Laboratory catalogue - Bosna Vet

Laboratory catalogue - Bosna Vet

Tradition, Progress, Continuity

Funke-Dr.N.Gerber Labortechnik GmbH

Partners in dairy farming since 1904

Since 1904, Funke-Gerber has been an important player

in dairy farming, both at home and abroad. The production

of laboratory apparatus for the testing of milk and

foodstuffs is among its crowning achievements.

The manufacture of centrifuges together with butyrometers

and other appliances for fat determination according

to Dr.N.Gerber continues to occupy a central place

in the company’s business activity. Over and above this

classical field, the company develops and produces the

most modern electronic devices for milk analysis.

“CryoStar” appliances for freezing-point determination

are highly regarded on account of their precision and

reliability and have been in use in many dairies and institutes

for years.

A new era in routine laboratory analysis has been

opened by the new “LactoStar” and “LactoStarmini”

appliances. The application of know-how and continuous

further development make Funke-Gerber an important

player in dairy farming.

Decades of trusting co-operation have given our company

the necessary global presence to ensure the provision

of products to customers, in association with the

numerous business partners who represent Funke-Gerber

in their countries.

Since 1904, the name Funke-Gerber has been a byword

for quality, reliability and continuity.


The company develops, manufactures and markets the

following equipment worldwide:

� All equipment and accessories for “Fat

determination according to Gerber”: centrifuges,

water baths, reading lamps and butyrometers.

� The “CryoStar” freezing point determination unit.

� The “LactoStar” analyzer for milk constituents.

� Colony counters, dirt samplers.

� General laboratory equipment.


Turnkey installation or the design of complete

laboratories in the following specialist fields:

� The milk-processing industry

� Dairies, milk-collecting centres

� Cheese dairies, butter works, ice-cream,

condensed milk and powdered milk factories.

Company profile

Founded: 1904

Managing director: Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Schaefer

Authorised signatory: Dipl. oec Georg Hoernle


Funke-Dr. N. Gerber Labortechnik GmbH

Ringstrasse 42 · D-12105 Berlin

Tel.: (+49-30) 702 006-0

Fax: (+49-30) 702 006-66




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