IN THIS ISSUE - Ocean Bay Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club

IN THIS ISSUE - Ocean Bay Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club


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November - December 2009 Volume 43, Number 6


Dennis Jolicoeur


80 Pine Ridge Dr Bridgewater, MA 02324

(508) 697-2635

Charlie Peckham


9 Champlin Terrace Middletown, RI, 02842

(401) 849-6659

George Manoogian

Secretary/Tour Master

11 Wallace St. Brockton, MA 02302

(508) 583-2579

Bob Gray


22 Holden Rd Sterling, MA 01564

(978) 422-3148

Dennis Luukko

Membership Secretary

35 Laurelwood Dr Webster, MA 01570

(508) 949-0439

Jeff Keilen

Club Historian

121 Cypress Rd Wrentham, MA 02093

(508) 384-6654

Janet Thibeault

Sunshine Coordinator

13 Nick Lane Maynard, MA 01754

(978) 897-3158

Dennis Jolicoeur

Studegram Editor

80 Pine Ridge Dr Bridgewater, MA 02324

(508) 697-2635

Christian Jolicoeur

Studegram Layout & Design

2 Hancock Ave Braintree, MA 02184

(781) 843-3545

See chapter web site at

for information and upcoming events.

Events Calendar Letter to the Editor





Dennis Luukko - 35 Laurelwood Drive Webster, MA 01570 (508) 949-0439

Name: Spouse:


Annual Business Meeting

The Lafayette House

Foxboro, MA

Contact Dennis Jolicoeur, (508) 697-2635

Ocean Bay Christmas Party

At the home of Dennis & Elaine Jolicoeur

Bridgewater, MA

Contact Dennis Jolicoeur, (508) 697-2635



Please make checks payable to: Ocean Bay Chapter SDC

Send to: Dennis Luukko

35 Laurelwood Drive

Webster, MA 01570

Ocean Bay - Membership Application

Membership is for one year and includes six issues of the Studegram.

Make checks or money orders payable to the Ocean Bay Chapter.

Dues $25.00

City: State: Zip:

Phone: ( ) Email:

If new member, source of referral:

SDC Membership #

Please list your Studebaker(s) on a separate page. Include year, model, serial #, etc.

Greetings to SDC Zone Coordinators:

The Board of SDC has recently passed a motion to make October our offical Membership Recruiting and Retention Month.

What will take place each October has not yet been fully fleshed out, however, one issue that has come up repeatedly is

the existence of chapter members who are not members of SDC. I would apprecaite it if you would contact your Regional

Managers or Club Presidents and remind them of the requirement that all chapter members be members of SDC. Please have

all your Presidents submit membership lists to either Mark Wheeler at Cornerstone or to Richard Dormois. You might remind

them of the provisions of the Policy Manual that state all local chapters agree to conform to the provisions of the SDC Bylaws...

and of the Board and that “only members of SDC will be accepted as members of the local group and the Chapter will submit

a membership list if requested.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Mimi Halgren

SDC President

I found your club in Larz Anderson Auto Museum email list. I don’t own a Studebaker, but do have stories. If the “Studegram”

reports emails I have a brief interest story to post if it’s not too depressing. When I was a fool drinking at a weekend party in

the 60s I wanted to sober up volunteering to drive the band home, but because my date brought her drink and it was a hot

day in traffic my sobering ceased and we ended up flying my 56 Golden Hawk with the entire band doing a 180 barrel roll

and landing on the roof after I tried to demonstrate a 4 wheel drift which I got ok at by myself,, but the 600 extra pounds was

not in my drunken equation.! Fortunately only the guilty one, me, was hurt due to no seat belts keeping our heads up where

the lawn now was in the front seat while the rear held up fine. I still have my 300 degree Packard 352ci hot oil scar on my

arm where the dash trapped me. When I look at that scar I know someday I’ll own another 56 green & white Golden Hawk to

treat her much better in memory of her sister now long gone. But maybe her engine is still breathing. I sold it to my sculpture

Proffer who loved Studies and so he put it in his 53 Commander Starliner. I had one last drive as he towed me and I sat in all

the glass below that flattened roof peeking out over the rumpled hood while staring at all those round instruments at rest on

that faux but beautiful turned alum dash. My granddad had 3 Studebakers and my dad 4 more. I almost bought a 63 Avanti

but it was too steep for my school budget at the time, but maybe I will someday?

keep em running,

Tristram W. Metcalfe III

Greetings from Ohio,

I am trying to locate a 1955 Studebaker Speedster that was once in my family. My grandfather bought it in 1957 from the

original owner here in Ohio. It was in our family until the early 1980’s. My brother moved to Sacramento and had the car

shipped to him. His intention was to restore it. When after replacing many parts he got tired of working on it and didn’t want

to put the time or efforts into a total restoration, he traded it to someone for a 1965 Mustang. The rest of us in the family were

really bummed out about this. It was in very good shape, aside from underside rust from sitting in a damp garage. Beautiful

green and yellow color scheme!

The VIN number is 7162908 and the body number is 6H-K7 1134. I would like to locate the current owner; my ultimate goal is

to see if I might be able to purchase this Speedster.


John Plaskett

Youngstown, Ohio


Phone: 330-788-9463

Fax: 330-788-7833

2 Studegram November - December 2009 3

President’s Message NOVEMBER

Here it is, holiday season again! Bah

Humbug, where did the summer go! Let

alone what happened to the fall! Rain,

rain, and more rain! It is amazing that we

squeezed two great Ocean Bay meets

out of all that rain! Both the September

in Palmer at Pease Collection of Historical

Instruments and October’s Octoberfest

meet were great weather, so I guess I

can’t complain too much! By now our

Studebakers should be tucked away in the

garage for the winter. With that in mind we

must turn to business for the November

meet and a little joyous celebrating for


Coming up in November is Ocean Bay’s

Annual Business Meeting at the Lafayette

House in Foxboro MA. This is a very

important meeting for Ocean Bay, we

have a lot of things to go over and much

of it needs to be set at this meeting. First

on the agenda is the Calendar of Events

for 2010. As you can see in this issue of

the newsletter the Calendar of Events for

2010 is blank, the only meet set for 2010

is the Zone Meet. We need your thoughts

for 2010 and we certainly need to set the

January and February meet at this business


Just as important as the calendar is the

2010 Northeast Zone Meet. Many things

must be reviewed and discussed to make

the Zone Meet a great event. As usual I

will be looking for volunteers that can

help out in both the planning of the Zone

Meet and volunteers that can help out the

day of the meet. Zone Meets just doesn’t

happen! It takes a lot of planning and effort

to make thing work. A couple of items that

I would like to address at this November

meeting are as follows; trophies, Ocean

Bay for many years now has given Wilton

Armetale custom pewter plates as our

trophies. I have contacted Wilton Armetale

to see what they had to offer this year. To

my dismay I found out that they have been

taken over by a new company and their

prices have almost doubled. This is going

to make it almost imposable for Ocean

Bay to continue in it’s tradition. I am now

looking for alternative trophies for the

Zone Meet, but I feel that they must be

unique in design, something as worthy as

the Wilton Armetale trophies that Ocean

Bay is proudly noted for. I strongly believe

that if you charge someone to enter their

car in a Concours d’Elegance then you

should give a trophy that is worthy of them

entering their car in the event. Also on the

list of items that needs to be discussed is

the Awards Banquet, what would you like

to see this year at the banquet, should we

have a guest speaker this year? Any other

thoughts? There is much to go over for the

Zone Meet so please make every effort

to attend this very important business


Other items that we will be talking about

will be the Studegram, Ocean Bay’s new

webpage and Ocean Bay’s financial state.

Also at this meeting I will be looking for a

new Membership Secretary. Dennis Luukko

has informed me that he would like to step

down as Membership Secretary. I will be

looking for someone that is good with

computers and is familiar with Microsoft

Office Excel. This is a very important office

that must be filled immediately with the up

coming Ocean Bay dues being due at the

time you receive this newsletter.

December is a happy month and as most

of you know Elaine and I enjoy hosting

the Annual Christmas Party at our home in

Bridgewater. We enjoy seeing old friends

that have made this party so enjoyable

over all the years. This year I would like

to give a special invitation to our new

members and to some of the old members

that have never been here. I assure you that

you will have a great time and many laughs

with are famous “Yankee Swap”. Our home

is welcome to all and decorated for your

enjoyment. As always, good cheers, great

friends, warm spirits and fine food! May the

holiday spirits be with you!

Dennis Jolicoeur

Ocean Bay Chapter President

It’s Time to

Start Planning!

Ocean Bay Chapter SDC



August 20th – 22nd 2010

Sturbridge Host Hotel

& Conference Center on Cedar Lake

366 Main St, Sturbridge MA 01566

Room rate $99.00 plus tax,

per night, single or double

Cut-off date July 29, 2010

For Reservations call: 800-582-3232

Please specify you are with the

Studebaker Drivers Club

For more information contact:

Dennis Jolicoeur 508-697-2635


Ocean Bay Chapter’s

Annual Business Meeting

The Lafayette House

109 Washington St. - Route 1, Foxboro, MA

November 15th 1:00PM


The Lafayette House, founded in 1784,

continues its well-earned tradition of fine

dining and service. Their continental cuisine,

coupled with their impeccable taste in service,

decor and location makes them an ideal spot

for Ocean Bay’s Annual Business Meeting,

discover why the Lafayette House continues

to make history.

This is a critical business meeting for Ocean

Bay! We have many issues to go over for 2010

to make it a great year for Ocean Bay. Please

make every effort to attend this meeting. The

location of this meet should make it an easy

location for Ocean Bay members coming

from all directions. Located just a few miles

south of Patriots Place on route 1 in Foxboro,

allows easy access from all directions including

Rhode Island.

Listed below are critical issues that we must

address for 2010:

• Calendar of Events for 2010

• The 2010 Northeast Zone Meet

Ocean Bay Financial State

• Studegram

• New Webpage


From I-93 (Rt. 128) Dedham, take I-95 south,

Exit 1 toward Providence RI, 7.3 miles, merge

onto US-1 south via Exit 9 toward Foxboro/

Wrentham, 4.7 miles. The Lafayette House is on

the right.

From Rt. 495 merge onto US-1 north

Washington St via Exit 14A toward Wrentham

approx. 4 -5 miles, The Lafayette House is on

the left.

New Ocean Bay Chapter website coming soon!

The site will be up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for it.

We have been working on it for a while and are close to putting it up - the new site will be more

expandable and easier to update having a stronger emphasis on news stories, similar to how a

blog works . Our hope is that we can use it more as an extension of the newsletter offering a

place to post more photos from events, articles and news that does not fit into the newsletter

along with other events/news that happens in between newsletter issues. Initially the site will

have to be updated by me but soon we will be able to give certain OBC members access to

upload information, etc. directly to the website if they would like to help keep the site growing.

I know not all of you use the website and prefer just getting the newsletter and that’s fine, things

will continue as always with the newsletter, this is just another outlet to get your OBC information

and maybe help attract new members.

If you have any question or content you would like to get up on the site please email me

Christian Jolicoeur at

4 Studegram November - December 2009 5

The Pease Collection of Historical Instruments

Review By Dennis Jolicoeur

It was a beautiful warm September day as

I drove west to Palmer Massachusetts for

Ocean Bay’s September Meeting at the

Steaming Tender Restaurant followed by

a visit to the Pease Collection of Historical

Instruments. I was not sure how this meet

would go since I did not know how many

Ocean Bays members were interested in

musical instruments. That goes to show

you how much I know! As I drove into the

Steaming Tender’s parking lot I did notice a

couple of Studes. I got out of my Hawk to

see who was around and look at the great

vintage 1915 Porter Steam Locomotive &

Tender that dominated the parking lot.

The first members that I ran into were

Chet and Ann Webster, Bill Cathcart and

Pete Fryer - my first thoughts were this is a

long distance for these members to travel,

maybe it is going to be a good meet! As I

stood there talking I was amazed at the

number of Studebakers that started pulling

into the parking lot. Before long even Dave

Thibeault showed up!

The “Steaming Tender” restaurant is situated

in a 19th century Romanesque style train

station. Owners Blake & Robin Lamothe

have been undergoing the restoration

project since 1987. The Palmer Railroad

Station was the 3rd largest station in

Massachusetts and was designed by the

world-renowned architect, Henry Hobson

Richardson, whose untimely death at the

age of 47 cut short a brilliant career. His

major works included the designs for Trinity

Continued on page 10



May the Holiday Spirit be with you!

Please join us for some great Holiday Fun!

Ocean Bay’s Annual Christmas Party

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 2:00PM

As Always, Good Cheers, Great Friends, Warm Spirits and Fine Food!

At the home of Dennis & Elaine Jolicoeur

80 Pine Ridge Drive, Bridgewater MA


email:, Phone: (508) 697-2635

The Ocean Bay Chapter cordially invites you to the Annual Christmas Party and Pot Luck

Dinner at the home of Dennis and Elaine Jolicoeur. The festivities will begin at 2:00PM

and will continue throughout the afternoon. Please come and enjoy the Christmas

season with good friends, fine food and warm spirits. Enjoy the fun of our now famous

Yankee Swap, a highlight of the afternoon.

Our Pot Luck Dinner will be served in late afternoon, followed by the Yankee Swap.

Ocean Bay will provide a cold cut platter, rolls and beverages. All club members are

asked to bring a “Special Dish” to enhance the buffet. Our first choice suggestion would

be a main course dish in order to provide a better variety for the table, but we will also

need desserts and salads. In order for us to get a better accurate count and to better

plan this event, we ask, that you RSVP by email or phone. Let us know the number of

guests you plan to bring and what you will be bringing for the Pot Luck Dinner.

Also, don’t forget to bring a gift for the Yankee Swap if you intend to participate. As

in recent years we request that you do not mark your gift for “His” or “Hers”. We have

found that the unknown is much more fun! Remember the better, more unique and

desirable the gift, the more fun is had at the Yankee Swap!


From Route 18:-either direction: Take

Route 18 to Route 106E. Follow Route

106 towards Halifax. Go past YMCA (on

right hand side). Take first right after

YMCA (Bridge Street). Follow Bridge

Street to stop sign. Proceed straight

through stop sign and take first right

(Pine Ridge Drive). We are located at

the bottom of Pine Ridge Drive.

From Route 24: Take Route 106E, Exit

16A, off Route 24. Follow Route 106

through West Bridgewater Center, past

Trucchis supermarket, over railroad

tracks to next set of traffic lights. Take

left at lights and follow signs to 106

heading towards Halifax. Go past

YMCA (on right hand side). Take first

right after YMCA (Bridge Street). Follow

Bridge Street to stop sign. Proceed

straight through stop sign and take first

right (Pine Ridge Drive). We are located

at the bottom of Pine Ridge Drive.

6 Studegram November - December 2009 7


By Dennis Jolicoeur

In spite of the weather we had over the last

few weekends in October, we had a beautiful

fall day for Ocean Bay’s Octoberfest on the

lawn of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum

in Brookline Massachusetts! A little cool if

you were in the shade but beautiful in the

sun! This year we also had a little change

in the Concours Classes with the addition

of a Packard Class for the first time which

drew in 6 beautiful post war Packards.

Packards as well as other makes that were

manufactured under the Studebaker name

have always been invited to attend Ocean

Bay’s Octoberfest but I believe making the

effort to personally invite the Packard Club

this year made a difference. This is a class

that maybe we should continue with for the

future, I would like to hear your thoughts on


As for Studebakers; Studebaker enthusiasts

came from all over New England to make

this a great Octoberfest. It is great to see

so many old friends drive in at this event

each year. This is the 19th consecutive year

that Ocean Bay has been meeting on the

lawn of the museum. Many old friends and

their Studebakers have come and are now

gown. There is not a year that goes by that

I don’t think of old friends and their Studes

that once graced this lawn. It is great to

see our tradition continue each fall with

so many Studebakers and old friends as

well as many new friends get together

each October to make this a great end of

the year celebration. Such a success is a

great testimony to how great Studebaker

camaraderie really is! .

This year the event brought in just about

35 cars, which made for a great display of

Studebakers on the lawn of the Museum,

making this one of our best Concours

d’Elegance in a while. We had a pretty even

mix of Studes in each class, although I was

a little surprised that we didn’t have more

pre-war Studebakers. But all in all it was a

great day with friends.

The Museum exhibit this year “THE STYLE


AUTOMOBILE “ was a great exhibit which

featured a look back at the last 80 years

highlighting some of Detroit’s most

elegant designs and amazing technological

breakthroughs. Cadillac, Nash, Studebaker,

Buick, design sketches, period fashion

provided by Lasell College, and design

concepts which included five great

photograph of Raymond Loewy’s Design

Studio at Studebaker.

Octoberfest 2009 Concours Winners

Class A Pre War

1st 1932 President Roadster Bob Dalton

Class B 1946 to 1952 Sedans and Convertibles

1st 1950 Champion Convertible Wayne Mullin

2nd 1951 Commander Sedan Chuck Liljestrand

2nd 1950 Champion Starlight Terry Fuller

Class C 1953 to 1964 (C&K) Starliners, Starlights, Speedsters and Hawks

1st 1954 Commander Starliner Dennis & Marylou Luukko

2nd 1964 Gran Turismo Hawk Bob Gray

Class D 1953 to 1958 Sedans and Wagons

1st 1953 Champion Sedan Dana Stohlberg

1st 1955 President Marshal Shapiro

Class E 1959 to 1966 Larks, Sedans, Wagons and Convertibles

1st 1962 Lark Sedan George Manoogian

2nd 1961 Lark Wagon Paul Derosier

2nd 1965 Wagonaire Jane & Gary Ash

Class F Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

1st 1953 2R Pickup Paul Williams

2nd 1946 M5 Pickup Jonathan Poore

Class G 1963 Avanti (all years)

1st 1963 Avanti R2 Ed Capozzi

2nd 1963 Avanti Ken Tarabelli

Class H Customs and Modifieds

1st 1946 M5 Pickup Mark Keilen

2nd 1956 Flight Hawk Dan O’Neil

Class J Packard (all years)

1st 1948 Club Sedan Richard Moushegian

2nd 1954 Caribbean Bob Lee

8 Studegram November - December 2009 9

Continued from page 6

State Capitol in Albany, Albany City Hall,

Hampden County Court House, Springfield

and the Marshall Field Building in Chicago.

Being a train lover, the authentic, old-world

ambiance of this historic Palmer Railroad

Station captured my imagination as I dined

under the station’s extensive canopies of

the lavish dining room with its exquisite

woodwork and views of passing trains.

The architecture of this train station is truly


Leaving the Steaming Tender Restaurant

we traveled up to the center of town to the

Pease Collection of Historical Instruments.

Nelson and Beverly Pease have a large

collection of antique reed organs packed

into a large storefront on Main Street

along with other pre-electric keyboard

instruments. Here our members toured

through the collection of these beautiful

old instruments and enjoyed the history of

the instruments as told by Beverly Pease.

From the Pease Collection of Historical

Instruments on Main Street we traveled

to the Pease private museum on Foundry

Street. This rustic museum is in a former

sawmill and has a 50 seat concert hall

where our Ocean Bay members enjoyed

an afternoon concert performed by Nelson

and Beverly Pease. The museum is packed

with self playing curiosities, player pianos

and tabletop roller organ, a harpsichord

and a 671 pipe Estey roller organ with a

collection of 1,000 rolls. We all had a great

day and enjoyed the hospitality of Nelson

and Beverly Pease.



1938 Stude flatbed truck with dual wheels.

Ran 5 years ago. Rough but mostly complete


Call Bill Gilmore (860) 963-1003


53 Champion W-f four door sedan, needs

restoration, good sound body shell, nice dash,

brakes already upgraded to later 6 cylinder

brakes, all glass is good, drive train is good,

engine is in running condition, 3 speed overdrive.

Car has a good N.J. title and bill of sale from

previous owner.

I have many NOS and good used parts, such as

2 NOS front fenders, NOS gravel shield, NOS grill

shell, NOS tail lamp housings, and many good

used parts that I have been gathering for several


Reason for sale: I have no time to work on this

car. If you would be interested call me – price is

$2,500.00 FIRM.

Bill Cathcart (860) 564-5852

Cell (860) 908-7065


1959 Silver Hawk. In many pieces, ready for body

off for a restoration. All fenders, fins repaired,

new hood as well as SO many new OEM parts.

Many extra no longer available parts. Serious

inquiries only please. Price starting at $6,000.

George Manoogian



I have some parts from 1952 Studebaker

Champion 4 dr sedan. I want to sell them

CHEAP! Buyer must take all, located in Medford

Mass, $50.00 or BRO.

4 doors, rough, all the small parts and glass are

there; regulators, handles, etc.

Hood and trunk, rough chrome, excellent sheet

metal-no dents, rust or bondo.

Hinges and badges there.

Starter, generator, hood pan, grille, bumpers w/

bumperettes (I think there may be an extra set),

grill (rough but all there).

Also some misc parts, heater blower, some

bearings, and other stuff.

Please e-mail me if interested;

Frank Trado


Cleaning House; Rebuilt Carter carb 3726S.....

very little use, NOS Avanti mud flaps white color

Two Avanti tail lamp bodies, Avanti excellent

condition surge tank, Used R-1 aircleaner

Rebuilt R-1 fuel pump, Full set of red Avanti

seat belts used, Air conditioner throttle kicker

for automatic a/c cars used, Trico wiper blade

arms..Avanti used, NOS.....R-1 air cleaner in

Studebaker box, Studebaker am/fm radio in

excellent condition, Carter AFB for Studebaker




Avanti II, The year is not really important but it

must be in excellent condition and have a good

frame and hog troughs.

Paul Savard

Email at

or call him at 508-317-0536.

Ocean Bay

40 th Anniversary

Denim Shirt Long sleeved

$25.00 Ea.

Plus $2.50 shipping

Still a few left of this special

40th Anniversary Shirts!

Call for Sizes 508-697-2635

Make checks payable to

Ocean Bay Chapter SDC

Send to:

Dennis Jolicoeur

80 Pine Ridge Drive

Bridgewater, MA 02324

Studebaker Parts & Service






(978) 897-3158

Dave has a large supply of both new and used

parts and he has reproduced many hard-tofind

mechanical parts. He specializes in high

performance parts for the R-series engines. In

addition, he also has some sheet metal parts and

he does engine rebuilding as a service.




(508) 699-7768

Mark Keilen and son Jeff are also long-time

Ocean Bay members. Mark’s expertise is in body

work and paint. He offers both minor body

repair all the way to a total frame-off restoration.

Their years of experience and knowledge of

Studebakers makes them one of the best shops






Bob now owns this unique garage. He

specializes in the repair and restoration of

Studebakers of all types and vintages, including

engines, mechanical work, body work, paint and

upholstery. Bob also has a selection of NOS



phone: (508) 384-2557

mobile (508) 523-8073

Paul performs mechanical repairs on all types

of Studebakers and other vehicles at his

home in Wrentham, MA. He has been in the

repair business for 37 years, is an ASE-certified

mechanic, plus he is experienced in diesel

engines and heavy trucks.


Everett (Chick) Nauha, P.O. 482

Halifax, MA 02338

Phone (508) 923-3500 Fax (508) 946-0653

Established in 1992 We have 10 appraisers

on the road daily and can see a classic car for

valuation purposes at home, work, or you can

bring your car to one of our drive in facilities by

appointment. Fair Market Value appraisals based

on the vehicle’s condition, classification, and

comparables for the purpose of pre-insurance or

claim settlement. Valuations on all classic cars,

motorcycles, recreational vehicles. Studebakers

are our specialty. Check our website for areas of

coverage and drive in locations. See Studebakers

on our web page. www.interstateappraisal.



Chuck Conway, P.O. Box 1475

Sagamore Beach, MA 02562

Phone or fax 508-833-9930

cell/voice mail 617-877-1538


Chuck has a large inventory of original auto sales

literature and antique auto cloisonné radiator

emblems. We also perform emblem restoration

service which includes replacing the original

cloisonné, repolish where needed, and replating.

Studebaker is a specialty. Member of SDC since

1973. Visit Ebay store at






(860)564-5852 FAX (860)564-6636


Bill carries a full line of replacement parts for

cars and trucks mid-30’s to 66. He has some NOS

parts and can locate NOS parts on request. He

rebuilds and specializes in Champion engines.

He carries Offenhauser dual-intake manifolds,

can build exhaust headers and have cams

reground. SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS. 100-page

catalog free to Chapter members. See them on

the web at



DAVE DOW, RR #1, BOX 252



Dave is another long-time member of the Ocean

Bay and Tri-Spokes Chapters. He offers good,

reliable repair service and has a good selection

of used parts.

10 Studegram November - December 2009 11


80 Pine Ridge Dr Bridgewater, MA 02324

Forwarding Services Requested


November - December 2009 Volume 43, Number 6

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