are all welcome at this year’s family

friendly Halloween Haunted House.

The haunted house will be at the Coral Springs

Gymnasium, 2501 Coral Springs Drive. Both toddlers and

young children will weave and wander through age-appropriate

themed areas inside the classrooms. Then, kids will

have a chance to play in bounce houses and on slides. Trickor-treaters

will get their share of candy as they leave.

The haunted house is scheduled for Friday, October 28

from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, October 29 from 2 to 7:30 p.m.

The cost is $5 per child, $2 per adult.


2501 Coral Springs Drive

14 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit

Fire Department hosts

Spaghetti Dinner in support

of breast cancer awareness

To recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

members of the Coral Springs Fire Department will wear a

special uniform during October. The uniform will feature pink

medical gloves and a special shirt with the ribbon located

inside the Maltese cross as a symbol of support to our community

and to any person affected by this disease.

“Pink represents hope for all forms of cancer. This is a way

to bring the community together and raise awareness of

not only breast cancer, but all forms of cancer,” Lieutenant

Michael Farmer said.

The Coral Springs Fire Department will be hosting a

Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, October 29 from 4 to 8 p.m.

at Station 80. This event is open to the public and for a $5

donation, residents will receive a plate of pasta prepared by

Coral Springs Firefighters. Donations will benefit the Coral

Springs Professional Firefighters Benevolent Association,

which contributes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer


2825 Coral Springs Drive

Family fun at the park

starts this Fall with

free concerts and movies

The Family Concert Series

attracts artists of all types.

Everyone from rockers to

jazz musicians has taken the

stage. Residents can enjoy

another free concert under

the stars at Betti Stradling

Park on Saturday, October

15 from 7 to 9 p.m. Orange

Sunshine will feature a mix

Orange Sunshine

of classic rock.

Then, on Saturday, November 19, bring the entire family

and enjoy Cars 2, rated G. The movie begins at 7 p.m. at

Betti Stradling Park. Parking and admission is free.

Blankets, lawn chairs and coolers are welcome, and

refresh ments will be available for purchase. Please refrain

from bringing glass con tainers, alcohol and pets. 954-345-2200

10301 Wiles Road

Fall Fun Guide


Looking for fun activities for

your little ones? From dance,

etiquette, sports and special

needs camps to swimming

and tennis programs, the City

offers something for everyone

to enjoy.

Get your copy of the 2011 Fall Fun Guide,

which includes a variety of after school and weekend

activities available for children of all ages.

The guide is available at the Coral Springs Gymnasium,

2501 Coral Springs Drive; City Hall in the Mall, Coral Square

Mall; the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex and Tennis Center

of Coral Springs, 2575 Sportsplex Drive; and the Cypress

Park Tennis Center, 1301 Coral Springs Drive. Guides are

also available at City Hall, located at 9551 West Sample


To view and download the Fall Fun Guide and application

forms, visit the City’s web site.


Watch CityTV Fall 2011 • Coral Springs • 15



Holiday Boat Parade returns: Hope to ‘sea’ you on Sample!

Save the date for this year’s “Anchors Aweigh!” Holiday

Boat Parade as it sets sail along Sample Road on Wednesday,

December 14 at 7 p.m. The rain date will be the same time

on Thursday, December 15.

The Holiday Parade Committee is encouraging all partici-

pants to celebrate the nautical theme and to enter trailered

and decorated boats. Awards will be given for both nonprofit

and business entries. Entry guidelines and height

restriction information is available in the Participant Guide

online. The 2011 event will mark only the second “waterless”

Holiday Boat Parade – the first was in 2003.

The Band of the United States

Air Force Reserve will continue

its long history of presenting

free public performances when

it appears at the Coral Springs

Center for the Arts on Friday,

January 27 at 7:30 p.m. The

Band presents more than 400

performances a year throughout

the country. The concert is

co-sponsored by the City of

Coral Springs, Advanced Cable

Communications and Friends of Music, Inc.

Free tickets will be available for Coral Springs residents only

starting January 2 through January 20. Tickets will be available

to the general public from January 21 until the day of the

concert. All tickets are free and will be available at City Hall,

9551 W. Sample Road, City Hall in the Mall, 9239 W. Atlantic

Each year, more than 60 entries march, dance or sing

down Sample Road from Coral Springs Drive toward City

Hall as part of the popular event, seen by thousands of spectators.

The parade will feature local bands, entertainment,

floats and other entries pertaining to the theme. Sponsorship

opportunities are available. Participant and sponsorship

applications are available at online.

Adult and high school volunteer parade marshals are

always needed. Students will earn service hours for participation.

To volunteer, call 954-346-4430.

Family Fun Run to precede parade

Before the holiday parade, individuals and families

are invited to participate in a Holiday Parade Fun Run

along Sample Road near Coral Springs Drive at 5:45

p.m. The event is open to runners of all ages and abilities

and will be approximately 1.5 miles.

“The reason why we are doing the Fun Run is

because it’s something that the residents wanted and it

sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Commissioner

Larry Vignola said. “I look forward to seeing everyone


Participants must pre-register online and are asked

to park at the Center for the Arts. Participation costs

$15 for adults prior to November 14. Late registration is

available until December 11 for adult runners, and until

race day for walkers, for $20. Children 17 and under are

$12 for all registration periods.


US Air Force Reserve to perform free concert

Blvd, and the Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive

There is a limit of four tickets per family and persons must

present a photo ID when picking up tickets. 954-344-1063

2855 Coral Springs Drive

16 • Coral Springs • Fall 2011 Visit



the Visit

to view more event pictures!


Day of Peace

Family Concert: Orange Sunshine (see article page 15)

Saturday, October 15 • 7 to 9 p.m. • Free

Betti Stradling Park • 10301 Wiles Road • 954-345-2200

Health Fair Extravaganza (see article page 7)

Wednesday, October 19 • 7 p.m. • Free • 954-345-2200

Coral Springs Gymnasium • 2501 Coral Springs Drive

Trash to Treasure Garage Sale (see article page 7)

Saturday, October 22 • 8 to 11 a.m. • Free

Mullins Park • 10000 N.W. 29 Street • 954-345-2204

Halloween Haunted House (see article page 14)

Friday, October 28, 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, October 29,

2 to 7:30 p.m. • $5/child, $2/adult • 954-345-2200

Coral Springs Gymnasium • 2501 Coral Springs Drive

Fire Department Spaghetti Dinner (see article page 15)

Saturday, October 29 • 4 to 8 p.m. • $5 per plate

Fire Station 80 • 2825 Coral Springs Drive

September 11th

Day of Remembrance

Always visit

for the latest updates and additions

to this list of events happening

in Coral Springs in the coming months.

Slice of the Springs Neighborhood Meeting

(see article page 6 for complete schedule)

Southeast and Southwest Slice: Thursday, November 3 • 7 p.m.

Maplewood Elementary • 9850 Ramblewood Drive

Veterans Day Ceremony

Friday, November 11 • 10:30 a.m. • Open to the public

Veterans Park • 8601 Royal Palm Blvd. • 954-345-2200

Movie in the Park: Cars 2 (see article page 15)

Saturday, November 19 • 7 p.m. • Free

Betti Stradling Park • 10301 Wiles Road • 954-345-2200

Holiday Parade (see article page 16)

Wednesday, December 14 • 7 p.m. • Free

Sample Road from Coral Springs Drive to City Hall

Kreul Classic Basketball Tournament

December 16-20 •

Coral Springs Gymnasium • 2501 Coral Springs Drive

Watch CityTV Fall 2011 • Coral Springs • 17

calendar around the town


9551 W. Sample Road

Coral Springs, FL 33065



product type




28 & 29


Moebius loop




mini product type

Don’t miss the 2011-2012 season!

Judy Collins

March 28

Royalty of Doo-Wopp

and Rock ‘n Roll

January 28


December 10 & 11

Chris MacDonald’s

Memories of Elvis

January 7

Tickets for these shows and

many more concerts, comedy

headliners and holiday

engagements are on sale now!

Coral Springs Center for the Arts

2855 Coral Springs Drive

Box Office: 954-344-5990

Judy Gold

December 3

Kosher Comedy


December 24

Three Hysterical


January 20

Andrew Zimmern

April 19





So. Florida, FL

PERMIT #1401

Bobby Collins

March 3

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